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Chapter 2 : Welcome to Hell.

- Damien –

I am Damien Lucifer, six years old.

I'm the so-called young lord of the Old Satan faction. An organization of idiots who want to take over the world despite being thrown out of their own homes and not being able to do anything about it.

I truly worry about the sanity of these idiots….or their IQs sometimes.

That said….was this even the world that I knew of?

I had to take a full month to convince myself that I am in this messed up world and stuck in a den of psychopathic terrorists.

Almost nothing was shown about them except the fights where they died.

Like three times and they all died in the very first fight.

Except for Rizevim, the amount of screen time they got was less than a single episode.

If that didn't tell someone about their condition, then I don't know what would.

These were the thoughts that ran through my head in the first month.

There was not even a mention of the name Damien in the entire LNs. Was I a new character? or was I someone who had originally died before even getting a mention at all. These thoughts plagued my mind. Existential Crisis at its finest.

I guess being shut in an observation pod for two years didn't do my mind much favours.

If this is the same world or not, I didn't know. There were already a few indications that my existence has changed a few things. If the real Damien was someone who was supposed to not even exist or die without any mention, I had no idea. The one thing that I knew for sure was that….I am going to mark this world with my own bloody name.

I will not be forgotten like a side character.


A servant fell while walking beside me.


This is something I have been trying to control as well.

I have no idea how but I have awakened Conqueror's Haki. It might have been when I died.

The problem with this is control.

I am basically a Naruto in this case.

Umm, not the idiot 'I wanna be a Satan' or something like that Naruto(I would have shot myself before doing that). I mean in terms of willpower, I have….well an infinite amount of willpower.

The first time my death might have been due to being crushed under my own haki.

I always prevent that line of thought though. That was embarrassing to even think about.

Anyways, this didn't automatically make me a Hokage as you can guess.

It is basically a reservoir of power that I can access. The pipe which draws from it is still my body. I have to train myself to make the pipe bigger.

Peak Human is nothing in comparison to a devil's physique.

Even then idiots who do not! work out, like ever….still have physiques much much stronger than a base human.

A High Class devil is physically 20 times stronger than a normal human….without training.

Let's not talk about ultimate class, satan class and super class.

I will however have to train my physique.

What I have to worry about now is controlling this power.

My body has been strengthened quite nicely due to my race….but it is still not enough to completely suppress the flow of the haki that always tries to erupt from my body when I lose control of my emotions.

I have been told to do some mental exercises by the doctor.

I know it is quite evasive for a doctor and I would have normally called him a quack if I didn't know the reason for it.

The idiot trio (Crusery, Shalba and Katerea) are elated by my power.

It shows them that their plans are way in towards fruition.

If some people fall unconscious or cannot stand in my presence because of it, then they were not worthy of standing in the presence of the young lord.

Bloody fuckers.

If the cost of letting the entire weight of my Haoshoku wasn't death, I was sorely tempted to crush them all under the full brunt of it.

I sighed and woke up the servant. After all, he was the one guiding me to my destination today.

After four years of being taught the basics of reading and alphabets, which I aced easily due to my cheats, I was finally getting a chance to learn magic.

Yes, Magic!.

I mean sure I can already do that but I have never learned it formally. No one tries to teach me anything that is not decided by the idiot trio or Rizevim maybe.

There were no books regarding magic in detail in the house.

I doubt it was child safety. These people have a very strange idea about safety after all.

So it leads me to only one conclusion. I am being controlled. They are trying to control all the aspects of my learning to know what I can do so that if I turn against them, I can be put down very easily.

If I had to guess then it is the Conqueror's Haki which had them….or rather Rizevim on edge.

The idiot trio are just that….idiots. Their jealousy is suppressed by the fact that I am made from the DNA of both Lucifer and Asmodeus.

Yes, artificially from the DNA of two Satans.

Not their descendants but THE Lucifer and THE Asmodeus themself.

These fuckers take the blood thing too seriously.

Well that aside, many things have happened in these four years.

I was taken by Razevan Lucifer….who was surprisingly a decent person. Well as decent a devil in this place can be.

The one who was the main source of all the pain was Rizevim.

He browbeat any shred of confidence out of Razevan. I personally think that he was told that he was useless so many times that he actually believed it. The imagination based magic can be a bitch sometimes. That subconscious change in body is not always advantageous.

That bastard didn't drop his guard even a little against me.

Euclid did come over sometimes to check upon my physical condition and measure my demonic power.

My power has grown by almost double in the last four years.

The process will speed up when I become eight. Eight years is generally the age when a Devil child starts developing faster.

It is also an age where Clan Traits awaken.

That is not to say I haven't been doing anything on my own.

I have been carrying on the process of breaking and repairing my muscles with demonic energy flow.

This counts as a use of magic too and magic like muscles can be grown through work.

This however is still inferior to the Zenkai or Enhancement drugs.

I however will have to find a way to keep my power in check.

It was because I have seen the amount of power Rizevim had.

It was almost impossible.

Ten times as strong as the original Lucifer.

I had thought that the original Lucifer was somehow as strong as Shalba or something.

That was completely wrong.

If my estimation is correct, a Satan Class devil is at the very least five times stronger than someone like Euclid.

A Super Devil was however a completely different story.

A Super Devil is ten times as strong as a Satan Class devil.

It was really humbling to know how weak I was.

I have estimated that currently Euclid is fifteen times stronger than me. A Satan will be five times that so seventy five times stronger than me.

A Super Devil however is….seven hundred and fifty times stronger than the current me.

Euclid was stronger than a normal ultimate class devil but then again apparently the original Satan Descendants especially Lucifer had immense demonic power. Four times more than normal.

Razevan who was considered an Ultimate Class devil was actually considered a waste of a Lucifer.

We also have to consider that power reserves don't translate to being strong.

It is like having giant chakra reserves. If one cannot use it properly, then it is meaningless.

But this barely matters to me….well in a good way at least. Either way they are stronger than me, enough to crush me with a thought.

What I need right now is a way to utilize my power.

I did try out some magic based on my imagination.

It was honestly too wasteful for my taste. That Dress Break was only viable at the upper levels because of the Boosted Gear. Without that, it would have been much easier to just rip armor off with my own hands considering the amount of demonic power that would be required for it.

A magic after making it needs to be refined over and over. The magic circle plays a major role in this as well.

This is one of the reasons that clan devils were so ahead of clanless devils. The simple magic circle increased their efficiency by several times.

For example a clanless devil has to use a hundred units of demonic power for let's say a Dress Break. A clan devil can use a magic circle to do it in twenty.

This sheer difference on top of an already distinct genetic advantage is extremely hard to overcome. Even someone like Sairaorg had this genetic advantage despite not having any demonic power.

This is also the reason why Ajuka Beelzebub(Astaroth) was so feared. It was because he could use almost 99.99% of his demonic power.

He could use a tenth of the Demonic power of Sirzechs to do the same work.

Goes to show how much of a monster Sirzechs must be to be considered the Strongest Devil.

That said, Rizevim was by no means weak. I doubt he was even at the level of Sirzechs. There is a reason why Sirzechs' peerage doesn't have any Sacred Gear users after all.

They are specifically chosen to fight off against the man who can render all Sacred Gears completely useless.

And, right now, I am stuck between these monsters….I am not even considering the likes of Ophis and Great Red now.

It is now that I truly comprehend the importance of a Longinus.

The Biblical God was like a cheatbook.

I could just imagine the amount of work I will need to surpass these people. Assuming that all the shit starts when it does(which already seems unlikely, damn butterflies), I have something around from a decade to fifteen years to reach the mark.

I asked Razevan and the idiot trio for a magic circle but apparently it was decided that I will be getting the Lucifer Magic circle and that I will only be allowed that when I start my formal magic education.

I did try to analyze it using my Archmage and cut off some of my power waste but I soon had to give up my training when I realized that….I was being watched.

Every fucking second of it, I was being watched.

Euclid started visiting me a lot during that period, which was three months ago. I promptly gave up the training with the excuse of it being boring.

Children are quite unpredictable. Deal with it.

If it was not clear to anyone then I would like to restate it. I am basically their weapon. When I said I was like Naruto here, I was not kidding.

Our situation is the same in more than one way.

Although the presence of the three idiots keeps anyone from bullying me.

"This is where your teacher is waiting, young lord. Another student will be joining the lessons with you today. She is two years older than you but very talented." The servant Fredrick who brought me to the room added.

I nodded in reply.

Apparently I have to act as if I have a stick up my ass.

"I apologize for delaying you and taking your time young lord." He bowed once more.

"Very well. Leave now. I need to attend the class."

Oh and speak like a douche as well.

So I basically had to act like a silver haired Uchiha.

"Thank you very much Young Lord."


I entered the room thinking about the one who will be joining me today. Knowing the idiot trio, it is doubtful that they will allow someone normal to get anywhere near me. Then again knowing Rizevim, it could very well be someone to keep an eye on me.

The room was quite spacious facing the garden.

Inside the room there were three people. Razevan, another middle aged man, Observation Haki shows that he is at least as strong as Razevan too, an ultimate class devil and the final one, a young silver haired, red eyed girl.

She has no human part to her so she is a pure blooded devil too or rather a full devil.

Pure blooded devils are more of a symbolic thing rather than biological.

Only those born from both parents from the Satan families, 72 Pillars and Extra Demons can be called pure blooded devils.

Others are called natural born devils or full blooded devils. They are all different things.

"Come in Damien. Come take a seat." Razevan beckoned me.

I bowed slightly to him. It was more of a nod and less of a bow but he is someone who is content with that.

"He is your teacher for magic and combat arts. His name is Gregory Bune." The man bowed to me. "The other child is your companion who will be studying magic with you. Introduce yourself girl." Razevan spoke to the girl then.

"Greetings Young Lord. My name is Gretel Lucifuge. I am honored to study magic with you." The girl spoke in a slightly shy yet stoic tone of voice.

I however had to do a double take inside my head.


I had no idea that there were other Lucifuges alive.

"You wouldn't happen to be related to Euclid would you?" I asked and my now sharper senses observed a twitch of fear run across her eyes but she schooled her expression quickly and answered me. "I am his younger sister, my Lord."


Euclid had a younger sister?

I looked towards Razevan. His expression was a little complicated.

"I thought Euclid's parents had passed away during the Great War and the Civil War? Adopted?" I asked a little curious.

"Her mother survived the Civil War and was taken in because she covered for Grayfia Lucifuge which helped her betray the true Satans. She was then used to give birth to other Lucifuges as a punishment. The three boys before her couldn't stand the enhancement process and perished. Apart from you, she is the only one who withstood the Enhancement drug and process with five doses. This is why she was chosen to be your companion for this class." Razevan explained in a plain voice while my head ran at the speed of a supersonic jet.

I observed her look of pain when her mother was mentioned, a look of anger at Grayfia's name and then the rest was fear.

Observation Haki was extremely useful for observing emotions.

She was even afraid of me.

Given the extremes that these bastards go to, I can only assume what they did to her mother.

Give birth to other Lucifuges….what a fucking polite way to say that she was turned into a breeding stock.

"So half-sister."

Razevan however shook his head. "No, Euclid himself conducted the experiments. He even used his own father's genetic samples for the process. They are siblings in every sense of the word."

I completely blanked my mind using Occlumency.

I had to do it to not let my Houshoku crush them all.


He did that himself?

If I remember correctly then he was obsessed with Grayfia.

Did he try to make a Grayfia of his own?

Did he kill off those three before her because they were boys?

I had to forcibly push down the urge to vomit at the very thought of it.

The girl herself was barely holding herself from crying. Her hands were clenched and her emotions were all over the place but even with her quivering lips, she still tried to maintain the stoic appearance.

Was she trying to be brave? Or was this another way for Euclid to mould her into a copy of Grayfia?

Thousands of thoughts ran through my mind and I kept pushing them out of my head.

I couldn't even take a deep breath as that would show my emotional instability in such a situation. They will pounce on every weakness I show.

fuck Fuck FUCK FUCK!

"It doesn't matter what her mother or brother or sister did." I spoke up and all three looked at me. "What matters is that she is with us." I then looked towards the teacher and spoke, trying to ignore the look of surprise on the girl's face. "I wish to start our lesson for today. Let us not waste any time."

The teacher was a little flustered but still nodded back.

Razevan nodded and then asked me to raise my hand. He then put the mark of the Lucifer House on the back of my palm.

"Concentrate on the mark and try to invoke the magic circle."

I did as was said and pushed my demonic power towards the mark and just like that a palm sized silver coloured magic circle lit up on my palm.

The feeling of power and control were not the prominent ones on my mind at that moment….It was the beauty of the magic circle.

The thing was beautiful.

It was the only thing I could think of.

"This is the mark of the Lucifer House, created by Lucifer himself. This is our mark as the rightful rulers of the Underworld. Use it with pride." Razevan spoke and then strolled out of the room.

"In that case let us start our first lesson on Devil magic." The teacher started teaching. "The foundation of Devil magic was created by Lucifer himself. The basics of this type of magic is image, desire and power." He looked towards us as if asking if we understood. We nodded and he continued. "The first part is imagining something. Having a clear image in your mind. The clearer the image, the easier it is to cast the magic. The difference between a clear and unclear image can lead to anything between a failed spell to a hundred times the cost or even an accident that could kill the user. This step is the most important. Please remember this young lord."

I nodded and observed that Gretel did it too.

The girl was supposed to be smart enough to be put beside me so this much was to be expected too.

"The second part is the Desire. To use magic, we have to desire it. The stronger our desire, or conviction in wanting to achieve the result, the easier we will achieve the magic. Desire and intent are the driving force behind the spell. A spell with just image and power can only result in so much. Let us take a simple fireball for example. We can imagine a perfect fireball and then add power to it to make it manifest too, but if we don't intend to harm anyone with it, if we don't desire for an intended result, the damage will always be held back by our own magic. Our demonic power is a part of ourselves, an extension of our own selves. If we don't want to attack, it will always hold itself back. So desire is extremely important for a spell. In the case of the fireball spell, imagine the Image being the shape and creation of the fireball and power being the fuel that keeps it burning, then desire is the temperature and the force with which it is thrown. Did you understand that?"

I nodded again.

"The last part is the power. It is basically the fuel for the magic. The more power you add, the bigger the fire will be."

I raised a hand and asked the question that had been on my mind for a while. I wanted to verify if what I knew about Magic circles is true.

"Why do we use magic circles if we can use magic without them?"

The teacher smiled and answered, "A good question young lord. A magic circle is primarily used as a focus. It has other uses as well but we will come to that later. Let's say that a clanless devil has to use a magic spell, a fireball for example. He will have to imagine the spell, desire and then use his own power to create the spell. Supposedly he takes 100 units of energy for it. If he creates a magic circle however, it can be programmed to reduce the consumption of the spell by taking many factors like the flow of power, unnecessary uses, extra wastes and other such factors and cutting them out. If such a circle can be used, the clanless devil can, let's assume, do the same magic with 80 units of energy and thus prevent a 20% loss of power. Are we clear till here?"

I nodded.

"The Clans however have specialized magic circles for themselves. These circles have been refined over millennia and unnecessary uses are cut off. It is like polishing a sword or a diamond, scraping off unnecessary materials for the best results. The family sigils that are used to mark someone's hand contains the family's original Magic circle. This can be used by simply pushing their magic into it. There are differences between the ones used by the family and the servants. The sigil is also used to protect the magic circle itself as the code itself is safe inside the sigil. It works like a machine where you enter the power and get the results and know nothing of what and why it happened. The original magic circle is only passed down to the Heir or Heiress when they take over the House as it's one of the family's most guarded secrets. I am proud to say that my own House Bune's Magic circle can conserve 68% power." He sounded very proud of it.

I wonder how much this magic circle conserves.

"I assume that there are safeguards regarding the runaway servants as well?"

He smiled, "There are. Most of the traitors remove the mark and then run because if not then they can be tracked back or a kill switch can be activated in it. The fools in the underworld don't use the kill switch part right now because of the reincarnated monstrosities they are defiling our noble race with, something about causing unrest. No wonder there are so many strays roaming around."

I felt a sudden chill down my spine. I wonder which one I have. I need to learn of a way to remove the sigil and the mark soon.

Fucking shit. They put a curse mark on me and I didn't even realize it?

"Hahahaha don't look at it like that young lord. The Heirs and family members don't have a kill switch in their marks. This is especially true for the Satan Clans. The Satan Clans have servants from the Extra demon clans. They all have their personal magic circles. The Lucifer clan has servant clans of Lucifuge, Satanachia, Agaliarept, Fleurety, Sargatanas and Nebrios. Each Lucifer has their own aide from the Lucifuge Clan when they come of age." He said that while looking at Gretel.

The girl seemed to shrink under the gaze.

I change the topic again to avoid her being under scrutiny.

Right now, anything would be better than the thought of Euclid and his depravity.

"What other uses do the Magic circles have?"

"Hmm. They can be used to store any spells that the user has created or mastered. These spells can then be called at a moment's notice. The Magic circles have a function to identify and store the most efficient use of the magic. So you don't have to actively keep on trying to bring the best spell for recording. It keeps improving as long as you train."

That is absolutely genius, though it raised another question.

"Then can't someone older simply store a magic in the magic circle for the children to use?"

"Hahahaha if only it could be so easy. Every devil is different young master. magic involves the thoughts, imagination, desires, willpower and even the instinct of a person casting it. You can replicate the spell but you cannot replicate all these factors. Take for example a 100ml glass that has 50ml water in it. For some, it will be half full but for others it will be half empty. Everyone has a different thought process so simply copying a spell into the magic circle doesn't work."

It is like platform dependent programming languages in computers.

The only exception is that no one can create a Byte Code because there are too many variables to manipulate and the language is too complex.

"Can control over demonic power be improved so that we can avoid wasting energy?" I asked again and the teacher thought for a moment.

"It can be done. It is extremely hard though. demonic power is extremely chaotic by nature and to control it is even harder. It is hundreds of times easier to just create a magic circle that will waste 20% less energy than controlling our demonic power to do the same."

"But if we can do both at the same time, we can conserve 34% demonic power instead of just 20%."

"True. Such things come with experience though. Anyways, you are a Lucifer young lord and also part Asmodeus. demonic power will never be an issue for you either way. By the time you are an adult, you will be a Satan Class at the very least. There will never be a necessity for you considering that all the Satan Houses have magic circles that conserve above 80% energy."

Fucking lazyass.

The magic lesson went on for a few more hours.

Say what you will about them but these people don't skive with my training, provided they want me to learn something.

I did complete my basic education within four years. So it was more or less established that I am a genius.

"Then that is all for today young lord." The teacher ended the class and then left us alone in the room.

I had to wait for the other servant to pick me up. Although I knew that he was waiting right outside the door, it is always my choice when I decide to leave. If I am needed anywhere I can always be called.

I turned my attention to the girl sitting beside me. She was suddenly a bit more tense but slowly loosened herself or rather pretended to be comfortable.

It's like I am some sort of monster, well I am….kinda ….sorta….but still.

I mean I am not really bad looking.

I have silverfish white coloured hair and blue eyes. My hair colour is more on the white end than her darker shade. I have my haughty emo look practiced to perfection in my bathtub while looking at my reflection.

If anything I looked even cuter, like a cute Killua.

Hell, I even have a psychopathic family like Killua.

Anyways I think she is too afraid of me eating her, something I would think of if she was at least a decade older.

"Umm, so what do you do in your free time?" I asked, trying to start a conversation.

Pretending to be a kid is such a pain in the ass.

The only other kid I know is a joy….and three and a half years old.

I can act like an older person in front of her.

This however is a new situation.



On second thought, maybe acting like the emo Uchiha is not good to get along with an emotionally damaged and less confident girl like Gretel.

"Don't worry I don't eat people. I was thinking if you are free and want to, we can play together sometimes?"

"W-with me?" she stuttered and looked completely stunned.


"B-but that would b-b-be impolite. I am from the Lucifuge house. W-w-we are servants of the L-l-lucifer House."

It's like talking to Hinata.

"In that case play with me if you have free time. This is an order."

"O-o-order? That….o-kay."

Ah, if I wasn't sure that we were being watched right now, I would have hugged this girl and let her cry.


I want to see how much influence I really have. If all of this is just a hoax to send me into a sense of false security. I have seen the emotions of the idiot trio and even if Rizevim has plans for this. The idiot trio will no doubt push it if it is only due to Euclid even if it is just to show a servant his place.

Pride is a major part of their personalities.

I hope I can get her away from him and if possible attached to me.

If five doses of the Enhancement Drug is something to go by, she is supposed to have strong potential.

I have only marked one person with my Binder and I have five slots empty.

If she is really trustworthy, then I can get my other Binder slot in use too.

The room quieted down a little after that.

She didn't speak anything but she did sneak a peek sometimes at me.

Not being able to stand the quiet for any longer, I spoke again.

"Want to play now?"


"I mean it's not like we are doing anything?"

"Eh ah o-kay."

"We can play the Word Game. Do you know it?"

She shook her head sadly at this.

"I will teach you."

And then I did teach her how to play the Word Game.

The girl despite her lack of confidence is very smart.

She did keep up with me but seemed reluctant to try to win.

It will take some work to change this. I need her to gain some confidence.

- Scene Change –

The servant apparently had enough after an hour and decided to knock.

I didn't create any problems for him either.

I had more than enough time for starters with this adorable girl and now she needs her time to adjust to me.

I returned back to the residence of Razevan.

The man himself was not present. The one who was present was a woman in her mid-twenties with jet black hair and blue eyes with a baby in her lap as she tried to feed it.

"young lord, you are back." She smiled at me and it honestly made me happy.

I don't know what good deed Razevan had done to get someone like Aria. Aria Smith was a half British half German lady in her mid-twenties.

People might not recognize her by her name but she has another identity.

The identity given to her by her baby in her lap.

I went ahead and softly pinched the cheeks of the adorable ball of fluffiness which turned and pouted at me.

Vienna Lucifer….or the ones who was supposed to be Vali Lucifer.

I know this is exactly who she is and not someone else because I have checked the presence of an extremely powerful Sacred Gear inside her.

It was also one of the main reasons that a half devil like her was allowed to live here with her mother.

Although, I would have personally preferred if Aria had taken her somewhere and hidden her away. The bastard Rizevim has already started poking Razevan and while Aria would never show it, she had had marks on her body.

Marks from being hit.

Obviously Razevan held back. The man's fault right now is being a coward with pride, not a heartless jerk. This might soon change however.

I do not have enough demonic power to just Bind him with Binder or I would have done that before he could become something irredeemable.

The child however has been bound by me so that even if she accidentally died, I would be able to bring her back.

Being a young girl will only make her troubles worse.

My presence might have caused worse butterflies than I could have expected.

"Umm, I am back."

I smiled at the lady.

She patted my head. She only did this when no one was in the house except her, Vienna and me.

Shows of affection from a lowly human is seen as a weakness for someone like me.


"How was the lesson? Did you have fun learning about magic?" she smiled gently at me.

"Umm. The lesson was nice. The teacher was….adequate."

Her face twitched as she tried to control her smile.

"Obviously. For my genius young lord, teachers can only be…. adequate and nothing less is permissible?"

Oh her teasing while still maintaining the respectful tone.

"I also played the Word Game with a girl after class." I said concentrating on Viennas soft cheeks.

"Oh. A girl you say? What is her name? Was she cute? Does the young lord have someone whom he likes?" her face took the look of a cat that caught a canary.

I deadpanned at her. I don't know if kids my age can deadpan but I couldn't care less at this moment.

She burst out in giggles at this.

Really. Women and their habit of gossip.

"Her name is Gretel Lucifuge. She is Euclid's sister and studies magic with me. I invited her to play when she has free time."

Apparently she knew about Gretel as her face took a hint of sadness which she pushed aside quickly and took a motherly look for me. "The young lord is very kind. I will be glad to make some cookies for you when she comes to play." She said as she half hugged me, squishing me to Vienna who was trying to free her cheeks from between us.

"Chocolate cookies." I added.

"Hmm. Chocolate cookies then."

This woman is the closest thing I have to a mother in this world.

….and probably the only thing that has kept me sane in all this chaos.

I would have bound her too but I didn't want to force her. Call it whatever shred of humanity I have from my previous life.

The logical part of my mind shouts at me for being a fool and not taking advantage of every resource I get but even then I firmly keep it at bay.

Maybe I am afraid.

To become like these….bastards, cruel, remorseless, unloving.

I mean what is even the use of becoming all powerful if I am left alone with a bunch of sex toys at the end of it all?.

The calm logical part of my head screams at the openings that I am leaving for her.

But really, can you blame me for being….just myself even if just a bit in front of someone.

I know that someone like Rizevim can and will use her against me if he finds out about our bond.

I don't act like this with her if there is anyone except us in the room or even outside of this room.

This room is the only place where I don't get the feeling of being stared at all the time.

The reason why I am not binding her even if I know that I can control her trust towards me, provide her the free will of her own is because despite of the domestic violence which would have landed Razevan in jail in any civil society(sI scoffed at my thought), she actually loved him.

Weird right?

Is this what they call love being blind?

Razevan had picked her up during his rebellious phase when he had gone off to the Human world.

She had no one and was about to be sold off as a prostitute.

The point was that the pimps or whoever it was picked a fight with Razevan who was a moody bastard right then and fair to say that he slaughtered everyone of them leaving only Aria alive.

I could take a guess that she then latched onto him and Razevan probably used her to 'relieve' himself.

If it was a twisted case of Stockholm Syndrome or if there was something else going on, I don't really know.

Razevan kept her after that and she stayed as his servant\stress relief after that.

Humans being kept as servants for the devils is not unknown.

Some part of me felt disgusted at this mockery of fate….but some part of me to my great disgust felt thankful because it is the only reason why I am sane right now.

I felt someone approaching the house and pulled away from her. She is a very smart woman.

"I will be in my room practicing my lessons. Please send something for me to eat." I spoke stoically and she nodded with a smile.

A smile that held pain, helplessness and….acceptance.

- Scene change –

I laid on my bed as I thought of what I had learned today.

My mind running it through analysis with The Archmage Essence.

The theory that the teacher taught us today was no doubt the most basic of the basics.

I put my hand in front of me and imagined a ball of fire.

Only the fire, no general shape, no size, nothing.

Just that I needed a fire in front of my hand.

I felt my demonic power move and I didn't do anything to change its flow either.

The result was a normal flame in front of my hand for a decent cost in demonic power.

The second try was to think of its shape and size, colour of the flame and heat.

The result was a fireball with much more stability and power and less than half the cost.

The effect of imagination was evident here.

The third try was to imagine the phenomenon. The fire igniting, imagining more oxygen being fed into it and containing it within the previous shape and size.

The colour of the fire changed and the heat increased a lot.

The cost decreased instead of increasing too. It gave me the conclusion that pinpointing the exact reason instead of just thinking about increasing the heat will avoid wastage of demonic power instead.

I can understand why Ajuka wastes so little demonic power.

I can hardly imagine any of these idiots studying basic sciences before doing magic. Only the scientific-type do so. And even fewer use that in their magic.

The reason is not because they are fools…..It's because most of them are….lazy.

To consciously put thought and concentration on something as trivial as creating fire when they can just brute force through it because of their magic and not even put a noticeable dent in their power reserves is stupidity for them.

I however intend to make this a habit. An instinct as simple as breathing.

The Archmage Essence will help me with this.

I tried the same spell once more but this time while controlling my demonic power and guiding it towards the spell.

The result was faster invocation and decrease in the cost of the spell.

The last time I tried the final spell with my magic circle. The result was almost cheating.

It barely took 5% of the first spell's demonic power cost but had almost 12 times the power.

So the efficiency changed by a factor of 240.

And this was for a simple fireball spell.

There are still improvements that can be done. The control of demonic power can be improved further, the theory behind the fire's power can be changed and refined more.

I wonder if I can use atomic fissions and fusions as a theory for this spell. Not that I am going to try. A nuclear explosion to the face is not something I am willing to endure right now.

Maybe….when I am Ophis level strong then.

I closed my eyes and thought about my progress in the last four years.

How long do I have to stay here?

The fact is that I could escape if I really wanted but….they would easily find me.

Also, annoying as this place might be, they are willing to train me with knowledge that hardly anyone would use without any kind of a catch.

There is obviously a massive catch here too. That said jumping from a frying pan into the fire for no reason at all seems to be a bit stupid.

I plan to wait here for a while.

At least until Vienna is grown up. If Aria wishes to leave, then until that point….however unlikely that may be.

In these past few years, I have had to hold back my progress to keep them in an illusion about my full power.

Geniuses provoke feelings of admiration, monstrous geniuses however provoke fear and envy.

I have more than enough eyes on me as it is, I don't want more.

That said I did take measures to cover up for these as soon as I am free.

The three things that I have been concentrating on right now are….Thought Acceleration, Parallel Processing and….the mother of all training cheats….the Shadow Clone Jutsu.

The Archmage core provides me with any kind of energy I want. There is no reason to waste that.

I haven't used it properly though but just reverse engineering the theory is a pain in the neck and two.

Thought Acceleration and Parallel Processing on the other hand was easier.

The Astaroth House used these magics as a base of their spells.

Ajuka Beelzebub being the biggest example of the potential of these spells.

If I had to take a guess, I would say that the Monster had at least around 11 mind partitions.

Yes, 11 bloody partitions and that is a shoddy estimate from around over 400 years ago. 285,311,670,611 parallel processes.

A rough estimate considering the feats he has done in the civil war.

The fucking monster.

That said what is to say that he hasn't improved again or even that it was the best he could do.

He had turned every spell cast by Tsufame Tereaku Leviathan, enough to submerge an entire city, those numerable weapons made from water and even her attacks from her True Leviathan's 'Sea Serpent of the End' from with his calculation based magic, 'Kankara Formula'.

The amount of calculations that would require is not something that my little mind can even fathom right now.

That is not to say that I am completely useless right now. I have a respectable 4 Partitions thanks to the cheat that my Archmage Essence is.

I have been trying to work on something completely different though.

Is it possible to make a part of my mind act on a different thought process? I haven't been able to make any headway regarding it though. It is like looking towards the left and right at the same time and I am not fond of the idea of having a Shadow Clone inside my head.

I would have greatly appreciated a part of my head dedicated to controlling my Haoshoku Haki.

Well, I will try that when I get a lead somewhere.

The second was Thought Acceleration.

A 40 times normal speed after four years of work is quite nice considering I was mostly shooting in the dark.

Now that I have started my magical studies, I do hope I can get enough materials.

The advantage of these skills on my Occlumency is immense and I now have decent Occlumency Shields. Although how decent they are remains to be seen because I haven't been mentally attacked yet.

I don't even dare ask anyone about this. This is one of the main reasons that I want to reverse engineer the Shadow Clone Jutsu as soon as possible.

A Shadow Clone has an independent thought process and can attack my mental defenses while maintaining my secrets.

The cameras and surveillance spells in the room however are a major problem. I dread to think of what will happen if any of these bastards get a whiff of how to use a skill like the Shadow Clones. Although the lack of chakra will prevent them from easily deciphering it, it's better to not discount the possibility of it.

That has ultimately led me to a final choice.

I must follow the footsteps of Aizen-sama.

Illusion Magic for the win.

I have to become so good at Illusions that even if I do the moonwalk on their dinner table, they will not be able to sense it.

This is easier said than done though.

demonic power is used to weave hologram like illusions. They are also used for communication circles so it is actually easily known.

The ones I am interested in however control the senses of the victim and that means working inside the victim's mind.

Genjutsu is absolutely out if I use the Naruto method.

The Naruto world's genjutsu acts after the user sends a thread of chakra into the victim and uses it to manipulate their chakra.

This thread of chakra can easily be broken if the chakra is pulsed. Obviously the higher the control over someone's mind, the harder the victim finds it to break out of the Genjutsu.

This is however useless on a devil.

demonic power is naturally chaotic enough to break the thread if it is injected into the victim.

That completely cuts off the chakra method unless I can work it on Kotoamatsukami or Infinite Tsukuyomi levels.

That is however extremely hard….not impossible….but extremely hard to do without the cheating eyes.

I also have to find a way to study Illusion Magic without anyone knowing about it.

If they know I am interested in illusions, they will know what to expect.

The reason why Aizen-sama was so successful was because; no one knew what hit them until it did.

I have a basic plan on what to do but for now the most I can do is to wait and learn magic.

With that in mind I concentrated on using the fireball spell without my magic circle while trying to imitate the flow and movements of the demonic power as it was with a magic circle.

Time to ramp up my demonic power control.

I have no idea when I will have to throw away this Lucifer Magical circle. It is better if I start preparing myself for it early on.

Add magic circle creation to the list of things I need to learn.

And with that I started the mind numbing cycles of fireball creation.

- Katerea Leviathan –

"The Young Lord has started his magic studies and was assigned to Gregory Bune along with Gretel Lucifuge as a student." The man reported.

"Very well. Keep reporting to me about his progress."

The man left in the flash of a magic circle.

Katerea laid down on her bed after throwing aside her robes.

One of her hands crawled up towards her breasts and the other between her legs as she closed her eyes while her digits worked on her insides.

Her mind in a haze with thoughts about the adult form of the young lord, Damien Lucifer.

Katerea was easily over 500 years old and in all this time, if she had wanted, she could have easily bore a child to continue the Leviathan line.

She however didn't do this.


The reason was extremely simple.

She didn't find anyone worthy.

The other Satan descendants were the same as her. They were of the same station….but Katerea didn't want that.

No, she will never be satisfied with something that simple.

She wanted more.

She wanted someone who surpasses all of them.

And due to the latest experiments, among five hundred and forty two subjects, one successful result. The Ultimate piece of art was born.

Damien Lucifer.

The one who defied all logic.

The one who will bring a new era to the devils. The true rulers of the devils….and this entire world.

Even after his birth, he had shown that he surpassed all the plebian devils and proved his superiority over all of them.

Two Hundred Doses of the Enhancement Drug.

The idiots administering the drug had no idea what that thing actually was….but she knew.

It was no simple medicine made from chemicals and herbs.


It was beyond that.

The Enhancement Drug contained the Blood of the Original Satans.

The pure blood of the Original Satans if injected into any human will enhance their abilities to an extreme degree….obviously such lowly races will never be able to contain that blood and will wither away and die.

If injected inside a devil, they can withstand it better than a Human….but in the end the result is the same.

The blood of the original satans contains the traces of the birth of demonic power. It makes all the demonic power in normal devils boil in agitation in the presence of their rulers.

She had personally seen hundreds of devils die and wither away trying to gain a speck of power from that blood.

She did succeed obviously….but none went beyond three doses of the drug and even that one didn't live long enough.

When Gretel Lucifuge had survived five drops, it was calculated that she would become satan class by adulthood.

It had made her envious beyond compare to think that her, the daughter of a traitor and the sister of another had gained such power from the blood of her ancestors.

The only assurance is that she will be trained to obey the True Satans and that Euclid will himself see to it that the training was able to calm her mind.

And then, two years later it happened.

The Project that was almost considered dead, the project to merge the DNA of two Satans to create a child had borne results.

A child had finally lived. [AN : The-Boy-Who-Lived LOL] [BN: - . -]

The only success of Project Genesis and the only one who had the blood of not one but Two! Satans. That is the person who Katerea Leviathan wanted to be the father of her child.

Others couldn't just match up.

Who else could withstand 200 doses of the Enhancement drug by the age of two?

It was as if the Enhancement Drug, the Blood of the Original Satans was a part of his own body.

The one who had caused problems in the experiments was due to his overenthusiasm and injected more than the prescribed enhancement drug into his body. The drug contained other chemicals other than the blood of the original Satans which in themselves are harmful to the body.

She had personally executed that man.

That said the Young Lord had survived.

Unsurprisingly if someone asked her.

And then he had released the burst of power that had knocked anyone not worthy of standing in his presence out.

A two year old child had knocked high and ultimate class devils out with their own power.

The sheer presence of the True King.

Oh she couldn't wait for him to grow up.

Even Gretel Lucifuge had only been able to bear five doses by the age of four and she was predicted to become a Satan Class by adulthood.

Then what would Damien become?

She had no idea but she most definitely looked forward to it.

To the growth of Damien Lucifer, the future father of her child.


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