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Detective McHughes ducked behind the wall, while his partner, Jorsten, covered the other end. He got back under cover just in time, as fusillade of bullets hit where his head had been moments before. He and his partner were absolutely screwed. A simple interview had turned into a shootout with a gang.

Unbeknown to them, the suspect apparently was a member of that gang and they had walked into a situation where the gang members had been involved in cutting some drugs in the living room of the suspects house. Now they were trapped and under heavy fire from a group that outnumbered and out gunned them, and they were lucky to have found cover without injury. Unless they got back up fast, they would probably not walk out of this, though.

Jorsten grunted as shards of brick peppered him and he tried to return a few shots at his antagonists. He had called for backup over his walkie unit and had been assured help was on the way. They could hear the sirens but judging by the sound they were at 5 minutes out yet. As they returned fire, conserving ammo, they could only pray the gang would melt away, hearing the approaching sirens.

Suddenly from out in the street there was the screeching of tires under hard braking, and suddenly a new weapon joined the fray; an automatic weapon letting loose with a group of rounds and the fire pinning them down immediately subsided. Another burst of fire. Then, more heavy fire sounded as a second weapon joined in. McHughes took a chance with the lightened fire hitting around them to peek out and saw a silver SUV in the middle of the road with two figures on either side unloading fire into the area the gang had been firing at them from.

While he watched two jumped up to fire back at the SUV, and immediately paid the price as they looked like rag dolls from rounds hitting them. Two others started to try to run and were taken down just as rapidly, and as they watched, the two new players moved from positions on either side of the SUV while covering each other with a precision and minimum of fuss, indicating skill and practice, as they moved forward laying down covering fire for each other as they advanced on whoever remained.

Jorsten took more fire from his side then he heard a new group of weapons opening from the far side. The gunfire towards him stopped abruptly then all went quiet. They sat stock still in the quietness for a minute and then both started to peek around the to see what the situation was. The sirens were getting close now, but that was the only sound heard, and then voices calling clear from the various locations where the gang had been firing.

Suddenly they heard a crash, from the back of the house they had took cover in front of, and they could hear a professional clearing of the house begin. Whoever it was, knew their business and was being thorough. Suddenly the door flew open, and two figures stormed through with their weapons pointing at them.

A voice booms from the porch, "NCIS, on the ground, NOW"

Both McHughes and Jorsten responded immediately, dropping to the ground, and spreading their weapons in front of them. Those machine guns meant business, and now was not the time to argue their status as LAPD. Whoever it was coming out that door and, those in the street, had already shown themselves to be expert and capable of taking out anyone that appeared to be a threat.

Suddenly there was a snicker, and a familiar voice spoke up saying, "Well, well, well, look at what we have here."

McHughes raised his head and saw a pair of boots, smaller than a guys, and as he looked up, saw a pair of shapely legs in jeans then the bullet proof jacket with NCIS emblazoned across the chest, and into the dark eyes of Kensi Blye. There was chuckle from the back, and they looked around to see the smirks on the faces Callen and Sam Hanna, as they lowered their automatic weapons.

Kensi's eyes narrow and her face twisted into a snarl of distaste. "Did you two know who we were rescuing here?" she growls at Callen and Sam.

"No Kensi, we were in the dark the same as you." Callen and Sam look at each other shrugs. "I bet Nell and Beale knew but they did not pass that along to us."

Kensi reaches up and switches on her comm; "Did you two know who was here?", she testily asks, watching the LAPD pair slowly stand up and check themselves for injury warily watching the agent staring daggers at them, recognizing that she held all the cards with an automatic weapon still generally trained on them.

Callen and Sam smirks grow wider as it seems that even McHughes knew this was a time to stay totally silent.

"Yes, Miss Blye", Hetty's low voice comes calmly over the comm, "I knew that there could be an issue there, but the officers needed help and who they were, was not exactly germane to the needs of the moment, ummmm?"

At those words, a grimace shows on Kensi's face, and she turns and storms off towards Deeks, while everyone else breathes a sigh of relief.

Sirens were now sounding in the street as squad cars slide to a halt.

Deeks voice could be heard calling out, "All Secure." "We have a couple of ambulances on the way for the wounded over there. Go keep them company till they get here."

McHughes hears a couple of "yes detective's" from the street. He is surprised at the easy acceptance of commands, from Deeks, by the officers getting out of their squad cars. A couple look over at them with looks of relief.

Then Kensi's voice cuts through the air, "Deeks, do you KNOW who we just SAVED?" As they watched Deeks glances at the group standing in front to the house, while Kensi was loudly proclaiming how she would have taken her own sweet time getting here and letting them feel the same backup that Deeks endured. They could see Deeks talking quietly to her and as he did her volume slowly started coming down, even while her exaggerated hand waving brushed the weapon slung over her shoulder sending it waving, but they could hear her still proclaim that those in the office should be telling her WHO, as she glanced back at them, she was rescuing so she could decide how fast they moved if they moved AT ALL. As they watched Deeks continues talking to her, and slipping her weapon off her shoulder, while she is giving him a dirty look, loudly saying that she has full control of the weapon, and the safety is on. Kensi's look back at them still shot daggers at them, making them glad Deeks now had control of the machine gun and is moving towards the SRX they used. Deeks continues to talk while storing the weapons away in the back and they could see the tenseness start to dissipate from her body.

McHughes looks at Jorsten, who looks back with a bit of a relieved look. This could have gone very badly for them, and he knows it. And not only from the gang they had just faced.

Sam hands them their weapons back and looks at them with a hard look then grins, "Well, at some point you really should thank Deeks for not only bailing you out today, but also saving you from the wraith of Bad Ass Blye multiple times."

Callen grins, "Yeah, I would not want to be on the receiving end of one of her attacks when in a foul mood; It is tough enough even when we are just training."

Sam adds, "I hope you both understand that there is only one person in the world that can calm the storm that is Kensi Blye, and it is not either of us."

McHughes and Jorsten were sitting at the back of an ambulance getting the once over by paramedics and a few cuts and abrasions tended to when the unmarked unit pulled up and Lieutenant Bates stepped out. He glanced at them and simply walked over to where Deeks was standing with his team.

When Bates got there, he growled at Deeks, "What is going on here? I know you guys don't just run around bailing my people out of bad situations."

Callen and Sam grinned and headed over to the Challenger, opening the trunk and started storing the equipment back.

Kensi smiled, "Good afternoon Bates", then sends another stabbing look at the detectives being looked over by the EMTs. Under her breath Kensi mutters, "Not that I would have come if I knew…." Deeks gives her a disapproving look, and Kensi throws up her hands, "OK OK, I am going back over the car", sauntering back to the SRX and leans back against the open hatch and staring at McHughes and Jorsten.

Deeks shakes his head then looks back at Bates. "I hope they don't spontaneously combust from that….", shakes his head again and continues, "Well we were on a stake out, keeping watch on part of this group which we suspected of dealing drugs and gun running. Some drugs were found being sold in the navy yard, and one of the suspects seemed to be tied to this gang. When some weapons were found to be missing, our team was called in to investigate.

OSP has been tracking calls on the LAPD frequencies, checking for anything that might affect our operations. When the call came in requesting back up, they knew we were much closer to them than anyone with LAPD, and our surveillance actually had the house they were using covered." Deeks grins, "All the locations we suspected was being used by this gang had video surveillance set up."

"Hetty was in ops, saw what was taking place, and ordered us to assist." Deeks grinned knowing Bates could not argue what they had done as a jurisdictional thing. After all they had bailed out some of his men in a bad situation.

Bates looked at Deeks and asked, "Did you know who it was you were coming after?" as he glanced at his men then Kensi.

Deeks grinned, "No, we didn't, although I would surmise Hetty did. But no one told us. We didn't know it was McHughes and Jorsten until Callen and Sam had them on the ground."

Bates glanced back over at the ambulance. Neither on seemed injured, probably due to the quick response of the NCIS team. And looking around at the signs of the gunfight his detectives had gotten into, was glad Deeks and the OSP team had been close by. Probably saved his men's lives.

Bates walked around the crime scene looking at the positions everyone had took and realized just how precarious his men's positions had been. No doubt the quick response and actions of NCIS had saved them. The LAPD support was just too far away when the request of backup come in.

He walks up to the ambulance and asks the EMT's. "Do they need to go the hospital?"

"No Sir", the EMT's looking at each other before the leader continues "they just need to watch for infection, but nothing is more serious than needing a band aid".

Bates then looks at his men. "Be in my office as soon as you are released by NCIS." And walks back to his car, looks at Deeks who is watching him and smiles slightly, getting the small smile back from Deeks. The starts his car and heads back to the precinct, thinking about the discussion he is about to have with a couple of Detectives.

Jorsten glanced at his partner as he drove them back to the precinct. Since the shootout and confrontation with the NCIS agents along with Deeks, McHughes has been uncharacteristically quiet. Usually he had always been vocal in his dislike of anything to do with Deeks, and the team he worked with. At times it was so bad that anyone around him looked for anything to get him off that subject. Today though… silence… which was almost as aggravating as when he was on a tirade about something.

Finally, Jorsten had enough and asks, "What's up with you?" When nothing come out of McHughes, "Are you worried about Bates?"

"No, no, not worried about Bates, we got caught in a bad situation, but it's not something that he will really rake us over the coals about." McHughes absently replied.

Jorsten sighs, and tries again, "Then what is wrong?"

McHughes grumbles under his breath, "Nothing is wrong."

Jorsten stops at an intersection, looks over at McHughes, "So the fact that we were in a bad situation and had to get bailed out is not bothering you?"

McHughes suddenly punches the dash and explodes, "It's bad enough that we get trapped like that; then we get rescued by none other than freakin' Marty Deeks, and his band of merry agents. We will NEVER live that down at the precinct."

Jorsten smirks, "So we got back-up and bailed out of a bad situation uninjured…. and you are mad because of who it was?" Jorsten shakes his head and steps on the accelerator. "You should be thanking your lucky stars they showed up like that". The light turns green and as Jorsten accelerates he mutters to himself, "I certainly am."

Jorsten leads a hesitant McHughes into the squad room. The trip into the building and up to their office area had been slow with many officers along way giving them smiles and thankful looks that they had come back in one piece. As with most precinct stations the news of the gun battle and what they had been in the middle of had made the rounds like wildfire. Most of the comments had pretty much revolved around being glad to see them safe and sound. So far, no mention of the NCIS team that had bailed them out had been heard.

As they enter the entire group of detectives move towards them to shake hand and slap their backs, most saying it is good to see them in one piece and back.

Standing in front of his office door is Bates, with his typical scowl, when it comes to McHughes, apparent on his face, and as they look over at him he crooks his finger into the universal 'come here' sign, then turns to go back into his office.

As they enter, he motions them to sit and gets up and pulls the blinds on his door and windows… Jorsten and McHughes giving each other uneasy looks.

He sits back behind his desk, and looks at both hard and growls "What happened?"

McHughes starts explaining the tip, the attempt to interview the suspect and the actions that ended up with them behind the brick wall.

When McHughes and Jorsten got done, Bates just stared at them thinking about the situation. Here is one of most antagonistic individuals in the office when it concerned Deeks, having to realize that same man he despises, (why no one had ever quite figured out) a huge debt of gratitude. Jorsten had never been that bad but being partners with McHughes put him on the spot as well.

Bates knew he was going to being giving Deeks and his OSP team a huge thank you, even that Lange woman, for being on the spot with the intelligence, weapons and training to take down a numerically superior group like they did. Deeks had always been better than most realized when it came to his skills not only as a detective but also in his weapons and self-defense skills. Added to the training he had to be receiving from the agents he now worked with, Deeks had truly stepped up his game.

McHughes and Jorsten watched Bates closely and while they could not see much from his expressions, they knew he was considering the situation they found themselves in and who they had been rescued.

"You know", Bates starts, "you might want to at least buy the NCIS team and Deeks a beer as a thank you for saving your skins."

McHughes starts, "But Lieutenant, it's Deeks…"

Bates gives McHughes a look that makes McHughes gulp and stop. "No matter who it was they saved your hide. It's NOT their job to do so, but they come into a major firefight, straight up and took down a group of gang members with an ease that I am not sure our own SWAT team could have matched. Like them are not, it's time YOU recognize the skill of the NCIS agents who are incredibly good at their jobs, and that Deeks is right up there with them." Bates stared at his two detectives and realizes that Jorsten at least is understanding the situation. "I don't know why you have such a problem with Deeks, but maybe you need to think really hard on the reality of what Deeks brings to the table. A solid work ethic, a sense of duty second to none and a skill set that few can command."

Kensi set her bottle down on the table, watching Deeks play darts against someone he knew from the precinct, someone who seemed decent and treated Deeks with at least some respect at least. She was watching him show his usual skill at the game, and like most games or athletic things Deeks showed far more skill then one would ever expect from looking at him.

And that was the thing that still blew her mind. From the time she had met him, she had always underestimated him and his skills. She knew that Callen and Sam also underestimated him so often only to be struck by his ability to live up to level they required. The only person who seldom seemed surprised at his skills, and acumen in investigations was Hetty.

The firefight that day had only further reinforced how diligently Deeks did his job. Yeah, he would spend the day driving her, and everyone else crazy, but when it counted… he was the consummate professional. His antics distracted everyone from his actions, but when on a crime scene, so little escaped his attention; things that was usually so small in detail that it was amazing how he picked up on them. When they were in a firefight, like earlier in the day, his training and tactical ability come to the forefront; to the degree she never worried about the action, because she knew he had her back the same as she had his. During training sessions, he would drive them all to distraction with his antics but when it counted… when bullets flew… all they had taught him showed. He was like a sponge in that way, even if they thought he did not get a bit of it.

Suddenly a major insight hit; was that the reason why he got such derision from so many at LAPD. All they saw was the same things she had first seen; the things that Callen and Sam saw; the things that made them all wonder about Hetty when she brought Deeks in. No one, who didn't work with him day in and day out and she would have to be included in this at first, saw the real Deeks and the seriousness he applied to his work; it was only the goofy, drive you nuts facade they saw.

As she sat there watching Deeks, in his goofy element, another few men stepped in the door. They looked around and headed over towards Deeks. She put her beer down on the county narrowing her eyes because the figures were familiar…. Seems they had bailed one of them out of trouble that day. Kensi tensed as they approached Deeks, getting his attention. Deeks turned towards them, stiffening a bit as he did. Detective Cooper comes up beside him saying something and slapping his shoulder and grinning as he did so. The second hung back a bit listening, and as he did Cooper turned and stepped aside a bit. Jorsten seemed quite reticent, and then Cooper says something, and Jorsten looks at the floor; then slips his hand out for Deeks to shake and shrugs straightens up and says, "Thank You".

Kensi reading the lips realizes they were not there to cause Deeks trouble and slowly relaxes, as she realizes that maybe, just maybe, a couple of new Deeks converts may be joining the club that Bates and Hetty had started. One she realizes she had become a member of and maybe Sam and Callen were beginning to join.

Kensi turned back to her beer and while thinking of her partner and her revelation she became aware of someone slipping up beside her.

"I thanked Deeks, and now I should thank you as well". Jorsten says, as he motions for a beer. "I know you are not a fan of us, but I can't ignore the fact you saved our bacon today."

Roberta, with a disgusted look on her face, looks at Kensi, and Kensi gives her a slight nod, as she places a beer on the counter, with a bit more force than necessary. Jorsten looks at Roberta and mumbles "Thank You", knowing from prior experience that it would not take much to set her off.

Kensi looks at him and decides to give him a break and relaxes a bit "You are welcome." Kensi sips her beer and decides to take a shot. "Why is Deeks so disliked at the precinct?"

Jorsten, sips his beer, and looks at the wall behind the bar. "The answer to that depends on the person you ask. Some, particularly the older members don't like the fact he turned in some to IA… don't get me wrong, what they did was wrong, but many didn't like it and it goes against the "code". Others, like my partner have not been around the precinct as long and only have heard the stories. I came in as Detective at about the same time as Deeks, so I have seen him not only as a Detective and seen his work ethic but watched his beginnings in the undercover division. I have seen some of the results of his assignments and while I have never been a fan, I do respect him for what he has done and in a few cases that he got out of alive, and even saved Bates once."

Kensi looks at Jorsten and smiles, "Thanks for the honesty on that. We just hate to see how he is treated. We have worked with him and know just how good he is, and then to see how he gets treated there is hard to take and understand."

Deeks watches Kensi and Jorsten out of the corner of his eye, worried he might have a make sudden dash to intervene. As minutes pass by and they seem to be having a civil conversation, he slowly relaxes.

Cooper watches Deeks and as he sees him start to relax, "Don't worry Deeks, Jorsten is not the idiot McHughes is, and recognizes that she can kick his butt in a second; He is just saddled with an idiot for a partner and sometimes that means supporting him when you know he's wrong. But then you would know that."

Deeks glances at Cooper and replies "Yeah, I know. Jorsten is a good man and does a good job."

The Squid and Dagger had closed for the night, and while Roberta had completed her cleanup and headed home, Deeks was running over the books and paying some of the bills, a never ending job for a business owner. As he worked, his mind went back over the night. The number of officers and Detectives from the Precinct that had dropped by was a bit unprecedented. Bates had dropped by to visit and gave him the look that said thanks without a word passing, just a squeeze on the arm as he passed heading the bar. Several of them were not surprises but a few were. Cooper, whom he had never really counted as one to support him, had been one surprise. While he knew that he and Cooper did not see eye to eye on things the appreciation was nice.

The biggest surprise had been Jorsten. As McHughes' partner he put himself out there in a place that could cause some tension between to the two them. Coming to the bar and spending the time to thank them was a surprise but much appreciated. But he had known him from the early days of their promotions to detective and while they had never been close, they also had never been really at cross purposes. And the fact that he had approached Kensi and there had not been blood flowing was a bonus.

Callen and Sam had spent a little time there and even they had gotten along without incident with most of the officers who had dropped by. Sam had even gone so far as commenting, as he left for home, that there were some good people in that group.

A few of the female detectives had worried him as they come by and gave him hugs, in sight of Kensi, but then they had gone to her and gave her hugs, no doubt giving similar words of thanks to her as he could see her relax slightly afterwards. He knew she had watched carefully for anyone that tried to say anything belittling, but as the night went on her demeanor relaxed more and more.

"Deeks are we ready to go? It's getting late and we have to be in by 9:30", Kensi asked while leaning against the door jam.

Deeks looks up and lays the final envelope in the out basket, for Roberta to put in the mail the next day, "Yes, all done."

As they head to the door, Deeks shuts off the lights as they pass through the building, and Kensi asks, "Surprising night, particularly Jorsten coming by, but no McHughes? Is it really so hard for him to say thank you?"

Deeks locks the door and replies, "McHughes, for whatever reason, has always despised me, and while I never have found out exactly why, whatever the reason, I prefer that he is still around to hate me, as opposed to the alternative."

Deeks climbs in the passenger side of the SRX, as Kensi takes the wheel heading home while listening to the Techno Music that Deeks tuned out as best he could.