Sympho-Saber: Song of Swords

G: EP13 – When Stars and Emotions Became Music…

As the light died down within Frontier, Hibiki stood tall as she was in the armor of Gungnir once more.

"She's… attuned with the Gungnir?" Maria asked in shock.

"Both Gungnirs are cut from the same cloth so to speak," Slash spoke up as he looked over at Maria, "Fusion or not, both of you used the same Gear. And it appears the remaining Gungnir figured out who it wants as its partner."

"Now then," Saber went to turn towards where Ver was only to see him missing, "He's gone?!"

"This isn't the end!" Ver screamed out as he had managed to slip past everyone in their shock, trying to run down the steps of the bridge only to tumble downwards. As he reached the base of the steps he winced, "I won't let this be the end!"

Hibiki turned to give chase only for Maria to suddenly collapse into her arms.

"Dr. Ver!"

It wasn't long before both Buster and Kenzan arrived on the scene, the two holding their weapons out as they rushed forward to apprehend the mad doctor. Ver had already opened a hole in the floor however, stepping into it and falling through as it fully closed up.

"Hibiki," Kenzan spoke up, "Where did you get that Symphogear?"

"Maria's Gungnir responded to my song," Hibiki explained.

It didn't take long for something to act up as the ground beneath them all started to shudder and shake.

Kenzan gave a gasp, "What?"

Buster quickly pressed his hand against his helmet, "We need an update!"

"A gravitational anomaly has been detected!" Sakuya reported.

"The Frontier has started to move laterally while still rising," Aoi finished.

"But I'm pretty sure we didn't do anything," Saber said as he looked around, "What's going on?"

"With his left arm connected to the Frontier, Ver can control it any way he likes," Maria explained.

Ver was currently walking down one of the corridors, dragging his arm across the wall. The wall responded by glowing wherever he touched it.

"I may have lost Solomon's Cane, but I still have the Frontier. I'll use gravity itself to knock down any fools that oppose me," Ver said in a sinister tone before unbuttoning his coat slightly, soon taking out the Book of Ruin, "I'll even use this to send them to hell…"

"What an amusing plan," Storious' voice called out as he walked into view in front of Ver.

"You…" Ver gave a glare.

"Now, now… we've suffered heavy losses as well," Storious said before stepping out of the way, "Allow me to assist you in this finale."

"Just don't get in my way," Ver hissed out as he walked past Storious.

"Far from it," Storious smiled as he walked after Ver.

"The Frontier is powered by the Nephilim's heart," Maria explained, "If we can stop the heart, we can stop Ver as well. I beg you… I don't even have the right to fight anymore… Go in my stead, please!"

"Shirabe asked me something too," Hibiki gave a smile as she watched Maria look up at her, "She asked me to save you, so no worries!"


Buster yelled out as he slammed Gekido into the ground, tearing open a large fissure in the area that Ver had used to escape.

"Whoa!" Saber gave a gasp, "Commander!"

"Leave Dr. Ver to us," Buster called out, "You should focus on-"

"-Stopping the Nephilim's heart!" Hibiki finished as she raised a fist.

"Let's go!" Buster said as Kenzan gave a nod, the two leaping down into the fissure.

"I'll back them up," Slash said as he leapt down to the bottom of the steps, he gave a nod to Hibiki and Saber before leaping into the fissure.

"Just wait here," Hibiki gave a wink to Maria before running off, "I'll be right back!"

"Hey, wait a minute Hibiki!" Saber called out as he took a few steps forward before sighing, he shook his head before he readied Saiyuu Journey, "Glad to see you're still raring to go," he then looked over at Maria, "I promise we will put an end to Dr. Ver's insane schemes."


Maria could only turn and watch in silence as she sat on the ground, seeing Hibiki leap back into the open area of the Frontier while Saber in Saiyuu Dragon form manifested a red cloud that flew after his friend.

Falchion looked around at the deserted battlefield she was standing on. The only thing that was a remnant of her battle was the ashes of the Noise that were mixed in with the Shimi. Deciding that she could spare a bit more time on Frontier she began to walk towards where she assumed the others were.

"And where do you think you're going?"

Falchion sighed and turned, realizing this wasn't going to be simple anymore.


Upon turning a plume of smoke began rising out of the ground as Reika stepped out, her Seiken at her side as she stared at Falchion.

"Kanade," Reika spoke up, "Just what are you even thinking? The Master gave you a mission away from all this pointless fighting."

"I believe it's obvious," Falchion fully turned to face Reika, deciding there was no point in saving face.

"You were supposed to collect the Wonder Ride Books that were scattered because of the entry into Avalon," Reika said as she stepped forward, "So why are you here instead?"

"Like I said, I believe it's obvious," Falchion answered in a more tense fashion, "I need answers."

"And those answers are going to hurt you even further!" Reika called out before she lowered her voice, "Who knows what having those resurface will do to your mind…" she then gave a concerned look as she spoke up, "Are you really willing to take that risk?"

"I'm grateful for his efforts in giving me a second chance," Falchion said before placing a hand on her chest, "But I cannot ignore the aching in my heart any longer."

"Kanade, please," Reika said as she began to carefully approach while holding up the Eneiken Noroshi, "Just come back with me."

"I'm not going back," Falchion answered, staying where she was.

"Then I'll do it by force," Reika said with a hurt look as she aimed Noroshi forward before rushing at Falchion.

Hibiki leapt forward, using her boosters to slow her descent as Saber flew beside her. The Rider dismissed the cloud right before he landed, hopping onto the ground alongside Hibiki. The two were a decent ways away from Frontier's main building where Tsubasa, Chris and Blades were waiting, the two Wielders already having transformed back into their Symphogears.

"Tsubasa! Rintaro! Chris!" Hibiki called out with a grin.

"Glad to see we could make it," Saber said as he walked over with Hibiki.

"Tachibana, Kamiyama," Tsubasa smiled.

"We don't have any time to waste," Hibiki replied.

"Yes, we're in this fight together," Tsubasa agreed.

"Sure!" Hibiki called out before noticing Chris, but more importantly what she was holding. She quickly grasped Chris' hand that held Solomon's Cane, "You did it, Chris! I knew you'd be able to bring it back!"

"O-Of course," Chris said.

"Glad to have you back Chris," Saber spoke up.

"Idiot," Chris called out, "I was never gone."

"Ah Touma, wasn't Kento with you?" Blades asked.

"He went to take care of some business so I ended up getting to Maria first," Saber explained, "If he managed to stop Shirabe and Kirika then they should be joining us shortly."

"Riders, Wielders," Sophia's voice rang through the main communications line, "The operators were able to locate a high-output energy source. It must be the engine… the heart of the Frontier! We'll give you the directions needed so you can take it out!"

"Let's go!" Tsubasa called out, "With our combined weapons in hand, we'll fight together and overcome any obstacles!"

"I suppose it's time to save the world," Saber said before chuckling, "Again."

Blades nodded as he loaded in Tenkuu no Pegasus, "Then let us go!"


While the Symphogear Wielders leapt forward at great distances to cover more ground, Blades kicked off the ground to glide forward while Saber summoned his red cloud again, flying after the others.

Ver could only grit his teeth as he saw this. He was currently with Storious watching the Riders and Wielders move forward through a monitor in the generator room. The heart of the Nephilim was continually beating and glowing as it kept itself attached to the energy generator.

"That's troublesome…" Storious mused.

"You filthy, stray cats! Get out of my garden!" He demanded as he pressed his hand down against a control panel, the heart pulsing brighter as the Frontier shook, "Feel the wrath of the Nephilim as it eats away the Frontier from within!"

"If you truly wish to get rid of them," Storious spoke up, "Why not send them to absolute ruin?"

"You're right," Ver said as he laughed a bit, he then gripped the Book of Ruin tightly before tossing it towards the core where the Nephilim's heart was. The Book of Ruin and Nephilim's heart began to clash, the destructive energy trying to tear apart the heart while the heart tried to absorb the Book entirely, "Consume it and anyone that stands in my way! Show me why you're feared far and wide as the 'Devourer', Nephilim!"

Storious could only smirk as he held his hands behind his back, a blackened book being clasped in both as he stared at Ver, 'You… you will be one of the pieces instrumental to our next step…'

Hibiki and the other Wielders had landed with Blades and Saber stopping near them as they all noticed the ground was shifting.

"Wha-What's going on?" Hibiki asked.

"The ground is morphing?" Saber asked as the ground began to form into a more monstrous shape.

"It'll take more than this to stop us!" Chris called out.

The monstrous shape soon solidified as it looked to be an evolved version of the Nephilim. It soon gained color before roaring, unleashing spiked missiles from its body that began impacting in front of the group.

The Wielders and Riders all dodged back in order to avoid them, surprised at what they were seeing.

"Is that the autonomous complete relic from before?" Tsubasa realized.

"Then we can't hold back!" Blades called out.

"You're right, we'll go all out!" Saber gave a nod as he and Blades brought out the last books necessary for their Wonder Combo.

The Nephilim however was still a pure beast of destruction and its integration into Frontier allowed it to access new powers. It roared out, pulling together molten rock in its mouth before blasted it towards Chris. The Ichaival user gave a gasp before backing up, just barely dodging at it as the struck ground exploded from contact.

"It's too damn powerful!" Chris called out.



Blades gave a yell as he unleashed several water filled slashes while Saber slashed forward, unleashing a tornado of flames. The slashes cut against the Nephilim's body before the fiery tornado consumed it. Despite this the Relic Beast gave a roar as it hunched forward before leaning back and spreading its arms out, unleashing a powerful gust of energy to blow away the flames.

Saber could only gasp, "Seriously?!"

"How much more power did this beast gain?!" Blades questioned.

Kento gave a few gasps as he managed to make it to the Frontier's central bridge. He had decided to break off from Kirika and Shirabe to make sure Maria was okay while the other two went off to help the others. When he arrived he saw Maria walking down the steps, away from the control unit.

"Maria…" Kento muttered as he saw his friend staring at the floor.

"I can't do anything…" Maria spoke to herself as tears began to drop from her eyes "Because of me, Serena's song… Serena's death was in vain."

"Don't say that!" Kento called out as he stepped forward, "After getting this far, are you really giving up?!"

"Kento…?" Maria muttered as she looked up in surprise.

"Are you really going to give up?!" Kento questioned further as he walked over to Maria, "What do you want to do?"

"I want to save the world with my song," Maria answered as she looked down and away from Kento, "I want to save everyone from the cataclysm that the fall of the Moon will bring."

"Then don't hide your pure, true feelings," Kento said sternly before giving a more gentle look as he placed a hand on her shoulder, "If you want to use a song… I think there's one you know very well that I'm sure will work."

"Kento…" Maria trailed before closing her eyes, "Serena…" she muttered before starting to sing.

"~The apple floated in the sky…~"

"~The apple dropped to the ground…~"

"~The stars are born, and the songs are born~"

Kento couldn't help but smile a bit at the song, humming along himself. That was until he noticed he and Maria were emitting a bright light. "Wait… what?" He muttered as he looked around, "What is…?"

"~The Lulu Amelu smiled for eternity~"

"~The stars kiss the songs to sleep~"

All around the world, everyone began to resonate with Maria's song, everyone giving off the same bright light and glow as specks of light began to exit everyone's bodies.

Watching a crowd of people was two of the Megid Leaders, Legeiel and Zooous. Both were staring at the resonations occurring near them. The two could only grin a bit before looking at each other.

"I was wondering how we'd achieve this part…" Legeiel admitted, "But to think her song…"

"Who cares how, we've got another piece of the puzzle for us to use," Zooous said with a small chuckle, "Meaning Storious is going to be pretty happy."

Reika and Falchion clashed against one another, the two backing away as they heard and felt the song that Maria was singing. Reika gave a light gasp as she heard the song, suddenly repeating one of the earlier lyrics.

"~The apple floated in the sky…~" Reika softly song out near absentmindedly before clutching her chest and shaking her head, "What?"

"Oh?" Falchion tilted her head a bit at this before recalling what little of Reika's situation she knew, "That's right… is she also…?"

'I was hoping to bring her back without transforming but...' Reika thought as she got back on track and reached towards her pocket to draw her Wonder Ride Book.

"I think we're done here," Falchion said before turning away, her form exploding into fire and taking the shape of a phoenix before flying off.

"Hey, get back here!" Reika called out grasping her Wonder Ride Book only to pause as she felt a familiar pulse.


"Master Logos?" Reika asked as she looked around.

"Let her go for now," Master Logos called through a mental link with her, "We can always get her back in time. For now it would be best if you escaped from the Frontier before anything else occurs."

"Understood," Reika relented before holding out Noroshi, smoke spewing out of it as it engulfed her. The smoke then spread and thinned out before revealing she had fully vanished.

"~Where will they call home…?~"

"~Where will they call home…?~"

"Maria! Maria!"

Maria turned in surprise as her singing was interrupted. But when she heard Nastassja's voice she immediately walked back over to the main control console, "Mom!"

Kento stayed silent as he hurried over to the main control console as well.

"The world resonates with your song," Nastassja explained, "This level of phonic gain is more than enough to reactivate the Lunar Ruins. I'll make sure the Moon does not fall."

"We did it?" Kento asked, "We have a way to stop the Moon?!"

"We do, Kento," Nastassja answered.

"But those words… when you talk like that…" Kento spoke carefully.

Maria's eyes widened, "Mom!"

"Nothing holds you back anymore," Nastassja replied, not wanting Maria to worry about her, "Go, Maria. Go, and let me hear your song."

"Mom…" Maria began to tear up before taking a deep breath, soon giving a confident smile despite her tears, "Okay, Mom!"

"Welcome back," Kento cracked a smirk at seeing a truly confident Maria before him.

"It's good to be back," Maria replied before turning and holding her hand out, "Because it's time to raise the curtain on the world's greatest stage!"

"There's the Maria I know," Kento muttered, still smiling.

Chris launched dozens after dozens of energy bolts against the Nephilim, Blades giving a yell as he flew up and launching a multitude of star projectiles to rain down upon it. Tsubasa extended her blade into its massive cleaver form as Saber gathered fire within Rekka. The two slashed at the Nephilim's arms to cut through them but were both surprised when they weren't able to cut through. Hibiki leapt forward and slammed her fist into the Relic Beast's chest only for nothing to really happen.

Chris brought out her missile racks and chainguns, "Looks like we'll have to go all out!"

Missiles and bullets hit one after another against the Nephilim, smoke forming from the impacts. Unfortunately it didn't seem to work as the Nephilim emerged from the smoke, unleashing another magma blast against Chris. The attack had slammed behind her, the explosive force from it sending Chris flying.

"Yukine!" Tsubasa called out before dodging out of the way of a punch.

"Tsubasa!" Hibiki called out before noticing something off, "What's going on?"

The grey and black Nephilim turned pitch black all over, white veins growing on it as any glowing pieces of it turned a bright red. Soon enough a glowing red spot formed on its chest, an object emerging as it was revealed to be the Book of Ruin, it sticking out cover first as the Nephilim roared out. It seemed as though instead of trying to fully absorb the Book of Ruin, the Nephilim's Heart was able to transfer it to its current construct as a proxy.

"Hold on a minute!" Chris called out, "Isn't that?!"

"The Book of Ruin," Blades called out before yelling out and lashing at the Nephilim with Peter Fans hook and chain. Of course that didn't work as the attack completely bounced off.

The Ruin Nephilim soon detached its shoulder spikes, but instead of becoming missiles they became tendrils. The tendrils soon dug into the ground as any visible plant life around them began to wither and die, rock becoming brittle as well.

"It's using the Nephilim's hunger as its destruction source," Saber realized as he threw his left arm forward, extending his pole and trying to strike at the Book of Ruin to dislodge it. Unfortunately the attacks did nothing but cause minor sparks to fly.

The Ruin Nephilim didn't even seem to be looking at Saber as it raised its right arm, it extending outwards in an attempt to punch him. That was until it was trapped by green wires.


Kirika came in, boosting herself forward on a massive guillotine blade and cutting through the Ruin Nephilim's right arm. Coming in from behind was Shirabe, using her buzzsaw wheel to slice against the Ruin Nephilim's side while passing by it. The Ruin Nephilim screeched in pain as Shirabe and Kirika landed near Hibiki.

"Shul Shagana…"

"…and Igalima join the fray, dess!"

"Thanks for coming!" Hibiki smiled.

"Though even with us this guy might be a bit more than we can handle, dess," Kirika admitted as she looked over at the Ruin Nephilim, it already regenerating itself as it continued to wither the land away.

"Wait, where's Kento?" Saber realized as he landed alongside Blades.

"Right here of course!"


"Even at a disadvantage, we still have our songs!"

Everyone looked up and saw Espada in his Wonder Combo standing on a nearby floating rock alongside Maria.

"Maria! Kento!" Kirika and Shirabe called out before leaping upwards and landing on the rock. It didn't take long before the other Riders and Wielders joined them. The nine of them now stood together as they stared down at the Ruin Nephilim.

"Maria!" Hibiki grinned.

"Sorry for being late," Espada apologized.

"Well they always say the hero arrives just on time," Saber chuckled as he nudged his friend's chest.

"I suppose so," Espada nodded.

"I won't hesitate anymore," Maria spoke up, "Mom means to sacrifice herself to stop the Moon's fall."

The Nephilim gathered another massive ball of flames within its mouth on Ver's orders, launching it out at the nine heroes that stood before it. It shot straight towards the rock they were all on and collided with the makeshift platform, exploding and engulfing them in a fiery blaze.

"~Seilien coffin Airgetlám tron~"

The smoke began to clear from the explosion, revealing they six Symphogear Wielders and three Kamen Riders had been safely protected via a protective sphere of energy. Maria shined brightly with energy, the cracked relic she wore shining brighter than it ever had previously.

'I have Shirabe, I have Kirika, I have Kento. Mom and Serena are with me as well. With their support, a little miracle like this…' Maria thought before giving a firm stare as she soon vocalized her thoughts, "…is nothing!"

It wasn't long before all the Wielders began to sing, the Phonic Gain around them increasing greatly as the trio of Swordriver Riders began to gain an aura around them. Blades' and Espada's Wonder Combo books shined brightly however there was something different this time. Only Saber's Brave Dragon began to shine brightly.

[There was once a God Beast possessing a great power that would destroy everything…]

"Huh?" Saber asked before gasping as he lost his transformation, though he still had a red aura around him.

"What's going on?" Shirabe asked.

"Heck if I know," Chris admitted in surprise, "This is new!"

Soon enough Brave Dragon's book began to shine brighter and brighter before flames shot out, the Brave Dragon launching outwards towards the Ruin Nephilim's that was charging an attack. The Brave Dragon then bit down against the Ruin Nephilim's chest, flames erupting from its mouth as it bit and tore the Book of Ruin away from the Ruin Nephilim much to the surprise of everyone. It had disrupted the attack as the Relic Beast was forced to stagger from the assault against it.

It wasn't long before the Brave Dragon chewed and bit down on the Book of Ruin further. Snapping and tearing was heard as it ripped apart the book with its teeth. The torn pages however came back together again to form black and white energy that converged into two separate shapes, forming white and black versions of the Brave Dragon that all spiraled around.

Kirika's eyes widened, "Eh, three dragons dess?!"

The trio of dragons slammed into the Ruin Nephilim multiple times, the Relic Beast reverting to its first upgraded form now that the Book of Ruin was no longer within it. The dragons then launched back towards the group of heroes, the three converging together and forming a new book in Touma's hand. Everyone could only stare in surprise as they saw the Wonder Ride Book form.

It was a thick maroon covered book with a dull gold spine and pages, the cover had stylized versions of the three dragons, all converging with the title…


"A new Wonder Ride Book…?" Touma asked in shock before opening it up to the first page.

[Bravery! Love! Pride! The divine beast with three powers has now arrived…!]

[Bravery! It is the power to open up hope!]

[Love! It is the power to care for all things!]

[Pride! It is the power to carry out one's will!]

Touma slotted in the Wonder Ride Book into his God Beast slot as a larger Emotional Dragon book manifested behind everyone. Touma reached towards Rekka, gripping it tightly before drawing it out. The book opened up, revealing it as a pop-up book that held three dragon heads, red and black on the ends with white in the center.


The dragons of Bravery, Love, and Pride all emerged from the open book. The three began circling around as Touma readied himself before slashing forward, a cross slash of flames erupting from his sword, "Henshin!"


The dragons all spiraled around him before latching onto him one by one but only forming the armor portion above his untransformed body. First was the red Brave Dragon, it latching onto the usual spot of his right side. The second was the white Dragon of Love, it latching onto the center. The last was the black Dragon of Pride, it latching onto his left side. The cross slash of flames flew backwards and latched onto his face, fully forming his bodysuit as the armor locked into place.

One could say this was a proper evolution of Saber's basic Brave Dragon form, as the dragons of Love and Pride had matched colors with the two empty spots on his armor. The white dragon gave him a white dragon head as armoring alongside a front skirt piece and pieces of cloth hanging down on his back. The black dragon had added a dragon head to his once empty shoulder and a shield on his forearm with a black coattail to fully complete his coattails. The Swordsman of Flame stood tall alongside the others as he had unlocked Saber Emotional Dragon.

[Divine Beasts, Unite! These feelings are overflowing…!]

Everyone could only look in awe as the transformation completed as none of the Wielders or Riders expecting this to occur. Even so, the Wielders continued to sing as the Nephilim began hastily charging up another projectile to launch at them.

"Set Harmonics…!" Hibiki yelled out as she combined her gauntlets together, her armor's paneling opening up, "S2CA! We'll channel all of our phonic gain into this attack!"

Saber launched upwards, holding out his shield as he braced against the projectile that was launched out, surprisingly having a easy time defending against it. Saber then stabbed Rekka into it, the molten projectile beginning to crack. Hibiki flew up towards Saber and assisted him, punching and shattering the projectile.

"Nice one!" Saber called out before he gathered fire within Kaenken Rekka, flames bursting and exploding outwards as he slashed downwards, unleashing fireballs against the Nephilim. The Nephilim could only roar out as it was assaulted, scorch marks appearing on its body as the attacks had hit.

Hibiki looked at Saber, the two exchanging a nod before floating back towards the others.

"You don't need a reason to be drawn together," Tsubasa said as she held out her hand towards Shirabe. Shirabe looked at Tsubasa and despite being hesitant, she grasped Tsubasa's hand.

"There are some things not even I can change," Chris looked over towards Kirika.

"I know how you feel, dess," Kirika said as she took hold of Chris' hand.

"Shirabe! Kirika!" Hibiki smiled as she saw this before taking her place between the four, holding their hands as the five joined hands in front of Maria, the three Riders floating in front of them.

"I want to believe that you're more than just a hypocrite," Shirabe looked over, "So while I'm here, show me first-hand what saving people means to you."

"Hibiki just wants to help, that's all," Saber chuckled as he floated near the five.

"There is no underlying reason behind her kindness," Blades agreed.

"Like I said, if she's friends with Touma then she can't be that bad," Espada added.

The aura in the energy field around them grew larger as the Symphogear Wielders continued to sing and sing.

'There are some things you can only do by holding hands,' Maria thought.

The Nephilim decided to change up tactics, sending several concentrated beams of energy against the barrier. Saber rushed forward, giving a yell as he summoned a projection of the shield he wore, it helping bolster the barriers defense. The defense had managed to work for the most part, but the barrier was still being strained, the fabric and armor of the Symphogear Wielders tearing and breaking as Saber gritted his teeth, trying to keep his shield up. Espada and Blades rushed over to Saber, the two helping the Rider brace as they worked to keep the shield up.

'It's not just the six of us who sing this song…' Hibiki realized a she could feel more power flowing through them, it being an inadvertent side effect of Maria's song. There was still Phonic Gain being pooled together, she soon shouted, "It's the Superb Song of everyone on this Earth!"

The energy had reached its peak before exploding outwards, streaks of red, yellow, blue, pink, green and white all spiraling upwards. The light had faded to reveal that the Symphogear Wielders had regained access to what could be considered their strongest form. Their armor was primarily white with their colors acting as accents, all of them having angelic wings glowing in their colors. The Riders themselves were all boosted as well, Saber gaining a red aura around him permanently as Blades and Espada gained their own auras in their respective colors. Saber and Blades shared a look, the two realizing this boost was just like the same one when X-Drive was first activated.

Hibiki launched forward with the five other Wielders, the three Riders joining them as they became a rainbow colored beam that launched downwards.

"Resonating with the song of mankind, these are our…"


The beam struck through the Nephilim, a rainbow tornado exploding outwards and past the stratosphere, launching outwards into the vast reaches of space itself. The Six Wielders and Three Riders floated together as specks of light rained down, the Nephilim construct having been eradicated.

"What…?" Ver fell to his knees in disbelief, "The Book of Ruin… and their songs…?"

"A miracle I guess you could say," Storious remarked, impressed by the creation of Emotional Dragon, "Not bad... my hero."

"Impossible…" Ver trailed further in disbelief.

"I suppose there's only one thing to do now," Storious said before holding out a Blackened Book, "You must increase your power."

"Increase my power…?" Ver asked.

"This book will respond to your greatest desires," Storious smiled, "Now take it."

Ver grasped the Blackened Book with his Nephilim arm, the book morphing as it gained a title on its cover page now.


"The last hero…" Ver said before laughing before giving a gasp, the book suddenly sinking into the Nephilim Arm as he began to back away, "What…? What is this?!"

"Your new power," Storious smiled as he backed away before vanishing.

"Dr. Ver!"

Ver quickly turned, watching Buster, Kenzan and Slash approaching him.

"Seems like the world was too big to fit in the palm of your hand," Buster said.

"We can do this the easy way or the hard way," Slash added.

"You Swordsmen… you so called hero's… you're simply fakes…" Ver said as a deep red aura began to surround him, the Nephilim Arm beginning to shrinking into a more human sized form. It wasn't long before red armoring with white bone-like accents formed over it. A similar gauntlet appeared over his right arm, alongside the familiar shape of the Megid's shins and feet as grieve-like armoring. Soon enough a twisted almost skull-like mask appeared over Ver's face, "BECAUSE I AM THE LAST ACTION HERO!"

Buster's eyes widened beneath his helmet, "What's going on?!"

"That form!" Kenzan called out.

"Did he absorb a Megid with that arm of his?" Slash questioned, recalling how the Nephilim was able to grow stronger when eating part of Gungnir.

Ver yelled as he rushed forward, punching and being blocked by Buster who gave a wince at the punch.

"This strength is incredible!" Buster admitted before throwing his arm to the side to force Ver to take a few steps back.

Kenzan quickly threw one of Hayate's blades against Ver's shadow.

{Shadow Weaving}

Ver gave a growl as his deep red aura increased further, giving a yell as he managed to break out of the Shadow Weaving. He lunged forward only to get kicking in the chest, gasping as he was sent stumbling backwards.

"I'll take the lead," Slash said as he had been the one who kicked Ver, switching Suzune to its gunplay mode.


"Are you sure?" Buster asked.

"The two of you have been fighting hard enough already," Slash said as he brought out Bremen No Rock Band, "I still haven't had a proper fight."

"Very well," Kenzan gave a nod.

"Let's go, you so-called last action hero," Slash said as he rushed forward, slotting in Bremen-No Rock Band and unleashing a blast of musical energy that began spiraling around him.

"You're going down!" Ver yelled out as he rushed for Slash.

Slash began dancing around Ver, kicking out to force the doctor back a few times while blocking any strikes with his hands and Suzune. He rolled out of the way as his left arm became armored, soon entering his Hansel Bremen form.


"Oh yeah! Fire!" Slash called out as he shot a blast at Ver who dodged out of the way. The Rider of Sound then kicked Ver in the stomach when the doctor got too close.

Ver attempted to move forward again only to quickly brace with his arms, a multitude of energy shots crashing against his gauntlets. He winced as he felt his footing slip as some blasts had been aimed at his grieves as well. He managed to leap back while giving a light gasp.

"I've got this, baby!" Slash yelled out while throwing a rocker sign with his free hand, he then rushed towards Ver while shooting forward, "Just stand back!"

"Is… is it just me or is he more excitable in that form?" Buster asked.

"No, he is," Kenzan gave a nod, "I'm unsure why though…"

"You aren't getting in my way any longer!" Ver yelled out before leaping forward.

"Nah, getting in your way is our specialty!" Slash yelled out as he fired at Ver, his energy shots managing to strike the doctor's armored portions and mask.

Ver could only yell out as he crashed against the base of the main generator, "How?!"


"Unlike you, we heroes rock the song of our hearts! So we can't be beat!" Slash called out as he switched his weapon to its Sword Board mode, initiating his finisher with Bremen No Rock Band, "Iron Shoot!"

Ver gave a yell and rushed forward with Slash moving in and seemingly going wild with his strikes. Despite the wild slashes, the Rider of Sound seemed to have targeted specific points of Ver. Striking each armored arm and shin alongside the mask with heavy but restrained strikes. Each slash held a reverb to it, bursts of multicolored sound bouncing off of the struck spots before Slash spun backwards.


Ver could only gasp out was explosive bursts of sound occurred, his armor shattering as he fell back near the control console. Despite losing the armor he still had the Nephilim Arm, it having returned to its original state.

"My sword echoes on a different level!" Slash called out as threw rocker signs with both hands, "Love you, baby!"

"It's over doctor," Buster said as he walked forward to apprehend the doctor.

"Your ambitions end here," Kenzan approached as well.

"If… if miracles are the reward for trying as hard as you possibly can…" Ver gasped out as his body twitched, he then shot up in an instant and slammed his hand against the control console, "Then I deserve one!"

It didn't take long for a pulse to occur, the energy generator building up even more energy as a result of the doctor's sudden command.

"What did you do?!" Buster questioned.

"Just one thing," Ver gave a tired grin, "I made it release the Nephilim's heart. Now it will rage unchecked throughout the Frontier, consuming it to fuel its own rampage! The energy released will exceed one trillion joules! If I can't be a hero in this world, it should just evaporate!"

Buster had walked over calmly before slamming Gekido into the main control console. Though despite this it didn't seem to stop the Nephilim's heart as a sickly red coloration began to overtake the once bright yellow core of Frontier.

"I guess we won't be able to stop this thing by breaking it," Kenzan remarked.

"It's never that easy," Slash shook his head as he reverted to his base form.

"We're getting out of here," Buster said looking over at Ver.

Ver was ready to keep fighting only to give a light gasp and fall to his hands and knees, exhaustion overtaking him due to the new power he had gained alongside his fight against Slash. As a result it didn't take long for his Nephilim enhanced arm to shrink in size and return to normal.

Genjuro alongside Ogawa, and Daishinji had dismissed their transformations as they escaped the main building of Frontier with Ver. Genjuro himself had relayed the information to Section 2 alongside the Riders and Wielders as they made their way out.

"Understood," Tsubasa answered, "We will stop it before it goes critical."

Ogawa and Daishinji were currently driving their Ride Gatrikers, Genjuro sitting on the back of Daishinji's while Ver was on Ogawa's. Of course Ver also had cuffs on as they had officially detained him and needed him to come back without any trouble.

"Why would you capture me alive?" Ver questioned, "It would make things so much easier for you to simply kill me now…"

Ver's thoughts were interrupted as a shadow began to form overhead, a large rock coming downwards and ready to crush them. Ver could only scream out as it approached, however Genjuro stood up and balanced on the Gatriker.


Genjuro stabbed Gekido forward without transforming, the massive blade piercing through and shattering the rock into small rubble that harmlessly fell all around them.

"We're not going to kill you," Genjuro said, "We won't let you become the villain who destroyed the world or the hero who sacrificed himself for his ideals. You will face justice for your crimes, just like any other human!"

Ver sat in a stunned silence before crying out, "Damnit! Kill me! Make me a hero! Make me a hero!"

"What a childish man," Daishinji sighed as he continued to drive forward, the two Gatrikers making their way into the Section 2 Submarine in order to escape.

The Riders and Wielders all floated above the main building of Frontier, watching as electricity began crackling and forming while bright lights erupted from underneath. The main building soon erupted, everyone bracing against the heavy winds that occurred as a glowing red object rose from the destroyed building. Saber heard explosions from behind and glanced back, soon watching as the Section 2 Submarine had unleashed a set of missiles all around it to blow up the piece of rock it was on, allowing it to plummet downwards and away from the Frontier.

The Core of Frontier and Nephilim's Heart had fully merged, the core itself latching tendrils onto the island as it had practically enveloped the entirety of the Frontier by this point.

"Look at that!" Tsubasa called out, "It's just like the Commander said!"

"What… what is it doing?" Blades asked.

"It's regenerating," Maria's eyes widened, "The Nephilim's heart…"

The entirety of Frontier was absorbed into the core before growing outwards into a more humanoid shape, it holding a bright red body with glowing magma-like lines running all over it. Of course due to absorbing the entirety of the Frontier, it was easily able to dwarf everyone in size. Due to this, it had completed its next and final transformation into the Nephilim Nova.

"Are… are you serious right now?!" Saber called out in shock.

Shirabe and Kirika were undeterred by this and rushed forward, Espada choosing to back his friends up as he gathered energy within Ikazuchi. Shirabe chose to work on matching its size, detaching most of her extra armor and forming it into a massive rabbit themed robot with buzzsaw arms. She then landed on an open space in the head to pilot it.

{Final Omega Style: Dystopia}

Kirika began twirling her scythe around, three massive blades erupting from it as she flew forward.

{Final Oppression: Neverland}

Espada meanwhile tapped Needle Hedgehog before holding Ikazuchi upwards, electrical spikes growing all over the blade before he slashed forward, sending down a rain of needles against Nephilim Nova.


The needles struck against the Nephilim Nova as both Shirabe and Kirika slashed through it. Despite their attacks seeming to have worked, Kirika and Shirabe could only cry out as their armor cracked, the Nephilim feeding on the energy from their attacks. The electrical needles began to sink in before being fully absorbed, Nephilim Nova regenerating at a quick pace.

"So it consumes not only relics, but also the energy they produce?!" Maria guessed.

Tsubasa narrowed her eyes, "If it goes critical, the planet…"

"…will evaporate!" Hibiki finished in horror.

"Gate of Babylonia…" Chris flew forward, gripping Solomon's Cane tightly before holding it forward, "Open!"

Everyone's eyes widened as she watched Chris shoot out a green beam of electricity, opening up a transparent gateway behind the Nephilim.

Hibiki gave a gasp, "The Treasury of Babylonia?!"

"She used X-Drive to amplify Solomon's Cane and open the gate?" Tsubasa asked.

"If we could trap the Nephilim on the other side of the gate, in the Treasury…" Maria trailed in realization.

"Then we can deal with two issues at once!" Saber realized.

"Show us that your Cane isn't just a tool for murder, Solomon!" Chris yelled out as she increased the output to fully solidify the portal.

"This will do!" Hibiki called out.

Tsubasa however paled when she saw Nephilim Nova move, "Dodge, Yukine!"

No one had any time to properly react as Nephilim smacked Chris away, sending Solomon's Cane spinning away from her.

Maria quickly flew over to Solomon's Cane, grasping it and holding it forward, "For the future!"

Everyone could only watch in awe as Maria had fired Solomon's Cane to make the portal grow even larger than before. The portal's gravitational pull was enough to start forcing the Nephilim Nova towards it. The Nephilim Nova wasn't about to go out without a fight, trying to grab at Maria only for her to barely dodge. It then released tendrils from its hand, managing to bind Maria to keep her from moving, and as a result, dragging her towards the treasury along with it.

Kirika, Shirabe and Espada all yelled out at this, "Maria!"

"I'll close the gate from the inside, trapping the Nephilim with me!" Maria called out as she steeled herself.

"Do you mean to sacrifice yourself?!" Kirika asked.

"Maria!" Shirabe called out.

"Don't even think about it!" Espada called out.

"Even this sacrifice does not come close to atoning for my sins," Maria admitted as she closed her eyes to accept her fate, "But I will protect the lives of everyone in this world."

"In that case…" Hibiki started as she began to fly near Maria, "It's only fair that we protect yours."

"I promised Kento I'd help you," Saber said as he flew down near the two, "And that includes right now."

It didn't take long for the other Riders and Wielders to fly alongside the three, all of them determined to see this through to the end.

"Everyone…" Maria trailed in shock.

The nine warriors floated downwards into the Treasury as the Noise inside began to notice their presence.

"I'm not a hero. I can't save the world, but we… we're not alone," Hibiki said before looking over towards Saber, "And as long as we fight together… we'll…"

"…Decide how this story ends!" Saber finished as he held up his Seiken.

It wasn't long before the Nephilim Nova, Wielders and Riders all entered the Treasury of Babylonia, the gateway closing behind them.

"Hibiki! Touma!" Miku called out as she watched the Riders and Wielders signals disappear.

"Brace for impact!" Aoi called out as she worked on deploying safety measures so that the crew of Section 2 would be able to return to land safely.

Meanwhile, the building of Frontier that Nastassja was trapped in continued to feed Phonic Gain into the Lunar Ruins as it floated closer and closer towards the moon.

"Phonic Gain projection successful," Nastassja confirmed before coughing and hacking up blood onto the main control panel. Despite this she worked on finishing up the process, "Lunar Ruins and Curse of Balal restarted and confirmed operational, adjusting the Moon's Orbit…"

Using her last breaths she could only stare at the main screen, showing Earth in the distance. She smiled before slowly collapsing backwards.

'That Day… When the star became music…'


Hibiki instantly morphed her right gauntlet into a large spear, it being a gauntlet styled version of the Gungnir spear that Kanade and Maria would use. She yelled and shot forward, piercing through dozens of Noise in an instant.

Tsubasa had cut through a Noise before flipping and spinning in mid-air, using the massive blades on her feet to become a spinning blade that tore through the Noise with ease.

Chris herself had the benefit of her X-Drive turning her into a small aircraft, opening up all the ports on it before unleashing dozens of beams of destruction that tore through the Noise all around her.

Saber yelled out, landing on one of the structures and slicing through the Noise he faced with ease. He turned and held his shield up, blocking several Noise that launched themselves at him. Gathering fire along Kaenken Rekka's blade he spun and unleashed a flurry of fireballs outwards, striking and destroying the Noise around him. He glanced back to see several Noise approaching him as his body glowed, the Dragons of Love and Pride launching out from his armor and striking at the Noise that were behind him.

A few large Noise landed on the structure to the side of Saber, catching the Rider's attention.

"You want to play," Saber quickly brought out King of Arthur and scanned it on Kaenken Rekka.


Saber yelled out as he slashed forward, a projection of the Kingexcalibur forming and slicing through the Noise, causing several explosions to take place.

"I swear by Suiseiken Nagare, I will protect this world!" Blades yelled as water erupted from his blade, slashing outwards and summoning a vortex of water that managed to suck a fair amount of Noise in. He then sheathed his sword and initiated his belts finisher.


Water splashed around him before summoning four clones to back him up. He flew towards the water vortex and kicked into it, his water clones following his movements. Blades yelled out as he and his water clones kicked through countless Noise, the vortex exploding in a burst of water. The resulting bursts of water spread out at high speeds, striking through any Noise nearby.

Kirika and Shirabe meanwhile were both trying to help free Maria from Nephilim Nova. Of course that didn't mean the Noise were going to ignore the two. As a result a large horde of Noise began to move towards the two.

Espada saw this, flying over and sheathing his sword before drawing it out.


"I will pierce through with my convictions!" Espada declared as he held up Ikazuchi, electricity gathering at the tip of it before forming a massive ball of electricity. He then threw it forward, the electrical ball launching out and catching the horde of Noise in it.


Espada gave a yell, launching forward at high speeds as his body electrified. Soon enough he had cut through the electrical ball, it exploding and evaporating the Noise within it.

Kirika gave a smile at seeing Espada cover them before gritting her teeth, as she flew back, batting away several tendrils in order to keep Nephilim Nova busy, "Shirabe, are you done yet, dess?!"

Shirabe was currently using her robot to saw and cut away at Nephilim Nova's tendrils, wincing a bit, "Just… a little more!"

The robot had managed to cut the tendrils but ended up shattering as a result. Shirabe then flew over to Maria.

"I can't control this many Noise with the Cane alone," Maria admitted as Espada and Kirika went to join her, "It's not enough!"

"Then please concentrate on trying to reopen the gate!" Hibiki called out as she pierced a Noise with her spear.

"That might be our only chance!" Saber called out as he dropped down near Hibiki, blocking an incoming Noise and slashing through it.

"What?" Maria asked.

"If it's possible to open it from the outside, you might be able to do it from the inside too!" Tsubasa answered as she sliced through the Noise with Blades, the Rider using his hook and chain to lash out and tear through them.

Chris looked back, "That things a key!"

"And if it's a key it stands to reason it can be used both ways!" Blades added.

Maria tightened her grip on Solomon's Cane, throwing her arms forward and unleashing another green blast of electrical energy, "SERENA!"

The beam had torn through space once more, creating an exit portal to Earth. The portal itself led specifically to a beach.

"Let's get out of here, dess!" Kirika called out.

"Before the Nephilim Escapes," Shirabe gave a nod.

Maria and Espada both gave nods before they flew off alongside Kirika and Shirabe.

Tsubasa meanwhile kicked off the massive blades on her legs to tear through some of the Noise, "Shindo, let's go."

"Right," Blades gave a nod before looking over at Chris, "Chris, it's time to leave!"

"On it," Chris called out as she purged all her excess armor, it turning into pure energy before launching out and striking all the Noise around her.

Hibiki and Saber flew forward, only for them to give a gasp when they saw the Nephilim Nova float past them. The Relic Beast had managed to float in the way, holding its arms out and blocking the path forward.

"I guess it's not gonna stand aside for us," Chris realized.

"Then the only way we can go is through," Tsubasa said.

"We'll do it together!" Hibiki called out as she held out her hands, the Symphogear Wielders linking their hands together. Maria was in the middle of the group alongside Hibiki, Shirabe and Kirika on their right while Chris and Tsubasa were on their left.

The gem on Maria's chest armor shined brightly before she summoned a sword, drawing it out and tossing it above her. She then grasped both Shirabe and Hibiki's hands.

"I'll never let go of your hands!" Maria shouted.

"Then let's get going!" Saber called out as he sheathed Rekka before holding his Swordriver and initiating his finisher.


Red, white and black fire erupted from the Emotional Dragon Wonder Ride Book. The fire of bravery engulfed Saber while the white fire of love did the same to Blades with the black fire of pride engulfing Espada. All three Riders yelled as loud as they could while they entered crouching positions as if ready to kick.


Hibiki and Maria raised their hands and shouted together alongside Saber who joined in.

"The fastest, shortest route… is straight through!"

The sword broke apart and rained down gold and silver particles that engulfed the Riders and Wielders. The Wielders floating upwards as the Riders leapt up after them. Hibiki's and Maria's extra armor began to break off, reforming into two large mechanical hands of gold and silver. The hands clasped around the Wielders and Riders, spinning rapidly while launching forward.

Nephilim Nova shot out tendrils in order to try and restrain the attack, but the spinning clasped hands were too much, shredding its attempts to halt them. Any Noise that were in the way were also obliterated in an instant.

Saber, Blades and Espada all gave yells, "Emotional Dragon Godly Wrath Break!"

Red, White and Black fire erupted from the joined hands, engulfing them and forming three dragon heads that resembled the familiars of Emotional Dragon. The dragons all roared out as the combined attacks slammed directly into the Nephilim Nova's chest.


The resulting attack had pierced through Nephilim Nova, tearing it in half as the fire engulfed hands launched downwards and through the portal that led to the beach on earth.

The hands soon crashed against the sand on the beach. Nearby the group were the beached remains of the Section 2 Submarine, it having detached its upper portion to float downwards to safety.

As the dust settled, it was revealed that Solomon's Cane had landed quite a ways away from the Wielders and Riders. All of them were nearly drained at this point, most barely having any energy to stand due to using the last of it to pierce through.

"Okay," Saber gasped out as he tried to stand but fell on his rear, "Now I'm starting to feel it…"

"I suppose that's what we get for pushing ourselves this far," Espada coughed out.

"The Cane…" Maria gasped out as she tried to stand only to fail, "If we don't close the gate right now, the Nephilim's explosion…"

"Don't give up!" Chris winced as she tried to sit up.

"We still have one more strong-willed comrade who can save us…" Tsubasa admitted as she had caught a glimpse of Section 2's submarine in the distance.

"A comrade…?" Maria asked.

"Indeed!" Blades called out as he looked over, already seeing someone in the distance. But then he tilted his head, "Wait… is she going to…?"

"My best friend…" Hibiki smiled as she sat up, watching as she saw Miku running their way.

"I guess she's the one putting an end to this story," Saber chuckled as he managed to lift himself up just barely.

Miku ran as fast as she could, even without a gear she knew she was still able to help at least this once, "I'll fight too!"

"Go for it Miku!" Saber cheered.

"Please, seal the gate!" Miku grasped Solomon's Cane before throwing Solomon's Cane like a javelin straight towards the portal, "So that Hibiki… so that their burdens will be lessened by just a bit!"

The Nephilim Nova began to shine a bright white as beams of light began erupting from its body. Any Noise near it was completely eradicated as it was ready to explode. But at that moment, Solomon's Cane shined a bright green as it flew through the gate and closed it just as the explosion went off. The portal closed before the explosion could break through, the result being the sky flashing a myriad of colors. Despite this the sky soon went back to normal as the portal had been sealed in time.

Miku gave a sigh of relief as she fell to her knees, everyone else letting their bodies slack and relax as the Riders one by one dismissed their transformations.

"Incredible…" Rintaro said as he was still stunned and spoke up first, "I… I've never seen a throw like that!"

"That's Miku for you," Touma laughed out before lying down on his back with a groan.

The day grew later as the sun was finally beginning to set. Section 2 had deployed their members and called for backup to get cleanup started. Ver himself was giggling in a near insane manner as he was dragged away, "A world that has no need for heroes is just wrong…"

Ogawa was currently reporting to Genjuro and Sophia, the two standing alongside Daishinji and Kento.

"The Moon is returning to its normal orbit," Ogawa reported to the Commanders, "But we can't reach Professor Nastassja."

"I see…" Kento looked down.

Genjuro frowned before looking over towards where the rest of the Riders were. The remaining two alongside Miku were standing near the Wielders of Section 2 on the beach, the six staring at the Wielders of the FIS who were currently looking up at the moon. Maria continued to stare as she now had the relic pendant of Airgetlam around her neck, but it was broken further as a result of its usage.

'Mom opened the way to the future for us,' Maria thought as she looked up, "Thank you, mother."

"Maria," Hibiki spoke up as she held out the Gungnir Pendant.

"You're the one most worthy to wield the Gungnir," Maria smiled at the gesture, she then looked back towards the Moon, "But the Lunar Ruins were reactivated."

Tsubasa raised an eyebrow, "The Curse of Balal?"

"So mankind is even further away from being able to understand each other," Chris said.

"It'll be fine, it'll be alright," Hibiki said as the members of the FIS looked at Hibiki, "This world has songs, after all!"

"I'm not much of a music guy, but even I can agree that the power that songs hold is incredible," Touma admitted as he adjusted his hat.

Kirika looked up, "Songs, huh?"

"One day, people will come together," Shirabe spoke up, "But it won't just be "some other place" or "some other time" in the future. Mark my words."

"Hibiki Tachibana," Maria addressed the Gungnir Wielder, "I'm glad to have met you."

Genjuro soon walked over alongside Ogawa, Sophia and Kento.

Touma looked over, "So what exactly is going on?"

"Oh yes, I am most curious," Rintaro admitted.

"While the four of them have been invaluable assets to us during the conflict, there are some issues that arise now that all is said and done," Sophia admitted.

"The Japanese government will take direct custody over you three," Genjuro turned towards the FIS trio, "I hope you'll continue to cooperate here on out while the situation is dealt with."

"I understand," Maria gave a nod.

"Wait, what about Kento, dess?" Kirika asked.

"My situation is a bit more complicated," Kento admitted with a nervous chuckle.

"This is due to Espada originally being a member of the Logos Sector, as well as now having extensive knowledge of the Megid's and Calibur's plans," Sophia explained, "As a result we're able to have more leeway with his situation."

"Sorry about that," Kento gave an apologetic smile.

"We'll definitely… meet again, right?" Hibiki asked as she walked over, "And when that time comes, let's have a long chat. We can always… surely… absolutely… become good friends!"

"And when you all can, you can stop by my shop," Touma gave a smile.

"I wonder… if we really can," Maria looked down and to the side.

"Sure we can!" Hibiki waved it off, "I mean, even Chris was a big handful at first!"

"You i-i-idiot!" Chris called out in embarrassment as she hurried over, "What point are you trying to make here?!"

It wasn't long before Hibiki began to ramble on about how Chris used to be much to the Ichaival Wielders embarrassment. Touma and Miku could only sigh as they looked at each other, not interfering because they knew Hibiki was digging her own grave too fast for either of them to stop her.

"I suppose we won't be seeing each other much for right now," Maria looked over at Kento.

"Again sorry," Kento apologized, "But even if the Noise and those who can control them are gone. The Megid are still around, and given where I've been I'm likely to be kept on active duty."

"Under supervision, but yes," Sophia gave a nod, "Espada is currently our best resource against the Megid."

Kento nodded before looking back towards Maria, "I'm glad you were able to come to your senses."

"Even so, you and Shirabe managed to do so before the rest of us," Maria remarked.

"I suppose so," Kento admitted with a slight chuckle, "I'll try to visit whenever I can."

"I'll hold you to that," Maria gave a smirk.

"By the way…" Kento said, "How do you feel?"

"I feel relieved," Maria admitted with a smile, "Even if it was hellish to get to this point, it was thanks to you and the others that helped us make what we wanted to achieve a reality."

"That's good to hear," Kento replied.

"You did indeed keep your promise Kento," Maria continued, "I appreciate that."

"If I could have you all come this way," Ogawa said as he gestured towards a helicopter, before leading the three girls from the FIS off.

"GO. TO. HELL!" Chris yelled out, soon smacking Hibiki upside the head.

Hibiki gave a yell as the hit was so strong she fell into the sand, "Super repentance time!"

"What intense strength…" Rintaro trailed.

"You want some too?!" Chris turned with her fist raised, causing Rintaro to back up and shrink in fear.

"Hibiki you never change…" Touma sighed and crossed his arms.

"You're right about that…" Miku agreed with her own sigh while crossing her arms.

Hibiki meanwhile managed to shakily get up, rubbing the spot where Chris had hit her before seeing that Maria's group was leaving, "Maria!"

"Huh?" Maria turned back.

"Well… that's how things worked out," Hibiki admitted, "So!"

"Thank you," Maria gave a nod, "See you again, someday."

Hibiki watched with the others as Maria, Shirabe and Kirika were escorted away. Needless to say, with everything said and done, their fight was over for the time being.

It was a nice afternoon at Fantastic Bookstore Kamiyama. It had been a fair bit since the Frontier Incident, and Touma was using this newfound free time wisely. He was currently writing up some drafts that he could put to a manuscript. Of course he wasn't alone.

"So, what ideas do you have this time?"

Touma looked up, seeing Kento leaning over and gave a smile, "Oh you know, thinking of expanding upon my prior ideas… your arrival alongside Maria's and the adventures we had up until this point are very inspiring."

"Huh, good to hear," Kento admitted before giving a curious look, "You sure Section 2 won't be mad?"

"Do not worry," Rintaro said as he walked over, "The Commanders have given him permission so long as the details aren't exactly the same."

"Exactly," Touma pointed his pen towards his friend before glimpsing at his watch and soon staring at it, "Oh… is it that time already?"

"What time is it?" Kento asked.

"Coming in…"

The door opened up as Tsubasa and Chris soon entered the store.

"Jeez, this place is lively today," Chris remarked.

"You won't believe this, Kamiyama," Tsubasa sighed, "Ever since that day, Yukine has refused to call me her Senpai again."

"Eh?" Rintaro could only stare a bit, "But isn't it respectful to call you that?"

"It is," Tsubasa said.

"Come on!" Chris called out, "You're really telling everyone about this?!"

"Wait, what?" Touma asked, "When did Chris call Tsubasa her Senpai?!"

"Oh that's right!" Rintaro remembered, "It was during the Fron-!"


Rintaro soon fell down as Chris had tossed her entire satchel at Rintaro's face.

"You need to shut up!" Chris called with a blush.

"I thought I told you not to overwork yourself already?" Tsubasa sighed.

"Like I can't when it comes to these dummies," Chris gave an exasperated sigh before retrieving her bag and going to sit down on one of the side couches.

Rintaro could only twitch a bit as he was crumpled on the ground in a stunned state as a result of the hit.

Kento couldn't help but snicker a bit before realizing something, "Is it just you two today?"

"No," Tsubasa shook her head, "Kohinata and Tachibana wanted to grab something before showing up."

"We're here!" Hibiki suddenly called out as the door opened, entering with Miku who was holding a white box.

"Welcome, welcome," Touma said as he waved to the two, "Glad you all could make it."

"So why exactly did we all decide to meet up here after class?" Chris asked.

"I felt like it's been a while since we've really just been at the shop," Touma admitted before giving a smirk and nodding to Miku, "Plus…"

"Ta-da!" Miku opened the box to reveal éclairs inside.

"I figured we could celebrate!" Touma declared as he raised a fist.

"Ah!" Rintaro suddenly sprung up from the floor, "Éclair au chocolat!"

Kento couldn't help but chuckle at how fast Rintaro had gotten up at the sound of sweets.

"You and your damn sweets," Chris sighed.

"Oh come on Chris, I'm sure you want one," Touma teased.

"Shut it!" Chris called out before standing up, "Just for that I'm eating yours!"

"Ah, so mean!" Touma called out as he slumped over his desk.

It wasn't long before everyone began walking over to Miku to grab an éclair to eat. Touma however decided to wait a bit for the crowd that was his friends to clear.

Once Hibiki grabbed hers she walked over to Touma, "So how does it feel?"

"How's what feel?" Touma asked.

"You know," Hibiki said before gesturing towards Kento.

"Oh," Touma said before giving a smile, "I'm really glad that Kento's back."

"Now all that's left is Luna, right?" Hibiki asked.

"Yep," Touma gave a nod, "I'm sure we'll meet her again one day."

"And then you can introduce her to Me, Miku, and all of our friends at Section 2," Hibiki added.

"Of course," Touma said before thinking on something, "Hey, Hibiki…"

"Huh?" Hibiki looked over at her friend.

"How do you… feel?" Touma asked.

"Oh, Miku asked me that earlier today. Man you guys are such worrywarts," Hibiki admitted with a chuckle and a silly grin before her expression turned to that of a soft smile, "The relic that was spreading through me was totally wiped from my body. But… while the fragments of Gungnir may be gone from my chest, the song Kanade gave me will always live on within me."

"And I think that's the most important part," Touma agreed.

"Yep, but it's not just me," Hibiki admitted, "I just know… that songs resound through all our hearts."

Touma gave a nod, "Well said."

Author's Note: And with that, Song of Swords G has wrapped up its main story! We did it folks, we got to the end of G! Of course as mentioned prior, we have a few special chapters again like always, the usual SP chapter is up next with the Movie after it alongside us ending off with the OVA before we get into GX.

Still, we had a lot of stuff in this chapter given it was the finale after all. Whether it's me giving soft confirmation on Reika's current situation given the events in this chapter, Ver becoming a Human Megid Hybrid of sorts thanks to Nephilim, and of course, Saber getting what I plan on being his own version of X-Drive via Emotional Dragon. There's a reason I had Book of Ruin pop up so early back during S1's Special Chapter, and that was to get it in place for the final debut of G.

But as I type this, you're probably wondering about pacing and how I'm doing certain things. After all, with how I paced out Saber Q1, unless I pull some shenanigans, GX is looking like I'll only be using the three major upgrades from the end of Q1. But hey, we'll get there when we get there and you will learn of the many plans and options I hold that none of you have considered. GX is going to be fun for a variety of reasons.

But enough ominous remarks and talking about things further out for now, thanks for reading and I'll see you all next time for the SP Chapter!