Max thunderman aka dark Thunder age 18. Powers freeze breath heat breath telekinesis. Super strength, flight , energy blasts, plasma manipulation , heat vision, electricity, forcefields,

The oldest child of hank and Barb thunderman. Max always wanted to be a villain but his parents dismiss it. How little do they know how wrong they are.

2. Strongor real name unknown. Age 38. Powers super strength Though not the brightest bulb stronger is a strong opponent in battle who usually speaks in third person.

3. Fairy pinchness real name unknown . Age 30. Powers enlarged right hand with strong pinch.

A member of the villain league fairy pinchness is a princess who loves to pinch people.

4. Son of scalestro real name unknown.age 21 Powers snake abilities and contortions.

The son of the villain scalestro. He takes after his father and is a dangerous opponent.

5. Scalestro real name unknown age 48 powers snake abilities. Scalestro is a dangerous opponent who's bite is venomous. Speaks like a snake and hisses.

6. Dr colosso.real name unknown Age 47. Powers super genius.

Doctor colosso was captured by hank thunderman and turned into a bunny using his own invention the animalizer. He has taught Max everything he knows about villainy.

7. Lady web real name unknown. Age 42. Powers Electricity blasts and web generation. .

Lady web is a dangerous member of the villain league who is a expert thief . She was captured by Phoebe thunderman.

8. King krab real name unknown. Age 46. Powers indestructible krab claw that gives super strength and negates powers. Also capable of regenerating his limbs if cut off.

9. Ignus aka insecto age 49. Powers transform into a insect.

The father of quinn . Insecto is a dangerous villain who is wanted by the hero league he and his wife bertle girl go crazy around mangoes.

10. Belle aka Beetle girl age 48 Powers beetle abilities.

The mother of quinn Beetle girl and her husband are a dangerous duo . Like her husband she goes crazy around mangoes.

11.quinn aka Mantis age 18 Powers Mantis transformation

The daughter of insecto and beetle girl. Quinn was childhood friends with link who she had a crush on. When Phoebe was dating link quinn tried to break them up but was exposed and arrested . She even had her memory wiped.

12. T bone aka magneto age 14. Powers magnetism. T bone is a dangerous kid. He dropped a satellite on his gym teachers car.

13. Ginny aka gale force age 12. Powers wind manipulation.

A dangerous young villain who once created a tornado out of corn. She loves using her wind powers to cause chaos.

14.maisie aka mindwave age 13. Powers telepathy and telekinetic tickling.

Maisie is a dangerous villain who likes to read the minds of her enemies. Her tickle power is useful for interrogation.

15. Wilson grant aka Windshear age 14 powers flight and super strength.

Wilson is just a rookie villain who is already dangerous with his blades. He enjoys hurting people.

16. Ian Quinn aka Ironclaw. Age 16 Skills hand to hand combat and inventer.

Ian quinn is the son of a crime boss and merchant who is trained to take over his father's empire.

17. Balfour aka controller age 17. Powers control people via chip.

The son of doctor colosso. Balfour was raised in a orphanage . He learned how to play video games and uses them to fight crime before becoming a villain.

18. Grapple girl real name unknown. Age 19. Abilities. Carries a grapple gun to climb buildings.

Grapple girl is a expert thief who uses her grappling skills to steal from hard to reach places. She is also a major member of the villain league.

19. Opal aka octopus girl. Age 30. Powers turn head into a octopus and generate tentacles. Able to breathe in the water.

Opal. Is a key member of the villain league who is a formidable opponent in the water as much as she is on land. She is married to squid man.

20.Sean aka squidman age 32. Powers transforms head into squid and breathes underwater.

Squidman is a criminal mastermind who likes to use his tentacles to squeeze people. He is married to octopus girl

21. Professor meteor real name unknown. Age 47 Powers gravity blast via helmet.

Professor meteor is a dangerous villain who hank and Barb thunderman stopped early in their career as thunderman and electress.

22. Freddy and Finn aka fire brothers. Age 41. Powers fire manipulation.

The fire brothers are dangerous arsonists who love to burn stuff. They are currently on the most wanted list.

23. Destructo. A android programmed to be dark Mayhems sidekick but locked away for being yo dangerous.