Prologue: A strange room...

It was the weekend and the RWBY and JNPR teams were meeting in the RWBY team dorm, currently Weiss was studying for a test that would take place on Monday, Blake was lying in bed reading a book, Yang, Ruby, Jaune and Nora were playing video games, Ren was sitting in a chair drinking tea as he watched them and Pyrrha was fiddling with his scroll.

"HA! Get this Yang!" Jaune exclaimed excitedly as he hit a combo on Yang's character.

"Go fearless leader finish her!" Nora spoke excitedly, only to in her moment of distraction Ruby launching several attacks on her character.

"Not so fast, vomit boy!" Ruby said that while her character attacked Jaune's character from behind after defeating Nora, the two sisters soon teamed up and won the match.

"Aww dude, and I was so close to defeating Yang." Jaune said while pouting.

"Don't worry about, vomit boy maybe if you train for 20 years you'll have some chance of beating me." Yang said with a wide smile as Ruby chuckled softly and Nora left to talk to Ren.

"Ehh, whatever, I'm going to get food from the cafeteria, does anyone want me to bring something?" Jaune asked the other people in the dorm.

"No thank you."

"Nope, have fun vomit boy."


"It is not necessary."

"Nah, I'm fine Jaune-Jaune."

"... No thank you."

"Wait Jaune, I'll go with you." Pyrrha spoke as she put away the scroll and followed him to the door.

Jaune walked quickly through the door, but when it was Pyrrha's turn, instead of seeing the corridors, she ended up in an entirely different room.

The room was very spacious, totally square, had dark blue walls with several black sofas and armchairs placed in front of a gigantic TV that almost completely covered the wall to which it was fixed and beside it there was a bookcase with what looked like a reader Futuristic DVD and several different color DVD cases.

Pyrrha blinked as she felt a little dizzy at the abrupt change of scenery, but soon recovered and looked around the room in confusion, before backing away and heading back to the bedroom.

She turned and saw Yang, Ruby, Nora and Ren giving her strange looks.

"Guys, you need to see this." Pyrrha said with a confused and a little worried look.

Hearing her words, Weiss and Blake also turned their attention to her.

"What's wrong P-money?" Yang asked, now a little worried to see her expression.

"II don't know, when I walked in the door I ended up in a totally different room." Pyrrha spoke, now getting worried about her leader, as she didn't see him in that strange room.

"Uhh, yes Pyrrha, these are the hallways..." Ruby said, now thinking that maybe her friend wasn't feeling well.

"No, no, it was a room totally different from the hallways, it had a giant TV and several sofas." The invincible girl spoke and only got more strange looks. "Look, if you don't believe me, how about trying to get through the door alone?" She finished, a little annoyed that her friends thought she was crazy.

Yang got up from her place and started walking towards the door as she spoke.

"I'm sure you're a little tired of P money." The blonde fighter finished as she walked through the door. "See, just a hallw- OH SHIT!"

Yang returned to the bedroom after taking only two steps outside with a panicked expression.

"Guys, there really is a room with a TV!"

And with those words everyone else rose to approach the door as well, with Ruby and Nora with excited expressions, Blake with his usual indifferent look, Weiss with an annoyed look and Pyrrha just gave everyone a blank look for not believing her. .

"Xiao-Long, if this is another one of your stupid jokes, you're going to pay for messing up my study time." Weiss said with an annoyed expression before advancing to the open door. "I'll take a look to finish the game and get back to studying."

Two seconds later, she walked back into the living room and glanced confusedly at the open door, which clearly showed the dorm hallway.

"How is this possible, is it some kind of teleportation?" The heiress spoke to herself in a confused voice.

"Who cares how this is possible, it's a room that came out of nowhere, let's see what's in it." Ruby, who was now vibrating in place with the desire to explore the strange room, spoke as she walked through the door along with Nora, who was just as excited as she was.

"Will this mysterious room have pancakes, oh, oh what if there are sloths!?" The Valkyrie spoke excitedly as she walked through the door, along with Ren who followed her with an indifferent look, already used to following his partner in his impulsiveness.

"Ruby! Wait, don't go into strange rooms like that!" The blonde fighter screamed as she followed her sister, followed quickly by Pyrrha who was now a little worried about her friends casually entering a strange room while at the same time wondering what happened to Jaune and where he was now.

Weiss stared blankly at the door, dismayed by the attitude of her teammates, took a long, pained sigh before turning to Blake and asking.

"Are you coming too Blake?"

To which she was greeted with a nod before they both walked through the door and there they saw their friends dotted around the room, checking the sofas and armchairs while Ruby stared at the DVD's on the shelf with a frozen expression.

Ruby took the DVD box she was looking at and brought it closer to her face, in it were she and Jaune, but they were older, looked to be in their 20s and were holding hands, looking into each other's eyes so love and affection that she blushed with embarrassment and was a little envious of this other self, but beyond that she was confused, where did this image come from? Is it a drawing or something? And what does the Lancaster that was written on the box mean?

"Hey Rubes, did you find something of interest? WHAT THE HELL!?" Yang ended up screaming at the sight of the image in the box and startled Ruby, causing her to drop the box and it land right in Pyrrha's hands, who gave the image a strange look, and then sent a jealous look at Ruby.

"EHH, since when have Ruby and the fearless leader been together, like together-together?" Nora asked as she looked at the box over the champion's shoulders.

Which drew the eyes of everyone else in the room to Ruby, who was now tempted to curl up into a ball on the floor in embarrassment, even more so when Yang gave her a menacing look as she gritted her teeth.

"Yes Rubes, tell me how long this has been going on, and speaking of where the puke boy is, we need to have a little talk." The blonde spoke as her eyes started to turn red.

"Guys! You got it wrong, me and Jaune are not dating, I just found this box here in this room!" The red reaper spoke in panic and her face so red she looked like she was going to pass out.

"Aww, so no babies with blonde hair and silver eyes?" Nora asked with a disappointed expression while everyone else looked at her with different eyes;

Yang glared at her for making such a suggestion about his sister;

Weiss glared at the Valkyrie for her lack of tact;

Blake just looked at everything indifferently, it wasn't really her business;

Ruby almost passed out from the amount of blood that went to her face;

Pyrrha gave his teammate a nasty look before shaking his head and looking at the shelf with the DVDs;

Ren just palmed his forehead, already used to Nora's antics.

"Hey guys, here are full of DVD cases with Jaune being a common theme in them." Pyrrha drew everyone's attention to her with two different boxes, one had Jaune wearing only pants and most surprisingly, he was a Panda faun, and in the other he was looking older, with a different hairstyle and slightly different equipment than the current.

Blake widened his eyes a little at the sight of Panda-Jaune's ears before his pupils shrank to the size of a needle, thinking this must be some racist joke made by Jaune.

Everyone was now a little more interested in what was between the DVDs and wanted to see what was recorded on them.

"Oh, oh, I want to watch the romance between Jaune-Jaune and Ruby!" Nora screamed and before anyone could stop her she put the DVD in the player and the TV turned on by itself;