1. Nora thunderman aka lasergirl age 12 powers laser eyes Backstory the daughter of thunderman and electress and sister of Phoebe,max,billy and chloe.

Nora is a rebellious preteen who is best friends with her brother billy and chloe.

2. Billy thunderman aka kid quick.
Powers super speed. Age 14

Billy is not the brightest kid in the thunderman family but he has a good heart. He is especially close with his younger sister Nora who he hangs out with.

3. Chloe thunderman age 6.
Powers teleportation.

Chloe is the youngest member of the family and is a adorable little girl who spends time with her siblings and parents. She puts baby on the end of each sentence.

4. Keely aka weather witch. Age 10 powers weather manipulation.

Keely is a hero in training who met Phoebe and Max when they repeated w 4th grade test. Phoebe helped her gain confidence and control of her powers as well as get noticed by her crush Chester.

5. Chester aka Quillfire age 10.
Powers quill projectiles.

Chester was in the same class as keely. He used to have a crush on her friend Jocelyn until he saw what Keely could do and asked her to the dance.

6. Jocelyn aka lightray Powers glow in the dark.
Age 10 a member of SASS alongside Chester ,keely, and rodney.

7 rodney aka Blackguard age 10 Powers forcefields.

Rodney is a member of SASS and bestfriend of chester.
He is kind and good hearted.

Evilman age 11 Powers fire pinky.
Link Evilmans younger brother Harris used to be shy until Phoebe helped him come out of his shell. He is now a hero in training.

aka graviton age 13.
Powers gravity manipulation.
Johnathan is a young supe in training who is a bit of a prankster but he is always happy to lend a hand.

10. William aka Multiplex. Age 44.
Powers self replication.

The father of Johnathan Multiplex is a key member of the hero league along with his wife. Metamorph.

11. Maya aka metamorph. Age 43 power . Able to transform her body into anything she touches.

The mother of Johnathan metamorph can be overprotective of her son but she knows that she has to let him follow his dream of being a superhero.

12. Leo aka cyclonus age 13 Powers cyclone generation.

A rookie hero who will be a key member of the resistance in the future along with the others.

13. Holly hills aka projecta Age 7 powers illusion projections

A future member of the resistance. Projecta is a rookie who is still learning about what she can do.

14. Amanda aka armament age 19 Powers detach arms enhanced strength regenerate limbs and turn limbs into weapons.

Armament is a bit insecure of her powers but it doesn't stop her from fighting crime. She is a kind hearted hero and to her friends.

15. Jonah becket aka slimer. Age 21.
Powers slime generation and morph.

Slimer is a slippery hero who uses his slime to wear down his enemies. He has a crush on armament.

16. Laura aka whiplash. Age 18 powers generate energy whips from wrists that generate electricity and super strength and regenerative abilities.

The best friend of Armament laura can be a hot head but always has her friends back.

17. Oliver aka orbus age 20.
Powers turn into a energy orb. Oliver is a prankster who loves to spy on people but knows when enough is enough. He is training to get into the z forze He is also the future father of Bludgeon

18. Rachel lang aka kneta. Age. 21.
The future mother of Bludgeon.
Kneta is training to join the z force alongside orbus.

19. Thomas aka techno. Age 31 Powers. Technopathy.

Thomas is a expert inventor and crimefighter. He is a genius at inventing tech for the heroes.
He is a valuable ally to the z force.

20. Lucius aka evan age appears to be a teenager but chronology 50.
Powers slow aging.

Lucius is a undercover z force member posing as a teenager due to slow aging. He is friends with Phoebe and max.

21. Sari aka safari age 27 Powers turn into any animal.

Safari is a wild child who works at the zoo when she isn't fighting crime. She also is a activist.

22. Fiona Green aka Plant woman age 31. Powers plant manipulation and regeneration.

Fiona is a activist who helps save the environment. She is also the older sister of sari.
23. Natalie aka night cat. Age 20.
Powers claws agility reflexes night vision and enhanced senses and strength.
Night cat is a slippery crimefighter who uses her cat like powers to take down criminals in the night.

24. J.d aka obsidian. Age 12.
Powers obsidian armor manipulation.

A powerful sass member. Nathan is already a powerful super.
He is in a higher grade then Chester and the others.

25. Hayden aka pulse. Age 11.
Powers generates a powerful engine pulse blast.

Hayden is a new member of SASs joining Jocelyn and the others. Jocelyn has a crush on him and hayden has one on her.

26. Jin aka shadow ninja. Age 35.
Powers shadow manipulation and invisibility.

Jin is a expert martial artist and teacher at SASS who teaches young supers to fight in hand to hand combat and with weapons.