Rain, it was the only sound that could be heard at the moment aside from the bus arriving currently. Arriving at the bus stop, two individuals stepped out in silence while one opened an umbrella to protect them from the downpour of rain.

The first was a 17-year-old male wearing black slacks and dress shoes, a loose white button-up shirt with a black open jacket over it. He had brown bushy hair, a bang over his eyebrow being swept to his right. Though it was hard to tell how thick his hair was since he wore a black top-hat over it. He was the one currently holding the umbrella.

His friend was a 15-year-old girl in a school uniform, shoulder-length black hair, with a white bow tied around the back. She was seemingly lost in thought as she stayed where she was at the moment, staring off into the distance and not making any attempt to move.

The male gave a sigh when he saw that his friend wasn't moving at the moment. He cleared his throat a bit in a soft manner before speaking in a low voice, "We should probably move out of the way, Miku."

"Right, we should probably get what we needed Touma," The girl softly spoke as she gave a nod, the two taking off from the bus stop and heading through the city on foot.

Touma kept the umbrella above the two as they walked along the cracked and broken streets. There weren't many people out, not like there could be since it was only those who had important business. Some who were out were injured in some fashion, either having casts or wrappings and bandages over visible parts of their bodies. The city itself, the buildings, sidewalks, streets, they were all wrecked and damaged heavily. It looked as though a natural disaster had made its way through the area.

The two continued to walk through the rain as it began to slow down but continue to drop upon them. The two kept pace with each other but also kept at a very slow pace as they walked together. As they walked further the rain began to slow to a halt, Touma slowly but surely folding the umbrella up and shaking it off to the side to remove the excess water.

"… I miss her," Miku spoke softly as she stared blankly at all the damages.

"Yeah, I do too," Touma admitted softly as he gave a blank stare at the ground, "But well…"

"Yeah, I know," Miku gave a slow nod as she drew out her phone, a cropped picture on it of a girl in a similar uniform as her, having cream colored hair fastened with two red clips on each side and dark orange eyes. "Hibiki…"

Touma however took out a small device that looked almost like a book with a red rimmed cover. He stared at the device long and hard before glancing at Miku, soon staring out into the distance.

The two were so lost in their thoughts that they barely noticed the rain was starting up again until it started pouring harder and harder. Touma quickly opened up the umbrella when he realized and held it over the two.

"We should get going," Touma suggested, noting the rain was getting harsher and harsher.

"Right," Miku gave a nod as she followed with her friend.

As Touma began to lead the way he began to drift deep into thought. He wondered just how things had ended up this way.

'To think… it was all because of one concert and a lot of luck on our part… huh?'

'And yet…'

Senki Zesshou Symphogear


Kamen Rider Saber

Sympho-Saber: Song of Swords

S1:EP01 – Awakening of the Dragon

(Two Years Earlier)

Touma was currently regretting his life choices at the moment. For him a good way to spend the day would be to read or even study. Or at least more personally, start putting some effort into writing so that he could try and break into the novelist field sooner than later. He didn't expect to be roped in by his friends Miku and Hibiki to go to a concert of all things. Or rather it was mostly Miku, since even Hibiki didn't have much of an idea on who the group was. He knew, or at least, he pretended to know since Miku would have his hide for not paying attention to her rambling about the hottest idol duo around, Zwei Wing.

Of course, that wasn't the worst part of the situation in the slightest. It was mostly that Miku had ended up ditching the two at the last minute due to family related issues. So Touma felt like he had to be the responsible one since he was older than them and make sure he looked after Hibiki, especially because Miku's made him promise to do so. And of course the one thing he'd never do is go back on a promise.

"Hey uh Hibiki," Touma managed to get out once they had gotten to their seats after purchasing some glow sticks.

Hibiki looked over, "Yeah?"

"I really got to go to the restroom," Touma admitted with a nervous smile as he handed her his glow sticks. "So I'm going to be right back."

Hibiki gave a pout, "You better not miss it!"

"I won't, I won't!" Touma held up his hands in defense before getting up to head back to the halls, "I'll be back in a flash, don't worry I'm not going anywhere!"

"Don't be too long," Hibiki replied. "This is a once in a lifetime event!"

"So very true," Touma muttered before hurrying off, once he was back in the stadium halls he gave a sigh, "At least Hibiki's gotten more excited… instead of panicking like earlier."

He continually wandered the halls of the stadium. He was glad that despite also being introduced to this group for likely the first time, she was able to get some enjoyment out of it. Currently though, he was presented with his own issue, and that was finding the restroom.

While he was fond of various technological advancements over the years, architecture getting stranger was not one he enjoyed fondly. This was especially present when it meant trying to find a bathroom of all things. Admittedly the other strange part was him seemingly seeing other people discreetly wandering around at the moment, though they seemed oddly dressed. And they didn't seem to be part of the security as well. Granted he wasn't even sure if they were really there since they seemed to move out of view rather quickly.

Thankfully luck was on his side via timing as despite him being able to feel the vibrations of the music playing he had found the restroom. Just as he was finished with his business he heard both the music and crowd start to die down, signaling the end of the first song.

"Okay, missed the first song but that's fine," Touma shrugged as he began to make his way through the halls back to his seat.


Touma yelped out as he nearly fell over from the stadium shaking, his eyes widening as he realized what it could be, "Hibiki…" He muttered in fear as he began to rush back towards the stands. That was until sudden eroded scraps of paper caught his attention from the side.

Strange humanoid creatures began to lumber in from all over, having black and grey patterned bodies with stone-like features, all of them having torn brown cloths draped over their bodies, their heads almost looking like silver-fish with multiple eyeholes that ran down the front of their face. Of course the most dangerous aspect of these creatures was the short dagger-like swords they carried.

"What the…" Touma's eyes widened as he backed up, when he heard the explosion he assumed something else had caused it, but now he was confronted by strange monsters he'd never seen before, "M-monsters?!"

Suddenly in a flash of yellow, a teen possibly no older than 16 suddenly came in and slashed against the creatures, forcing them back. He seemed oddly dressed, wearing a blue coat over a red outfit that made him seem like an old fashioned swordsman. He even wielded a long gray sword with runes in the center of the blade, a strange electricity styled emblem embedded into the guard.

"Are you okay?" The young swordsman asked, "Don't worry, I'll protect you!"

'I'm going to be a great swordsman one day! So don't worry Touma, I'll protect you!'

Touma looked at the swordsman in surprise, the words causing an old memory to surface as they hit a familiar tone, "I uh…"

The swordsman looked back, "You need to get to an exit, the Noise are at the concert floor."

This snapped Touma back into reality, "B-But my friend is in the stands! I promised I'd make sure she'd stay safe!"

The young swordsman's eyes widened before he gave a nod, spinning and slashing against the creatures that tried to charge forward again, "Don't worry! We'll try and make sure everyone gets out safely, just go!"

Before Touma could argue the young swordsman took off in a flash of bright yellow, slicing through the creatures that were in front of him.

"Eh?" Touma stared a bit in surprise at the speed and precision that he was witness to. Despite this he shook his head as he steeled his nerves. He needed to get to where HIbiki was and fast. Even with all the danger he was ready to press forward.

…That was until more of the strange creatures jumped out of various hiding places to block the way before charging forward.

Touma stepped back in fear before managing to scramble away, his adrenaline pumping hard as he ran through the halls. Even more strange creatures continued to emerge, some being more elaborate than others and having different themes to them. All the while more strange coated men continued to come out to face them, some even changing form into armored warriors.

"Impossible… are they actually coordinating with the Noise?"

"What a weak swordsman."

"She's right in the middle of all those Noise, I can't just ignore that!"

"What a beautiful end to all these foolish humans."

"How lucky for me… but also how boring…"

"I'll show you all I'm the strongest there is!"

"Stay back!"

Bolts of energy launching out, swords scraping,rocks scattering, swords clashing, green blurs carrying the wind, and the sound rushing water all sounded throughout as Touma continued to run and run without minding most of his surroundings.

What seemed like endless running and avoiding stray attacks and monsters led Touma to the last place he expected, a balcony seating. He stared in shock as he managed to get away from the fighting but was confronted by a pile of ashes in front of him. His lips trembled as he began to make his way forward, hearing the sounds of fighting down below. And there he just barely saw it, huge glowing creatures and ashes all around. Despite their strange alien-like appearance they were all too familiar to Touma, they were what he expected, the Noise.

To his surprise however it seemed as though there were two people fighting against them, a pair of girls in strange bodysuits and armor. The red-haired girl wielded a spear and a blue haired one wielding a sword. Even more surprisingly he had seen them easily tearing through the noise. But then he noticed the red-haired girl getting distracted, his eyes widening when he saw what had distracted her. It was Hibiki who was struggling to get away due to being injured already.

"I need to get to her," Touma said before the sound of shattering caught his attention. The red-haired girl's strange suit had partially broken apart and one of the pieces had ended up hitting HIbiki directly in the chest. Touma let out a low squeak as he processed what happened…

"Hi… Hi… HIBIKI!"

"So there are survivors… what a brave soul to rush through all this danger just to get here. Perhaps you hold potential if you chose this path."

Touma's heart skipped a beat as his concern was soon replaced with fear. He shakily turned to soon see the minion-like creatures from before flanking a purple armored warrior. He held black patches on his sides and gold lining with a dragon motif. He also held bolted silver armor on his chest, left shoulder and faceplate, two horizontal red lines acting as a visor underneath a gold rimmed bladed horn. He held a purple hilted and guarded sword with gold jagged edges, it radiating a powerful darkness.

The warrior of darkness stared at Touma for a bit before pointing his sword forward, "Do not worry, your sacrifices will not be in vain. I will save this world by making sure she does not have her way any further."

Touma could only back up before slipping and landing on his butt, "S-She?"

"Now then, you won't feel a thing," The dark warrior spoke before raising his blade and slashing forward, a wave of darkness launching out towards Touma.

A flurry of flames slammed into the dark wave, canceling it out and sending embers and heat throughout the area, "Calibur!"

Touma's head shot to the side as a tri colored armored warrior jumped in front of him. His inner legs were white with red lines separating the black coloration of his outer legs. His upper body was white in the center with a black and red lined left arm, a pure red dragon with a flame theme on his right. A blade was embedded in his chest alongside his head, acting as a horn, with crossing flames forming an orange eyed visor with his helmet matching the three part coloration. He held a sword similar to the lightning swordsman's, but this one held a red flame themed emblem.

Touma could only stare in astonishment at his savior. He was surprised to see a warrior wielding a dragon of flames, especially one preparing to fight another who wielded a dragon of darkness. This was the kind of clash one would expect to see in novels and movies, not real life.

"Saber…" Calibur trailed as he stared at the flame warrior, "So you've come to stop me."

"This is madness Calibur!" Saber called out as he pointed his blade forward, "Why would you do this?! Freeing the Megid that we captured, collaborating with them and the Noise. Just what do you hope to accomplish with this?!"

"You are blinded from the truth," Calibur said as he slid his hand across his blade, darkness gathering, "Do not worry old friend, all will become clear but you must first stand down."

~Gatrandis babel ziggurat edenal~

"Eh…?" Touma perked up out of his astonishment, "A song?"

Calibur perked up before lowering his blade, the darkness dissipating, "So she's going to sing to the end…? Saber, let us make haste or we'll be blown away."

Touma's eyes widened at those words before he quickly scrambled back to view what was going on down there, the hue and area around the stadium began changing coloration. He noticed the red haired spear wielding girl had raised her spear upwards. However there was a strange almost fiery aura surrounding her that seemed to conflict with her current power.

~Emustolronzen Finé el balal zizzl~


Saber turned back towards the stadium as he gritted his teeth beneath his helmet, "That rising energy… it can't be…" he trailed before seeing Calibur walking backwards, "Calibur!"

"Better hurry old friend," Calibur responded as he turned and rushed off, the creatures jumping off to try and avoid the attack in their own way.

~Gatrandis babel ziggurat edenal~

Touma tried to look for a way to get down in time, "HIBIKI!"

Saber gave a grunt before turning towards Touma and revealing he had a strange buckle that looked like a shelf with a small open book on it. He tapped the book once he then surprisingly sheathed his sword into the buckle before clicking the button on the hilt.

"Do not worry," Saber spoke as his body began to shine, soon walking over to Touma, "Where there is determination, there is hope!"

"Eh?" Touma turned and in an instant he was wrapped in red as a dragon swooped in, it being a cross between eastern and western designs.

Saber gave a yell as he drew his sword out before slamming it into the ground in front of him.

~Emustolronzen Finé el zizzl~




In an instant, two explosive domes erupted from both the center where the red-haired girl was and at the balcony where Saber was. Both energies clashed but neither overtook each other as any monsters or Noise in their path was destroyed. Out from the explosions erupted the Brave Dragon, it swooping over to a safer spot near the stadium and dropping off an unconscious Touma.

Touma gave a light moan but stayed unconscious as he held a book the size of the palm of his hand. It held a red rimming and had a picture of a dragon, the words 'Brave Dragon' on it.

(Two Years Later)

'Brave Dragon'

That was the only thing he was left with that was even a possible clue as to the truth of what happened that day. Touma stared at the strange pocket sized book for a while as he was currently slumped on a table as he thought back. An idol duo that fought the Noise, strange armored swordsmen and even stranger monsters. Those were the key details that both he and Hibiki had confided into each other when they had managed to meet again after that nightmare of a day.

Needless to say, those key details were also apparently not given to the public. No talk of monsters, nor of armored and idol warriors. The most that was given was that Kanade Amou, one of the two singers there had lost her life among the many casualties of the Noise attack. He and Hibiki had ended up as the only survivors, or rather on record Hibiki was the only major survivor. He was found too far from the venue and his proof of entrance had been burned up that he was thought to have only gotten caught up by being nearby.

He gave a light groan as he sat up straight, pocketing the book as he looked over at the coffee that had been placed down a few minutes ago. He was currently at a breakfast café that was open rather early, one of his usual spots. Mixing in some sugar he took a sip before sighing in satisfaction, "There we go…" He muttered as he opened up a black notebook and began writing with his free hand, sipping coffee every now and again.

"Well this is a surprise."

Touma's head shifted to the left as he heard the voice, his eyes looking over to see Miku just outside the metal fence that separated his table from the sidewalk. He set down his cup and gave a smile, "Ah Miku, I wasn't expecting you to get up so early. Isn't today your first day at Lydian too?"

"I decided to take a walk to help clear my head of the first day jitters," Miku admitted before giving a playful smile, "But I also thought I'd see if you were out and about slacking like usual Mr. Future Novelist."

Touma could only feign a hurt expression before crossing his arms, "I am hurt by thou words Ms. Kohinata. I think I've been making steady progress despite my road bumps."

"I sure hope so, you've been spacing out a lot more than usual," Miku admitted. "I just want to make sure you have a good first outing."

"You'd make a great editor honestly," Touma gave a smile as he pointed towards her. "You're very strict about deadlines and have a knack for remembering little key details, that's what I like about you."

"That's only because Hibiki and you like to goof off too much while you're drafting," Miku sighed as she crossed her arms.

"Hey now, that goofing off helps the creative juices flow," Touma countered with a point before softening his expression a bit, "How's she doing? I know I didn't get to see you around the shop lately since you two had to pack and move into your new dorm."

"You know Hibiki and her hobby," Miku said, there was a short beat before she started laughing with Touma a bit. But it wasn't long until she transitioned into an exasperated sigh, "Sometimes though I think she takes her hobby to the extreme. We still haven't gotten fully set up yet."

"Ah yes, helping kids and cats and the like," Touma gave an understanding nod. "You should keep an eye on her and be strict like you are with me. Otherwise she'll probably be late for her class."

"Just like if you see her around and I'm not with her, make sure she doesn't get too in over her head," Miku added.

"It's a promise," Touma gave a grin before hearing a beep from his watch, he looked at it. "Huh, you should probably get going soon, don't want to be late on the first day."

"Right," Miku gave a nod. "So I'll see you around?"

"Of course, if you have a chance just hit me up or even come around," Touma replied. "I'd love to see you two around the shop again."

"I'm sure Hibiki would love that," Miku gave a smile before rushing off.

"Oh Hibiki…" Touma's smile turned to a small frown as he went to drink more of his coffee. He then twirled his pen between his fingers as he began to write further, "I wonder if she'll find her answers…" He muttered, recalling that his friend had primarily entered Lydian Academy to try and find the truth to what happened two years ago.

"Don't worry, I'll protect you!"

The young lightning swordsman's words rung through his mind yet again. The encounter constantly reminded him of words he had heard before he met Miku and Hibiki. They were from one of two old childhood friend's he had the brief company of, a girl in a white dress who gave him a book he cherished, and a boy with a dream to become a swordsman. While they had tons of fun playing around and making up stories, the two had ended up vanishing after a while, he had assumed the two had either moved or had gotten busy with their own lives. But he did hold hope they would meet again one day…

"Kento…" Touma muttered, pondering on the idea that his childhood friend and the teen he had met were one in the same, but he shook his head. Though his thoughts drifted back to the girl, "Luna…"

Touma gave a yawn as he reached his place of work in the commercial district, walking back to a small two story homely building named Fantastic Bookstore Kamiyama. By the front entrance was a closed book, it read 'The End' and 'Close'. He then opened it up revealing lettering that read 'The Story Begins' and 'Open'. Getting the keys from his pockets he unlocked the door before entering inside, revealing a rather homey and brightly filled bookshop.

At the center was a massive diorama with various set pieces and locations, a volcano that shot steam, a dragon that spit out fire occasionally and a functional train track. All around the diorama were various themed posters, toys for kids, small shelves and carts with books, even a few capsule machines by the door and a few couch-like areas to sit. There was a writing desk in the back with a small cash register, behind it being drapes that held the illusion of bookshelves with two bookshelves off to the sides of it. Behind the drapes was a small storage area for books that also had a staircase that led to an upstairs living area.

Touma was minding his own business when he bumped against something behind his desk, noticing a stack of boxes, "Oh right, I forgot about the shipment from last night." He then went to move them to the back so he could sort them out.

Hours began to pass as Touma worked on sorting all the books, noting that a few of them had been purchased due to recent interest in them. He made sure that set of books were put close to each other to save on the hassle of trying to search the entire assortment in the back. After a while he sat and relaxed at his desk and worked on writing, greeting and helping customers who came in every now and again. Of course the shop was also popular with children and they came by every now and again, Touma reading and playing around with them.

As it began to grow later Touma considered closing shop a bit earlier than usual but was snapped out of his thoughts when the door opened, "Welcome to Fantastic Bookstore Kamiyama," he greeted before noticing who was at the door, "Oh it's you, it's been a while."

"Sorry if I haven't come over much, I've been rather busy," The customer who had entered wore a similar uniform to the one Miku had, which meant she was also a student of Lydian Academy. Though in comparison to his friends she was older and was likely a senior above them. Her most distinct feature was long blue hair alongside a side wing-like ponytail on her left side.

Touma had never really bothered with a name, feeling that it'd be rude since she seemed to keep to herself. She did seem vaguely familiar, but he wasn't able to put his finger on how, "Its fine, I'm just glad you've continued to pick up new books here."

"I must admit it's still surprising to see that you're so young," The student admitted as she walked around the diorama and towards the desk, "One would think you're supposed to be in a school, not running a bookstore."

"Yeah I get that all the time, that's what happens when you manage to get good enough scores to skip grades a few times," Touma admitted with a chuckle, reminded of how he had ended up skipping certain grades due to his diligence and intellect. And that's not to mention the fact that his family had left him the shop while overseas as way to take care of himself, "Honestly even I'm still surprised… but I'm technically not the owner, just running the front of the store is all."

The conversation seemed to stop dead in its track, something Touma noted in that the two were unable to really keep much of a conversation going.

The student cleared her throat before holding out a list, "I was wondering if my requests have come in."

"Very likely, I just got a shipment in yesterday," Touma said as he took the list, remembering the most recent shipment and heading into the back. He went first to the recent interest section he had and matched up the titles to the list, finding books on the list. Once he got them all he went to place them on the front desk.

"Impressive," The student admitted. "I suppose the reason I come back so often is due to how you're able to get these titles so easily compared to the chain stores."

"I always enjoy reading, no matter if they're popular or not," Touma replied. "It's always my pleasure to help people with getting the stuff they need to enjoy books."

"I suppose I'll give you the pay…" The student was ready to pay when she paused after she heard a particular beeping sound. "Hmm, I know I don't do this usually but could you hold them for me?"

"I can just put them on a tab for you," Touma insisted.

The student was surprised by this action, "Are you certain? Is it alright?"

"Come on now, you're a regular," Touma smiled as he pulled out a bag before placing the books inside and handing them to his customer. "I'd rather not take away the joy of someone wanting to read something."

"Very well," The student gave a nod as she took the books. "I'll come back at a later time and pay for them."

"It's a promise then," Touma added.

The student raised an eyebrow, "A promise?"

"Yep," Touma gave a nod.

"I see," The student muttered before giving a polite bow and heading out.

Touma soon realized he didn't know the students name or have any contact information in the slightest, "Oh… uh…" He then wrote down 'blue-haired girl' as a placeholder, "I'm sure there's not many with that hair color, right?"

The Next Day

At an old estate that overlooked a lake hidden in the forest all was quiet outside. Its quiet appearance however was simply a deception. In one of the rooms sat a trio of three males, all of them sitting at a table that held a candelabrum. All of them wished to restart past conflicts while continuing on from where they left off.

The first was dressed in black leather with a red long sleeved shirt underneath his high collared leather jacket, having short swept to the sides hair. The second had wild brown hair with a headband holding it back, having a black sleeveless hooded jacket over a sleeveless blue shirt and khaki pants. The last wore a dark blue trench coat with neatly combed black hair that held an extension on his left that went down below his waist. The three men were simply staring at each other while they glanced around the room occasionally as if waiting for something.

"The time has come… we have been given permission to proceed," Calibur spoke in a distorted voice as he walked in with a black briefcase.

"She sure took her time," The man in leather remarked.

"You should be glad that she chose to reactivate them. It took quite a while and our equipment was considered non-priority in reawakening," Calibur spoke as he hoisted it over to a nightstand in the room and opened it up. It revealed dozens of small brown books in similar styling to Brave Dragon, all of them pulsing with energy briefly before fading. Sliding his fingers across the books he gripped one before taking it out, revealing a distorted and torn black page that revealed a title, Gansekiou Golem.

"Then who's going to be the first to show their stuff?" The sleeveless man remarked.

"That dear Zooous is simple," Calibur said as he walked over towards the man before turning and holding his hand out towards the man in all black leather, "Legeiel will be our first."

"Tch," Zooous clicked his tongue before turning away.

"Do not mess this up for us Legeiel," The blue coated man gave a slyer look towards his compatriot.

Legeiel gave a scoff as he took the book that was chosen, "Please, obviously I'm the best for us to start this off Storious. I shall be the grand start to our machinations."

"Ah, so glad I closed a bit earlier today," Touma sighed as he stretched his arms out while walking along the sidewalk. But his mind was still on the fact that he had a regular who he did not know the name of or had any way to contact. "Maybe if I look hard enough I can find that student… it is after class."

"CD… Bonus… CD… Bonus… CD… Bonus…"

"Eh?" Touma heard a strange chant before giving a yelp as he was bumped into, nearly falling over. He quickly caught himself and managed to grab onto the arm of the person who ran into him to keep them from falling. He was surprised to see who it was though, "Hibiki?"

Hibiki was just as surprised as she steadied herself, "Eh, Touma? Shouldn't you be at your shop?"

"Decided to take an early leave," Touma smiled as he let go, "So what brings you all the way out here?"

"Ah I'm about to try and snag the latest CD that just came out today!" Hibiki explained with a fiery passion in her eyes, "I'm need to get to the store before it sells out!"

"Aren't CD's outdated in this year though?" Touma raised an eyebrow.

"Yes, but they're packed with Bonus Materials to compensate!" Hibiki explained, nearly bouncing up and down in excitement. "Want to come?!"

"Eh, I'm fine I feel like I'd just slow you down regardless," Touma gave a nervous chuckle. He had nearly forgotten that in the two years since the concert, Hibiki had also ended up getting into music a lot more. So much so that he had to pretend to listen to both her and Miku gush about their idol Tsubasa whenever they'd enter the bookshop to hang out.

"Aw, fine, I'll just tell you all about it whenever we meet up again!" Hibiki said before hurrying off around the corner while resuming her chanting, "CD…! Bonus…! CD…! Bonus…! CD…! Bonus…!"

Touma gave an exasperated sigh, "As much as I know music tells a story, I still find it hard to get into music like those two can…" He trailed before wincing a bit. "Huh?" His pocket felt hotter and he quickly reached into grab inside it before yelping and taking hold of the Brave Dragon book. He couldn't help but stare at it for a few minutes before finally wondering something. "Eh? Why does this feel so warm?"

The book seemed to resonate, pulsating at a delayed speed for several minutes before Touma suddenly felt something wrong and looked around. Feeling the wind blow he soon saw black specks flying out from the corner where Hibiki had last turned. The young writer quickly rushed around the corner to see black piles of carbon dust all around.

"Noise…" He trailed.


"Hibiki…" Touma trailed as his heart began to pound, his legs shaking as he began to rush forward, not noticing any kind of Noise at all in the vicinity. Were they already that far ahead? Was Hibiki…? No he couldn't think about that possibility. Ever since that day he berated himself for what had happened. He wasn't there for Hibiki and she had paid via heavy consequences for that. It wasn't long before he could hear a loud splash up ahead, "There's still a chance…"

As Touma picked up his pace, the Brave Dragon book began to pulsate at a steadier pace.

In a darkened control room there were various operators were typing away at monitors as they had managed to get an alert on the current Noise attack.

The blue haired student that Touma had met the other day quickly rushed in, "Please fill me-" She was snapped out of her rush when she saw two individuals, her expression turning more stoic.

One was a 17-year old male with neat black swept to the side hair, holding a closed blue coat that went down to the back of his knees over a black long sleeved shirt alongside brown pants and black shoes. The second was an older woman wearing a white business suit, having long brown flowing hair.

"Hello there Ms. Kazanari," The woman glanced back before giving a nod.

"Ah, Tsubasa," The young man gave a bow.

"Sir Blades, Ms. Sophia, what are you two doing here?" The student now known as Tsubasa questioned in a slight tense tone as she made her way over, "Normally your side likes to keep to themselves."

"A-Ah, again please just call me RIntaro," The young male insisted.

"That is because we've had some interesting developments, isn't that right Genjuro, Ryoko?" Sophia admitted she then looked to the two who were overseeing all those at the various computers in the room.

The first was a large built man with spiked red hair in casual attire, khaki pants, a red shirt that wasn't buttoned all the way and a loose pink tie tucked into his pocket. The second was a woman with glasses, and long hime-cut brown hair done up into a beehive, wearing a labcoat over a loose pink dress.

"We're currently working on finding the location," Genjuro spoke up as he stared at the screen with his arms crossed, "But we've got a hit on a Relic in the vicinity of the Noise alerts as well. It's unknown as to how but its signal is growing in strength."

Tsubasa's eyes widened, "A Relic?"

"Not just any random one," Ryoko spoke up. "From what dear little Daishinji allowed us to work with, it appears as though it's possibly one of the ones lost two years ago."

"Which is why I'm here," Sophia explained. "To confirm it for myself as well as make sure Blades is on standby for retrieval."

As the day grew later it could be seen that Legeiel was on a railway of a tower that overlooked the factory. He gave a smirk when he noticed the Noise had started converging on a singular target while also going after anyone in the area as a result. He then used his index finger to flip open the cover of the book he was given, it flashing red as random tomes began flying out and stacking on top of each other.


Soon enough a black bodied and white armored creature busted out of the book stacks, having a golem-like appearance on its arms, chest and head, two large stone hands clutching the large head that held its small stone face.

"Rejoice Golem, you are the first Megid to reawaken," Legeiel spoke as he pulled out a blank white book, soon holding it out. "Acquire what we desire."

The Golem Megid gave a nod, taking it in its large hand. "I shall turn the foolish human remains into our power." It said as it gave a yell before jumping away from the factory and towards where the Noise had already struck.

Golem yelled out as it slammed into the ground feet first, creating a crater. It gave a chuckle and opened the blank book. As a result the carbon dust that was the remains of the humans killed by the Noise was slowly being drawn into the book.

Touma was nearby and noticed the various dust particles being sucked somewhere. As if in response Brave Dragon began to act up as well. "Just what is going on?" He questioned as he ran towards the source before nearly stumbling back when he saw Golem. "M-Monster…?"

Golem perked up when it heard Touma's voice, "A survivor?" It asked before closing up the book, dark energy creeping over it as it became half blackened and twisted.

Touma though noticed the strange book, "What book is that?!"

"Books grant us power! Your wasted lives grant more power to books!" Golem called out as it held the book forward to show him. "We shall use these to accomplish our goals to take our rightful place with you humans below us."

"How…" Touma trailed as he began to grow angry, "How could you use books to make people suffer?!"

"I have no time for such drivel, I'll mangle you and feed your full life to this book!" Golem growled out as the hands on its head detached and shot forward.

Touma yelped as he dropped down to avoid the hands from slamming into him. As he tried to get up to make a run for it the hands curved quickly and hit him from behind. He gasped out as he fell on his stomach. He pushed himself up and braced as he saw the hands float back towards him. As if reacting to his defense the Brave Dragon book formed a small barrier of heat, knocking the fists back.

"What?" Golem questioned as they returned to their resting spot on its head. "No matter, you can't stop the completion of this book. The Noise here have killed enough that the leftover carbon will fuel this just fine."

"A book made from all those people…" Touma's expression stiffened as he grew more serious. "Books do have the power to change the world… but that power is meant to bring happiness!"

"What would a mere human like you know?!" Golem questioned.

"Humans are the ones who write books!" Touma countered as he pointed forward. "People have the power to create stories! I won't let someone like you do something heinous like this!"

"And just what can you do?" Golem chuckled as it began to move forward before finally noticing the book Touma held, "T-That book!"

"I made a promise to myself after that day…" Touma trailed as he stared at Brave Dragon before looking back at Golem. "That I'd grow stronger to help others in whatever way I could… it's the least I could do for what happened. And if it means getting past you and helping my friend, then I'll do whatever it takes!"

Golem scoffed, "Fool, your friend is dead thanks to the Noise!"

"No!" Touma snapped, "Where there is determination, there is hope!"

The Brave Dragon book gave a bright glow, catching Touma's attention. He then went to flip the front page open. He had done it numerous times fidgeting with it and it only made a small noise, but this time came words…

[There was once a God Beast possessing a great power that would destroy everything…]

A dragon made of fire erupted from the book before launching downwards, unleashing a torrent of flames that forced Touma to stagger while Golem was flung back. Where the dragon landed was enveloped in a flurry of flames. In the red hot center of the fire was a bronze sword stabbed into the ground.

"A sword…?" Touma asked as he was drawn towards it, as if the sword was beckoning him to make his choice. Despite the intensity of the heat and the wild motions of the flames, Touma slowly but surely made his way to the sword, gripping it and with a mighty yell drawing it out. The fire began spiraling around the sword before changing its shape entirely. In his hand now was the same belt and sword he saw Saber wield, the flame themed sword slotted neatly in it as its emblem glowed.


"The power I can use to protect everyone…" Touma trailed as he felt the blades energy and knowledge radiating and pouring into him, "My sword!" He then placed it near his waist, a red strap extending and locking it in place.

"We will achieve victory regardless of what you do!" Golem boasted.

"I don't think so," Touma stared forward towards his enemy before flipping his book open once more. "I determine how this story ends!"


Closing up Brave Dragon, Touma then inserted it into the right most book slot right next to the hilt of the sword. The book lit up in red as a larger version of it landed behind him, the future novelist now fighter gripping the hilt before drawing out the blade with a flourish and gripping it with both hands.

As he did the book opened and the Brave Dragon shot out as it began flying around.




Touma slashed forward to create a cross shape of flames, striking a pose as the flames shot out. The Brave Dragon then circled around him, turning into flames and forming his armor. The cross of fire shot back towards Touma, latching onto his face and completing his visor to complete his transformation into Saber.


[When the dragon of valor and Kaenken Rekka meet, the crimson sword will penetrate evil!]

"Kaenken Rekka…?" Saber asked as stared at the drawn blade before giving a nod, "It's a pleasure."

Golem gave a hiss as it stomped the ground, "Why you…"

~Balwisyall nescell Gungnir tron~

The two combatants had stopped when they both heard the song echoing throughout the area before turning when they saw a pillar of orange light shoot up into the sky.

Saber could only stare at the pillar, "What is…?"

Golem trembled slightly, "Another Relic activated?"

"I've isolated the signal! Position identified!" A female operator called out.

A male operator soon spoke next, "We're definitely detecting a different high energy output than that of the Noise! It's likely-"



"Kaenken Rekka!" Rintaro called out as the titles of both Relics appeared on screen for everyone to view. "It and Brave Dragon have resurfaced after two years?!"

Sophia's eyes widened before she looked over to Genjuro, "I'm sending out Blades."

Genjuro gave a nod, "Very well-"

"It appears as though there's muffled signal nearby the two," A male operator mentioned, "Similar readings to a relic but too different for it to be a known match. It's hard to get a proper lock on it."

"Megid…" Rintaro trailed, realizing that they were finally making their move after two years.

"We've got a possible second relic hit," The male operator called out, "This one's different from the Seiken and Wonder Ride Book signals! This one is…"

"It's another high level signal, we're comparing it to the records," The female operator called out.

Ryoko stared at the monitor as she came to the realization, "Is it… an Aufwachen waveform?"

"Just what's our luck today?" Genjuro questioned only to get shocked at what appeared on screen.


Genjuro's eyes now widened as he stood up, "Gungnir?!"

Tsubasa's eyes both widened and trembled as she saw the screen and heard the name that was given. It was a mixture of hope, disbelief, and slight horror as that name resurfaced. The latter especially once both visuals were on screen, the first managing to find a shot of Saber facing down the Golem Megid. The second showing a girl wearing a strange bodysuit and armor nearby a child, though her face was obscured.

Rintaro raised an eyebrow at the Gungnir user, "A new candidate?"

Genjuro was in disbelief, "Just what's going on?"

Tsubasa continued to stare as she focused on the girl and not Saber, 'That's can't be… That was Kanade's…'

"Saber and a new Gungnir Wielder…" Sophia trailed as she stared forward, "To think both at the same time."

"Alright, we need to move out on the double!" Genjuro called out, "I need us there five minutes ago!"

"I'll end this quickly!" Golem called out as it slammed its large hand into the ground, scooping up chunks of pavement and tossing them towards Saber.

Saber quickly rolled out forward and to the side to avoid the debris. Rising up he flicked his sword and covered the blade in flames. Rushing forward he began slashing as best he could, managing to land a few hits against Golem despite his wild and untrained nature. He went for another slash only for the monster to back up enough to avoid it.

Golem yelled out as it swiped forward with it larger hand to counterattack, only for Saber to duck underneath it. This resulted in the monster gasping out as sparks flew from its stomach, Saber having taken advantage of its wide swing.

Saber quickly backed away and flicked the flames off of his sword, "Not bad."

"Not so fast!" Golem rushed forward to try and slam its head into the swordsman of flames.

The flame swordsman however got an idea, jumping up and spreading his legs out as he leapt over Golem and got behind. Saber then spun before jumping and grabbing his blade with both hands, slamming it down against Golem who had just barely turned to receive a sacred blade to its face and chest.

Golem howled out as it staggered back before launching out the hands on its head once more. The pair of hands managed to surprise Saber and grab onto him. Soon enough rockets at the ends of them activated, launching Saber against a wall and dragging him up.

Saber could only yell out as he was dragged up before being thrown away to the top of a building that was nearby the factory. "Jeez he packs a punch," He rubbed his neck a bit before perking up. "Wait… is that… music?" He questioned as he swore he could hear music and a familiar voice also singing.

To the flame swordsman's surprise he was barely able to make out the new Gungnir user in the distance, seeing her flying around and avoiding the Noise, including a towering green prowling Noise that showed up.

Golem had leapt onto the building to pursue Saber, detaching the hands from its head once more to strike at the swordsman.

Saber himself saw this and snapped out of his shock to swing his sword at the hands, the pair managing to grip the sword tightly to try and fling it away. Saber gave a yell as he managed to regain dominance, soon swinging his sword and sending both hands slamming into the Megid.

Golem gasped out as it was thrown against the floor of the roof as a result, "Damn it, just hand over that book already! We're the only ones worthy to use them!"

Saber pointed his blade forward, "This is my book, and my power!"

~Imyuteus Ame no Habakiri tron~

Both combatants perked up again when they heard the new chant, Saber scratching his head while Golem was shaking as a result.

Golem shook his head, "Another one?!"

Of course the chant wasn't the only new development as both Golem and Saber's fight had attracted the attention of a few stray tadpole-styled Noise.

The Megid could only give a chuckle before leaping away, "I'll leave you to die with them!"

"Seriously…?" Saber questioned as he went to move forward only for more tadpole styled Noise to jump in the way, "Move!"

The Noise said nothing and simply leapt at him, several meeting their end by his blade while others ended up leaping on top of him.

Saber had winced slightly when he felt himself getting hit but suddenly realized he wasn't turning to carbon like one normally would against a Noise. This realization reinvigorated him to keep pushing forward. He yelled while spinning and lashing out with his sword, unleashing a wave of flames that burned through the Noise on top of and behind him. He then turned and rushed forward, hastily slashing through the remaining Noise before leaping onto another nearby building.

In the distance a white glint could be seen before a large sword slammed down into the prowler type Noise that he had seen earlier.

"Jeez, just what's going on?" Saber questioned before finally leaping onto a building that overlooked an open area that Golem had started wrecking at random, "That's enough!"


Instinctively tapping his book, Saber gathered energy around him as he used his left hand to hold his sword in a reverse grip, flames erupting from his right fist. He jumped down and unleashed a fiery construct of a dragon upon Golem who had just turned.

Golem yelled out as the flaming construct struck against it, sparks flying as it slammed against its back.

"Just give it up," Saber declared as he readied his blade.

"Never," Golem growled out as the debris from all around began to come towards its body, "Because you've fallen for my trap!"

Saber could only yelp and stagger back as he saw the Megid grow in size, now towering over him as it was now about four stories tall. "I knew you looked like a golem but I guess this clinches it!"

"Shut it!" Golem called out as it began to stomp and throw its fist forward, trying to use its size to knock Saber around. "No matter what you do, the ending won't change!"

Saber gasped as he barely avoided a heavy swing, "I told you already…" He trailed as his memories of the concert two years ago resurfaced, recalling what his predecessor did to gather more power. "…I determine how this story ends!"

Sheathing Kaenken Rekka into the Swordriver he readied himself as he kept his grip firm before unsheathing it once more.


In his mind he could feel the motions coming to him as if he was flipping through various pages of a book, showcasing to him the movements he needed to do. He performed a flourish with his sword, gathering the flames as he readied himself.


"Flame Cross Slash!" Saber yelled out as he leapt forward just as the Megid punched his way, in a flash of fire he slashed past the Megid without issue. Soon enough a projection of the Brave Dragon began circling around the target. Saber leapt towards the dragon and bounced off of it to slash past his opponent. He continued to land and leap off of his dragon as he rose higher and higher, littering Golem with glowing cut marks.

Golem could only yell out as its body exploded from all the heavy attacks given to it. Unbeknownst to Saber however, the book it was working on was thrown off into the distance. Of course in the distance there was also someone watching his debut.

"Saber, huh… unexpected, and there's no doubt they'll make their move now that both he and Gungnir have returned," Calibur was watching from an alleyway before he looked and noticed Legeiel coming over with a slight sour expression. "The important part is Golem is now fully unsealed, we can utilize him when necessary," He then looked down and grabbed the half completed book and held it up.

"So it wasn't destroyed," Legeiel remarked.

"No, and now that we claimed it first we can continue on course," Calibur said as he turned and walked past Legeiel, bringing out his sword and slashing forward, creating a corridor of darkness that both he and his ally stepped through.

Touma was none the wiser and could only give a stretch after he had dismissed his transformation. He gave a yawn as the fight had managed to tire him out, "That singing… just what is…?" He trailed before he realized he was one step closer to finding out the truth. "And then this…" He looked at the Brave Dragon book he held.

"Excuse me, current bearer of Saber…"

Touma could only turn before he yelped and nearly fell over as a roar was heard. Before him was Rintaro who was sitting on a mechanical blue colored lion.

"Would you mind accompanying me to my headquarters?" Rintaro asked with a pleasant but also slightly disturbing smile.

Touma could only stare in surprise, "A blue… lion?!"

To Be Continued…

Author's Note: And here we have our first chapter which is our main introduction to Touma, mainly as a way of laying the groundwork of what's different on the Saber side. Since well, oh man, there is quite a lot different on Saber's side as you've seen. I've basically combined both the Saber and Symphogear Worlds into their own mixed world. A lot of this is basically working the Saber mythos into the Symphogear mythos. This has resulted in quite the bit of changes regarding the Saber Cast. To make things a bit more clear let me sum it up via some points.

1. Wonder World is going to be nonexistent for this story and the lore around it will be modified, which brings me to the point that the Ride Books and the Great Book in general are going to be re-contextualized as Relics.

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4. I am also going to save everyone the heart attack/speculation and flat out say I will not be shoving all of Saber Q1 into Symhphogear S1. Quite frankly that's a lot to juggle, and there are better spots to put certain things, thus Q1 will be spread out by a decent bit.

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