All teenagers find a place to sit and see what these DVDs are really about

The screen turns on and shows a view of a clear, cloudless sky before starting to descend the viewpoint to show a large expanse of green fields with a few trees scattered here and there along with a two-story house right next to the larger one tree in the field, the field of vision gets closer and closer to the house until it enters through an open window on the second floor, where you can see an office, where a man is working on paperwork.

The man appears to be in his 20s to 30s, with blond hair tied back in a ponytail with two bangs left to frame his mature face, he had ocean blue eyes that were now focused on the papers in front of him, the man was dressed in a black tank top that showed off his muscular arms, loose, comfortable pants along with black flip-flops, the only accessory he wore was a ring that had a rose symbol just below the Arc family symbol, all in all he looked comfortable.

"Wow, is this the fearless leader? He aged well." Nora gave a whistle, impressed by her leader's future appearance.

Everyone else had to agree that Jaune looked really good when he was older, even though some were more reluctant to admit it, like Weiss.

Ruby, on the other hand, if possible, blushed even more when she saw this older Jaune, because she knew she was with her.

Suddenly, behind the man a woman appeared who hugged him from behind and rested her chin on his shoulder, it was a beautiful woman who apparently was the same age as the man, had black hair that turned red at the ends and was styled to one side to be bigger than the other, she had silver eyes that actually looked at the same papers as the man, she was dressed in a clearly masculine blouse that reached her knees and pink slippers, otherwise she wore a ring just like the men.

"W-Wow Rubes, you're practically a copy of Mom now." Yang said with a stunned look, before turning pale. "Damn, it's really weird to see a copy of my mom along with the puke boy, hot version or not."

Ruby looked at herself in the future and couldn't help but smile when compared to her mother, but then she looked at their position on the screen and couldn't help but blush again.

Pyrrha looked at the screen jealously at the other girl for enjoying something that was supposed to be HER, a quiet life with her Jaune and living in a secluded place.

Weiss looked at the scene indifferently, not really caring if his partner and the idiot got together, she might not dislike him more after what he did for her at the dance, but now they're something of a quasi-friends only.

Nora was excited to see little babies with blond hair and silver eyes.

Ren was trying to calm Nora, who was starting to bounce in her seat.

Blake was just watching it all with apathy, she would rather be reading her book.

These were Jaune ArcRose and Ruby ArcRose 27 and 25 years old respectively, they were currently married with a 3 year old daughter, planning to have another one soon.

"WHICH!?" Yang screamed in surprise, she thought they were just dating or something, not already married and with a daughter.

Ruby was even more embarrassed to hear about a daughter and Pyrrha's gaze intensified.

"YES! BABY WITH SILVER EYES!" Nora was super excited now, she couldn't wait to see the kid.

"Honey, why did you get out of bed so early?" Ruby asked as she turned her gaze to her husband and raised an eyebrow. "Today we have all day to ourselves, since Alyssa is with Yang, why would you go to work instead of pampering your beautiful wife?"

"Yes, it's definitely you Ruby." Weiss stated after seeing the scene, already finding similarities between the two Ruby's.

Yang just got a stunned look when he heard that the other one she was going to spend the whole day with her niece.

Ruby... Ruby was about to explode from the blood rushing to her head, "So my daughter's name is Alyssa? ... I like it."

She ended up with an adorable little pout which her husband responded with a small smile.

"Don't worry my rose, I just had a little backlog of work from yesterday." Jaune then gained a small provocative glow. "What is your fault, did you know? Whenever we have the house to ourselves, you become an insatiable wild animal."

Ruby got a little blush at hearing this and slapped Jaune on the back of the head.

"Mou, don't tease me, you're not much better than me either, in fact you're worse." Then she leaned her back against his and put the back of her hand to her forehead and spoke dramatically. "Ahh~, poor my poor tiny body, having to be ravaged by such a lecherous beast."

"What... what did we just see?" Weiss asked in disbelief at what he'd just seen and heard.

Yang was horrified to hear such words come out of her innocent little sister's mouth.

Ruby's eyes glazed over as she heard what the future Ruby said, "Jaune... devastating my body?..."

Pyrrha's gaze was starting to startle Ren who was sitting next to her, still trying to calm Nora, who was now vibrating.

Blake got an interested look after hearing what Ruby said and pulled out a small notebook from who knows where.

Jaune's face took on a predatory look at these words, he turned to look at his wife and gave a warning that sounded more like a lust-filled growl.

"My Rose, you better run, because now this lewd beast is hungry for you..."

At that moment Ruby had a full-body shiver and started to feel a little warm under her collar. *Gulp* "hehehe, d-what is this Jaune talking about... sh-what a silly..."

The same can be said for Pyrrha, who was now in la-la-land, imagining her and Jaune in this scenario and feeling very uncomfortable in a certain part of her body.

The same can't be said for the others, Yang was still horrified at her sister, Weiss had already covered her ears and turned away so she wouldn't see the horrible scene on the screen and Blake had a little nosebleed while writing in his notebook.

Nora was still fantasizing about her little nephews and Ren was now with his eyes closed and leaning back in his chair, as Nora had calmed down a bit, now he could relax until she started to get excited again.

Ruby's eyes widened a little at that before her eyes took on a lusty glint as she turned and started running for the door as she screamed.

"Kyaa~~, Relief~, a lecherous beast wants to devastate me~." She then turned her head back, looked at her husband and slapped her own ass before saying. "Catch me if you can..."

Yang's world literally shattered like a mirror upon seeing this scene, she passed out soon after.

Ruby began to shift restlessly, now finding her clothes uncomfortable and she was embarrassed by the audacity of her future self.

Blake began to write even faster on the small notepad, almost setting it on fire.

Jaune let out a small growl at this before running to Ruby, who ran out of the room.


"Now I got you."

"Ehh, and what is this lewd Beast going to do to me now?"

"You know very well what will happen now, my rose."

That was what we could hear while the viewpoint was still in the office, then a little later sighs and moans of pleasure began to sound as the screen went dark.

Ruby began to breathe heavily as she imagined what the future Jaune was doing to her to cause this kind of sound, she urgently needed a bathroom right now.

Yang woke up in the middle of the scene only to pass out again hearing what was being said.

Everyone else besides Blake and Nora were relieved that it was finally over.

But soon the screen lit up again with a message.

(2 days later)

"Oh no, is there still more?" Weiss asked in desperation, she didn't want to see her leader and idiot in these situations.

Soon the screen shows the outside of the house where Jaune and Ruby were sitting with Jaune with her back against the tree and Ruby sitting between her legs with her back against his chest, they were looking at a small road that led to their house.

"Aww Renny, look how cute our leaders are together." Nora spoke as she stared at the screen and Ren could only agree, they really were cute together.

Meanwhile, Yang soothed some of his mental breakdown at seeing his sister so content in someone's arms.

Ruby looked at her future self a little enviously, which was kind of weird, being jealous of herself, but she wanted to know how it feels to be loved just like onscreen.

Pyrrha had just come out of her fantasies when she saw this scene and she couldn't help giving Ruby on screen a nasty look, SHE was supposed to be there, not Ruby, Ruby wasn't even in love with Jaune like her.

Weiss returned to her look of indifference to see that nothing indecent was going on, just a couple of husband and wife relaxing a little together, which caused a bit of envy in her, not that she would admit it to anyone.

Blake, seeing the fun parts were over, put away his notepad, wiped his bloodstained nose and returned to her indifferent gaze.

After some time the noise of a motorcycle started to sound in the distance, and soon after it was possible to see a yellow and orange motorcycle approaching the house, Jaune and Ruby soon got up and went to the front of the house, where after some time the bike stopped.

Two people came out of it, the one who was driving took off her helmet to reveal long blonde hair and violet eyes, the woman was dressed in an orange tank top with a long-sleeved leather jacket over it and jeans with black combat boots, the What was peculiar about the woman was that her right hand was robotic.

"Hey it's me!" Yang exclaimed, happy to see her future and see that she was still as beautiful as ever. "But... what happened to my hand?"

Blake for some reason felt uncomfortable seeing Yang's robotic hand.

Ruby looked in awe at how beautiful her sister would become.

A huff came from Weiss seeing that Yang's breasts have grown even more, she will never admit she is jealous.

This was 27-year-old Yang Xiao-Long.

Yang soon helped the second person off the bike, she was a 3-year-old girl with blond hair that had red tips and her mother's silver eyes.

This was 3-year-old Alyssa ArcRose, the daughter of Jaune and Ruby.

"KYAAAA, look at her Renny, isn't she the cutest thing!?" Nora exclaimed excitedly, finally seeing her niece.

Ruby looked at the child with wide eyes and a strange feeling in her chest, along with the urge to look for Jaune so she could be born.

Yang had a small smile when he saw the mini-Ruby, but blonde, remembering when they were kids.

The little girl jumped from her aunt's arms and ran to her mother and father, who were waiting for her at the entrance to the house.

"Mommy! Daddy! I missed you!" She screamed as both parents hugged her.

"Welcome back dear, you didn't give Aunt Yang too much trouble, did you?" Ruby questioned her daughter.

"Nuh-uh, I was a good girl." Alyssa spoke excitedly and with hope in her eyes.

"Oh really?" Ruby asked and received a frantic nod from her daughter, she then said; "So what do good girls get?"

"COOKIES!" The little rose squealed excitedly and Ruby gave a nod of agreement before giving Yang a nod and a smile, who she reciprocated and started walking home with Alyssa still in her arms humming 'Cookies~ Cookies~' excitedly with a happy smile in the face.

"Yeah...she's Ruby's daughter, right." Weiss said with a small smile at how cute the little one is.

Ruby's eyes lit up at hearing about Cookies and now she was hungry.

Meanwhile, Jaune went to Yang and held out his hand, which she gave a squeeze.

"Thanks for taking care of her from time to time Yang." Jaune smiled at his sister-in-law and she patted his shoulder before answering.

"No need to thank Jaune, besides, It's a pleasure to spend more time with my niece than just visiting here and there." Yang spoke sincerely.

"Sure, but thanks anyway, so you wanna come in? Ruby made a lot of cookies." Jaune asked as he turned to head home.

"OHH, Ruby's cookies, I won't miss it for anything." The blonde fighter said excitedly before getting a mischievous glint in her eyes and saying;

"Let's finish this with a Yang!"

"God, Damn Yang!"

And so the screen goes dark.

It took a moment for everyone to recover from what they'd just seen, and the first to come back was Weiss.

"My God Xiao-Long, you keep your unbearable puns in the future." She said with a look of disgust as she remembered the blonde's various horrible puns.

"Hey Weiss-Cream, my puns aren't that bad." Yang said with an annoyed look at the heiress.

"So… let's all just ignore the fact that we just saw the future?" Blake asked in his usual expressionless voice, but it made everyone reflect, they just saw the future didn't they?

The first to break the ice, surprisingly, was Blake;

"I vote we watch Panda-Jaune next."