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Early 1940's


In an elegant Hotel Lobby of lavishly luxurious setting, a couple who were in a somewhat panic stricken debate, with their young preteen son trying to and in a way succeeding in listening in while at the same time observing his younger siblings, the two much younger children whom were currently at the moment, running around a set of marble columns, ignorant towards the danger that current unsettled their family and elder brother, whom tried to save face despite the threat posed by another. For some time now, the small family had resided peacefully in their native country. But with the growing threat of war and the danger posed by the pact that his father and Uncles had made, the shaken elder teen stood off to the side with his arms crossed and a false genial smile upon his face.

He was currently wearing nice and expensive clothing with a full head of messy black hair, pale skin tone, standing at close to 5'11. His eyes as black as night. His younger siblings with the same if not similar genetic features as he. His parents were sitting off to to the side on a nearby sofa, arguing in hushed tones while also keeping an eye on their three children.

Hades, God of the Underworld, wore a richly black suit with pinstripes. His lover and mother of his three younglings, Maria di Angelo was the personification of beauty and passion with flawless pale skin. Her body molded into the perfect figure that no doubt would make Persephone bristle with indignation and jealousy, much in the way Hera would feel when Zeus allowed his loins to,...well, you get the idea. Maria currently wore a black dress, gloves, and a black veiled hat. Hadrian di Angelo was the eldest of their three children, and with the power emanating from him, was their protector, a role he would put to the test as the Fates secretly conspired against him this very night.

He had recently been informed by his father of the pact that Zeus, Poseidon, and he himself had just recently made since his elder abomination of a brother, one Adolf Hitler, had gone mad, and with the aid of a Dark Wizard known to the Wizarding Realm as Gellert Grindewald, began brainwashing all of Germany and a good portion of Europe to follow him in his mad scramble for Power.

Hades had then openly disowned the tyrant when he had learned of his currently eldest sons actions that he had unleashed upon the Mortal Realm. World War Two would not just be fought by ordinary Mortals on the field of battle, but the also by the combined might of the sons and daughters of the Gods of Olympus and the blessed children of the Goddess of Magic herself.

Contrary to what his parents knew, Hadrian secretly eavesdropped upon the conversation between his father and mother as Hades pleaded with Maria to gather Hadrian and his siblings and come with him to the Underworld where they would be safe. Unknowingly, the hairs on the back of Hadrians head stood up on end, his magical senses screaming out in Danger as his head shot up in alarm.

He then made to move without hesitation as his mother Maria got up and left the sofa she and Hades had then occupied mere seconds before as she then turned towards the upstairs leading to the second floor, refusing to heed his fathers pleas. It was then that the Lord of the Underworld too felt something both immensely powerful, yet familiar approaching. Too late, as the the young Demi-God reacted without thought, he could hear the imminent sense of dread in his fathers vocal tone and feel his despair as too late, the lobby became a victim of a massive explosion, knocking the God of the Underworld back.

"NNNOOOOOO...!" Hades shouted as he made to move forward but was suddenly repelled by the force of the explosion. Hitting the floor, he was covered in several layers of uprooted marble, stone, and debris while his eldest sons world ended in a flash of light.

Never again would Hadrian be able to know how his last act alive unleashed a power inside of him as he threw himself towards his siblings. Just as his world went black, the power he unleashed had sent his younger siblings flying away from the main force of the explosion and in the same process, layered them within a darkened protective dome of magical energy, saving the live of both Bianca and Nico. The powerful force of the explosion unleashed was so violent, that it was only surprising that Hadrians Magic mixed with his Demi-God abilities had remained and retained the protective barrier until his soul had crossed over to his fathers domain.

When Hades came to, he realized he was buried under several layers of the damaged lobby that was once a beautiful Motel. With his Godly strength, he managed to push outward, causing the weight of the debris to fall off and about him as he made to somewhat stand.

Shaking off the dizziness and ringing in his ears, he looked about and saw the damage inflicted upon the place, courtesy of his younger brother in whom he mentally promised retribution real soon. His mind quickly went back to Maria as with a shock, he scrambled to search for his lover and their children. Throwing out his Godly senses, it was then that he knew the truth as he wasn't the only one to succeed in protecting his youngest two through a wall of black Godly energy when he reacted at the time Zeus sent the bolt of lightning that destroyed the temporary vacation spot.

Upon further visual examination, he realized that another source of power managed to cover Bianca and Nico, protecting them, with his power adding to the already established barrier. The other barrier then dissipated a second later. He traced the fading energy back to its source, confirming that it had came from his eldest, who was now gone as the brunt of the explosive power had destroyed more than half of his body, of which the only thing resembling the remains of his child was his head and and upper torso. Hadrians head was facing towards his brother and sister with his right arm extended, his now lifeless hand lying helpless upon the ground of which he lay, soot and debris covering his what remained of his corpse. His eyes, lifeless as they were, were closed by the Dark Olympian, as he sat upon the ground and pulled his sons body to himself, cradling and gently rocking him back and forth as he cried out to the air in anguish at the loss of his courageous son and the mother of his child. Already, the God of the Dead felt his sons soul had since already crossed over into his Realm as well as Marias'.

Alecto, Hades Chief Fury, then appeared with Maria's broken and burnt body, gently and respectfully laying it next to Hadrians body, allowing Hades to curl in and kiss her forehead and that of his sons.

Little Nico and Bianca, upon the barrier no longer being necessary and collapsing upon itself, shakily arose and began aiding one another to stand as they then looked around upon the destroyed complex that only moments before was grand and nice, took a moment to take it all in before their eyes then fell upon and stared at their mother and brother uncomprehendingly, as lightning flashed across the sky followed by a rumble within the clouds. The children didn't seem to notice the leather-like winged Fury as they looked on what remained of their mother and brother, and saw the emotional turmoil their deaths left upon their father. Subconsciously, they knew what Death felt like instinctively and knew it had come for their mother and brother. It crushed their hearts that never again would they play with their older brother, nor hear or see the beautiful visage of their mothers face, nor know the smell of her favorite perfume.

"Zeus!" Hades shook his fist at the sky as the clouds resumed rumbling with thunder followed by flashes of lightning that caused his surviving young children to jump and cringe at the power of their Uncle. "I will crush you for this." He declared in righteous fury. "I will bring them back."

"My Lord, you cannot," Alecto warned imperatively. "You of all Immortals must respect the laws of Death."

Hades glowed darkly with rage as he all too well knew how right she was. In his rage induced state, he failed to notice a build up of an approaching magical signature when another figure appeared before he and the Fury with an almost silent 'crack'.

Looking upon the scene, the man in a light violet themed suit and short light brown-graying hair, and still growing, brown yet graying beard, went wide-eyed in shock as he looked upon the scene before him and fell to his knees. Hades looked at the somewhat familiar mortal curiously until he realized whom he looked upon, Albus Dumbledore, son of Hecate. "No! Merlin, please, no. I-I'm too late. Mother, I'm too late.", he cried as he raised a fist to the sky above him in anguish, only to stop and think to whom he was going to rage at. His said fist wavered for a moment before he let his hand then uncurl and drop uselessly to his side.

"Dumbledore!", Hades growled. "What are you doing here?" His eyes piercing through the Wizards soul to observe and gauge him should he attempt to try and deceive him.

"Lord Hades, please forgive me.", Dumbledore whispered in remorse at the loss of a young life that laid before him in the arms of his father. "My mother, whom you know as Hecate, came to and spoke to me of how you and Maria di Angelo, whom herself was a legacy of my mother, had parented a Magical Demi-God. Too late, she charged me with trying to save your children and and their mother. But alas, it seemed I have failed to arrive in time."

With a glower, Hades looked down upon the bodies within his arms, "It's not your fault, Dumbledore." Hades huffed. "At least you tried to get here on time. Tell me, was Hadrian Magical. Was he truly blessed by Hecate?" he asked, needing to be sure that what he felt was indeed magic emanating from his son just seconds before and after Zeus's attack.

"He was." the aging Wizard confirmed. "He carried the flame of Magic within him as confirmed by my mother. I have his invitation here." he said as he pulled out an envelope with Hadrians name on it that the now human formed Fury took from his thinning fingers and passed into the now open left hand of her Lord and Master. "Forgive me Lord Hades, for failing you. Whatever punishment you see fit to visit upon me, I will not fight it. My life is in your hands." he lowered his head, submitting his life before the Lord of the Underworld.

Hades continued to look down upon the his fallen lover and son, and came to a decision as a plan suddenly came to him, an idea quickly forming within his mind. Suddenly, his head shot up and turned, eyes snapping back upon Albus Dumbledore as he then spoke quickly, "That won't be necessary. Dumbledore, I have a favor I need to ask. Please, use your magic and place a temporary memory block upon Bianca and Nico. Ensure that it cannot be undone until Hadrians return. Alecto," he choked back a sob. "once he's done, take them to the Lotus Hotel. Zeus will not harm them while they are there."

"As you wish my Lord." Alecto said. "What of Hadrians body and that of his mothers bodies?"

"Take them as well.", he said bitterly. "I will give them the ancient rites once my business here is concluded."

Alecto nodded as Maria and Hadrians bodies were enveloped by clouds of dark energy that then faded seconds later, the bodies of the deceased vanishing as if they were never there. Hades then called his remaining children to him and held them as they mourned for their mother and brother. Hades, try as he might, didn't have the heart to hold back the tears as the floodgates opened as he too cried while embracing his children. When Alecto returned, the Dark God felt her presence and knew it was time. Slowly, he pulled them back and explained to them that they had to go in hiding for a while and that when it was time for them to be a family again, he would send for them. He had to hold them at arms length after kissing them upon their foreheads one after the other, their tear filled eyes nearly crushed his resolve as with a nod towards the Wizard, he looked away.

Once Dumbledore placed the blocks on the childrens mind after their father reached out with his power and commanded them to sleep, rendering them unconscious, Alecto once more was enveloped with clouds of shadow with the children joining her, leaving Hades with Dumbledore in the still burning, smoldering ruins and rubble. Hades then informed Albus to be ready upon Hadrians return as his mind began working on a way of restoring his son to the mortal realm. When the time came, he would give the Transfiguration Teacher the sign he needed upon Hadrians rebirth. No matter if he had to bend a few of his own rules of course. And when time came, he would call upon his son and awaken his memories of his former life.

Despite how he personally felt about bending his own rules for just one person, it was his sons life of which was cut short before its due time, and he wanted revenge. Revenge for Maria, for Hadrian, but most of all, he just wanted Zeus to pay for all of the wrongs that he ever perpetrated on him. Oh, how Zeus would pay indeed.

Dumbledore nodded subserviently and promised that he would keep both eyes and ears open for and upon Hadrians return. He then swore that if Hades permitted it, that he would like to personally see to Hadrians magical training. Dumbledore was forced to swear upon the River Styx to him that no harm would befall his son upon his return, if it could be helped. Seeing that Albus was a good man, despite his tendency to not always see the bigger picture when it came to those of the Wizarding Realm and whom had made a few of his own mistakes within his life like most men and women Demi-Gods and Wizards often did, as was the case against Gellert Grindewald. When Albus gave his oath with it being sealed with a 'clap' of thunder, Hades allowed him to leave.

After the old wizard disappeared with another 'crack', an unwelcome voice spoke up, "I warned you."

Hades turned. A girl in a multicolored dress stood by the smoldering remains of the sofa. She had short black hair and sad eyes. She was no more than twelve.

"You dare come here," The God of the Underworld growled out with his hands curled into fists, his anger once more taking hold. "I should blast you to dust!"

"You cannot." The Oracle of Delphi said with a hint of smugness in her tone of voice. "The power of Delphi protects me."

"You killed them. You killed my son and the woman that I loved!" Hades roared. "Your prophecy brought us to this." He then walked up to and stood before girl, looking down upon her with disgust, and yet she did not flinch.

"Zeus ordained the explosion to destroy your children and their mother because you defied his will. I had nothing to do with it. And I did warn you to hide them sooner."

"I couldn't! Maria would not let me! Besides they were innocent." he cried out indignantly.

"Never the less, they are your children, which makes them dangerous. Even if you put them away in the Lotus Hotel, you only delay the problem. Nico and Bianca will never be able to rejoin the world lest they turn sixteen."

"Because of your so-called Great Prophecy. You have forced me into an oath to have no other children and yet, you have left me with nothing! Even at the cost of my eldest childs life."

"I foresee the future," the Oracle said. "I cannot change it."

Black fire lit the Gods eyes. "Then Oracle," he spat venomously, "hear the words of Hades," he growled. "Perhaps I cannot bring back Maria, but I will find a way to restore my son Hadrian. I may not be able to bring you an early death. But your soul is still mortal and that I can assure you, I can curse."

The Oracles eyes widened in fear as his threat was made to bare, "You would not..." she tried, only to be cut off by the words of the God of the Underworld.

"I swear as long as my children remain outcasts, upon even if my plans succeed in restoring Hadrians life, as long as I labor under the curse of your Great Prophecy, the Oracle of Delphi will never have another mortal host. You will never rest in peace. No other will take your place. Your body will wither and die, and still the Oracles spirit will be locked inside of you. You will speak your bitter prophecies until you crumble to nothing. The Oracle will die with you!"

And then the Oracle screamed.

Scotland December 1979

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Albus Dumbledore was not having a good year. A new Dark Lord had taken Gellerts place and had declared war against the both the Magical and Non-Magical populace of Europe and possibly the world should his rise to power be successful. The aged Wizard knowledge as to the identity of this new upstart who sought power for powers sake. At the moment, Dumbledore mind was contemplating on the recent loss of two of his former students that were, dare he say, rather gifted pranksters. Gideon and Fabian Prewitt many a time when they attended Hogwarts, gave him and his staff quite the headache at the chaos they caused and the ideals they left behind in the form of the next generation calling themselves 'The Marauders'. Their deaths and the effect it had on the newest Matriarch of the Weasley Clan was a somber one. Quite frankly, he was going to miss them.

"Poor Molly," he whispered. He was getting too old for this. The time for another Warrior of the light was sorely needed and yet, all the confirmed losses of life that he felt, rested on the chance that the newest prophecy that had fallen upon his ears and the ears of another, came to pass. Prophecies were terrible things that had a way of controlling the destiny of others. So far, only two families fir the criteria of by the prophecy, the Potters and the Longbottoms. As he was thinking on this from the banister of his office, a familiar presence made itself known to him as it walked from the shadows of his office and walked up to and came to stand beside him on his right and like him, stared out towards Black Lake.

"It is done. Hadrian has returned." Alecto, Hades Chief Fury said. Dumbledore turned slightly to gaze upon her in her human form, as she did not look upon him, yet he saw the dark robes she wore to fit in with the mortal world.

"And to whom were chosen as the newest vessel in which he would be reborn?" he asked.

"James Potter and his wife, your half sister, Lily Potter-Evans. Lord Hades had managed to find a loophole within his own laws and placed Hadrians soul and essence as well as his original, yet enhanced magical core within her womb, permitting her to give him life once more. This was due to the fact that James Potter could not father a child due to a flaw within his genetics that had been passed down to him from his father. Despite this flaw, My Lord was able to grant James Potter a boon for one night and countered the flaw within James seed, even if it was for the one time. After all, he is a descendant of Lord Hades bloodline courtesy of the young Ignotus Peverell."

"And Lord Hades?"

"Has ensured that before Hadrian turns thirteen, his memories will be restored, as will the knowledge and skills he acquired from the departed souls of many warriors and Masters of the many Arts of Combat, War, and yes, even Magic. He will be a force to be reckoned with. He will defeat your Dark Lord when the time comes and then afterword, must be sent to New York, to Camp Half-Blood. Agreed?"

Dumbledore breathed a sigh of relief, as it seemed the war was finally drawing to a close, "Agreed."

"Should any harm befall James and Lily Potter, it will fall on you must take him under your wing as no doubt James Potter has found him a suitable guardian in which to care for him. You will have only the best and brightest of of your world to ensure that the skills and abilities he has learned and acquired within the Underworld do not stagnate?"

"I give you my word. Will there be anything else Lord Hades asks?"

"Yes." she said as she turned to him with a dark look in her eyes. "Do not fail Hades, or you will never see your sister again as he knows that this is why you have enquired about the Hallows in the past, most especially the stone. You swore an Oath on the Styx, Wizard. An Oath that is not to be trifled with. Hadrian must be strong and prepared for when his time to leave your world comes." And with that, she walked back into the darkness and vanished.

Dumbledore turned back to the grounds and the Black Lake and began to make plans for the coming years ahead. Hopefully, the boy would be amenable to being his apprentice when he was ready, and if he was willing, his Heir as he had no children of his own in which to pass on his knowledge and teachings. After all, he wasn't getting any younger. He'd need a suitable replacement for when his time came, forcing him to step down and let someone else take over.

Turning from the balcony, Albus Dumbledore walked away from the magnificent view of the castle grounds and stopped before a row of books resting within the shelf. Pulling a book from a section marked as Greek Mythologies, he pulled out the chair behind his desk and sat down. A bowl off to the side filled with Lemon Drops laid off to the left side of the desk. Grabbing a piece of the sour candy and popping it into his mouth, he sat back and relaxed as he read about the many Heroes and Monsters of the past well into the night until he felt the pull of his bed call to him.

This is another attempt at my Lonewolf concept, only this time, Harry will be on his own. No Hermione tag team, with some support by Sirius and Remus, but told in a more believable manner. I hope and feel as if I have grown to be a better Fanfiction writer and promise to keep on writing when time permits. As is, Lone Wolf will be removed once this is posted with its newest title, A Dark Knight Rises. Some elements will be used from films and television, but hopefully you will enjoy it better than what I have given before. Until next time.