Sympho-Saber: Song of Swords

G:SP – Uncertain Thunder

It was a nice bright day in the city, though the city itself was currently empty for some odd reason. Yells and grunts could be heard as the sound of fighting overtook the empty city. It wasn't long before one of the combatants leapt backwards into view. It was Hibiki who was currently in her Symphogear as she took a deep breath before getting into a fighting stance. The opponent she was currently facing was Kamen Rider Slash.

The two kept staring at each other for a long while before yelling as they rushed towards each other once more. Hibiki punched forward while Slash stabbed to counter her, the fist and tip of Suzune meeting each other in a brief clash. A shockwave and sound burst were released as the two backed away from each other.

"Hmph…" Slash raised Suzune and kept his stance.

"Alright, let's see how you like this!" Hibiki called out as she pulled back her gauntlet while gathering energy in the palm of her hand. She kept her feet grounded, drawing her fist back before punching forward, "Hibiki Style: Swallow Spear!"

From her punch, streams of yellow energy were launched outwards towards Slash.

"This attack…" Slash muttered as he twirled Suzune in his hand, getting in a reverse grip stance before slashing forward, and unleashing a pink wave of energy. The streams of energy had all converged towards one point, clashing with the wave before both attacks exploded against each other.

"Then let's try this!" Hibiki launched up into the air, gathering energy in her leg before spinning and kicking out to release the energy in a orange wave, "Hibiki Style: Fierce Tiger Soaring Paw!"

Slash slid his hand along his blade, pink energy gathering as he used both hands to brace against the wave. He was forced to take a few steps back due to the force of the attack, but gave a grunt as he managed to catch the energy with his blade, spinning and twirling his blade as riffs could be heard, dispelling the orange wave.

"I think we can call it here," Slash said as he held Suzune near his waist as if it were sheathed.

"Ah, Daishinji that was so cool!" Hibiki cheered as she hurried over, her serious demeanor fading as the area around them began to shimmer.

It wasn't long before the entire area faded away pixel by pixel, soon revealing that they were simply in a dully decorated room. The room itself was the Training Room of Section 2, the two having decided to test out the holographic technology that they had recently added to it.

"It's nothing, really," Slash shook his head as he dismissed his transformation.

"Oh come on, that was more than just nothing," Hibiki pointed out as she dismissed her armor before realizing something, "Oh right! How was I?"

"By clashing against you I could hear it," Daishinji said as he holstered Suzune, he gave a smile, "There doesn't seem to be anything wrong."

"That's good to hear," Hibiki said as she drew out her Relic Pendant, "It still feels weird to carry this around now."

"At the very least I can attempt to maintain yours just like Tsubasa's and Chris'," Daishinji replied.

"How's that going by the way?" Hibiki asked as she and Daishinji walked over towards one of the walls where they had set some water bottles.

"Still trying to figure out how Ryoko was able to maintain them so easily," Daishinji sighed, "Sometimes I feel as though I'm better with Ride Books and Seiken than standard Relics."

"Oh come on Daishinji, you're doing great!" Hibiki reassured as she went to grab one of the bottles that was set down, "Just hang in there."

"I appreciate the optimism," Daishinji said with a chuckle as he grabbed the other bottle to drink from it.

The doors soon opened up, Kento walking inside with his Swordriver already on, "Huh? Oh I didn't think there were people in here already."

"Hey Kento," Hibiki gave a wave.

"We were testing out the holographic properties since Hibiki was curious about them," Daishinji explained, "I was also making sure Gungnir wasn't acting up."

"Because of what happened before, right?" Kento asked.

"Yeah, plus he wants to make sure I'm ready for the mission tomorrow," Hibiki explained.

"Mission?" Kento asked.

"You had told us that the Megid are still trying to collect Wonder Ride Books, correct?" Daishinji asked, as he received a nod in response he continued on, "Well we've been working on trying to track down the Wonder Ride Books that were guarding Avalon. And we seem to have located one of them."

"Yeah, Touma, Rintaro and I are going to be heading out there to retrieve it," Hibiki explained, "But it's a pretty far trip so we probably won't be back till super late."

"I see," Kento nodded.

"Did you want to train together, Kento?" Hibiki asked.

"I'm fine," Kento reassured, "I wanted to simply practice my stances and techniques alone for the time being."

"If you need someone to work the simulations just let me know," Daishinji added.

"Of course," Kento gave a nod, "But I think I'll be fine on my own."

Later that Evening…

It was fairly late into the evening, several teenagers walking towards a chapel. A few of them had paint cans and some of them were carrying baseball bats. Of course, all of them were wearing hooded jackets and bandana's to hide their identities. They also had an odd insignia painted on their backs, so it was clear they were some kind of group of sorts.

"So, we sure this is a cool spot?" One of the members asked.

"Of course," The supposed leader said as he looked over the chapel, "We got to make a name for ourselves, so clearly messing this place up will do some good."

"Isn't this like small time though?" Another member asked.

"Like really small time," Another one added, "I mean, didn't we have that crazy moon stuff not that long ago?"

"Listen, we need to start a bit small," The leader said as he tried to calm his members down, "Let's just get to painting, then smashing and we'll head out of here."

"Sounds good to me," One member towards the back gave a sigh, "I really want to head ho-!"

Everyone suddenly turned at the member screaming as he was dragged away into the shadows, the teen clawing at the ground only to scream out before being silenced.

"W-What the hell was that?" A member asked, "Noise?"

"There was no way in the hell that was a Noise!" The Leader called out as he tried to hide his panic but realized he was shaking heavily, "Come on man, there haven't been any Noise incidents in a good bit!"

"Then what the hell just took him?!" Another member shouted.

Above the cowering makeshift gang was their stalker, perched on a rooftop and shrouded by the night. The only thing that was a telltale sign of who this was, were their legs. They held the same shape and patterning that all Megid leg's had. It rested its stone-like arms against its legs…


The Next Day…

It was a busy day at Section 2 for once since the Frontier Incident. While things had calmed down briefly, there was still the Megid to account for. And while the Megid were one of the hardest things to track, there was definitely one particular habit that gave away their positions. That habit would be whatever strange plots they'd try and partake in when it came to not interfering in Section 2's missions.

"So let me get this straight, there's been a string of disappearances at different churches?" Genjuro asked as he received the report from his main operators, currently sitting alongside Sophia at their station, "And the only semblance of someone being there are torn clothes and discarded personal effects."

"Yes sir," Aoi replied, "The most recent targets seemed to have been a group of teens that was looking to earn a reputation."

"Unfortunately they got something else," Genjuro grimaced.

"So we all know what this likely is, right?" Sakuya asked, "After all we wouldn't have gotten clearance to proceed in an investigation…"

"Yes, the Megid seem to be back," Sophia gave a nod, "And this time they aren't collaborating with anyone."

"Yet," Genjuro stressed.

"The timing feels too perfect though," Aoi admitted, "I mean we just sent Hibiki, Touma and Rintaro on a mission to retrieve an Avalon Class Wonder Ride Book."

"And there's no doubt that the excursion will take them a while," Sakuya said.

"Don't worry," Genjuro said, "We have more than enough Riders and Wielders to spare."

"Shall we put in a few calls?" Aoi asked.

"Of course," Genjuro called out, "Let Tsubasa, Ogawa, Chris and Kento know immediately!"

"Understood," Aoi said before going back to typing.

"Just what is their plot this time?" Sophia asked.

"Probably make more of those Blackened Books," Genjuro said before narrowing his eyes, "But… we haven't seen the results of what making those does yet. We know what they want them for but…"

"What exactly do they want them for again?" Sakuya asked.

"To recreate the Great Book in their image," Sophia replied, "At least that's what Kento said their current goals were."

"While they still want to collect as many Ride Books as they can, their Blackened Books are the key to allowing their own twisted version of the Great Book to finally form," Genjuro said as he crossed his arms.

"I can only assume they act as a proxy sort of glue," Aoi remarked after hearing this, "Being used to stick only some of the separated pieces together in order to make their own variation."

"That sounds about right," Sophia replied, "I just hope we never reach that point."

"Agreed," Genjuro nodded.

"Sorry about this."

"You seriously apologize way too much."

Kento and Chris were currently walking along the streets, the two having a casual conversation as they didn't seem to have a current destination. They were currently passing by a church that looked to be having a marriage taking place based by the decorations on the front.

"Well it's just…" Kento started, "I'm sure you'd rather be doing other things than being out with me."

"If its orders I can't help it," Chris sighed though it wasn't because of what she just said, "I'm sure you're not exactly in the best mood cause of this. You got off easier than the others but you still have to have one of us with you for a while."

"No, I get it," Kento replied, "I mean I was still a part of the FIS even in the loosest terms."

"Still say they could have given you a better deal," Chris argued.

"This is just a way for me to atone for having been your enemy," Kento replied, "If I had been stronger then maybe I would have broken off sooner…"

"I'll cut you off there," Chris interrupted, "What's done is done because we can't change the past."

"I suppose so…" Kento nodded slowly.

"Now then," Chris said as she put her hands behind her head, "Do you feel like doing anything? Cause if today's just like any other day then we're in for a boring day."

"Well…" Kento put a hand to his chin before he heard a ringtone, his Gatrike Phone going off while Chris' communicator did the same.

The two answered at the same time before being given the rundown of the current situation.

Chris frowned, "And you're sure it's a Megid?"

"Thankfully without the Noise being a threat, we can narrow down on our attackers," Genjuro answered.

"We're still looking into a pattern," Sophia replied, "Please try and keep an eye out in the meantime."

"We will," Kento replied.

"Well this is just great," Chris sighed as she hung up.

"Weren't you just complaining that we were in for a boring day?" Kento asked with a smirk.

"Well unless we get a hit immediately, I doubt we'll have anything exciting happen," Chris argued.


Kento and Chris' heads perked up as they immediately turned towards the church they had just passed. The two looked at each other before immediately rushing back. It didn't take long for them to realize something was wrong as there were plenty of people running out of the church. Of course alarm bells immediately went off when one of the last people that had managed to rush out was tripped, a strange white webbing on his legs.

"Ah!" The man yelled out before he was dragged back into the church.

Kento wasted no time in putting his Swordriver on, readying Lamp Do Alangina while Chris drew out her Pendant.


"~Killter Ichaival tron~"


Clad in Rider Armor and Symphogear, Espada and Chris rushed into the church only to pause at the entrance once they entered. The two's eyes widened in surprise as before them was a massive spider web in the back, several people in web-like cocoons. At the center of the web was the culprit, a Megid.

It had a mix of arachnid legs and webbing to make up its upper body, with its right arm fairly normal, holding claws on the back of its hand. Its left arm was the most different, it holding a large armored hand that went down to its knee, its hand large and claw-like in shape. Its face however gave away that it was a Spider themed Megid.

"Well, well…" The Spider Megid hissed out, "If it isn't the traitors…"

"Wow, you all miss me that much?" Chris scoffed.

"I was never with you all!" Espada called out as he aimed Ikazuchi forward, "And I never had any intention of helping you any further than helping Maria!"

Chris looked over at Espada, noticing how defensive the Swordsman of Thunder had gotten.

"Regardless, I'll deal with you two here and now," The Spider Megid yelled out as it leapt off its webbing, landing on the ground and brandishing its left arm.

"Help the civilians, I'll finish it off!" Espada yelled out as he rushed forward.

"H-Hey, hold on!" Chris called out in surprise, "Don't just rush in like that!"

The Spider Megid leapt forward, Espada shifting his body to dodge its swipe at him. He then turned as the Spider Megid turned, holding Ikazuchi upwards and bracing with both hands to block a swing from the Megid's left arm.

Espada then backed away, ducking under a swing before raising his sword, blocking an attempt by the Spider Megid to bring its enlarged claw down on him. He shifted his blade before spinning, slicing against the Megid's palm to force it to take a few steps back. Espada was ready to rush forward when the Megid suddenly spit out webbing, the Swordsman of Thunder giving a gasp as he was constricted by the webbing.

"What?" Espada gritted his teeth as he tried to break free.

The Spider Megid hissed out, ready to move forward but yelling out as several homing energy bolts struck against its body. Sparks flew as it staggered away, and it wasn't long before the webbing was cut through by more energy bolts.

"Huh?" Espada turned to see Chris with her crossbows out, he then marched over towards her, "I thought I told you to help the civilians!"

"Hey don't get snippy with me," Chris narrowed her eyes, "You're the one who stupidly rushed ahead and needed help."

"I would have gotten out," Espada argued.

"Yeah because you were doing so well," Chris said before quickly pushing Espada out of the way and firing several arrows.

The Spider Megid had attempted to climb onto its webbing to get to a higher vantage point only to get struck further by the ranged attacks. It could only yell out as it ended up slamming against the floor.

"Got it," Chris grinned.

"You damn people interrupting my feeding…" The Spider Megid hissed out as it picked itself up, its body smoking from the shots.

"We're ending this now," Espada called out as he rushed forward.

"Hey, what did I just say?!" Chris called out in annoyance.

Espada sheathed Ikazuchi before drawing it out, "Trueno Destroda!"


"That won't work!" The Spider Megid yelled out as it raised its right hand upwards.


Espada shot forward in a flash, transforming into lightning itself as he cut through the Spider Megid, tearing it in half. It wasn't long before a lightning bolt rained down to strike the torn apart Megid. Or at least the lower half…

Espada took a deep breath, "You're story ends-"

"Damn you!" The Spider Megid yelled out as its upper body was now stuck to the ceiling, various webbing behind as it had used a web to pull it upwards at the last second.

Espada quickly looked down to see the legs of the Spider Megid sparking violently before exploding.

"It was able to survive that…?" Espada trailed in shock.

"Of course I was!" The Spider Megid called out, "If you only cut off a piece of me then I can survive!"

"Like hell we're letting you get away!" Chris quickly took aim.

"Like hell I'm letting you kill me before I had my fill," The Spider Megid hissed out before gathering a large amount of webbing and launching it downwards towards Chris.

Chris quickly shot at the ball of webbing only for it to explode into various strings of web. The strings didn't do much but cloud everyone's vision as the Spider Megid used webbing to launch itself to a nearby window, crashing through it to escape.

"Damn it…" Espada hissed out as he gripped Ikazuchi tightly.

It had taken a while but once Section 2 arrived they had immediately closed off access to the church due to the incident. Once the civilians had been freed, they were asked to sign the various forms that Section 2 normally handed out. Arriving to the scene fairly quickly were Ogawa and Tsubasa, the two to rendezvous with Kento and Chris since they were Section 2's only active field agents at the moment.

"It's worrying that a Megid attacked now of all times," Tsubasa admitted, "Do you think?"

"That they knew we were going to be split in half?" Ogawa asked, "I'd like to imagine the timing just lined up for them."

"You really think it's a big coincidence?" Tsubasa asked.

"Considering this was happening for a bit before we got pulled onto the mission, I'd say so," Ogawa gave a nod.

"What the hell is your problem?!"

"I told you I had it handled!"

"Getting caught like that means you did not!"

Tsubasa sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose, "Let's meet up with our allies."

"Of course," Ogawa let out a nervous chuckle as he picked up his pace.

It wasn't long before the two ended up finding Chris and Kento in a corner arguing about the current situation. What didn't help was it looked like the two were ready to break out into a fight as they were at each other's throats.

"Yukine, Fukamiya," Tsubasa quickly stepped between the two and held her arms out to force them to spread out further, "That's enough."

"Just what happened?" Ogawa asked.

"We found our culprit, a Spider Megid," Kento immediately turned towards Ogawa, "I decided to take the lead while Chris freed the civilians."

"This idiot just barked out orders and rushed in without thinking," Chris argued, clearly not in the mood, "I understand that I can't exactly fire off my best equipment in delicate places like this but he nearly became spider food before I stepped in."

"I had it handled," Kento stressed.

"Yeah, well given your finisher failed I clearly doubt it," Chris gave a bored look, "Are you really letting what that Megid said get to you?"

"It's my responsibility to deal with my mistakes," Kento said before turning away and walking off, "I'll hunt down that Spider Megid on my own."

"Hey, Kento, wait a minute!" Ogawa called out but to no avail as Kento had immediately run off in a sprint.

"Hey, don't just wander off on your own!" Chris called out. She was ready to follow when Tsubasa stopped her, "What?"

"I'll handle this," Tsubasa replied before giving a smirk, "To think I have to impart this lesson again."

Chris soon realized what Tsubasa was talking about before sighing, "At least let me back you up, Senpai."

"Well if you insist," Tsubasa gave a soft chuckle, "I can't say no when you put it like that."

The Spider Megid gasped out as it managed to crawl its way into an abandoned warehouse. It was hard using only its upper body and webbing to move around. Without any legs that meant easy movement became much harder.

"Well aren't you a sight for sore eyes."

The Spider Megid looked up to see Zooous walking over to it, "Lord Zooous!"

"I can't have you keeling over on me that easily," Zooous squatted down with a fierce look before giving a grin, "Though I suppose that's why I chose you."

"I'm sorry Lord Zooous, I got caught off guard," The Spider Megid bowed its head.

"Lucky for you we have some extra thanks to our plan," Zooous said as he pulled out a Blackened Book alongside the Alter Ride Book the Megid was born from. The Lord of Animals soon smashed the Blackened Book into the Alter Ride Book which soon absorbed it.


"Incredible…" The Spider Megid gasped out as it began to give a sickly purple aura off. It then began to push itself into an upright position as purple energy began glowing and growing from his wound, "This power is incredible!"

"Remember, Storious wants you to attract as many Riders and Wielders as possible," Zooous stood up and watched as his Megid began to grow in power and regenerate, "So make this next time count, alright?"

"Of course Lord Zooous," The Spider Megid called out as its power increased, "I won't fail you!"

"So it's a Spider Megid," Genjuro mused as he looked over what information they had.

"It appears so," Aoi replied, "But why did it attack a church of all things?"

"Wait, wasn't the last attack at a church?" Sakuya asked.

"But that was late at night when no one was around," Aoi reminded before thinking a bit, "Well aside from a grouping of teens."

"There's a connection at least," Sophia replied, "Let's see what we can find out."

"Right," Sakuya said before looking over some images and narrowing his eyes, "Still… it's weird that it's a Spider Megid. I expected some kind of like, fire based one given the reports."

"Oh right, there were scorch marks," Aoi paused before going to type, "Maybe it's just a strong enough poison or acid that left a mark."

"Maybe…" Sakuya said before rubbing the back of his head, still unsure.

Kento sighed as he sat against the base of a tree in a park. He admittedly had no idea of where the Spider Megid could have even gone. As a result, he had simply gone to the same park that he had met Touma and Luna in, figuring it might help give him some clarity.

"Of course I have no idea where it could be…" He groaned out as he leaned his head against the trunk of the tree. Realizing it was kind of stupid to run off on his own without any leads, he decided to let his mind wander back to a few memories.

"Kento… you've gotten taller, haven't you?"

"Come on dad, do you really have to do this every time?"

Kento gave a small chuckle as he gently stroked the side of his hair out of habit, remembering how his father would ruffle up his hair constantly, even as he grew older, "Dad… I will make everything right…"

"Fukamiya… I had a feeling you'd be here."

Kento looked over in surprise to see Tsubasa walking towards him with Chris lagging behind. In the distance was Ogawa who had decided not to approach with the two Wielders.

"How did you even find me?" Kento asked, more surprised than anything else.

"Kamiyama told me about how the three of you would meet here all the time," Tsubasa said as she walked over to sit down nearby, "So I figured if there was any place you would go without a lead, it would be here."

"You don't understand…" Kento shook his head, "This is something I need to do on my own."

"You can cut that crap," Chris said as she went to sit near Kento as well.

"Why do keep denying our help?" Tsubasa asked.

"This is something I need to do on my own," Kento repeated as he stared at his hand before gripping it tightly, "To make up for what happened two years ago, all those people that were hurt because of my father… and then going along with Kamijo and joining the FIS…"

"Listen, I know I'm cool and all but you really shouldn't be using my actions on Frontier as an example," Chris remarked causing Kento to stare at her in surprise, "I mean come on, you know I used to be on the wrong side too, right?"

"She was rather unruly," Tsubasa chuckled as Chris turn away with a blush before continuing, "But she chose to fight alongside us. You made the same choice as well. So long as you continue to fight alongside us then you won't have to force yourself to make up for your time as our enemy."

"Yeah, again, we really don't need you pulling a crazy stunt like I did," Chris replied before giving a sigh, "I get it though… you feel some guilt in allowing the situation to grow out of control because you either did nothing or helped Calibur move towards his goals. But you can't let that consume you like it almost did with me and Solomon's Cane."

"How did you manage to get past all that?" Kento asked.

"I had an overbearing Senpai to help pull me out before I got in too deep," Chris added.

"O-Overbearing…?" Tsubasa stammered out, "Come now, I'm not that bad… am I?"

"You're the one constantly pressuring me to call you Senpai," Chris remarked as she decided to get back at Tsubasa a bit, "Not to mention how you're always so very concerned about me…"

"T-That's just what a good senior should do for those under them," Tsubasa managed to call out quickly.

Kento meanwhile began to chuckle a bit, "Maybe I've been letting everything just weigh too heavily…"

"I can understand the feeling," Tsubasa admitted, "The tragedy that day has still stuck in my mind even after moving on…"

"That's right," Kento's eyes widened as he looked over, "You were there too…"

"I was," Tsubasa gave a nod before closing her eyes, "I never wanted to fail like that again, so I honed myself to become a blade that would eradicate my foes and defend this world. But then two people helped me realize how self destructive that path was…"

"Two people…?" Kento asked.

"Tachibana and Kamiyama," Tsubasa answered before opening her eyes to look at Kento, "Them alongside some other factors ended up opening my eyes to how I was slowly but surely destroying myself. And I can see a bit of myself in you, which is why I'm talking to you about this now."

"Still…" Kento said as he gripped his hands tightly.

"We're not asking you to not worry about these kinds of things," Chris finally spoke up again, "We just want you to take it easy and not push yourself."

"You have plenty of allies to depend on to help you in your times of need," Tsubasa added.

"Especially when it comes to these run of the mill Megid," Chris replied, "I get that you want to prove yourself as reliable and dependable but we can all see that."

"I see…" Kento said before lowering his head and giving a soft chuckle, "Guess I was worrying over nothing."

"It happens to the best of us," Chris gave a pat to Kento's shoulder before giving a sigh, "Speaking of the Megid though… how do we even find it?"

"Ogawa did inform us on the way here that Section 2 had managed to find a correlation between the attacks despite the hour discrepancies," Tsubasa admitted.

"We have a pattern?" Kento asked before his eyes widened, "It wants to trap a bunch of people at once. That's why it was targeting a Wedding."

"Is there a way to figure out exactly what events were happening when the attacks started?" Chris asked.

"Leave it to me," Ogawa said as he was suddenly near the group, Chris and Kento reeling back in surprise while Tsubasa was undisturbed.

"Please do," Tsubasa said, "Because we just might have a way to trap it."

Hours had passed as Tsubasa and Ogawa were now hiding nearby the outside of a fairly large church, there being a funeral procession going on inside of it. They had made sure that Section 2 informed every other church that hadn't been targeted to shut down services for the rest of the day. Deciding to funnel their attacker into a singular location was likely the best way for them to strike.

"Do you think this will work?" Tsubasa asked.

"It'll have to," Ogawa said, "Otherwise we'll be at this for days."

It didn't take long for them to hear something land on a building nearby. They kept their presence concealed in their hiding spot as they managed to see the Spider Megid leap towards the church.

"Alright, it took the bait," Ogawa said as he watched it enter from the roof.

"Then let's get going," Tsubasa gave a nod.

The two quickly rushed out of their hiding spot, ready to enter from the front when the two paused as they felt a chill. A sudden heavy thud happened as they quickly turned, their eyes widening. The two hastily prepared their transformations as they were approached at a rapid pace.

"Imyuteus Ame no Habakiri tron~"



The Spider Megid let out a yell as it landed on the floor, planning on using fear to get the people in the church running and cause a commotion. To its surprise no one seemed to react immediately, and there didn't seem to be any people at all. It could only rise up and stare around as there seemed to be no one in sight.

"What-" It cut itself off as it saw a glint from above, it quickly leaping up and to the side.


The Spider Megid howled out in pain as a high impact sniper round tore off its right arm from the shoulder down. Upon impact the arm began to glow red with cracks before it exploded, the Spider Megid being thrown towards a wall.


The Spider Megid's head turned as it quickly held out its left arm and swung as it was about to hit the wall, soon clashing with the Raimeiken Ikazuchi.


Espada stood in his Wonder Combo form, Golden Alangina. He had decided to go all out against the Spider Megid, especially when he saw that it had easily regenerated its legs. Espada gritted his teeth as he pushed forward, electricity bursting off from Ikazuchi and forcing the Spider Megid to step back.

"Looks like you fell for our trap," Chris called out as she leapt down, sniper rifle in hand and already dressed in her Ichaival Symphogear.

"You two again…" The Spider Megid hissed out as it raised its left arm.

"And once our friends arrive, we'll be finishing you off before you can fully regenerate," Espada said as he began to approach from the side.

"But if you want we can speed things up and you can go boom already," Chris smirked as she switched her weapon back to her dual crossbows.


Everyone suddenly turned towards the door as both Kenzan and Tsubasa slammed back into the doors, flipping and landing before they both dodged to the sides. A fireball had impacted against where they had landed immediately after they dodged.

"What the hell?" Chris' eyes widened.

"There was more than one Megid!" Kenzan called out.

"What did you say?!" Espada asked.

"Kikiki… did you really think I was the only one targeting churches?" The Spider Megid gave a chuckle as it looked towards the door.

Stepping in from outside was another Megid, its lower body being the same as the other Megid. Its forearms and hands were stone-like with scale patterning and sharpened tips. Its shoulders and chest were also stone-like with scale patterning, having a beastly shape to them. It held two folded wings on its back and a long neck with a monstrous chimera-like face. Standing before them was the Gargoyle Megid.

"I cannot allow you all to keep dirtying this sacred ground any longer," Gargoyle stated as heat began gathering in its mouth before it launched a fireball at Chris who was forced to dodge.

"You're mine traitor!" The Spider Megid yelled out as it launched towards Chris, a purple glow gathering around it as it slashed towards the prone Ichaival Wielder.

"No!" Espada yelled out as he immediately shot forward, his form changing to that of lightning as he got between Chris and the Spider Megid.

"What are you doing?!" Chris called out.

"You're such an idiot!" The Spider Megid howled out as it managed to strike and dig its massive claw into Espada's armor.

"Guh!" Espada gasped out as he quickly electrified his foot, striking the Spider Megid in the gut and forcing it to step back.

"Hey are you alright?" Chris asked as she hurried over to Espada before her eyes widened, "Hey… your armor…"

"I'm… I'm fine…" Espada said with a gasp. Despite this his armor was cracked and pierced in certain spots, purple substances spreading further and further.

"Oh you're less than fine," The Spider Megid chuckled, "Kikiki… my poison will kill you in mere minutes unless you kill me! You're lucky you have a Wonder Combo… otherwise you'd be dead in seconds!"

"Fukamiya!" Tsubasa called out before quickly turning, gripping her blade with both hands and slicing against a fireball shot at her. She gathered energy within her blade and swung, dispersing the fireball, "We can't fight this Megid in here like this!"


Hayate was flung forward in its shuriken mode, it curving and nearly striking the Spider Megid across its body had the Megid not leapt out of the way.

"Tsubasa, Chris," Kenzan called out as he leapt over and landed near Espada, soon catching Hayate, "Deal with the Gargoyle Megid, I'll handle this with Kento."

"Hey, are you sure?" Chris asked.

"Trust in Ogawa," Tsubasa said as she quickly leapt forward and slashed at the Gargoyle Megid, it merely raising its arms and defending against her blade, "We have our own fight, Yukine!"

"Fine," Chris grumbled before glancing back, "Hey Kento, you better not die. Bookworm just got you back, right? And I'm sure a few others would hate to have that kind of news broken to them."

"Trust me, I don't plan on going down that easily," Espada gasped out as he managed to stand.

"Fine then," Chris then turned and leapt forward, changing her crossbows into chainguns as she crossed her arms, "Out of the way!"

Tsubasa meanwhile was trying force the Gargoyle Megid back with multiple strikes but they best she was able to get was for it to take a few steps back. She then heard Chris call out and quickly leapt to the side.


Chris slammed her chainguns into the defending Gargoyle Megid, unleashing a small burst of energy from them as she swung outwards, managing to send the Gargoyle Megid flying out of the church through the open doors.

"Let's go!" Chris called out as she found her footing before leaping out of the church.

"Good luck you two," Tsubasa said before sprinting after her ally.

"Now then," Espada raised Ikazuchi.

"Let's finish this quickly," Kenzan said as he split Hayate into its dual bladed form.

"What is your purpose, Megid?!" Tsubasa called out as she lunged forward, slashing at the Megid a few times.

"Do you really need to ask?" Gargoyle asked as it used its sturdy stone claws to block and bat away Tsubasa's sword.

"Okay smartass, why are you two working together?" Chris raised an eyebrow, "Usually the only ones that pair up are the ones that come from the same book."

"We are simply increasing our time table!" The Gargoyle Megid declared as it spread out its arms and leapt away from Tsubasa's blade, gliding backwards, "My mission is to consume those who would dare defile these places of beauty!"

"Kind of missing the point if you're trying to fight us near or inside, aren't you?" Chris asked with a deadpan stare.

"Regardless," Gargoyle said ignoring the comment, "I've made a lot of progress in my mission."

"You fiend…" Tsubasa hissed out as she tightened her grip.

"Yeah well we're putting a stop to that today," Chris gave a glare as she began firing at Gargoyle who backed away from her bullets, "You can't escape!"

The Gargoyle Megid leapt upwards, its wings spreading out as it flew out of range of the bullets.


"Let's see how you like this!" Chris called out as she launched dozens of missiles.

"Like that'll work!" Gargoyle yelled out as its neck glowed a bright orange as fire escaped its mouth. It soon unleashed a fireball that split into smaller fireballs. The fireballs impacted against the missiles and detonated them prematurely without issue, "Now to-"


Chris had used the cover of her missiles to launch two massive rockets out. The Gargoyle Megid gave a yell as it quickly spun and slipped between both missiles. Both missiles soon exploded in a fantastic display as the Gargoyle Megid failed to notice a glint of blue in the explosion.

It gave a glare towards Chris, "Did you really think that would work?"

"Perhaps you should pay attention."

The Gargoyle Megid turned, "What-"

Tsubasa was suddenly behind it with her sword in its cleaver state. She performed several quick slashes with it, using the last slash to force Gargoyle downwards. She then used the boosters on her ankles to launch her downwards, energy gathering in her sword as she slashed through the Megid, leaving a massive gash on its neck.

{Blue Flash Kshetra}

The energy from the attack soon exploded outwards, engulfing the Megid in a pillar of flame that completely incinerated its body.

Tsubasa soon landed, reverting her sword back to its normal state, "Good thinking, Yukine."

"I figured a good feint would make it get cocky," Chris gave a grin as she walked over, reverting her weapons back to their inactive states, "Surprised you were able to ride one of those missiles though."

"It was rather unruly and I nearly fell off," Tsubasa admitted, "Though I don't expect us to use something like that often."

"Well you better work on your balance on the off chance we do," Chris replied with a smirk.


Kenzan yelled out as he launched towards the Spider Megid wielding his weapon in its single blade form. The blade shined a bright green as wind gathered around it, he then sliced downwards.

"Nice try!" The Spider Megid spat out webbing, it forming a thick spider web almost instantly in front of Kenzan. Kenzan's finisher cut through the spider web but stalled him as a result. The Spider Megid then rushed forward, and threw its left arm outwards, slashing against Kenzan and sending the Swordsman of Wind tumbling back.

"Ogawa!" Espada gasped out, trying to step forward only for stumble and fall over, the poison already spreading further.

Kenzan gave a wince before standing up and splitting his sword. He went to step forward only to fall on one knee. He then looked down in surprise to see a few purple gashes on his armor, indicating that the Spider Megid had poisoned him too.

"You'll both be dying soon, and I'll be going after those Wielders next," The Spider Megid chuckled as its stump of a right arm began to bubble before it slowly but surely reformed its arm, "Kikiki… you made this too easy!"

"You aren't going anywhere near them…" Kenzan winced as he managed to keep in a kneeling stance.

"We need to end this quickly," Espada called out as he managed to crawl over towards Kenzan before flopping onto his back, "If we kill him then this poison goes…"

"Do you have anything in mind?" Kenzan asked between heavy breaths.

"One…" Espada took out Lamp Do Alangina from his Driver and held it out towards his fellow Rider, "I remember practicing a technique with the Ren back in the day."

Kenzan got the gist of it and drew out Sarutobi Ninjaden, exchanging books with Espada, "This might work, but remember we haven't used it together."

"Yeah, but this is our only chance…" Espada gasped as he slotted in Sarutobi Ninjaden before immediately activating his finisher while drawing out Ikazuchi, "I'm not dying here..."

"That we can agree on," Kenzan gave a nod as he pressed Lamp Do Alangina against the finisher slot of Hayate.



Espada and Kenzan slowly but surely forced themselves into standing positions, hunching over. A yellow tinted wind began flowing around Ikazuchi while green electricity sparked out of both of Hayate's blades. The two stepped forward before becoming blurs of yellow and green.

While Kenzan shot forward like green lightning, Espada disappeared into bursts of yellow wind. The two swung their blades at the Spider Megid who swung his left arm forward. Both Riders and Megid clashed briefly before the two Riders disappeared like wind and lightning, striking past the Spider Megid.

The Spider Megid gasped out as sparks flew before yelling out as more sparks flew. It was suddenly assaulted numerous times from both sides by both Espada and Kenzan, the two unleashing the full power of each other's element against the Megid. The Spider Megid hunched forward, its body smoking heavily from the attacks.

Espada and Kenzan suddenly appeared in front of the Spider Megid, the two slashing as many times as they could in a frontal assault to overwhelm the Megid. While the Megid tried to bat them away, they were able to push past its defensive tactics, cutting into it several more times. The two then stabbed the Megid in the chest with their blades while pushing it back.



Espada and Kenzan yelled out as green and yellow cracks began to spread from the stab wound, slowly but surely spreading out throughout the Spider Megid's body. Wind began wrapping around it as well, slicing into its body as lightning began to strike and lash out, tearing into its body further. The Spider Megid was forced to backpedal while the Riders continually stepped forward.

"I'll kill you… you're dead!" The Spider Megid yelled out, "I'll kill you! I will kill you… you damn Riders!"

Both Riders shouted further as they stabbed their weapons deeper, the elemental energy reaching its peak as the Spider Megid exploded. Both Espada and Kenzan were blown back, tumbling against the ground as the Megid was no more. It didn't take long for the two to roll onto their sides, both managing to see the purple coloration on their armor fade. Alongside no longer feeling the constant burning sensation of the poison, the two realized that the ailment had fully faded.

"We did it…" Espada let out a sigh of relief.

"We sure did," Kenzan chuckled.

The two Riders then let their transformations drop, the two giving a few small laughs as they pushed themselves up into sitting positions near the pews.

"Ogawa! Fukamiya!"

"Hey, you guys alright?!"

It didn't take long for Tsubasa and Chris to arrive, the two still in their Symphogears and ready to help out before they saw the Megid was gone.

"We're fine," Kento gave a nod as he managed to sit up further, "We just finished."

"I take it you all handled things on your end?" Ogawa asked.

"Yes, the Gargoyle Megid has been slain," Tsubasa gave a nod.

"That's good to hear," Kento replied, "You girls aren't slouches."

"Of course we're not," Chris scoffed, "We can't leave everything to you Riders after all."

"I suppose so," Kento chuckled at the response.

It had been a few hours since the Spider and Gargoyle Megid had been dealt with. Tsubasa and Ogawa had to hurry off due to urgent idol related business after the reports. So that left Chris and Kento to laze around the lounge area of Section 2 as they chose to unwind for the day.

"That's still crazy," Chris pointed out, "To think you all risked everything on a team attack you haven't even tested."

"Given Ogawa's skill I wasn't worried," Kento reassured, "Plus I figured given speed was both of our forte's, that we'd be able to match each other easily."

"Well at least you aren't trying to go it alone anymore," Chris replied.

"Listen… I'm…" Kento paused before taking a deep breath, "I'm sorry about earlier."

"Think nothing of it," Chris waved it off, "I know how it feels, wanting to make up for your mistakes and such."

"Chris…" Kento looked over in surprise.

"Also I'm still getting the hang of this whole… interaction stuff," Chris admitted as she glanced away, "So, sorry about snapping at you."

"Its fine," Kento shook his head, "Still, I can only hope the mission the others were on went well."

"Kento! Chris!"

The Rider and Wielder soon turned to see Touma approaching with Hibki and Rintaro. The swordsman of water was currently holding a silver case.

"Oh, you guys are back already?" Chris asked.

"Yep," Hibiki said before gesturing towards Rintaro.

"We've retrieved the Wonder Ride Book," Rintaro held up the silver case to reveal it had a glass portion to show the Wonder Ride Book inside. It was a pink-red story book with a black spine and pages. It held a warrior alongside a monkey, pheasant and dog, the title being 'Daishougun Momoichirou'.

"It wasn't too bad honestly," Touma admitted before slumping slightly, "The biggest problem was actually finding it."

"Yeah it took us a while to actually spot it," Hibki gave a nervous chuckle as she rubbed the back of her neck, "Turns out it was hiding really good!"

"What about you all?" Rintaro asked, "Did you have a nice day while we were out?"

"Something like that," Chris gave an exasperated sigh.

"We'll give you all the details after you report in," Kento added with a small laugh.

"Sounds good to me," Touma agreed.

Deep within a stone temple in a dark sealed room there stood six pillars at the center. All six of them held domed glass cases that were covering something. The sealed door soon gave a thump, with another thump occurring as cracks began to show. Soon enough the middle of the door shattered as stone tumbled all around.

It wasn't long before the culprit entered the room, it being Storious who was in his Megid form.

"Here we are," Storious smiled as he walked towards the six pillars. He then summoned his sword before giving a yell and swinging outwards. The glass was shattered and gave way to reveal six Wonder Ride Books of varying colors.

They were Red, Blue, Yellow, Grey, Green, and Pink. All of them had a similar titling to them as well. They all shared the label, 'Story Of…' with the final word being the full names of the six Seiken that Section 2 had under their control, Rekka, Nagare, Ikazuchi, Gekido, Hayate and Suzune.

Storious gave a smirk, "We can now make preparations for our proper plan…"

It was dark…

It was quiet…

There was barely anything left…

In what appeared to be an old abandoned theater, two sets of chairs spaced out by a worn red carpet that lead up several steps towards the main stage. On the back of the stage was a worn and torn movie theater screen. Along the walls there were various torn up and heavily faded posters that seemed to belong to movies about what appeared to be armored warriors. All around there were pieces of chipped away and broken architecture.

At the very back however was a figure that was hunched over. It seemed to only have an upper body, dressing in a suit and a tall top hat. Flowing out from its upper half looked to be some kind of tape that pooled towards the floor, it wrapping around itself and forming a small wheel as a result.


"I cannot rest…"

"I must continue… my work…"

"I must…"


Despite trying to stand up straight, the figure was unable to. It seemed that this was its fate, to be used and then just tossed aside without a proper finale. That was until the decrepit and damaged theater began to shake suddenly. The figure couldn't even look around in surprise or wonder at what was going on.

"So this is it…"


Suddenly pieces of the ceiling broke apart as several streaks of light shot into the old theater, as if they were shooting stars. The streaks of light and contents were small as another streak of light struck near the figure. The figure managed to look over at the spot that was struck near it, giving a light gasp as it saw what had impacted against the floor.

"This is…"

It reached out a hand as it hunched forward even more, the object before it being something that it never thought it would see. It was foreign, yet familiar… and it was this thing's chance to start over…

To Be Continued…

Author's Note: Not as grand as the Book of Ruin Special Chapter, but that's because the movie is taking the spot of something big and grand. Figured I could go for a Kento focused chapter while involving the Spider Megid alongside the Gargoyle Megid which we never actually saw in canon. Despite this Kabekera Gargoyle does exist as an Alter Ride Book in universe. So I can for sure tell you that if there's a title for a Megid out there, they'll likely be showing up in this story.

The chapter also let me do some fun and weird stuff in general, like using more XDU themed attacks to help with fights, Espada and Kenzan using their Episode 47 Attack super early, some fun interaction with a different set of Riders and Wielders, and setting up for both GX and the Movie with both ending bits.

Speaking of, next time is going to be a very large chapter release. This is potentially the most words I've written for a single chapter, which you know, fitting since this is a 'movie' release. With all that said, thanks for reading and I'll be seeing you next time.