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Kuriboh Boxers and Mind Control

"Jounouchi , you lazy bum!" Anzu yelled as she shook him. The ever patient Yuugi waited, and Honda sighed, watching all the pretty girls passing, wanting to chase after them. But alas, Anzu was making them spend quality time together, saying that dueling took up too much time and wanted to spend time together old times sake. And yes, Jounouchi was reliving a favorite past time of his, snoozing, In Kuriboh boxers in his house. His drunken father was passed out on the floor as he normally was on mornings. This was a Sunday morning and there was no school, and she wanted to get going!

"Mmm.. 5 more minutes." He drooled all over her hand which totally made her eyes glare a death stare in which she proceeded to smack him with her purse.

"Jounouchi, get your lazy ass out of bed, I can't take this anymore!" Honda pawed and tapped at the girls from out Jou's window, desperate to get outside. Plus, Yuugi wanted out too, the house was filthy, and smelled disgusting of all sorts of things.

Anzu had an idea and smirked. It was stupid. But that was Jounouchi.

"It's me, Kaiba." She muttered. Jounouchi jumped out of bed, looked right to left and held up his fists.

"Where's that b--Oh hey Yuugi. Eh. I Must have been dreaming again. How did the beach full of babes turn into Kaiba with Anzu's voice?!" He plopped back down onto his bad, totally oblivious to the fact all three had heir eyes on the Kuriboh boxers.

"You know those were distributed from a company that was bought by Kaiba Corp…" Anzu pointed out, still teasing him and she pointing to his boxers. Jou looked down as his eyes widened.

"SHIT!" He yelled as he jumped off and ripped them off throwing them away.

"Yeek!" Anzu screamed while partially laughing her head off, running out of the apartment. It took a few seconds but it eventually registered in the boy's mind.

"….." Was his response as Yuugi handed him some pants that were laying on the floor a.k.a. his laundry basket with a sweat drop.


Anzu leaned against the brick building with a sigh, one foot one the pavement, one on the building. She looked down, bored, twisting and wrapping her small purse's handle part around her wrist and then watching it undo, spin and spin, come to an end, and spin the other way. Several guys that walked by looked at the brunette wearing a blue tank top and long jeans from the corner of their eyes. Anzu felt their stare and wanted to shove her platform shoes up their -- oh look come the boys. The fact was Anzu wasn't interested in any boys but the one known as "Yami Yuugi". He was much more cool than Yuugi. Sure, Yuugi was nice.. But he was just too much of a wimp. This Yuugi, the dark one, was a pharaoh, his whole life was shrouded by mystery, it was cool, it was sexy, it was her type of guy. But "Yami" never even looked at Anzu as more than anything as a friend. It was all about Duel Monsters she thought. That's what this break today was for! It was either stupid tournaments or sitting in the game shop all day fixing decks, it was too much. Anzu just wanted to shop and eat pizza with her friends.

"Eheheh, sorry Anzu!" Jounouchi sweat dropped and rubbed the back of his head, grinning like a four year old. She smiled and waved it off. NOTHING was going to ruin the day. She had to make sure of it.

"So… where exactly are we going?" Honda asked.

"Well.. I thought I'd let you decide!" She had to give her friends SOME credit after all, right?

"THE BEACH!" Honda and Jou shouted. Scratch that. No credit for being mindless idiots.

"No." Anzu said, in an "Listen to me or you die" tone. The boys obeyed. Unfortunate for them.

"I have an idea. Let's go to the new amusement park, Anzu!" Yuugi pointed out the tip of a roller coaster, over some tall sky scrapers.

"That sounds great Yuugi! What about you two?" She looked towards the boys.

"Uh..yeah..sure..whatever you say."

"Hmph. C'mon Yuugi!" She grasped and nearly choked her purse strap… if it were alive… To death. The boys… excluding Yuugi, who was walking next to Anzu about 20 feet ahead, cringed.

"Slave Driver."


The two said. Jeez, they couldn't be anymore alike, now could they? Except we all know Jou's got the dueling skills! [ Hehe. I love Jounouchi. He's the best. ]

The "twins" eventually caught up, and poor Yuugi had to keep on his feet to keep up as well. She abruptly stopped, collecting her nerves. Poor her. She had to deal with all these idiots… I mean boys. Well, SOMEONE had to do it. Let's give her some credit. In the English version anime she was too friendly. Now it's Listen to Anzu or die a painful death. The only one that she could not force herself to boss… Er.. Tell what to do um… command!!! Yes, Command Yami Yuugi was a thing she could not do. Mainly because he was probably like 25 in a 15 year old's body not to mention the whatever million years added onto that. This was an older guy! Although she wished Yami act more like a normal guy than a… a pharaoh.

If you're an idiot and this is too much for you… Let's take a visit in Jou's brain.

~~~The wonderful mind of Jounouchi~~~

Yami: Rawr

Anzu: Eep.

~~~Going back to an IQ higher than 2~~~ ^^;;

"Anzu?" Yuugi asked.

"Yeah?" She turned, doing a 180 practice move in her platform shoes [ Hey. That's hard o.o; ]

She started walking backwards randomly bumping into people. 'Sorry, Sorry' she said softly to about a dozen people.

"At this rate we'll never make it. It's way across the city. Do you have money for a bus fare?"

Yuugi asked, being sweet and innocent as ever. "I could give Jounouchi and Honda some money…"

" Ooh Hey! I have an idea! It's a short-cut. Plus. I buy myself things. I don't need people's help. Thanks anyway Yuugi." Jounouchi said, and as the crossing light turned green he ran across the street, Honda following.

"Hey, Jounouchi! You better not get us lost!" Anzu said, laughing a bit as she tried to keep up in her shoes, Jeez! Even Yuugi who in my opinion resembles a chibi [ x.o ] could keep up with her! Anzu, wear sneakers next time. Plus, you're making Yuugi feel even more chibi-ish!

The alley was dark, damp, and in a closed in squished spot between a few buildings. No one complained. With their adventures yet so far, this was nothing. But Anzu was not fond of the bugs. Good thing she had these kick ass shoes! [ Literally, I might add xD ]. She crossed her arms, not happy with her environment. Yuugi smiled and joked,

"Want Yami out to protect you Anzu?"

'YES.' She thought. But she smiled, and pushed Yuugi away with one hand.

"Besides! Anzu's got big tough men like us!" Jounouchi commented, him and Honda striking poses. Anzu sweat dropped.

"More on the lines of weak little boys." She smirked as she held her arms crossed, giving her almost a smug look.

When Anzu and Yuugi exchanged glances they laughed lightly, but then…

A third laugh whose voice didn't belong to either Honda nor Jounouchi was heard. Jounouchi clenched his fists as he saw he had led his friends onto a dead end, with rare hunters decorating it, giving it a look that says

"You're trapped" Malik grinned, the leader of the card hunters, said, leaning against the wall, in a cloak.

Hey Malik you read my mind! No. Wait. He controls minds. Ms. Cleo reads them. She's scary…

Author sweat drops as she continues with the evil peeps evil plot… to.. :D

"We're here to eliminate you, of course." Malik smirked, looking and Yami, taunting him. His friends were in danger and he wasn't about to smile and say "You can kill me anytime, best buddy ol' pal!" Nope. Not in this story anyways.

Enough of Malik. Time for… Yup, you guessed It! Our favorite hot evil demon bishie, BOB! I mean Yami Bakura! Ehehe. The dark Bakura jumped down from a random rooftop, pushing one of the lowly rare hunter aside, moving up towards Yami with a devilish grin, Jounouchi clenching his fists tighter so that his knuckles turned white, Honda too, was willing to fight, but Anzu… what could Anzu do?

This struck her as feeling completely helpless. What could one girl… with no special talent except for shopping and dancing possible do against a large group of very capable fighters, a 5000 year old tomb robber, and a man willing to kill all? Not a heck of a lot, that's for sure. But Anzu was NOT the type to give up. Not in this lifetime, anyways! These jerks ruined her day! And she felt this was the LEAST of her worries as of now…

"Thief." Yami said, darkened eyes narrowing.

"Pharaoh." Bakura spat. His eyes struck into Yami's…and Yuugi's for that matter, and then onto Honda, Jounouchi, who was glaring like mad, and then Anzu, in which his brow arched, and loosened up a bit, at the girl's reaction. And how he loved it. Anzu saw Bakura look throughout her group of friends, as she prayed he wouldn't look at her. She was an obvious weakness to them, duh, the girls in animes always are. Unless they can REALLY kick butt… like Sailor Moon! Random people smack the Author as she goes 'AHEM!' and keep writing. But, no, Anzu looked into what felt like the devil himself. She let out a small gasp, and took a small step backwards. She hadn't meant to, it was just an automatic response as you will… point willing, she was SCARED!

Bakura returned to look at the ancient pharaoh disguised as an average high school boy… that was extremely chibi-ish! Heh.

"Nice girlfriend." He smirked, eyes running back to Anzu who looked she'd just been hit by a brick…BAM? Then Emril shows up and drags Author off to court for using his word.

"She's nothing more than a friend. A friend to my host, and to me. Same with all my new friends." Yami said, staring back, not smirking like our favorite Yami, Yami Bakura. Ohh, he was having fun! Heh. Define "fun" for tomb robbers bent on taking over the world.

But BAM! here comes another mental brick Anzu, duck!!!!!! But no, I'm just the author who write the story.. Emril nooo! This is the what the 6th time this chapter! Jeez, Stop talking to me. I'm not talking to you…Yes, you demon me, YES YOU ARE! ….. Okay, While the two other s me 'fight' over… who knows what, lets continue what shall happen? Oh shyte! It's Emril…BAM! And then an explosion is heard…

Yummy, nice shrimp, Emril. Why thank you. Okay. Now I'm just plain typing to myself at 7:12 AM. I've been up all night. BLAME THE IMSONIACS!

Anyways, Anzu was stunned…Although she kind of knew that Yami didn't like her back… but… This, this was just plain harsh. She just stared on like a mindless zombie, lost in thought, this was it…

Her worst day in her life…

Ever. How dare them.. She hated them! As she stared down at the concrete ground, her head felt heavy and her eye's got cloudy with tears. Heh. She HAD to be strong… for her "friend's" sake… Damn you Yami! You made her sad! Ugh! Now you'll get a girlfriend… Go and be Yaoi-ish with Yuugi! :/

"Well then, Pharaoh, how will you protect your friends here… after you are dead?" Bakura laughed evilly, this was his show! He has not the one to give up and follow the dude in a cloak with 40 MORE freaks in cloaks. I mean, what is up with that, Malik? So.. Yami Bakura moved in, the Millennium Ring glowing, and for some odd reason his eyes straying to Anzu's. She gave him a complete glare of hatred, that she did. She would be fun to taunt once the pharaoh was gone. Yes, that first.

"Bakura!" Malik commanded and, standing up now, opposed to leaning against the wall, Millennium Rod held out, at Bakura. He threw off his cloak, [ No, Malik Fan girls! BACK! BACK I SAY! RAWR!] and marched up to Malik, pointing the Millennium signature part under his chin. Prodding the rod under the Dark one's chin who scowled and pushed it away from his face Yami took this time as a definite advantage… All he needed was a few seconds to get the true power of the Millennium Puzzle's full potential. That would rid this Earth of Malik, Bakura AND their 40 goons. Yami Malik and the 40 thieves? - snickers - hehe.

"Heh. Better act quick." Bakura turned his focus on Yuugi's Yami and then a wave of energy flew out at Yami, who only had half of the amount needed and his energy from the puzzle went at Bakura. And here's where the stupid part comes in where Malik actually uses his mind control and throws it into the recipe.

There was a giant explosion, knocking Anzu down, flat on her butt. She coughed and when the smoke cleared… She gasped.


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