Sympho-Saber: Song of Swords

S1:EP04 – Hunting Grounds of Megid

In an empty field with a single tree there was only a single living thing around, and said living thing was taking a deep breath before exhaling.

"To think how little's changed in two years… and yet, it's more refreshing than being locked away."

Desast was currently taking up occupancy within the branches of the tree, squatting and relaxing as he took in the scenery. He gave a grunt as he went to hang upside down off of a branch, giving a chuckle as his scarf hung.

"You really got to take in the sights they get covered in the stench of blood and ashes…"

"Are you sure you're alright?"


Miku was currently staring at Touma in concern, the bookstore owner and future novelist having decided to close shop near lunch time for the day due to being tired. Of course he had to fake why he was tired to Miku, either by blaming possible insomnia, or trying to stay up late to write. Needless to say she bought it way too well and he wasn't sure if he should feel thankful or bad as a result.

Touma himself was currently hunched over his desk, arms forward as he rested his head on them.

"Sorry if I haven't been able to keep you on track," Miku gave a sigh. "I've been trying to keep Hibiki on track, but she's starting to fall behind and the essays are getting to her."

"Its fine," Touma managed to get out with a small yawn, "I take it schools been getting rough?"

"Yeah, for her at least," Miku admitted, "She seems to get tired out faster as of late. And there are times when she just vanishes before coming back. I don't want to assume she has a job given well, the schools rules, but it almost feels like it."

"Knowing Hibiki she's probably just going far and beyond trying to help people out," Touma gave a soft chuckle, now he knew that wasn't a lie, technically.

"I swear sometimes…" Miku sighed, "Still, I asked her to get your help with her essays. But I'm not sure if she'll actually follow through."

"Remind me to text her later to help her with those," Touma suggested before giving yet another yawn.

"Right," Miku gave a nod. "Maybe you should go to bed soon, take an early days rest."

"I might, I just have some ideas I want to pen first. I've finally figured out the next direction of where I want to take my story," Touma admitted as he shifted and lifted his head up a bit.

"Well at least you don't seem to have any shortage of ideas," Miku smiled.

"Yeah I've been really hit with inspiration as of late," Touma admitted with a chuckle. "So it's been refreshing even if I am tired."

"Normally I would ask you to share a bit but for now I'll let you go so you can get some rest," Miku said as she began to head out. "Don't forget to lock up."

"R-Right," Touma managed to stammer with a yawn, though once the door closed he soon plopped his arms and head onto his desk with a groan of satisfaction, "Two and a half weeks in and it's already felt like a year… especially yesterday."

A new Megid had shown up, a purple lizard Megid with a sword. But this Megid in particular was an unusual one. Not only did it come after a set of kidnappings, but it let itself be detected on any camera it could as it made its way to its location. So one could only assume that the kidnappings were the result of the new Megid. They had managed to locate it near a shallow ravine just barely outside the city. The plan was to wait for nightfall alongside stalking it back to its potential nest. Unfortunately it caught on that it was being tracked and quickly engaged in combat.

But that wasn't the only issue with the current situation. Rintaro was currently inactive due to needing his sword maintained by Daishinji. So it was up to Touma, Hibiki and Tsubasa to try and work together to defeat it. It went as well as everyone would expect it could, which was the three failing horribly in trying to coordinate as a team. Hibiki had barely made any improvements in fighting and Tsubasa was refusing to coordinate with her. Meanwhile Touma was trying to coordinate with both Symphogear Wielders with mixed results.

Not like it would even help as Tsubasa's direct attacks with her sword and ankle blades should have been enough to slice through the lizard Megid. But to her surprise all of her attacks had not connected, her blades sliding off of its slippery skin.

"Gotcha," Hibiki called out as she managed to wrap her arms around the Megid, "Touma!"

"Right, here goes!" Saber rushed in and slashed downwards at the Megid's head, only for his sword to slip off, "Even the head?!"

Hibiki yelped as she felt her arms slipping, the lizard Megid easily managing to escape her grip as she stumbled forward and fell as a result.

"You will not get in the way of my kings revival!" The Megid called out as it easily blocked a slash from Tsubasa who had tried to close in for a surprise attack.

"King…?" Tsubasa gritted out as she tried to overpower the Megid in their clash, "Stop speaking nonsense lizard!"

"Again, I am not a lizard!" The Megid called out as it let itself fail the clash, the blade of Ame no Habakiri slicing down but sliding off against its slippery hide.

"What did you do with those people?!" Saber questioned as he tried to slash one of the white armored portions of the lizard only for the Megid to block with its arm.

"No matter how hard you try, you can't cut me," The lizard Megid laughed out.

"Fine then," Saber backed away and brought out Peter Fantasista, opening the book to activate it.


[A story of dreams and hopes unfolded by a boy who never grows up…]

"Time for a new Wonder Rider combination," Saber declared as he closed the book, slotting it into the story portion of his Driver and unsheathing his blade.


Saber held his left arm out as a fairy flew out and began circling around his outstretched arm. In a flash of light his arm and left side of his body became light blue, having white streaks and accents, with a fairy motif alongside a hook being placed over his hand. The back of his left side now had a wing outstretched with a blue faceplate going over the left side of his helmet.


"Ooh," Hibiki stared in awe. "You've even got a hook!"

"Oh yeah, this should help out a lot then," Saber threw his arm out and extended his hook via chain, the hook managing to grapple the inside of the Megid's open mouth. "There we go!" He said before noticing the eye on his shoulder shine, a small fairy coming out and moving towards the Megid.

"What on earth?" Tsubasa stared.

"Oh, that's also from the story!" Hibiki called out.

To the surprise of everyone however the fairy gripped the middle of the extended chain before lifting it up high in the air, suddenly forcing Saber and the Megid to slam into each other several times. Both combatants yelled out as they were soon swung around by the fairy before they were let go, each being flung in an opposite direction.

"Just what kind of unorthodox attack was that…?" Tsubasa deadpanned as she stared at what had happened before her.

"Oh… hehehe…" Hibiki nervously chuckled, suddenly reminded that the fairy was as helpful as she was mischievous.

Gurgles could somehow be heard as Saber had landed face first in the ravine, shaking his head as he got up. "Okay… that didn't work."

"Enough of these games," Tsubasa gave a more hardened look as she drew her sword back, it growing into its large buster-like state.

{Blue Flash}

A horizontal slash of blue lightning filled energy was sent hurtling towards the Megid, the attack piercing through the Megid and forcing it to the ground. The lizard monster could only give out a light gasp before exploding.

"Normally I'd ask why we didn't do this earlier," Saber admitted as he tried patting himself down to remove the water. "But considering he was our possible lead on the kidnappings…"

"It matters not, Section 2's resources will allow us to easily locate those kidnapped, especially if they're in the area," Tsubasa answered. "There's a more important matter to attend to however."

"What's that?" Saber asked.

"You shouldn't be sleeping like that, it's bad for your posture," Tsubasa suddenly spoke.

Saber could only stare, "Eh?"

Touma gave a light gasp as his eyes fluttered open, managing to sit up to see Tsubasa hovering over him as she was in front of his desk. He looked around, suddenly realizing that he had fallen asleep for a while. And as a result he was dreaming of the encounter they had with the lizard Megid the prior day.

"Tsubasa… how did you get in?" Touma asked as he gave a light stretch in his seat. "The store's closed."

"You should know I'm not actually here to shop," Tsubasa crossed her arms. "And you left the door open despite having the Closed Sign up."

"Oh… guess I didn't get up to close it then," Touma realized as he rubbed the back of his head. "So let me guess, Section 2 business?"

Tsubasa gave a nod, "Yes, however despite not needing to shop I do still owe you the money from last time."

"Oh that's right," Touma realized as he rung up the total for Tsubasa, soon receiving the payment for the books. "It's been a bit of a hectic two and a half weeks for me that I kind of forgot. Not that I would have minded, you're fairly busy as well. But still this is bad…"

Tsubasa stared at him a bit, "How so?"

"With how hectic it's all been I basically forgot our promise," Touma sighed before looking up. "Remember, how I promised I'd be fine with you paying later. But hey, I'm glad you didn't forget."

"Right…" Tsubasa glanced at the manuscript that he was writing before going to take a seat off to the side, "So you write?"

"Yes, I'm trying to publish a Novel actually," Touma admitted. "I've been finally getting some more creative beats so the process has been smoother than prior attempts. But it's still a work in progress."

"I see," Tsubasa gave a nod.

Touma couldn't help but nearly fall at that, they still needed to work on their conversational skills. Tsubasa herself didn't seem to have it out for him like she did with Hibiki, but there was still some sort of invisible barrier between the two.

"Do you have any updates?" Touma asked, figuring that talking about their job might be the easiest way to go about things.

"Ah yes," Tsubasa gave a nod. "Not long before our agents were sent to that area, a location deeper in from the ravine showed signs of Noise. However the Noise signals suddenly vanished as if they were dispatched. Given prior patterns, they figured that those kidnapped or traces of them would be nearby. But we've lost contact with the agents."

"That isn't good," Touma sighed.

"Sophia had told me you had figured out the secret behind the last set of Megid," Tsubasa explained, "Blades was busy at the moment so I was requested to come and see your thoughts on the matter."

"Admittedly I was thinking about our fight yesterday while I was dreaming," Touma said as he stood up, stroking his chin. "There's been something bugging me about that Megid…"

"And what would that be?" Tsubasa asked.

"I need to find a book," Touma realized as he quickly hurried to the back where the storage was in order to find what he was looking for.

"I must admit your current plan is rather devious," Storious chuckled as he paced around the room, seeing a satisfied Zooous sitting at their main table.

"Our first round gets us at least one new book," Zooous smirked as he looked back at the table that held the blackened books, one additional one now added to the prior four. "And some fresh humans should give us a fair few more once my hunter is finished preparing."

"Legends and Stories are quite dangerous," Storious mused. "However the ordinary animal can also be quite ravenous if used correctly."

"I suppose I must relent that you're plan is working," Legeiel remarked. "But I wouldn't count on that lasting forever."

"Don't think that mine is going down so easily," Zooous gave a glare before looking back at the book he used to summon the Megid, 'Hanzaki Sanshouou'. He gave a ravenous grin, "Even with that new Saber and Blades running around, they can't beat it."

"Such confidence," Calibur walked into their room, soon noticing all eyes on him and pausing.

"You've got a lot of nerve," Legeiel glared. "We know who you brought back out."

"You better make sure that Desast keeps a lid on things!" Zooous snapped.

"If we're to make any progress we need someone else on the field," Calibur reasoned as he held his hands up. "Desast is our best chance at making sure that we keep our advantage when it comes to active fighters."

"Why can't you call your help?" Zooous questioned, "We know you're holding out on us."

"Because he's currently stationed at the other venture our boss has," Calibur answered as he rested his hands on the pommel of his blade, "It was on her orders that we have some sort of eyes there in case something goes wrong."

"Speaking of her other venture… how profitable is it?" Legeiel asked.

"If things go badly for her and we manage to make the most of it, very," Calibur replied, "So as of right now we don't have access to him. Desast is our best bet."

"And just where is he now?" Storious asked, clearly unconcerned at the moment like the other two members.

"Making sure that Zooous' Megid has an easier job," Calibur admitted. "It's a prime opportunity for us to weaken our enemies just by a bit."

"You better know what you're doing," Zooous glared, "And he better not get in the way."

"Oh trust me I'm sure he won't," Calibur said.

"What exactly are you trying to find?" Tsubasa questioned as she saw Touma exit the storage area to look around at the various books.

"Its body was hard and too slippery to slice," Touma noted as he continued to search. "It also kept correcting us whenever we called it a lizard…"

"Then what would it be?" Tsubasa asked.

"That's… what I want to confirm," Touma admitted as he began looking through a particular set of books, soon finding an animal encyclopedia, turning to Tsubasa to open it.

"An encyclopedia," Tsubasa walked over. "How will that help us?"

"I don't think we're dealing with a specific story this time," Touma admitted as he flipped through before stopping on a page on a group shot of various Salamanders, "I knew something was bugging me. He really isn't a lizard."

Tsubasa moved in and put a hand to her chin, "A Salamander?"

"Not just any old salamander," Touma admitted as he suddenly handed her the book to hold onto as he walked over to another shelf of books, managing to find the right one of note. "It's a sanshouo salamander, also known as a Hanzaki." He opened it up and began reading a passage once he found the right one. "This creature is said to be able to regenerate, even after its body had been split in two."

"So are you telling me it isn't dead?" Tsubasa asked as she closed the encyclopedia.

"Sadly your attack only split it and likely didn't full destroy it," Touma replied.

"Then that means it's likely it's behind Section 2's agents disappearing this morning," Tsubasa realized before another question occurred, "But why the original kidnappings?"

Touma had to pause in this case, but that was when he remembered how Tsubasa shut the Hanzaki Megid off after he spoke about a king. Then it clicked, quickly putting down the book he had and searching before finding it, "Here we go."

Tsubasa moved closer to view the title, "Legend of the Man-Eating Salamander?"

"It's a story about a salamander that ate a lot of people," Touma explained, "It allowed him to become the king of their kind."

"Then it wants all those people…" Tsubasa trailed.

"It's probably why there was a Noise alert, they want to complete more of those black books," Touma remarked, "So this one is following its own legend to gather as many people in one place as possible."

"The only question is how," Tsubasa admitted causing Touma to stare at her. She cleared her throat, "I mean with the Noise in particular. They can't be controlled and yet these more recent events have been starting to pile up."

Touma stared at her a bit before nodding, "You're right… Golem felt like taking advantage of a situation, but with the Ari and Kirigirisu Megid's they felt more purposeful but even then you could pass it off as them still being in the right place at the right time. This one though…"

"We have our information," Tsubasa said as she walked over and locked the door to the shop, "I'm going to give the Commanders a call."

Hibiki gave a sigh as she was currently in Daishinji's workshop, Rintaro having gone there to get Nagare and his Wonder Ride Books maintained. Ever since Touma's failed use of Peter Fantasista, Rintaro had asked to hold onto the book. Daishinji figured this was the case since the reason that Rintaro was currently making sure his gear was repaired was due to the swordsman of water training hard with both of his same elemental books to grow further.

"Keep on your training," Daishinji said as he looked through the data he was receiving. "Either of your two book forms are fine for now, but you are not ready for the strain of a Wonder Combo."

"Of course, I merely wish to better myself," Rintaro gave a nod.

Daishinji meanwhile noticed that Hibiki was standing awkwardly in the corner, quickly putting his hand over his face when he saw her glance at him. "I'm surprised to see her here so often."

"I am trying to help her obtain her Armed Gear," Rintaro explained.

"Yes, the legendary spear Gungnir," Daishinji replied as he looked down to keep watch over the various data flowing in. "How is that going?"

"I feel like I could be doing a better job," Rintaro admitted.

"That's not true Rintaro," Hibiki spoke up, breaking out of her mood when she heard him berate himself. "You're doing so much for me, don't be so down on yourself."

"I understand but I feel as though I'm failing you," Rintaro admitted. "I absolutely wish to help you despite my status as a swordsman. But it pains me of how I can only do so much."

"If obtaining the legendary spear is what you seek," Daishinji said as he turned away from the two. "Then you must look within and listen to Gungnir itself."

"Listen to Gungnir?" Hibiki asked.

"Whether it is a Relic, or a Sacred Sword, all weapons have a voice," Daishinji explained. "It is important to call to your weapon and listen to it. You are already one step in by using the holy chant to activate the Symphogear. After that you must focus and listen to your weapon."

"Hmm, I never thought of it like that," Hibiki realized.

"Ah, perhaps that might help," Rintaro realized, "Such good advice."

"You really know your stuff about weapons Daishinji," Hibiki admitted.

"I only know what I know from experience," Daishinji admitted as he finished up the process and removed Rintaro's gear from the machines. "Yet sometimes inexperience and carelessness can open your eyes."

Rintaro was quick to grab his Swordriver and Wonder Ride Books, "Thank you."

Hibiki could only tilt her head, "Eh?"

Before Hibiki could inquire more about the subject, and much to Rintaro's relief, the alarm had sounded inside the workshop. Rintaro and Hibiki both gave each other a nod as they took off.

Daishinji turned towards the back and looked towards a tarp, removing it to reveal a sword case attached to a machine. Inside the case was a pink short sword with a Ride Book slot near the hilt. The base underneath it was glowing yellow and flashing as the sword resonated every now and again.

"One day… old friend," Daishinji trailed as he went to cover it up again, soon glancing at the other tarps. "One day…"

"We're here," Rintaro announced as he and Hibiki made it to the central command room of Section 2.

"We've received a transmission from Tsubasa, thanks to Touma's help we've figured out what's going on," Genjuro replied.

"It appears as though our Megid is a Hanzaki," Sophia added. "And that it was likely kidnapping people to eventually use as fuel because of a legend regarding its kind."

"We sent several agents out to try and locate its potential den but have gotten no word back from them," Genjuro explained as he looked back to address the two. "I want you two to head out there immediately. Tsubasa and Touma are already on their way."

"You two will likely make it to the area first regardless, since our base is closer to the area than Saber's residence is," Sophia added.

"You can count on us," Rintaro gave a bow before turning to Hibiki. "Let us make haste."

Hibiki gave a nod, "Right."

As the two took off Genjuro gave a sigh, "This isn't good."

"You mean because it seems that the Megid are coordinating with the Noise?" Sophia asked.

"I didn't wanted to believe it, but with the incident from two years ago alongside the most recent activity these past couple of weeks…" Genjuro crossed his arms.

"We're going to need to prepare for the worst," Sophia admitted.

"Unfortunately that's easier said than done," Genjuro said.

It had taken a while for the two to reach the outskirts of town but eventually Tsubasa and Touma had both arrived via their personal motorcycles. Tsubasa dismounted hers while Touma simply called his back to its book form.

"Before we go further," Tsubasa said as they stopped near where they had first fought the Hanzaki Megid. "There's a question I need to ask you."

Touma gave a sigh, figuring it was likely a question about why he's continuing to fight, so he figured he'd go along, "What's the question?"

"Why are you so enamored by promises?" Tsubasa asked.

"That's what you want to know?" Touma turned in surprise, not expecting this question in particular. "Why?"

"The promise about the books, and more recently when on the call you promised both Commanders that we'd save the agents, I simply wish to know," Tsubasa pointed out, however she noticed that Touma was giving a blank look, "Kamiyama?"

Upon mulling on that question Touma had been immediately reminded of the concert tragedy from two years ago. Specifically it was seeing Hibiki get injured while he was as far away as could be while being unable to do anything. And then afterwards, he remembered it clearly, the reactions, signs, comments, all towards Hibiki and the pain she went through. His family had helped lessen it somewhat, and it was why his bookstore was considered a special place to him, Miku and Hibiki. Even so he knew that even with him and Miku they couldn't take away all of Hibiki's pain.

"Kamiyama," Tsubasa spoke up.

"Sorry, it's just… when I think as to why I'm so insistent on promises…" Touma trailed as he shook his head, his expression becoming more serious, "I can only think back to two years ago. I couldn't really do much and well, the people around me suffered. Promises are a way for me to commit my whole being to something, that way I never make a mistake like that again…"

Tsubasa could only walk forward a bit as she stared straight ahead, "I see."

"Now that I have the power to save and protect others, I should use it," Touma added as he went to follow Tsubasa. "I know you might think that I'm naïve and probably speaking like a character in a book. But I realize that with this power I can make up for my failures from two years ago."

Tsubasa could only give a nod, staying silent as she thought on Touma's words. Especially his last sentence, she could relate wholeheartedly to his sentiment. She was ready to speak up when a sudden blur jumped over them and dropped down several feet away from them.

"I thought there was a nice scent here…"

"What the…?" Touma's eyes widened as he came to a halt once the figure had dropped down.

Tsubasa was already on guard, having drawn out her pendant from underneath her uniform.

Before the two was Desast who was squatting down before soon picking himself up, a chuckle escaping from his closed mouth, "I can only assume the guy here is the swordsman of fire, correct?"

"And just who are you supposed to be?" Touma asked, he was trying to make out a theme but as far as he was concerned, Desast had no consistent theme, just a mix of themes.

"Desast," The chimera Megid introduced before drawing out a Wonder Ride Book from his being, showing it off to be a lime green covered book. It held three pigs on it, the title being Kobuta 3Kyoudai. "You frolic around with these contraptions right?"

"Another Wonder Ride Book," Touma realized as he stepped forward. "How do you have one?"

"My usual methods," Desast said as he pocketed the book before drawing his sword, scraping it against the ground and raising it up.

Tsubasa was on guard, the energy and aura radiating off of this Megid was nothing like the others. This one had a more murderous intent to him, and she knew that this wouldn't be an easy fight.

"Tsubasa, go further on ahead," Touma said as he stepped forward. "I'm counting on you to save the Hanzaki's prisoners and deal with it. I'll catch up soon."

Tsubasa's eyes went wide when she heard this declaration and she was glad that he had his back facing her. She shook her head and steeled herself before stepping forward, bumping past Touma purposely as she took the lead. "No, I shall take him on."

Touma was in surprise at her sudden declaration, "Tsubasa?"

"Out of the two of us I am the more likely to survive," Tsubasa answered in an almost cold manner. "So make haste to the prisoners. You would only get in the way if you stayed here."

Touma was surprised by the cold answer but also figured that this was her showing some concern since she could have easily just left him alone.

"Imyuteus Ame no Habakiri tron~" Tsubasa sung the holy chant, her body exploding in a burst of light as the bodysuit and armor of Ame no Habakiri formed over her. She soon drew out her blade and readied herself.

"Promise me you won't lose," Touma grew more serious once he realized Tusbasa's determination to see this fight through.

"Tsubasa Kazanari is a one who has trained her body to be a sword, there is no way that I can lose," Tsubasa answered as she took her stance.

"Amusing…" Desast chuckled before he charged, hoping to get a piece of Touma first.

Tsubasa noticed this and dashed forward, swiftly moving in and clashing blades with the chimera Megid. "Make haste!"

Touma gave a nod before hurrying off to the side and around the battle, rushing deeper into the forest.

"Not bad," Desast laughed as he gripped his sword with both hands and pushed, managing to break out of their clash. He then stabbed towards the blue haired warrior's face, the sword wielder shifting her head to the side to dodge it.

Tsubasa soon raised her blade, clashing it against Desast's while it was still thrust out. She pushed it away before flipping backwards to avoid another swing. She then drew out three knives, throwing them towards Desast in a wide arc.

Desast chuckled and gave a yell as he spun and gave a wide slash against the set of knives, breaking them. He then jumped back when he saw Tsubasa use it as a distraction to close the distance. Once again he jumped spinning in mid air as he hopped over a horizontal slash from the Symphogear Wielder.

Tsubasa was quick to defend, bracing with both hands as she held her sword vertically, blocking a quick counter slash from Desast after he had landed. She then switched her stance to block horizontally, bracing against Desast who had jumped and spun in mid-air before bringing his blade down. Tsubasa gritted her teeth as she skidded back from the force of the attack.

"Such power…" Tsubasa hissed out.

"So this is a Symphogear…" Desast mused as he ran his hand along his blade. "Let's see if the blood of a Valkyrie is as horrible a stench as a swordsman's is…"

"The only one perishing in this battle is you," Tsubasa glared as she adopted a more defensive stance.

Desast saw this and rushed forward with a laugh, "We'll see!"

Tsubasa couldn't help but smirk however when she suddenly shifted from defense to offense, her blade growing in size as she launched a slash of blue energy towards Desast.

"Gotta be faster," Desast easily hopped over the slash but was surprised to see that Tsubasa had jumped upwards as well, slashing downwards with her massive katana. Desast gave a grunt as he blocked against the attack only to give a yell when she furthered her swing and sent a flash of blue energy out form her blade.

{Blue Flash}

Tsubasa watched Desast crash into the ground in front of her, landing and keeping her blade enlarged for the sake of added defense.

Desast could only laugh out as he got up, seemingly none the worse for wear, "Not bad! Not bad at all!"

"They should be around here somewhere," Rintaro said as he looked around the entrance to the forest with Hibiki, the two having not transformed yet due to no Noise or Megid being in the area.

"Huh, I think I hear something," Hibiki pointed towards a hill that was deeper into the forest.

Rintaro gave a nod and walked towards the higher ground before soon giving a smile, "We did it."

Over the small hill could be seen that several men in black suits from Section 2 were trapped in large almost egg-like bubbles. Both Swordsman and Wielder quickly hurried over to try and help the two when suddenly the Hanzaki Megid jumped in their way.

"You won't get in the way of my plans!" The Hanzaki Megid called out as it now had two salamander tail-like shoulder pads as part of its regeneration.

"In the name of Suiseiken Nagare, I will not allow you to get away with this!" Rintaro called out.

"What he said!" Hibiki pointed forward.

"You fools can't beat me! You may have gotten lucky but just getting lucky isn't enough," The Hanzaki Megid declared.


"Balwisyall nescell Gungnir tron~"


The two quickly took their transformed states, with Blades soon stepping forward, "Hibiki…" He lowered his voice. "Free the agents and make sure they get away safely. I'll hold him off."

Hibiki looked between her friend, the Megid and the agents that were imprisoned before giving a nod, "Leave it to me."

"Let's go," The Hanzaki yelled as it rushed forward with its sword to slash, Blade quickly blocked the sword with his own before stepping to the side. The Megid was stabbed at only to chuckle as the sacred sword slipped past, "Won't work!"

Blades quickly stepped backwards to avoid a swing, he glanced and saw that Hibiki was already making her way around the battle, "Good."

"Pay attention!" The Hanzaki growled as it jabbed forward, managing to strike Blades in the chest due to the swordsman being distracted.

Blades coughed out as he staggered back, barely blocking a follow-up swing from the Megid. He gasped as he was overpowered by the Megid's swing and stumbled backwards from it, "Such strength…"

"Here's a little secret, every time I regenerate I grow stronger!" The Hanzaki Megid laughed as it began to dance around. "You can't win against me-huh?" He cut himself off when he had managed to catch a glimpse of Hibiki heading towards his prisoners. "Hey don't you dare touch those!"

Hibiki yelped as she put her hands up, "B-Busted!"

"Not on my watch," Blades growled out as he sheathed his blade and drew out Peter Fantasista. He then loaded it into the story slot while readying Lion Senki. He then gave a yell before drawing out his sword.


Soon enough the fairy from Peter Fantasista began circling around Blades' left arm, light flashing as he gained the Peter Fantasista armor and decorum on his left side.


The Hanzaki Megid turned after hearing the announcement, soon backing up when it saw Blades flourishing his sword.


[Roar! Glitter! The claws of fantasy now dwell in the blue swordsman!]

"Allow me to showcase what I can do with two books," Blades held his left arm up as he flicked his fingers.

"Fine then, I'll deal with you first!" The Hanzaki Megid yelled as it charged forward, slashing at Blades only to get its sword knocked away. It then gasped as its face was smacked away by the hook from Blades' left hand. It tried to retaliate only for its sword to get batted away and the roof of its open mouth to be caught by the hook.

"Hibiki go, I've got this," Blades called as he began to pull and spin to force the Megid to follow him before throwing his arm and forcing it away.

Hibiki gave a nod and hurried over to the bubbles, "Don't worry I've got you!" She called as she went for simple smacks and swings against the egg-like prisons. Thanks to her Symphogears enhanced strength she was able to easily burst the bubbles. It wasn't long before she had managed to free all of the Section 2 Agents trapped inside, the grouping hurrying off to take cover.

"What? No my prey…" The Hanzaki Megid nearly fell just after it had picked itself up. It gave a yell, "You'll pay for this!"


Blades threw his hook forward, the chain extending it out as he began making a circular motion with his hand. Spinning the hook created a circular water portal that split into six copies, all of them surrounding the Megid. Blades then leapt into one, and suddenly a chain of combination attacks occurred.

The Lion Senki launched out of a water portal and clawed past the Megid, Blades coming out on his own through another portal and slashing past. This occurred for a few more seconds, either Lion Senki and Blades attacking on their own from opposite portals or the Blades riding his familiar and the two attacking together.

"Whoa… you're handling that better than Touma!" Hibiki called out in awe.

"But of course," Blades gave a nod. "After all I am using two Wonder Ride Books with matching elements."

"Well I guess I can't have him show me up!"


[There is a beast who survives by wearing thousands of needles in this wild nature…]

Both Blades and Hibiki turned to see Touma rushing in, both Brave Dragon and Needle Hedgehog loaded into his Driver. The flaming Rider drew out his sword and slashed forward.




The Brave Dragon flew around Touma alongside dozens of electrified yellow needles, both circling in and forming Saber's body suit. The forehead of his helmet now held yellow needles near his crest, having a chest piece with yellow eyes to imitate a hedgehog and a front skirt flap with spiked shin and boot armor on the front of his legs.


Saber continued to run forward and jumped up, kicking his feet bicycle kick style against the Hanzaki Megid a few times before barely managing to kick off. He gave a yelp as he landed on his knee, the slippery hide of the Megid having kept him from doing a graceful landing.

"Just what was that supposed to do?" The Hanzaki Megid taunted.

"This," Saber tapped the center book he had.


Suddenly spikes erupted from the Megid's chest, the Hanzaki styled monster gasping out as sparks flew from its body. It could only yell out as it fell forward before exploding. Of course despite the display one piece of its body had ended up flying high into the air.

"Whoa," Hibiki began to clap as she hurried over. "That was cool you guys!"

"What unorthodox fighting, but it worked," Blades admitted as he walked over.

"Did you guys manage to free the captured agents?" Saber asked.

"While I was battling the Megid, Hibiki managed to do so," Blades explained.

"It wasn't all that hard," Hibiki admitted before looking around. "Where's Tsubasa?"

"If we're done here we should get going," Saber admitted. "There was this other Megid named Desast that showed up, she chose to distract him so I could get here."

Blades let out a light gasp, "Desast?! We must make haste!"

"Huh, who's Desast?" Hibiki asked before giving a yelp as the piece of the Hanzaki Megid fell on her, "Ew, ew, ew!" She quickly threw it off.

The piece soon reformed into a fully fledged Hanzaki Megid, now with the addition of horns on its head, "Regeneration!" It yelled out as it turned and slashed at Saber and Blades, sparks flying as it sent the two reeling back.

Tsubasa gritted her teeth as she was forced to go on the defensive, having switched back to her smaller katana to block against the ever increasing speed of Desast. It had gotten to the point where she had gotten visible cuts and scratches against the armor of her gear.

"Come on, come on!" Desast called out as it managed to open Tsubasa up, jumping and drop kicking her in the stomach.

Tsubasa gasped out as she was forced to stagger back from the kick, managing to dig her sword into the ground to keep from falling.

"I think it's time we finish this, Symphogear Wielder," Desast remarked as he rested his sword on his shoulder.

"I could say the same thing Megid," Tsubasa called out as she readied herself, there was one option.

"Promise me you won't lose."

Tsubasa clicked her tongue as Touma's words rang in her mind, interrupting her mulling of her option. She ended up realizing that pulling 'that' out technically wasn't an option, at least for this battle. In this case she needed a way to simply surprise the Megid since despite his speed and agility he was direct in everything he did.

"Hmm," Desast slammed his sword in front of him before dragging it along the ground and raising it behind him, "Calamity Strike…"

Tsubasa remained where she was as she wanted Desast to make the first move, simply keeping her ready stance.

Desast gave a laugh as he rushed forward, jumping and spinning in midair as his blade glowed a bright purple, unleashing wave upon wave of energy towards the Symphogear Wielder. He continued to go and go until he realized that nothing was connecting, and could only barely glance up from his assault to see dozens of energy blades raining upon him.

{One Thousand Tears}

Desast began laughing out, his combination assault easily tearing through all the blades that came towards him. But what he wasn't expecting was to immediately clash against something, a large blade the size of a truck.

{Heaven's Wrath}

"Take this!" Tsubasa slid down the sword and quickly rolled down before shifting into a handstand, her ankle blades extending as she spun and sliced out at Desast just as he was winding down on his attack.

{Reverse Rakshasa}

Desast could only give a yell as he was struck, dozens of sparks flying from his body. Meanwhile his blades remaining energy exploded against the large sword Tsubasa had brought out, engulfing the area in smoke.

Soon enough both combatants stumbled out, Tsubasa gasping as she fell to one knee while breathing heavily. Thankfully she had managed to make it out without any serious wounds, though parts of her armor were now chipped.

Desast seemed to have come out of the clash in better shape. He only had to stab his sword and hunch over slightly. At least until he perked up when he felt lighter for some reason, quickly grasping at it body and trying to find something. He turned towards Tsubasa, "You…"

"Sorry to say but you lose," Tsubasa couldn't help but give a smirk as she raised the Kobuta 3Kyoudai book to show Desast. She had used her free hands during Reverse Rakshasa to quickly grab it from Desast.

"You don't say," Desast couldn't help but laugh off the loss of the Wonder Ride Book. "It's all yours then…"

Tsubasa was surprised and glanced towards Desast, "That's it?"

"Things will get more interesting if I'm being honest, that's all there is to it," Desast said before walking off and vanishing into thin air.

Tsubasa gave a grunt and picked herself up, "Now then…"

"Tsubasa are you alright?" Genjuro asked over her earpiece.

"I'm fine, what's the situation?" Tsubasa asked as she scanned the area, soon briefly spying a certain purple armored individual making their way deeper into the forest.

"The others could possibly use your help. The Hanzaki Megid just keeps regenerating."

"Understood," Tsubasa said before turning to where she saw Touma head off, noticing that the armored individual she saw was also headed in that direction.

Hibiki cried out as she held up her arms, sparks flying as she blocked against a slash from the Hanzaki Megid, tumbling back from it.

Saber and Blades both rushed in, slashing together only for the Megid to spread its arms out. Their strikes hit directly against its chest… and slid straight off.

The Hanzaki Megid gave a gleeful chuckle and slashed the two Riders across their chests, forcing them back. He was quick to brace as Blades and Saber had sent slashes of water and fire out respectively. Easily bracing against the water slash he swung to disrupt it and then batted the fire slash aside.

Blades and Saber both gave a yell and jumped, Blades punching forward with his left hook mounted hand while Saber kicked with his right leg. The two were surprised when their attacks were simply pushed away before they were slashed again, sparks flying as they rolled past the Megid.

Hibiki gave a gasp, "Rintaro! Touma!" She called out as she closed her eyes to try and concentrate. "Come on Gungnir…" She whispered as she tried to hear something, anything from her Relic like Daishinji had mentioned. She opened her eyes when she felt a shiver as something approached, eyes widening as she barely jumped back from a swing of the Hanzaki Megid's sword.

"I'm not sure what you're trying to do but I don't like it," The Megid growled out.

"This is troublesome, his power has increased again," Blades hissed out.

"Rintaro," Saber called as he lifted himself up via his sword. "Three Wonder Ride Books can be used together, right?"

Blades gave nod, "You're correct, buy why-"

The two yelped as HIbiki had leapt and rolled near them to avoid another attack from the Hanzaki Megid, accidentally bumping into Blades.

"S-Sorry," Hibiki winced.

"Its fine but I need to borrow this," Saber quickly reached over while Blades was distracted and took Peter Fantasista.

"A-ah… what are you intending to do?!" Blades questioned as he lost his two book form.

"I think we have a chance if we use three books at once," Touma admitted as he sheathed his sword and closed up his two active books. He then slotted Peter Fantasista into the story section of his Driver, filling it up entirely. Making his way in front of Blades and Hibiki he walked forward to draw their opponent's attention. Once he was far enough he drew out his sword, Brave Dragon, electrified needles, and the small fairy all circling around him.


[When the three books stack! The sacred sword is filled with power~! WONDER RIDER!]

Saber's arm now gained the armoring for Peter Fantasista on his left side, fully completing his tri-color scheme as he felt great power flowing through him.


[A powerful blade with the power of three elements descends!]

Touma raised his sword and book to block the Hanzaki Megid's swing as it approached. He then pushed the sword down with his own and hooked it with his hook. He then twisted the sword to open up the Megid before kicking it back, soon spinning and performing a roundhouse kick to send it further back.

"So this is the power of three books!" Touma called out as he looked himself over.

"Whoa, he looks like a traffic light now!" Hibiki called out.

Blades could only stare at Hibiki's comparison before turning back to the battle, giving a nod, "…indeed he does."

"First things first," Saber drew out his hook on its chain, throwing it out past the Hanzaki Megid who moved his head away on instinct. The hook however bounced off of a tree and managed to wrap around the Megid, tightly securing its chest.


Saber pulled the Megid towards him, "Get over here!" He called out as he released the hook once the monster was closer. He then sent a tri-colored slash against the Megid, sending it tumbling to the ground as he retracted the hook fully.

The Hanzaki Megid gasped out, the single slash managing to do great damage to it. It shakily got up, ready for more when its whole body started to pound. It gasped as needles erupted from all over, the needles breaking as it fell to its knees.

Blades couldn't help but be stupefied, "What is with this unorthodox fighting?"

"That's Touma for you," Hibiki rubbed the back of her head with a sheepish grin.

"I'm not going down that easily!" The Hanzaki Megid yelled out and rushed forward only to get roundhouse kicked in the face. When trying to recover it then received a knee to the face from Saber, sending it backwards further with a yell.

"I determine how this story ends," Saber declared as he sheathed his blade and initiated the finisher.


Saber spread his arms out as all three enlarged Wonder Ride Books appeared behind him and opened up, "Flame Dragon Infuriation!"


The Brave Dragon, dozens of needles and fairy helper soon flew out of each book, the dragon spitting out fire that combined with the fairy and needles. Soon enough a large ball of water with wings of light formed, inside of it was a spiral of flames alongside a stream of electricity.


Saber threw his hook out on its chain, latching onto the bottom of the water ball before swinging it around in the air, building up momentum before slamming it down on the Hanzaki Megid.

The Megid gasped as a water prison surrounded its full body. Despite being in a water prison its body was lit in flames while electricity coursed through it. Suddenly spikes erupted from its burning and electrified body, though thanks to the water it was trapped against the damage happening all over.

"I can't regenerate like this…!"

Soon enough an explosion of all three elements occurred, Saber turning around just as it happened and striking a pose. He then dismissed his transformation and gave a stretch, walking over to Blades and Hibiki who did the same.

"That was too dangerous," Rintaro chided.

"Oh I handled it fine," Touma chuckled before seeing the Section 2 members off to the side slowly coming out. "So it was just our guys?"

"Unfortunately it seems that way," Rintaro sighed, already figuring what had happened to the people that had been kidnapped prior.

"Good job on you guys for holding out though and making sure they got out safely," Touma told the two with a smile before suddenly falling over.

Hibiki and Rintaro both gave a light gasp as they hurried to catch and slowly set him down.

"Using three volumes, even of different elements can burden the body of a seasoned swordsman," Rintaro stated as kneeled next to his comrade. "Very reckless of you, I must say."

"J-Just leave me here," Touma suggested. "Rintaro, you should try and backup Tsubasa."

"Don't worry," Rintaro gave a nod. "You can count on me."

"What the heck?"

"Hey, who are you?!"


The Section 2 members were all on guard as the purple armored figure that Tsubasa spotted began approaching the area. That figure being none other than Calibur.

Rintaro gave a light glare towards the dark Rider, "It's you…"

Hibiki could only shake a bit as she got behind Touma, "T-Touma…"

"It's him… the one that confronted me before Saber showed up…" Touma's eyes widened.

"The swordsman of darkness… Calibur," Rintaro introduced.

"Even in these weeks there's barely any progress, so now is the time," Calibur drew his sword as he began to approach the trio, "Hand over your Sacred Swords and Wonder Ride Books… now."

Rintaro quickly got in a defensive stance and stood in front of Touma and Hibiki, readying his Driver. That was until out of the corner of his eye he saw the area getting bright and brighter.

Calibur had noticed the area was getting brighter as well, sheathing his sword into the holster on his left side, initiating the finisher.


Calibur quickly turned to the side and drew out his blade, gripping it with both hands and slashing forward as a quick slash of dark energy was unleashed.


The slash of dark energy collided with a slash of bright blue energy, both attacks exploding against each other as Calibur jumped further back.

{Blue Flash}

Tsubasa quickly jumped in, keeping her blade at the ready as she stared down Calibur.

"I suppose I was being too hasty," Calibur spared one last glance towards Touma, Rintaro and Hibiki before turning and walking away. He slashed forward, a dark portal forming from his blades strike. He then walked into it before it closed up.

Rintaro relaxed a bit but looked at the ground, "Desast and Calibur…"

"And I was just starting to get the hang of things…" Touma hung his head.

"What did I tell you about being reckless?! You used three books at once despite being told to pace yourself!"

Touma winced as he wasn't even near Daishinji's workshop when the swordsmith had come to confront him, ripping his Swordriver out of his hands. "I… but the Megid… and regeneration…"

"The Kaenken Rekka continues to weep…" Daishinji trailed as he held out his hand, "The books you used today."

"Uh… y-yes," Touma managed to hand the books over to the swordsmith who quickly turned and walked off in a hurry.

"Well isn't he a bundle of sunshine," Ryoko mused as she walked out from the room she was in, having heard the commotion. "Well don't worry about it too much aside from being bashful he's very passionate about his work, so much so that I barely even know what goes on with his end because he likes to keep little old me away."

"Huh, I see…" Touma trailed as he looked back at Ryoko before noticing Tsubasa coming over. "Oh Tsubasa, is something the matter?"

"Here you go," Tsubasa soon held out the Kobuta 3Kyoudai book towards the bookstore owner.

"Whoa, so you did beat Desast," Touma's eyes widened as he took the book. "That's pretty impressive since he had such a weird aura around him. I was worried when we were taking too long and you'd yet to show up." He then noticed that Tsubasa had turned away, "Tsubasa?"

"If you hear him call out Calamity Strike… it would be best to run if you already haven't," Tsubasa spoke out before walking away.

"Calamity Strike…" Touma trailed before staring at the Wonder Ride Book, soon realizing that Tsubasa confirmed that she didn't actually defeat Desast.

"Jeez, I wonder what's got her in more of a mood than usual…" Ryoko put her hands on her hips.

Touma could only watch as Tsubasa continued to walk away, "Tsubasa…"

"You are certainly very rough with Touma," Rintaro admitted as he watched Daishinji work on the Kaenken Rekka.

"I only push him because of our current situation," The swordsmith admitted as he worked on making sure there were no issues with the Sacred Sword or Wonder Ride Books. "Is it true?"

"Yes…" Rintaro gave a nod. "Both Desast and Calibur have shown up."

"Both dangerous adversaries… especially Calibur," Daishinji trailed as he began to space out before shaking his head. "Rintaro, keep up your training and try to work well on helping Touma improve. I fear that these two arriving are a sign of bad things to come."

"Of course," Rintaro gave a nod before heading for the exit of the workshop. "I shall take my leave to rest for the day."

"Rintaro," Daishinji spoke up causing his companion to stop. "You know what this likely means if those two are in play."

Rintaro stopped as he recalled the pained yells of an older man, his face hardening slightly, "I do."

"I need you to make sure that neither you, nor anyone else does anything stupid if one of those three show up," Daishinji spoke in a more serious tone. "That includes our current Saber alongside both Relic Wielders."

Rintaro however was focused on a particular scene replaying itself, again, again, and again in his mind before shaking his head. "Of course…" He trailed before heading out.

Daishinji could only sigh as he continued to work on Saber's sword and books to distract himself, but he couldn't help but worry that things were about to get bad soon.

To Be Continued…

Author's Note: Originally I wasn't sure what I'd have Desast's role be, but as the series went on and his twitter posts became more varied, I figured things out. And also since we don't have a Ren here, there'll be some other characters taking the Swordsman of Wind's place in terms of interactions with him, Tsubasa being one of them, so look forward to those.

But with these two chapters done, we're heading back into the main plot. And looking ahead at the episodes… prime suffering hours coming right up! Except double trouble because it's time to be mean to a few characters.