It was another day at Fantastic Bookstore Kamiyama as the store was in tip top condition as always. Touma was currently at his desk, jotting down ideas and trying to work on finalizing a few concepts as he continued work on the eventual novel he wanted to release.

"Now then…" Touma muttered as he went to write something down before pausing, "Wait… I feel like I've already written this?"

"Maybe you should take a break," Chris said as she was currently lying on the couch to the side, flipping through a manga in a bored fashion.

"Yeah I should," Touma said before quickly looking up in surprise, "Eh? Chris, what are you doing here?!"

"Hey that's rude," Chris huffed as she looked over, "Can't I hang out when I'm bored?"

"I mean… yeah…" Touma gave a nod, "It just feels a bit sudden is all."

"Well hey, it's not like I plan these things," Chris replied.

"I suppose so," Touma agreed before scratching the back of his head. There was now an odd feeling creeping up in his head, that something felt… off.


Touma looked up in surprise while Chris immediately sat up, the two drawing out their communicators and answering them.

"Touma here," Touma answered.

"Chris here," Chris answered as well.

"Run! Run you foolish humans!"

What normally would have been a nice day at a park was interrupted as the Golem Megid was walking around. Its presence had caused screams of panic and terror as everyone had run off. Golem laughed as it stomped on the ground, small cracks forming and spreading.

"There he is!"

"Huh?" Golem turned before giving a gasp as he watched Chris and Touma come into view.

"So this is the one causing trouble this time, huh?" Chris remarked.

"Wait, why bring out Golem again?" Touma tilted his head in confusion before realizing something as he looked around, "Hey, didn't we get here too fast?"

"What are you talking about?" Chris asked.

"Uh, nothing…" Touma shook his head as he readied his Swordriver, "I don't think we normally pair up, so let's do this Chris."

"Sounds good by me," Chris nodded.

"Once again I must deal with you," Golem growled as he stomped on the ground, "Very well, I'll crush you and end this story in an instant!"

"Like that'll happen you freak," Chris called out as she drew out her Relic Pendant.

"~Killter Ichaival tron~"



In bursts of flames and red lights, Chris stood in the Ichaival Symphogear alongside Saber. Saber raised his blade up before rushing forward, Chris leaping up into the air and bringing out her crossbows. She then pulled the triggers before unleashing a rain of energy bolts that followed after Saber.

Golem yelled out as it raised its stone fist up, punching at Saber who ducked and slashed past, his sword causing sparks to fly against the Megid. Golem gasped and was ready to turn only for the arrows unleashed by Chris to hit it, more sparks flying as the Megid was sent tumbling to the ground.

"You're annoying!" Golem yelled out s it launched the stone hands on its head towards Chris before turning and punching the ground. Cracks began spreading as rubble was unearthed and sent flying towards Saber.

Saber yelped as he dodged to the side, quickly rushing towards Golem who tore up the ground again in order to launch more rubble at him.

Chris meanwhile gritted her teeth as she dodged back against the stone hands, shooting at them and deflecting them briefly only for them to return back on their path to grabbing her.

"Fine," She said as she began pumping more energy into her gear, changing her weapons into their chaingun forms, "You want some, you can have some!"


The stone hands launched towards Chris who sent a storm of bullets against them. The bullets and hands clashed against each other as they seemed to be in a stalemate.

Golem howled out as it was slashed in the chest by Saber, sparks flying as it staggered back. It punched the ground in retaliation, upturning a chunk of the ground before kicking it towards the Rider.


A red hot sword sliced through the chunk of ground, splitting it in half as the halves slammed into the ground and crumbled.

"Nice try," Saber said before pointing Rekka forward, "But I've grown a lot since we've first met."

"You think you can defeat me?!" Golem questioned as it marched forward.

"Hell yeah we can."

Golem turned before yelling out as numerous sparks flew from its body, sending it tumbling back as it was sent rolling across the ground.

"You're little stone hands couldn't do a thing to me," Chris had a confident smirk as she kept her chainguns at the ready.

"Why… why you…" Golem grumbled as it punched the ground, tearing the earth up before it began to absorb all the rubble and debris created via the fight. Soon enough it had grown into its giant size, laughing out as it towered over the Rider and Wielder, "You can't stop me!"

"Like that surprises me anymore," Saber chuckled as he backed up towards Chris, "You thinking what I'm thinking?"

"I say bust it out so we can shut him up," Chris nodded.

"Gladly," Saber loaded in King of Arthur before initiating the form change.


Saber held his left hand forward, his left side being bathed in blue light as it gained the Arthur attachments and the Kingexcalibur. As he did the giant version of the Kingexcalibur was also summoned above him, the massive sword causing the Golem Megid to take a few steps back.


"W-What…?" Golem gasped as it saw the giant sword before it.

"Like I said, I've grown a lot," Saber called out as he raised Kingexcalibur high, the enlarged version following his movements, "Let's finish it, Chris!"

"Already on it," Chris replied as her skirt pieces extended outwards, missiles launching out from the extensions as they homed in on Golem.


Golem let loose a defiant shout as it charged forward only for the missiles to strike directly against its chest and face. The impacts caused numerous explosions to form and forced the giant Megid to take a step back. By the time its vision cleared all it could see was the giant Kingexcalibur slicing downwards at it.


Golem could only scream out as it was sliced into, the glowing blue mark left by Kingexcalibur shining brighter and brighter…


Saber and Chris turned away as the massive Megid exploded in a spectacular display, the giant Kingexcalibur vanishing after the successful slash.


Song of Swords G: The Movie

~Manifest a Script that blinds even the Greatest Director~

"Too easy," Chris scoffed.

"Yeah… way too easy," Saber said as he looked around.

"Alright, what's gotten into you?" Chris asked, "You're usually never this jittery, it's kind of creeping me out."

"I'm not sure what…" Saber admitted, "But something is wrong here."

"Will you all be worth my time?"

Saber and Chris perked up at the unknown voice, soon turning as a new figure came into view.


Walking forward was an armored warrior with three distinct separate pieces of armor. He primarily wore a black bodysuit, his legs having red wolf-fish themed armoring while his chest and arms had a deep blue whale theme to them. His head meanwhile was light blue and shark themed with bright yellow eyes. His chest had a triangular emblem featuring the symbols of his three main features and his belt was unlike any ever seen, the buckle being a gold-saw with a black center with three medals embedded within.

"Hold the phone…" Chris' eyes widened, "Is that a…?"

"…Kamen Rider?" Saber finished.

"I am Kamen Rider Poseidon," The Rider introduced himself before bringing out a spear. He rested it on his shoulder before pointing at Saber, "I plan on fighting against all Riders. And that includes you…"

"Eh?" Saber tilted his head before getting in a defensive stance with both Rekka and the Kingexcalibur, "Why do you want to fight all Riders?"

"I just wish to fight them all!" Poseidon yelled out as he reeled his spear back before slashing forward, unleashing several spinning waves of energy towards Chris and Saber.

"Like that'll work!" Saber got in front of the two, stabbing down as the large Kingexcalibur manifested and stabbed downwards to block the spinning slashes. Saber then had the Kingexcalibur stab forward, trying to blow Poseidon back.

"That's my line!" Poseidon called out as he threw his spear out, it spinning rapidly and becoming a shield that deflected the Kingexcalibur. He then kicked the spinning spear, sending it like a buzzsaw towards Saber who barely had time to block with both swords.

Saber yelled out as the spear forced its way past his defense and sliced into him. Sparks flew as he was thrown backwards, reverting back to Brave Dragon form.

"Try this on for size!" Chris glared at the new Rider and leapt into the air, taking aim and firing energy bolts out at Poseidon.

Poseidon scoffed and spun around, sharp teeth manifesting from his left leg as it bit into and destroyed the energy bolts. He then held his hand out and recalled his spear.

"Jeez, just how strong is this guy?" Saber winced as he went to sit up.

"Pathetic," Poseidon called out, "Are you truly that weak?"

"The hell do you want?!" Chris questioned as she aimed her crossbows at the enemy Rider.

"I told you that I wish to defeat all Kamen Riders!" Poseidon declared as he walked forward and approached the two.

"Not on our watch!"

"You aren't going anywhere near Touma!"

Chris and Saber perked up and turned towards the side, watching as it was Rintaro and Kento who had respectively spoken up. The two were running forward while initiating their transformations.




The two Riders gathered their respective elements around their swords before they began slashing while approaching Poseidon. Poseidon could only scoff as he began to back up while twirling his spear, managing to deflect their slashes. Despite being on the defensive it seemed as though Poseidon was still holding out strong.

Blades and Espada slid their hands across their blades, spinning and slashing forward. Combining their elemental energies together they created an electrified slash of water that hurtled towards Poseidon.

Poseidon scoffed as he slashed against it, surprised when it burst into splashes of electrified water. The enemy Rider could only yell out as he was electrocuted, his suit sparking once enough damage was dealt.

"Kento… Rintaro…?" Saber asked in surprise as this turn of events was suspiciously convenient.

"Is that all you've got?!" Poseidon yelled out as he stepped forward, clearly not bothered by the pain, "I'll take down all of you Riders!"

"You aren't just facing Riders!"

"Huh?" Saber turned in surprise.

"~Imyuteus Ame no Habakiri tron~"

"~Balwisyall nescell Gungnir tron~"

In flashes of blue and orange, Tsubasa and Hibiki leaped into battle. Saber could only scrunch his face behind his helmet, them showing up suddenly now as the tide of battle was turning against Poseidon…

"Tachibana… let's use that technique we've practiced!" Tsubasa called out as she held her blade forward, blue energy beginning to exit it.

"Right," Hibiki called out as she threw her right arm to the side, energy gathering and forming a makeshift spear of orange energy.

Hibiki and Tsubasa swung forward, unleashing a cross slash of orange/blue energy. Hibiki followed up with a punch while Tsubasa followed up with a stab. The two poured their energy further into the attack before a spiraling blast of orange and blue energy launched out towards Poseidon.

{Twin Star Hammer -DIASTER BLAST-}

Poseidon braced against the spiraling energy only to yell out as he was struck. Sparks flew as the energy crashed against him, the attack forcing him to stumble backwards.

"Time for the counterattack," Saber said as he spun and swung his sword, a wave of fire launching out towards Poseidon, "Take this!"

Poseidon hissed before quickly lashing out with his spear, unleashing a wave of energy that clashed with Saber's attack. The two attacks forced themselves against each other before exploding out and covering the area with smoke.

By the time the smoke had cleared, Poseidon was gone with no trace that he had been defeated either. Everyone began looking and surveying the area to try and see if the Rider was going to attempt a sneak attack. After a good check and no movement, everyone began to relax.

"He escaped…" Saber muttered as he dismissed his transformation alongside the others.

"Something odd seems to be occurring," Tsubasa said, "We got a report of a Megid attack, but there was a Rider here instead?"

"No, Golem did show up," Touma explained, "It was really odd though how that Poseidon guy showed up right afterwards… though that isn't the only odd thing…"

"What do you mean?" Rintaro asked.

"You figure something out already?" Kento asked.

"Call it a hunch," Touma said, "But everything just feels too…"

"Touma! Hibiki!"

Everyone turned to see Miku running over to them in a worried fashion. Touma's eyes widened as this definitely clicked that something was absolutely wrong.

"…too convenient," Touma muttered in realization before quickly running over towards Miku, "Miku!"

"Eh, why is Miku here?" Hibiki looked in surprise before noticing how quickly Touma ran towards her friend, "Touma, what's wrong?!"

"This whole situation is wrong!" Touma called back as he tried to hurry over to his friend.


The air shimmered as glitches suddenly occurred, various Rider-like ninja styled warriors appearing near Miku and Touma. All of them had the same base of a white hexagonal suit with navy blue armor and orange accents and most of them held a simplistic visor with a singular orange eye in the front. The ninja warriors quickly grabbed onto Touma and Miku.

"Huh?" Touma gasped as he tried to break free, "Let go!"

"Touma!" Miku called out before she was grabbed, "Ah, Hibiki!"

"Miku!" Hibki's eyes widened, "Touma!"

"Touma!" Kento called out.

"I'll have my Ninja Players be taking them, they're important to our plans."

Everyone's eyes widened another of the armored ninja's walked through the crowd wearing similar but different armor. This one had a grey backpack and sharper edges on his forearms and shins. A lime green bulky belt with a pink handle and a cartridge slotted inside was at his waist. His helmet had two orange eyes and a proper mouth plate alongside strands of hair running down the side of his helmet, with white spiked armored hair at the top.

"Who are you?!" Tsubasa demanded.

"Kamen Rider Fuma," The new Rider declared before swiping his arm to the side. In an instant the Ninja Players immediately vanished in puffs of smoke while taking Miku and Touma along with them. He then snapped his fingers.

Suddenly in mid-air, several Ninja Players began to glitch into existence, the grouping dropping down as they drew out their daggers. Just as they were ready to drop down in an instant and strike at the untransformed Riders and Wielders, sudden yells were heard.




Cyan energy blasts and green slashes of energy suddenly shot and cut through the Ninja Players before an enlarged Dougoken Gekido suddenly came into view, slicing down on the damaged Ninja Players and destroying them.

It wasn't long before Buster, Kenzan and Slash all rushed into view, getting in front of the Riders and Wielders.

Hibiki's eyes widened as she saw the Riders, "Teacher!"

"Don't worry, we're here to help!" Buster called out.

"Commander," Tsubasa spoke up, "This strange Rider has taken Kohinata and Kamiyama."

Buster turned in shock, "What?!"

"Now this is odd," Slash admitted as he looked over Fuma, "What kind of Rider even is that?"

"So he definitely isn't one of the Swordsmen Riders?" Kenzan asked.

"More than likely he isn't," Slash replied, "But he's still a Rider."

"Good, now I have everyone's attention," Fuma said before snapping his fingers.



Two puffs of smoke occurred in front of Fuma, revealing two new Riders. One was all clad in black, with silver accents and gold lining, red adorning the chest and visor as the Rider had a gold cell phone styled buckle alongside a subtle Omega theme. The second was in white, holding segmented armor with blue-flames painted on the arms and ankle cuffs. He held hints of gunmetal as accents, his helmet being fairly rounded with three horns and yellow eyes that slightly linked together to form an infinity symbol. On his right bicep, left thigh, and chest were bandoliers that were empty, all of them being a strange rectangular shape. He had a black buckle with a red protrusion, it taking the shape of an L, alongside a black cloak that wrapped around his neck.

"Kamen Rider Orga," The black and gold Rider introduced.

"Kamen Rider… Eternal," The white Rider introduced.

"Eh?" Hibiki asked.

"Kamen Riders…?" Buster trailed.

"This is unreal," Tsubasa said, "Four of them, one after another?"

"Just what is going on?" Rintaro asked.

"I can enlighten you," Eternal said as he stepped up, seemingly acting like the leader as he spread his arms out, "We Kamen Riders seek to take this world as our own, but in order to do so we must eliminate all who can oppose us."

"Specifically, we destroy those in the way of our paradise," Fuma added.

"Of course we knew a simple frontal assault would be suicidal as you just saw with Poseidon," Orga replied, "He was no match for your combined efforts. So we tipped the scales in our favor."

"Saber is your strongest asset, so we figured we'd hold him and one of your precious allies in our grasp to force you into a position to listen to us," Eternal explained before holding up three note cards, he then threw them forward, the cards landing and sticking out of the ground in front of the Riders and Wielders, "You will face us down in three places. Two of these places hold each of your friends while the last is where our plan reaches its fruition. If you get lucky and defeat us, you may be able to save your friends and disrupt our plans."

"You're turning this into a game?" Slash hissed out.

"And how do we know that you're telling the truth about those locations?" Buster asked.

"You don't," Orga replied, "But are you in any position to not believe us?"

"This is no longer like your usual battles," Fuma spoke up, "You're playing our game now."

"This is the reapers party time!" Eternal called out as he held his left arm forward, "Now my Riders and Wielders, dance, dance to your heart's content!"

"Why are you all doing this?" Hibiki asked as she walked forward, "Why did you take Miku and Touma? Why are you trying to take over the world?"

"It is simply what we wish to do," Eternal answered, "Is there really anymore to say?"

"That's it?" Hibiki asked, "But how can you all call yourselves Kamen Riders when you're doing all this?!"

"We are Kamen Riders," Eternal stressed, "I can assure you of that, girl."

"It's not like your sword wielding Riders all work together anyway," Orga reminded.

"Regardless, it would be best if you played by our rules if you wish to stop us," Fuma added before stepping in front of the three and performing several hand signs. He then slammed his palms into the ground, the three disappearing in puffs of smoke.

Hibiki had taken a few steps forward only to stop when she saw they had fully vanished, "Miku… Touma…"

The remaining Riders dismissed their transformations once there was no sign of a sneak attack. Ogawa and Daishinji walked over to the others while Genjuro had picked up the cards. The Commander of Section 2 then went to put a call into Sophia, figuring they needed to coordinate.

"We'll get them back Tachibana," Tsubasa reassured as she put a hand on Hibiki's shoulder.

"Besides, they aren't entirely defenseless," Rintaro reminded.

"Yeah," Chris agreed, "I'm sure Touma's already fighting his hardest to get to us already."

"Touma's not one to back down from a challenge," Kento nodded, "But we need to fight just as hard as well."

"Right," Hibiki nodded but she still couldn't help but feel worried for her friends, especially since they were specifically targeted.

"Bad news," Genjuro walked over, "I can't get into contact with Sophia or the others."

"What?" Rintaro asked as he and the others tried to use their Gatrike Phones and Communicators, only for static to come up.

"So we're going in blind this time?" Daishinji asked.

"We should proceed with caution," Ogawa suggested.

"So, what is our plan?" Rintaro asked.

"We have locations," Genjuro held up the cards, "Address only but given the only thing disrupted is communications, we should be able to get to the areas with little issue."

"I doubt they'll allow us to tackle these one at a time," Tsubasa realized, "We'll need to split up."

"How do we split up?" Rintaro asked.

"I think we should try and go for our strengths while changing things up from our usual partners," Tsubasa suggested as she looked around, "Uncle, Ogawa and I will be one team. Yukine and Daishinji will back up Shindo."

"Then that leaves Hibiki and I," Kento said as he thought about it, "With my speed and her power, we should be good with just two of us."

"One Wielder per team works out well," Rintaro agreed.

"Then let's get started," Genjuro said as he began to pass out the addresses to the others. Once the groups were settled and got their locations clear, they all raced off to deal with the Dark Rider threat now hanging over them.

Elsewhere in what appeared to be a mountain range was Kanade who was currently trekking through the area. She had finally chosen to mostly discard the cloak that Master Logos had given her to conceal her identity. It was currently draped behind her shoulders with the hood pushed down to act as a cape though she still wore her long black coat.

Fashion wasn't her current concern however as she was on the hunt for the Wonder Ride Books that Master Logos had ordered her to find. Despite cutting ties with the group she figured she'd search for the Wonder Ride Books for her own reasons. Of course that led her to seeking out one of the strongest Ride Books near immediately.

"You seem hard at work."

Kanade perked up and quickly drew out Kyomu by itself, turning and aiming it as she narrowed her eyes. Before her was Kamijo who had Kurayami in his right hand but both hands were lowered and at his sides.

"What do you want?" Kanade asked.

"I know you're searching for the Wonder Ride Books that once guarded Avalon," Kamijo spoke up, surprising the red-headed girl. He then looked off to the side, "I need your help finding a powerful one since there's a pressing issue to deal with."

Kanade raised an eyebrow as she lowered her blade, "What kind of issue?"

Kamijo sighed, "Well…"

Storious smiled as he returned to the Megid's base of operations after his excursion with six Wonder Ride Books in his hands. He paused when he heard growling and yelling, picking up his pace he entered the main room as his eyes widened. The room was a mess, furniture toppled over while Legeiel and Zooous were in their human forms trying to break out of strange tape-like bindings.

"Just what is-"

Storious barely had a chance to even register what was fully going on as various tape-like bindings lasheds outwards to strike at him. He was forced to drop his Wonder Ride Books to defend himself only to be captured by the tape-like bindings as well. He fell to the ground and could only look up frantically as he searched for the source of the trap.

"Sorry to say but I can't have you interfering in my plans…"

Storious turned towards the intruder who was nearby the briefcase where they held the Alter Ride Books, looking through it. The intruder had his back turned towards him but was wearing a fairly fancy suit alongside a tall top hat.

"Just what do you plan on doing?" Storious sneered.

"You wish to rewrite this world via books… but stories are far too boring as simple text," The intruder said with a light hum as he found what he was looking for, removing the Gansekiou Golem book and grasping it tightly, "I shall acquire the two I need and create something that far surpasses mere written stories!"

Storious could only watch as the intruder vanished in a bright flash of light.

"Just what is going on?"

"Say I know the kind of Wonder Ride Book you're looking for," Kanade said after hearing what had happened, "Why exactly do you need it? Planning on becoming a hero?"

"Far from it," Kamijo shook his head before looking off towards the side, "After I found the Megid and realized that Kurayami wasn't able to free them I investigated the situation. And unfortunately, I doubt Section 2 will be able to put a stop to this threat."

"What do you mean?" Kanade asked.

"Because the intruder didn't just target the Megid," Kamijo replied, "So will you help me, or not?"

Kanade turned away and rested Kyomu on her shoulder before giving a sigh, "Fine then, I'll help you."

"Good," Kamijo said as he turned and held up Kurayami, "Where do we need to go?"

"We're already in the area," Kanade said as she glanced back to see a surprised Kamijo, she then turned and began to walk further into the mountainous region, "I figured I couldn't let the Wonder Ride Books fall into my former Master's hands. And while you aren't exactly the best option, if what you're saying holds any weight then I'll take that risk."

"I see," Kamijo lowered his sword before following after Kanade.

Hibiki and Kento weren't too surprised they were able to make it to their destination so quickly. Hibiki's rush to try and find her friends alongside not wanting the Kamen Riders to run rampant helped with that. What they weren't expecting was to end up at the Tokyo Sky Tower, which should have been under construction but was completely repaired.

The two walked into one of the more open viewing areas as they tried to figure out what was going on.

"Did repairs happen so quickly?" Hibiki asked.

"They couldn't have," Kento shook his head, recalling all the damage and destruction, "It hasn't been that long."

"I'm glad you two could make it," Eternal's voice could be heard as he soon walked into view, holding his arms out, "I'm sure you have many questions-"

"Where are Miku and Touma?!" Hibiki interrupted.

"Not here I'm afraid," Eternal chuckled as he held a hand forward, "Defeat me and perhaps I can give you their location. However it would be unwise to abandon this area simply because they aren't here."

"And why would that be?" Kento asked as he looked around.

"Because this tower is the starting point for the end of the world…"

Kento and Hibiki froze at these words, not because of what was said but rather who said it, the two recognizing the voice instantly.

"Granzizel bilfen Gungnir zizzl~"

Both of them turned as a flash of black light occurred, standing before them was none other than Maria Cadenzavna Eve in her Black Gungnir Symphogear.

"Maria…?" Hibiki asked in surprise.

"But how…?" Kento questioned before noticing what the Gear that Maria was wearing, "Hibiki…?"

Hibiki quickly drew out her Relic Pendant, "But Gungnir is right here."

"Then is this an illusion?" Kento asked.

"Oh I'm very much real," Maria spoke up with a fierce expression as she clasped her hands together before bringing out her spear, "Now quit wasting time by asking unnecessary questions… fight me!"

"But…" Hibiki trailed.

"I'll handle her Hibiki," Kento stepped forward, "You handle Eternal."

Hibiki nodded, "Alright."

Hibiki turned and got back to back with Kento taking a deep breath as he prepared his Swordriver and Lamp Do Alangina.


"~Balwisyall nescell Gungnir tron~"


Chris, Rintaro and Daishinji had ended up making their way towards the edge of the city where an abandoned hospital was situated. This particular hospital was where the FIS had hidden until the raid against it by Section 2.

"These guys aren't very original," Chris said.

"An odd location indeed," Rintaro admitted.

"Be careful you two," Daishinji said as he led the three of them into the location while keeping his ears peeled.

The three walked in silence for a while before Daishinji's ear twitched at a faint echoing sound.


"What?" Daishinji looked around.

"You hear something?" Chris asked as she was constantly looking around the hall they were in.

"Quiet," Daishinji hushed.

"Chris, are you alright?" Rintaro asked in a low voice, "You're a bit more jumpy than usual."

"I mean given what happened last time we were here…" Chris whispered as she looked around, "Is it just me or is it even creepier?"

"Dess~ Dess~ Dess~"

"What is that noise?" Daishinji muttered.

"~Zeios Igalima rizen tron~"

Rintaro's eyes widened, "That song!"

In an instant the walls and ceiling all around them were torn through as Ninja Players began falling out from and coming through the holes. The Wielder and Two Riders immediately got back to back before they saw Fuma walking out from one end of the hall.

"Glad you could receive our invitation," Fuma said.

"It's time to slice and dice, dess!"

A green shine could be seen from the other end of the hall as Kirika suddenly stepped into view, dressed in her Igalima Symphogear.

"Eh?" Rintaro looked in surprise, "Kirika?"

"Just what the hell is going on here?" Chris asked, "Shouldn't she be somewhere else and not have her Relic?"

"You ask like I know the answers," Daishinji sighed, "Clearly something is wrong, but I haven't the faintest idea as to what."

"There's no need to be concerned with that," Fuma said.

"When it comes to these kinds of situations, dess," Kirika said as she twirled her scythe, "Igalima's the perfect fit for the mood!"

"Guess we have no choice," Chris gritted her teeth as the two Riders prepared their Seiken.


"~Killter Ichaival tron~"



"Uncle…" Tsubasa trailed, "Are you sure we have the right place?"

"I'm certain," Genjuro gave a nod, "But I don't like this one bit…"

"What purpose does this serve?" Ogawa asked.

The three found themselves in a stadium, and it was the same stadium that housed the Zwei Wing Tragedy. While it had been rebuilt and repaired despite the Noise attacks against it, none of the current group was expecting this to be one of the three locations. The three were currently on the main stage as they tried to figure out where their opponent was or where Touma and Miku were.




Cheers erupted from the empty stadium, as if a phantom audience was in attendance. The three turned towards one of the main entrances, Orga walking out and making his way towards the stage.

"When it comes to those who have power like us, we can be considered monsters," Orga said as he continued to walk forward, "And if that is the case I will gladly live as one to carry out my ideals."

"Just what is your plan?" Tsubasa questioned, "Where are Kamiyama and Kohinata?"

"You need not concern yourselves with them," Orga said, "You should focus on facing us."

Ogawa raised an eyebrow, "Us?"

"~Various Shul Shagana tron~"

Genjuro immediately turned and stomped his foot down, tearing up the stage in front of him and forming a makeshift rubble wall that was suddenly cut into by various pink bladed circular black saws. Thankfully the rubble was able to fully stop the saw blades before crumbling away. The three then saw Shirabe in her Shul Shagana Symphogear standing before them.

"What?" Tsubasa's eyes widened, "Was there a breach?"

"That's impossible," Genjuro said, "We weren't informed of any sort of breach in the prison or our Relic containment chamber."

"Could it be an enemy trick?" Ogawa asked as he looked around.

"There is no trick," Shirabe shook her head as she held her arms forward, "As much as I detest this, I am your opponent."

"I see…" Tsubasa narrowed her eyes at Shirabe's words before looking towards Orga, "Very well, if we must fight then we shall."

Genjuro and Ogawa both glanced at each other and gave a nod as they prepared their Seiken.


"~Imyuteus Ame no Habakiri tron~"



To say that Section 2 was busy at the moment was an understatement. It was a hectic time in the command center as Sophia was taking the position of Commander for the time being. Various operators were typing away like crazy with Sakuya and Aoi both in the lead.

"And you're sure there's no way to contact them?" Sophia asked.

"Unfortunately no," Sakuya sighed, "Wherever they are is blocking our signals to their equipment. Meaning we can't contact them."

"Even if we can see what's going on right now somehow," Aoi admitted as she typed away before looking up.

Section 2 was currently receiving a special privatized broadcast that was showing them what had been going on. From Touma meeting with Chris and them facing down Golem, to Poseidon showing up, the other Riders and Wielders showing up alongside the three other enemy Riders. Then of course was the shocking reveal of Maria, Kirika and Shirabe fighting against the Riders and Wielders of Section 2.

But something was odd about it the broadcast. The angles were oddly somewhat professional though some shots left a lot to be desired. And there were odd transitions when it came to connecting certain moments to each other, like when Chris and Touma rushed out only to arrive just in time against Golem.

"There's no way to try and use the broadcast to get through to them?" Sophia asked.

"Wherever it's coming from is very strange," Sakuya admitted, "It might take a while but we might be able to get something."

"Given this is all we can do, we'll work our hardest!" Aoi called out.

"That's all I ask," Sophia said with a sigh as she could only continue watching on.




"I'm not sleeping I'm working on the manuscript!" Touma suddenly jolted awake as he quickly stood up from a comfortable seat, recognizing the voice as Miku's. Once he got his bearings he suddenly realized something, he was standing in an old fashioned theater with Miku nearby.

Two sets of chairs were spaced out by a bright red carpet that led up several steps towards the main stage. Covering the back of the stage up was red theater curtains. Along the walls held various posters, showcasing what looked like movies starring Kamen Riders.

Touma couldn't help but look around in surprise, "Huh? Where…?"

"Thank goodness…" Miku sighed, "You were out for a bit… well I was too but I woke up first."

"Miku, where are we?" Touma asked.

"I'm not sure," Miku shook her head.

"We should get going," Touma said as he looked around, "I don't think anyone else is here…"

"I was thinking the same," Miku gave a nod.

The two hurried out of the row they were sitting in before rushing for the door. Upon opening the door, a bright light filled their vision as if they were stepping outside. They winced as they pushed forward before suddenly finding themselves entering the theater from a side entrance.

"What?" Touma asked as he looked around.

"How are we back here?" Miku asked.

The two decided to go back the way they came, and when they walked through they found themselves in one of the balcony entrances. The two were visibly confused as they rushed back through the balcony door, soon finding themselves in another entrance off to the side. Both of them continued to keep this up, running around, trying to find a window, going through any door they could. All they could do was just end up back in the same theater, the two panting slightly at how long they had been running.

"Just what is this place?" Touma asked.


The two friends turned towards the stage where the curtain began to part away before revealing the source of the voice.

It was the intruder that had confronted the Megid, only having an upper body that was essentially a black suit with white gloves with a tall top hat. The inside of the intruder was the strangest part, his body being made of film tape. The tape decorated the inside of his suit, it having film tape themed patterning to it, his chest having film reels embedded within. His face was also made up of film reels, having a projector-like right eye. While he only had an upper body he did have something resembling legs, that being a single film tape going down and circling around itself at the floor to form a film wheel. His coat was also split into dozens of film tapes that dangled downwards as well.

Behind him was a film screen that was lit up as the sound of a projector activating was heard, a countdown beginning to occur.

"I am Cinema," The strange monster-like being said as he gave a bow, "Welcome to my theater… I do hope you enjoy your stay."

"Why did you bring us here?" Touma asked as he stepped forward, "What's going on with our friends?"

"Yeah, why did you take us?" Miku asked as she followed after Touma.

"Do not worry about your friends," Cinema spoke up as he held up a finger, he then spread his arms out as the countdown finished and the projector displayed a montage of the fights that had taken place until this point, "For they are the stars of my masterpiece!"

Touma and Miku could only make a single noise as they were stunned into silence.


"Yes!" Cinema called out, not deterred by the silence before him. He gripped his fists tightly as he began to well up in excitement, "I was used once before… but I never was satisfied with the conclusion! And then I was just forgotten… left to rot… but then some peculiar items showed up and I realized that now was my chance!"

"Uh…" Miku wasn't sure what to make of this partial rant.

"Wait a minute, Cinema… masterpiece… conclusion…" Touma's eyes widened as he recognized some of the footage playing as the events that led up to him and Miku being kidnapped, "Are you telling me you put us in a movie?!"

"More so I'm making a movie using you all," Cinema answered, "I will create a cinematic masterpiece that will rewrite the world!"

"But why bring us here?" Miku asked as she glanced at the screen every now and again, "Why did you need Touma and I specifically?"

"Well before I enacted my plan I've been keeping tabs on your world for a bit," Cinema admitted with a hum as he crossed his arms, "While my directorial and action skills are superb, I could still use a good script writer and editor!"

Touma remained silent at those words.

Miku could only stare at Cinema, "Eh?"

"Come now don't act shocked," Cinema waved his hand to dispel the stunned silence, "The young man here has some good ideas in his head. And our young lady help keeps him on track and make sure he doesn't go too crazy. Clearly you two are perfect for the job, plus I couldn't risk you utilizing your full power against me so taking Saber out of the game early was necessary."

"But it looks like you've already got a movie," Miku pointed out.

"In a sense yes," Cinema admitted as he put a hand to his chin, "I'm thinking I'll utilize shots from all of this as a sort of teaser preview of sorts before we release the full film. Sure things may be different in the final cut but once I utilize the power of the Riders I hold alongside that of the Wonder Ride Books and Relics you all hold, I will be able to rewrite this reality into the cinematic masterpiece I was denied!"

"You really think Hibiki and the others will be defeated that easily?" Miku asked, "They'll win and-"

"Yes the first set of Riders will fully fall," Cinema answered much to shock of Miku. He chuckled, "I have more than the four you've seen so far. And regardless the fights will do well to build up the energy I need. So I'd suggest you take a front row seat to watch so we can start collaborating."

"Do you really think we'll do as you say?" Miku questioned as she took a step forward.

"You can't fight, and I can take care of Saber if necessary. Plus you can't escape this location because it is my domain," Cinema held up three fingers as he listed his points, "Be glad that I've chosen to be polite up until now. But to be firm, I am for all intents and purposes the God of this domain that you're all trapped in and you have no choice but to do as your God commands you!"

"Fine," Touma crossed his arms and glanced at Miku, giving a nod before he went to take a seat in the front row.

Miku could only sigh and follow after him to sit down.

"Good, good," Cinema clasped his hands together.

"Do you take constructive criticism?" Touma asked, having been silent during Cinema's discussion with Miku in order to more closely observe the footage.

"Yes, I feel it's very important to have criticism when trying to create a masterpiece," Cinema gave a nod, "Though I'm unsure what you think could-"

"Your pacing is awful!" Touma shouted.

"W-What…?" Cinema stammered out in surprise.

"Chris is just randomly hanging out with me, the two of us conveniently getting a call and showing up to confront Golem," Touma listed off, "Poseidon suddenly showing up alongside most of our friends. And from what I saw, the Commander, Ogawa and Daishinji showed up not long after we were kidnapped. Not to mention, Miku just suddenly showing up at the end of the fight with Poseidon for no good reason?"

"Yeah, even I felt odd showing up suddenly," Miku admitted, "Though now that I know we were sort of confined to a script it makes sense."

"It explains the nagging feeling I had all throughout that first part," Touma added, "Because while movies can't linger too long on scenes, everything still felt so abrupt!"

"And even if we have an answer, that's still no reason for the direction to be so sloppy," Miku finished off.

"I… I…" Cinema trailed in surprise before clearing his throat with a growl, throwing an arm to gesture at the screen, "Very well, take a look at these masterful fights then if you have doubt of my skills!"

"If the footage continues as is… I'm not too sure…" Miku trailed.

"W-What's that supposed to mean?" Cinema asked.

"I mean…" Touma spoke up as he put a hand on his chin, "While I get go-pro dynamic fights are good, you're trying to do too much movement instead of following the movement. Not to mention some angles I saw, and other shots as well don't seem that thought out…"

"In short, they're terribly placed," Miku added bluntly.


Kirika shouted as she swung her scythe forward, Slash ducking underneath the attack before blocking a strike from a Ninja Player.

"Just great," Slash muttered as he quickly pushed the Ninja Player away and blocked a slash from Kirika, "Why are you doing this?"

"No clue! But I'm trying to have fun with it, dess!" Kirika admitted as she pushed further, managing to force Daishinji to roll away. She then swung her scythe upwards, unleashing a green energy slash towards the Rider, "Take this!"

{Grudge Blade: Hamelin}

Slash quickly dodged out of the way, switching Suzune to its gun mode and firing at Kirika to force her back, the Wielder spinning her scythe to deflect a few blasts.

"We're seriously at a disadvantage here!" Chris called out as she dodged and ducked beneath a few Ninja Players, shooting them with her arrows. She wanted to go for her full arsenal but knew the cramped hallways meant a higher chance of friendly fire.

"Then we must go all out!" Blades called out as he clashed against Fuma, trying to push forward only to be forced back.

"Not bad, but you can't defeat us," Fuma said as he slashed at Blades only for his opponent to dodge further back.

"We'll see about that," Blades set Nagare in the Swordriver before drawing out his Wonder Ride Books. Tenkuu no Pegasus and… Saiyuu Jourrney? Blades could only stare at his Wonder Ride Books in surprise, "Eh? What happened to my Wonder Combo books?!"

"Why the hell do you even have Touma's?" Chris questioned before yelping and dodging out of the way of several Ninja Players trying to jump at her. She turned and aimed her weapons, her crossbows shifting as she added more layers onto her weapons to bring out more energy arrows.


The Ninja Players could only give minor grunts as they were struck by the rain of arrows.

"Very well then," Slash said as he went to bring out his auxiliary book before slotting it in.


"Yeah, let's go!" Slash called out as he shifted into Hansel Bremen form, stomping on the ground and causing sparklers to erupt from it, two Ninja Players trying to sneak up behind him getting blasted back, "Rock on baby!"

"W-Whoa…" Kirika muttered in surprise before gripping her scythe tightly, "Alright then, dess!"

"I suppose I can't allow my surprise to dull my blade," Blades said as he backed away from several more slashes that Fuma had attempted to perform. He gave a wince as one slash managed to hit him in the shoulder before he slotted in Tenkuu no Pegasus.


When Blades' transformation finished he began spinning his blade around, twirling and flourishing it as light blue feathers began to fall from the blade. He then spun around, the feathers being launched out all over as the remaining Ninja Players were struck by them, falling back and exploding.

"Not bad," Chris said as she switched from her crossbows to her pistols before walking over to Rintaro and aiming them forward, "What's say we wrap this up?"

"Let's," Blade agreed.

"It's silly to think that you two can even hope to match me," Fuma said before rushing forward.

Tsubasa yelled out as she flung herself towards Orga while slashing, knowing that Shirabe wasn't likely their true opponent. To her surprise when she slashed against his armor, it didn't do much. Her standard blade showed no signs of making any damage as Orga just stood there.

"Fine then," Tsubasa backed up before flipping forward and performing a hand stand, extending her leg blades out as she built up momentum and slashed at Orga.

{Reverse Rakshasa}

Orga began to back up against the attack, raising his arms up as a few sparks flew from the blades scraping against his forearms. He then grasped the short two pronged knife-like blade on his belt, the Orga Stlanzer. He drew it out before extending it out into its sword mode, swinging and clashing with Tsubasa's incoming attack.

Tsubasa let out a light gasp as she was forced to land in a crouched state before narrowing her eyes.

"I think playtime is over," Orga said.

"Very well," Tsubasa smirked before leaping up into the air, extending her blade into its cleaver form and slashing downwards. The result was a bright slash of blue energy being sent towards Orga.

{Blue Flash}

Orga shifted his weapon back into its dagger mode before thrusting forward, sending a golden burst of energy out that struck against the Blue Flash. The gold energy erupted before splitting the attack in half, two blue slashes impacting off to the sides.

"What?" Tsubasa asked before charging forward with her cleaver, slashing at Orga.

The opposing Rider switched the Orga Stlanzer back into its sword mode, raising it up and blocking the slash.

"I suppose I need to keep you two busy," Shirabe said in a dull tone as she skated backwards before leaping into the air, her armored twin-tails opening up as hundreds of saw blades could be seen inside.

{Alpha Style: 100 Saṃsāra}

Hundreds of small saw blades were launched towards the two, the blades encompassing a wide area. While Kenzan was able to back away and dodge with ease, Buster wasn't as lucky and his defenses could only hold for so long.

Buster gave a yell as he stabbed Gekido into the ground, cracks forming as various parts of the stage erupted out, forming various wall-like protrusions. Buster soon hid behind one while bracing with Gekido, managing to survive the onslaught. Kenzan meanwhile managed to get on top of one pillar and leap up further into the air to avoid the remaining saws.

Kenzan then landed, deciding not to try and attack Shirabe while she was vulnerable in the air. Buster meanwhile slashed forward, breaking through the cover he had made.

"Are you two going to take this seriously?" Shirabe asked.

"That depends…" Kenzan started.

"How about you tell us why you're doing this?" Buster questioned.

"End this quickly and maybe I will," Shirabe said, choosing to play coy, "It's clear that you've made your matchups here poorly."

"Our matchups…?" Kenzan asked before glancing back, realizing what Shirabe was getting at, "Commander… go and help Tsubasa."

"Are you sure?" Buster glanced at the ninja Rider.

"I can handle her by myself," Kenzan gave a chuckle and switched Hayate into its shuriken mode, crouching down as he raised it up, "How does a one on one match sound?"

"If that's what you think will work," Shirabe said as she began to wheel herself backwards, "Then come."

"Very well then," Kenzan said as he leapt forward.

Buster meanwhile turned towards where Tsubasa was fighting Orga, realizing that this whole situation was off.

Maria and Espada rushed towards each other, Espada slashing past Maria who raised Gungnir to brace against the force from the attack. Maria quickly turned and lunged towards Espada who blocked with the flat of his blade, shifting it and slipping underneath before using Ikazuchi to smack the spear upwards.


The Lamp Do Alangina rushed forward, attempting to grab and restrain Maria only for Maria to hop back slightly, her cape lashing out and forcing the Lamp Do Alangina backwards. Espada quickly leapt up and hopped onto his familiar's shoulder, kicking off and slashing downwards at lightning speed.

Maria however smirked and gripped her spear with both hands, shifting the weapon to easily block Espada's slash as she managed to hold her ground.

"Well this is nostalgic," Maria remarked, recalling a few training sessions she'd have with Kento before they started their plans with Nastassja and Ver.

"I suppose you could say that…" Espada spoke through gritted teeth, "Why are you doing this, Maria? How is there even a third Gungnir?"

"You're really asking that?" Maria asked with a raised eyebrow, "Come now, you're Touma's friend aren't you? I'm sure he's put two and two together by now."

"What?" Espada asked, "What are you talking abou-gah!"

Maria had used Espada's brief distraction to force her spear upwards, forcing his sword up before shifting her spear slightly and striking him in the gut with the pole side of her weapon.

Hibiki turned from her fight, "Kento!"

"Eyes on me," Eternal called out as he rushed towards Hibiki, slashing with his knife the Eternal Edge.

Hibiki gave a yelp as she dodged against the first slash before raising her forearm and blocking with her gauntlet, "Why are you doing this?!"

"Nobody likes a party pooper, kid," Eternal scoffed as pushed further, leaning in, "Do I need a deep reason for wanting to send this Earth to hell?"

"But you're a Kamen Rider aren't you?" Hibiki asked as she kicked Eternal away before backing away, "Kamen Riders are supposed to help others, not hurt them!"

"Kamen Rider's come in many shapes and sizes," Eternal called out, "Just accept the fact that all Kamen Rider's are equal and it's only the perception of those with ideals who think they know what a Kamen Rider is supposed to be.

"That's not true!" Hibiki called out, "Riders are-"

"Riders are those who gain armor with extraordinary power," Eternal called out, "If I recall there are a few Riders you've been forced to clash with. What's so hard to understand about myself and the others?"

"Even if they stand against us it's still clear they're fighting for something and not just mindless destruction! And I hope one day we can come to an understanding!" Hibiki shouted as she raised her fist forward, "Kidnapping my friends while declaring to take over the world and send it to hell? That doesn't make any sense! Why show up now of all times and start this?!"

"You're getting on my nerves kid," Eternal growled while raising his blade, slotting in his Gaia Memory and adopting a reverse grip as blue flames began to gather, "So let me show you the party that awaits you!"


Hibiki's eyes widened as a wide arcing wave of blue flames was launched at her. She quickly pulled back on her right gauntlet before punching against the ground, unleashing a shockwave against the flames. Despite this the flames still exploded outwards, Hibiki screaming out as she was thrown backwards from the remainder of the attack.

"Hibiki!" Espada called out while Maria looked over, deciding to stop her advances.

"Now, enjoy your hell…" Eternal said as he pointed his thumb downwards.

Hibiki gave a grunt as she picked herself up, her head lowered as her arms hung. Seemingly she was still reeling from the attack though her hands were tightened into fists.

"That girl…" Maria trailed.

"Hibiki…?" Espada asked.

"You…" Hibiki said as she kept staring at the floor, "How dare you call yourself a Kamen Rider… how dare you try and say you're as equal as the others… as Touma… Rintaro… Teacher…"

"What are you getting at?" Eternal asked.

"How dare you call yourself a Kamen Rider!" Hibiki roared out as she reeled her right arm back and crouched forward, her gauntlet changing shape as it gained rocket boosters and a knuckle attachment being formed over her fist, "Especially after kidnapping Miku and Touma!"

"W-What is this presence…" Eternal lightly gasped as he took a step back, "What are you-"

"I WILL DEFEAT YOU AND TAKE BACK MY FRIENDS!" Hibiki yelled as she launched forward, the boosters on her gauntlet sending her rocketing towards Eternal at high speeds before she sent a punch the Rider's way, "HIBIKI STLYE: SPEARS VIOLENT DESTRUCTION!"

Eternal gasped he tried to brace and block with his arms only for Hibiki's fist to slip through and strike him in the chest. He yelled as Hibiki slammed him against the glass window of the Sky Tower, cracks suddenly forming from the impact.

To say that Cinema was regretting his decision to kidnap Touma and Miku as his potential writer and editor respectively was an understatement. As the fights began to play out it wasn't long before Touma and Miku began criticizing nearly every single detail of what was going on.

"What were you thinking putting Chris, Daishinji and Kirika of all people in an abandoned hospital?" Touma asked.

"You can't use Chris' artillery or Daishinji's gunplay well, especially since they're not fighting against other ranged fighters," Miku added to her friends comments, "Plus Kirika's scythe, while thankfully not getting stuck anywhere, is pretty dangerous for her to wield in a tight space like that. It's not optimal."

"I uh…" Cinema tried to speak up.

"They would've done better at the concert stadium," Touma added, "Speaking of which, I'm surprised you didn't pit Fuma against the two most nimble sword wielders of our group, one of which is a Ninja!"

"Not to mention the fact that Kirika and Shirabe don't really seem to be into their roles that much," Miku said as she looked over the footage, "Kirika's way too clueless and way too focused on the fun aspect of this all while Shirabe clearly doesn't want to be here."

"Maria's definitely good at playing the part though," Touma admitted.

"Yeah but that's all Maria, remember?" Miku pointed out, "She's a performer and has excellent stage presence. Of course she's able to make the most of this terrible script."

"Ah!" Cinema gasped out as he slumped over and held his face in shock, "T-Terrible…?"

"That being said, given everything… did you kidnap Maria, Kirika and Shirabe like you did with us?" Touma asked as he put a hand on his chin, "And how did you even get a Gungnir to give Maria anyway? How did you get past all of Section 2's sensors anyway?"

"That's not important!" Cinema called out, "I merely offered them a chance at the roles of a lifetime, they all for better or worse, agreed after some coaxing. And then using my magnificent deity-like powers in this realm I crafted replacements for the Gears they no longer had."

"Just how do you have all this power anyway?" Miku asked.

"Like I said, not important right now," Cinema stressed.

"Oh and also, seriously…?" Touma gave a deadpan stare as he soon held up Needle Hedgehog and Peter Fantasista, "Just haphazardly only replacing mine, Rintaro's and Kento's extra books so we couldn't access our full Wonder Combo's? Couldn't you have switched around the others too so they could do some never before seen combo's?"

"I uh…" Cinema trailed as he was back on the defensive, "Listen, you three pulling out your full power right now doesn't feel right!"

"Uh-huh…" Miku gave a bored but skeptical look.

"Okay, ribbing aside, I am curious," Touma admitted as he glanced past Cinema, "Why are there special effects for certain attacks?"

"What do you mean?" Cinema asked before looking back and seeing a stylistic cut-in when Tsubasa used Blue Flash, "Oh that? I uh… wait…" he looked back at the two, "Do you guys… really not notice those?"

"Not notice what?" Touma asked.

"I'm not sure what you're getting at?" Miku asked.

"Huh…" Cinema trailed as he realized the attack cut-ins were something that weren't normally able to be seen, "I could try to explain it but-" he paused when he saw both Touma and Miku clasp their ears shut immediately, "What are you-"


Cinema screamed out as he held his head and turned at the yelled out attack, Touma and Miku wincing while they covered their ears. The three watched as Hibiki punched Eternal against the window the Sky Tower, though not even seconds after impact the screen suddenly cut to black. With no more footage the screen had immediately cut back to the two other fights.

"What?" Cinema asked as he snapped his fingers only for nothing to happen, "Impossible… I'm fully integrated into this space, so why can't I bring up the cameras for that stage anymore?"

Touma and Miku looked at each other before Touma stood up.

"Sounds like Hibiki broke something," Miku smiled.

"Sure sounds like it," Touma said with a smile of his own, "I think we should start breaking stuff too."

"Huh?" Cinema said before turning and giving a growl, "You wouldn't dare…"

"I would," Touma said before holding his arm out as he prepared his transformation, "Miku get back."

"Right," Miku said as she hurried to the back of the theater.

"Now then…" Touma gripped the handle of Rekka before drawing it out, "Henshin!"


Kamijo and Kanade were currently walking through a makeshift cave inside a mountain. Though the only reason it was makeshift was due to something burning a wide hole through it and digging inwards slightly. The scorch marks were still fresh, as if whatever had caused it had only just recently chosen to go into hiding.

"It should be close," Kanade said as she kept Kyomu out and ready.

"Right…" Kamijo trailed as he kept grip of Kurayami in his right hand.

The two soon stopped at a wider room-like area past the initial cave-like pathway, various scorch marks all over the place as a single Wonder Ride Book sat at the very end of the room. The Wonder Ride Book began to shake before black fire began erupting from it, the fire slowly but surely forming into an imposing black dragon-like figure that glared at the two with deep blue eyes.

"This will do," Kamijo said as he held up Kurayami, "But it looks like we'll need to tame it."

"I guess so," Kanade said as she held up Kyomu, "So shall we?"

"Indeed," Kamijo drew out Jaaku Dragon before scanning it while Kanade did the same for Eternal Phoenix.





The two sword wielders gathered the power of their elements in their blades before spinning and slashing forward, a black and orange slash alongside a deep purple slash hurtling towards the dragon of black flames. The attacks struck, crashing against the dragon-like being which roared out. Despite this both attacks soon struck through, wrapping around the construct and diminishing the black fire.

It wasn't long before the Wonder Ride Book stopped shaking as the two attacks fully took effect. The book was gold with a black cover, a black Brave Dragon-like entity on the cover as the title read…


"Good," Kamijo said as he walked over and took the book, "This amount of dangerous power is just what we need."

"Then let's get going," Kanade said as she walked over.

"What?" Kamijo looked over, "You want to get involved?"

"Of course," Kanade replied, "I figure you could use all the help you can get, plus I need to keep an eye on you even if you are the lesser of two evils at the moment."

Kamijo nodded, "Very well."

Kanade watched as Kamijo opened up a dark portal with Kurayami before seeing him gesture for her to enter first. She simply walked into the portal, Kamijo following after her before closing it behind them.

"Eh…?" Hibiki was stunned at what she was seeing.

"What… what happened…?" Espada asked.

"She broke it…" Maria trailed in shock before giving a smirk as she was waiting for a chance like this, "Good job."

As soon as Hibiki's punch had slammed Eternal into the window, cracks had formed before Eternal himself exploded. But the result of the explosion had ended up causing the entire area behind Eternal to shatter. It wasn't the window that had shattered, but reality itself, a hole that led into a black void now being present near Hibiki. Not only that but the once brightly lit Sky Tower was now darkened, as if the lights had mostly been turned off.

"W-What happened?" Hibiki asked before looking around, "Wait, what happened to Eternal? Did… Did I…?"

"Eternal wasn't real so you needn't worry," Maria said, causing her opponents to look at her in surprise.

"Huh?" Hibiki asked before feeling something clatter against her foot. She looked down to see a strange pocket watch-like device, it having a white casing with a bright blue dial and button. Eternal's face was also present on it, "What is this?"

"I'll explain on the way, because you just made our exit," Maria said as she put away her spear and walked over before taking the device, "I was hoping that you all would find a way to break Cinema's scheme."

"Wait, who's Cinema?" Espada asked as he hurried over, "What's going on?"

"Let's get out of here first," Maria said before going over to the hole, "I'd rather us keep moving just in case this area still isn't safe."

"So wait… does that mean you aren't our enemy?" Hibiki asked.

"Of course not," Maria gave a smile, "I have no reason to fight against you all anymore."

"Maria!" Hibik smiled back.

"That's good to hear," Espada gave a relieved chuckle.

"Let's get going," Maria said as she gripped the edge of the hole before leaping into the black void.

Hibiki and Espada both looked at each other before nodding, the two leaping through the hole as well.

In what seemed to be the backstage to a theater, Maria, Hibiki and Espada all fell from the endless black void that was the ceiling. The three landed as they looked around and gathered their bearings.

"That was… sudden," Hibiki admitted.

"Felt odd," Espada admitted.

"That would be because of Cinema," Maria said as she led the group forward, "He's this strange monster who seems to be obsessed with movies. But he's also dangerous in that he has enough power to warp reality, enough to put us in this odd dimension so that he can play with us as he sees fit."

"So the Kamen Riders were never the real enemies?" Espada asked.

"Correct," Maria replied.

"So wait, what happened to Eternal then when I beat him?" Hibiki asked before seeing Maria hold out the Eternal themed watch. She tilted her head, "Huh?"

"He turned back into the base of his power, which I'm holding," Maria explained, "The Kamen Riders you saw were never real, just power given shape by Cinema. Though from what he said, most of the ones he had are still an unruly evil bunch. So it's not like they'd be allies to us…"

"I see…" Hibiki muttered.

"So how did you get involved?" Espada asked, "Given just… everything."

"We were the first to be taken," Maria said, "Cinema appeared in our cell one night and offered us the role of a lifetime. We refused but he wouldn't take no for an answer and we were whisked away and given copies of our Gears."

"But how did we not know you all were taken?" Hibiki asked.

"He likely placed duplicates or messed with that area in general to make it seem like we were still around," Maria mused as she crossed her arms, "I'm not certain, though that doesn't really matter as you all weren't aware of anything odd happening before you all were taken."

"Nope, everything seemed normal," Hibiki admitted, "Though now that I think back on that first fight… yeah things were a bit weird."

"I suppose because we were somewhat under Cinema's influence," Espada rubbed the back of his head, "But how do we begin to counterattack?"

"We strip him of his strongest resources," Maria said before finding a door in the backstage area, the door was labeled: 'Special Guest Stars'.

"Special Guest Stars…?" Hibiki asked before gasping, "Did he kidnap more people?!"

"No," Maria shook her head and opened the door, revealing an empty room with a pedestal that held a velvet red pillow on it. Six more of the strange watches were on it, though these looked and seemed different than the Eternal one. They all seemed to hold the faces of Riders, but these seemed like upgraded Riders as they also emanated with a powerful energy.

Hibiki tilted her head, "More of the weird watches?"

"He has more of these on hand but he stashed away these six in particular," Maria mentioned, "Apparently the plan was to use them in a climax against you all where you would lose, should you beat Eternal, Orga, and Fuma."

Espada could only stare at the devices as he watched Maria take them from the pedestal they were on.

"These must've been pretty powerful if these were his last resort," Hibiki gulped slightly.

"Luckily we managed to take them before he could use these against us," Espada replied.

"Yes," Maria agreed, "Now to find the others."

"What about Touma and Miku?" Hibiki asked, "They're a part of this too, right?"

"Cinema told us his plan was to get them onboard as a Writer and Editor for some reason. And to act like they had been kidnapped by the Dark Riders," Maria explained, "Regardless, they're likely with him but I doubt only the three of us can beat him."

"Then we need to find everyone else too," Hibiki said in realization.

"But how do we find them?" Espada asked.

"I was questioning how we'd do that at first too… but…" Maria looked over at Hibiki, "I think I've got an idea."

"Eh?" Hibiki looked over in surprise, "What kind of idea?"

Tsubasa shouted as she clashed with Orga, the two trying to overpower each other with their blades. Despite Orga's strength, the Symphogear Wielder couldn't help but give a smirk.

{Blue Flash}

An explosion of blue energy occurred, Tsubasa skidding out of it while Orga stumbled backwards from it. Both of them had ended up losing their main weapons as a result however.

"Not bad, however…" Orga was ready to step forward when he tilted his head.

"Huh?" Tsubasa noticed that the Rider was staring past her and turned, "Uncle?"

"Allow me to handle this," Buster said as he walked forward and holstered Gekido on his back before cracking his knuckles, "Given he's pretty tough I think I can go all out."

"Very well," Tsubasa nodded, realizing that she was only just matching Orga in her fight and not overtaking him.

"So you think you can take me alone?" Orga asked before walking forward.

Buster said nothing as he walked forward and just as Orga got close he sent a punch against the Dark Riders gut. He flicked his wrist as he watched the Dark Rider hunch forward in pain before closing in and sending several more punches against his opponent.

Orga gasped out as he was sent staggering back from the punches before rushing forward and landing a punch against Buster's chest. To his surprise the Rider of Earth didn't even budge or flinch at it. He sent a few more punches at Buster's chest only for the same result to occur before he was punched in the face, staggering back.

Buster kept moving forward, performing several more punches and despite Orga retaliating with a punch to the side of the gut, he kept moving forward. Buster balled his right hand into a fist before punching against Orga, sending the Dark Rider tumbling against the ground.

Orga gasped out as he staggered over to his Orga Stlanzer, gripping it and grabbing the Mission Memory from his belt and slotting it into his sword before opening up the phone on his buckle.

"I suppose it's time for the big finish," Buster said as he drew out Gekido before pressing Genbu Shinwa against the finisher slot.



Orga gripped his sword with both hands, gold energy erupting from the weapon and forming a large energy blade shaped like his weapon.

Buster meanwhile gripped his sword with both hands, chunks of rock floating upwards before combining with his blade and creating a larger projection of Gekido over the real blade.



Orga yelled out as he slashed forward, attempting to hit Buster before the Rider could get a chance to attack. To his surprise Buster was able to block easily with the massive Gekido, the Rider of Earth roaring and swinging forward, completely shattering the energy blade that Orga wielded.

Buster roared out, "Grand Judgment Cut!"

Orga could only watch as the gigantic Gekido was slammed downwards against him, the attack slicing into him while building up enough energy to cause an explosion.

Out of the explosion another strange watch clattered out, this one being Orga themed.

"What is that?" Tsubasa asked.

Buster went over to pick it up when the entire area suddenly began to rumble. But to everyone's surprise, the area suddenly dimmed as the sky suddenly began to crack.

"Not bad," Fuma said as he blocked Blades' slash with his swords before kicking him back.

Blades gasped as he staggered backwards, hunching over. Chris used this to her advantage, quickly leaping over him before landing on one knee, firing off several rounds from her pistols at Fuma who had attempted to close in.

Fuma gasped out, sparks flying as he was forced to stagger backwards. He growled out, taking out his Gashat and loading it into his Finisher Slot, "You have nowhere to run!"


Chris smirked as she watched orange and blue energy gather within the blades as the wind began to pick up. As soon as she saw the Dark Rider twirling the weapons she knew exactly what he was going to do. The back piece of her skirt opened up as she unleashed her reflector crystals.


Chris crossed her arms, "REFLECTOR!"

Fuma unleashed two powerful tornados of blue and orange that hurtled towards Chris who formed a yellow barrier against the tornados. The defense had managed to work, the wind not being strong enough to break past the reflector crystals as the wind was sent spiraling everywhere but where Chris was.

Blades gave a yelp and quickly rolled before sticking by Chris while both Kirika and Slash dodged out of the way of any stray winds.

Chris gave a yell as she increased her reflectors defensive strength, the barrier pushing back against the tornados and sending them off to the sides and even back towards Fuma. The Ninja Rider could only gasp as he was struck by his own attack, the wind tearing apart the area around him causing smoke and dust to fly out.


Fuma's head perked up as he heard the attack, his suit sparking from the backlash of his own finisher. He quickly rushed forward with both of his swords and into the smoke and dust as a dark blue glow could be seen.

Soon enough Blades was seen rushing forward, the dark blue glow being Nagare itself as he slashed through Fuma's gut.


Fuma gasped out as sparks flew further, dropping his weapons before falling to his knees and exploding. The explosion blew away the remaining dust and smoke as a Fuma watch was the only thing left. Blades gave a curious hum as he walked over and grabbed it.

"And that's one party over!" Slash called out with a rocker sign.

"Uh oh dess…" Kirika's eyes widened as she got on the defensive, "I won't go down without a fight!"

"You can give it a rest already…" Chris sighed as she looked over and retracted her weapons as both Slash and Blades reverted to their base forms.

"I-I don't know what you're talking about," Kirika called out as she stabbed the end of her scythe into the ground and stood proudly, "I am here to stop you all from uh… dess…" she looked around, "What's my line…?"

"You can stop acting," Slash chuckled, "We figured you were being forced into this."

"O-Oh…" Kirika said before holding her weapon close to her, "Sorry, I was just kind of getting into the whole thing because it seemed really fun, dess."

"I suppose in a sense it is," Blades noted.

"Uh huh, like any of this is fun…" Chris pinched the bridge of her nose before walking towards Kirika, "Alright, explain what's going-"

Everyone stopped when the lights dimmed further than the normally were before cracks suddenly formed mid-air in the empty part of the hallway.


The cracks grew larger before the space shattered, Hibiki being seen in a punching stance before giving a smile.

Chris looked over in surprise, "Huh?!"

"Chris!" Hibiki called out as she hurried over and went to hug Chris, "We found you!"

"H-Huh… how the hell did you do that dummy?!" Chris called out as she tried to pull Hibiki off of her before realizing something, "Wait, we?"

"She'd mean us," Tsubasa said as she walked through with Buster, Kenzan and Espada.


It wasn't long before Shirabe quickly hopped through alongside Maria, the two rushing over to Kirika.

"Shirabe! Maria!" Kirika called out as she rushed over to her friends.

"Just what's going on?" Slash asked.

"Like I told the others, I'll explain on the way but we need to get to the last of your friends now," Maria replied.

"How dare you stand against me," Cinema called out as he unleashed various film tape tendrils from the sleeves of his jacket.

"Sorry to say but I'm not one to sit by when someone kidnaps my friends to make them take part in some hacky movie," Saber called out as he used Rekka's flame element to burn away at the tendrils while dodging them.

"I am not a hack!" Cinema called out as he unleashed more tendrils.

"Fine then, I'll just call you a maniac because you want to take over the world using a movie!" Saber called out as he slashed and burned through some tendrils before rolling to avoid another set, "While refreshing because it isn't a book this time, it's still insane!"

"Oh will you cut it out with your stupid books!" Cinema called out, "Movies may come from writing and scripts, but words on paper are so boring… what people want are visual representations of that work!"

"Oh do you really want to start that discussion…" Saber muttered before the area suddenly shook a few times, "What?"

"Crap," Cinema turned towards the screen only to see that all of his feeds on the stages he had set up were completely blank, "How the hell are they doing this?!"

"Looks like your plan is falling apart," Saber pointed out.

"You say that like I don't have backups!" Cinema turned around and quickly drew out another of the strange watches, filling it with energy before turning the dials and clicking the buttons, "With these Ridewatches, I will take over your world and craft it into my cinematic masterpiece!"


Tossing it forward the watch shined brightly before taking shape. Standing beside Cinema was a Rider dressed in gold, having black cloth draped over him alongside his chest armor resembling that of a coat. His theme seemed to be a mix of black crystal and that of a classic sorcerer with his pointed black hat as this rider was Kamen Rider Sorcerer.

"Ridewatches…?" Saber tilted his head.

"Sorcerer, deal with our guests before they arrive here," Cinema ordered.

"Of course," Socerer nodded before holding out his right hand which held a ring before he scanned it on his Driver.


A gold magical circle appeared beneath Socerer before moving upwards, warping the wizard themed Rider away.

"You sent him elsewhere?" Saber questioned.

"Because I already have your opponent picked out," Cinema called out as he pointed towards the Rider.

"Touma look out!" Miku called out as she saw something in the shadows launch out towards Saber.

"What?" Saber asked before gasping out as he was kicked in the left side of his stomach, stumbling to his right.

"We meet again weakling," Poseidon called out as he was the one responsible for the attack.

"You…" Saber muttered before rushing to slash at Poseidon who blocked the attack.

"Weak!" Poseidon called out as he easily forced Saber away before stabbing and breaking past the Swordsman of Flames guard, sparks flying as Saber was sent stumbling back.

Miku gasped, "Touma!"

"I'm fine," Saber called out as he caught himself and stood up straight, he flicked his wrist as Rekka's blade erupted into flames. He charged forward, going for a rush of slashes to force Poseidon on the defensive. He ducked when Poseidon went for a wide and high swing, soon running past while slashing, sparks flying as Poseidon stumbled from the hit.

"How dare you…" Poseidon growled out as he turned before rushing and swinging wildly at Saber.

"Uh oh," Saber said as he rolled out of the way of the swings, managing to strike Poseidon again while dodging.

"I won't let you make a mockery of me!" Poseidon called out as he held his spear forward before charging at the Rider.

"Sorry but I don't have time for you!" Saber called out as he swapped holding Rekka from his right to his left before tapping Brave Dragon. Saber gathered fire in his right fist as he watched Poseidon close in before punching forward.


A fiery projection of the Brave Dragon launched out just as Poseidon stabbed forward, the attacks clashing against each other before the fire exploded outwards. Saber gasped out as the attack managed to force Poseidon backwards but sent him staggering back.

"Alright then…" Saber quickly drew out two Wonder Ride Books, Needle Hedgehog and Peter Fantasista, "You made a serious mistake swapping our books around Cinema…"

"And why would you say that?" Cinema asked with a chuckle, "Neither of those books allow you to utilize your Elemental Combo's."

"True but I have practice using these two," Saber said as he slotted both books in before drawing out his sword.



In a burst of electricity and a splash of water, Saber had gained the one three mismatched book form he would occasionally use, Dragon Hedgehog Peter.

"If you think a paltry form like that will stop me, you're wrong!" Cinema called out as he threw his hand forward, "Poseidon, get him!"

"With pleasure," Poseidon called out as he rushed forward.

"We'll see about that," Saber said as he threw his arm forward and lashed out with his left arms chain and hook. The first attack managed to force Poseidon to block and brace, so he kept it up, his swings getting stronger after charging the chain with electricity.


Saber performed two slashes, a fiery cross appearing in the air before it burst into fiery needles that launched forward. The fiery needles striking against Poseidon and causing a multitude of sparks to spew out from the evil Rider's suit.


At what seemed to be the entrance hall of a movie theater, the space in reality suddenly collapsed and shattered as Hibiki had punched through once more. It wasn't long before the six Wielders and five Riders walked through the hole that had been opened up.

"You know, I didn't think we'd be breaking our way through reality today," Chris admitted as she stepped through with the others.

"It's interesting that Tachibana is able to do so," Tsubasa noted.

"I suppose that just shows how strong she is," Blades noted.

Slash and Buster weren't as convinced as the others were that it was Hibiki's strength alone. Something seemed off but the two were completely unaware of what could have caused Hibiki to be able to break through the walls of this odd dimension easily.

"Cease this insolence."


Everyone gasped out as bright spots began forming along the floor, everyone rolling away as explosions occurred. It wasn't long before Sorcerer walked into view.

"Another Dark Rider…?" Slash asked.

"One of his remaining guard dogs," Maria narrowed her eyes.

"Cinema will recreate your feeble world," Sorcerer spoke up, "Be thankful for that."

"Like we'd be thankful for you kidnapping us," Kirika called out as she leaped up, her scythe gaining two additional blades before she swung and launched the extra blades at Sorcerer, "Dess!"

{Kill Julliet}


Sorcerer opened up a magic portal, grasping inside and bringing out the Dis Halberd, his personal sorcerers staff/axe. He spun it in front of him rapidly, forming a shield that deflected Kirika's blades. Kirika landed before swinging her scythe at Sorcerer who swung his halberd, batting it away before spinning it around and blocking arrows and saw blades that were launched at him from Chris and Shirabe respectively.

"Let's go, Shindo!" Tsubasa called out as she drew out her sword and charged forward.

"Right," Blades gave a nod as he followed after her.

Sorcerer merely chuckled as he watched the two blue sword wielders close in before they swung their blades. Sorcerer blocked with his Dis Halberd, easily batting away their attempts while dancing around them, using his weapons long nature to block against their attacks with ease. Despite this he was still forced to block a few strikes with his arm, but that only caused minor sparks to fly.

Tsubasa and Blades noticed this before backing off, the Wielder giving the Rider a nod before charging forward again.

Sorcerer could only chuckle as he easily blocked Tsubasa's slashes as she closed in, getting into a lock with her and grabbing her arm, "What was that supposed to do?"

"This," Tsubasa smirked.


The Lion Senki formed in front of Blades before leaping up and spinning in the air, planning on pouncing against Sorcerer from above.

"No you don't!" Sorcerer scanned his ring.


Tsubasa gasped out as Sorcerer unleashed a scalding wave of heat from his body, forcing her backwards due to the sheer force of it alongside launching the Lion Senki away from him.

"Tsubasa, are you alright?" Blades hurried over.

"I'll be fine…" Tsubasa winced, her armor starting to smoke.

"Come now is that all you've got?" Sorcerer asked before giving a light gasp and quickly shifting his body to the side, dodging a strike of lightning that struck the ground behind him. The lightning soon shattered into sparks to reveal that it was Espada who had rushed at him at high speeds.

Espada turned and slashed at Sorcerer who blocked with his halberd. He kept up the pressure before suddenly backing off at the last second.

Maria shouted, launching forward as she stabbed at Sorcerer who barely turned and managed to block and shift her attack away. Despite this she swung her spear towards him again, forcing Sorcerer on the defensive.

Sorcerer let out a low growl before scanning his ring again.


A multicolored tornado was formed from his feet as the force of it being strong enough to launch both Maria and Espada backwards. Anyone who had attempted to get close during their assault was also forced back.

"This is taking too long," Chris groaned out, "We should all just rush him at once!"

"An unwise decision," Slash replied, "However we need to get to Touma…"

"We can't just wait to beat him, especially since we're unsure of what Cinema's planning now that we're free," Buster agreed, "Hibiki!"

Hibiki looked over, "Yes?"

"Go on ahead of us and help Touma stop Cinema!" Buster called out.

"Are you sure?" Hibiki asked.

"You're the only one of us who can break through this reality," Kenzan reminded.

"So it's the girl, huh?" Sorcerer gave a hum before scanning another ring, "Very well, then I shall get more serious!"


Four magic circles appeared all around the Riders and Wielders before rising up, revealing that Sorcerer had made four copies of himself. The five Sorcerers all rushed forward with their Dis Halberds, planning on forcing the group to contend with him. To his surprise, all the Riders and Wielders immediately jumped into action. Tsubasa and Blades blocked one Sorcerer before working on pushing him back, Kenzan and Buster locking blades with another.

Chris shot energy arrows at one while Slash rushed in to distract it with some slashes. Both Maria and Espada lunged forward to force one Sorcerer back before leaping up to slash down at him. Shirabe meanwhile formed a giant mono-wheel saw to force one Sorcerer on the defensive while Kirika rushed in from the side to strike at him.

"Everyone…" Hibiki's eyes widened.

"Hibiki Tachibana, get going!" Maria called out, "Get to your friend and win this battle!"

"We've got this covered!" Buster called out.

"Go help Touma and Miku!" Rintaro yelled.

"You've got this, dess!" Kirika gave a thumbs-up.

Hibiki nodded before running forward through the main entrance hall and reaching the hallway that led to various theaters. She shouted with all her might before punching forward.

Saber kicked forward, unleashing dozens of electrical spikes at Poseidon, sparks flying as the evil Rider staggered and fell back.

"Now to finish this off," Saber said as he slotted Rekka into the Driver, ready to initiate the finisher, "Fl-"

"Not so fast!" Cinema called out as he threw his arms forward, suddenly unleashing various film tape tendrils and managing to ensnare Saber, "Got you!"

Saber gave a gasp as he tried to struggle against the tendrils, "C-Cinema!"

"Touma…!" Miku's eyes widened as she hurried out from her hiding spot.

"S-Stay back…" Saber gasped out as he tried to break free, "Don't' come any closer!"

"Now then…" Cinema chuckled as he began to lift Saber up, "Poseidon, finish him off!"

Poseidon stood up in silence while brandishing his spear, aiming it at Saber.


The sound of glass cracking and shattering could be heard as a few shards fell from the ceiling, a white gloved fist protruding through. The fist pulled itself out of the small hole before the cracks around it shattered and made the hole bigger as Hibiki dropped through.

"W-What…?" Cinema gasped out as he reeled back slightly, his grip on Saber loosening, "Did… did she just break in?"

"Hi… Hibiki…?" Miku's eyes widened.

"Wait, what?" Saber asked before feeling the grip on him slack, realizing he could move his arm a bit more freely he quickly tapped his Wonder Ride Book.


Saber gave a yell as he coated himself in fire, unleashing the flames on the tendrils binding him. The fire surged forward, traveling all the way towards Cinema and lighting the movie themed monster on fire.

Cinema could only yell out as he was burned by the fire, his tendrils burning up and turning to ashes as he attempted to put out the fires attempting to burn him.

"Touma, Miku!" Hibiki called out as she landed.

"Hibiki!" MIku called out with a smile.

"You made it just in time," Saber chuckled before his eyes widened, "Look out!"

"Huh?" Hibiki turned to see Poseidon rushing towards her, swiping at her with his spear. Hibiki raised her gauntlet to block against it before pushing the spear away and punching Poseidon in the gut. When she saw she staggered the evil Rider she spun closer and leapt forward while performing a swinging kick as orange energy poured into right leg, "Hibiki Style: Fierce Tiger Soaring Paw!"

Poseidon barely had a chance to react, raising his spear up to brace only for it to shatter against the kick as the energy from the attack struck him. He yelled out as he was sent tumbling back into a stunned state.


It was thanks to Hibiki's quick attacks against Poseidon that Saber had enough time to prepare his own finisher. He leapt into the air while drawing out Kaenken Rekka from the Swordriver.


Saber held his sword upwards while spinning forward, becoming a wheel of fire, electricity and water that launched towards Poseidon. Poseidon attempted to defend with both of his arms, the spinning elemental wheel clashing against the evil Rider only to force itself through, sawing through Poseidon as Saber skidded to a stop on the other side.


Poseidon could only gasp out as he exploded, the Poseidon Ridewatch clattering to the ground.

Cinema yelled out as he dispersed the flames, panting slightly as he hunched over, "You all…"

"Hibiki, Touma!" Miku quickly hurried over.

"Sorry for making you wait Miku," Hibiki smiled as she walked over.

"Well they do say the star always arrives at the right moment," Saber chuckled as he stood up and walked over.

"You all…" Cinema growled out before straightening up, "No more Mr. Nice Director!"

"Cinema," Saber called out as he turned towards the monstrous movie maker, "It ends here and now!"

"Yeah, we'll put a stop to you!" Hibiki called out as she raised her fist.

"I'd like to see you try," Cinema hissed out.

"So this is where it is?" Kanade asked.

"Yes," Kamijo answered.

The two had arrived in an abandoned park, the park itself seemingly giving off a strange feeling to those who came near it which would cause them to walk the other way. The two were currently at the center where strange shimmers in space occurred. Of course that wasn't the only thing that was visibly wrong, there were small glowing cracks forming, likely from Hibiki breaking through most of Cinema's dimensional space.

"Odd," Kamijo said, "Seems it's weakened somewhat."

"Should we be concerned?" Kanade asked as she prepared her transformation.

"No," Kamijo shook his head as he prepared his transformation as well, "It just makes things easier."

"Sounds good to me then," Kanade said as she gripped her sword before drawing it out and opening up Eternal Phoenix.

Kamijo meanwhile slammed the pommel of Kurayami against the top of the buckle, opening up Jaaku Dragon.




In a flash of orange and purple, Kamen Rider's Falchion and Calibur stood side by side.

"Now then," Calibur said as he scanned Ultimate Bahamut on his Seiken's finisher slot, giving a light grunt as intense black flames spewed out from the sword.


Calibur then yelled out as he gripped Kurayami with both hands and stabbed forward and into the visible crack. Black fire began to pour into the crack as he pushed further and further, the cracks growing larger and larger before he gave a yell and slashed downwards.


The cracks grew bigger and bigger before the space in front of Calibur shattered to reveal a dark multi-colored void.

"Looks like it worked," Falchion remarked as she put a hand on her hip.

"Of course it did, that Wonder Ride Book's power is strong even when sealed," Calibur replied before walking into the makeshift doorway with Falchion following afterwards.


Everyone within Cinema's domain paused at this sudden announcement, cracks suddenly forming all around the areas they were in before black flames erupted from them. The world shattered around them like glass as everyone suddenly found themselves in a quarry of all places.

"What?" Cinema asked as he looked around before seeing Sorcerer alongside the Riders and Wielders, "What's going on? What happened to my domain?"

"That would be our doing," Calibur said as he walked into view alongside Falchion. He had Kurayami holstered at his side with his left hand resting on it, "The Megid don't take kindly to you messing with their plans."

Buster turned in surprise, "Calibur?!"

"Falchion's with him too," Slash noted.

"Just what's going on?" Maria asked, "Why are they here?"

"I feel like the most important question is why we're in a quarry all of a sudden!" Chris shouted.

"It would appear breaking into this dimensional space is what caused that to happen," Calibur answered before looking around, "Regardless, there was damage done to this space already, so increasing it to enter was a simple task."

"Calibur…" Saber trailed as he readied his sword, "Falchion…"

"There's no need to worry Saber," Calibur said as he lowered both arms to his sides, soon looking over at Cinema, "Today we have a common enemy."

Falchion nodded silently before looking over towards Cinema.

"I knew I should have snatched both of you up alongside the others," Cinema growled out as he grasped at his face, "But I couldn't waste anymore time especially since you made yourselves so hard to find."

"It's over Cinema," Saber said as he stepped forward, Hibiki standing in front of Miku.

"It's far from over novelist…" Cinema growled out before taking out two more Ridewatches and imbuing them with power before tossing them towards Sorcerer, "I've still got plenty of tricks left for this finale!"



Gaoh was a primarily black suited Rider with some gold accents on his bodysuit with his armor being primarily bronze. The chest, shoulders, and even visor had teeth-like accents, silver rows of slightly open teeth revealing a red inside. Despite the heavy alligator theme to him, there was some semblance of a train motif.

Mars meanwhile was a black suited Rider with a silver chest, and gold armoring on his arms and legs, the armoring and suit itself having a knight's style to it. Of course the main attraction was the upper armor, which was a gold and red apple unfolded onto him.

Gaoh simple combined the attachments on his waist together to form a jagged bladed sword while Mars summoned a shield that held a sword sheathed within. Mars drew his sword out from the shield before yelling out with Gaoh, the two charging at the Riders and Wielders facing down Sorcerer.

"And now… for a more fitting form," Cinema said as he drew out a final Ridewatch, it having a gold base with a maroon dial and button. He turned the dial while holding it in both hands before pressing down on the button, "Henshin!"


Multicolored jewel projections shot outwards from the Ridewatch, the watch itself being absorbed within Cinema before the jewels all began to gather around, forming an armor-like body as they did so. In a flash of light Cinema was now transformed into the red, black and gold jewel encrusted ultimate thief, Kamen Rider Lupin.

"Kamen Rider Lupin…?" Saber asked as he got on guard alongside Hibiki.

"Fitting, is it not?" Lupin asked.


Saber turned to see Blades and Espada slip away from the fight against the Dark Riders before rushing over.

"Kento, Rintaro," Saber said as he turned towards the two.

"I believe you could use these," Espada said as he held out Storm Eagle while Blades held out Saiyuu Journey.

"Thanks," Saber dismissed his Wonder Rider form and retrieved his two books while giving his friends theirs back. He then looked over to Hibiki, "Hibiki, go help the others. I think we'll be able to handle this."

"Are you sure?" Hibiki asked.

"Well we've got some backup," Saber admitted as he glanced over to Calibur and Falchion, "Right?"

"As I said, for this fight we're allies," Calibur said while Falchion gave a nod.

"You better not try anything funny," Espada warned as he prepared his Wonder Combo.

"As wary as I am, I believe they have alright intentions for today," Blades admitted as he prepared his Wonder Combo as well.

"Alright then," Hibiki gave a nod, "Good luck."

"Same to you," Saber said as he raised his fist and held it out.

Hibiki smiled and used her fist to bump his before turning to Miku, "Miku, try and find a place to hide alright?"

"Right, go finish this you two," Miku smiled before hurrying and finding a large enough rock to take cover behind.

Saber and Hibiki both nodded, Hibiki rushing off to help her friends deal with the Dark Riders while Saber turned to face Lupin.

"Now then, let's get going," Saber readied his Wonder Combo before drawing out his sword alongside Blades and Espada.




Bursts of flame, splashes of water and strikes of lightning occurred as the three Swordriver Riders took their Wonder Combo forms. The three brandished their swords as Falchion and Calibur walked over and stood beside them, the five Riders soon giving yells and rushing forward.

Lupin laughed out as he watched the five run towards him, a few lagging behind as Saber and Calibur were the first to slash. He held out his hand and formed an orange jewel-like barrier that blocked their slashes, the two slashing past as they rushed past him. Blades and Espada were next, the two trying to break through the barrier only to simply slash past it as well, their swords barely making a dent. Falchion leapt in and slashed from above, Lupin shifting the barrier to block the strike before releasing the energy to force Falchion back.

"Let us make this a wonderful finale!" Lupin shouted as he spread his arms out, the five sword wielding Riders all surrounding him in a circle now.

Sophia alongside Sakuya and Aoi were growing increasingly worried when one by one the feed showing them the various fights had been cut off. They hadn't been able to see Cinema conversing with Touma and Miku since Cinema had chosen not to record the main theater area. They also were unaware of Maria's backstage talk with Hibiki and Kento. Once the feed cut off after Blades and Chris had finished off Fuma, they had feared the worst. At least that was until they got a sudden alert.

"We're currently detecting Ankokuken Kurayami and Mumeiken Kyomu!" Aoi called out, "Retrieving their location data now."

"What are Calibur and Falchion doing together?" Sophia asked.

"Hold up!" Sakuya shouted, "We're picking up a strange distortion… alongside numerous Relic and Seiken signals having somewhat surfaced! Receiving partial signals for Ame no Habakiri, Gungnir, Kaenken Rekka, Ichaival…"

"The signals aren't full strength but we've got more of a lock than we have these past few hours," Aoi said as she typed away, "It looks as though we've found our missing Riders and Wielders!"

"Start mobilizing Section 2 forces, I need that location narrowed down and everyone available sent there now," Sophia ordered.

Aoi and Sakuya looked back before each giving a nod.

"Yes ma'am!"

The battles between the Dark Riders and their opponents raged on within the damaged dimensional space. Sorcerer currently had to contend with Maria, Kirika and Shirabe, the three former FIS Members trying to use their teamwork to outpace him. Tsubasa, Kenzan and Slash meanwhile had all teamed up to try and overwhelm Gaoh with their combined swordsmanship. Hibiki, Chris and Buster meanwhile were attempting to break past Mars' defenses.

"You cannot stop your end," Gaoh said as he continued to clash blades with Tsubasa, Kenzan and Slash. While he wasn't nearly as mobile as Kenzan or Tsubasa, he was still moving around constantly as he slashed and blocked.

Tsubasa and Kenzan yelled out as they tried to overwhelm Gaoh with a frontal assault, the Rider merely slipping past their attempts while slashing against them. Both Wielder and Rider rolled against the ground as sparks flew while Gaoh immediately turned and held up his sword defensively, blocking a few bullets from Slash.

"What remarkable fighting prowess," Slash admitted.

"Sorry to say but you kids can't beat me," Gaoh drew out a gold pass before scanning it over his belt and tossing it away.


Gaoh shouted as energy erupted from his weapon, the tip of his blade launching out while being connected to his sword via orange crackling energy. He swung it all around him before slamming it into the ground. The attack had managed to work, striking the Riders and Wielder facing him before blowing them away via an explosive attack.

Hibiki shouted as she punched at Mars who held up his shield to block the attack, a shockwave occurring but Mars not budging. Mars yelled out as he pushed his shield forward, a golden wave sending Hibiki backwards.


Chris quickly took aim at Mars, shifting her crossbows into their chaingun forms before firing a hailstorm of bullets at the Rider. To her surprise Mars slashed forward twice, two golden waves of energy being unleashed and eradicating the bullets before hurtling straight towards her, the attack crashing against the ground near her and sending her flying back.

"Hibiki, Chris!" Buster called out before giving a growl and leaping upwards into the air. He dropped down and slammed his sword against Mars' shield.

"Good, good," Mars laughed out as he stepped back from the force of the attack, "Use that anger, use that hate! I'll use all of your frustrations at losing to feed my Golden Fruit!"

Buster was surprised when a swarm of locusts erupted from Mars, the Golden Rider also turning into locusts as the swarm managed to grab and lift Buster into the air. The swarm then moved downwards, crashing against the recovering Hibiki and Chris before throwing the Rider and Wielders towards where Tsubasa, Kenzan and Slash were.

"You foolish humans can't beat someone of my caliber," Sorcerer chuckled as he managed to block against Kirika's and Maria's attacks, soon swinging at them only for them to leap away from him. He was ready to follow before turning and quickly bracing, two massive saws being unleashed against him as Shirabe had unfolded her twin tails into massive secondary arms with saws at the ends of them.

Shirabe gritted her teeth as she tried to break through before backing away when she realized she wasn't able to.

"We'll see about that!" Maria called out as she aimed her spear forward, it splitting open and gathering energy before she unleashed a purple beam of energy towards Sorcerer.


Sorcerer laughed as he scanned a ring, "You idiot!"


Maria gave a light gasp as she saw a golden barrier form to block her attack while absorbing its power. She gritted her teeth as she watched the barrier slowly move forward, digging her heels into the ground when she felt herself slipping.


Kirika and Shirabe immediately got near Maria and helped her brace, hoping that the three of them would be able to break through the barrier.

"Girls…" Maria looked back before giving a nod, "We won't lose!"

"That's not up for debate!" Sorcerer called out as he scanned another ring before thrusting his palm forward.


Maria's eyes widened as a surge of lightning hit the barrier before it hurtled towards them, completely dispersing the beam attack and slamming against her, Kirika and Shirabe. The three Wielders screamed out as they were blown backwards and towards where the others were.

Miku's eyes widened as she saw this from her hiding spot, "Everyone!"

The five Riders fighting Lupin all paused when they heard Miku's yell, turning and looking in surprise at what had happened.

"You may have beaten the other Dark Riders but there are still pretty strong ones out there," Lupin laughed out as he dodged a slash from Falchion before bringing out his handheld gun weapon, the Lupin Gunner, and aiming it at Calibur who had attempted to move in next.


Calibur gasped out, raising his sword and bracing as the shots impacted against the flat of his blade. The force behind the shots was surprisingly strong, forcing him to stagger back.

"We'll end this now then!" Blades threw his left arm forward, his hook and chain lashing out as he ensnared Lupin, "Touma! Kento!"

Saber and Espada gave a nod, Espada crouching forward as he was standing directly in front of Lupin while Saber kicked off the ground and flew towards Lupin's back. Just as Saber was closing in, Espada gave a yell and launched forward becoming a stream of electricity.

Lupin simply laughed as a light shined and slashed through the chains binding him, shattering them. He took hold of the light before slotting it into the Lupin Gunner. It was a gold car with a blade embedded in the hood that went backwards. Upon slotting it into the weapon the blade lifted itself up and gave the weapon a bladed attachment.


Lupin yelled out as he spun and slashed forward, golden waves of energy launching out and striking both Saber and Espada. The two Riders yelled out as sparks flew, landing on their backs as Lupin brandished his makeshift blade.

"And thus the heroes fall…" Lupin declared with a laugh, soon turning and blocking a strike from Falchion before kicking her away, "Just accept your finale gracefully."

Sorcerer meanwhile began to approach the fallen Riders and Wielders alongside Gaoh and Mars. The three Dark Riders chuckled as they got closer and closer.

"What incredible power…" Kenzan winced as he rolled onto his side.

"Too strong…" Slash admitted as he got on his knee.

"Even I have to admit these are some troublesome enemies," Buster said as he got on one knee, "However…"

"We… we need to do something…" Hibiki gasped out as she dug her fingers into the ground while gripping her hand tightly.

"W-What the hell can we do?" Chris groaned out as she tried to lift herself up, "These guys are way too strong, and even the others are having trouble."

"They may be strong but they aren't real!" Maria called out defiantly as she used her weapon to lift herself up, "They're just copies of the ones they once were, that's all."

"You make it sound like that matters," Gaoh remarked.

"Indeed, our power is all we need," Mars agreed, "So what if we're merely ghosts of the past?"

"We may be copies but we are still formidable," Sorcerer gave a nod as he stopped nearby and scanned his ring before holding out his hand, magic circle upon magic circle began to overlap and form a ball of gold and black energy, "Try as you might, you cannot hope to match the ones that defeated us."


"But you were defeated before," Maria said as she managed to fully stand up, "What doesn't matter is our power but our conviction! So long as we keep fighting then we will beat you!"

"You're right…" Hibiki gave a nod as she planted her hands against the ground before pushing herself up, "Kamen Riders have protected this world for so long. Meaning we can't let it end here because someone's just stronger than us!"

"Giving up now would be dishonoring the memory of all those who fought their hardest," Tsubasa agreed as she picked herself up.

"While I'm not as confident as you all… I'd rather it not all end here," Chris admitted as she fully stood.

"Maria's right," Shirabe said as she helped pick herself up with Kirika, "We can't stop fighting now, not after we finally secured the future we wanted."

"We'll follow her and the others till the bitter end, dess!" Kirika shouted.

"Then you all can die here and now!" Sorcerer yelled out as he threw the ball of magic energy towards the group.

"DON'T GIVE UP!" Miku yelled out from where she was, "KEEP FIGHTING!"

Despite the attack hurtling towards them, the Symphogear Wielders let out a yell as they went to charge forward. That was until six lights erupted from Maria, the lights launching forward and spiraling into a singular light that struck and dispersed the Vanish Strike finisher. The six Wielders paused in their charge as they stared in surprise.

"What?" Sorcerer gasped out.

The light soon broke apart into six again before the Ridewatches that Maria had retrieved earlier began floating near each respective Wielder.


An orange Ridewatch with a gold dial and button was in front of Hibiki.


A silver Ridewatch with a white dial and button was in front of Tsubasa.


A red Ridewatch with a pearl white dial and button was in front of Chris.


A light blue Ridewatch with a clear white dial and button was in front of Maria.


A bright red Ridewatch with a gold dial and button was in front of Kirika


A red Ridewatch with a pearl red dial and button was in front of Shirabe.

The six Symphogear Wielders could only stare in awe at the sudden activation of the Ridewatches before the devices became energy and entered their bodies, flashes of color erupting as they transformed further.







The six Symphogear Wielders had fully transformed into Kamen Riders: Ex-Aid Hyper Muteki, Gaim Kiwami Arms, Faiz Blaster Form, Wizard Infinity Style, Kiva Emperor Form and Drive Type Tridoron. All six Wielders turned Riders now standing alongside each other.

"They… they transformed…" Miku stared in awe.

Lupin had just batted away a slash from Saber before turning and doing a visible double-take, "What?"

"What are those forms?" Calibur questioned.

"They seem powerful," Falchion noted.

"Those… those are Legendary Rider Final Forms…" Lupin gasped out as he stepped forward, "I had them stashed away to use them against you all… how?!"

"You can thank us for that," Espada chuckled, "We found your stash and realized we couldn't allow you to use it."

"You…" Lupin turned with a growl.

"Looks like we've just turned things around," Saber said before turning towards Cinema.

Ex-Aid gave a gasp as she looked herself over, "Whoa! We're Kamen Riders!"

"Incredible," Gaim said as she glanced at her armor, "To think they've gifted us with their forms."

"Not just any ordinary forms," Wizard glanced at her form and gripped her fist, feeling the power flowing through it, "I think we're in some of their strongest forms."

"Hell yeah," Faiz pumped her fist, "Payback time!"

"Being in gold feels weird, dess," Kiva admitted as she played with her cape a bit.

"I think it suits you nicely Kiri," Drive complimented.

"What… what is this insanity?" Sorcerer questioned as he took a step back.

"I'll tell you what it is," Buster said as he stepped between the Wielders turned Riders alongside Kenzan and Slash, "Their wishes to keep fighting resonated with the Rider Powers they received."

Kenzan gave a nod before looking forward, "And with those forms now…"

"We can win!" Slash finished.

"We'll see about that," Sorcerer hissed out as he scanned his ring and threw it forward.

"Let's go… Kamen Riders!" Ex-Aid shouted before running forward alongside the other Riders.


Explosions erupted from behind the Riders as they charged forward, the nine Riders making their way towards the three Dark Riders as they began to split up.


Faiz had brought out the Faiz Blaster in its briefcase form, tapping a button combination and initiating an attack. Her backpack shifted and became shoulder mounted energy cannons that shot energy out at Mars alongside Slash who aimed and fired with Suzune in its Gun Play mode.

Mars gave a yell as he blocked against the shots but was forced to step back due to the force behind Faiz's attacks.


A dual sided pinecone styled staff appeared in Gaim's hands as she accessed Kiwami Arms' weapon summoning ability. She rushed forward and began twirling and striking with the staff to try and overwhelm Mars.

Mars managed to use his sword and shield to his advantage, blocking before slashing at Gaim who simply spun out of the way.


Gaim drew out several strawberry themed kunai, tossing them forward. The kunai exploded on contact and forced Mars to take a few steps back as he defended. He was ready to move forward before gasping, his body suddenly being unable to move.

"What?" Mars gasped out before suddenly seeing that an Ichigo Kunai was embedded in his shadow.

{Shadow Weaving}


Mars gasped out as sparks flew from his back, heavy energy shots impacting alongside faster not as strong ones, the damaging piling up as the Ichigo Kunai soon exploded, sending him rolling.

"Take that!" Faiz boasted as she was now holding the Faiz Blaster in its gun formation while Slash had Suzune in Gunplay mode.

"Good to see I can still use some techniques while in this form," Gaim noted as Faiz and Slash ran over to her, "Let's finish this now."

"Got it," Faiz said as she input another new combination, her shoulder cannons retracting back into their backpack form before she launched up into the air.


Slash switched his weapon back into its Sword Board mode before looking at Gaim, "Shall we?"

"We shall," Gaim turned the key of her weapon again before bringing out two new weapons.


She drew out the two weapons before combining them together into their Great Sword Mode, drawing out an Orange Lockseed before slotting it into the main finisher slot.

"Snack on the Chopper…" Slash meanwhile drew out Hanselnuts to Gretel and pressed it against the finisher slot of his weapon.



Gaim and Slash readied their weapons as Faiz hovered above them before flying forward.


Faiz yelled out as she unleashed a beam of red energy from the Faiz Blaster, the energy striking against Mars who was just getting up. The Dark Rider had attempted to use his shield only for it to get thrown away once the beam exploded against him.

Gaim and Slash charged forward before slashing in tandem, a cross-slash of orange and pink occurring as they slid past Mars.



Mars could only gasp out as he fell to the floor, "I lost… again?"

Gaim and Slash relaxed their stances as Faiz landed nearby, Mars exploding behind them.

Kenzan rushed forward to strike at Gaoh, using his dual blades and nimble nature to keep up with Gaoh despite the Dark Rider being fairly mobile. He ducked underneath a slash before slashing against Gaoh's gut, quickly rolling past the Dark Rider to avoid a grab. He then switched his blades to their Shuriken Formation, tossing it forward and performing a few hand signs, the wind picking up as Hayate began striking erratically against Gaoh who was forced to stagger back.

Gaoh growled out, "Do not think you've-"



Gaoh gasped out as the back of his head and back were slammed into, Kiva having come from behind holding her fist-like franken themed war hammer, the Dogga Hammer. Gaoh yelled and slashed at Kiva only for her to block with the fist, pushing Gaoh's weapon to the side before thrusting forward, sparks flying as Gaoh was sent rolling back.

"I can get used to this, dess," Kiva rested the Dogga Hammer on her shoulder.

Gaoh growled out before rushing forward to attack Kiva only to get shot several times in the side. He raised his sword and turned to block against the shots as it was Drive who was firing at him. Drive used the wheels on Type Tridoron to easily speed around the battlefield, having the Door-Ju out and firing at it to try and overwhelm Gaoh.

"Let's try this," Drive tossed her weapon away before turning the dial on her Driver and pressing the side of the Shift Car loaded into her brace before pumping it like a lever.


Three tires formed and began sliding onto Drive's left arm, an orange fire themed one, a green spiked one, and a purple shuriken themed one. The tires closed in on the main tire before mixing together and forming a black tire that held flame, spike and shuriken edge protrusions all over it.

"Whoa! Those wheels went whoosh and combined!" Kiva called out while pointing.

"Don't take me for a fool!" Gaoh yelled out as he charged forward.

[ATTACK 1.2.3!]

Suddenly Drive slid to the side, her body glowing purple as she left a purple trail. Soon enough she slid faster and faster, leaving a copy of herself at three different points before stopping. Soon enough four Drives surrounded Gaoh who looked around in shock.

The four Drives reeled their right arms back before throwing them forward, green spikes launching out and striking against Gaoh before they spun and swung their left arm, fiery wheels launching out and hitting Gaoh causing explosions of fire to occur. The Dark Rider dropped to his knees as the clones slid back into the real Drive.

"Kiri," Drive looked back, "Let's finish this."

Kiva nodded as she ran over, "Right, dess!"

"Allow me to make the opening move," Kenzan flipped over the two before running forward, slotting Sarutobi Ninjaden into the finisher slot before leaping towards Gaoh while he split his blade into two, "Hurricane Sword Dance: Dual Blades."


Gaoh shouted as he managed to fully stand up, gripping his weapon tightly as he charged for Kenzan. The Ninja Rider slashed past, wind erupting from Hayate and trapping Gaoh in a light-green cyclone that damaged him numerous times. Gaoh was then struck by two swords in the back, the Swordsman of Wind having performed a cross-slash at the Dark Riders back, resulting in the Dark Rider being sent stumbling forward.



Kiva and Drive leapt forward, Kiva kicking out with both legs while Drive kicked out with her right. Red energy flooded Kiva's shins and boots while orange, green and purple energy flooded Drive's shin and boot. The two kicked against Gaoh's chest, slamming him into the ground and dragging him along the ground in the process. Energy began shining out from Drive's kick while red fang-like protrusions erupted from Kiva's shins, the fangs striking Gaoh numerous times.

Kenzan quickly rolled out of the way, watching as Drive and Kiva dragged Gaoh across the ground before they kicked past him, sliding across the ground while Gaoh rolled to a stop and exploded in a fiery blaze.

"We did it?" Kiva turned before hopping up and down, "We did it!"

"We did," Drive nodded as she stood up and put a hand on Kiva's shoulder.

"Oreyah!" Ex-Aid shouted as she rushed forward with several combination punches, her speed managing to outpace Sorcerer and strike him several times.

"Enough!" Sorcerer yelled out before thrusting his Halberd forward to strike at Ex-Aid only for the Rider to vanish in gold sparks, "Huh-"

"Haah!" Ex-Aid suddenly reappeared behind Sorcerer, slamming her left leg into his right side, the force from the kick sending him tumbling back. Ex-Aid then shouted, leaping forward before vanishing again. She reappeared to the side of Sorcerer, swinging her head and lashing out with her long hair, the hair acting as tendrils that struck Sorcerer multiple times.


Sorcerer yelled out as he launched a blast at Ex-Aid only for her to vanish again. Instead it was sent hurtling towards Wizard who stood where she was, her armor shining brilliantly as the blast spell impacted against her armor before splitting and being deflected off to the sides.

"Damn it," Sorcerer hissed out.

"Seems like this one's your counter," Wizard said, a crystal dragon erupting out from her and forming into a sword that doubled as an axe, the Ax Caliber. She then took a step forward while scanning her transformation ring.


In a flash of white she sped forward, slashing past Sorcerer in a near instant. She turned and slashed again, doing so several more times and at varying angles, managing to overwhelm the Dark Rider. Wizard soon reappeared in front of Sorcerer, giving a chuckle.


Wizard flipped her weapon into its axe mode, slashing at Sorcerer with powerful and heavy swings that forced the Dark Rider back. Sorcerer had attempted to slash at her only for Gekido to suddenly get in the way, Buster using his strength to force Sorcerer away.

Buster then stabbed forward with Sorcerer blocking with the head of his Dis Halberd, the Swordsman of earth pushing forward further despite Sorcerer managing to hold him back.

Wizard rushed in before Sorcerer could even think of going to use another ring, using the Ax Caliber to knock the Dis Halberd out of his hand. She then slashed with her axe, sparks flying as Sorcerer was sent flying back, the Rider gasping as he managed to land on his feet, taking a few steps back to keep from falling.

"That's it," Sorcerer called out as finally swapped out his plain ring for a new one, scanning it. He performed a twirl as he got in a kicking stance, gold magic circles appearing at his feet as he gathered in his energy.


"Uh oh," Ex-Aid hurried over to Wizard and Buster.

"Looks like he's ready to end it," Wizard said.

"Then we will as well," Buster said before holding his fist up, "Maria, you and I will create an opening, Hibiki, use that to your advantage!"

"Right," Ex-Aid gave a nod as she pumped her fists before readying her finisher and getting in a kicking stance.




Buster meanwhile scanned Genbu Shinwa while Wizard smacked the hand symbol of her axe. Buster began gathering the rubble around him to create an enlarged Gekido while Wizard began twirling her axe over her head, the axe slowly but surely growing to match Gekido's size.



Sorcerer yelled as he leapt forward and kicked out, gold and black energy erupting from his right leg.

Buster and Wizard slashed at Sorcerer, their blades clashing against kick. The two yelled out further, pushing and pushing as they finally swung forward, their blades breaking through the energy erupting from Sorcerer and striking him.

Ex-Aid yelled out as she jumped high up before kicking forward, her golden armor shining brightly as she shot downwards at high speeds towards Sorcerer who was still in mid-air, reeling from the previous attack.


Ex-Aid struck against Sorcerer's chest with her right foot, golden shockwaves erupting from it and hitting Sorcerer multiple times before she kicked through the Rider. She shot towards the ground, landing on one knee while skidding forward.

Sorcerer gasped out, "I-"


Ex-Aid stood up as various score markers appeared on Sorcerer moments before he was engulfed in an explosion.

"That's the last of them…" Buster trailed as he walked over with Wizard.

"Just because you've won against them doesn't mean this finale is over!" Lupin yelled out slammed his palm against the barrel of the Lupin Gunner.


Lupin spun and slashed forward, unleashing a multicolored wave of energy against the Five Riders facing him. The five all slashed forward with their Seiken, enhancing them with their elements to try and break through only for them all to get thrown backwards by the attack.

"He just won't go down…" Saber winced.

"I can see how he was able to trap the Megid Leaders," Calibur said as he went to pick himself up.

"Of course I won't go down… I'm not human," Lupin said as he placed a hand on his chest, "I don't get tired or worn down by you all… and also, this is not my true power."

"Oh no… not this cliché," Saber said as he began to get up.

"Well too bad you've got all of us to get through!" Faiz called out as she stood off to the side alongside the other Legend Riders and Swordsmen.

"Your chances of victory are slim," Gaim gave a nod.

"Come now, I've laced most of the Ridewatches before us all with my power…" Lupin reminded as he held a hand out before thrusting it upwards, a pulse rocketing through the area.

Wizard, Blades, and Buster all gave light gasps as the Eternal, Fuma and Orga Ridewatches flew away from them, the Sorcerer, Gaoh and Mars Ridewatches all doing the same as the Poseidon Ridewatch floated into view.

Falchion growled before charging forward and slashing at Lupin.

"Now behold… behold my power!" Lupin laughed out as the Ridewatches entered his body, sudden intense shockwaves rocketing through the area.


Falchion yelled out as she was struck by the shockwaves, her body exploding into flames with Kyomu dropping down near Ultimate Lupin.


Calibur quickly scanned Ultimate Bahamut again, getting in front of Saber and slashing forward, black flames protecting the two from the attack. Blades and Espada weren't as lucky, the two yelling out as they were thrown backwards towards the others, reverting back to their base forms.

The Legend Riders and Swordsman Riders all gasped out, Buster, Kenzan and Slash being knocked to the ground while the Legend Riders yelled out and were thrown backwards, their transformations flashing as they all reverted back to their Symphogear Armor.

Miku gave a gasp as she walked out from her hiding spot, "No way…"

"No fair!" Kirika called out.

"Unfortunately I think we're at our limit," Shirabe admitted.

"We've been pushing ourselves too hard," Tsubasa admitted with a wince.

"Damn it, what do we do now?" Chris asked as she looked herself over, "Seriously…"

"There has to be something we can do," Hibiki insisted.

"We might just have to leave it to Touma and Calibur," Maria admitted, noticing something strange about how Calibur defended Saber, "I think they can do this."


"There's still Falchion as well," Tsubasa said as she saw Kyomu erupt in flames before Falchion reformed.

"You're going to be annoying," Ultimate Lupin said as he turned towards Falchion.

Falchion leapt up into the air, slotting Kyomu into the Bladriver before drawing it out, phoenix wings erupting from her back as she launched downwards.


"How about no," Ultimate Lupin held his hand out, a sudden layer of film forming from portals above and below Falchion mid descent. The film layer had trapped the phoenix Rider mid-flight and kept her still as she struggled against it. He then gathered energy in his blade before slashing out at Falchion, "Let's slow down that pesky ability of yours!"

Falchion was struck, her body exploding as the Mumeiken Kyomu was flung away, it stabbing into the ground near the Wielders and Riders.

Tsubasa was surprised to see Falchion dealt with so easily, but she expected the phoenix Rider to reform immediately. That was until several seconds passed with nothing happening, "What?"

"Did he do something to Kyomu?" Slash asked.

"Impossible…" Tsubasa's eyes widened.

"Now then…" Ultimate Lupin said as he spread his arms out, "No more interferences…"

The ground around him, Saber and Calibur began to shake and crack before it began to rise upwards. Ultimate Lupin had uprooted a large chunk of earth to use as a floating platform for his finale. The platform floated higher and higher to where the Wielders and Riders would have trouble trying to get to it, leaving Ultimate Lupin alone with both Saber and Calibur.

Despite the high up platform, the group was treated to various screens suddenly popping up showing various angles of the arena and combatants.

"It's up to them now…" Buster said.

"Be careful… Touma…" Hibiki said as she gripped her fists tightly.

"To think it's down to us," Saber said as he stood alongside Calibur.

"Fate has mysterious ways of working," Calibur admitted, "Even I didn't think this could happen."

"Then I suppose it's time to go all out," Saber said as he slotted Rekka into the Swordriver and drew out Emotional Dragon, swapping out his three books for it. He then went to draw out the sword only to be unable to, "Huh? What?"

"Is that supposed to happen?" Calibur asked.

"Hmm, seems as though that forms a dud," Ultimate Lupin remarked.

"What did you do?!" Saber looked up towards Ultimate Lupin.

"I didn't do anything," Ultimate Lupin said as he waved off the accusation, "I simply swapped books around. Even I'm unable to fully comprehend those trinkets… it must be something on your side then."

"Something on my side…" Saber trailed as he tried to figure out what was wrong before suddenly realizing something, "Phonic Gain…" he muttered, recalling that it was likely only thanks to the Superb Songs back in the Frontier Incident that he was able to utilize Emotional Dragon, "Then I can't…"

"I take it you can't use it right now," Calibur walked over, "Correct?"

"And if I can't?" Saber asked.

"Then I have something you can use," Calibur said, he knew he had Jaou Dragon available but there was no way he was going to utilize it here of all places. He'd use it against Section 2 when the time was right, for now though, they still had at least one other option.

"And what would that be?" Saber asked.

"This," Calibur held out the Ultimate Bahamut book, "The power I used to break into this realm. It's unruly but if anyone can handle unruly it's you."

"I see…" Saber gave a nod as he took Ultimate Bahamut and opened it up.


[There once was the ultimate god-beast, dyed in jet black!]

Saber could feel the power emanating from it, but he could also tell that something was holding it back. Regardless he knew he had to use this to surpass his current limits, swapping Emotional Dragon for it before drawing Rekka out of the Swordriver.


Black flames were unleashed from Rekka, falling to the ground and forming a ring around Saber as the Ultimate Bahamut Book formed behind him. It opened up and a massive black dragon erupted from its pages, slamming down on Saber just as the ring of black fire erupted outwards and formed a pillar. The flames slowly but surely dispersed to reveal Saber's new form.

His body armor had changed as the bodysuit was now white in the center with black on the sides of his legs and body alongside black arms, gold detailing decorating the black portions. His upper armor resembled that of Emotional Dragon without the shield arm, but it was all black with the same gold detailing as the rest of Saber's new form. The eyes of the dragons were a bright blue coloration and instead of his normal coattails he had a long black cape that reached down to just above his ankles.

The mask on his helmet had changed to a fairly sharp shape, being black and decorated in gold, while the visor was more symmetrical bright blue flame-like slashes. This was Saber's last ditch attempt to stop Cinema thanks to Calibur, Saber Ultimate Bahamut.


[The power of the once-divine beast dwells in the sword!]

"There we go… the last minute exclusive form makes its appearance!" Ultimate Lupin laughed out, "But there can only be one Ultimate around here…"

"Ugh… that line was lame," Saber groaned out as he walked forward.

"Then how about something like this," Ultimate Lupin walked forward, "You're too late to stop this ending… no form you take can ever help you."

"This story isn't over yet," Saber said as he flicked his wrist, Rekka being coated in black flames before he ran forward and slashed, "I decide how this story ends!"

"Fitting words for a script writer!" Ultimate Lupin yelled as he met Saber's slash with his own.

Black fire and gold energy erupted from their blades, striking all around them and causing small explosions. The two slashed past each other to break their clash turning and slashing again, soon dancing around each other as they continued their clashes.

The two locked blades yet again, Saber this time gathering black flames in his free fist before punching Ultimate Lupin in the face. Ultimate Lupin gasped out as he staggered back, slashing at Saber only for it to get blocked by Rekka, this time getting kicked in the stomach, black flames erupting from Saber's foot.

"Why you…" Ultimate Lupin hissed out as he staggered back before rushing forward and stabbing at his opponent.

Saber spun backwards to dodge while sheathing Rekka, initiating the finisher before drawing it out.


"Black Flame Slice!" Saber slid his hand across his blade as black flames gathered, soon spinning and slashing out a wave of black fire approaching Ultimate Lupin.

"You idiot…" Ultimate Lupin laughed out as he formed a jewel-like barrier around him. The wave of fire crashed against the barrier before the barrier itself exploded outwards. This resulted in the black fire to launch upwards, splitting into multiple fireballs that rained down against the arena.

Saber yelped out while Calibur gave a grunt, the two dodging back against the fireballs.


Saber's head perked up before he saw a multicolored wave of energy launch towards him. He quickly braced with the Kaenken Rekka, black flames erupting from it as he tried to force the slash away. He gave a gasp however as the wave of energy struck its mark, striking past him and launching Kaenken Rekka away, the sword of fire falling off the platform.

"It was a good try," Ultimate Lupin admitted as he approached, "That forms power is nothing to scoff at… however without a sword you're worthless."

"Like I'll let you win!" Calibur called out as he rushed in, slashing at Ultimate Lupin who was forced to dodge out of the way, "I have my own plans and you're not a part of them."

"And I could care less about a minor character's feelings," Lupin spat out as he went to slash at Calibur.

The Kamen Riders and Symphogear Wielders were currently watching the fight unfold, all of them surprised at the sudden turn of events. By this point even Miku had chosen to join them as well.

"Why was he unable to use Emotional Dragon?" Blades asked.

"Unlike the Wonder Combo's which were merely powered up via Phonic Game, it seems Emotional Dragon needs Phonic Gain to fully activate," Slash theorized, "But what I'm wondering is what that new book is."

"Do you think it could be one of the books used to guard Avalon?" Tsubasa asked.

"It's a likely possibility," Slash replied.

"New form or not, Touma's at a disadvantage," Maria pointed out, "He just lost his sword."

"And Calibur is only so strong," Espada added before giving a wince as he held his arm, realizing he had taken a nasty hit there during Ultimate Lupin's last attack.

"There has to be a way to help," Kirika said.

"Even if we could…" Shirabe trailed.

Hibiki meanwhile was staring intently at the fight before her ears twitched.

'Don't give up on living!'

"Huh?" she turned towards where she thought she heard the voice, but instead her eyes came into contact with the Mumeiken Kyomu. She winced when images flashed in her mind, flashes of an old memory that started it all for her.

'I once wanted to sing with an empty soul and body.'

'That's why it's time for my ultimate performance.'

'My greatest aria… My Swan Song…'

"Hibiki…?" Miku looked over.

Hibiki unconsciously walked over to Kyomu before grasping the sword and lifting it out of the ground. She gripped it tightly only to suddenly regain her senses and realize what she was doing, staring at the sword for a few seconds before she had an epiphany.

"We still have a chance!" Hibiki turned towards her friends and allies, "We still have one thing left, our Superb Songs!"

"S2CA's dangerous to use though," Tsubasa reminded, "Unlike before… you aren't…"

"I know," Hibiki interrupted before holding up Kyomu, "So we'll use this."

"It could work," Slash admitted as everyone looked over to him, "If we channel the energy and use Kyomu's neutralization properties we could likely channel the Phonic Gain into it while avoiding any backlash before sending it to Touma."

"Then what are we waiting for?" Chris asked, "Let's do it!"

"We'll follow your lead," Maria said as Kirika and Shirabe each gave a nod.

"Very well," Tsubasa said, "Just don't overtax your body."

"I won't," Hibiki smiled reassuringly before facing forward and holding Kyomu up, Tsubasa and Chris grabbing onto her shoulders, Shirabe grabbing onto Tsubasa's shoulder while Kirika grabbed Chris', Maria coming from behind and grasping her friend's shoulders as well. All six closed their eyes, taking a deep breath before beginning their Super Song…

"Gatrandis babel ziggurat edenal~"

As the girls sung, the Riders suddenly felt a warm feeling in their hands. The emblems that held the elements in the various Seiken began to resonate with their song.

"Emustolronzen Finé el balal zizzl~"

"What is…?" Blades trailed.

"The swords are reacting…" Slash muttered in surprise before holding Suzune up, the resonations within it growing stronger.

Kenzan and Buster both nodded, raising their swords as Hayate and Gekido began to resonate with just as much strength.

"Gatrandis babel ziggurat edenal~"

Blades saw the others doing this and held up Nagare, the emblem pulsating as it resonated with the Superb Song.

Espada went to raise Ikazuchi only to wince, his arm still bothering him. That was until he noticed Miku walk over as she gave a nod and went to help him hold his arm up, bracing it so he wouldn't put as much pressure on it.

"Emustolronzen Finé el zizzl~"






In that instant, a multitude of colors began erupting from the Symphogear Wielders as the Seiken were coated in the energy of their elements.

Tsubasa shouted out with all her might, "SUPERB SONG!"

Chris was next, "COMBINATION ARTS!"

"SET… HARMONICS!" Hibiki yelled out as she raised Mumeiken Kyomu up high, the emblem of it shining just as brightly as the rest as the energy released from the Superb Song's alongside the Seiken resonating all began to pour into it.


The rainbow of energy began to build within the Mumeiken Kyomu before suddenly launching upwards into the sky. The energy began to build and build before exploding outwards.

To everyone's surprise however the energy explosion had released an odd object…

A sword…

Calibur and Ultimate Lupin had stopped their clash briefly when they heard the Superb Song. Saber was wondering just what was going on when they suddenly saw the rainbow of energy launch up and explode, the sword that was released embedding itself into the ground in front of Saber.

It was a strangely shaped sword, it being a fairly long sword with a visible guard that almost made it appear cross-like in shape. The main blade was a dull white, the tip and edge of the blade being a translucent orange. There were also pointed edges on the cross guard and the pommel, holding the same translucent coloration. The flat of the blade held a rainbow colored indention with three circles, growing smaller the higher they went. On the guard was a circular ring-like plate, the ring having the pattern of an audio visualizer.


Ultimate Lupin could only stare at this, "Sympho…"

"…Saber?" Saber asked as he fully stood up and walked towards the sword, gripping it tightly and suddenly feeling a surge of power. It was as if he could feel the power of all of his friends and allies in this sword, "Alright…" he said before ripping it out of the ground and holding it up, "This will do!"

"Well what do you know," Calibur chuckled as he stepped backwards.

"So you have a new sword?" Ultimate Lupin scoffed before slashing forward, sending several waves of gold energy at Saber.

Saber yelled as he gripped the sword with both hands and slashed downwards, a multicolored slash rushing forward and breaking through the gold energy waves to disperse them. Of course, despite dispersing the waves it still had enough power to keep going, hurtling towards Ultimate Lupin.

Ultimate Lupin gasped and quickly brought out his shield to brace against the slash only for it to crack and shatter. The slash struck against him, sparks spewing out from his chest as a result.

"Impossible…" Ultimate Lupin gasped, electricity crackling around the damaged portions of his suit, "How did he…?"

"I… no…" Saber shook his head before sheathing the Sympho Saber, "We decide how this story ends!"

"Like hell you will!" Ultimate Lupin yelled out as he gathered energy in his free hand before launching it out at Saber.

Saber meanwhile pressed down on the circular plate over the guard twice before pressing the trigger.


Saber took a dual wielding stance as Nagare and Ikazuchi appeared near his hands, he grasped both Seiken's before swinging Nagare first. A wave of water crashed into the energy blast before he used Ikazuchi to thrust forward, a stream of lightning piercing through and shattering the energy.

"What?" Ultimate Lupin stepped back in surprise.

"You're not just fighting me, you're fighting everyone!" Saber yelled out as he began to dash to the side.

"Like I'll let you try anything else!" Ultimate Lupin aimed his Lupin Gunner and began launching out faster and smaller blasts to try and hit Saber.


Saber soon gained Ichaival's crossbow and Suzune in its Gun Play form. He kicked off the ground and began firing a multitude of energy arrows and blasts out at Ultimate Lupin.

Ultimate Lupin could only gasp out, so caught up in trying to fire at Saber that he had barely any time to run. He had just started running only to get struck by Ichaival's homing arrows, the remainder of Suzune's energy blasts striking him and sending him tumbling.

"You can summon Seiken and Relics?!" Ultimate Lupin gasped out.


Saber sheathed Ame no Habakiri on his Hissatsu Holder before leaping up into the air, Igalima's blades multiplying before he swung downwards, "Kill Julliet!"

Ultimate Lupin looked up giving a growl as he saw Igalima's scythe blades hurtling towards him. He sent out a barrier to deflect them away. He then looked around before realizing that Saber wasn't in the air anymore. He felt a chill down his spine before turning, seeing Saber right behind him, "You-"

"Blue Flash," Saber called out as he drew out Ame no Habakiri, changing the sword to its cleaver form at the last second as he slashed at Ultimate Lupin, unleashing a blast of blue energy at close range.

Ultimate Lupin hissed out as he skidded backwards before yelling in defiance. Film tape tendrils erupted from underneath his shoulders, launching towards the Rider.


Gekido was summoned next, Saber using its massive size and bracing with it, the majority of the tendrils latching on and entangling it. Saber them slammed it into the ground before leaping onto it to stand while going to draw out two more weapons.


A black and pink edged saw blade was formed alongside Hayate in its shuriken mode. He threw both forward, the spinning blades cutting through the tendrils before striking at Ultimate Lupin, slicing past the Dark Rider.

"We're not done yet," Saber said as he went to summon the last weapon available.


"Pains Thrust!" Saber soon held Maria's version of the Gungnir spear, launching forward in a flurry of black flames as he struck past his opponent. He turned before thrusting at Ultimate Lupin again and striking before the Dark Rider could turn. He then turned and slashed, striking Ultimate Lupin and sending him staggering back.

Ultimate Lupin screamed as he was thrown backwards, rolling along the ground as he lost his Lupin Gunner, "You… you dare…"

"It's time we end this, Cinema!" Saber called out as he retracted Gungnir, it forming over his arms as it changed color into that of the gauntlets Hibiki would wear. He then pulled back the armor of the right gauntlet, readying its piston mechanic.

"I will be the one who ends this masterpiece!" Ultimate Lupin shouted, picking himself up before rushing towards Saber.

Saber let loose a shout before charging forward as well.

The two opposing Riders closed in towards each other but while Ultimate Lupin went for a standard high punch, Saber ducked and immediately struck with his left fist against Ultimate Lupin's gut. The Dark Rider could only cough out as he reeled forward.

Saber kept low and yelled out as he performed an uppercut against his opponent with his right arm, the piston pushing inwards and unleashing a devastating force that launched Ultimate Lupin high into the air.

Saber dismissed the Gungnir gauntlets before crouching and leaping up high into the air after Ultimate Lupin. Once he was higher he initiated the Sympho Sabers finisher.


"All RiderxWielder Draconic Break!"

Saber immediately kicked forward, projections of the Five Riders and Six Wielders that created the Kakyokuken Sympho Saber appearing all around him in a ring. All of them began overlapping over him, filling his body with power as his boot erupted with multicolored energy.

Ultimate Lupin could only shudder as he watched Saber close in, the Rider striking against his stomach. The energy exploded out as Ultimate Lupin's form shattered, Cinema being revealed underneath as his form began to crack and tear.


"So… beautiful…" Cinema gasped out before Saber kicked through him, the pain filling his body was overwhelming, but despite this failure he finally felt some form of content. He let out one last gasp as he exploded, Saber crashing against the floating platform and skidding to a halt on one knee.

"How's that for a finale…" Saber remarked before standing up.

"It appears to be over," Calibur walked over.

"Yeah," Saber gave a nod before looking down, the Sympho Saber being filled with red cracks before shattering and dissolving into white and orange particles, "Had a feeling something like this wouldn't last that long."

The area around the two began to shake, the platform starting to crumble. Calibur and Saber both looked at each other before nodding, leaping off the platform and back towards the others.

"Well done Kamiyama," Tsubasa spoke up as she watched Saber approach.

"Yes, very good job Touma," Blades said in agreement.

"All thanks to your crazy plan," Saber chuckled, "How did you even do that?"

"I don't know!" Hibiki called out in excitement while still holding Kyomu, "We were hoping to give you enough Phonic Gain to bring out Emotional Dragon but that was so cool!"

"It was incredible to witness something like that," Slash admitted with a tinge of excitement in his voice, "Never in all my years have I-"

A rumbling suddenly shook the area as the sky began to dissolve and reveal a white void.

"What's going on?" Chris asked.

"I guess with Cinema gone this dimension is disappearing," Maria said.

Everyone turned to face Maria before they saw her, Kirika and Shirabe bathed in a bright light.

"Maria…" Hibiki trailed.

"I guess that also means it's time for us to go," Shirabe said.

"Aw," Kirika pouted, "I was having so much fun with everyone though…"

"Don't worry, I'm sure we'll have a lot more fun in the future," Saber reassured.

"Really, you promise?" Kirika asked in excitement at the reassurance.

"Of course, it's a promise," Saber said earnestly.

"Well I suppose this is goodbye for now," Maria said before she vanished into the light alongside Kirika and Shirabe.

Once the dimensional space collapsed, everyone else was returned to the park that Cinema had set up shop at. Of course, they still had the Final Form Ridewatches on them, and off to the side nearby were the Dark Rider Watches.

Calibur however looked around and noticed the Alter Ride Book for Gansekiou Golem on the ground. He walked over and picked it up before turning towards the others, "I suppose there's been enough excitement for today. I'm sure all of us could care less about going at each other's throats at the moment."

"I mean you did end up helping us," Saber admitted, "Even though you are our enemy, I do have to thank you."

"There's no need to," Calibur said as he turned and slashed open a Dark Corridor, entering inside of it before vanishing.

"You sure that was a good idea?" Chris asked.

"Given I doubt any of us can keep fighting at this point," Saber slumped before giving a light yelp as his Swordriver began to rumble slightly. He gasped as the Ultimate Bahamut book suddenly shot upwards and out of his Driver and forced him out of his transformation. The Wonder Ride Book let out a loud roar before bursting into black flames and shooting off into the distance, "Okay then…"

"Just what happened?" Miku asked.

"Calibur mentioned it being unruly," Touma said as he watched everyone slowly but surely dismiss their transformations, "And when I used it I could feel like its true power was sealed. So something tells me he forced it to cooperate."

"That sounds like one scary Wonder Ride Book," Ogawa admitted with a nervous chuckle.

"Still, it's a good thing everything worked out," Hibiki added.


Hibiki then yelped as Kyomu flew out of her hand and stabbed itself into the ground, a burst of flame forming as Falchion reformed. It seemed with Cinema's death and destruction of the dimension, whatever stalled resurrection she had was now over with.

"Oh you're still alive!" Hibiki called out in relief though she only received a nod in response.

"You…" Tsubasa walked over with an annoyed look on her face, "Just how seriously do you take your life?"

"…" Falchion could only stare at Tsubasa before wincing and looking down.

"You may have the ability to resurrect but you need to be more careful," Tsubasa said sternly as she got closer to Falchion, "There may be situations in which you can't as easily revive like right now. So try to take better care of yourself, alright?"

Falchion could only nod while backing away, shaking her head and turning before leaping into the air. She formed fire constructed phoenix wings before launching off into the distance.

"What the heck was that all about?" Chris asked.

"It just was bugging me how careless they are just because they're able to revive," Tsubasa huffed as she crossed her arms and looked to the side, "That is all."

"Right…" Chris gave a deadpan stare.

"Oh that's right!" Hibiki said as she turned towards Miku and began looking her over, "I know Touma fought so it's hard to tell, but what about you? Are you okay? Did Cinema do anything to you?"

"I'm fine Hibiki," Miku reassured, "Touma was fine up until he started fighting too. We were mostly sitting around while being forced to watch Cinema's absolutely awful attempt at filmmaking."

"Oh that's good to hear," Hibiki sighed in relief.

"Yeah thankfully up until you all started messing up his plans, he just wanted us to be his writer and editor," Touma replied, completely used to this side of Miku since she had to rein him in on ideas a lot of the time.

Everyone else looked over at Miku in surprise, none of them expecting such a blunt and savage response from her of all people.

Genjuro coughed to help clear the silence before walking over to where the Dark Rider Ridewatches were, "Regardless, good work today everyone. You all have earned a good few days of rest after this ordeal."

"Oh right," Hibiki said as she brought out the Hyper Muteki Ridewatch, clicking the button a few times but getting no response, "They don't seem to work anymore, so what are we going to do with these?"

"Leave that to Section 2… speaking of…" Genjuro said as the sounds of several helicopters could be heard closing in. It wasn't long before everyone's communicators began to ring, Genjuro answering first, "Sophia, sorry for worrying you but we're alright."

"Oh thank goodness," Sophia sighed in relief, "But what happened?"

"We'll explain when we get back," Genjuro said as he went to pick up the Ridewatches.

"Understood," Sophia replied.

A Few Days Later…

It had been a good few days since the 'Cinema Incident', as Genjuro had put down in the reports. It turned out that Cinema was rather crafty as there was no sign that the former FIS members had even left their cell, though that was because they were mostly isolated and away from everyone. Cinema plucking away 11 members of Section 2 on the other hand was cause for concern. This was especially true when no one ended up arriving in the morning for their usual duties or training. It was such a unique incident that most of the higher ups didn't believe it even happened, especially since all broadcast footage had disappeared too.

The only evidence that they had of something happening were the Dark Rider and Final Form Ridewatches. And even then, with only those items as evidence, it was hard to say that it did even happen. Whether or not the higher ups believed it did or didn't happen wasn't something Genjuro was concerned with at the moment. He was more concerned with research and was spending a late night in Section 2's Command Center with only Sakuya and Aoi at his side, the two skimming through various documents while occasionally sipping some coffee.

What they were researching into and found was interesting, they had chosen to cross-reference as much information as they could find with the names of the Riders and Forms they had encountered. After all, this was a world that had Kamen Riders as protectors a few decades ago before they had vanished.

Despite some information being blurry images or rumors and not being conclusive, they were still able to find information on Kiva Emperor, Eternal, Poseidon, Wizard Infinity, Sorcerer, Lupin, and Drive Type Tridoron. The unknowns were Faiz Blaster, Gaoh, Gaim Kiwami, Mars, Hyper Muteki Ex-Aid and Fuma.

"So I don't mind the overtime work," Sakuya admitted with a light yawn, "But I don't think we're going to get anywhere on the six we haven't found yet."

"Should we stop?" Aoi asked.

"Keep searching for a little bit longer," Genjuro said as he pinched the bridge of his nose a bit, "Nothing on the strange devices themselves? None of the Riders we've managed to dig up records for was able to use those?"

"Nothing on the Watches, no," Aoi shook her head.

"It's such strange technology too," Sakuya admitted, "Attempting to analyze them has always ended in failure. Admittedly given what you all said I'm glad we're just locking them up tight."

"Yeah," Genjuro gave a nod as he crossed his arms, now deep in thought.

They were unable to analyze the devices or find their date of origin, and they were unable to find records on certain Riders. While he could leave it to gaps in history he did have to wonder if it really was just lost history. There was one other conclusion it led him to as he recalled a powerful Relic that was under Section 2's custody. One that could have possibly played a hand in the events at hand…


Author's Note: I did say this was going to be a hefty chapter since it is a "movie" chapter after all. It was a great time coming up with the scenario here, the main crux of inspiration and want for writing this stemming from Touma and Miku critiquing the hell out of Cinema.

One puzzle was trying to come up with a Movie Exclusive Form, which ended up being Ultimate Bahamut. It was previously foreshadowed during the opening of Avalon, and we get to see it briefly now. I figured making it sentient and picky would allow it to be a good once in a while book. I can't have that or Emotional Dragon stay around as perma-forms since that would make our next major form pretty pointless. Though I didn't want to stop there and that's why I came up with the SoS Exclusive weapon, the Kakyokuken Sympho Saber. It was basically to spice up Ultimate Bahamut's debut and do some foreshadowing if you're in the know about Saber lore.

Speaking of foreshadowing, yes I have plans involving that last line by Genjuro. And we may be getting to what that entails sooner rather than later is all I'll say.

But of course, all this teasing and I can't forget to mention the big Time Mazine in the room that are a bunch of Ridewatches showing up. Now I know what you're thinking and I'll confirm that yes, this is a bit of a bone for all of you who read my other major story, Roze from Remnant. There is a connection but I can't say anything for a while to be honest. Of course, I wouldn't say this confirms a crossover, though I do want to do one. But if I do a crossover for both of my stories, it'll likely be post-series for both of them. So in the meantime enjoy the teasing, thanks for reading, and I'll see you all next time for the OVA Chapter.