Sympho-Saber: Song of Swords

G: EP06 – Avalon's Treasure and Gungnir's Curse

Hibiki's screams echoed through the ruins of Kadingir as most of the individuals there could only stare in shock. The Gungnir Wielder could only fall to her knees in her own pool of blood as the Nephilim finished devouring her arm.

"Amazing! It ate the very Sympogear itself!" Ver called out in a maddening manner, "And now…"

"You…" Espada kept a tight grip of Ikazuchi. Given he knew that Maria and the others were watching he could only wonder how they were taking this current turn of events.

"Nephilim, in its complete form, is like a self-regulating breeder reactor," Ver explained as the Nephilim's almost magma-like markings turned a bright hot red, "It voraciously devours other forms of energy, absorbing them to further increase its own output! Let us begin! Can you hear the beat of awakening?! This is the power that will lift the Frontier into the skies!"

The Nephilim's body grew into a more bulky incarnation of itself as it loomed over Hibiki, clearly wanting another bite.

"What an ugly thing," Legeiel scoffed before suddenly getting chills, "What?"

"Is something wrong?" Medusa asked.

"This feeling…" Legeiel trailed as he remembered it from before, soon turning to look over at where Hibiki was.



Blades gave a yell as he leapt forward, throwing his right arm forward and launching out numerous energy stars towards the Nephilim to strike at and distract it.

"Chris! Get Hibiki out of here now!" Blades called out as the stars on his right arm shined brightly, punching forward and unleashing more star projections to strike at and stall the Nephilim. The Nephilim simply gave a roar as it pounded against the ground, the ground cracking and spreading towards Blades before exploding in a burst, Blades giving a yell as he was thrown back.

Chris gave a nod and quickly ran over to Hibiki only to see the cream haired girl having trouble breathing.

"Hey, hey breathe," Chris called out as she awkwardly but gently put a hand on her friend's right shoulder, "We're going to get you out of here alright?"

The Nephilim gave a roar as it began to turn its attention towards Blades, slowly but surely making its way towards the Rider.

"Let's see you deal with this!" Blades tapped his Animal Book.


The Lion Senki formed from above and spun, attempting to ram itself into the Nephilim only for the beast to backhand the Lion Senki, sending it crashing into Blades who tumbled against the ground as a result.

Hibiki meanwhile continued to breathe sharply before her scar became visible over her Gear, it starting to shine, catching mostly everyone's attention.

"Hey, hey," Chris called out as she tried to shake Hibiki out of it only to back up when an invisible force began pushing her away. Her eyes widened when she saw what was happening however.

Hibiki's breathing started to turn into low yelling as black shadows began emerging from her scar, wrapping around her body as her eyes began glowing red. Hibiki soon stood up, her transformation into the berserk beast of Gungnir occurring once more.

"This is…" Espada trailed, remembering the accounts of Finé's final battle from Calibur.

The maniacal laughter and grin on Ver's face slowly began to fade as he saw what was happening. Fear was all that could be seen now as he watched the berserk Hibiki stare down the newly evolved Nephilim.

Hibiki could only let out a bestial roar while holding out her left stump, black and red energy pouring out before solidifying into a new arm.

"Did she just focus her energy into the shape of an arm?" Blades coughed out as he saw this, pushing himself up before staggering towards the berserk Wielder.

Ver gasped, "N-No way!"

Hibiki was ready to charge when Chris managed to grab hold of her.

"Hey dummy!" Chris called out as she tried to hold Hibiki still, "Calm down!"

"She's right!" Blades called out as he rushed over and grabbed onto Hibiki's other side, "Hibiki, do not let this transformation control-"

Hibiki let out a roar, striking both Rider and Wielder holding onto her. Chris and Blades could only yell out as they were sent hurtling away, sparks flying from Blades as a second clean hit against him had managed to dislodge Tenkuu no Pegasus as he slammed into the ground, losing his transformation.

Espada watched as Tenkuu no Pegasus clattered near his feet, picking it up and holstering it as he kept a good distance away from Hibiki.

Chris meanwhile gave a wince as she ended up rolling along the ground from the attack.

"H-Hibiki…" Rintaro coughed out as he rolled onto his stomach.

Hibiki roared, rushing towards the Nephilim in an instant as she began to deliver devastating strike after devastating strike against its body.

"S-Stop! Stop it!" Ver screamed out as he seemingly didn't plan for this outcome, "We need the fully-grown Nephilim in order to realize our new world! And you… you!"

Nephilim managed to bat Hibiki away after her assault of attacks, though this didn't matter in the long run. The beast of Gungnir easily found her footing before flying back towards the Nephilim, striking it in the stomach before kicking it in the mouth.

"No!" Ver shrieked out as he looked around, "Espada! Legeiel! Do something!"

"…" Legeiel could only stare at the berserk Hibiki before looking at Medusa, "Go."

"Eh?" Medua turned in surprise, "You want me to fight her?!"

"You pissed me off with that little stunt of yours," Legeiel hissed out as he glanced at his Megid, "Now go and make yourself useful."

"U-Understood…" Medusa gave a nod.

When Espada wasn't responding to his calls, Ver had ended up using Solomon's Cane. He had summoned several small Noise that combined into a larger one. It didn't have the chance to do anything as Hibiki jumped right into its mouth, punching from every direction inside it before it crumbled into chunks of ashes that dissolved further.

The Nephilim saw how strong Hibiki was, and as the berserk Gungnir Wielder roared, it turned to run off. Hibiki however wasn't going to let this happen, leaping into the air and slamming straight into Nephilim's back. She didn't give it a chance to try and escape her as she held her hand out into a clawed shape before plunging it directly into the beasts back.

It wasn't long before Hibiki ripped out what seemed to be the Nephilim's heart, various tubes connected to it still as the center was red and pulsating. Hibiki soon twitched turning and tossing the Nephilim's Heart towards the source of the disturbance.

Medusa was approaching, using its whip to lash at the heart and knock it away from the area. It then lashed out with its whip, ensnaring Hibiki's upper body in it, "You won't be-"

Hibiki roared out and leapt into the air despite her arms being bound. What happened next was surprising as her right arm shifted to resemble a giant spear, tearing through the whip. Hibiki then dove downwards, piercing through the Nephilim's body.

"I'll take you out now!" Medusa yelled out as it leapt towards Hibiki to strike her while she was dealing the finishing blow.

What it did not expect a bright red light to erupt from the Nephilim's body before that light turned into a massive explosion that engulfed the three with Medusa screaming out.

Traversing to Avalon was an oddity in and of itself as warping heavily hued backgrounds were all that could be seen. Everyone, even Calibur earlier on, could only stumble towards the light in the vast warped area. Eventually they managed to make it to a red and orange tinted endless beach with a constant setting sun, various stone pillars sticking out of the ground.

"Incredible," Ogawa said as he looked around, "This is the gap between worlds that leads to Avalon?"

"Seems so," Daishinji said as he tried to spot Calibur since he was sure the dark Rider was ahead of them, "Where…"

"I think we're close," Touma said as he managed to find a white glowing spot in the distance. He pointed forward, "I think it's that way."

"Wait a second," Daishinji quickly drew out Suzune and got in a defensive stance as he spotted something near the shore of the beach, "We aren't alone."

Approaching from the shore was a man in a black suit, his face obscured by the setting sun. Despite attempting to view his face, none of the three could, a dark shadow being cast over the upper half of his body. It seemed to be Calibur due to him dragging Kurayami across the sand with his right hand, the sword pulsing faintly. Oddly enough Calibur himself seemed to have a leather glove covering only his right hand.

"I applaud you for getting this far," The man said, his voice still distorted though just barely, "However, do you have what it takes to obtain power?"

Daishinji's ear twitched, since while the voice was still disguised he could tell something was off. Ogawa and Touma meanwhile readied themselves as they watched the man hold and open up Jaaku Dragon.


[It was only one God Beast which birthed the darkness that once enveloped the world…]


The man scanned the Jaaku Dragon Book on Kuryami before slotting it into his buckle, holding the blade with both hands before slamming the pommel of the hilt against the button of the buckle, opening up the Jaaku Dragon book.



The Jaaku Dragon Book appeared behind him before opening up, the dark purple Jaaku Dragon emerging and circling around the man. The man lifted his sword up, purple flames escaping the blade before slashing and slamming it against the ground as the dragon encircled him. In a flash of purple he soon gained the armor of the Swordsman of Darkness, Calibur.


[The jet-black sword that robs the light ruthlessly rules the dark dragon!]

"There he is," Touma said.

"Stand back and leave it to us!" Daishinji ordered as he and Ogawa stepped forward. He looked over at his ally, "No underestimating him."

"I don't plan on it," Ogawa said as he drew out Hayate, "Let's go."




Both Slash and Kenzan stood side by side before giving yells, rushing towards Calibur who kept a firm grip on his sword. Slash rushed in for a frontal slash while Kenzan flipped over the two, landing behind Calibur.

Calibur barely managed to kick Slash away before turning and blocking a dual slash from Kenzan, locking blades with the Swordsman of Wind.

"We'll be taking Jaaku Dragon," Slash said as he rushed to strike at Calibur again.

"Sorry to say but I'll be the one taking Brave Dragon," Calibur drew out Saiyuu Journey and scanned it while he was kept in the clash.



Kurayami was bathed in a purple aura as the shadows around Calibur warped before launching out and forming purple clouds. The dark clouds launched out and spiraled around him, managing to strike both Kenzan and Slash to force them back.

"Now then," Calibur began to move towards Touma before quickly turning and bracing with his blade against several energy bullets, sparks flying when a few got past his defenses and struck his body.

"You aren't getting anywhere near him," Slash said as he held Suzune in its gun mode, walking forward while firing at Calibur.

"This is pointless," Calibur said as he braced against the shots while moving closer to Slash.

"Not pointless," Kenzan said from behind as he leapt into the air, combining his blades into their Shuriken form and throwing it at Calibur.

Calibur turned in surprise, wincing at a few blasts from Suzune hitting him as he blocked against Hayate's shuriken form. He gave a yell as he gathered dark energy in his blade before slashing and deflecting it back.



"Be bound by the chains of darkness!" Calibur yelled out as he gathered dark energy before slashing at both Riders. The slashes of dark energy broke apart into plumes of smoke that snaked around both Slash and Kenzan, constricting their movements as they were soon brought to their knees before falling over.

"W-What is…?" Kenzan gasped as he struggled against the bindings.

"Calibur you coward…" Slash gave a gasp as he tried to use his position and minimal movement to try something.

"Now hand it over!" Calibur turned towards Touma and ran at him, "Give me Brave Dragon!"

"Not on your life!" Touma called out as he got in a defensive stance.

Sure enough being within the gap of worlds and both Dragon Books being close together was enough to cause them to resonate. Even if Brave Dragon wasn't active it still shined as bright as Jaaku Dragon as an invisible pulse knocked both Touma and Calibur away. Erupting from their Drivers were the Brave and Jaaku Dragons. Both Familiars of the Wonder Ride Books began to spiral around each other as they shot towards the light in the distance.

"The dazzling light and two dragons are overlapping!" Touma called out as he witnessed this.

They then began encircling the light and began to lower it before flashing, the flash turning the light and dragons into a bright white door with black smoky edges.

"Perfect," Calibur said as he got up, planning on leaving his opponents by themselves while he made a beeline for the portal to Avalon.


Slash had managed to grip his auxiliary Wonder Ride Book and slot it in Suzune's finisher slot before pressing the trigger. The resulting attack had shot a blast of sound at the ground that unleashed a colorful shockwave that raced through the immediate area. The limited attack had managed to fully break the dark bindings off of both him and Kenzan as a result.

"Touma get going!" Slash took aim and shot at Calibur, striking the Dark Rider and sending sparks flying. He then drew out Bremen-No Rock Band and slotted it in before continuing to fire forward, "Kenzan and I will handle things!"

"Are you sure?!" Touma asked.

"Leave it to us!" Kenzan said as he switched Hayate to its single blade mode and drew out Kobuta 3Kyodai.


Slash gave a yell as the Bremen-no Rock Band armament formed on his left arm before firing off multiple beams of energy towards Calibur.

"You'll be hearing my ultimate sound, Calibur!" He called out, "Go for it Kenzan!"

"Right," Kenzan said as he replaced his Wonder Ride Books before initiating his armament.


The three pig brothers launched out of the Wonder Ride Book that was opened on Hayate before slamming onto Kenzan's arm in puffs of smoke. The transformation had given him the bicep and forearm armor of Kobuta 3Kyoudai, the shield being a straw shield.

Kenzan wasted no time in initiating the finisher for the book, having studied up on how to better utilize the auxiliary book.


Kenzan leapt upwards before he shimmered and split into three, each holding a different shield from each other. The three Kenzan's launched towards Calibur in a burst of wind, flipping and slashing at him while dodging and blocking any counterattacks he might make. They were slowly but surely managing to overwhelm the dark Rider so well that they were landing decent hits in.


Slash had used the distraction to bring out his Gatrike Phone, tossing it towards Touma and having it transform into the Ride Gatriker.

"Use this to clear the distance!" Slash called out before rushing towards the battle between Kenzan and Calibur.

"Thank you! I promise I'll come back!" Touma called out as he mounted the Ride Gatriker before revving the engine and taking off across the sandy landscape. It didn't take long to clear the distance, Touma dismounting the bike and shifting it back to its phone more before rushing into the portal to Avalon. He could only hope that the others were fairing alright in their mission.

At the Kadingir ruins, everyone was staring at the cloud of dirt and dust that slowly faded away. The Nephilim's body was completely gone, and Medusa could be seen struggling to get up before falling on its back and exploding.

Legeiel could only scoff as he dismissed his transformation and weapon. He watched Tsubasa and Buster shine a bright gold as the death of Medusa meant the stone transformation would no longer take hold. He said nothing before turning away and walking off before disappearing.

Both Tsubasa and Buster gasped as they stumbled forward, losing their transformations as they tried to regain their bearings and recover from the attack.

"What… happened…?" Tsubasa gasped out as she fell to her hands and knees.

"What a terrifying experience," Genjuro admitted as he fell to a knee, before hearing something off and turning his head, "No way…"

Tsubasa glanced over as her eyes widened as well, "T-Tachibana…?"

Genjuro's eyes widened, "She went berserk again?!"

Hibiki let out pained metallic breaths as she began to look around, soon turning towards Ver who panicked and began to crawl away.

"Hibiki, stop this!" Rintaro called out as he managed to shakily stand, holding Nagare tightly in order to defend himself if necessary, "This isn't who you are!"

Hibiki turned towards Rintaro and gave a growl, slowly making her way towards him when several red energy arrows landed in front of her, catching her attention.

"Chris?" Rintaro asked in surprise.

"That's enough, idiot!" Chris called out as she had her crossbows primed and ready, despite this she didn't fire any further. She gritted her teeth as she hated this, she was the only one left to fight, Ver was likely to get away, and there was no telling what Kento would do.

"Chris, it's too dangerous!" Rintaro warned.

"Like what you're doing is any better?! I can at least still fight!" Chris called out before firing a few more arrows near Hibiki, "Come at me!"

Hibiki gave a roar and began charging at Chris, fully intent on fighting her.

Chris gritted her teeth as she took aim though her hands shook, "That's enough-"


The Lamp Do Alangina quickly materialized behind Hibiki and grabbed her with both of its hands to keep her in place.

"What?" Chris turned to see Espada walking over to her, "You…"

"I know you can't trust me but right now you don't have many options!" Espada called out as he pointed his sword at Hibiki, "I can't just leave you alone to her rampage… it wouldn't feel right."

"Huh," Chris blinked a few times before she readied herself, "Fine then."

Hibiki roared, unleashing a black burst of energy that forced the Lamp Do Alangina to let go. She then kicked off of its body and launched towards Espada.


A phoenix suddenly shot downwards and slammed into the ground between Rider and Berserker, Hibiki's clawed hand clashing against Mumeiken Kyomu as Falchion had interrupted the attack.

"You again," Espada said in surprise.

Falchion turned her head back and gave a nod before giving a grunt and swinging forward, managing to force Hibiki backwards with her swing.

"You seriously need to make up your mind," Chris said, looking at her next unlikely teammate in Falchion before glancing at Espada and the current situation, "Can't say I have any right to complain though."

"If we're going to survive this…" Espada slotted in Needle Hedgehog before drawing out his sword.


Electric hedgehog spines circled around him as he raised his sword up high, the spines slamming into his chest and legs and forming the Hedgehog Armoring that allowed him to utilize his second Two Book combo, Lamp Do Hedgehog.


[The wish for the genie that appeared when I rubbed it was a prickly armor!]

Espada stood in his Two Book combo alongside Falchion and Chris, the trio staring down the berserk Hibiki while Rintaro, Tsubasa and Genjuro could only watch.

Touma was admittedly surprised to see how little Avalon actually seemed to be upon first glance. The area he entered was nothing but a bright white void. Touma had to cover his eyes at first with his arm as they adjusted to the light before glancing around.

"Is this Avalon…?" Touma asked, "There's nothing here."

"There is nothing, if you believe so. There is something, if you believe so."

These words were spoken by a man nearby, his appearance blurred by the light as he had on a light tan cloak and hood.

Touma turned in surprise, "Who?"

"Stop seeking the great power," The man warned.

"I need that power," Touma protested.

The man did not relent, "Stop searching. Stop looking. Stop-"

"I want to help save the world!" Touma shouted before gripping his Swordriver, "To do that, I have to restore this sword to normal!"

"Stop searching! Stop searching! Stop searching! Stop searching!" The man repeated with increased hostility.

"Where is it!?" Touma called out in frustration as he rushed forward, "Tell me where!"

The man said nothing as he stayed in place, watching Touma wander around without a clue.

Touma stopped and took a deep breath as he looked around, "Where is it?"

"Nowhere if you believe it so, somewhere if you do," The man stated, remixing his words from earlier.

Touma was about to continue fruitlessly asking before he paused, "It will be there if I believe so…"

Closing his eyes, Touma was soon surrounded by a black void, it seemingly reflecting his actions. He kept his eyes shut as a Wonder Ride Book that shined a bright gold flashed in front of him before fading. It then flashed behind him before fading again. It then stopped in front of Touma, the light radiating off of it touching the Rider of Flames face and giving him a warm sensation. He said nothing as he grabbed the book in front of him without looking, his eyes opening once he took hold as he was back in the white void.

The book was a metallic dull blue, the title King of Arthur on it as the cover held a large sword stuck into the ground.

"Now begins the trial as to whether you're truly worthy of it!" The man stated.

Touma barely had a chance to react as his surroundings suddenly changed, finding himself in the interior of ruined stone buildings. Strange clattering could be heard alongside shuffling as he quickly turned towards the source. Strange black knight-styled armor with gold trimming and a blank visor was sitting on the floor nearby. Its armor wasn't complete however as it had no bodysuit beneath it to hold it together, instead starting to come together on its own.

The gaps of the black knight began to combust in blue flame, its visor turning a bright blue as it began to stand up. Flames covered up any gaps that showed what was underneath as it gathered flames in its hands before forming a sword out of the fire and sending slashes of fire forward.

Touma gave a gasp as he jumped away, landing on a lower level of the ruins as he was on a ledge with a short hop down towards the ground floor. Touma quickly drew out King of Arthur, opening it up as he began backing away from the approaching black knight.


[A certain knight king swings down the sword of poetic justice…]

Touma activated and slotted in Brave Dragon into his Driver, no sound still playing. When he slotted King of Arthur into the story slot however, a blue flash occurred as the breaking of metal could be heard. It wasn't long before the standby jingle began to occur, Touma gripping Rekka tightly as he heard this.

The black knight held its fiery sword forward before reeling it back, throwing his arm forward to launch more fiery slashes out at Touma.


"Henshin!" Touma called out as he swung his sword forward, orange flames erupting all around him and deflecting the blue fiery slashes to the sides.

[When the two books stack, the sacred sword gains power!]


The flames began to subside as Saber was now standing before the black knight with his new form. He had gained blue metallic armoring on his left arm and bicep, his shoulder having a blue face with a gold mask that held red eyes. He didn't seem to get any extra part of his helmet but he did get a silver coattail hanging out from beneath his belt.

But that wasn't all as Saber now held a new weapon in his hand, it being a triangular metallic blue and silver bladed sword known as the Kingexcalibur. Oddly enough the Kingexcalibur was odd in structure as well, seemingly having been folded into a sword from something else. Saber didn't seem to notice this though as he prepared himself for the approaching black knight.

The black knight gave a metallic screech as it began sending fire slash after fire slash at Saber.


Saber easily batted away the flames with his new sword, the Kingexcalibur glowing in power each time it was swung as it made the same announcement. Saber then spun, fire gathering in Kaenken Rekka as Kingexcalibur shined brilliantly.


The black knight could only screech out as Saber sent out two slashes from his blades towards it. It swung its sword of flames to try and bat the slashes away only to clash against them. It wasn't long before its sword of fire was dispersed and it was struck by both attacks. Its armor shattered while its inner fiery body dispersed.

"This is King of Arthur's power?" Saber asked as he let his weapons and transformation fade, drawing out King of Arthur and staring at it, "That felt stronger than Dragon Eagle… it almost feels like it has the overwhelming power of Crimson Saber but without the strain."

A whirring noise caught Touma's attention causing him to turn, a blank and large silver Ride Book launching out at him before he caught it in both hands. In that instant Touma was returned to the white void he started in.

"It's up to you to draw on the true power of these tomes," The mysterious man said, "Let us meet again, once you have unlocked their true power."

Touma could only give a gasp as he was ejected from the void.

Hibiki roared as she charged forward, Falchion taking the lead and slashing at the berserker Gungnir Wielder who surprisingly dodged out of the way by leaping up into the air.

Espada quickly used his lightning fast speed to launch upwards, swinging Ikazuchi to force Hibiki to attack first. Hibiki swung her clawed hand, clashing with the blade of thunder before an electrical burst was unleashed that sent both combatants backwards.

"Hey, why did she do that?" Chris questioned as she saw this, "She completely ignored our third guy."

"Hmm," Espada flipped and skidded near Chris before readying his blade, "That is odd."

Falchion meanwhile rushed for Hibiki again, trying to slash at the beast of Gungnir only for the berserker to flip over her and rush towards Espada and Chris.

"There she does it again!" Chris called out as she began firing arrows at Hibiki's legs to force her to dodge and slow down, managing to do so slightly. That was until the berserker leapt into the air and launched downwards at both Espada and Chris, the two quickly rolling out of the way as the berserk Hibiki crashed against the ground.

"This isn't good," Tsubasa gave a wince as she tried to stand but could only settle for kneeling, "And we cannot do anything but watch…"

"Unfortunately we're still recovering from that stone gaze," Genjuro gave a grunt before noticing something, "Why is Hibiki avoiding Falchion? Her current state shouldn't allow for such precise thinking."

"You're right," Tsubasa said before her eyes widened, recalling what had happened at Kadingir, "Yukine! Try and hold down Tachibana! You need to keep her held down for Falchion!"

"That's easier said than done!" Chris called out as she inwardly cursed and moved backwards to avoid another strike from Hibiki. Her entire portfolio was heavy artillery, so trying anything other than stalling her movements with her arrows was a no go.

"Then allow me!" Espada called out as he pressed down on both of his books.


Espada leapt upwards into the air before gathering electrical spikes in his sword, swinging them downwards as they rained down at incredible speeds. The spikes struck all around Hibiki to trap her in a circle. It wasn't long before the embedded spikes would shine brightly, unleashing small Lamp Do Alangina's from the tips of the spikes. The miniature Alangina's held their arms out as they all began grabbing onto the berserk Wielder's arms and legs.

"Do whatever you're planning now!" Espada called out as he held Ikazuchi out with both hands, using a physical stance to better control his miniature Familiars. He winced as he could tell how hard the berserk Hibiki was struggling against his ensnarement.

Falchion quickly leapt over the beast of Gungnir before standing face to face with her. She then raised Kyomu before slashing downwards, the pitch black blade clashing against the shadows wrapping around the Gungnir Wielder.


The emblem on Kyomu began to shine brightly as Hibiki's berserk state began to shimmer and destabilize just like before. Hibiki could only roar out with a yell as white light began erupting from the black shadows casted over her body. A white pillar of light erupted as a small explosive force dug a crater around the two, the ensnarement that Espada had set up being destroyed in the process.

As the light faded, Falchion was currently holding onto an unconscious Hibiki who had lost her transformation and was back to her school uniform. Falchion gently set Hibiki down before slotting Kyomu within the Bladriver.

'Don't Die! Open your eyes! Don't give up on living!'

Falchion gave a soft groan as she held her head, a sudden pulse entering through her as her brief clash to stop the berserk Hibiki allowed her to resonate with Gungnir once more. Flashes of another life entered her mind, seeing the same girl before her but in a bloody mess.

"Hey," Chris said as she walked over, noticing this, "Are you okay?"

Falchion shook her head before summoning fiery wings, launching off into the night sky.

"Of course you ditch us again," Chris groaned out.

Espada meanwhile was surveying the area, noticing that Dr. Ver had run off in all the commotion. He wasn't surprised really and he just hoped the doctor wasn't stupid to head straight back to the ship. But he also knew that Section 2's concern would likely to be with Hibiki so that gave him some solace. He went to walk away while dismissing his transformation, planning on leaving now that the battle was clearly over.

"Kento," Rintaro spoke up as he tried to catch his former ally's attention.

"Despite my colleague's insufferable nature," Kento spoke up, "Maria and the others have the best for humanity in mind. I'm merely offering my help to them in order to make sure we have some chance for survival."

"I see…" Rintaro said before turning to go and check on Hibiki.

Kento opened up Lamp Do Alangina, summoning a flying carpet for him to stand on as he flew off into the night.

Rintaro meanwhile met up with Chris, alongside a better recovered Tsubasa and Genjuro. Of course due to the latter two not seeing what happened, they weren't as in shock as Rintaro and Chris were.

"H-Her arm…" Rintaro trailed as he laid eyes on Hibiki's unconscious form, the Gungnir Wielder's left arm being fully intact, 'I assumed it was her power manifesting into the shape of an arm… but no it was complete regeneration…?'

"Just what the hell is going on?" Chris asked before gripping her fists tightly.

Watching everyone from high up in the ruins of Kadingir was Storious who had his arms crossed. He had a neutral look as he watched everything take place.

"She's just like us but not at the same time…" Storious remarked as he eyed the unconscious Hibiki, "That would be her undoing… if this was truly her end. No, she's far more embedded into this story than anyone would think."

Calibur gave a grunt as he was sent staggering back from the combined attacks of Kenzan and Slash, the two Riders managing to keep up with Calibur due to their skill level. The dark Rider was ready to walk forward when he suddenly stopped, the beach starting to waver slightly as the area became distorted.

"Seems like it's time to leave," Calibur said as he went to walk off.

"Calibur… just what even is your goal?" Slash muttered as he stayed on guard, him and Kenzan watching the Swordsman of Darkness walk off into the wavering beach.

"Was Touma successful?" Kenzan asked as he looked around.

"Guys, are you alright?!" Touma called out as he hurried over, both books still in hand as the two Riders dismissed their transformations.

"We are," Daishinji said as he turned, "Calibur fled."

"I see, that's good," Touma gave a sigh of relief.

"So you've gained the power of Avalon?" Ogawa asked.

"Somewhat," Touma admitted as he held both books up, "The guy guarding it said it was up to me to unlock the true power of both of these. But I was able to use it to unseal Kaenken Rekka."

"Good," Daishinji said before looking around, "We should take our leave then."

"Right," Ogawa and Touma both said as the three walked off.

Kento had made sure to dismiss his armor and carpet summon after a while of flying around in circles. Slowly but surely making his way back towards the FIS Air Carrier. Eventually he made it but something seemed off, none of the usual suspects were around in the form of the Megid.

"So they're likely at their own bases…" Kento muttered as he entered though noticed it was quieter than normal, "What's…" he walked forward before entering a room and stopping in surprise.

He had stopped in a room with one of the beds pulled out, Nastassja lying on the bed and unconscious with Maria sitting nearby.

"Oh… Kento?" Maria looked up.

"Hey, what happened?" Kento asked as he hurried over.

"Her condition's getting worse," Maria said as she glanced over at Nastassja, "I performed emergency first aid but I'm not sure how well that'll help."

"And the others…?" Kento asked.

"Kirika and Shirabe are trying to find the doctor," Maria explained, "I didn't want to worry you so I didn't try and call you back from the fight. Though from the way things went from what little I saw, I'm sure you had your hands full."

"I sure did," Kento gave a light chuckle as he went to lean against the wall. He looked over at Maria however, noticing she still seemed troubled, "Is something wrong?"

"It's… it's nothing…" Maria shook her head, not wanting to bother Kento with her own inner issues.

"Come on, we're friends aren't we?" Kento asked, "It might be best to get it off your chest."

"I…" Maria started but went silent, not wanting to really speak what was on her mind but thought of another way to go about it, "I was wondering… given the Megid and what they've done… how is it you still think you're doing the right thing? Especially given what you saw?"

"Oh," Kento said before sighing and rubbing the back of his head, he couldn't just say what his real mission was. Especially given that Maria was the apparent reincarnation of Finé, "It's just well… this is going to sound stupid…"

"Try me," Maria said.

"When it comes to our colleagues, the Megid Leaders, Calibur, even Ver… I could care less about doing this for them," Kento explained, "The reason I'm doing this is to help you all, there's an actual threat and despite the way you all are going about it you want to genuinely help and have a means to do so."

"Really…?" Maria asked in surprise.

"Really," Kento smiled before continuing, "At first it was simply a mission given to me by Calibur… but over time it became less about that. After interacting with you all, and eventually learning about the bigger picture, I figured that despite the dubious nature of colleagues that I can still do some good."

"I see," Maria said before closing her eyes, "Thank you, Kento."

"It's what I'm here for," Kento said, "I promised I'd help you and I plan on doing just that."

Falchion gave a gasp as she shot onto one of the balconies of the castle that was Master Logos' residence. Managing to land in a quick fireball burst before her transformation faded.

"Falchion," Ryoga said as he walked over, having been informed by Master Logos of the Rider's return to their base, "Is everything alright? You've returned so soon."

"I simply felt the need to return and report, especially after a tough battle like that," Kanade shook her head a bit as she straightened up before walking past Ryoga, "I've obtained more specific details on the current battle being waged."

"I see," Ryoga said as he narrowed his eyes, "Just make sure you report immediately."

"Of course," Kanade said as she began to head deeper inside the castle, of course she was planning on heading to her room first before all that. She gave a light groan as she grasped her head for a few seconds before shaking it and walking forward.

"Kanade, are you alright?" Reika asked as she walked over, "I was told you were returning in a hurry, did something happen?"

"I had a tough fight," Kanade said, "That's all."

"Something's bothering you," Reika held a bored stare as she said this, "I told you to let me know if anything was wrong."

"It's nothing that big, just some annoying fuzzy thoughts is all," Kanade said as she went to walk past Reika only for her shoulder to get grabbed, "It's nothing…"

"I know it's tough ending up as a blank slate," Reika said as she kept a firm grip on her ally, "But you shouldn't pursue those thoughts. They'll do nothing but cause you pain."

"Right…" Kanade shifted her shoulder to force Reika to let go before walking off.

Hibiki had been taken back to Section 2's emergency room to get a medical checkup after going berserk. Though it was also mostly to see exactly what the deal with her now new arm was since that defied all logic. Hibiki herself was currently in a deep sleep, though it wasn't a pleasant one.

"Huh? Where are the others?"

She found herself traversing old unpleasant memories that had happened for a good while after the Zwei Wing Incident.

"Oh, this again? It's been so long since I had this dream."

Her classmates would mock and gossip about her while they'd constantly rub it in her face that she survived while everyone else died.

But that was never the worst of it, going home was possibly the worst part of it all…

"I just wanted to get through rehab and go back to my old self so my family would be happy, but…"



'Only you survived!'

The signs that were plastered, the rocks that were thrown, and all the hate filled yelling. Despite coming home and hoping everything would be alright, it usually never was.

One of her only solaces was Touma and his family, the family having opened up Fantastic Bookstore Kamiyama during her time in rehab. Despite some heckling being done there, both of Touma's parents were high profile enough to make sure no one messed with them. So it became a habit for her to often go to the bookstore just to hang out with Touma and Miku, the three reading and delving deep into stories to keep her distracted from the ugliness of the world around her.

Hibiki couldn't help but feel some relief at those particular memories amongst the others as they began to fade away, her eyes fluttering open as she focused her vision. She turned, soon seeing a 'get well soon' note from Miku and Touma, alongside a book that was considered Miku's favorite, One Thousand and One Nights.

'Is what I'm doing just hypocrisy, like Shirabe said? Though I try my hardest to bring happiness, will I just bring pain and sadness to others in turn?'

Her thoughts drifted back to more somber ones despite her friends' encouragement. That was when she felt something odd, sitting up and touching something near her scar. It was a black almost rock-like substance that fell off.

"Huh?" Hibiki was confused, "A scab?"

The next day everything had settled down for a bit, Hibiki had been released after her medical check and been cleared to head back to school. Touma meanwhile was currently in Section 2's base in Daishinji's Lab, awaiting the results of the Swordsman of Sound's tests on the books he claimed. Sophia and Rintaro were also present though they were a lot more reserved than usual, the two glancing at each other often while looking over at Touma whenever he wasn't aware.

Touma meanwhile was currently mulling on what had happened the prior night due to the fact the testing wasn't done just quite yet. Needless to say from the reports he heard, he all but tried to rush in to check on Hibiki due to his bad feelings during his mission. But given how late it was getting at that point, the most he settled for was to add to Miku's note as a combined "Get Well" gift. After that all he could do was head home and leave the books he earned with Daishinji, which was why he was back today.

A hum was heard from the machinery as Daishinji removed both the large Blank Ride Book and King of Arthur Ride Book.

"This untitled book couldn't be analyzed…" Daishinji sighed as he held up the blank book in his hand.

"What about the other one?" Touma asked.

"King of Arthur…" Daishinji trailed as he looked over at the smaller book in his other hand, "This Ridebook contains immeasurably tremendous power…"

"I figured…" Touma gave a nod.

"What's wrong?" Daishinji asked as he held out King of Arthur.

"No, it's just… when I used it, it felt like it could easily surpass both of my two book combo's," Touma said as he went to take King of Arthur back, "It feels like it has power comparable to a Wonder Combo but without the strain."

"It's that powerful?" Rintaro asked in surprise.

"I was also told I had to unlock their true power…" Touma said, "Though I'm not sure how I can even begin to do so."

"Taking things one step at a time would probably be best," Sophia suggested.

"Yes, I would suggest getting a handle on King of Arthur's power," Daishinji said, "While I know you can handle it, practicing with it and utilizing it in combat may help you fully unlock its power. And that in turn might be the key to unlocking this new book."

"I'll try my best," Touma reassured, "Do you think that me unlocking King of Arthur's power will allow the new book to be unlocked?"

"Only time will tell," Daishinji said as he placed the blank Ride Book on a scanner and began working on analyzing it in different ways, "If all goes well I might be able to use it as a base due to its size. See if I can create new Ridebooks by adding in new samples or combining prior books powers."

"You're certainly impressive Daishinji," Rintaro smiled, "You'll definitely be on par with your ancestors in no time."

"Please, I'm not that great," Daishinji waved off the praise as he went over and picked up two items, one was the Gattrike Phone but the other was a Ride Book with a brown cover, having a warp hole-styled cover with the label 'Book Gate' on it, "I've yet to create something as finely crafted as the Gatrikephone, or figure out how to utilize the Book Gate… not to mention trying to figure out how to fully maintain the Symphogears…"

"Hey there's no need to put yourself down," Touma encouraged, "I mean you helped me find a way to unseal my sword, right?"

"Touma is right," Rintaro gave a nod, "I'm sure you'll make many great things in the future. Some that I'm sure your ancestors will be proud of."

"Seems like they've outvoted your humble nature," Sophia chuckled.

"I suppose so," Daishinji gave a chuckle but frowned, recalling the previous night after Touma had left, "We just need to make sure we work hard from here on out."

Sophia noticed the tone shift and looked over at the other swordsmen, "Saber, Blades, the both of you are free to do what you want for the day. We've yet to find Dr. Ver after his escape alongside anyone else from the FIS. Take this time to relax and we'll call you if something comes up."

"Sounds good to me," Touma said before giving a stretch, "I might stop by Lydian and see how Hibiki's doing."

Rintaro meanwhile glanced over at Sophia who gave a nod. He then cleared his throat, "Excuse me, Touma."

"Huh, what is it?" Touma turned and looked over to his friend.

"I was wondering if you could join me for a bit, there's… something I'd like to partake in," Rintaro admitted, not sure exactly how to word it.

"Oh, what's that?" Touma asked.

"Just follow me," Rintaro said as he walked past Touma to lead the way, the future novelist giving a yelp as he went to quickly catch up after Rintaro.

Sophia and Daishinji could only look at the departing Riders before looking at each other, recalling the previous night.

Genjuro and Sophia had met with Tsubasa and Rintaro. Daishinji was nearby, sitting down with his face covered by his hands and his head lowered significantly. The five were currently in a lounge area, though the lights currently weren't on due to the late nature of their meeting.

Both Tsubasa and Rintaro were looking at a small glass case, in it was a black rock with gold rocks growing out of it.

"What is it?" Tsubasa asked.

"It looks like some strange rock," Rintaro noted.

"It was part of Hibiki's bodily tissue that we collected during her medical checkup," Genjuro answered.

"E-Excuse me…?" Rintaro stammered as he looked at the piece of rock in the case, "That was part of Hibiki?"

Genjuro responded by holding up an x-ray sheet, showcasing various unnatural veins running through Hibiki's body. Rintaro had to take a step back when he saw this, he had seen a few x-rays before due to the danger in his job, but never had he seen one as horrific as this.

"Are… those the fragments of Gungnir in her chest?" Tsubasa guessed.

"Her repeated use of the artifact by breaking it into energy and reconstructing it as her Symphogear has caused it to further spread through her body," Genjuro explained.

"The fusion of a human body and a relic…" Tsubasa trailed.

"That is the source of the explosive power wielded by Hibiki," Genjuro said.

"That power is so great it surpasses that of any Attuned or Rider we know of," Sophia added.

"what kind of effect will this fusion have on her body?" Tsubasa asked.

"Finé said something like this before…" Rintaro trailed, "And she had also done something like this too, correct? So it would stand to reason that…"

"Nothing good will come of it," Daishinji finally spoke up, his voice strained as he tried to keep his emotions in check.

"It will kill her before long," Genjuro confirmed with a frown.

"No way…" Rintaro trailed as he quickly went to take a seat on the couch nearby, trying to calm down, "Hibiki's…."

"Tachibana's… going to die?" Tsubasa finished her fellow blue swordsman's thoughts, "It can't be!"

"Even if she lives, should the relic continue to fuse with her body, can we say she will still live on as a human?" Genjuro asked.

"Just like the Megid…" Daishinji whispered to himself.

"It's ironic," Genjuro admitted, "It was only because she went berserk that we found out her life was in grave danger."

"Tachibana is broken…" Tsubasa realized, "Just like the Moon…"

"The FIS may make grand promises to save the world from the fall of the Moon, but they are using Noise to endanger human lives," Genjuro said, "Not to mention their alliance with Calibur and the Megid."

"We can't just let them do as they please," Sophia said.

"But… without Hibiki, how much can we do to stop them?" Genjuro asked, while they did have a numerous amount of fighters, cutting out Hibiki definitely lowered their firepower.

"Even so, we can't let Tachibana fight anymore," Tsubasa said, "Any threats that come our way will meet the point of my sentinel's sword."

"At the very least we've gotten Saber back," Sophia said, trying to bring some positivity into the room, "Alongside obtaining new Wonder Ride Books."

"O-Oh no…" Rintaro realized before standing up in shock, "How… how is Touma going to handle this? What do we even tell him?"

Tsubasa stayed silent, realizing that this news would completely crush Touma. Genjuro and Sophia stayed silent as well, the two unsure of what answer to give other than simply lie.

"It's simple," Daishinji said as he stood up, "We tell him the truth. After everything he's been through with her… he deserves to know just like the rest of us."

"This isn't going to be pretty in the next few hours," Daishinji sighed as he went to sit down.

"Given their relation to each other… I can't help but agree," Sophia gave a nod, "But you are right about what you said."

"I am… but he's not going to take it well…" Daishinji said as he put his hands to his forehead.

"How's your other research been going?" Sophia asked.

"Inconclusive," Daishinji sighed in frustration, "Nothing I've been able to find has given me any hints that can help her…"

"I see…" Sophia muttered.

"Now then…"

Storious was currently at the ruins of Kadingir where the confrontation against Ver and the Nephilim had been held. He paid no mind to the raspy gasps and grunts that were occurring, knowing that Ver was still in the area as the scientist was laying low but also searching for something.

The Megid of stories began to look around further and further before finding a small cave, a pulsing beat being faintly heard. He gave a smile as he approached, holding up a blank Ride Book while grasping and holding several blackened books in his free hand.

"Nephilim… your devouring and controlling nature will be of great use to me in the future…" Storious gave a smile as he pressed the blank Ride Book against the Nephilim's heart. He then began to drop the blackened books, all of them turning red before disintegrating into ashes that began entering the blank book. The blank book began to resonate with the Nephilim's heart, the heart itself shining a bright red briefly.


The blank book had turned into a blackened book but this time it had a title, holding the word Nephilim in the usual Megid font on the top.

"This will do…" Storious smiled before hearing a scream as someone fell nearby. He gave a smirk as he vanished from the area, disappearing before Ver suddenly came into view.

Ver yelled out as he slammed against the ground, going to reach for Solomon's Cane before suddenly catching sight of the Nephilim's heart. He gave a maniacal grin as he softly cackled, crawling towards it and grabbing the still intact heart.

"So it was here all along! As long as I have this, I am a hero!" Ver said with glee as he grabbed Solomon's Cane before heading off, he could still salvage his plan.

The apple floated in the sky…

The apple dropped to the ground…

The stars are born, and the songs are born

The Lulu Amelu smiled for eternity

The stars kiss the songs to sleep

In the FIS Air Carrier, Maria was currently singing softly as she did all she could for Nastassja at the moment. Kento was leaning on a nearby wall, listening to the song but his eyes wandered when he saw movement, Nastassja had managed to wake up and was doing much better than what he had seen the previous night.

'She's a good girl, and it's not just Maria. I'm trying to make those three gentle girls carry my cross,' Nastassja thought as she began to sit up, 'Maybe I… am in the wrong.'

Kento turned and gave a silent wave, not wanting to interrupt Maria's current train of thought. Nastassja gave a simple nod before glancing to the front of her, the communications link starting to light up as the screen went active.

Where will they call home…?

Where will they call home…?

The apple dropped to the ground…

The apple floated in the sky…

"It's me," Nastassja spoke up once communications were established.

"C-Could that… Could that be you, Mom?" Kirika's voice came through.

"How are you doing?" Shirabe's voice came through next.

"I was able to get through the worst of it thanks to Maria's care," Nastassja said.

"Thank goodness," Shirabe said in relief.

"Yeah," Kirika agreed, "A-Anyway, Mom, I know you said to stand by, but we ended up having to-"

"I understand," Nastassja interrupted, "Maria's orders, right?"

"The only one who can figure out what's wrong with you is the doctor," Shirabe started, "But we haven't been able to get in touch with him."

"Has he really been silent all this time?" Kento asked.

"Kento, you managed to make it back safely, dess!" Kirika called out.

"Of course, who do you think you're talking to?" Kento asked with a proud voice.

"Getting back on track, yes he has…" Shirabe confirmed, "It's made it annoying to try and find him."

"Regardless, thank you, you two," Nastassja said, "Let me know when you're able to reach him. I will send you the rendezvous point."

"Roger that, dess!" Kirika called out before cutting communications.

Calibur was currently outside the FIS Air Carrier, leaning against the ship itself. He had arrived back in the morning and received a firsthand report from Kento about the situation. Of course that also meant Kento giving him the Tenkuu no Pegasus Wonder Ride Book. He looked up when he heard footsteps, watching Storious walk over.

"You seem happy," Calibur noted.

"I am," Storious smiled as he walked over before his face went into a neutral expression, "Though from your tone you don't sound as pleased…"

"You could say that," Calibur said.

"Was the power of Avalon not to your liking?" Storious asked.

"Saber was the one who received it," Calibur explained.

"How unfortunate," Storious frowned.

"It remains to be seen whether he can truly wield the great power," Calibur added.

"That sounds rather fun," Storious said as he perked up somewhat, "Things have been getting interesting here while you were out, too."

"You can say that again," A voice said as Desast stepped out of the shadows, "So much so that I'm ready to rumble."

"Now, now Desast you know that's not up to you," Storious said with a coy smile.

"You're to stay here for now," Calibur turned towards the chimera Megid, "I want to make sure our base of operations is kept safe for the time being."

"Again with the stupid guard duty," Desast groaned as he turned and began to pace around, "When are you going to let me run wild?"

"Not now," Calibur said, "I don't need you making things more difficult."

"Fine…" Desast said with a click of his tongue.

"Rintaro… you've been pretty quiet, even while eating," Touma said.

"I-Is that so, Touma?" Rintaro asked.

The two were currently walking along the city streets, Rintaro having invited Touma out for lunch to try and break the news about Hibiki afterwards. Despite this, the Swordsman of Water was having an understandably tough time in trying to do so.

"Yeah, is something wrong?" Touma asked.

"I… it's just…" Rintaro trailed, "It's about Hibiki…"

"What about Hibiki?" Touma asked.

"Well… it's about… it's that she's…" Rintaro wasn't sure how to word it, "It's about what h-"


The two were caught off guard by an explosion happening nearby. The two looked at each other before nodding, the two prepping their Swordrivers before rushing off towards the scene. Rintaro was slightly relieved since he wasn't sure how he was going to even tell Touma, meanwhile Touma was just concerned with what might have just caused the explosion.

"Wh-What?! Why are you here?!"

The two heard the familiar sound of Ver's voice yelling out before they turned a corner, soon seeing what was going on. Rintaro's heart began to race as he saw Hibiki alongside Miku and their three friends. This was especially the case when a Noise launched forward, Hibiki getting in front of her friends and rushing forward while chanting out.

"~Balwisyall nescell Gungnir troooooOOOOON!~"


Hibiki had somehow managed to punch the Noise directly without transforming. Despite touching it, she wasn't disintegrated in the slightest either.

"Hibiki?!" Miku called out.

"Wait, what?!" Touma questioned as his eyes widened.

"She touched the Noise… without transforming?!" Ver asked in shock.

"Impossible…" Rintaro stared in shock before shaking his head, remembering Hibiki's condition, "No wait… is this?"

In flashes of orange light, Hibiki donned her Gungnir Symphogear armor, giving a mighty yell as she disintegrated the Noise with her punch. The shockwave from the punch shook the area as Hibiki clenched her right fist, raising it up.

"This fist… My life…" She called out with a glare towards Ver, "They are my Symphogear!"

To Be Continued…


"There he is!"

"Special Guest Stars…?"



"Now, enjoy your hell..."

"You aren't going anywhere near Touma!"

"Did… did she…"

"They transformed…"

"Do as your God commands you!"

"How dare you…"

"And thus the heroes fall…"

"You were defeated before."

"We can't let it end here."




[RELEASES: 04/30/2023]

Author's Note's: Huh, feels like Touma gets lucky from time to time compared to everyone else when it comes to things. I mean he unlocked his sword and got a new book and form to boot, meanwhile Hibiki uh… a lot has happened to Hibiki and it's not going to get better anytime soon.

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