Sympho-Saber: Song of Swords

G: EP10 – Convictions of Rider and Wielder

Maria was currently looking down at the situation from above in the FIS Air Ship alongside Ver and Calibur.

"You made her use the Shénshòujìng to form a Gear?" Nastassja's voice was heard as the floor on the co-pilot seat near Maria began to retract, it opening up as Nastassja soon emerged from the lower floors to join the others.

"Mom, you should be in bed!" Maria insisted.

"Though we require that relic to lift the seal, it also possesses the power to lead men astray," Nastassja continued despite Maria's concern, she gave a stern look towards Ver, "This is doubtlessly your doing, doctor!"

"I simply used it when the time seemed fit," Ver gave a satisfied look, "That girl Maria and Kento brought back is apparently an old friend of Human-Relic Fusion Specimen One and Saber."

"Lydian's students were all carefully selected for their potential to be Symphogear users," Nastassja said, "So you put her under the influence of your LiNKER and then forced her to fight without even knowing what was happening."

"No, no, no, that's not quite right," Ver could only give a smug grin as he placed a finger on his temple, "If only it were that easy to sync someone with a Symphogear using LiNKER alone. Were that so, we could effortlessly mass-produce Symphogear Wielders."

Nastassja could only stare in surprise at this, "Then how did you get her to…?"

Ver turned to face Nastassja immediately, "LOVE!"

"What does love have to do with it?!" Nastassja questioned further.

"She harbors some regrets about both of her friends, especially the girl," Ver mentioned, "Her wish, more than anything else, was for that girl to not fight anymore. The LiNKER simply conveyed that wish to the Shénshòujìng. It worked so perfectly, I could hardly believe it!"

"Love… you say?" Calibur mused.

Everyone could only stare in stunned silence as the leg armoring of Miku's Gear began to open up and deploy, allowing her to hover off the ground. Two black straps with mirror-like pieces at the ends of them formed from the armor on her arms. She then held her right hand to the side, a large fan-like blade being called to her hand as she gripped it tightly. There was a strange whirring sound as Miku soon yelled out.

"M-Miku…?" Blades managed to sputter out.

"Kohinata?" Tsubasa asked.

"Why does she look like that?" Chris questioned.

"You're really asking that question?" Desast asked causing the gun wielding Symphogear Wielder to look towards him, "I'm sure you all knew by now that we had her…"

"…" Saber stayed silent as he tightened his grip on Rekka.

"She's just a disposable Symphogear user driven into battle by LiNKER," Shirabe spoke up, "She was prepared even more hastily than we were, so she must be fragile."

"That's likely the case… yes…" Kento gave a nod as he kept his guard up.

"Those bastards…" Chris hissed out.

"I have located Kohinata Miku," Tsubasa addressed her comm link, "She's fine."

"Tsubasa," Blades turned towards his ally in near shock, "I do not believe this situation counts as fine…"

"Exactly, does that look "fine" to you?!" Chris called out in agreement, "How are we gonna explain this to that dummy?!"

"…um," Rintaro gave a few coughs as he already knew that Hibiki could see and hear them since he was more than certain Section 2 had visual and communications going strong.

To say everyone in Section 2 was stunned was an understatement. Both the Commanders alongside Hibiki had some relief that Miku was alright, but this wasn't how they wanted to find out. Daishinji had just entered after getting done with some repairs, his response being the same as the others.

"This is too cruel…" Sophia spoke up as she held her hands over her mouth.

"Hibiki…" Aoi glanced back to see Hibiki still in a speechless state.

"The FIS went too far," Sakuya said.

"Just what the hell were they thinking?" Daishinji questioned.

Everyone's attention was caught when an audible breath could be heard, it coming from someone who hadn't spoken in a bit.


Saber had spoken up and began to step forward, "Miku!"

Miku's dull eyes didn't seem to react though she did turn towards Saber.

"Miku, I'm glad you made it out of there alright," Saber said as he began to walk forward, he knew that he didn't seem to be getting a reaction out of her, "Are you really going to fight against us?"


"Miku," Saber spoke up again as he began to pick up his pace, "I promise we'll bring you back safe and sound! So wait for us!"

Miku didn't respond again, her visor shutting as she lifted off the ground further before launching herself towards Saber.

"Damn it you two shouldn't be fighting!" Chris yelled out as she quickly shoved Shirabe over to Blades, "Take care of her, I'll handle this fight!"

"O-of course!" Blades called out as he managed to hurry over and catch Shirabe, though he merely held onto her when he saw that she was still in no shape to be resisting.

Chris crossed her arms, bringing out her crossbows and running after Saber in order to interfere in the fight. Miku fired a blast from her weapon, Saber spinning to the side while Chris leapt over it. Saber gave a yell as he went to slash at Miku to disarm her only for her to simply glide past him.

"Huh?" Saber turned in surprise, 'Did she just ignore me?'

Chris aimed her crossbows at Miku, extending them further to add even more energy bolts to her attacks.


Energy bolts rained down upon Miku, though the Shénshòujìng user merely used her Gear's high speed and hovering capabilities to dodge all of them. She leapt higher onto the ship before jumping off and flying across the water, Chris immediately leaping after her.

"Chris, I know you don't want me to fight… but!" Saber quickly slotted in Storm Eagle, knowing that he had the advantage compared to Chris when it came to Miku's Gear.


Saber immediately launched into the air before flying off after the two. Tsubasa glanced to see the two take off, relieved that Touma would still be able to assist Chris.

Kirika however saw an opening, going to turn, "I got-!"

Tsubasa immediately countered, and as soon as Kirika turned, the blade of Ame No Habakiri at the scythe wielders throat.

"…nothing, dess," Kirika said in a nervous manner.

"Well now… let's not let them have all the fun!" Desast called out as he rushed towards Blades, "I'll be taking her back!"

"Like hell you will!" Espada immediately slid between the two, spinning and unleashing an electrical burst that forced Desast to take a few steps back.

"Kento…" Blades trailed in surprise.

"As I said," Espasa glanced back at Blades, "I don't plan on fighting against you all any longer."

Chris meanwhile continued to unleash a flurry of energy bolts against Miku, though due to the Shénshòujìng, Miku was able to outmaneuver them. Chris went to land back on a nearby ship after her last burst, holding out her crossbows before shifting into her chainguns.


It didn't take long for Chris to rain down rapid fire bullets against Miku. While Miku was able to dodge most of them while skating along the surface of the water, she got hit a few times. Flipping she regained her footing as she glided across the sea, bringing out her fan-like blade and firing a few blasts out from it to deflect the bullets.

Saber flew over, wincing a bit as he watched his friend get hit. That was until he realized something, "Wait, how is she keeping up this well with Chris?"

"I programmed some battle patterns directly into her brain," Ver informed Maria, Nastassja, and Calibur as they all had a similar question to Saber, "She's simply executing a series of instructions unhindered by her will. All made possible by the Shénshòujìng Symphogear and the artificial interface provided by my most excellent LiNKER!"

"However, an artificial consciousness can never prevail against genuine willpower," Nastassja reminded.

"That is true…" Calibur gave a nod, while Miku was doing well, she wasn't trained or experienced, "However I'm sure the Shénshòujìng has some tricks to it."

Maria looked down at the battle before quickly averting her eyes as she clearly didn't like this.

"The Ichaival is overwhelming the opponent!" Sakuya called out.

"But then…" Aoi trailed, as she knew the result if Chris had won.

'I'm sorry… I'm so sorry…' Hibiki thought as she glanced away from the monitor that showcased the fight. Her thoughts were broken when she felt a hand on her head, looking over and seeing Genjuro giving her a reassuring pat on the head, 'Teacher…'

"It'll be alright," Daishinji said as he put a hand on Hibiki's shoulder to help calm her down further, "We'll get her back without doing anything drastic to her."


A red tornado was flung towards Miku, managing to spin her around briefly though she was able to launch out of it with ease. The resulting attack had managed to deflect a good amount of Chris' bullets as well.

"Hey I told you stay out of this!" Chris yelled out as she leapt after Miku and continued her firing spree.

"Like I'm going to stay out of this when I can support you," Saber called out as he followed after the two, "And it's not like you aren't her friend either!"

'Damn it he's right,' Chris grimaced at the thought, 'I may be doing this to help her, but I still owe this girl my life!'

Saber tapped Storm Eagles book again, launching another tornado at Miku to disorient her. It had managed to toss her around, forcing her to fly back towards and land back on the deck of the aircraft carrier everyone else was on.

Chris and Saber landed not long after, and much to the Rider of Flames surprise, Chris immediately opened up her skirt armor to reveal her missiles.


"Hey now, not so rough Chris!" Saber quickly tapped Storm Eagle again, launching another red tornado at Miku to catch her in it and force her to stop. She was then assaulted by the missiles, the tornado absorbing most of the damage but the missiles doing their job regardless. Miku was slammed into the deck of the air carrier in a stunned state.

"Sorry if I can't exactly be delicate with my style of fighting," Chris apologized as she leapt down from her vantage point and approached her fallen friend.

"It's a good thing I was able to keep up with you then," Saber said as he leapt after her and followed. Upon seeing Miku he went to reach for her.

"I hope you know how to treat a girl," a voice spoke up from a speaker on Miku's Gear, "Be gentle my dear Kamen Rider."

"You…" Saber recognized the voice, gritting his teeth, "Ver!"

"I merely wish to give you an important piece of advice," Ver's voice continued, "If you try to forcibly remove her Gear, I'm quite certain the neural interface will cause irreparable brain damage. As her dear friend, you wouldn't want that would you?"

Saber's free hand formed a fist, "Why you-!"

"Whoa, back up!" Chris called out as she grabbed Saber by his collar and pulled him back.

Miku immediately stood up, her fan-like blade unfolding into an actual fan with various circular mirrors at the end of each fold, the mirrors starting to glow.

"Watch out, Yukine, Kamiyama!" Tsubasa called out.

"Touma!" Espada and Blades both called out.


The fan then unleashed beams of light from each of the mirrors, Saber using Storm Eagles flight while grabbing onto Chris. Thanks to that he was able to unleash a slight burst of wind helped them to dodge with relative ease.

Saber and Chris managed to get to their feet, sliding on the floor of the ship and skidding back towards everyone else.

'Miku… just wait for us…' Saber thought as he felt some relief that he now had direct confirmation Miku was being forced to do this.

"You've still got more up your sleeve?!" Chris asked.

Miku began to hover in the air, putting away her weapon as her Symphogear began to change shape, the panels of her leg armor folding forward before sliding out and creating a full circle, the straps attaching to it as it began to pulsate with violet energy.

"This is a disgusting scent…" Desast trailed with a hiss as he began to back up, not liking the power that was building up in the slightest. He quickly turned away and vanished, "You're on your own!"

Kirika looked back surprise, "DESS!"

It didn't take long for the entire ship to start to shake as more and more energy was built up.

"What is this power…?" Blades questioned.

"We need to move…" Saber trailed.

"Easy for you to say," Chris called out as the back of her armor opened up to reveal familiar crystals that launched out, getting in front of the Ichaival user, "BRING IT!"

In an instant Miku had unleashed a massive beam of energy that was launched straight towards the grouping of Riders and Wielders.


Chris' eyes widened as she crossed her arms and braced, "REFLECTOR!"

Chris had utilized the same technique she had used to help her block Kadingir's beam during the Lunar Attack. And the reflectors worked, forming a barrier that split the beam briefly upon impact as various stray shots tore through the sides of the ship. Chris continued to defend against what seemed to be a never ending beam as Blades kept Shirabe close, adopting a more protective stance.

"Shirabe… run while you can!" Kirika turned towards her friend, "Before she erases you and everyone else!"

Blades turned towards Kirika, "E-Erase?!"

"What do you mean?!" Tsubasa questioned.

Chris continued to block the beam, but was starting to struggle against its continuous power. What didn't help was that the reflector crystals were slowly shattering one by one.

'The Ichaival's reflector was able to hold back even the Kadingir's moon-shatering laser!' Chris thought as she kept bracing, 'I don't know what relic they used to make that Symphogear, but however powerful it is it can't be stronger than that!'

"Pure and innocent, the beam of light that purges all evil," Shirabe spoke up, "That Symphogear is made from the Shénshòujìng."

Saber looked at the current struggle happening once he put together Shirabe's words. It wasn't a matter of destruction, it was…


"Kento, grab Rintaro and Shirabe now!" Saber called out as he threw his arm towards Tsubasa and Kirika, unleashing a tornado near the two that launched both of them into the air. He then rushed towards Chris, wincing as he could feel his armor smoking just from the close proximity to the beam.

"Damn it, it's erasing my reflector's?!" Chris gritted her teeth as she was pushed back, her armor starting to bubble and smoke as she was grabbed by Saber but pulled against his grip, "H-Hey if you pull me away-!"

"And I'm not about to let you get hit by that!" Saber called out as the beam started to encroach on them.


Espada had run forward, immediately getting what Saber's plan was. He threw his hand out, summoning his magic carpet and having it slide underneath Blades and Shirabe. He hopped onto the carpet and flew upwards and to the side, getting them out of range.

{Heaven's Wrath}

Just as he had done so a giant sword had stabbed into the deck, blocking the beam.

"Run!" Tsubasa shouted as she was in the air, having called down a sword as she used her ankle blades' boosters to keep her at a slow and steady descent. Kirika meanwhile had ended up dropping down and landed on the side of the ship and away from the range of the beam.

Saber immediately lifted Chris up, carrying her in his arms as he kicked off the ground. A red whirlwind surrounded him as he used Storm Eagle's flight and wind capabilities to launch himself forward. Chris could only look over Saber's shoulder, watching as more of Tsubasa's swords stabbed behind them as they passed. But the horrifying thing was the fact that Miku's beam was only being briefly stalled by them, the swords being torn through as it kept getting closer and closer.

"Can't you lift yourself up already?!" Chris shouted.

"I've got an extra passenger!" Saber shouted back as panic began to set in, "And I'm just barely managing to keep away from it so what do you think will happen?!"

Despite the worry coming across on the Section 2 Communication lines, Tsubasa already had an exit strategy for the Rider and Wielder. What concerned Chris about this was that Tsubasa's plan involved stabbing a giant sword in their exit path. The sword however had been stabbed at a slight angle compared to the others.

"She cut off our escape?!" Chris called out.

"No! This is perfect!" Saber gave a light laugh as he boosted further, using the wind around him to slide up the sword before launching into the air and out of range of the beam. He quickly released a burst of air to stop his ascent, soon floating with Chris in his arms.

The giant swords that had acted like shields all fell in tandem before crumbling away, having served their purpose as smoke had filled the aircraft carrier. Tsubasa had soon landed and met up with Espada who floated back down with Rintaro and Shirabe. It didn't take long for Saber to land with Chris, setting her down.

"It couldn't have killed you to explain your plan?" Chris asked in an annoyed fashion.

"Sorry," Saber clasped his hands together and gave a quick bow, "But you were being too stubborn."

"This is getting out of hand," Espada sighed.

"There has to be a way to help Miku," Blades spoke up.

"There might be…" Espada admitted as he recalled what Ver had said to Saber, "Forceful removal is out of the question, but if I could confront her I could use controlled electric attacks to carefully short-out the Gear."

"That might be our best option…" Tsubasa admitted reluctantly, "But can we trust you?"

"We can," Saber said, deciding to stick up for his childhood friend.

Of course their breather was short lived as it seemed as though Miku was getting ready to fire another attack just like the previous one. Miku was using her visor to lock onto the Wielders and Riders only to get distracted by a voice calling out to her.

"Stop it! Shirabe and Kento are with us, dess!" Kirika said as she made her way back to the battlefield, "They're our precious friends!"

A dark portal opened up, as if answering Kirika's question. Calibur stepped out with Kurayami holstered at his side.

"Can you really call them friends right now?" Calibur asked as he stood beside Miku, "It's clear they've betrayed us and have sided with our enemies. After all you wouldn't have resorted to weakening her and Desast wouldn't have attacked Kento randomly. Can you truly call the two standing with Section 2 your friends?"

"Y-You're wrong…" Kirka stammered as she began to shake, 'I was the one who was too afraid to tell them the truth! I was the one that betrayed them!'

"Kiri!" Shirabe shouted as she fully stood up, "You can't save the weak the doctor's way."

"The doctor is a fool for trusting Calibur!" Espada called out, "You aren't safe with him!"

"Kento, I'm hurt," Calibur said in an almost insincere manner, "I thought we were doing this for Maria and the others? Don't tell me you're abandoning her?"

"You have no right to talk you damn monster!" Espada spat out, everyone from Section 2 surprised at his tone given who they assumed Calibur was. "It's only now that I realize that if I go along with the FIS and their plans, it'll only hurt Maria even further!"

"Well now," Calibur mused, "Even with the girl on our side it seems we're at the disadvantage."

"That may be true," Ver said as he used the speakers on Miku's Gear to speak to everyone, "After all, we're quite powerless in the face of our impending doom. And the research data regarding Symphogears and Relics hardly belongs to us alone. Even in regards to Ride Books and Seiken we're lacking… but if we have one advantage, I'd say its Solomon's Cane!"

Green beams of light shot across the sky from the FIS Air Ship, striking the other carriers and the ocean itself. Smaller Noise were summoned on the ships and near them to crawl up and strike at the crew members on board. Meanwhile large green humanoid prowler type Noise began to erupt out of the ocean as well, towering over the ships.

"He summoned Noise?!" Tsubasa looked around in shock.

Chris gave a glare, "That asshole!"

"Get her in position," Calibur said as he drew out Kurayami and stepped forward. As if heeding his commands, Miku retracted her armor back to its normal state and flew off in another direction.

"Miku!" Saber called out before he gave a light gasp.

"Kirika, do not let them interrupt us!" Calibur called out as he gathered darkness within Kurayami before unleashing a slash at the group.

"I…" Kirika was currently trying to gather her thoughts.

Espada quickly sped toward the slash, Ikazuchi shining brightly and sparking heavily as he brought it against the dark wave, giving a yell and deflecting it.

"You all won't be going anywhere, I'll be your opponent," Calibur called out.

"Yukine, Saber," Tsubasa said as she readied her blade, "Get going!"

"No need to tell me twice!" Chris called out as she jumped onto a higher portion of the ship before launching towards where the Noise swarms were, 'So long as Solomon's Cane exists, the treasury of Babylon is wide open!'

"R-Right…" Saber gave a nod but didn't immediately rush off like Chris had.

Tsubasa quickly jumped up, expanding her blade into its cleaver state before gathering energy and slashing down.

{Blue Flash}

Calibur gave a chuckle as he slid his hand across his blade, the blade gaining a purple cloud of darkness over it as he slashed forward. He clashed against the energy slash that Tsubasa had thrown out, but something was wrong. The Blue Flash had slowly but surely weakened as the energy itself was sucked directly into Kurayami.

"What?" Espada gave a gasp.

"How did he do that?" Blades questioned.

"We'll attack him at once!" Saber called out as he moved towards the front of the group, "Are you guys with me?"

Blades and Espada both gave nods, "We are!"

"Kamiyama, I told you to go and follow your friend!" Tsubasa shouted only to see a green blur closed in. She quickly rushed forward, blocking a scythe slash from Kirika.

"DESS!" KIrika had shouted as she tried to push past Tsubasa, "This is the only way I can leave something behind, dess!"

Tsubasa gritted her teeth as she tried to keep Kirika from moving forward by keeping her in a clash. This was to make sure she didn't interrupt the Riders or hurt Shirabe who was defenseless.



Saber, Blades and Espada all sheathed their Seiken in their Hissatsuholders, gathering their respective elements before slashing forward and unleashing three slashes of fire, water and lightning elemental energy forward.


Calibur immediately sheathed his blade before bathing it in darkness, watching as the three elemental slashes combined together into a star-shaped slash that hurtled towards him. He gave a yell as he swung down and clashed against the slash, giving a chuckle as the darkness began to smother and absorb the energy of the slashes.

All three Riders gave gasps when they saw this, none of them expecting their combination attack to be absorbed like that.

"Can we really do nothing?!" Tsubasa shouted as she saw this.

"Return to darkness…" Calibur said as he began to walk forward, planning on buying the time the doctor needed.


Saber rushed forward and unleashed a burst of flames that formed into the shape of the Brave Dragon. Despite this attack, Calibur had held up his blade, absorbing the flames. Saber then lit Rekka on fire and slashed at Calibur who blocked, the darkness of Kurayami smothering and absorbing the flames of Kaenken Rekka.

"You caused everything that day," Saber gritted his teeth as he tried to push forward, "It's clear that your actions hurt Kento, and now you'll just cast your own son as an enemy since he disagrees with you?!"

"Eh?" Espada had managed to catch Saber's yelling and realized that his friend somehow didn't know what he knew about Calibur.

"Oh?" Calibur's head perked up as he gave a chuckle, "You really are blind to the whole truth then, aren't you?"

"What are you talking about?!" Saber called out before giving a gasp as Calibur grabbed Rekka by its emblem.

"There is more to the past than meets the eye!" Calibur said as his grip tightened, waves of red and purple erupting as the two were suddenly assaulted by visions.

The setting was a ruined section of what appeared to be a stadium. Calibur was currently clashing against a man who was wielding Kaenken Rekka. The man was wearing a Logos Sector uniform and it was likely that he was the prior Swordsman of Flames. The man had a hurt expression on his face…

"Why did you betray us?!"

"You may have unsealed the Kaenken Rekka from its dark chains…" Calibur trailed before kicking Saber away, "But you still have a long way to go!"

"Okay… did not like that," Saber held his head and shook it a bit.

As the battle raged on, Section 2's submarine surfaced as they needed to get directly involved in the fighting now.

"Just what was that?" Sakuya asked.

"The two of them… were resonating…?" Sophia answered with a question of her own.

"That looked like a resonance to me," Daishinji agreed with a nod.

"But why would they…?" Sophia asked before shaking her head, "It couldn't be…"

"Resonating…?" Hibiki asked.

"The simple answer is that Kaenken Rekka reacted to both of them touching the blade," Daishinji answered, "But this… this opens up a possible can of worms I hadn't thought of until now…"

"Resonating…" Hibiki repeated as she remembered her run in with Falchion when she had seen that odd vision.

"Miku is moving away from the battleground!" Aoi interrupted as she began to work on tracking Miku's movements, "Tracing…"

"Miku…" Hibiki's thoughts were interrupted when Aoi had spoken up.

"We'll let Chris handle the Noise!" Genjuro called out, "Calibur isn't going to budge and both Daishinji and I are at a disadvantage when it comes to this type of battlefield. For now we prioritize on saving lives!"

Tsubasa was still in a deadlock with Kirika, having to use all of her strength to keep Kirika from pushing forward.

'I could break free,' Tsubasa thought before glancing back at Shirabe, 'But if I did…'

It didn't take long for help to arrive as a massive plume of water erupted from nearby. As it subsided Ogawa was seen leaping out of it, landing right next to them before lifting up Shirabe.

"Shirabe!" Kirika shouted.

"Ogawa?" Tsubasa asked before giving a slight smirk, "Going light today, I see."

"I figured I couldn't waste time, especially since I'm just extraction for right now," Ogawa said as he began to pull back, "Leave the evacuation to us! You focus on your battles!"

"Thank you, Ogawa!" Tsubasa called out as she broke free of the clash, kicking Kirika in the chest before flipping back. She had managed to land on the carrier's launch system before stabbing her sword into it to forcefully activate it and launch herself forward. She then leapt upwards, planning on hopping from carrier to carrier.

"Shirabe…" Kirika trailed before running after Tsubasa, using the boosters on her shoulder pauldrons to launch herself to the carrier that Tsubasa had landed on.

"Kiri…" Shirabe muttered as she was carried to safety by Ogawa who was currently running across the ocean with no issue. After all, there was a reason he had been the perfect candidate to receive the Fuusouken Hayate.

It didn't take long for the only ones left on the original carrier to be the three Swordriver Riders and Calibur. All of them staring each other down as Calibur awaited their next move.

"Touma… Tsubasa is right, you need to keep moving," Blades said as he walked forward, "You and Kento need to find and help Miku."

"But…" Saber started.

"Trust in me," Blades said in a softer tone, "Trust in everyone to fight their battles so that you can fight your own."

"You can't handle Calibur on your own," Espada said before holding out Tri-Cerberus and holding it out, "Here, you'll need something to even the odds."

"Are you quite certain?" Blades asked.

"Consider it a way for me to atone for what I've done," Espada replied.

"Very well… get going!" Blades called out as he slotted in Peter Fantasista and Tri Cerberus.


In a splash of water and a burst of electricity, Blades entered his Two Book form, now enhanced by the extra book of Tri Cerberus. He gripped Nagare in his right hand, electricity flowing from the Cerberus heads to his fingertips.

Saber and Espada both gave nods, Saber using Storm Eagle to fly off while Espada used Lamp do Alangina to summon the flying carpet again to follow.

Calibur turned in order to chase after them when a hook and chain was lashed out at him. Calibur quickly dodged and batted away the chain. Blades gave a yell as he spun and lashed out with the chain, eventually managing to hook it around Kurayami, pulling back and forcing Calibur to keep hold of it. Blades then held out Nagare, electricity and water gathering in it before he slashed forward, an electrified slash of water hurtling towards the Rider of Darkness.

Saber and Espada were currently trying to make their way towards where Miku was. Of course that was hard to do when it came to the large prowler type Noise that were littering the battlefield. Especially since Chris was currently focusing on the small ones that were trying to individually kill the crew on each ship.

"Whoa!" Saber yelped as he was thrown backwards by a swipe from one of the large Noises.

"Touma!" Espada quickly hurried over and caught Saber.

"Thank you Kento…" Saber breathed a sigh of relief.

"We need to break through these as fast as possible," Espada suggested.

"I have a plan but I need you to drive," Saber said as he removed Storm Eagle and held up King of Arthur.

Espada chuckled, "I think I can provide that much."


As Espada flew them forward, Saber transformed into Dragon Arthur Form, dual wielding Kaenken Rekka and Kingexcalibur. Espada would then fly them towards each prowler Noise, Saber unleashing powerful slashes of fire and blue energy to tear through the upper halves of the Noise with ease. The two had a few close calls but thanks to the Noise not really having any true direction due to Ver's attention being elsewhere, the two were able to dispatch the larger Noise without much issue.

Back with Section 2, Sakuya seemed to have finished his analysis on the Shénshòujìng as they were trying to figure out its capabilities and how to counter it.

"The energy waves from Miku's Symphogear appear to be able to disperse all other energy originating from Relics!" Fujitaka reported.

"So the Symphogear are powerless against it?!" Aoi asked.

"Not only that but the Wonder Ride Books," Daishinji realized.

"How do we even stop this Relic Slayer?" Genjuro asked.

"Neither Swordsmen or Wielder can touch it," Sophia said.

Hibiki could only continue to watch the events unfold, feeling completely useless in this sort of situation. She couldn't even help either of her best friends, whether it was save one or help the other fight. That was until it finally hit her, she gave a gasp realizing that there was something she could do.

Hibiki turned towards Genjuro and Sophia, "Commanders!"

"What is it?" Genjuro asked.

"I have a plan but I need you to contact Touma," Hibiki said as her expression said all that needed to be said.

"That girl's song drips with blood," Ver said with a chuckle, "The light of the Shénshòujìng, amplified by a human's phonic gain. If we focused that on the Frontier…"

"Maybe this time we could break the seal?" Maria realized.

Nastassja suddenly began coughing in a more violent fashion, blood staining her hand.

"Mom!" Maria's eyes widened before glancing at Ver, "Doctor! Help her!"

"It's a waste of perfectly good medicine, you know," Ver admitted as he had dropped most pretenses by this point, "But all right."

Maria tightened her grip on the controls as she watched Ver leave, "I have to do this. I have to."

Medusa gave a light chuckle as it watched the events unfold. Calibur wasn't around, nor were Ver and Nastassja now. The only one that would object to its forced entry into the fight was currently the only pilot of the ship. Realizing that this was its chance to avenge its sisters, it walked into one of the back rooms before opening up the door.

"Quack, what are you doing?" The Plain Ahiru asked as it followed after.

"Getting my revenge," Medusa said before dropping out of the airship and plummeting into the water below.

Chris took a few deep breaths as she landed on one of the aircraft carriers. Unfortunately she seemed to be too late in this specific section as piles of carbon dust littered the area she was in. Her eyes shook as she was near a pile of carbon dust that was still somewhat of a human shape, a broken hand holding a pendant with a picture inside showing the soldier who died was a father.

"I know," She spoke to herself, "This is my cross to bear."

"Does repeating that make it any easier?"

Chris immediately turned, forming Ichaival's crossbows and taking aim at none other than Desast who was simply standing nearby without his weapon, "You…"

"Don't you just "you…" me," Desast slumped forward, "I'm not making this particular visit on business hours."

"What do you mean?" Chris asked.

"I've got a proposition for you," Desast said as he held his hand up, pointing at the Ichaival Wielder, "You and I both have things we want… so how about we make a deal?"

"And what makes you think I plan on going along with it?" Chris narrowed her eyes.

"Are you going to get a better chance than now?" Desast questioned.

"I…" Chris said as she kept her aim but looked down to the side, seeing all the carbon dust around them. She turned back towards Desast.

Miku hovered along the top of one of the aircraft carriers, stopping as her visor locked onto Section 2's submarine that approached. Or rather, it locked onto the singular person on top of it. That was because it was Hibiki who was standing on top.

"Let's go home together, Miku," Hibiki called out.

"I can't," Miku finally spoke as her visor retracted, "There's something I have to do."

"Something you have to do?" Hibiki asked.

As the two began to talk, Saber and Espada were floating out of range but close enough to where they had a view of the two Wielders. Saber had also reverted back to Brave Dragon just to save his strength for a while.

"Do you really think this will work?" Espada asked.

"I can only hope so," Saber admitted in a more worried tone, recalling the conversation he had earlier with Hibiki and the remainder of Section 2.

"You want to use that beam to free her from her gear?" Genjuro asked.

"I'll do it! I can do it!" Hibiki called out with high determination.

"Hold on Hibiki! Think about this for a second!" Saber called out in panic, as he wasn't expecting to be put into this kind of conversation, "There are plenty of us out here and Kento's on our side. If we use Ikazuchi to…"

"It might still end up causing damage," Daishinji interrupted, already figuring out the idea, "Miku's gear erases, not destroys, so it's a safer option to enact Hibiki's plan."

"Slash!" Sophia called out in surprise, "Don't you realize the danger the situation poses?!"

"Tsubasa, Chris, and Rintaro all have their own battles to fight!" Hibiki argued, "I'll bring Miku back, even if it kills me!"

"Please don't talk like that!" Saber practically yelled over communications, "Hibiki, do you realize your life is in danger here?!"

"Exactly," Genjuro agreed, "I forbid you to die!"

"Then I'll come back alive, even if it kills me!" Hibiki shouted.

"That doesn't make any sense at all Hibiki!" Saber called out in exasperation, "Listen, I have Storm Eagle, if need be I can redirect-"

"Touma!" Daishinji shouted and cut off the Swordsman of Flame, "Believe in Hibiki… believe in your friend."

"I… I just…" Saber trailed.

"I know you're worried," Hibiki gave a soft smile, "But let me do this. Because I need you to make sure nobody messes with the plan if they find out what we're up to."

"I say we should go for it," Daishinji said, already realizing that simply deflecting the beams wasn't as easy an option as everyone assumed. No, it would have to be a manual approach more than likely, and that meant only one thing to him if Hibiki also got hit with a blast from Miku's Symphogear…

"Slash…" Sophia trailed, noticing the confident look the Swordsman of Sound had.

"No matter what, I swear!" Hibiki shouted, "No, I PROMISE I'LL COME BACK!"

Sakuya pulled up a few records they had on Hibiki's current status, "Judging from past data and her current state, Hibiki can transform for another two minutes and forty seconds."

"We may be weak, but as long we support Hibiki, she can do it!" Aoi spoke up.

"You'll have mere minutes before you overheat," Genjuro said as he turned towards his student, "Can you seize victory in such a short time?"

"Determination can't be measured with numbers!" Hibiki countered.

"Hibiki…" Saber finally spoke up, "You better keep that promise, alright?"

"Of course I will!" Hibiki called out, "And if things get bad I'll let you know so you can tag in!"

"Got it," Saber replied.

"So far they're just talking…" Espada trailed.

"Yeah… but Miku even normally can be a bit stubborn," Saber sighed, already knowing how this was going to end.

"I don't want to let you fight," Miku called out.

"Thank you," Hibiki gave a sad smile, "But I will fight all the same."

"~Balwisyall nescell Gungnir tron~"

Hibiki donned her Symphogear Armor as Miku closed up her armor's visor, the two launching towards each other to commence their fight. The two struck past each other constantly, Hibiki's body shining brightly due to her fusion acceleration.

"And now they're fighting," Saber said as he looked around, "Okay, so far no-"


Suddenly gold serpents sprung out of the water, wrapping and coiling around each other tightly before fully taking shape as an enlarged Medusa Megid. Its height had managed to reach around the same height as a large prowler type Noise.

"It can grow bigger too?!" Saber yelped, caught off guard by this.

"Of all the damn times…" Espada hissed out.

Saber shook his head, quickly composing himself as he drew out King of Arthur, "It may be surprising but we can't let it pass!"

"You're right…" Espada gave a nod, "We need to give Hibiki the space she needs!"

"I'll trust in my friends… Hibiki, Kento, Rintaro, Tsubasa, Chris…" Saber called out as he held King of Arthur forward, the book suddenly giving a brief gold glow. Saber saw this and slotted it in, drawing out Rekka with a yell, "And then… keep moving forward!"


Upon drawing out the sword, an enlarged King of Arthur book appeared behind the two Riders. But instead of just the normal Kingexcalibur being drawn out, an even larger version was also summoned from the enlarged book.

"Just as King Arthur had reliable comrades in the Knight of the Round Table…" Saber trailed, "I too have my own reliable friends!"

"Enough of your stupid talking, I'm taking you all out!" The Medusa Megid yelled out as it charged forward.

Saber stabbed forward, the gigantic blade stabbing forward as well. It struck dead center as the Medusa Megid was forced to take a step back, sparks flying. Saber swung several more times, the gigantic sword slicing through and forcing the final Medusa back even further. On instinct Saber drew out King of Arthur from his Swordriver and pressed it against an open slot in the Kingexcalibur.


The enlarged Kingexcalibur soon began to shift shape, it unfolding as its strange design suddenly made sense. It was a robotic warrior of silver and blue with yellow highlights that was folded into a sword shape.


The true form of Kingexcalibur was indeed its robotic knightly form, the King of Arthur!

Unbeknownst to anyone, the hooded man from Avalon was standing on one of the ships. He looked up at seeing the true form of the Kingexcalibur and gave a smirk, "You've passed one of your trials. Now to see if you can complete the rest."

The mechanical humanoid floated forward as it stood just as tall as the Medusa Megid, slashing forward as high above them in the sky, the battle between Hibiki Tachibana and Miku Kohinata raged on. Purple lasers all shot out, brightening up the sky and sea below it as various reflector satellites had been brought out all around to work on redirecting the beams.

The King of Arthur continued its assault on the Medusa Megid, its slashes sending the Megid stumbling back.

"She's almost within the danger zone!" Aoi announced on communications.

"This is taking too long," Saber realized before looking back, "Kento, get me closer. If need be I'll cut down that Megid myself!"


"Huh?" Saber and Espada both gave yelps as Saber started to float off of the magic carpet, a sudden large blade emerging from his body as the Swordsman of Flames was drawn towards King of Arthur. The mechanical giant caught Saber as the blade fully extended, Saber becoming a sword himself.

"This isn't what I meant when I said I'd cut it myself!" Saber cried out in surprise.


"Did he just become a sword…?" Espada trailed in shock.

"No time to think about it…" Saber mentally shook his head since he was forced to be stiff and still at the moment, "I said I'll cut it so I will!"


King of Arthur slashed side to side with its normal blade before spinning and bringing down its makeshift blade from Saber himself, using Saber to slice the Megid down the middle. The Medusa Megid could only scream out as it exploded.

"There we go!" Saber called out as the King of Arthur let go of him, the blade on his body vanishing as he floated onto King of Arthur's shoulder.

Just as Saber had finished his fight, Hibiki was rushing to end her fight with Miku who had tried unleashing the entirety of her arsenal onto Hibiki. Though at this point the mind control was starting to wane as her senses began to come back the further they fought.

'No! This isn't what I want to do!' Miku thought as she watched Hibiki's body deteriorate as the fight progressed, 'This isn't it!'

Hibiki watched as Miku screamed out, the visor that her friend wore splitting apart as she could tell her friend was in pain, 'He's controlling Miku like a puppet!'

Hibiki dodged all the lasers as best she could before launching forward and ramming herself into Miku, breaking the Shénshòujìng's mirrors and sending both plummeting downwards.

"Let me go!" Miku cried out.

"No! Never again!" Hibiki yelled out as she kept Miku in a tight hug, "I won't let you go! Ever!"

"Hibiki!" Miku yelled out as tears flowed from her eyes.

As this was occurring, all of the stray beams of light from Shénshòujìng had been caught and refracted by the reflectors that Maria had brought out during the fight. All of them refracted the beams against each other creating a web-like cone of lasers that sent its energy into one reflector at the bottom.

"How this story ends…!" Hibiki yelled out as she flipped, planning on dropping feet first against the ocean only to activate her boosters right as her feet touched the water. She then boosted herself right into the main path of the reflector beam, "IS FOR ME TO DECIDE!"

Both Hibiki and Miku were struck by the refracted laser, the violet beam engulfing them as both the Gungnir and Shénshòujìng Symphogears dissolved within the light. The two were both forced unconscious as they plummeted towards the ocean. That was until King of Arthur flew towards the plummeting girls, scooping them up as Saber road on its shoulder.

Meanwhile the beam that had hit them refracted against one more reflector satellite that launched the beam downwards. A bright shining light erupted from the ocean itself as the goal of the FIS had been achieved. Slowly but surely ancient ruins began to emerge, as they were situated on a large mass of rock underneath.

"They succeeded…?" Espada asked as he watched this before directing his magic carpet, flying to meet up with Saber, "They unsealed the Frontier?"

"Is that why they were using Miku?" Saber questioned as he watched the bright light and subsequent surfacing of the ruins.

Blades had managed to make his way to where Tsubasa was, figuring that despite her having her own opponent, the two facing Kirika and Calibur together would be better than facing each alone. The two had managed to fight decently well against their opponents, though it was clear they were only going to reach a stalemate, especially since Calibur was still able to absorb their energy and elemental based attacks.

Their fight however had paused when they could feel and see Frontier rising from the depths of the ocean.

"What is that?" Tsubasa questioned.

"Our goal," Calibur said simply, "It appears as though she did it…"

"Your goal…?" Blades asked, he stepped forward, "What even is-gah!"

Tsubasa's eyes widened as she suddenly heard a sword crash against something alongside Blades audibly collapsing behind her.



She didn't even get a chance to turn as two bullets struck her back, gasping out as she fell to the ground. Tsubasa and Blades could only barely tilt their heads as they watched Chris walk over to them. Chris held a cold expression, pistol in one hand while she held Desast's sword, Grudge Dent, in the other. Behind her was Desast who was laughing at the current situation.

"Oh?" Calibur perked up while Kirika stayed silent.

"Yukine…?" Tsubasa's eyes widened.

"Ch-Chris…?" Blades coughed out.

Chris held a serious look as she aimed her pistol at the two, "Goodbye…"

To Be Continued…

Author's Note: And so we've fully entered endgame at this point as we're only down to three chapters in the main story of Sympho-Saber G now. Funnily enough, G is one of only two seasons that ended up not getting extended while planning/writing this. But hey, we had a lot this time with Hibiki and Miku's fight, Touma fully unlocking King of Arthur, and we even got a little extra form change via Blades using something other than a water elemental book. Thanks for reading and I'll see you all next time.