(2046 2 years before days of future past)

It was a dark night as a fifteen year old Jacob, bludgeon andcherry snuck through the dark as dark Thunders sentries flew over them.

Ow ! Cherry said as she tripped on a rock. Shhhhh! Jacob said as he turned around and faced her.

Sorry cherry said. I tripped on a rock. Just be more careful. Jacob told her. Yeah ted/Bludgeon said. You said that you wanted to help find supplies for Darcy then you better be careful so we are not detected.

Ok cherry agreed. I'll be more careful.

They continued walking through the abandoned streets of swellview.

Hard to believe that this is the city that captain man and kid danger used to protect cherry said.

I heard that captain man was a famous hero that grandfather knew Jacob said.

Yeah hard to believe that the indestructible captain man was killed cherry told them.

The continued walking until they noticed a hospital . I think that would be a good place for supplies ted told Jacob.

I agree Jacob said and they walked into the hospital.

The hospital was covered in vines and in a state of disrepair that it didn't even look like a hospital.

Alright let's split up and find some supplies Jacob said as they all split up.

Jacob headed towards the pharmacy and started packing pills and bandages into a bag. He then noticed a bottle of antibiotics. This should be useful he said stuffing it in his bag.

Meanwhile Bludgeon was scavenging the infirmary and found a scalpel and defibrillator and put them in his pack along with a first aid kit and morphine.

Cherry manged to gather surgical supplies and more meds. They then met back in the lobby.

You guys get everything ? Ted/Bludgeon asked. Yeah cherry said. Now let's get out of here before we are discovered.

To late for that a voice said. As quinn ,strongor and dr colosso came in along with some cybercons and sentries.

Strongor than hit Jacob with his hammer knocking him to the ground.

Jacob layed there dazed before he sat up.

You didn't think that we knew you were coming colosso said. We detected down the block quinn replied.

Great Bludgeon and cherry said sarcastically.

Dark Thunder will be pleased colosso said.

Suddenly Jacob started laughing. .what's so funny? quinn asked.

You didn't think that we didn't have backup did you ? he asked.

Yeah right your all alone colosso said. Strongor agreed replied strongor.

Oh yeah ? Jacob asked. Now !!! Bludgeon shouted.

Suddenly Quillfire and Lightray shot some quills and light blasts from the rooftop hitting quinn and causing her to fall.

Jacob generated his fusion cannon from his wrist and blasted a hole in the sentries. The sentries then collapsed to the ground.

Suddenly he was hit from behind by strongor. Strongor will kill you he said. No you won't Jacob said headbutting him causing him to fall to the ground.

Jacob then punched strongor backwards and then charged at him kicking strongor and causing him to be impailed on a piece of rebar.

No!!! Quinn shouted as strongor started coughing up blood and died of his injuries.

Suddenly chloe appeared. Let's go she said and they were teleported away along with Lightray and Quillfire.

Back at base Jacob was greeted by his mother. Thank goodness you are okay Nora said hugging him. Are you alright?

We killed strongor Jacob told her . Well that's one supervillain down Nora said.

I'm just going to bring these to Darcy he told her. Okay nora agreed.

They then walked over to where Darcy was treating the injured .

Hey Darcy Jacob said.

Glad your alright. Darcy replied. Did you get anything ? Of course Jacob said as he and his friends tossed their bags down on a table and Darcy opened them up.

Antibiotics . These should help alot and so will these bandages. Thank you she said.

I just hope that this world will one day be free of Dark Thunder she said.

Me too Jacob said putting his hand on her shoulder.


Okay guys that's chapter one now to flash back to the beginning But first I promised bella a I am Frankie and terminator sarah connor chronicles chapter.