Dear Professor Snape,
I know you weren't expecting to hear from me. I wasn't expecting to write to you either. I've done a lot of thinking this summer. Thinking about what happened this last school year. It hasn't been easy, and some of it is too painful still. I know you didn't like Sirius Black, and he didn't like you. But he was important to me, the last of my family. I know my aunt, uncle and cousin are family, but not really. They hate me and they hate what I am. They always have.
When you were trying to teach me occlumency, you got into MY memories. You saw things no one else knew about me. Much like Voldemort you were in my head, and you had access to my life. I think I turned it around ONCE. And then there was your pensieve. Yes, I did go into it, and yes I saw something that was painful to you. It gave me another view of my father. And it wasn't a pretty one. Everyone who talks to me about him told me what a great guy he was. Well what I saw in your pensieve wasn't a great guy. He was a git. Hexing you because Sirius was bored? What kind of person is that? I did ask Sirius about it. He tried to tell me it was because they were 15 yrs old. Rubbish! I just turned 16 and I never hexed someone because I was bored. It bothered me that you called my mother a name, but I guess I can understand it, you were really not at your best there.
What I am trying to say is I am not him, my father that is. I wish I had known him, but I didn't. All I had to go on was what other people told me. And you Professor took one look at me on the first day at Hogwarts and decided I was a carbon copy of him. Not a good thing. You didn't know me, didn't want to know. You just hated me. And I reacted to that. Doesn't matter now, it happened. I was so confused when Hagrid gave me my letter and took me to Diagon Alley. I had no idea the wizarding world existed, and that I belonged to it. And then finding out that I am famous? For something I didn't do. I didn't defeat Voldemort! My mother's sacrifice did it. Not me.
Because of that first impression I didn't believe a word you said concerning James Potter. I couldn't. Here was that nasty professor who hated me because he disliked my father telling me my father was an arrogant jerk. Well, guess what? Your dislike of me, was definitely returned. You gave me no reason not to dislike you. But I still can't get what I saw in your pensieve out of my mind. He did treat badly, and you had reason to dislike him. Good reason. I hope I am NEVER that egotistical. All of them were gits. And Sirius tried to excuse it with immaturity? I don't think so Professor. I really don't think that was it at all. I don't know what that was but it was wrong, and I am NOT him. I have never hexed someone because I am bored.
I don't know what you will think of this. I was angry with you at the end of the year. After Sirius died. Voldemort's manipulation of my mind and the failure of the occlumency lessons hurt. Not knowing what was going on hurt. Professor Dumbledore finally told me the prophecy and apologized for not telling me sooner, but it just hurt. And you were the target of my anger. But I have come to realize that our past history really didn't help things here. We don't know each other, we dislike each other, and we couldn't work together. And I am sorry for that. Sorry that we couldn't. Sorry that I did invade your privacy like that. The only excuse I can offer is my own curiosity. Curiosity has gotten me into so many things Professor. It's not an excuse, it's a reason. You called me nosy, I guess that is true. But know this: I have told no one other than Sirius what I saw in your pensieve. And I never told anyone what I saw in your mind. The reason I spoke of it with Sirius was he was there, and I needed to speak with someone about it to get some kind of perspective. I wrote earlier of his excuses. They didn't ring true to me. I suspect they don't with you either. I wont be telling anyone what I saw or learned of you. No reason to.
The whole thing with the occlumency, I would like to learn how to do that, and if you are willing to work with me I would be willing to work with you. I think it may become even more important than it was in the past. I am still having dreams and my scar still hurts and yes I have told Professor Dumbledore. He has not suggested this to me but I know if I can master it, it may help.
The prophecy as he told me is frightening. I knew I was a target, now I know why. I don't want to rely on luck. It has helped but I know I will need more. And I don't want him in my mind. It scares me Professor. To know he can manipulate me like he did. We were lucky last time. Well, luck doesn't last forever and there is more than one kind of luck.
I am sorry we don't know each other. I am sorry that I did invade your pensieve, not because you caught me, but because I saw a painful memory to you. It really wasn't my concern. It was just my curiosity or nosiness putting me into something that wasn't my business. Thank you for attempting to teach me the occlumency and I hope your summer goes well, Sincerely Harry Potter