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Little Wolf

By SibylSofiana


"Mistress, you shouldn't be in here. You're still weak!"

Li Yun heard Wei gently remonstrate his wife, but he knew Yelan would get her way. She could be strong when she wanted to, Yun thought. The day of their marriage, she had looked so pale and fragile. Yun chuckled at the memory. So much for first impressions. He learned the hard way that his proud wife was not fragile at all, but as strong and stubborn as an ox. But then the Li Clan was famous for being stubborn, himself included. Look how he stubbornly held on for so long, when he should have died weeks ago! Fortunately, the blinding headache had subsided to a dull throb, that he could give Yelan a smile as she came into his sickroom.

"Don't worry, Wei, I can handle this." Wei gave a bow and left the room, as Yelan moved closer to the bed, holding a precious bundle to her breast. "Yelan, you just gave birth. Shouldn't you rest?"

"This can't wait, Yun."

"Ah. Another dream, " he said matter-of-factly.

A tear fell from Yelan's eye and Yun gently wiped it away.

"Dearest, everybody dies." Yelan shook her head vehemently as Yun took her left hand. "It's just that I'm going to do it earlier than I planned. The girls are going to be the death of me," he joked.

"How can you joke at a time like this, Yun?"

"Yelan, life is serious enough, why shouldn't death be funny?" He smiled. "Let's talk no more about this, dearest. Show me..." he gestured to the bundle in front of her.

She bowed her head and complied, bringing the baby closer.

"When?" Yun asked her anyway.

Yelan hesitated, then defiantly answered.

"Next week." They both knew she lied, but Yun ignored the sinking feeling. If only he had enough time... he didn't want to leave Yelan alone. Did not want to leave...

"Xiao Lang. His name shall be Xiao Lang." Yelan only nodded, then handed him the boy. Yun sat up slowly in his bed as he held Xiao Lang. The boy looked up at him with a clear, unwavering gaze not normal for newly born babies, and then smiled up at his father. Yun smiled back. He could feel boy's strong aura.

"Get me my ceremonial sword, Yelan."

Yelan bowed and moved over to the table at the other side of the room. She opened the long and heavy rosewood box which was on the table and took out the sword from its velvet bed, before heading back to the bed.

"Let Xiao Lang touch it."

Even before Yelan could bring the sword up, Xiao Lang reached for it. Once his little fingers touched the hilt, the sword gave a small thrumming sound, then it subsided.

Yun nodded, satisfied.

"He'll be the next Li, Yelan. Watch over him."

"Yes, husband."

"He'll be bringing power back to the Clan, Yelan." He chuckled at the look on her face. "Yes wife, I can also see a bit of the future. It's not going to come in form we expected, but the end result will still be the same. The Clan will be stronger with him at the head. But not for a long time - so keep him in your care until then, Yelan." His free hand moved up to stroke her cheek. "And there's no need to lie, my love. I'm not ready, but I'll be watching over you when the time comes. All right?"

Tears were openly streaming down her face, but she nodded, cradling her husband's hand against her cheek while they both glanced down at their son.

Xiao Lang.

Her "Little Wolf" would be Head of the Clan - but he wouldn't truly be The Li until he proved himself. She feared for him, a mother's fears. How would she cope with the responsibility of raising this child without his father? The task was daunting. But she knew she couldn't fail Yun. It would be his legacy.

Her fingers tightened, holding both father and son fast. She would not fail them both.


Li Yun died peacefully in his sleep that night, freed at last from pain.