Sympho-Saber: Song of Swords

G: EP12 – Return of the Striking Spear

Kamijo lightly gasped as he limped somewhat into the Megid Hideout, ignoring the amused looks that all of them were likely giving him. He went to sit down at the table that Jaou Dragon was now in, leaning Kurayami against a nearby chair. Staring at the book in front of him he grabbed it before looking it over.

"That is the power you wished for," Storious spoke up, "However, whether or not a human can master it remains to be seen."

"I am no ordinary human," Kamijo remarked before giving a grunt as he gently held his stomach, "Regardless, I'm out of this fight until I can recover."

"There's one issue though," Zooous growled out, "That damn Ver messed with the moon!"

"We want to rule and twist this world into our own," Legeiel added before frowning, "Not have it obliterated."

"Now, now," Storious held up his hands while walking forward, "If our ally is not up to fighting anymore, then I shall go personally."

"Trying to hog all the glory?" Legeiel asked.

"Quite the contrary," Storious smiled, "I have no doubt that everyone other than Ver will find a solution to the Lunar Fall. However, I need to check on some things that will allow us to proceed further."

"Whatever," Legeiel said as he went to walk out, "Just don't come crying to us when we're about to be crushed."

"This better work out Storious," Zooous growled out before walking out.

"Oh I'm sure it will," Storious reassured as he vanished instead of walking out.

"Do as you please," Kamijo said as he went to take out a picture, it being the same picture of him, Hayato and Sophia he'd look at constantly. After staring at it for a while he pocketed it before he looked at where he had set Kurayami down. He gently moved his ungloved hand towards the blade before gripping it tightly. His eyes widened briefly for a second before he pulled away, taking a few deep breaths as he stared at his hand, "This is only the end of the second chapter."

Tsubasa was continuing her duel against Chris, the two having moved completely out of view of the others by this point. Even if someone was in the area though, they'd have a hard time seeing them due to the constant steam exiting from the cracks all around them. Tsubasa soon shifted Ame no Habakiri into its cleaver-like state, using it to easily defend against Chris' bullets before unleashing an energy slash that struck directly against Chris.

"Damn!" Chris had leapt into the air, firing at Tsubasa from above.

Tsubasa blocked the shots before shifting her sword back to its katana state, "Why are you doing this, Yukine?"


"Do I have to take your silence as an answer?" Tsubasa asked, "Shindo wished to understand your reasoning, but seeing as he's busy I'll see to it in his place!"

Chris gave a quick glare before rushing forward, jumping over a few slashes from Tsubasa while shooting from her guns. Once she landed she used her gun to block a slash from Tsubasa, entering a deadlock.

"What are you trying to achieve?!" Tsubasa questioned further as she slipped past the deadlock, soon dodging against the close range fire from Chris. She slashed only for her sword to be blocked and pushed away.

"I won't let others carry my cross any longer!" Chris yelled out.

"What…?" Tsubasa asked before finally noticing something off, there was a strange collar with blinking lights on Chris' neck. She wasn't able to think on it long however as she was forced to block a sudden shot from Chris, gasping out as she was sent flying from the impact and not bracing properly.

"If you think I'll be a pushover, you're very mistaken!" The Hakucho Megid called out as it leapt backwards to avoid Buster's downward stab, the earth shattering as it flipped to avoid any incoming debris, "I'm not blind!"

Kenzan had leapt in to slash at the Hakucho Megid only for his blades to briefly clash against the Megid's claws. Kenzan landed and spun to slash only for his slashes to be batted away again.

"This is getting annoying," Buster admitted.

"Yes, but we've got the advantage," Kenzan spoke up.

"I'll quack you up!" Hakucho called out as it gathered energy in its claws before launching the energy outwards.

Buster quickly spun forward, bracing with Gekido and blocking the energy strikes. He then gave a yell, slamming Gekido into the ground in front of him. It didn't take long for the ground to crack and shatter into rubble underneath the Megid.

The Hakucho Megid gave a gasp as it lost its footing, before it saw a glint out of the corner of its eyes. It managed to find two pieces of solid ground in the rubble before leaping up into the air. Just as it did it avoided Hayate in its Shuriken Form, which had been thrown at the Megid.

The wind picked up around Hayate, launching it into the air and past the Megid, Kenzan catching it as he appeared in a puff of smoke mid-air. He then gave a yell and slammed it downwards just as the Hakucho Megid clawed forward. Both attacks clashed with each other before the two forced themselves away from each other, dropping to the ground without issue.

"What was that about an advantage?" Hakucho asked.

"They're just about to arrive," Kenzan gave a chuckle.

It didn't take long for Saber, Blades and Espada to hurry over, the trio having reverted to their base one book forms to conserve on energy.

"There's five of us and one of you," Saber pointed out, "Some fancy decorations won't save be helping you against all of us."

"Oh I'm much more than that," The Hakucho Megid stated as black feathers erupted from its wings, the feathers scattering before dozens upon dozens of Shimi Megid were formed, "I plan on snuffing out each and every Rider here."

It didn't take long for green flashes of light to impact around the Megid from a distance, a large grouping of Noise filling out the Shimi's ranks.

"Just great," Espada hissed out as he raised his sword up.

"As much as I'm getting used to not being tired after a Wonder Combo, this is still ridiculous," Saber said.

"Though it doesn't look like we have much of a choice," Blades admitted.


It didn't take long for a fireball to impact in front of the Riders, the announcement causing all of them to get on guard. When the flames died down, it revealed Falchion who was holding up Kyomu. She then pointed Kyomu towards the grouping of Megid and Noise.

"Go," Falchion spoke out, her voice still distorted.

"Whoa, is this the first time they speak?" Saber asked.

"We'll handle that upgraded Megid," Buster ordered as he looked at the Swordriver Trio, "You three go on ahead."

"I'll go to Tsubasa and Chris then," Blades said before hurrying off.

"Kento, let's get to Maria," Saber turned towards his friend.

"Right," Espada said, summoning his Magic Carpet and hopping on alongside Saber, the two flying off.

Falchion said nothing as they rushed forward, slashing at the Shimi and Noise to clear a path.

"Now then," Buster said as he brought out his auxiliary book alongside Kenzan.

"Let's wrap this up quickly," Kenzan agreed.



Shirabe and Kirika had meanwhile stopped their clashes for a brief moment, the two taking a breather as they awaited their next move.

"What do you mean by 'while you're still yourself'?" Shirabe asked.

"I think that Finé's soul is close to awakening within me," Kirika explained, "I'm one of the receptor children brought together by the facility. There's always been a chance it would happen."

"In that case, I will try even harder to stop you," Shirabe said as her saw blades began to go active once more, "I can't allow my dear Kiri to be tainted any further."

"Don't call me dear! I love you even more!" Kirika yelled out as she brought Igalima forward, "That's why I'm fighting to protect the world that holds the people I love!"

"Kiri…" Shirabe trailed before steeling herself, positioning her two saws above and beneath her as they acted as helicopter rotors, allowing her to hover.

{Emergency Phi Style: Twin Moon Karma}

"Shirabe…" Kirika muttered as her shoulder pauldrons grew sharper and more blade-like.

{Sealed Strike: Pinnocchio}

"I'm telling you… that I love you!"

The two shouted out their words in sync as they both rushed forward, their attacks clashing against each other.

Back at the beached Section 2 Submarine, Sophia was in shock at the current revelations that had managed to become unveiled.

"Calibur is actually the previous Saber, Daichi Kamijo…" Sophia repeated for what seemed to be the sixth time, "But how…?"

Miku however remembered Kento's reaction to Calibur when they first talked, "That's why he acted like that…"

"Wasn't our running theory it was Hayato Fukamiya?" Sakuya asked.

"Yes, but it seems this has put a solid wrench in that one," Aoi replied, "And given what we heard and saw of Kento's reaction…"

"He likely knew that wasn't his father the entire time," Sakuya finished.

"We'll need to ask him when this is all over," Aoi gave a nod before looking back, "Are you alright, Commander?"

"I'm… fine," Sophia gave a slow nod.

"Huh?" Sakuya soon began typing away as something popped up at his station, "Commander!"

"What is it?" Sophia asked, noticing the surprise in his voice.

"I need you to take a look at this!" Sakuya said as he quickly pulled it up on screen, it showing a video of Maria.

"I am Maria Cadenzavna Eve," Maria introduced as she began her plan, "In an effort to minimize the damage that would be caused by the fall of the Moon, I impersonated Finé."

"It's a video broadcast from Frontier to all over the world," Aoi reported as the video continued.

"What exactly is the FIS planning now?" Sophia questioned as she continued to listen in on the announcement that reached the entirety of the world.

"Should we let the others know?" Sakuya asked.

"Trace that broadcast and get her location to the others," Sophia ordered.

"Yes ma'am!" Aoi called out as she got to work.

"The Moon? With my song?"

"The Moon is an observational device created by the Custodians to disrupt the unified language of mankind. While the Lunar Attack damaged some of its functions, if those functions are restarted, it can be returned back to stable orbit-"

Violent coughing could soon be heard.

"Mom? Mom?!"

"Save the world with your song!"

Maria knew this next course of action was risky given everything else, but she knew that this was likely their only chance. While she didn't trust Calibur, she knew she had to heed his words in finding a way to fix the mess that Ver forced them into. So as soon as Nastassja suggested a next course of action, she jumped at that chance.

"I harbor no illusions that you'll be willing to trust the words of a liar like me," Maria continued, "But I want you to at least see the truth: that songs can become strength!"

Taking a deep breath, Maria soon sung her holy chant.

"Granzizel bilfen Gungnir zizzl~"

Soon enough, for the second time, she had transformed in front of the whole world into her Symphogear armor.

"I can't stop the fall of the Moon alone! Help me! I need your songs!" Maria called out as she soon began to sing her heart out, 'Serena saved my life, so now, I'll use this life to save others. This way, Serena's death won't be in vain!'

Master Logos was currently viewing the situation from his observation chamber. He had managed to pick up the broadcast Maria was performing and gave a smirk.

"So it seems as though she's chosen to expose our assistance, however little it was," He remarked upon hearing the brief mention of the Bavarian Illuminati, "Though I doubt this will set your plans back Adam… as it holds no bearing on mine."

He paused however when one of his monitors alerted him to something more important that had occurred earlier. A burst of fire in the shape of a phoenix was flying through the air. Its destination was Frontier, with the feed cutting to Falchion who was mercilessly cutting through Shimi and Noise.

Master Logos stood up and gave a frown, "I suppose I must call upon Reika to bring our phoenix back…"

Slash was admittedly surprised when it came to Hibiki. He had assumed the girl would want to take a break but here he was trying to make sure he kept up with her. The two were currently ascending the massive stairs that led deeper into the Frontier.

'Everyone's doing all that they can. I can't settle for any less!' Hibiki thought as she kept pace, 'The only thing I can do is press forward!'

Various explosions began going off in the distances, the battles occurring likely growing more intense and explosive as a result.

"Slash," Sophia's voice spoke through a single communications link, "Maria is performing a broadcast at the moment, and it's coming from the central area of Frontier. Keep going on the path you're on and you'll reach her in no time."

"Understood," Slash said before glancing at Hibiki, "We're closing in on Maria."

"Good!" Hibiki shouted as she continued forward.

Tsubasa and Chris were oddly still in a stalemate, while range was on Chris' side, Tsubasa was able to cut down the bullets with ease. Even so, the two weren't using much of their arsenals, or rather Chris wasn't, which allowed Tsubasa to counter with ease. It was definitely a much more relaxed duel compared to Kirika and Shirabe's. Of course Tsubasa had already picked up something was off from the way Chris was currently fighting.

"If you don't take her down soon, you'll never get the toy I promised," Ver's voice spoke through Chris' communications.

'Solomon's Cane… That deadly power that targets only humans should never lie in the hands of humanity,' Chris narrowed her eyes in thought, her head shifting enough to show that she had a collar on her neck.

'Are they using that collar to ensure her obedience?' Tsubasa thought as she kept herself ready for anything, though she decided to speak up, "What do you seek that is worth being collared like a dog?"

"The dirty work always falls to those who have nowhere else to go," Chris answered, "Am I wrong?"

"Even if I have to drag you by the scruff of your neck, I'll bring you back to where you belong," Tsubasa answered, now starting to see why her friend was doing this, "I will aid you no matter how much you reject it. That is my duty as your senior. Because I know you can't fly with just one wing."

'Right, Kanade?'

'Yeah! That's why not only I but everyone else around you will help you too!'

Tsubasa couldn't help but feel confident at her answer, the words felt very real in a sense even if it was what she assumed was calling upon old memories.

"Don't act so high and mighty!" Chris snapped as tears began to form.

"What are you doing?" Ver's voice asked, "You don't have much time left until your collar goes off."

"Kazanari… Senpai…" Chris managed to speak up, catching Tsubasa off guard slightly, she then smirked, "Let's decide this in one round. I'm gonna use the combo I've been practicing all this time."

"Then I'll show you the best I have to offer as well," Tsubasa smirked.

Blades had just made it to the edge of the battlefield, ready to assist when he was forced to slow down. To his surprise, Chris and Tsubasa went all out, unleashing as much of their arsenals as they could before they unleashed their best crowd clearing attacks.


{One Thousand Tears}

The two unleashed their full arsenals against each other in one climatic attack, missiles exploding against energy daggers. The two Gear Wielders screamed out as the attacks managed to break past and overwhelm them, a massive explosion occurring.

"Tsubasa!" Blades shouted though the explosion drowned him out. He stepped forward, "Chris!"

"Ame no Habakiri and Ichaival have disappeared from our radar," Aoi's voice spoke through the communications.

Blades could hear the murmurs from everyone else but quickly placed a hand against his helmet, "I just saw them! I'll go make sure they're alright!"

Without another word he began to carefully make his way forward, knowing that this couldn't have been the end of his two allies.

Saber and Espada flew through the air on the latter's magic carpet, the two close by the central building of Frontier before they paused. They had caught sight of flashes of pink and green clashing below them from a distance.

"Hey… isn't that?" Saber looked over.

"Kirika and Shirabe, so they're still…" Espada trailed, "Touma… I want to help Maria but…"

"That's why we're friends," Saber gave a soft chuckle as he lightly punched his friend's shoulder, "Go, I'll go to Maria in your place."

"Thank you," Espada said.

Saber quickly leapt downwards to land on a building while Espada turned around to head towards his friends' battle.

Kirika and Shirabe's duel against each other grew more intense as they threw all they had at each other. Shirabe managing to keep up with Kirika's multiple blades and attempts at ensnaring her via Shul Shagana's speed and massive arsenal of projectiles. The two had just finished a big clash and backed away from each other, having entered a stalemate.

"Kiri, why won't you back off?" Shirabe asked.

"If you want me to step down, then make me!" Kirika said as she drew out a LiNKER injector before tossing it forward.

"LiNKER…?" Shirabe looked in surprise before going to pick it up.

"If your feelings aren't understood, then you've got no choice but to force your way through," Kirika said as she injected herself before singing.

Gatrandis babel ziggurat edenal~

Shirabe had just injected herself as well before joining Kirika in singing the Superb Song's lyrics.

Emustrozen Finé el balal zizzl~

"The Superb Song of Igalima is a blade that reaps the very soul of the opponent!" Kirika called out as she powered up, Igalima growing in size as she gained a green glow around her, she then rose upwards, riding her massive scythe, "But this time, I just want to graze off a little bit of your fighting spirit!"

"You don't understand!" Shirabe called out as she leapt up, her buzzsaws and armor increasing length and size to great lengths, essentially giving her an exoskeleton styled mecha suit, "The world of which I dream can't exist without you! I don't want a world that forces solitude on people!"

Kirika rode forward on her scythe, using the massive jet booster on it to build up momentum and strike at Shirabe. Of course her attempt was batted away with ease, "I'm gonna protect you, even if I get taken over by Finé's soul!"

Shirabe could only watch as her friend pushed Igalima even further, a spinning green blade of energy launching downwards.

"Those few you manage to save the doctor's way will feel the same loss as I do!" Shirabe called out as she lunged forward with one of her saws only for it to shatter from Kirika's attack. She raised her remaining armored arm as she saw Kirika get ready for another attack, "Who would want to live on in a world like that? I can't sing for that ideal!"

"But that's the only way! There's nothing else we can do!" Kirika yelled out as she slammed her scythe into Shirabe's saw, shattering that as well, "I have to, even if you end up hating me for it!"

"Kiri, you mustn't fight any longer! Don't take the Kiri I love from me!" Shirabe called out with tears in her eyes. Despite her plea, it didn't work as Kirika immediately slashed down.

Espada had landed nearby and gasped out, "Don't do it Kirika!"

Shirabe held out her arms, it being a fruitless attempt at a defense… that was until a pink hexagonal energy shield formed and blocked the scythe.

Kirika could only stare in shock as her scythe clashed against it, the shield deflecting Igalima and sending it out of her hands. She could only keep staring in shock as she landed, her weapon stabbing itself into the ground behind her.

"It wasn't Kirika…?" Espada managed to speak with a light gasp, "It was Shirabe?"

"What is this?" Shirabe asked before holding her hands towards her as the shield vanished.

"It was you… Shirabe?" Kirika asked in a murmur with wide eyes, stumbling before she slumped forward, "You were Finé's vessel all along and yet I almost…"

"Kiri…?" Shirabe asked.

"I just wanted you to be happy, but all I could do was make you cry," Kirika cried out as tears fell, holding out her hand as Igalima heeded her call. The scythe spinning upwards into the air as she gave a sad smile, "I'm such a bad friend. I just want to disappear forever."

"Hey Kirika, wait a second, don't do this!" Espada called out as he rushed forward before realizing he wasn't the only one rushing forward, "No wait, Shirabe!"

"No! Kiri!"

Kirika wasn't aware of what happened, being pushed by Shirabe just barely before hearing her gasp in pain, "Shirabe…?"

The tip of Igalima had dug into her friend's back.

Espada gave a light gasp as he dropped Ikazuchi while Kirika's eyes widened with realization.


Blades had tried to hurry as fast as he could to where he assumed Chris and Tsubasa were. He had managed to find an opening, sliding into a cave that had been opened up by the fighting. Of course he hastened his approach when he seemingly heard fighting and what sounded definitively like Dr. Ver's shrill screams. But by the time he arrived both Chris and Tsubasa were alone, the carbon remains of Noise being dispersed into the air. The two were also in their civilian attire, having dismissed their transformations for the time being.

"Ah," Blades called out in relief as he hurried over, dismissing his transformation, "There you two are!"

Chris and Tsubasa looked over, while they were scuffed up, there wasn't any major injuries on either.

"Ah, I see you finally caught up Shindo," Tsubasa said, "How were things on your end?"

"Touma, Kento and I have retrieved our full Wonder Combo's though with a bit of a sudden revelation admittedly…" Rintaro admitted as he looked downwards before shaking his head and gesturing forward, "More importantly, what is going on here?"

"What do you think?" Chris asked.

"Yukine had a plan this entire time," Tsubasa said as she gestured to Chris, or rather what Chris was holding.

"Ah!" Rintaro pointed in shock, "That's Solomon's Cane, right?!"

"Of course it is," Chris called out, "I had to get it back because it's my responsibility after all."

"Incredible," Rintaro said before looking over at Tsubasa, "So that attack I saw…?"

"I'm surprised you didn't recognize it," Tsubasa gave a smirk, "The entire lead up to the smokescreen were combination attacks we've practiced."

"Truly incredible," Rintaro said, "Then you believed in Chris too despite the hurt of her betrayal."

"She called me her Senpai," Tsubasa explained much to a blushing Chris' embarrassment, "That was all I needed to hear."

"I must admit though," Rintaro realized, recalling when Chris had pretended to betray them, "I wasn't expecting you to convince Desast so easily."

"Oh she didn't."

Everyone turned towards the side to see Desast sitting on a rock. Tsubasa and Rintaro kept their guard up while Chris stayed relaxed.

"He's the one who suggested it," Chris said, much to the shock of her sword wielding allies, "That I enact my plan to get back Solomon's Cane."

"And while everyone was so focused on someone who's already betrayed their master," Desast said as he soon held up his Alter Ride Book, "I was able to sneak in and retrieve my book among the chaos."

"Why are you here?" Tsubasa narrowed her eyes.

"Just to thank you all," Desast said as he pocketed his book before giving a chuckle and hopping off his rock, "I could care less about fighting you all right now, especially since I'm finally free. So thank you Chris, Sword Wielders… you all really ended up helping me in the end."

"So now that you're free, what are you going to do?" Chris asked.

"I'm going to enjoy myself," Desast said before turning away, starting to vanish, "But try and clean up this damn mess. I don't want my future getting cut short because of that stupid moon falling."

The two Wielders and one Swordsman could only watch as Desast fully disappeared.

"I'm not sure if I should be relieved or worried that he's no longer under Calibur's grip…" Rintaro trailed.

"For now he's not going to mess with us at least," Chris replied, "So let's be thankful for that."

"We should make our way to Tachibana," Tsubasa suggested before walking off, "The doctor retreated after he failed to finish Yukine and I off. No doubt he's making his way back towards the central hub which is likely where we'll find Maria."

"Indeed," Rintaro said as he followed after Tsubasa.

"Our lives are seriously too crazy," Chris gave an offhand remark before following before internalizing her next remark, 'It may be crazy… but that's why I belong at their side.'

Buster gave a yell as he threw Gekido towards the Hakucho Megid who dodged out of the way. He then threw his Jackun Arm forward, unleashing projectiles and a vine to strike out at Hakucho. The Hakucho Megid merely chuckled and rushed forward, clawing through the projectiles with its claws while tearing the vine whip to shreds.

"You're useless without your weapon!" The Hakucho Megid called out as it stabbed at Buster with its claws.

Buster stepped back while grabbing, getting a firm grip on the Hakucho Megid's wrists, "For an upgraded Megid you aren't very smart."

"Ah… ah…" The Hakucho Megid gasped out as it felt its writs being crushed, "Too tight, too tight!"

"I don't need to fully rely on my sword to deal with the likes of you," Buster said as he threw the Megid's arms down before stomping on the ground. The rock beneath them shattered and crumbled causing the Hakucho Megid to lose balance. Buster then sent a punch with both fists against the Megid's stomach, the Megid yelling out as it was thrown backwards and into a nearby rock.

"Let's finish this up," Kenzan called out as he initiated his finisher, pressing his Kobuta 3Kyoudai book against the Hayate's finisher reader. Flashing green, he split into three, the main Kenzan having a brick shield and Hayate in its shuriken mode. The first copy held a wooden shield and had Hayate in its single sword mode, while the second copy held the straw shield with Hayate in its dual sword mode.



"…Sword Dance…"

"…Three Pigs Style!"

The Hakucho Megid yelled out as it managed to stand up, gathering energy in its wings before launching dozens of feather projectiles outwards.

The Lead Kenzan leapt into the air, gripping the shuriken version of Hayate tightly as he spun around rapidly. A green wind was summoned before energy shurikens were launched outwards to strike against the feathers, matching and destroying the Megid's projectiles.

The other two Kenzan's had used this as a distraction, dashing and sliding to the sides of the Hakucho Megid.

The Hakucho Megid gave a gasp, "What?!"

The two copies of Kenzan spun around before slashing at the Megid's sides. Slashes of green energy were sent hurtling out before striking the Megid, the swan based Megid gasping out as sparks erupted from its body.


"Quack…" The Hakucho Megid fell forward before exploding.

"Not bad," Buster called out as he retrieved his sword, watching Kenzan land with the clones vanishing.

"We should hurry Commander," Kenzan suggested.

"Took the words right out of my mouth," Buster said before holstering Gekido and rushing towards the main building of Frontier alongside Kenzan.

"Shirabe… please wake up! Shirabe! Shirabe! Shirabe!"

"Please, say something!"

Shirabe opened her eyes at the voices, recognizing them as her Kirika and Kento respectively. Her vision blurred and it felt like she was sinking into a deep ocean as a shadowy figure approached her.

"Kiri…? Kento…?" Shirabe muttered before realizing it wasn't her friends, "No, it isn't… then who are you?"

"Does it matter?" The figure asked as her appearance changed into a woman with long blonde hair, golden eyes, dressed in white priestess styled robes.

"Yes it does," Shirabe answered, "My friends are crying."

"Well... I hoped I could just lay low like this without taking over anyone's soul, but I guess it wasn't meant to be," The woman said in a resigned fashion as her body began to break apart into particles of light, "I can't move on after taking a fatal blow like that."

"You're taking it in my stead?" Shirabe asked, "But why?"

"I want you to tell her," the woman answered.

Shirabe could only grow curious, "Who?"

"After playing the villain for millennia, I can't just become one of the heroes in this day and age," The woman replied as her body slowly began to fade away, "Those of you who live in the present should handle this."

"Hibiki… Tachibana…" Shirabe trailed as she felt herself slowly but surely waking up as she regained consciousness.

"It's not a ghost's place to talk about living for the future," The woman finished as Shirabe rose up past her and towards the bright surface of the water. She gave a soft smile as her body deteriorated further, soon feeling a new presence, "Can't leave me alone, can you?"

"I figured you wouldn't want to be alone for your true end, Finé," A voice said behind the young woman as a woman with long brown hair also in priestess robes appeared. It was the same young woman who had witnessed Finé's first defeat back during the Lunar Attack.

"I just figured it's pointless to go any further," Finé admitted with a soft chuckle, "I don't want to cause trouble for that girl either, so this is for the best. If only my reincarnation was like yours, Luna."

"Mine is only possible because of the Great Book," The woman now known as Luna replied, "Though of course because of our connections to the past and my own powers, that's why I'm able to visit you right now."

"I appreciate it…" Finé admitted as he body faded further, "That boy… Saber… he's the one you chose, correct?"

"He is," Luna gave a nod, having a frown on her face before giving a smile, "The moment I met him and his love for stories, I knew that he had to be the one. If there's anyone who can create a bright future for everyone, it's Touma alongside his friends."

"I suppose my one regret is I won't be able to see that future…" Finé spoke softly before fading away fully.

"Goodbye, Finé," Luna said before vanishing.

Kento could only look around in surprise, specks of white light flooding the area suddenly as Kirika continued to cry over her friend.

"Hey, Kirika…" He spoke up.

"Wake up, Shirabe!" Kirika cried out, ignoring Kento's words.

"You're crying, Kiri."

Kirika gave a gasp as Kento gave a shocked but genuine smile as the two watched Shirabe slowly pick herself up.

"Your wound…" Kirika's eyes widened when she saw the stab wound was no longer there. She quickly wrapped her arms around her friend, "Shirabe!"

"Thank goodness…" Kento sighed in relief as he fell to his knees.

"But how…?" Kirika asked.

"I think Finé's soul saved me," Shirabe replied.

"Finé did?" Kirika and Kento asked at the same time.

It didn't take long for Shirabe to return the hug, "Seems like people are always saving me. So I need yours and Kento's help. Let's save Maria together."

Kirika pulled Shirabe in further, "Okay. This time, let's save everyone together."

Kento couldn't help but give a smile before looking down and gripping his fists tightly. Despite the relief that everything was okay, there was still something he needed to get off of his chest, "I'm sorry!"

"Huh?" Kirika turned, "Kento?"

"Kento, what's wrong?" Shirabe asked.

"It's about Finé, you see… the reason Calibur had sent me to the FIS Facility to join with you all in the first place… was because he wanted me to keep tabs on who the next Finé would be," Kento admitted as he felt bad about keeping these kinds of secrets, he fell to his knees and bowed his head, "He told me, for the sake of the future that we couldn't allow Finé to run around unchecked. That's the entire reason as to why I was sent there. And then… when I found out whom it was… I was supposed to…"

"Its fine Kento," Shirabe spoke up, "Finé's likely long gone by now."

"Y-You're not mad?" Kento asked as he looked up in surprise, "I… I kept a big secret about something so important from you all and would have-"

"Kento!" Kirika interrupted, "Even if you lied about that, that doesn't change all our experiences, right?"

"I…" Kento paused as he realized despite his mission he did genuinely enjoy his time with the girls of the FIS, "Of course it never did. I hated the fact that I'd have to genuinely carry it out because of our time together."

"You abandoned Calibur and his mission the minute we defected, so that includes what he wanted you to do," Shirabe spoke up as she and Kirika walked over, "And even after everything, you still want to help Maria, right?"

"I do," Kento replied.

"Then that's all that matters, dess!" Kirika said as she gave Kento a hug with Shirabe.

"Really…?" Kento asked in surprise.

"Really," Shirabe repeated.

"You two," Kento chuckled before returning the hug, "You girls are too kind… thank you."

Maria's attempt to rally the world and unite them via her song had ended up not working that well despite her passion. While she had sung her hardest and generated some form of Phonic Gain, it wasn't enough. She was left breathing heavy while frustrated at the lack of power her own songs held.

"Maria, try once more to restart the Lunar Ruins!" Nastassja urged, she needed this to work.

"My song can't save anyone!" Maria cried out and shook her head.

"Maria! This is our last chance to prevent the fall of the Moon!" Nastassaja pleaded.

Maria slowly stood up to sing again, despite feeling that the effort was going to produce the same results. Before she could even start she was suddenly struck in the face and knocked to the ground. The culprit was none other than Dr. Ver who was at his limit by this point.

"I can't have my way unless the Moon falls!" Ver called out in a childish manner.


"Huh?" Ver heard the communications, "I knew you were behind this, hag."

"Listen, Dr. Ver!" Nastassaj called out to bargain with the doctor, "Use the Frontier to project concentrated phonic gain toward the Moon and restart the Lunar Ruins that sustain the curse of Balal! Then the Moon can return to its orbit!"

Ver however had been interfacing with the controls this entire time, "If you want to activate the Lunar Ruins so badly, you can fly up there yourself!"

All it took was a slam on the panel with Ver's Nephilim infused arm to initiate the activation key. As a result, a portion of Frontier dislodged itself before rocketing off towards orbit.

Maria's eyes could only widen in horror as she screamed, "MOM!"

"Across all of history, great heroes have never been able to rule mankind! There are just too many people!" Ver called out, "That's why we should simply reduce the population to a controllable number! All it took was a genius like me to come to this realization! I'll become a hero beyond heroes!"

"How dare you…!" Maria glared as she stood up fully, bringing out her spear.

"Will you raise a hand against me?" Ver asked, "If you kill me, you'll kill mankind!"

His words only made Maria grip her spear tighter, "You…"

"You cannot kill me because I am the greatest hero!" Ver shouted before giving a maniacal laugh.

"You aren't a hero!"

Maria's eyes widened and turned alongside Ver to see who the voice was.


Saber had rushed in, punching Ver in the cheek with his right fist, sending the doctor staggering back.

"That's for what you did to both Hibiki and Miku…" Saber hissed out in a low voice as he let his fist drop. He knew that Hibiki would never hold a grudge like this, but he wanted at least one good hit against the doctor that had caused his two closest friends so much pain as of late.

"What would you even know about being a hero?!" Ver yelled out as punched at Saber with his Nephilim enhanced arm.


Saber immediately drew his sword and blocked the punch with ease, Rekka holding the Nephilim fist back. Ver gave a light gasp as he saw this, surprised to see Saber holding back his punch.

"A lot more than you," Saber said as he gave a yell and pushed forward, sending Ver stumbling back, "True heroes don't lord their power over others, nor do they seek out justice. A true hero is one who helps those who need help. That's all…"

"Saber," Maria said as she stared at the Rider.

"I'm going to ask you to not go through with what I assume you want to do," Saber said as he turned towards Maria.

"You won't get me to back down," Maria said.

"Then we're at an impasse," Saber replied.

"I suppose we are," Maria said before rushing forward and stabbing at Saber.


Slash immediately slid into view, blocking the spear of Gungnir with the flat of his blade. He gave a hum before slamming his palm against the flat of his blade, unleashing a burst of sound that forced Maria back.

"Gungnir…" Slash spoke up as he aimed Suzune towards Maria, "Your heart is conflicted."

"What?" Maria asked before shaking her head, ready to rush forward again, "That doesn't matter!"

It didn't take long for Hibiki to also get in Maria's way, holding out her arms.

Maria glared as she came to a stop, clearly still shaky about fighting a civilian, but she was still ready to bark out the illusion of confidence, "Out of my way, Human-Relic Fusion Specimen One!"

"No!" Hibiki called out, "I'm Hibiki Tachibana, age 16! I'm not some "fusion specimen"! I'm just Hibiki Tachibana, and I came here to talk with you!"

"There is nothing for us to discuss!" Maria called out as she prepared her spear, "That man killed Mom! He will pay with his life! If I can't protect the world, I have no other reason to live!"

Hibiki stayed where she was as Maria had thrust her spear forward. But to everyone's surprise, Hibiki had caught the spear in her hand, drawing blood as a result.

Saber gave a gasp, "Hibiki!"

"This…" Slash's ears began to twitch from underneath his helmet, "This is…"

"What?" Maria asked.

"You can always find that reason later," Hibiki replied with a kind smile, "Just don't give up on living!"

As if going on instinct, Hibiki did something that shocked both Maria and Saber. Slash meanwhile gave a smirk underneath his helmet, as Hibiki had uttered a familiar transformation chant they all thought was lost to her…

"~Balwisyall nescell Gungnir TROOOOOON!"

"What are you doing?!" Maria questioned.

To her and Saber's surprise alongside Slash's anticipation, the spear of Gungnir dispersed into light alongside the Symphogear armor. A massive light spread out throughout the bridge of Frontier, the light shining brightly and spreading out further. It was a light so powerful that it could be seen by anyone.

"What…" Shirabe muttered as she saw the light.

"They're saving Maria, dess!" Kirika realized.

"Of course they are," Kento gave a soft chuckle.

"That dummy's doing what she does best, huh?" Chris asked, realizing that it couldn't be anyone else but Hibiki.

"It's just like her," Tsubasa agreed.

"She continues to amaze me each and every day," Rintaro gave a chuckle.

Falchion was cutting through some of the last Shimi and Noise that were out before turning towards the light. She could feel and hear her heartbeat pick up pace as she clutched her chest.

"Don't die! Open your eyes! Don't give up on living!"

"That girl…" Falchion lowered her hand before looking up at the centerpiece of Frontier.

In the distance, and undetectable by Falchion and anyone else was the hooded man from Avalon. He could only give an impressed smile as he witnessed this phenomenon, "Truly splendid…"

"This light…" Sophia trailed as Section 2 had the broadcast up alongside a view of the outside of the bridge, watching as all the light gathered around it, "Is this?"

"Hibiki…" Miku was stunned before realizing what this meant. She then held her fist forward, "Do it Hibiki! You're the best!"

"I suppose that doubt from its old user and Hibiki's determination was all that was needed for her to inherit that power once more," Slash chuckled as he had to contain his excitement at the moment, "She's back."

"She is…" Saber softly chuckled before he smiled behind his helmet.

"What's going on?" Maria asked in disbelief, "This shouldn't be possible! Fusions aren't meant to be compatible with other relics! Is this the power of your song… the song of your heart? What is your song?!"

The light gathered around Hibiki as the familiar white and orange armor graced her form once more. She had donned her Symphogear after seemingly losing it forever mere hours ago. As the light faded, the transformation finished and she shouted in response to Maria's question.


To Be Continued…

Author's Note: So for those who were wondering, here's official confirmation about the mystery girl from the end episodes of S1 and that it's Luna. Not much to say about this chapter other than us continuing towards the end of the season, though this might be one of the shortest chapters I've written if I'm being honest. There wasn't that much to add admittedly aside from doing some wrap-up on the fights that started last time.

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