Sympho-Saber: Song of Swords

G: EP11 – The Ark that Guides the Future

Rintaro and Tsubasa were currently making their way through the halls of Section 2, having gotten patched up alongside Touma and Hibiki from their previous battles. While Touma and Hibiki immediately hurried over to where Miku was being looked at, the two blue sword wielders had gone to take their time. The two's thoughts were currently on what had happened just as Frontier began to rise.


"Just what was the meaning of that…?" Tsubasa asked out loud.

"I'm not sure," Rintaro shook his head.

"Shindo," Tsubasa spoke up as she stopped walking forward, "Do you see her as an enemy now?"

"I…" Rintaro stopped and glanced over at Tsubasa, "She has to have a reason… I'd like to believe that if Kento was able to come back, she can as well."

"I see," Tsubasa said before continuing on, "Then what will you do?"

"I will fight and try to understand why she did this," Rintaro said as he followed after Tsubasa.

"Then I suppose my choice is clear," Tsubasa followed after Rintaro, closing her eyes briefly while giving a small smirk.

Shirabe was currently in one of Section 2's holding cells, her wrists in handcuffs as she stared down at the floor.

"I'm sorry, but I'll have to hold onto this," Ogawa said, having her pendant in his hand.

"Please… stop them," Shirabe pleaded, "Save them…"

"You can count on them."

Shirabe and Ogawa looked over as Kento entered and was also in cuffs. Escorting him was Daishinji who had Ikazuchi and Lamp Do Alangina in his hands.

"Kento…?" Shirabe asked.

Ogawa and Daishinji both exchanged a glance and a nod, the two deciding to leave the Rider and Wielder alone.

"I know some of Section 2 thanks to them being from the Logos Sector, not to mention my own past with Touma," Kento replied as he stepped forward before sitting down next to Shirabe, "He promised me that he'd help them."

Shirabe stared at Kento for a while before glancing towards the side, "Was I wrong…?"

"Huh?" Kento raised an eyebrow.

"It's nothing," Shirabe shook her head, "How does it feel to be with your friend after so long?"

"It's relieving that we don't need to fight each other anymore," Kento admitted, "But I won't be at ease until we help Kirika and Maria."

"Kento…" Shirabe trailed as she looked over in surprise.

"Come on, you all are my friends too," Kento gave a smile, as he couldn't forget that he had become a sort of surrogate brother to the three during his time in FIS, "I'm not one to forget about my precious connections."

"Thank you," Shirabe smiled.

"We've got visual!" Sakuya announced as he pulled up a video feed of a massive island.

"Is this the "Frontier" that the FIS sought?" Genjuro asked.

"The part above ocean level is really just the tip of the iceberg," Sakuya explained as he pulled up visual to show that Frontier was more massive than they realized, "It's no surprise that they call it the Frontier."

An alert sounded, Aoi going to check it, "There is another American squadron approaching."

"Vice-Minister," Genjuro addressed once a screen popped up near his side.

Shibata was now on screen, slurping his noodles as usual, "I didn't expect they'd evacuate to the Frontier to seek shelter from the falling Moon."

"We will make haste as well," Genjuro said, cutting the feed before giving a sigh and adjusting the coat that was draped on his shoulders, "Seems we'll need to go all out for this next phase."

Miku was currently in one of Section 2's infirmary rooms, sitting in silence as it had been a while since she had been awake. Her thoughts however were interrupted by the door opening.

"Miku!" Hibiki shouted as she immediately rushed into the room, throwing her arms around her friend for a hug.

Touma couldn't help but give a chuckle as he walked in casually with Aoi, it also didn't take long for Tsubasa and Rintaro to arrive as well.

"Welcome back, Miku," Touma said as he walked over.

"How is she?" Tsubasa asked.

"Her body is free of LiNKER," Aoi said as she read the medical check results on the tablet, "And there don't seem to be any adverse aftereffects from the forced Gear activation."

"Thank goodness! I'm so glad!" Hibiki called out in relief.

"It is certainly very good!" Rintaro exclaimed in relief as well, "I am glad that there were no issues."

"Hibiki," Miku finally noticed a few bandages on her friends face, "Your face…"

Hibiki merely gave a smile while Touma walked over and also gave a smile.

"It's… it's my fault, right?" Miku realized as she began to tear up.

"Yeah, it's thanks to you I'm all better," Hibiki replied, keeping her smile, "I owe you one, Miku."

"Hibiki…?" Miku asked, a bit confused by this.

"She's right you know," Touma said, "Despite everything that happened, in the end you helped her out more than anyone could."

"I didn't save you," Hibiki shook her head as she looked at her friend, "You saved me!"

"Perhaps we should explain," Rintaro said, noticing Miku's further confused looks.

"Right," Aoi said as she pulled up the most recent of Hibiki's X-Rays onto a nearby screen. Except compared to last time, there were no vein-like appendages running out through the body from the heart. The body was no longer corrupted by the relic, as it was completely pure with there being no trace of Gungnir left inside.

"Is that… Hibiki?" Miku asked.

"The light from your Gear had the power to negate and disassemble anything originating from relics," Aoi explained, "Because of that, not only were your Gears erased, but Hibiki's body was purged of the fragments of Gungnir that encroached upon it."

"Your strong sentiment saved Tachibana from the death she was ready to rush headlong into," Tsubasa added.

"When I was neck deep in trouble, you saved me!" Hibiki called out as she took her friends hand, "Thanks!"

"It's all thanks to you that Hibiki's safe again," Touma smiled.

"Me…? I did?" Miku asked.

"It's hard to believe, but it's true," Rintaro gave a nod.

"Ah but you should have seen Touma!" Hibiki called out as she began to make several poses, "We got shown what was going on while we were busy and his new power lets him summon this huge robot! Touma even became a sword!"

Tsubasa let out a light cough as she glanced towards the side at that wording, though no one seemed to notice.

Miku couldn't help but stare in surprise, "E-Eh?"

"Oh come on, it wasn't that amazing," Touma said as he rubbed the back of his head briefly.

"On the contrary," Tsubasa spoke up, "While unexpected, it seems you've fully unlocked King of Arthur's power. That will be a great asset for us."

"Yes, especially because the FIS was able to bring up the Frontier," Aoi gave a nod, "The true battle still lies ahead of us."

"I will thwart the FIS's schemes as our sole Wielder," Tsubasa replied before looking over at Touma and Rintaro specifically, "There's no need to worry either, I have some dependable allies to call upon now."

"We won't let you down," Touma said.

"We'll fight our hardest and make it out of this together," Rintaro agreed with a nod.

"Sole wielder…" Miku trailed, picking up on Tsubasa's words before realizing something, "Where's Chris?"

Mostly everyone in the room looked away at those words, Rintaro cleared his throat however.

"There's another reason we all plan on fighting our hardest…"

Chris was currently taking the lead position as she walked through the ruins of Frontier. The members of the FIS alongside Calibur, Desast and the Plain Ahiru were walking behind her to keep an eye on her. It was a hard proposition to believe at first, but Desast willingly giving Chris his sword to use against Rintaro and Tsubasa was what helped seal the deal.

Chris' main excuse was going for the team with the strongest power in order to stop war from spreading. Calibur however knew that Chris had other plans, and he could care less for them. He already figured that Ver was playing a dangerous game. If Chris was on their side temporarily, then he'd be able to use that to his advantage so he vouched for her.

"Do you really believe that fighting on our side can put an end to war?" Maria asked.

"You don't trust me do you?" Chris gave a chuckle, "If you've got a problem with me, just shoot me in the back when I'm fighting for you on the frontlines."

"Naturally, we intend to do just that," Ver said bluntly as he was carrying two cases, one containing the Nephilim's Heart and the other containing the Book of Ruin.

"And if someone's going to do that," Desast spoke up before giving a chuckle, "I'll be the one to do it."

Calibur glanced at Desast when he heard this, something felt off but he didn't feel the need to comment.

It didn't take long for the group to arrive at their destination. It was a large room with a crystalline structure in the middle, having an opening that had a large orb with various lines ingrained into it.

"We've arrived," Nastassja announced, "This is the generator room."

"What is that?" Kirika asked.

Ver meanwhile moved forward, opening up the case that held the Nephilim's heart before pressing it against the large orb. The orb began to light up with a bright yellow as energy flowed through the crystals.

"The Nephilim's heart," Maria's eyes widened.

"Even reduced to its heart alone, it still attempts to consume and assimilate other relics," Ver explained, "How gluttonous."

"What a putrid smell…" Desast scoffed.

"It seems the energy has fully permeated the Frontier," Nastassja concluded.

"Now then, I shall make my way to the bridge," Ver said as he walked back to the group, "Professor Nastassja, you should watch over the Frontier from the control room."

As everyone got ready to play their own parts, there was still something eating at Kirika.

"You can't save the weak the doctor's way!"

The words of her friend...

'You're wrong,' Kirika thought as she tried to push away her doubts, 'Without the power of the Frontier, we can't save anyone! Not even you, Shirabe!'

Genjuro and Sophia were still at their stations when they were approached by Ogawa and Daishinji, the two presenting Shul Shagana's Pendant alongside Raimeiken Ikazuchi and Lamp do Alangina. The two also informed the Commanders of the request.

"They want us to save their allies?" Genjuro asked.

"Yes," Ogawa confirmed, "They asked us to stop their former comrades as they run rampant, having lost sight of their original goal."

"Though despite not having clear orders, Touma already promised that we would to Kento," Daishinji said, though Genjuro could tell that it didn't bother the Swordsman of Sound as he had cracked a small smile.

"That sounds just like Saber," Sophia admitted before looking over at the screen that was monitoring the room Kento and Shirabe were in, the two talking as Kento tried to take her mind off of everything, "Still… it's good to see Espada has come back."

Before Genjuro could give any sort of response to the request he was surprised to see the door to the Command Center open to reveal the others, including Miku.

"You should be in bed!" Genjuro said once he saw Miku at the front.

"I'm sorry," Miku apologized, "But I couldn't stay put."

"When we told her Chris had left, she insisted on coming," Hibiki explained.

"When she puts her mind to it, you can't stop her," Touma gave a shrug.

"It's true that the loss of Chris and Hibiki as combatants has decently hindered our operations," Genjuro admitted.

"But it's a great relief that Tsubasa and Rintaro were able to avoid serious injuries," Aoi added in a relieved tone, "I'm impressed that you two were able to dodge any fatal wounds."

'We dodged it?' Tsubasa thought, 'From where we were, we couldn't have dodged Yukine's assault in the slightest… is that why Shindo…?'

"We're approaching Frontier!" Sakuya called out before bringing up an image of the ruins that were laid out in front of them.

"Just what is the purpose of those ruins?" Rintaro asked, "How are they going to help against the Moon's descent?"

It didn't take long for that question to be answered as the devices on top of the central temple-like structure began to light up. Soon enough a huge burst of three beams of energy were shot into the air, piercing through the clouds and spiraling together into one beam as they approached the moon.

"Okay, what was that?!" Touma asked.

"Nothing good," Daishinji said.

It didn't take long for the submarine to start shaking as everyone braced to keep from falling over.

Hibiki gave a gasp, "What's going on?!"

"A wide area of seafloor is rising!" Sakuya explained, "It's coming toward us from below!"

The entire submarine base quaked as they soon felt themselves rising up. Everyone just barely managed to hold on as the tremors slowly but surely calmed down. As soon as it had calmed down, Aoi immediately went back to her position and began working on a scan with Sakuya.

Touma gave a gasp as he fell onto the ground in relief, "It's over…"

"Looks like we got a present from below," Genjuro gave a frown.

"At the very least we are likely in the right position strike," Rintaro spoke up, "Right?"

"I think what might be more concerning however are those beam of light," Sophia said.

"The results of the scan are in!" Aoi announced.

"The tidal disturbance was caused by increased strain on the Moon," Sakuya started.

"They pulled the Frontier up?" Ogawa asked.

"That's right, but that's not all," Aoi continued in a more worried tone.

"In order to lift us up, I had to pull the Moon down," Ver explained.

The mad doctor was currently in the bridge alongside Maria and Calibur, the two could only stare at the man as his actions continued. Calibur was admittedly curious at first, as Ver had managed to mix LiNKER and Nephilim cells together and had mutated his own arm into a Nephilim-like state. As a result Ver had access to the Frontier's control system due to the connection between Nephilim parts.

"What? You hastened its fall?!" Maria questioned.

"Ver…" Calibur hissed out in a dangerous tone.

"We aren't prepared to evacuate yet! At this rate of fall, mankind will really go extinct!" Maria quickly hurried over and tried to access the controls only for them to remain unresponsive, "Why? Why won't it accept my commands?"

"As long as the LiNKER remains in effect, I have sole command," Ver said with a chuckle, "And I wouldn't say "extinct". I'll still be alive, after all. What surer way is there to ensure the survival of mankind?"

"I did not set foot on the path of evil for this!" Maria called out and lunged forward only to suddenly back away at the last second as something entered her line of sight.

Ver went to smack Maria away with his Nephilim arm only for the flat of Kurayami's blade to stop the mad scientist's assault. Calibur gave a heavy breath as he shifted his sword to where the blade was pressed against Ver's fist. Without wasting another moment he sliced down, Ver screaming out as the Nephilim arm was cut into.

"Calibur…" Maria blinked in surprise.

"What do you think you're doing?!" Ver hissed out with a glare, "Do you think standing in my way will change the fact that the Earth's days are numbered?"

"The Frontier is a piece of Heretical Technology we know only surface level details of," Calibur spoke in a calm manner as he flicked Kurayami, splattering what blood he drew on the floor to clean his blade. He then pointed it forward towards Ver, "Clearly that intellect is misplaced, because I can just kill you now and retake control based on what you've said. So how about you maybe figure out a way to actually stop the moon from falling, instead of satiating your own ego?"

"You…" Ver gave a glare.

"Quack, we've got trouble!"

Calibur, Ver and Maria looked over to see the Plain Ahiru hurrying over.

"And what does the ugly duckling want now?" Ver hissed out, clearly fed up by these interruptions.

"Well um… I was scouting out like Calibur had told me to and I saw this sub on the land!" The Plain Ahiru explained as it waved its arms around, "I think those Section 2 guys are here."

"Of all the times…" Ver narrowed his eyes.

"Very well, then we should get to work in defending this place," Calibur looked over at Ver, "Am I right, doctor?"

"I suppose we'll have to," Ver said as he shifted his lab coat before walking off, clearly still displeased with how Calibur was acting towards him.

"Stay here," Calibur glanced back at Maria before lowering his voice, "And see if you can salvage something from this mess."

"I… alright," Maria said as she looked down, hating how powerless and foolish she felt at the moment, 'Serena… Serena… I…'

Calibur said nothing as he walked off with the Plain Ahiru. For now he'd cooperate with Ver, after all the scientist still held the Book of Ruin and Solomon's Cane, two very dangerous items. Not to mention he figured that Nastassja was likely working on something as well given her warnings to Ver before he brought Frontier up.

Tsubasa alongside the Riders of Section 2 were currently finishing preparations for the battle that would determine the fate of mankind. Touma, Rintaro, Genjuro and Ogawa were all preparing their Seiken and making sure they had their Wonder Ride Books all ready to go. Tsubasa meanwhile had donned her motorcycle gear and had her helmet ready. Daishinji had chosen to abstain from taking part with the others, feeling he was needed at the bridge for the time being.

"Are you all prepared for this battle?" Sophia asked.

"As ready as we can be," Touma admitted.

Rintaro and Ogawa both gave a simple nod.

"Of course," Genjuro and Tsubasa both said at the same time.

The four Riders and one Wielder all turned towards the door.

Hibiki soon spoke up, "Touma… Tsubasa…"

"Don't worry," Tsubasa glanced back with a smile, "I may be the only Wielder, but I still have the Kamen Riders to back me up."

"We'll make it back in one piece," Touma glanced back with a reassuring smile, "I promise."

Hibiki could only give a nod as she watched everyone walk off, wishing that there was more she could do in this situation.

The side of the submarine had opened up as the sound of revving engines could be heard.

"Imyuteus Ame no Habakiri tron~"






With several flashes of light and a cacophony of transformation sounds, three vehicles shot out from the hatch of Section 2's submarine. In the lead was Tsubasa who was already transformed and riding her motorcycle with Blades sitting in the back seat. Saber rode alongside the two with his Diago Speedy, while Buster was riding the Ride Gatriker, Kenzan sitting in the back.

As they made their way deeper into Frontier the grouping of Wielder and Riders could see that the mix of the frontal forces was various low tier Noises alongside Shimi Megid.

"Let's go, Blades!" Tsubasa called out as she created a makeshift sword at the front of her vehicle with her blades.

"Of course," Blades called out as he tapped his Wonder Ride Book.


Tsubasa revved her motorcycle before speeding forward, swerving and cutting through any Noise with the front of her bike. As she did this, a spectral enlarged version of the Lion Senki appeared over the motorcycle, clawing and striking at any Noise nearby, cutting through them with precision and ease.

{Flash of the Riders Blade(s)}

"Take this!" Buster yelled out as he pressed the triggers on the handles of the Ride Gatriker, unleashing a hail of bullets forward to deal with the Noise they were fighting. But it didn't take long for several Noise to launch themselves at the two to try and knock them off their bike.

Kenzan quickly raised Hayate in its single mode, bringing out Kobuta 3Kyoudai and pressing it into the finisher slot.


Managing to stand on the Gatriker with little issue, Kenzan pressed his hands together in a hand sign. Far in front of them the three Piglet summons from the Wonder Ride Book appeared in puffs of smoke.


The Piglet Brothers quickly formed small brick walls that the Noise would crash into, destroying them. The result cleared the path for Buster and Kenzan and allowed them to keep moving forward.


"Wonder Break!" Saber declared as he shot forward on the Diago Speedy, fire erupted from all around and spiraled into a dragon's head, the flames lashing out as the head bit down on any Noise and Shimi in his way.

With them clearing out Noise and Megid like flies, it wasn't long into their assault before several enlarged Noise began to emerge in front of them.

"They're really going all out!" Saber called out.

"Saber," Tsubasa called out as she began to meet up with him on her bike, "Bring out King of Arthur. I can support you with my blades."

"With your blades…?" Saber asked before realizing what Tsubasa meant, quickly slotting in King of Arthur he drew his sword out, "Of course! I'll do that right now!"


The transformation took place as Saber gained the Arthur armoring on his left side. Of course thanks to him fully unlocking its power, the enlarged version of the Kingexcalibur was summoned automatically as well.


In an instant it transformed into the robotic knight that was King of Arthur. It flew forward alongside Saber and Tsubasa's bikes, it glancing upwards as a glint in the sky caught its eye. It turned and held out its free hand as one of Tsubasa's massive blades flew downwards. It caught the massive blade before spinning and flying forward, slashing through an approaching giant Noise. It then spun before slashing forward, unleashing a wide arc of blue energy that crashed against the rest of the giant Noise.

{King of Heaven's Wrath}

"They're really going all out," Sakuya remarked.

"That's Tsubasa and the others for you," Aoi chuckled, "It's a surprise to see how in sync she and the Riders are now."

"The question is if they can pull this off," Daishinji admitted, "One Wielder and Four Riders against Three Wielders, a Rider, and whatever the Megid choose to throw out…"

"No, we have more fighters than the ones out right now," Hibiki replied.

"Slash said he'd stay behind for now," Sophia said before looking over towards Hibiki, "And as Co-Commander I have no intention of letting you fight without a gear."

"I won't be the one fighting," Hibiki answered.

"Hibiki…?" Miku asked, confused as to what her friend meant.

"I see," Daishinji gave a chuckle as he went to walk out of the room, "I'll make sure the hatch is clear."

It didn't take long for Hibiki to explain what exactly she was planning, Sophia going over to the detention cells to grab Kento and Shirabe. It didn't take long for the co-commander to remove the cuffs from both of them. Though Shirabe was currently questioning the proposition that Hibiki had brought up once she and Kento arrived.

"You want us to fight them?" Shirabe asked, "Are you serious?"

"Absolutely," Hibiki said.

"That's what I dislike about you," Shirabe admitted before glancing to the side, "Your claims that what you do is just and right are the words of a hypocrite."

"I don't think what I'm doing is necessarily the right thing," Hibiki admitted, figuring now was her chance to sort out stuff with Shirabe somewhat, "Once, I got really badly hurt. I worked really hard to get through rehab because I thought it'd make my family happy. But once I was back home, my family only ever looked worried. Even now, I don't want to lie about how I feel."

Kento and Shirabe could only look at Hibiki in surprise.

"If I did," Hibiki continued as she lifted up her hands to look at them, "I wouldn't be able to hold hands with everyone anymore."

"You're that serious about holding hands?" Shirabe asked.

"That's someone who's Touma's friend for you," Kento gave a chuckle as he put a hand on his hip.

"That's why I want you to do what you want," Hibiki spoke up to the both of them, going over to take Shirabe's hand in her own, "If that happens to be in line with our cause, I'd be glad for you to help."

"What I want…" Shirabe repeated.

"The two of you wanted to stop your comrades' senseless rampage," Sophia spoke up, "Did you not?"

"We do," Kento gave a nod, "I promised Maria that I'd help her however I could. And right now she needs my help."

Shirabe however pulled away from Hibiki and turned away, "If I can help them, I don't mind helping you."

Hibiki and Miku could only give a smile at those words.

"But how can you trust us?" Shirabe turned with concern, "We were enemies."

"I'm sure Genjuro shares this sentiment with me," Sophia said as she stood up, both the Relic Pendant, Lamp do Alangina, and Ikazuchi in her hands, "That there are things more important than being allies or enemies. Not to mention if it were him here, he'd likely want you to have the power to do what you wish."

"Commander," Hibiki turned back with a smile.

"I think you've already answered by the way," Kento spoke up with a bit of a smile, "You did say, "were" enemies."

Shirabe gave a pout while Sophia smiled, soon holding up Ikazuchi for Kento to take, "Espada, I know this might be hard. But please stop Calibur."

"I will," Kento said as he took his blade before taking Lamp do Alangina. The Commander's words confirming his suspicions that no one knew Calibur's actual identity. He knew he needed to tell them but the urgency of the situation meant they had little time to waste.

Shirabe was then handed back her Pendant, clutching it as she wiped her eyes a bit as a few tears had formed.

"You two never really change, do you?" She asked.

"He and I think we're too nice for our own good," Sophia admitted with a small chuckle, "Though it's simply our nature."

The co-commander however had to pause after her last remark, picking up on the wording of what exactly Shirabe had just said. She was ready to question what exactly Shirabe meant by that, though Hibiki interrupted any chance she'd have.

"I'll lead you to the hatch!" Hibiki called out as she took both Shirabe and Kento by the hands, dragging them along with her, "Let's hurry!"

Kento could only yelp as he was dragged alongside Shirabe by Hibiki, the trio heading down to the main hatch where Tsubasa had left from.

"Alright," Hibiki said before looking through the opening, she then looked over at her new allies, "I know this is going to sound crazy, but…"

"And just what is this crazy idea?"

Hibiki suddenly froze as she slowly turned with Kento and Shirabe, the three seeing Daishinji in the corner with his arms crossed.

Pink and yellow flashes could be seen before Shirabe launched out of the exit hatch, making a saw blade wheel to roll along the ground with. A second Ride Gatriker also shot outwards, Slash driving it while Espada was sitting in the back. Of course through the cameras, Section 2 realized that Shirabe had an extra passenger.

"Hibiki!" Miku shouted.

"What are you doing?!" Sophia called out as she stood up in shock, "I told you I had no intention of letting you fight! Slash, why didn't you stop her?"

"Commander, I'm sorry to say but even if I wanted to I couldn't," Slash admitted with a chuckle, "Once she gets going you can't stop her, and I wasn't about to get in her way. Besides…"

"I'm not going to fight," Hibiki called out with a smile, "I'm going to help people!"

"And I support that decision tenfold," Slash finished.

"Hibiki this is serious!" Sophia called out, "Do you really think you can get away with a technicality like this?"

"Let her go," Miku spoke up while smiling, the shock having faded, "Helping people is when Hibiki truly shines."

Sophia couldn't help but give a slight giggle as she relented, "And here I thought it was Genjuro's job to laugh in the face of common sense."

"I'm sure there'll be plenty of people who'll give her a piece of their mind when she comes back," Miku added with a smile.

Sophia sat back down in the Commander's seat, giving a smile, "But for now…"

"We'll back her up from here!" Sakuya called out.

"We'll do all in our power to support them!" Aoi added.

"That is our job after all," Sophia finished.


Tsubasa, Blades, Buster and Kenzan could only wince at Saber's sudden shouting. The grouping had stopped after taking out the hordes of Noise and Shimi. They had come to a halt and dismounted their bikes once they had received a call from Sophia and the others.

Tsubasa held a hand to her headset, "Tachibana, Daishinji, and the defectors from the FIS?"

"I would have been surprised had she stayed put," Blades gave a nervous chuckle.

"That's Hibiki for you," Kenzan remarked.

"I am so giving them a piece of my mind when this is all said and done," Saber groaned out as he slumped forward.

"And if that's not enough, they can come back to me for seconds," Buster nodded with a chuckle.

"For now we should meet up with them," Tsubasa said before looking around, "Did we chase the Noise too far…?"

Tsubasa and Blades saw sudden glints in the air and quickly hopped away from the Wielder's bike, an array of crossbow bolts striking and blowing up the bike as the Wielder and Rider slid away from the explosion.

"Looks like you've accepted our invitations," Tsubasa looked up at where the bolts came from.

Chris was currently standing on a cliff face, and alongside her were the Ahiru Megid, Calibur and Desast. Chris simply held a hardened stare, not saying anything though it was clear she was directly eyeing Tsubasa.

"Four against Five," Calibur noted, "What even odds."

"Don't think we're about to back down," Saber said as he dismissed the Diago Speedy, getting in a defensive stance.

"This is the most important battle, after all," Buster agreed as he returned the Ride Gatriker to its phone mode, pocketing it.

"Well if it's important then I can go all out," The Plain Ahiru Megid called out as it smacked its chest. It then spread its arms out as black feathery wings formed before exploding into plumes of feathers.


The feathers around the Megid began to form into the various enhancements of the prior Ahiru Megid's formed from the feathers before all latching onto the Megid. Soon enough the plain Ahiru had transformed into the Hakucho Megid.

"There," Hakucho said as it held its clawed hand close to its chest, "Now that I have all my siblings' powers, I am truly invincible."

"We'll decide how this story ends," Saber declared as the nine combatants all rushed forward

Kenzan immediately sped for Desast to distract him, the two clashing blades as they went to rush around each other. Tsubasa meanwhile had insisted she fight Chris alone, Blades breaking off to go and fight Calibur who had gotten into a clash with Saber. That left Buster with the Hakucho Megid, the Rider of Stone bringing his sword down as Hakucho crossed its claws, managing to keep the large blade from crushing it.

Meanwhile, Shirabe and Slash continued to ride forward on the path towards the tallest of the buildings.

"Are they over there?" Hibiki asked.

"I don't know," Shirabe admitted, "But I think so."

"You think so?" Hibiki asked.

"Our best shot is likely the biggest of these structures," Espada said.

Slash however heard something, his ears twitching, "I think we're going to be on our own…"

"What makes you say that?" Hibiki asked.

"The others are fighting," Slash explained as he held a finger up to his helmets ear briefly, "Something tells me it's just us from here on out."

"It's likely that Calibur is leading the charge, especially since he can absorb elemental and energy based attacks…" Espada said before quickly standing up and hopping off of the Gatriker. He stumbled a bit but managed to keep standing.

"Eh," Hibiki looked back, "Kento?!"

"I'll go help the others out so we can meet up faster!" Espada called out before tapping his Wonder Ride Book, "Just keep going and help Maria!"

"I will!" Hibiki called out.


Espada quickly hopped up onto his magic carpet before flying off into the distance, planning on covering ground as fast as he could.

Shirabe continued to move forward before noticing something, performing a quick u-turn to stop before retracting her blade, Hibiki giving a yelp as she just managed to get her footing right to keep from falling over. Slash saw this and skidded to a stop, looking up as he realized what had caused Shirabe to stop.

Hibiki's eyes widened, "Kirika!"

Kirika clasped her pendant in both hands, "~Zeios Igalima rizen tron~"

In a flash of green she had transformed into her Symphogear Armor, twirling Igalima as she extended it out into its full scythe form, "Shirabe, are you sure about this?"

"Nothing will be left if you follow the doctor's way!" Shirabe argued.

"Nothing will be left unless we follow his way!" Kirika argued back, "We can't possibly survive!"

"You two need to calm down and talk things through!" Hibiki insisted.

"This is a battlefield!" Kirika and Shirabe called out at the same time, "What's wrong with you?!"

"Hibiki!" Slash called out causing the former Gungnir Wielder to turn, he shook his head before staring directly at her. "Sometimes the best way to understand one another is to lock blades."

"Go on ahead," Shirabe spoke up, "I'm sure you'll be able to stop Maria. You can hold her hand."

"Shirabe…" Hibiki trailed.

"The LiNKER can only synchronize me with my Gear for so long, so go," Shirabe said, blinking as her eyes turned a familiar golden color, "Believe in the song of your heart."

Hibiki recalled those words, before giving a nod. She quickly ran over to Slash who was staring at Shirabe as soon as he heard those words.

"Alright, I'm on!" Hibiki called out as she jumped onto the backseat.

"Right," Slash shook his head, giving one final glance at Shirabe before driving off towards the main building.

"Not on my watch, dess!" Kirika turned to deal with Slash and Hibiki when she quickly had to spin her scythe around, blocking a set of buzzsaw projectiles. She turned towards her friend, "Shirabe! Why are you helping her? Don't you hate hypocrites like her?!"

"But she doesn't lie about herself!" Shirabe called out as she extended her twintails out into dual saw blades, "She lives as her heart wills, and she shines so brightly that I'm envious. I want to trust her, just a little."

"I see," Kirika said, "But I can't back off now! I want to leave something behind while I'm still myself!"

Shirabe raised an eyebrow, "While you're still yourself?"

"I want to leave some proof behind that I lived here in this world with you, Maria, Kento, and Mom!" Kirika shouted as she reeled her scythe back.

"Is that why you fight?" Shirabe asked.

"That's why I fight," Kirika said as she split her scythe blade into three, swinging her scythe forward and launching blades out at Shirabe.

{Kill Julliet}

{Gamma Style: Infinite Firewheels}

Shirabe responded with her own assault, launching out her saw blades to clash against the scythe blades. Both projectiles clashed together before being deflected from each other as the two's battle began.

Maria couldn't help but still feel useless and helpless, as once the fights began, she was able to see them all taking place. While the intensity of each fight felt normal, one of them was the most surprising to her. It was specifically Kirika and Shirabe's duel, the two going further than any usual spar they would have done. Despite only having visual, she could feel the weight and force behind their attacks, the two of them were actually fighting to their fullest.

"How could this be…? Kirika and Shirabe got along so well!" Maria asked in disbelief before falling to her knees, tears soon began to form, "It's all my fault. I didn't fight to witness this!"


Maria's eyes widened as she heard a familiar voice on speaker, "Mom?!"

"You are alone now, are you not?" Nastassja asked before continuing, "I've analyzed the Frontier's particulars and have found something that might prevent the fall of the Moon. It's our final ray of hope. And we need your song to set it free."

Maria's eyes widened, "My song?"

Ver couldn't help but cackle at what he was seeing, watching the fights before him from a high vantage point.

Tsubasa and Chris were locked in somewhat of a stalemate, Tsubasa rapidly slashed with her sword while Chris had shifted her weapons to a pistol formation, firing off at Tsubasa. While at a close-range disadvantage, Chris was holding her own decently enough against Tsubasa.

The two flipped and dodged around each other, their battle while fairly intense was almost more like a dance in the way they moved. Needless to say, Tsubasa was also trying to draw their fight away from the others, wanting to keep the fight between her and Chris.

Buster and Kenzan were also caught up in their own battles, though were still in relative close proximity to each other alongside Saber and Blades.


Saber had scanned his book on his sword, launching up before unleashing a fiery tornado against Calibur who held up Kurayami, the Seiken of darkness absorbing the attack with little issue.

"There it is," Saber landed and held his sword out, "Why is he absorbing our attacks?"

Blades gave a yell, slashing at Calibur only to get forced into a clash. The Swordsman of Water gritted his teeth before he saw the stolen Ride Books holstered. He attempted to reach for his but this was enough of a distraction for Calibur to kick him away.

"Give us back our Wonder Ride Books!" Blades called out.

"Like I'll answer to a simple demand," Calibur scoffed, "You're going to need to earn them."

"Then let's get going, Rintaro," Saber called out as he prepared Storm Eagle.

"Right," Blades gave a nod, taking out Peter Fantasista.



Saber immediately spun and kicked out, sending several red tinted tornados towards Calibur who easily sucked the wind into Kurayami. However Calibur wasn't expecting for a non elemental follow up attack, Blades' hook and chain lashing out and striking at him. This had forced the dark Rider to take a few steps back as a result.

"You're mine!"

Espada quickly leapt in from the air, launching downwards at lightning speed and striking Calibur across the chest. He quickly turned and slashed only for Calibur to block his attack.

"Don't think it'll be that easy!" Calibur growled out as he kicked Espada away before leaping backwards. He drew out Jaaku Dragon before scanning it three times.


Bright purple energy gathered within the golden blade of Kurayami before he sliced forward, a horizontal buildup of energy launching towards Espada.


Blades and Saber were quick to join their friend, the trio gathering elemental energy in their swords and slashing against the energy. Unfortunately the triple slash wasn't powerful enough to beat Calibur's enhanced power, the dark energy engulfing them and sending them flying backwards via an explosive blast.

The explosive blast had managed to catch everyone else's attention briefly, all of them surprised at the power that Calibur had just shown. Of course they were all quick to go back to their respective fights as neither opponent in their sets was ready to let them break off.

"Is that the best you can do?" Calibur asked.

"We can't just attack him sporadically," Saber realized as he picked himself up alongside his friends, "We have to get back the Ride Books he took first."

"Yeah…" Espada agreed.

"Right," Blades said before holding out Tri Cerberus to Espada, "I think this belongs to you."

"Rintaro…" Espada trailed before giving a nod and taking the book, but he didn't use it to change forms just yet.

"I'll go first!" Blades yelled out as he rushed forward.

"You can't win against me!" Calibur yelled out as he drew out Tenkuu no Pegasus to scan it.

"Now, before he uses it!" Saber called out.


The Lion Senki was summoned as it spewed out pressurized water to strike Calibur with. The Dark Rider had immediately brought up his sword in defense, using it to absorb the constant stream of water. What he didn't expect was Blades to run after the Lion Senki, the Swordsman of Water kicking off the ground and slashing past Calibur.

The attack had worked as Blades had aimed towards Calibur's side, not only getting him to drop the book he was holding, but also Saiyuu Journey.

"Oh no," Calibur looked down, quickly bending down to grab them.


Espada was too quick on the draw, stabbing forward and unleashing a Cerberus projection that was flowing with electricity, it pouncing and biting down on Calibur's blind spot to force him away from the books.

"Good," Saber quickly rolled towards the books, taking Saiyuu Journey back before tossing Tenkuu no Pegasus to Blades, "Rintaro, let's go!"

"Right," Blades gave a nod as the two stood side by side and readied their Wonder Combos, drawing out their swords as flashes of red and blue covered them.



Blades made the first move, immediately spinning in and slashing multiple times. He had managed to catch the recovering Calibur off guard, sparks flying as Calibur was forced backwards. He then unleashed a burst of water against the ground, a geyser erupting and disorienting Calibur further.

Saber rushed in, slashing at Calibur who just barely managed to block his slash. But he was expecting that as he held his left arm near Calibur's stomach, unleashing Saiyuu Journey's pole against the Dark Riders gut, sparks flying as Calibur was sent flying back.

"Like I'll let you have a break!" Espada rushed forward while tapping his Story Book.


The Lamp Do Alangina was summoned as it grabbed Calibur by his sides, keeping him hoisted in mid-air. Electrical energy shot out, it being enough to knock Needle Hedgehog away from the Dark Rider.

Blades caught Needle Hedgehog before tossing it towards Espada, "Kento!"

"Thanks," Espada took it as he gripped Needle Hedgehog tightly, this was his chance.

"Alright," Saber called out, "That makes three for three on Wonder Combos!"

Espada took a deep breath as he activated both Tri Cerberus and Needle Hedgehog. He admittedly hadn't had a chance to fully test out his Wonder Combo before now. But he had trained as hard as he could since two years ago. He was sure he had pushed himself harder than anyone should have. That's why he hoped this would work…


Espada drew out his sword, a flash of yellow occurring as all three of his elemental Wonder Ride Books appeared behind him. The Lamp Do Alangina emerged alongside the electrical construct of Tri Cerberus and the needles of Needle Hedgehog. All of them circled around him before fully clothing him in his Wonder Combo.



[The Sword of lightning shines and the thunder grumbles!]

Desast took notice and gave a laugh, "Good, we're at my part…"

"What?" Kenzan asked before he quickly blocked a slash by Desast, the two getting in a clash.

"Listen, Swordsman of Wind," Desast leaned in close, "Don't get in my way for this next part and I'll be on my merry way."

"Excuse me?" Kenzan asked before pushing back and slashing at Desast who leapt away from him. He then looked back towards the trio of Swordriver Riders facing down Calibur, wondering what Desast was planning.

"Whoa, looking good Kento," Saber quickly hurried over to his friend alongside Blades.

"This is your first time right?" Blades asked before holding up a fist, "Truly remarkable."

"I suppose so," Espada gave a soft chuckle as he was elated to see that he had pulled it off.

"So what if you have three Wonder Combo's," Calibur growled as he shakily stood.

"We're ending this once and for all!" Saber called out.

Saber, Blades, and Espada all yelled out as they rushed forward. Saber went first, slashing down only for Calibur to raise Kurayami and block. Saber however let his arm drop, slipping his blade away from the block before rushing past and slashing against Calibur's gut, flames spewing from the slash. It didn't take long for Blades and Espada to rush in, water splashing over Calibur's armor as Blades struck past the Dark Rider. The soaked Rider was then struck by an electrified running slash courtesy of Espada, sparks flying even further.

Saber leapt off the ground to glide up into the air before flipping, kicking out and slamming his foot into Calibur's chest. Fire spewed out as Calibur was sent staggering further back. Blades leapt forward, a geyser of water occurring as he performed a flying side kick against Calibur's helmet, sending the Dark Rider spinning.

Espada yelled out as he leapt up and spun mid-air, electricity crackling around him as he planted both his feet against Calibur before kicking off.

Calibur yelled out as electricity built up and exploded, sending him crashing into one of the rocks.

Ver could only smirk at this as he had purposely not used Solomon's Cane yet, "Acting all high and mighty when you can't even overcome them, how pathetic."

"There it is, now back off!" Desast quickly ducked underneath Kenzan before kicking the Rider of Wind away, soon dashing towards the side.

Saber, Blades and Espada all grouped up again, the three ready to finish off Calibur.

"Come on, guys," Saber said as he raised his sword before looking back and giving a nod to Blades and Espada who spoke alongside him…

"We'll decide how this story ends!"



"Explosive Crimson Slash!"

"Hydro Vortex!"

"Trueno Del Sol!"

The trio of Swordriver Riders all yelled out as they charged forward, their respective elements engulfing their swords as they did. Saber spun before slashing downward as Blades and Espada leapt up before slashing down just as Saber did. Calibur quickly went to block all the slashes with his own, giving a strained yell as he tried to keep their slashes from overtaking them. What also helped him at the moment was Kurayami absorbing the elements of the respective slashes.




All three Riders yelled out as they pushed harder and harder, trying to overtake Calibur with all their might.

Desast soon slid a fair few feet behind Calibur, giving a chuckle as Grudge Dent shined with a bright red energy. He then reeled back before slashing forward.


A deep red crescent slash of energy struck Calibur in the back, the Dark Rider gasping out as he lost his grip partially alongside his footing. That was enough for Saber, Blades and Espada to all push through, pushing past Kurayami and striking Calibur dead center with all their blades.

Calibur could only yell out as the elemental attacks hit their marks, bursts of fire, water and electricity all exploding outwards as Saber, Blades and Espada skidded backwards. Out of the explosion, one of the only other spare books on Calibur also flew out and tumbled against the ground. The book was the one Calibur had been holding onto heavily all this time…


"I'll be taking this back," Desast said as he snatched his book and held it tightly before backing away and slowly vanishing, "Now that I have my book, I can finally be free."

"Is that what he meant?" Kenzan asked himself as he stared at the scene.

Even Buster and the Hakucho Megid had stopped fighting due to what had occurred. While Chris and Tsubasa briefly looked over, they were quick to keep on fighting, or at least Chris was.

Saber meanwhile began to relax slightly, "Did we...?"

"I think we did," Espada gave a nod, the smoke clearing around Calibur to reveal he had gotten knocked out of his transformed state.

"Wait a minute," Blades squinted his eyes as the smoke began to clear, revealing that Calibur had lost his transformation, "That's…"

The man before them was not the same one that Sophia and Daishinji had briefed them about at the start of their battles with the FIS. But the man that stood before them was someone that Blades recognized heavily.

"That isn't your father…?" Saber asked, not recognizing the man.

"He isn't," Espada confirmed in a neutral tone, causing Saber to look at him in surprise, "My father died at the Zwei Wing Concert."

"Then who is he?" Saber looked back towards the man.

"Daichi Kamijo… the previous Kamen Rider Saber," Blades managed to speak up.

"The previous…?" Saber asked as he flashed back to the day of the Zwei Wing Concert tragedy, recalling the previous wielder of Rekka who saved him, "He was the one who saved me."

"Where there is determination, there is hope!"

"Why is he Calibur?" Blades asked.

"He killed my father and took up the mantle all those years ago," Espada explained, "Then he allied with the remaining Megid and used them to further his own gain."

"But why go along with him then?" Saber asked.

"Because I knew I wasn't strong enough to beat him," Espada admitted, "I figured that if I resisted or tried to go back he'd kill me too. I couldn't allow that, so I went along and trained as hard as I could to one day surpass him."

"I'm only doing what I can for the future of humanity," Kamijo called out as he kept a solid grip of Kurayami, "Your father was a necessary sacrifice."

"Shut up with that damn excuse!" Espada called out as he rushed forward, "I'll be taking back the Ankouken Kurayami, now!"

"I still have use for this blade," Kamijo quickly swung his sword behind him, tearing open a Dark Corridor before leaping backwards into it. Soon enough, it closed just as Espada slashed down.

"Damn it!" Espada called out as he stabbed the ground.

"Kento…" Saber trailed.

"Hmph," Ver began to move away from the area. While he was amused by Kamijo losing to the three Riders, he didn't like what this meant about their odds. This was especially the case with Desast having gone rogue, and the likelihood that Chris was going to do the same. He needed a way to turn this around before everything went up in smoke.

"We're going to be running out of road soon," Slash said as he continued to approach the center of Frontier at a steady pace, the sounds of fighting were faint but fierce to him, "Think you can handle a climb?"

"Of course," Hibiki gave a nod, "As long as the song of my heart lives on!"

"That's the spirit," Slash chuckled as he kept driving forward.

At the Megid Hideout, the three leaders could only watch in anticipation as more and more powered flowed in from the three Alter Ride Books.

"Did he do it?" Legeiel asked.

"Shush!" Zooous called out loudly.

"Patience…" Storious said with a smile.

The power slowly but surely filled the Blackened Book, the center book soon siphoning and absorbing the other Blackened Books surrounding it. Soon enough a thick purple Wonder Ride Book with gold rimming was seen. The cover held an evolved version of the Jaaku Dragon with four golden dragons following it, the title reading…


To Be Continued…


Touma: Hello there, Miku and I are here today to provide the latest Movie Update for Sympho-Saber: Song of Swords.

Miku: Zero wanted to try something different for an update before we reach the release date. So he's decided on this.

Touma: Thus we will be unveiling the movie subtitle in this little bit at the end!


[~manifest a script that blinds even the greatest director~]

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Touma: Have them speculate over the subtitle and what it means? Clever, though I suppose that means we'll be movie stars.

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Miku: Unofficially!

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Author's Note: And so we've fully kicked off the endgame of G and right off the bat both Kamijo and Desast have completely withdrawn from the fighting. Kamijo may have gotten Jaou Dragon out of the ordeal, but he still took a major beating from three Wonder Combos. Meanwhile Desast is finally free to do as he pleases, meaning he's not likely to stick around for an extended period of time. That really only leaves a few members of Ver's forces left and even then those likely won't last that much longer.

Some fun stuff this chapter though was getting to utilize King of Arthur's robot form a bit more, purely by having it work in tandem with Tsubasa. I figured that some fun could be had with her very large blades and the mechanical giant. Anyway, that's all for now, thanks again for reading and I'll see you all next time.