Chapter 02: Knightshade

Before anything else could be said, a voice spoke from behind the hunters in training.

"I have to agree with Miss Belladonna that it's a surprise we can see the future."

Everyone turned back with their guard up, only to be surprised to see Headmaster Ozpin and Professor Goodwitch standing in front of the door they'd come through.

"Headmaster and Miss Goodwitch? What are you doing here?" Ruby asked curiously before pausing, "Speaking of which, does anyone know where exactly we are?"

Everyone else shrugged, none of them had any idea where this room was.

"Well, I have a lot of work piled up now thanks to a certain someone." Glynda stared at Ozpin with cold eyes and the immortal just looked away as he took a sip of his coffee, "So I'm sorry but I can't stay here any longer."

And with that Goodwitch walked to the door and out, leaving the baffled students and a slightly guilty Ozpin behind.

"Well... what are we going to watch now?" Yang asked after a moment of silence.

"Like I said, I vote for Panda-Jaune."

"I want to watch little Alyssa again!"

"NOT! I don't want to see my sister like this again!"

"I agree with Xiao-Long, I don't feel like seeing my leader and the idiot together again."

"Hey Ren, do you think there's a DVD that shows Jaune and me together?" Pyrrha asked in a low voice with a blush on her face.

As the arguments went on, no one saw Nora sneaking up to the DVD's and choosing one that had an older Jaune and Blake with two small Faunus cats between them with the name Knightshade right below.

With a smirk at the thought of seeing more little nephews she put the DvD on and above the device a small screen appeared with a list of several videos and a button that said random, as she was in a hurry, she pressed the random button.

Soon the giant screen came on again, startling everyone else, who turned to the DVD player and then to Nora, who was already sitting on one of the sofas, staring intently at the screen.

The first to move was Ren, who sat next to his teammate, then everyone sat down too, with Ozpin sitting in an armchair a little apart from the others, still drinking his coffee, everyone was interested in what they were going to see. now.

On the screen there was only one word showing, just like in the last view.


Seeing this, the hunters-in-training glanced at Blake, who was now looking interested at the screen, as she was the only one of the two teams who had a dark theme, Ruby was also wearing black outfits, but that didn't count as dark.

Soon the screen began to change, showing the image of the Belladonna symbol and the Arc symbol together while the same voice as Jaune from the last exhibition began to speak.

"Previously on A Drunken and Expelled Knightshade Marriage..."

Blake's eyes widened a little at hearing about marriage and the others focused even more on TV.

"Right after the Dust robbery the White Fangs and Roman Torchwick did on the wharf and Blake Belladonna and Sun Wukong tried to stop it..."

The (J)NPR team gave the friends a strange look upon hearing this story just now, the RWBY team just looked away from their friends while Ozpin was still calmly drinking his coffee, of course he knew this story.

Weiss then looked at Blake and muttered 'Sorry' under his breath, knowing that some of the blame for this was on her, Blake just gave the heiress a small smile.

"Glynda Goodwitch found out about Blake being a former member of the White Fangs..."

Blake's eyes widened in shock at hearing this before turning his gaze to Ozpin, who was also a little surprised.

"I'm 90% sure Glynda doesn't know about this." The immortal said and then returned to his calm gaze.

Pyrrha, Nora and Ren looked at the RWBY team again with a doubtful look before Pyrrha looked back at the screen, she had a strange sinking feeling in her stomach and hoped that nothing bad would happen to her knight.

"After which she decided to search the students for some other irregularity and found Jaune Arc's false transcripts..."

"AHA! I knew there was no way he could have gotten into Beacon like us!" Weiss exclaimed smugly.

Ruby felt betrayed that her best friend hadn't told her this, but she soon remembered the fact that she also hadn't told her sister team that Blake was an ex-terrorist and most of her adventures and calmed down a bit. .

Yang was a little upset as she trained a lot to apply for the Beacon and Vomit-boy cheated to get in, surprisingly, she wasn't all that upset as Blake also has a secret that could be even worse than that, but if he was on the same team as her and her sister it would be a different story, because with his lack of skill he could put his sister in danger, Pyrrha alone is worth two so it's not that bad she and he as a partner, but even so, the next time she saw him, she would 'invite' him to a 'training' session.

It's kind of weird logic, yes, but it still works.

Blake wasn't surprised, she thinked it was something like that that allowed him to join Beacon and, you know, she was an ex-terrorist, so she had no right to judge.

Pyrrha, Nora and Ren already knew this, of course, Jaune told his two teammates shortly after starting his trainings with Pyrrha, but they were all afraid that Ozpin would kick Jaune out after hearing this, so much so that Ren had to use his semblance to calm himself and Nora.

Pyrrha was still looking nervously at Ozpin, who had a puzzled look on his face.

"Hmm, how strange, I'm sure I redid Mr. Arc's transcripts so that even Glynda doesn't see any problems." He spoke to himself, not bothering to lower his voice. "Is this other me so careless?"

Everyone looked at him in shock after hearing this.

"Err... I'm sorry, but did you know about Jaune's transcripts?" Pyrrha asked shyly and hoping that Jaune wouldn't be expelled or worse.

"Of course I knew from the beginning, as I said, after accepting Mr. Arc into the school I redid his transcripts."

Weiss snapped out of her shock and gave the headmaster an incredulous look.

"Headmaster Ozpin, with all due respect, but why did you let that idiot into a hunting school without any training?"

Pyrrha threw the heiress an icy look that made her shiver a little, but she kept her gaze on the headmaster.

"It's simple Ms. Schnee, the thing I hate most in the world…" The Headmaster paused for a moment and glanced at each of the hunters in training. "It's wasted potential."

"Potential? That idiot?" Weiss exclaimed, even more incredulous.

"I want you to know Weiss..." Pyrrha spoke the heiress's name poisonously, making her shiver again. "That Jaune has a lot of potential, he started the year without any training and now he can be considered in the low-average of our year, after only 6 months of training."

"YES! The fearless leader is amazing, he learns things super fast!" Nora exclaimed excitedly.

"And besides, despite not being the strongest fighter, he's a great strategist, that's where his strength lies." Ren said calmly, before shuddering a little and adding. "I advise you never to play Remnant: The Game with him, ever."

Pyrrha and Nora nodded in agreement with him.

Ruby was just happy for her friend, Yang was neutral along with Blake.

After Champion Mistral gave Weiss another nasty look when it looked like she was going to keep talking, everyone returned to their seats and turned their gazes to the screen, which strangely paused while they were talking.

"Soon she summoned them both to the principal's office, where she announced an expulsion of both…"

No one said anything about it, everyone was already waiting for something like this, but Nora still gave Blake an intense look before going back to watching.

"Now, 7 years after what happened as teams RWY and NPR have formed and trained to be the two the most prominent hunter teams in the Valley..."

All get very happy to hear that their future as hunters was to be the best, but then they remembered who was missing in that future and got a little discouraged.

Ozpin was proud to learn of the future of the two teams, but then he wondered what the future of the two expelled students would be.

"But there was a problem, after Jaune and Blake's expulsion, the two teams couldn't spend much time in each other's company or it would end up in a fight, as Team NPR members blamed Blake for Jaune's transcripts having been discovered and had a little bit of resentment from White Fang and RWY held a grudge against Jaune for lying to get into school..."

Upon hearing that NPR had a grudge against White Fang, Blake's eyes widened a little and she looked up at them, a little afraid that they would hate her now.

Pyrrha, noticing her gaze, just gave her a reassuring nod and said;

"Yeah, I'm not very fond of the White Fangs, they've tried to kill me several times since, you know, I'm the 'Goddess of Victory' of humans." The Spartan said, before noticing the worried looks from the RWBY team. "But don't worry, I don't hate you, you've already left the organization and are looking for redemption, I think only one reason my counterpart hates you is because you were the cause of Jaune's expulsion."

The eyes then turned to Ren and Nora, to which Ren responded.

"Before Beacon, Nora and I traveled through several villages and ended up in the middle of White Fang attacks, and don't worry, we don't hate you either."

"Yes Blakey, don't worry so much..." Nora then gave the cat faun a very intense look. "But if you had been the cause of the fearless leader getting kicked out, you would have had a lot more to worry about than just us hating you."

Blake looked at Nora and gulped before giving a small smile to the sister team and returning her gaze to the screen along with her team, who had relieved looks on their faces.

"The last incident was right after one Grimm's extermination mission, with Yang commenting on how Jaune would likely mess up even a simple mission with this one and Pyrrha responded with a punch to his face, which developed into an all-out fight with various damages to property..."

Pyrrha gave Yang a menacing look while the blonde just held up her hands in surrender.

Ruby was looking at the screen with an incomprehensible look, wondering how things had turned out like this for the two teams.

Of course, at first she was a little angry at Jaune for doing this, but she didn't think that was a reason to walk away from her first friend, after all, he passed the initiation, even if it was luck, that still guaranteed his place in Beacon.

Blake kept his usual calm gaze just staring at the screen, wondering what had happened to his counterpart and if the Drunked Marriage meant what she thought it did.

Weiss looked at the screen indifferently after realizing that, as much as she hated to admit it, yes, the donkey had earned its place in Beacon after getting as skilled as a fourth year of combat school in just over half a year.

But she was still going to take out her frustrations on him in a 'friendly fight' the next time she saw him.

Ozpin had a nostalgic look in his eyes as he remembered the time when Qrow and Raven had their 'Siblings fights' and caused a lot of damage to property.

Nora was wondering when the little nephews would show up and Ren was looking at the screen absently.

"After that the two teams were placed on parole and given an ultimatum, they would go on a mission with Miss Goodwitch accompanying them and if they can't make it through this mission without a fight, the two teams would lose their huntsman's and huntress licenses..."

"WHAT!?" Weiss exclaimed in shock, which was shared with his teammates and sister team upon hearing about the punishment.

The immortal headmaster nodded, if they couldn't complete a mission without a fight, then they didn't deserve to be huntsman and huntress.

"The mission was simple, they were going to check out a small village that was reported to have a 75% decrease in Grimm population in the surrounding forests in the last 5 years..."

At that, even Ozpin's eyes widened a little, this village was now probably safer than the main cities of the realms as even in these cities the surrounding forests or deserts and tundra were infested with Grimm and if not cleaned regularly by hunters, the cities would have already been destroyed by a wave of Grimm.

"They searched for the cause of the Grimm's decline all day and around dusk a blizzard was forming while they were still inside the forest around the village, they found a house in the middle of the forest and went to it to ask for shelter for the night. , but it was a shock to see who opened the door..."

The screen changed to a snowy clearing with a house in the middle and in front of the door were the two incomplete teams and the teacher with a person opening the door and speaking after looking at the people in front of her house.

"Well... that's a pretty big surprise." Blake Belladonna's more mature voice sounded.

"Wow, in this future I'm hot too, and look, this time I have two arms." Yang whistled in appreciation at seeing himself in another future.

Ruby stared in wonder at her future self, who looked sooo cool and beautiful, like a real heroine.

Weiss nodded to herself as she saw what her future self looked like, exactly the person she wanted to be, a true lady but still a strong huntress, like her older sister.

Pyrrha was a little disappointed that her armor didn't change like her friends' hunter outfit, but still happy to see her counterpart looking like a successful huntress.

Ren and Nora were just happy to see that they are still together and well after 7 years.

Ozpin looked at a screen expectantly, hoping to see what happened to his two expelled students.

And Blake hoped the point of view would change so she could see her future appearance.

The screen went dark for a second, but soon came back with a different point of view.

None of them could believe it. Blake Belladonna, the ex-member of the White Fang, the Faunus that was indirectly guilty for Jaune's expulsion stood in the door Ruby had just knockedon. But she had changed greatly.

Her once long hair was now cut to shoulder length with her cat ears no longer hidden beneath her bow. In any other situation, Ruby, Yang, and Nora would have squealed at the adorableness of said ears but they were way too shocked for such a reaction.

She had grown to a height of 5'10", being only slightly shorter than the spartan from NPR in heels. Her bust was at least one size bigger; maybe even two or three and her hips had become wider, more...motherly in a way.

Currently, she wore a thick, purple pullover with her symbol in the middle in black and snowflake motives on the sleeves, hem and bust. Long, black jogging pants covered her legs and her feet were in cuddly-looking slippers.

But three things stood out the most. One was her mouth. Instead of an almost constant straight line which sometimes pulled a smirk, was now a smile full of warmth and joy. Something Team RWY had never seen before, not even shortly after the incident at the docks where they made clear that they didn't care about her being a Faunus.

The second thing that changed was her eyes. At Beacon, her eyes held a sarcastic glint and were otherwise completely emotionless, almost cold. But now, it was like a light has been placed in each eye.

They held a happy shine that let her eyes almost glow. They were also far softer than before.

But the most glaring thing was...








...the heavily pregnant belly that was hidden beneath her pullover.


Silence was all had in the room, all shocked after see by how different Blake in this future was and even more so by her Pregnancy.

"Well… my early congratulations on your pregnancy Miss Belladonna," Ozpin spoke while he was relieved that at least one of his expelled students had ended up with a happy ending.

But Blake wasn't listening, she was mesmerized by her counterpart, who looked a lot like her mother plus a few differences that confirm she was a future self and not her onscreen mother.

"Wow, you are so beautiful in the future Blake." Ruby said with a look of admiration upon seeing Blake's image of the future, which had a maternal air around her that she could somehow feel through the screen and make her very comfortable.

The others nodded absently while still trying to recover from the surprise of seeing a pregnant Blake.

Except Nora, who had a look of satisfaction that her little nephew was probably a few months away from being born, maybe she can see a little baby with kitten ears, she cooed to herself as she thought about it.

"It's good to see you all again. But what brings you to this place at such a time?" asked Blake curiously while leaning against the doorframe.

"Uhm...Wha...How...Eh?" was all that Ruby could say. The rest of her team and Team NPR were no different.

Glynda, however, recovered fast from the surprise. As veteran Huntress, she learned to overcome surprises quickly as they came because they could mean death in a battle against Grimm.

"Miss Belladonna, although I too, would like to hear how it comes that you are living here, would it be possible to discuss your and questions inside? It is fairly cold already and with your...condition and current clothing, it isn't good to remain in such cold for what will likely be a very long conversation," spoke the witch in a professional tone.

Blake facepalmed. "Oh Gods, where are my manners? Of course, come in! Please take off your shoes and place them next to the door," the Faunus said as she turned around to walk back into the house.

The Huntsmen outside walked slowly through the door, each of them taking off their shoes and following Blake into the next room which seemed to be the living room with a dining room combined with one door leading into a white kitchen. The dining part of the room had a table that was big enough for eight persons at once, but it also seemed like the table could be enlarged for more people to sit around.

The living room part was decorated with a corner couch at one wall and a big flatscreen on the wall opposite of it. Beneath the TV was a cabinet on which a brand new Dustendo Switch stood along with a DVD player and some discs for both. A balcony was also visible through a glass door and the chimney on the wall that the Huntsmen saw from the outside gave off a comfortablewarmth into the whole room.

The strange thing in the room was the huge pillow on the ground beside the couch. None of the Huntsmen could make heads or tails out of it.

"Your house looks so comfortable Blake." Ruby commented again, which ended up rousing everyone from their stupor.

"Un." Blake replied with his eyes still fixed on the screen, wanting to see what caused his counterpart to have such a happy and relaxed smile on her face, maybe she managed to change the White Fang's path? Or did discrimination against Fauns diminish in the future?

"Wait, wait, these DVD's are all focused in Vomit-boy, right?" Yang asked the others, who turned their attention to her and nodded. "So most likely this baby Blake is carrying is his son..."

She then turned her gaze to Blake and said in a teasing tone of voice;

"Something you're not telling us, Blakey?"

But the former White Fang was still staring at the paused screen with a distracted look, still lost in thought.

Seeing that her teasing would get nowhere, Yang gave a little huff of annoyance and turned his attention to the screen again.

Meanwhile, after hearing that in this future Blake had a child with Jaune, Pyrrha got a small mark on her forehead and muttered to herself, "When will it be my turn?" in annoyance and Ruby sent her teammate a jealous look.

"You can sit down on the couch while I will get something warm to drink for you. Are tea and hot cocoa ok for you?" asked Blake while making her way to the kitchen to prepare said beverages.

Mutely, they nodded, still not able to form words or at least not coherently, and sat down.

The next few minutes it was quiet sans the sound of boiling water and the microwave from the kitchen.

After ten minutes, in which still hasn't been said one word, the pregnant Faunus came back, a tray with cups, tea, hot cocoa, sugar and little biscuits in her hands.

When she saw that her ex-team and ex-sister team were still in shock she couldn't help herself.

"You know, I expected a bit more of a reaction, vocally and physically. What, did I get your tongue?" Blake quipped with a smirk and a Yang-worthy pun.

Yang giggled at that, she didn't expect Blake to make a pun, ever.

Meanwhile Ruby had a horrified look on her face, thinking the future Blake had been drawn to the dark side of puns.

Everyone else just had amused little smiles upon hearing the joke, not expecting that from the cat faun.

Ruby instinctively punched Yang's shoulder. After all the years living with the brawler, this had become a natural reaction to the reaper whenever Yang started punning.

"Hey!" Yang exclaimed in annoyance as he gave her a little look at her sister, who stuck out her tongue at her.

But that single punch broke the shock over all of them. Team RWY blinked a few times, looked at Blake and vanished in a flurry of roses, courtesy of their leader, only to rush at Blake.

"BLAKE!" They cried while attempting to tackle her to the ground.

"NO! The baby!" Nora exclaimed in horror, hoping they wouldn't hurt the baby.

Ruby also got a horrified look along with her team as she thought about the possible consequences of her future self's rash action, if they hit Blake at their speed it would be like getting punched, getting punched for YANG, along with the fact that the cat fauno was holding a tray of tea and hot chocolate, which was probably to spill over her.

Blake was very nervous, really hoping that nothing would happen to his unborn kitten.

Pyrrha looked at the screen with concern along with Ren who was trying to stop Nora from jumping on the screen and Ozpin was still drinking his coffee, but he had a small glint of concern as well.

The reason everyone is so worried even though Blake has aura is because it's common knowledge that when a woman becomes pregnant her aura stops working after 6 months of pregnancy, so if the RWY team actually hit Blake with their charge, it could be fatal for her and the baby.

Only that they never connected. Faster than the eye could see, Blake flung the tray in the air, sidestepped her old team so that they were behind her and caught the tray without losing a single biscuit or drop of tea.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief that nothing bad had happened and Nora gave Ruby a hard look that left her sweating with nervousness for putting her unborn little nephew in danger.

Weiss gave a small sigh of relief before turning his gaze to Ruby and speaking;

"I see your future self is still you, as reckless as ever, reminds me of a certain moment in the initiation." She finished with a sharp look at her partner.

To which Ruby gave a guilty nod while she was still sweating from Nora's intense gaze.

"Wow kit-kat, I see you haven't stopped training in the future, awesome moves." Yang whistled in appreciation after calming down a bit and Blake nodded, she herself didn't think she could do these moves so gracefully, but her counterpart could do it with such a big belly and without aura.

The immortal headmaster was also a little impressed that a pregnant woman could make such graceful moves and nodded smugly to himself at the thought that he really knows how to pick potential students, even though he sometimes has to bend the rules a bit and hide certain things from Glynda to nurture said students.

All of that without looking as if it strained her, something Glynda noticed and narrowed her eyes at.

Team RWY looked confused as they hit the floor instead of their old teammate. They turned their heads to look up to her.

Said Faunus chuckled. "Careful, girls. I'm not alone in this body right now," she scolded her old team gently and without any heat.

The team chuckled sheepishly while standing up again. Then, without another word hugged Ruby Blake tightly keeping an eye on her belly as to not squeeze it.

"Well, good to see you are still kicking, Kitty cat. Oh, and nice pun!" said Yang with a big grin, standing up and putting both arms around her sister and her old teammate.

"I'm relieved to see you well and as healthy as you can be in your situation," spoke Weiss politely, also joining the group hug.

The RWBY team exchanged glances and gave each other happy little smiles as they saw themselves reuniting in the future.

Team NPR, although disliking Blake, was a bit touched at the happy reunion. Even Goodwitch allowed herself a small smile.

Pyrrha nodded, it was a nice reunion.

A few minutes went by before the four women broke their hug, Team RWY sat down again, together with Blake, and started helping themselves with tea, hot cocoa, and biscuits.

"So, how did...that happen?" asked Ruby, gesturing to her swollen belly.

"Weeell, if a woman and a man love each other very much, they..." started Blake with a mischievous smirk on her face before she was interrupted by a red-faced Ruby.

Ruby got a horrified look again at seeing the resemblance between Blake and her sister again and Yang gave a little snort of amusement at her partner's prank.

"That's not what I meant!" she screamed completely embarrassed and hid in the hood of her cape.

"I know, I know. I simply wanted to tease you a bit." giggled the ninja.

Yang chuckled. "Ruby teasing aside, I'm curious too about how that happened and who the father is," asked Yang with a smirk to which Weiss nodded in agreement.

"I think we all already know who the father is, don't we?" Yang said with a teasing look directed at Blake, who was a little embarrassed.

Everyone else gave little nods of agreement, though Pyrrha gave a huff of annoyance and Ruby crossed her arms as she pouted, a little annoyed at what was likely to appear on the screen.

At that, even NPR and Goodwitch were interested. Neither had expected that somebody of the age of 24 to be already pregnant.

"The how is easy to answer. My husband and I simply decided to have a child together or twins in my case," she stated while caressing her belly with her left hand, a loving smile and glow on her lips and in her eyes.

"EHH! Twin Kittens! Yay!" Valkyria exclaimed happily.

Blake was a little stunned to see her counterpart smile and placed a hand on her stomach, wondering if children really bring such happiness.

"Wait, HUSBAND?!" her ex-team screamed shocked. Now that they took a closer look at her left hand, there was indeed a golden wedding ring, the color the same as her eyes and decorated with one diamond in the middle and tiny sapphires around it.

"Hmm, good choice, the sapphires should symbolize the idiot's eye color." Weiss stated upon seeing the beautiful ring. "So the ring he wears must have citrine stones or another yellow gem to represent Blake's eyes."

"Hmph, I prefer the ring the future Ruby was wearing." Ruby said with a huff.

Pyrrha muttered under her breath to herself, "I bet my wedding ring will be much prettier than these two." And Ren gave his teammate a kind of weird look.

"Yes, husband. For seven years now," the Faunus said happily, ignoring the looks on her ex-teams face.

"Hang on, then your wedding had to be shortly after you were kicked out of Beacon," deduced Ren surprised. He didn't expect that.

Blake nodded in confirmation and continued to caress her belly.

Ruby started to pout. "Why weren't we invited?" she demanded.

"Yes Blake, why weren't we invited to your wedding?" Ruby reflected her counterpart's pout, even though she was still a little upset about having to see another woman with her future husband.

The cat faun chose to ignore his teammate's question and looked at the screen, knowing his counterpart would respond, but she already sort of guessed along with some of the hunters-in-training and Ozpin that this part must refer to the title and answer your question regarding the word Drunken Marriage.

"W-well it was a bit...sudden and we hadn't exactly had time to contact anyone," admitted Blake sheepishly, her right hand scratching the back of her head in a manner that reminded Team NPR of somebody but they couldn't remember who it was.

"Wow, that's Jaune's habit when he's nervous about something." Pyrrha said while feeling a little jealous of Blake, that she probably spent so much time around Jaune that she ended up picking up on some of his mannerisms.

Ruby was still pouting and grumbling about the unfairness of not given the opportunity to be there for her ex-teammate on one if the most important events in her life.

"Yeah, it's so unfair that we can't see Blake's big day." Ruby grumbled too.

"So, how far are you along with your pregnancy?" inquired Pyrrha. She might not like Blake, but even she succumbed to the mental picture of cute cat Faunus babies reaching up to be cuddled and played with.

Pyrrha had to agree that it was a totally adorable image, the others agreed with his thoughts and Blake was ecstatic to imagine his kittens.

"I'm in the 38th week, so the little ones should be ready soon," replied the Faunus.

"Oh yes, you said they are twins. Are they identical or fraternal?" asked Yang excited.

"The doctors think they are fraternal. One is a bit bigger and heavier. But because both are girls, it is possible that they are still identical and one was simply a bit better supplied," answered Blake with a smile.

"I suspect you and your husband are very happy with that," mentioned Glynda after eating a biscuit and trying not to moan from the taste. They were delicious!

"Oh, he was over the moon. The only other time I've seen him like that was when..." the mother-to-be trailed off before shaking her head and continuing, "Well, you will see soon enough why."

That grabbed the attention of everyone. What did she mean with that?

"Wait a second, you still haven't told us who your husband is," stated Nora. It was clear that she demanded an answer.

Now the others got curious too. Weiss already had a candidate in mind.

"Is it that ruffian Sun? The one that helped you at the docks? He disappeared at roughly the same time as you," scoffed Weiss, her 'Heiress-Side' coming out a tiny bit.

"I don't think a relationship between me and Sun would ever happen, I think of him more as a brother than a romantic interest." Blake stated clearly before anyone could ask about it.

(SSSN team dormitory in Beacon)

Sun Wukong was playing on his scroll along with his best friend and partner Neptune Vasilias when he suddenly fell out of bed clutching his chest.

Neptune looked at his partner strangely.

"Bro…I felt like I just missed a chance with someone and I don't know why…" Sun said, feeling awkward with these sudden feelings.

"Huh... Ok, weird but ok now let's get back to the game, now the score is 4-2." Neptune said and then the two started playing again, having no idea what had just happened.

(Back to the mystery room)

"Well..." started Blake to speak before muffled key noises could be heard from the front door.

Blake's eyes lit up. "That's him!"

A door could be heard opening before closing again. Soft steps could be heard. From the sounds of them, the teams and teacher guessed that Blake's husband was relatively tall or heavy.

He had reached the door to the living room. Only…

He was not human or Faunus.

Through the doorframe, a tiger walked into the room. It was white instead of the usual orange and its eyes held an intelligent glint that suggested it was far from normal. It was also not a he, but a she.

"Eh!? So Blake's husband isn't the Fearless Leader but a tiger?" Nora asked confused and Ren replied calmly.

"I think this is just her pet, Nora."

Meanwhile Blake turned a little green to imagine having a tiger as a husband and practicing Zoophilia, the same with the other girls.

"Did you have fun, Stelmaria?" asked Blake. She stood up, walked towards the tiger and started scratch the big cat behind her ears. Stelmaria only purred deeply. Afterwards she stretched herself, went to the huge pillow beside the couch and let herself fall on it to rest.

"Blake...what is that?" asked Weiss nervously. She was the one sitting right next to the pillow and had slid as far away from it as she could.

"Oh, that's Stelmaria, our pet tiger. husband found her it the woods where her parents had abandoned her because of her unnatural color. We took her in and raised her. Now she is protecting us and is part of our family. She has her Aura awakened and is often hunting Grimm in the woods," explained Blake calmly as if discussing the weather.

"Poor tiger, being abandoned by his parents." Ruby said with a little sadness in her voice, but soon perked up. "But hey, at least now he's a tough pet who hunts Grimm like Zwei! But not as cute as he is."

Weiss nodded to the last part, she much preferred the little fluffy Zwei to such a big tiger.

The Huntsmen nodded slowly. Then they heard the front door opening again. This time rapid footsteps could be heard, way too light to be from an adult.

They too reached the doorframe to the living room before two blurs flung themselves on the still standing Blake who had her arms wide open.

"Mommy!" cried the two children hugging the ex-member of Team RWBY.

"Hello, my little kittens! Did you have fun with your father?" asked Blake in a caring tone while cuddling both kids.

"Yes, we did! We built a snowman!" said one child.

"And we were ice skating. That was so fun, even Stelmaria was on the ice, if only for a short time," told the other child excited.

While Blake started asking how their day was, Team NPR, RWY and Goodwitch were shocked into silence. Again.

But then again, nobody could blame them. In front of them were two cat Faunus children who called the older cat Faunus their mother.

Both looked to be six or seven years old. One was an almost perfect replica of Blake. Cat ears wiggling on top of her head, black hair reaching to the middle of her back, amber eyes and the face of what a much younger Blake would look like. She was 3'9" tall, wore a thick purple winter jacket and black snow trousers. Mittens, also in black, covered her hands and her feet were in thick socks.

The other child had cat ears too, but her hair was blonde, a bit longer than that of her sister, and her eyes were a deep blue. She, too, had a bit of Blake's face but there was something else mixed in...something they knew from somewhere.

She was an inch taller than the other girl and wore a white anorak, black snow trousers like the other girl, white mittens and thick yellow socks.

Nora cooed to the little cat fauns with a happy gleam in her eyes, secretly pleased that all her fearless leader's daughters were so beautiful.

Ruby also smiled happily at the two children. 'But I still prefer my Alyssa.'

Yang gave a small smile when he saw the two small children and wondered if she would see a DVD that showed her together with vomit-boy, she had problems related to mothers, so he wondered how good a mother she would be, and put her hand on the belly when contemplating this.

Blake had a small satisfied smile at how beautiful and healthy his kittens were and then he gained a longing look and looked towards the living room door, wondering where Jaune was now, maybe she could start talking to him more, to find out what they had in common so that they had a marriage that was successful enough to want to have other children besides the first two.

Weiss was trying her best not to start screaming like a little girl and cooing at the cuteness of the two kids like she did when she met Zwei and keep her image in front of the director and tried to think of other things, less cute things, so she almost died of excess of cuteness when she imagined small white-haired children with Jaune's ocean blue eyes looking at her with puppy dog eyes.

Pyrrha also gave a small smile to the children, but then began to imagine what her children would be like when it came to her turn to appear on screen along with Jaune.

Ren saw the girls' contemplative gazes and mentally prayed for their leader's safety.

"Mommy, who are these people?" The voice of the black-haired child broke the shock of the people in the room.

"They look like the people in the stories you always tell us, back when you and Daddy were Huntsmen!" added the blonde one, her eyes twinkling in amazement at the sight of the gathered group.

"Aww, Blake tells his kids stories about us." Ruby said, happy that she herself is in a hunter story that might inspire both children to be huntress, as well as the stories her mother and later her father told her when she was little.

"That's because they are the very same, Sweetie," replied Blake while ruffling the hair of both children.

She turned to the still shock frozen Huntsmen. "Guys, may I introduce you to my daughters, Kuroka and Amarilla, Amy for short. Say hello, girls."

"Kuroka and Amarilla... My kittens...Jaune..." Blake muttered absently with a small happy smile on his lips and a half-glazed look.

"Hello!" both Faunus kids chirped.

Slowly, the Beacon people regained their senses. Surprisingly, it was Weiss who reacted first.

"So it is that ruffian! It has to be considering how...Amarilla looks like! I would have thought you have a better taste in men than this!" ranted the heiress. Her remaining teammates silently agreed.

The monkey Faunus was a bit of a ruffian. He also had something creepy in his aura, like a stalker or peeper.

"Hey, Sun isn't that bad." Blake said after snapping out of his reverie. "But I kind of agree with the being a stalker part."

"Hmph, yes, I've seen that ruffian several times lying in a tree outside our dorm, thank goodness we have curtains." Weiss said with an unhappy look as he remembered the times he'd caught the faun monkey outside the dorm.

"Wait, what? Does he spy on our dorm?" Yang asked angrily, his eyes turning red at the thought of his and his sister's privacy being violated. "Next time we meet Monkey Boy, we'll have a little chat."

Ruby was a little shocked to learn that someone spies on her dorm, which was supposed to be a private place and now she's definitely going to be a little cautious whenever she's around Sun, who knows what kind of things he might have seen when looking out the window without anyone noticing.

"Ren, Ren, do you think we also have a stalker watching our dorm?" Nora asked her partner curiously.

"I don't think there's anyone like that, Nora, after all, what reason would anyone have to spy on us?" Ren replied calmly, really doubting that anyone would want to spy on them.

Meanwhile, no one but Ozpin noticed Pyrrha with a murderous look as she remembered the time she found someone spying on her dorm when Jaune was taking a shower and she was getting ready to go out.

"Damn bunny..." She muttered under her breath angrily.

"Interesting…" Ozpin spoke to himself as he made a note to talk to Mr. Wukong about his behavior, or maybe get Glynda to talk to him.

"Hey, don't call Daddy a ruffian, big meanie!" cried the black-haired one, Kuroka, stomping with her foot and pouting adorably with puffed up cheeks.

"Aww, I'm sorry honey, I won't speak ill of your daddy anymore..." Weiss began to coo upon seeing the cuteness of the little faunus cat.

"Kyahh~, look at how cute little Kuroka is, Ren, I just want to hug her and give her lots of pancakes!" Nora said excitedly as she shook Ren, who was trying to calm the Valkyria down.

Blake looked extremely pleased that her daughter was so cute and sent Ruby a smug look, for some reason now she felt the reaper was her rival for something, she didn't know what, but she wasn't in the mood to lose.

Ruby noticed her gaze right after having a little cuteness overload and gave her a defiant look as she thought;

'Wait until my Alyssa shows up again, I'm sure she'll be cuter than your two daughters put together.'

Yang saw the exchange of looks and was amused by the fact that they were now competing for the vomit-boy, but she will still have a little conversation with him about hurting either of them.

Pyrrha also saw the exchange and felt insulted that they didn't think she was part of the competition either. 'Hmph, wait until my turn comes, my daughter will be much cuter than yours.'

"Cute." That's all the headmaster said and then he took a sip of his coffee.

Every single female in the room besides Blake had almost a cuteness overload. If it wasn't for Ren and Yang holding back Nora and Ruby, said women would have started to cuddle Kuroka to death.

"Easy, Kuroka, they made a false assumption about who your daddy is," said Blake while petting the head the younger cat Faunus, making her purr in content and lean more into the hand of her mother.

Weiss and Nora nearly had a heart attack when they saw Kuroka purr and act like a kitten.

Turning to her old schoolmates and teacher she replied, "No, Sun is not the father of my twins nor is he, my husband. You will see him in a few minutes."

At exactly that moment the front door opened and closed again. Again footsteps could be heard.

They seemed to be heavier than those of the twins but lighter than Stelmaria.

Soon enough, a man stepped through the door to the living room and it wasn't Sun as Blake had said. But this person was one that all Huntsmen in the room recognized.

"J-Jaune?" stuttered Pyrrha disbelieving. He apparently didn't hear her because he didn't answer.

"Meh, no surprise there." Yang said and the others agreed.

He walked straight to Blake and gave her the most loving kiss that anyone had ever seen.

Blake blushed a little at seeing this and put his fingers to his lips, wondering what it would be like to receive a kiss like this, of course, she's kissed before, but it never came close to what she's seeing on screen, the only times she's seen one kiss like that was when your parents kissed or in a couple who were married for a long time.

Ruby gave Blake on the screen a jealous look, Jaune could only give to her kisses like that... she thought with a pout.

Pyrrha didn't really care about it, it was much worse in Ruby's video, but she was still a little jealous, couldn't wait for her turn.

No words were spoken between them. They weren't necessary to show exactly what the knight and the Faunus were to each other.

As they ended their kiss, Blake snuggled into Jaune's chest while Kuroka and Amarilla hugged his legs.

Blake's eyes glazed over again at the sight of his family... She want this.

With her eyes closed, Blake said, "Jaune, look who we have as guests."

For the first time since walking into the room, he noticed the people in the room. And said people could get a clear picture of him.

He had grown, shooting up to a height between 6'4" and 6'5". He had let his hair grow, reaching down to his neck where it was bound together. In the front it was combed to both sides, framing his face while giving him a mature look.

His body and clothing had changed too. He had more muscles which were defined like those of a professional swimmer. His back had become broader too. Instead of his signature hoodie, he wore a white dress shirt with long sleeves that were rolled up above the elbows. His legs were covered in blue thermo jeans and on his feet were black socks.

"Wow, will all the older versions of Vomit-boy always be hot?" Yang asked as she whistled in awe.

Blake, Pyrrha and Ruby gained a longing look upon seeing Jaune up close on the screen, Blake was even purring a little, pleased with his counterpart's choice of husband.

Surprisingly Weiss had a little blush at seeing another older Jaune, this time dressed appropriately and not in her nightwear, she imagined him wearing a white suit with the Schnee symbol and felt a shiver of pleasure, but soon she recovered and thought , 'What am I thinking? It's the idiot, there's no way any version of me marrying him."

Ren and Nora were just staring at the screen, with Nora surprisingly calm and lost in thought.

'Is there a DVD that features a son of mine and Ren, or maybe me and the fearless leader?'

Ozpin analyzed Jaune's appearance on the screen and concluded that he was very well trained and behaved like a true huntsman which made him a little happy that he got it even though he got kicked out.

"Oh, hey guys, good to see you again. How are you doing?" he asked with his signature smile.

One moment later he was hit by the most feared missile of all times: Nora. Fortunately, he was able to push Blake and the twins away so they wouldn't be victims of her.

"Fearless Leader! I knew we would find you! Not that we didn't want to find you but..." rambled Nora before she was interrupted by Jaune who didn't appear to struggle with the immense strength she always put into her hugs.

"Yeah, I missed you guys too," he laughed returning the hug.

It wasn't long before the P and R of NPR joined the hug. They held it for a few minutes and broke the hug then.

Everyone had small smiles upon seeing the team reunion and Nora was a little impressed that Jaune-Jaune was able to receive her hug so easily.

That was when Jaune started to pull on his hand. He looked down to see Amarilla standing there.

"Daddy, I'm hungry. You promised we would eat fish tonight," she begged with big kitty eyes.

"Alright, alright. No need to pull those eyes," he laughed and made his way to the kitchen.

In front of the door, he asked without turning around, "I guess you will stay with us for the night?"

"Yes, Mr. Arc. The snowfall is too strong for us to find the way back to the village," replied Goodwitch.

This time he turned his head. "Ok, then I will cook for..." he did a quick count "...12 persons. Oh, and my last name is now Arc-Belladonna. The same for Blake, only in reverse."

Weiss scoffed. "We are only 11, you dunce. Why would you waste food in such a way?"

"Oh, that's because Blake eats for three at the moment. You can see why," replied Jaune calmly while gesturing to his wife, specifically to her belly.

"Are you calling me fat, mister?" growled said Faunus playfully.

Jaune shook his head.

"No, I call you beautiful rounded with our children." Blake simply blushed at that.

Blake in the mystery room also blushed at these words and felt a heat in her heart as she imagined herself in her counterpart's situation.

With that said, he left the room.

Seeing the less than friendly looks directed at the kitchen door courtesy of her old team, Blake said to the twins "Why don't you two go upstairs and put on other clothes? Mommy will talk a bit more to her friends," she suggested.

"Ok, Mommy!"

And swift like the wind, the twins vanished out of the room and ran upstairs.

"No running in the house!" she called after them. You could make out two muffled voices screaming "Sorry" before a door closed.

Turning back to her team, she asked "Ok, what is up with you and why were Yang and Weiss glaring at Jaune the whole time?"

"Why we were glaring at him," repeated Weiss incredulously, "Blake, not only is he an idiot, but he is also a cheater and liar. How comes that you are married to him and foremost, how can you expect him to be loyal?"

"I agree with Ice Queen, Blakey, you can't say it would be far of for him to do that," agreed Yang with her arms crossed.

"Damn it, I'm a bitch on this DVD." Yang said with a frown and then turned her gaze back to the NPR team, with Pyrrha and Nora giving her and Weiss furious looks and Ren looking coldly, she felt a small shiver of fear seeing those looks. "I'm sorry about that, I really like vomit-boy, and I was a little bummed about the transcripts thing, but nothing warrants enough hate to agree with Weiss's words about him, that really was a little too much."

"Ahem, I…I'm sorry for my counterpart's words, that was totally unnecessary and mean…" Weiss started and then relaxed a little as the intensity of the NPR team's stares faded. "I...don't really hate Jaune, I just get annoyed at his constant dating invites, I think I can consider him a quasi-friend, if he really gave up trying to court me, who knows, we might be good friends."

The NPR team relaxed after seeing that the two were serious and turned their gaze to the screen again.

Meanwhile Ruby had a look of incomprehension at what was happening on screen, how could this version of her bestie talk like that about her best male friend and hopefully future father of her daughter? And worse yet, her older sister agreeing with her? How did things end up getting to this level?

Blake was a little annoyed by what Weiss on screen said about her counterpart's husband, she may not have any relationship with Jaune other than friendship now, but she plans to approach him and see if it's possible to bring Kuroka and Amarilla into this world in the future, so he was a little annoyed with this scene.

"Jaune-Jaune would never do something like that. He is the loyalest person ever!" rebutted Nora fiercely while smashing her hand on the table.

And just like that, both teams were arguing again with increasingly more aggression.

Ozpin took a sip of his seemingly endless and always lukewarm coffee and thought he now understood why his counterpart was threatening the two teams with their huntsman licenses if fights escalated so quickly.

And Ruby was now sincerely hoping her teams would never end up like this, she wanted them to be friends forever.

Goodwitch made note of it in the back of her head and moved to shut them up when Blake did it for her.


Both teams subconsciously straightened their backs upon hearing this tone of voice.

It was a simple word, but the weight and coldness within them ceased all arguments.

The teams looked to Blake, only to flinch at the cold steel in her eyes.

"First off, you will not argue in this house. If you want to do that, you will go outside, understood?" said Blake calmly. All nodded, even Glynda, not daring to disobey her.

She turned to her old team. "Secondly, you will not insult my husband ever again and question his loyalty. Is that clear?" asked the Faunus her team, this time ice cold.

"B-But Blake, sure you agree with..." began Weiss to stutter.

"I asked: Is. That. Clear." demanded Blake with slightly raised voice.

Cowed into silence, her old team nodded timidly.


And with that, she followed her husband into the kitchen, leaving behind confused and frightened adults.

Just what happened in the last seven years?

When the screen went completely dark, both teams snapped out of their stupor upon seeing an angry Blake.

"Hey Ruby, remind me never to make Blake mad, ever." Yang told her sister and she nodded quickly.

"Yes, an angry Blake is very scary." Ruby said, still a little shaken to see the situation in which the two teams could find themselves.

Weiss crossed her arms and frowned, wondering what's up with her counterpart, she thought that when she was 24 she would be more or less like her older sister, both in looks and personality, but that counterpart of hers doesn't look like who has matured beyond her current age of 17, because unless the idiot has done something different in that reality then she really has no reason to hate him so much, enough to soon after encounter him again after 7 years the first thing done was doubt his loyalty to his wife, wife, incidentally, who was his former teammate.

Blake was a little surprised by the other her outburst, but she recovered quickly and started thinking about this possible future and how happy the other Blake looked, honestly she was a little jealous, she has to deal with the constant worry. with White Fang and Torchwick and her counterpart seemed so content and relaxed, it seemed like she didn't have a care in the world, but then she remembered that she was jealous of herself and how silly it sounded and turned her attention to other people in the room.

Pyrrha gazed at the ceiling contemplatively, feeling relieved that it was finally over, she was one step away from starting to strangle Weiss and Yang for their mean words during the argument that took place, now she was wondering if she could be the next to choose the DVD and if there was any with her.

Nora was also a little too quiet, sitting next to Ren, who now had her eyes closed, processing everything she'd just seen.

"Hey, Ren."

"Yes, Nora?"

"What do you think happened to make the RWY team so hateful for Jaune-Jaune in that video?"

"I don't know Nora."

"I mean, even here, after finding out about the transcripts they didn't start to hate him, what was different there?"

"Maybe they just convey all the resentment they had about Blake's expulsion to our leader and blame him for it."

They were silent for a moment after that.

"...Hey, Ren."


"Do you think any of these DVDs show a child of mine and yours?" Nora asked shyly.

Ren opened his eyes for the first time during their conversation and gave his partner a small smile.


While all of this was going on, Ozpin was still drinking his coffee and wondering if any of these DvD's would come up with a solution to defeating his psychopathic ex-wife.


Everyone turned to look at the source of the sudden noise and saw Ruby clutching her stomach with an embarrassed look.

"Guys, we've been here for at least 1 hour, I'm getting hungry."

"Now that you say it, I'm a little hungry."

"Yes, I could have some salmon."

"Yay! Pancake time!" Nora said excitedly and started running to the door after jumping off the couch.

"Daughter in law! Wait." Ren said as he followed her.

Soon everyone started heading for the door.

"Wait, if the door is connected to our dorm door, how are we going to get to the cafeteria?" Weiss asked, now a little worried that she might never make it to the cafeteria.

"Weiss-cream, we can just jump out the window." Yang said as if it were obvious and opened the door that closed after Nora walked through.

But when she looked out the door what she saw surprised her, the door was now connected to the cafeteria.

"Well, that's convenient." She said and walked through the door after shrugging, she would worry about that later, now she was hungry.

Everyone else came through the door right after her, with Pyrrha giving one of her distinctive 'I'm sorry' as she passed, leaving only Weiss inside the room with an incredulous look on her face.

"Seriously? Are they just going to rule out the fact that the port changes location? Just like that?"

She then gave a small sigh as she walked to the door.

"Why do I still care?"

She left muttering.