My Little Wolf

By SibylSofiana

Final Authors' notes:

Sofiana: So, that ends my Syaoran/Li Clan project. Hope you enjoyed the journey as much as I did, protracted as it was. What's up next? We're not quite sure. We still have Sakura's Heart and First Kiss to finish, and we're thinking of a Yue/Sakura pairing too, but we'll just see what the Muse decides...

Oh, yeah. The dimples were Sibyl's idea. The story doesn't end here though. We've added a short postcript dedicated to Xiao Lang's suddenly emerging dimples...

Sibyl: For all the bishies scattered in the anime world, I have yet to see one with dimples. Interesting, isn't it? If any of you know one, could you please tell me? I'd really like to see how an anime character with dimples looks like. Thankies!



Xiao Lang was grinning as he headed for the door. He had barely stepped foot in the corridor when he was barraged by squeals and was promptly smothered.

Like patient tigresses, his cunning sisters had lain in wait and had finally pounced on their prey.

"Your dimples are mine!"

Surprisingly, Yun-tsai claimed them first.

"No, they're mine!"

Fan shouted determinedly, battling everybody else.


Shing-shing laughingly shrieked.


Chin just had to join in.

"Ours!" Fan finally said, when it was obvious she couldn't have her favorite sibling's dimples to herself.

"Yes!" The other three finally agreed.

"OURS!!!" They chorused altogether, ignoring the Little Wolf's pleas for help.


And in a country estate somewhere in England, a young dark-haired mage smiled in satisfaction.

"Well done, my cute descendant. Well done."