It was 2012, just after the battle of New York and the Avengers had just finished taking down a Hydra base when the Steve, Tony and Natasha saw a Hydra agent being chased into the city by the Hulk.

Immediately, Steve jumped into action. "Stark, Romanoff go after them, try and get Bruce back. I'll search for Thor and Clint and we'll find you after I have informed them of the situation."

Snapping out of their shock, they sprinted after the green monster, Tony flying high in the air to try and locate the Hulk, while Nat stayed on the ground. "I found him!" The billionaire yelled triumphantly.

"Where?" the red-head inquired.

"Three blocks away, turn right at the next corner and run straight ahead!"

The woman did as she was instructed, finally reaching Hulk. The monster yelled, smashing everything in sight – houses, shops, floors – it was clear that the Hydra agent had been forgotten and Banner's alter-ego was out of control.

"Hulk." Romanoff said softly, causing the monster to turn and look at her before smashing yet another office block.

"Hulk smash!" He yelled, driving his fist into the floor.

"Hulk." Natasha repeated, this time more stern.

The green being turned and faced the red-head, lowering his fists. She smiled reaching out for him.

"The sun's getting real low buddy, the sun's getting real low."

A/N: This chapter was very short, I am planning for the rest to be longer. Have a good day, remember to eat and drink water. Thanks for reading!