Chapter 3: A Hero's Debut

Starlin Junk & Scrap Yard

The gang had scouted out the junkyard thinking that it would be a great place for their new superpowered friend to test out his new power set. And it was. There was no one around for a couple of miles and they could destroy as much as they wanted to without anyone being concerned.

"You ready, superstar?" Kerry questioned as Jake hopped out of Wrench's van, already in his costume.

"Yeah, I think so." He remarked, with cautiousness in his voice.

"Everything alright?" Kerry asked.

"It's just that…" Jake began to say as he shifted around slightly. "The suit tends to ride up in a couple places and-"

"Okay, TMI." Kerry said as she began to walk away.

"Yeah, no. That's a fair response." Jake muttered to himself. He then walked over to Wrench who was playing looking out for any cops. "You sure that we're not going to get into trouble for being here?" He asked.

"I already told you man, there's no one around for miles. We got the place to ourselves." Wrench reassured the new superhero. "I'm like 90% sure that the cops won't come…Okay, maybe 85%. Or 80%. 75 at max."

"That's totally reassuring and not nerve wracking whatsoever." Jake commented.

"Yeah, well I guess that's what I'm guessing it's like to be a superhero." Wrench said with an unassured tone in his voice.

"I don't know, this is my first time being a superhero, so I have no idea where to go from here. Well, I did dress up as Iron Man for Halloween once, but I don't think that counts." Jake joked. Wrench gave a slight chuckle.

"Nice. I was more of a Thor guy myself." Wrench remarked.

"Was it because of his dreamy eyes?" Jake responded.

"That, his muscles, and he had one of the most badass hammers I have ever seen." Wrench quickly replied. "Oh, the things that hammer and I could destroy."

"Something tells me you really wouldn't be worthy enough to wield it." Jake jokingly stated.

"A guy can dream, can't he?" Wrench asked. Jake chuckled in response as he pulled out his phone. He saw a text from his mom.

Mom: How's the hangout going?

Jake: Going pretty well. Just hanging out at our new secret hang out spot. Can't tell you where it is, otherwise, the government would swarm the house.

Mom: Okay, 007. Just promise you'll be back at a reasonable hour.

Jake: Will do. Love you.

Mom: Love you too.

Just as he was about to put his phone away, he then got another text from someone he was hoping to never hear from again.

Lexi: Can we talk? I want to give this another chance.

Seeing that text from his ex-girlfriend made Jake's heart drop. Not from excitement, but rather dread. He remembered all the fights, all the broken promises, how it ended, and how she was not a good person. He scoffed and put his phone away.

"Everything okay?" Marcus questioned as he walked towards Jake. The budding hero had a feeling that it wouldn't be great for him to tell people about his relationship troubles, so he figured it would have been better to lie about it.

"Yeah, I'm good. Just jitters, you know?" Jake replied, not sure if his friend would believe his bluff. Marcus made a sound of acknowledgement as he heard what Jake said.

"Yeah, I really do." He admitted. "Especially when I get out on the field. Having all those people cheering for you, knowing that if you get injured your scholarship is over? That scares the shit out of me."

"Trying to meet expectations? Yeah…Guess I know what that's like, huh?" Jake muttered. Marcus nodded.

"Expect if you fail, then you let an evil organization that uses people/animal/cyborg hybrids as foot soldiers win." Marcus commented. Jake looked at him.

"Way to make me feel better about myself." He replied.

"It's what I do best." Marcus jokingly replied, which got a small chuckle out of Jake. "Oh yeah, I got in touch with a guy, you'll get your bike tomorrow." Hearing that, Jake extended out his fist.

"Man, you're the best." He stated as Marcus fist bumped him right back. Jake then sprang up on his feet with a newfound excitement. "Alright! You guys ready to see what I'm able to do?" Jake asked.

"Ready to roll!" Kerry said as she was about to hit the record button. But before she could, Wrench took the phone out of her hands, opened the back of it with ease and began fiddling with the components. "Excuse me, what do you think you're doing?"

"Tech companies make their phones so easy to track. So I'm just doing a little tech wizardry and now," Wrench then tossed the phone back to Kerry, "your phone is untraceable." The group stared at him in amazement at what he was able to in just mere moments. His eyes then turned into question marks. "Anyone else want me to do the same thing?" Without a moment's hesitation, the rest of the group proceeded to pull their phones out and give them to the masked mechanic. "I'll take that as a yes."

"Okay, ready to go?" Kerry asked. Before he said anything, Jake quickly stretched out his limbs just to make sure he didn't pull anything.

"Ready!" Jake shouted back. And with that, Kerry began to record the new super hero.

"Anything you want to say to your adoring fans, Mr. Hero?" Sarah quickly called out. That caused Jake to take a momentary pause.

"W-…Was I supposed to prepare a speech or something?" Jake asked. "I'm going to be honest; I didn't get a good grade in my Public Speaking class. Or am I supposed to do an intro like they used to do in Jackass?" The group groaned and rolled their eyes at the same time as a response to Jake's remarks.

"Never mind, just show off what you are able to do." Kerry remarked.

"Okay. You could have just started off with that, you know?" Jake quickly replied as he began to turn around. Wrench then decided to test something out as he grabbed a rock from the ground and threw it as hard as he could at Jake. Without even fulling turning around, Jake outstretched his arm and caught the rock in mid-air.

"Whoa." Marcus muttered under his breath as the new hero turned around.

"Nice try." Jake said as he tossed the rock back to his friend. He then noticed a scrapped car around 100 feet away and he figured that would be a good target. Taking a single leap, he was able to reach the car. "Super jumping abilities, check!" He remarked as he grabbed the bumper of the car, the metal bending as he grabbed it. Then without ever breaking a sweat, he was able to flip the car into the air, eventually it landed upside down. "Super strength, check!" Jake remarked. Seeing his chance, he struck a pose and then proceeded to run at full speed and then jumped in the air. "RIDER KICK!" He shouted as the kicked the side of the car, causing a huge dent in it. He then waited, but then nothing happened.

"Rider Kick?" Sarah asked as the group looked around all confused. The new hero turned around and shrugged his shoulders.

"I don't know, I thought it sounded cool in my head." Jake commented.

"Okay, but why did you kick the car?" Wrench asked as his eyes turned into question marks. But as the group was distracted, the impact of the kick started to slowly glow a bright red color, spreading it to the rest of the car's body.

"I thought the same thing that happened with that snake guy was going to-" Before Jake could finish his train of thought, the car suddenly exploded, which knocked everyone off their feet and Kerry to stop recording.

"HOLY SHIT!" Marcus stated as he got up and proceeded to help everyone up.

"That…Was…AWESOME!" Wrench shouted as his eyes turned to exclamation points. "YOU HAVE EXPLOSIVE KICKS! THAT'S THE MOST BADASS THING I'VE EVER SEEN!"

"Not what I was expecting, but I'll happily take this power." Jake remarked. The group looked at the burning wreckage.

"Well, that's certainly going to give Shocker a run for their money." Kerry commented.

"It certainly is." Marcus said as he turned to Jake. He then looked then and noticed something about Jake. "Um…You feeling okay?" He asked. Jake gave him a weird look.

"Yeah, why wouldn't I?" He asked. At the exact same time, everyone pointed to his right leg. He looked exactly where they were point to and saw a sharp piece of scrap metal pointing out of his leg. "Oh, that." Jake said in a nonchalant voice. But it was in that exact moment the situation he was in and proceeded to scream.


30 minutes later…

"GETITOUT, GETITOUT, GETITOUT!" Jake screamed as he laid on the table. Marcus, Wrench, and Kerry were holding down the hero as Sarah put on gloves.

"Wow, that's in pretty deep." She remarked. She then tried to grab the piece of metal but couldn't grab it.

"What's wrong? Just grab it!" Wrench yelled.

"It would help if he wasn't squirming around so much!" Sarah barked back.

"YOU'RE NOT THE ONE WITH SCRAP METAL STICKING OUT OF THEIR LEG!" Jake screamed in agony. Finally, Sarah took ahold of the metal and looked at Jake.

"You're going to want to bite down on something, because this is going to hurt." Sarah remarked.

"Wait, what?" Jake questioned. The next thing he know, Wrench suddenly grabbed a screwdriver put the handle sideways into Jake's mouth, all while the hero had a confused look on his face.

"Ready when you are!" Wrench said in a cheery tone.

"1, 2, 3!" Sarah counted down and she pilled the metal out of Jake's leg. The muffled scream of Jake rang out through the warehouse. "Alright, that's out." She commented as she let the metal drop to the ground. Jake spit the screwdriver out of his mouth. "How do you feel?" She asked her patient.

"Oh, you know. Still in pain." He commented. "What's next? You have to amputate my leg because I might get rabies?"

"No, you're thinking of tetanus. Rabies is if you get bit by a feral animal." Sarah corrected.

"Yeah, I remember when I got rabies. It wasn't a good week for me." Wrench remarked. Everyone gave him a weird look.

"Dude, what is your life?" Marcus asked.

"An awesome one." Wrench instantly shot back.

"Back on track," Sarah began to explain, "first we need to disinfect the wound with alcohol, stitch the wound up, then-"

"I don't think we have to worry about that anymore." Kerry remarked as she stared at the wound. Everyone also looked at it and was amazed that it was healing at a remarkable fast rate. In a manner of seconds, the wound was no longer there.

"Holy shit." Jake muttered under his breath as he rubbed his leg. There was no way to even tell that was even a wound there the first place. He quickly stood up.

"Have you always been able to do that?" Marcus asked as Jake began to hop up and down.

"Absolutely not." Jake remarked. He then looked back at Marcus. "Do you remember how long it took my arm to heal after I broke it when we were trying to create the next viral bike jump."

"Oh yeah, your mom was pissed." Marcus said back.

"So not only do you have super strength, super jumps, a danger sense, and a rapid healing factor?! Badass!" Wrench exclaimed as his eyes turned into exclamations points.

"Can you…Heal from anything now?" Kerry asked. Jake shoot her a skeptical look.

"I don't know. I'm discovering that I have this now." Jake remarked. "It would probably be a good idea to still have a couple of first aid kits around just in case if I can't heal from everything."

"Or…You know…You can go to the hospital?" Sarah suggested. Before Jake could even say anything, Wrench jumped into the conversation.

"Oh yeah, go to the hospital almost every single day, that totally won't raise suspicions from the staff. And I'm sure that the hospital would tell the cops about this kid that keeps coming back every day, which then gets their suspicions up and the next you know, Jake is in a police station getting interrogated." Wrench quickly pointed out.

"That's…a pretty good point." Marcus stated.

"Plus, the American healthcare system is a joke. They would charge him so much for every visit." Wrench stated.

"That's another good point." Kerry said. "So, who wants to go out on a supply run?" She asked as she made her way to the van. Marcus and Sarah got up as well and Marcus got into the driver seat.

"We'll be back soon!" Marcus said as he drove the van out of the garage. Once the door closed, Wrench took the belt from Jake's hand and placed it on the table. He took a screwdriver to the cover of it and proceeded to open it up.

"Okay, this is interesting." Wrench remarked as he examined the now opened belt. Jake looked over to see what he was talking about.

"What is it?" Jake questioned. Wrench then held up a little microchip that was inside the belt.

"Well, the tech in the belt is old school but at the same time, also very advanced. Take this microchip for example. I think it controls how the suit looks." Wrench began to explain. "I'm still trying to figure it out, but it seems that the chip has a complex system of data that allows the neural processor to connect with the user and-" Before he could finish, Jake cut him off.

"Wrench, English please?" Jake asked. "I have no idea what you're saying. Explain it to me as if I'm a 10-year-old." The eyes on Wrench's mask suddenly turned into question marks as he tilted his head slightly.

"I don't really talk to 10-year-olds that much, but I can try to think like I'm talking to one." Wrench said under his breath. "Okay, the chip is able to tell the belt how the suit should look through very complex compute magic, and then the belt makes the suit for you."

"Thank you." Jake said. "That makes sense."

"That's good. Need me to explain how the birds and bees work?" Wrench asked in a joking manner as his masks' expression changed to a wink. Jake simply chuckled.

"Yeah, I definitely don't need that explained to me. I already have some experience in that area." Jake remarked.

"Oh? Pray tell." Wrench jokingly asked. Jake rolled his eyes.

"Maybe later, can we get back on track?" Jake questioned.

"Right." Wrench said as he placed the chip into a slot on one of his computers. On the screen, a digital version of the suit came up. "Okay, how do you want it to look?" Wrench asked.

"You're letting me decide how the suit looks?" Jake questioned with a skeptical look.

"Yeah, man. You're the superhero, you should be in charge of how you look." Wrench remarked.

"Man, you're the best." Jake said. He then leaned in close to the screen to get a better look. "Okay…Can we add more armor to suit. We have no idea what we're going to come up against, so it's better safe to be sorry." He pointed out.

"Good point." Wrench said. He began to type away on the computer. The digital model now had a more heavily armored chest, gloves, boots, and it now had black shoulder pads. He also changed the look of the helmet in order to make it fit with the rest of the updated suit. "What next?"

"How about brightening up the green and, but making the black part darker?"

"Done and done." Wrench commented as he began to type away. The suit then had the color scheme that Jake requested. "How about we add a camera feed and microphone into the suit? So that way we can keep in touch with you while you're on the field and we're here in the whatever cool code name we think of for this place?" Jake shrugged in response.

"Makes sense. Would be nice to keep in contact with you guys." He then suddenly thought of a very important question. "Can it play music?"

"You're damn right it can." Wrench quickly shot back. He then turned back to the monitor and looked at the suit. That's when he noticed something. "What do you want to do with the scarf? Trash it?" Jake shook his head.

"Nah, I think it looks pretty cool." He remarked.

"Alright, it's your suit." Wrench commented. He then pressed the enter key on his keyboard and a progress bar showed up and began to load slowly. "Alright, my best guess is that it will probably take around an hour for the chip to make the changes and then, boom! The All New Kamen Rider is ready."

"Sweet." Jake replied. "What happens if there's some kind of attack in like the next couple of minutes? Will the belt still make the suit?" Wrench shrugged his shoulders.

"Not your new suit. My best guess is that it will make the original suit since that was the template, but once you put the chip back in, it's the new suit." The mechanic suggested. "Now then, I hope you know that this wasn't free. I'm going to need some kind of payment." Hearing this, Jake rolled his eyes.

"Fine. She invited to help her do some English homework. Then, me and her got to chatting for a bit and one thing lead to another-"

"What? No!" Wrench said as he interrupted Jake's story. "I was thinking like a cup of coffee or something!" Jake's eyes suddenly went wide.

"OH! O-Okay, I misread that."

"You certainly did! There's a coffee shop like 15 minutes from here. Take a right on Ditko Lane and you'll see it. 3 creamers, 2 sugars." Jake then grabbed the belt and began to walk away.

"3 creamers, 2 sugars. Got it. Are you going to give me any cash or something?" Jake asked.

"You're the hero. Heroes are eventually going to have to learn to make major sacrifices." Wrench remarked as he turned back to look at the computer monitor. Jake scoffed at that parting statement.

"You got that line from a Simon Williams flick." He said in an angry tone.

"Wonderful Vengeance! One of his greatest!" Wrench clarified as Jake left the garage. Wrench sat and watch the progress slowly ticked along.


30 Minutes Later…

Jake had been waiting 15 minutes in line at the coffee shop and it felt like he was there for at least an eternity. It didn't help that for a good majority of the time, he just kept staring at the text message that he got from his Ex. It couldn't have been worse timing. With him now becoming a hero and trying his best to deal with the survivor's guilt, this was the last thing that he wanted. He didn't know how to respond. Does he respond or just ignore her? And why did he suddenly want Thanos to come back to life and wipe him out of existence?

"Next!" The cashier suddenly shouted out, breaking Jake out of his trance. He put his phone away and walked up to the counter.

"Hi, can I get a coffee? 3 creamers, 2 sugars?"


"Uh…I don't know, he didn't give me the size. Let's just go with medium, play it safe?"


"Jake." After paying for the cup, Jake had to wait a couple more minutes for the order. And once he did get the order, he looked at the cup and saw the name…Jack written on it. "Seriously?" He asked aloud. "How hard is it for them to get names right?"

"I know, right? It's like the simplest thing ever." Jake suddenly heard a feminine voice address him. He turned around and saw a woman around his age dressed in a baggy black t-shirt, ripped navy-blue jeans, and red canvas shoes. "It's good to see you again." She stated.

"Hey, it's…You…It's great to see you again. I haven't seen you in-"

"You don't remember me, do you?"

"I'm being completely honest; I have no idea who you are." Jake responded in a rather quick fashion. The red head smirked in response.

"Yeah, I wouldn't blame you. It's hard to recognize someone when the first time you meet them they're wearing a mask." She said. Jake gave her a curious look.

"Wait…" He did feel like he knew her from somewhere and the hair color was some kind of give away. "You're the hero that gave me a ride home, didn't you?"

"Bingo." She replied. "Doctor Spectrum, at your service." Jake let out a short chuckle as the two walked over to a table and sat down.

"Are you an actual doctor? And is your last name Spectrum? Because if it is then that is a great way for your enemies to find to you." He jokingly said. She laughed in response.

"I am studying to be an oceanographer, but my name isn't actually Spectrum. It's Ledger. Nenet Ledger." Nenet held out her hand as she stated her name. Jake took it and proceeded to shake it.

"Jake Abiko. Thank you again from turning me into snake food." He shyly admitted.

"It's no problem whatsoever. Though, you really should be thank Whizzer, or Blur, or Speed Demon, or whatever James decides to call himself." Nenet said underneath her breath, but she then let out a small cough and tried to get the conversation back on track. "Anyways, we didn't get a chance to talk afterwards and I was wondering how the guy I dropped off was doing."

"Oh, you know, I'm doing good. Making new friends, partying like there's no tomorrow, and whatever regular people do." Jake jokingly admitted. Nenet laughed in response.

"So what, did you become an alien between the last time we met?" She playfully questioned. Jake really didn't know how to answer, considering what he is currently going through. So in response, he just shrugged. Nenet laughed once again. "Relax, I'm just messing with you." She said.

"Oh yeah, I totally knew that. Master of Jokes right here." Jake commented.

"Yeah right." Nenet stated.

"Okay, I'm terrible with jokes, you got me." Jake admitted. "So…What's it like being a superhero?"

"Looking to get into the business yourself?" Nenet asked. Jake played it off nonchalantly.

"Nah, I think I would be a terrible hero. Just curious, that's all." He replied. Nenet's smile slowly began to fade.

"It's tough. It really is. Trying to stop bad guys and save people is truly hard to do. Especially when you have a company breathing down your neck." She stated. The last part caught Jake's attention.

"What do you mean by that?" Jake questioned. Nenet looked around and leaned in a bit to try and be quiet.

"Promise you'll keep this a secret?" Nenet asked. Jake nodded his head in response. "Alright, so…They haven't officially announced this yet, but the Squadron Supreme was brought together by Nugent Technologies." When Jake heard that, his heart sank. The new superhero team on the block was actually brought together by a spin-off of the Third Reich. He let Nenet continue speaking while he tried his best to not to show his disgust. "We fight crime and they help out with advertisement, public relations, and all that. But…They're very particular about what crimes we face, what we do, and all-…Are you okay?" She asked as she finally noticed that he was making some kind of face. Jake quickly looked at his watch, trying to play it off.

"I should g-" Before he could even finish his sentence, an explosion outside rocked the coffee shop, causing the window to explode. Everyone was knocked off their feet as they saw two animal-like creatures outside, one that looked like a spider and one that looked like a bat, leading a group of armed men through the street.

"RIDER! Come out and play~!" The bat creature screamed. Nenet turned to Jake.

"I should go!" She stated as she ran off toward the front entrance and she made a beeline to the East. Jake followed her out the door, but instead he went West, trying to find an alleyway to turn down. Meanwhile, Nenet went towards an alleyway until she was out of the public eye. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a multicolored stone. She closed her eyes as beams of light shot out of it. When she opened up her eyes again, she was in her hero costume, ready for a fight. "Control, this is Doctor Spectrum, reporting in."

"Control here, what's the situation?" A voice on the other end of her communicator spoke up.

"We have a situation here, multiple hostiles attacking downtown Staten Island. Many civilians are in danger." Doctor Spectrum quickly explained. "I'm ready to engage, do I have approval?" She waited for a response back, it took a couple of seconds before she heard the voice again.

"Negative, wait until the rest of Squadron is there." The voice stated. Nenet looked surprised.

"Are you kidding me?" She shouted back.

"Sorry, it's not my decision." The voice replied. "This comes from the big guy. Just wait a couple of minutes and you'll be ready to go." Nenet shook her head as she took a seat on the ground, waiting for her back up, all the while, hearing the sound of people fleeing in terror.



Wrench was rolling around in his chair as he was currently bored. Besides waiting for the coffee, waiting for chip to recognize Jake's new suit, and being by himself, it was certainly getting to him. It was also making him angry. Making him so angry that he wanted to break things with his very handy and sledgehammer. However, that would have to wait as the garage door opened up as the rest of the gang backed the van in. The back doors opened up as Kerry got out, and Marcus got out of the driver's side to begin the unloading process.

"Got everything you were looking for?" Wrench called out as he gave one last spin in his chair, before getting up and strolling over to the van. Sarah exited the passenger side.

"Snacks, drinks, burner phones just in case we need them." She began to point out.

"You're welcome for giving you the idea!" Kerry called out as she was carrying multiple bags. Sarah turned back to look at her.

"Thank you." She calmly said, before turning back to Wrench. "We also got some Bluetooth speakers, couple of journals, and some medical kits. Though, I'm not sure we're going to need them considering how fast Jake can apparently heal." She stated as she began to walk back to help with the unloading process. Marcus looked around the garage and noticed something. Or rather, the lack of someone.

"Speaking of Jake, where is he?" He questioned.

"Oh yeah, I sent him out to get coffee." Wrench quickly mentioned. Kerry's ears perked up.

"Did you sent him to get anything for us?" She inquired. Wrench's mask proceeded to give her a side eye emote.

"You guys weren't here, so I just wanted coffee for myself." He commented.

"Really?" Marcus questioned. "You couldn't wait until we got back to ask for drinks." Wrench's mask went blank for a second, then quickly turned into question marks.

"How was I supposed to know you guys wanted stuff?" He asked. "Seriously, you guys weren't here! Besides, I was doing hard work making the new suit for the newest hero on the block!" It was just then that Wrench's phone started ringing. "Quick pause in the conversation." Wrench said as he pulled out his phone. "Speak of the devil, guess who's calling?" He remarked as he showed his phone to the rest of the group that Jake was calling.

"Put him on speaker, tell him we all want coffee." Kerry commented. Wrench did exactly what she said and put the phone on speaker. "Hey, it's all of us. So we are going to need you to add to-"

"Wrench! You better tell me that the chip is ready!" Jake screamed over the phone. "More of those guys we met last night showed up with some kind of Tarantula Man and Bat Guy!" Hearing that, the entire group looked at each other for a quick second, then rushed over to the computer to see what the progress on the chip was.

"There's 6% left!" Sarah called out.

"Okay, I'll hold them off for as long as I can!" Jake began to order his crew. "Once it's done, rush to my location and then we'll get the chip back into the belt! Let's just hope I don't die!" And with that statement, Jake instantly hung up. Which just left the crew to watch in peril as the progress only moved slightly.


"God, I really don't want to die right now." Jake muttered to himself as he put his phone back into his pocket. Once he was done, he quickly put on the belt and took a deep breath. It was time to prove himself to the world. He then felt something come to him, almost like it was an instinct. He stuck his right arm towards the direction of his left side. His arm then moved in a counter-clockwise motion until it was it was right at a 105-degree position. He then quickly put his left arm in the exact same position as his right arm while his right arm moved down to his side.

"HENSHIN!" He screamed. As he did, the belt once again came alive and started to wrap him up in the suit. In a matter of seconds, he went from a regular guy to a fully armored warrior ready to fight. As he began to walk back towards the chaos, he took a quick look at a window and he caught a glimpse of his reflection. He was suited up in the retro looking suit, it would have to do for now as he caught a glimpse of the threat at hand. A dozen of those men he fought the other night and only the two Monster Men. "Hey! I heard you're looking me?"

"Huh…Looks like the rumor is true." The Tarantula creature comment. The creature's entire head looked like the body of a spider, with it having eight small legs protruding out of the sides, it had eight eyes and pincers on the sides of its mouth. Its body was covered in brown fur while having read marks on its arms and legs. "The Rider really is back."

"You're damn right he is!" The Bat monster commented as he proceeded to take a seat on the trunk of a car. The creature was a sickly blue color from head to toe, with sharp claws on its hands and feet, it was using his cape as a cloak as two sharp points on its alula wrapped around his collar bone. It had huge ears and giant red eyes. "The famous Kamen Rider, standing right in front of us! Can you believe it Tarantula? We were told that you were dead!"

"While, as you can see, you were told wrong!" Jake said, trying to put on a tough voice. "Guess you better tell your friends that I'm still here! That's assuming that you even have friends in the first place!" After saying that, the bat creature playfully grabbed his heart.

"Oh, how that pains me to hear that, woe is me!" It then began to chuckle. "You seriously need to work on your comeback game, kid! That would barely pass in middle school these days."

"Just what exactly do you think you are doing, Battle Bat?" The Tarantula creature asked. Battle Bat chuckled as a response.

"You know that I like to play with my prey." He remarked. "What do you say, get him boys!" Upon hearing that, a couple of the Combatmen rushed towards the new vigilante. Jake got into a fighting stance and kicked the first one that rushed towards him square in the chest. Jake then tried to take a swing at the second Combatman, but it dodged at the last second. It tried to take as swing at the vigilante, but Jake caught the punch in his hand. Jake then grabbed the Combatman by the shirt and then proceeded to throw it at another Combatman. The next two then pulled out small Karambit knifes and they charged towards him. One of them swiped at Jake, cutting a small portion of his upper arm. It had managed to cut through the suit, causing him to start bleeding. Jake let out a small hiss of pain. He realized that he had to go on the defensive otherwise he would be cut again. As the Combatmen tried to swipe at him, Jake quickly jumped backwards, landing right in front of a car. Jake then grabbed the car's front bumper and tore it clean off, ready to use it as a weapon.

"MY CAR!" Someone in the crowd called out in a high-pitched tone.

"SORRY!" Jake replied as he then proceeded to swing the bumper at the two Combatmen, knocking them out instantly. As soon as they hit the ground, they began to disintegrate into a puddle of white bubbles. Jake tried his best to catch his breath, but he couldn't as all of a sudden, his danger sense went off and he was tackled from behind. But then, he was shocked as he began to go straight into the air. He quickly realized that Battle Bat had grabbed him from behind and began to fly up high towards to the air. "Uh, Is there any way that I can talk you into letting me go at all?" Jake proceeded to ask Battle Bat as the two continued to fly up high. Battle Bat scoffed at the remark.

"You know what? I'm in a good mood today, so sure!" Battle Bat snidely remarked. "After all, I'm about to get a big promotion." And with that, the Shocker Monster Man dropped the new hero from about 100 feet in the air. As soon as he was let go, Jake realized the error of his ways by asking the Bat Man to let him go.

"OH SHIT!" Jake screamed as he began to quickly plummet to towards the ground. Battle Bat fly right pass him. And in what seemed to be a second, the new hero crashed through the concrete roof, smashing through each floor of the five-story building, until he eventually ended up crashing through the roof of the coffee shop that he was just in and he crashed straight through the counter. While he had no external injuries due to the armor, Jake felt like everything hurt. "Ow." He muttered to himself. He looked to his right and he say a couple of the baristas hiding behind the counter. He saw the look on their faces as they were terrified. "It's okay," he began to reassure them, "I'm here to help. Just stay down and hopefully they won't come in here."

"Go in there and bring me the body!" Terror Tarantula commanded the Combatmen, but they were too busy terrorizing civilians to follow the orders immediately. Kamen Rider then looked back at the baristas after the order was issued.

"Never mind. Is there a back door?" He quickly asked. Before they could even point it out, the boor door suddenly opened. "Wrench?" Kamen Rider suddenly asked as the mechanic quickly made his way over to him.

"Hey, saw the fall through the building. How are you feeling?" The mechanic asked. He then looked over and saw the baristas as well. "Hi folks, I'm this guys' helper. Please be patient, this is first time being a hero." That statement didn't fill the citizens with confidence. "Oh no! Don't worry, you won't die! At least I don't think you will, but too many variables and all-"

"WRENCH!" Kamen Rider yelled back.

"Sorry!" Wrench stated as he pulled out a screw driver to pry off the cover of the belt.

"What are you doing?" The masked hero questioned. Wrench then pulled out the microchip that controlled the look of the suit.

"Time for an upgrade, baby." He commented. Jake smirked underneath his mask.

"Get everyone out of here. And try to stay out of danger." Jake said as grabbed the chip from Wrench's hand.

"You got this?" Wrench asked as his eyes turned into question marks. Jake then put the chip in place and then put the cover back on.

"Yeah, I got this." Jake said as he began to get up. Wrench quickly rushed to the aid of the coffee shop workers and rush them out of the back door. As Jake got up, he felt as if he was a new person. That's when the belt's turbine started to turn at an increasingly fast pace.

"What are you waiting for?!" Terror Tarantula questioned his subordinates. "Get in there and kill the bastard!" One of the Combatmen shrieked in acknowledgement and went through the broken front window of the coffee shop…Only for him to go instantly flying back out, smashing into the side of a car. The remaining Shocker forces turned to the window to see who would come out of the shop next. Almost instantly, a table was thrown out of the shop, hitting Battle Bat square in the chest.

"Sorry to disappoint ya, but I'm still standing." A voice called out as the Kamen Rider stepped out, but this time, his suit was completely different. His suit was more of an armored appearance, with his chest, gauntlets, and boots thicker and more streamlined. The green parts of his suit were brighter and the parts of his suit that were black were darker, almost jet black. His eyes began to glow a bright red color. Terror Tarantula, still completely shocked, fired out a web from his mouth. Kamen Rider moved out of the way before it could hit him, and he grabbed the web instantly. He then pulled on the web as hard as he could, pulling Terror Tarantula off his feet and he was hurtled towards his opponent. Kamen Rider then proceeded to punch Terror Tarantula in the face as hard as he could, sending him flying towards the remaining Combatmen, knocking them to the ground, and the Combatmen disintegrated immediately. Now, it was just the two monster men and the new vigilante. Battle Bat pushed the table off of him as he tried to stand up.

"What the hell are you?" Battle Bat questioned.

"You should already know." Jake responded back. "I'm the Kamen Rider." Upon hearing that, the two monster men rushed towards the vigilante. Battle Bat flew up into the air while Terror Tarantula rushed Kamen Rider on the ground. Kamen Rider then sprinted towards Terror Tarantula and right before these clashed, he jumped up a small bit enough to kick Terror Tarantula in the head. He then used that opportunity to use his opponent as a type of springboard to jump higher in the air, hurtling toward Battle Bat. The Bat creature was caught off by surprise as his opponent ran right into him. Kamen Rider then punched Battle Bat in the face, knocking him off balance causing the both of them flying towards the ground. Terror Tarantula rolled out of the way at the last second before they could hit him. Battle Bat scraped along the ground as Kamen Rider jumped off of him and he rolled to his feet. "Rider Kick." Jake muttered under his breath as his right foot began to glow slowly red. As Battle Bat got to his feet, Kamen Rider rushed towards him and jumped into the air, landing a diving side kick straight into the monsters' chest, sending him flying across the ground.

"You little-" Battle Bat began to say, but before he could say anything else, he staggered in pain. Then all of sudden, red glowing marks began to show up on his body. The monster tried to move, but he couldn't as he let out a cry of pain as his body was engulfed in an explosion. The crowd watched in silence as the vigilante got up and turned to look to his last opponent.

"You…You son of a bitch!" Terror Tarantula cried out. "I'll kill you and everyone you love! You hear me?! I'LL KILL-" He stopped screaming as all of a sudden, a sword was plunged deep through his chest. He was dead instantly as Power Princess pulled her sword out of the creature. Then, one by one, the rest of the squadron surrounded her as they stared at the new vigilante.

"What the hell took you so long?" Kamen Rider questioned. Landing right in front of him, Hyperion put his hand on Kamen Rider's shoulder.

"Our apologizes," He began to state, "there were other situations that required our attention. And while it does pain us that we weren't here sooner, I'm glad that there was a brave individual who-"

"What exactly do you think you're doing?" Power Princess impatiently questioned as Nighthawk slowly began to walk around the group.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Doctor Spectrum questioned, with a genuine look of shock under her mask.

"Me? I could be asking you the same thing!" Kamen Rider stated. "Where were you guys while all this was going down? There could have been more causalities! I had to step in, otherwise people could have been hurt!"

"And yet, it still looks like people got hurt regardless." Speed Demon pointed out. "So as your first time trying to play hero, I would maybe give you a D or D-."

"As if you're perfect." The Kamen Rider called out. Speed Demon almost looked insulted.

"I mean, speed and metabolism wise, I would definitely say that I am perfect." Speed Demon remarked. "By the way, what's with the costume? I mean, the red eyes are a bit much, don't you think?"

"You're wearing red goggles! 'Pot calling the Kettle Black much?'"

"Okay, that's actually a fair point, I will admit that. But still, you suck." Speed Demon teased with a shit eating grin on his face. But in the very next second, a golden projectile flew past Speed Demon's head and was going straight towards the Kamen Rider. Before the vigilante could even react, Hyperion had suddenly caught the projectile.

"What exactly do you think that you are doing?" Hyperion questioned as the team turned to look at Nighthawk, who was already in a fighting stance.

"Just got word back from HQ, he's wanted in 30 countries." He said in a gruff tone of voice.

"WHAT?!" The Kamen Rider shouted in complete shock.

"How come they didn't relay that information to the rest of us?" Doctor Spectrum asked in a rather impatient.

"Problems with comms, must be a jammer nearby." Nighthawk briefly suggested. "But as of right now, this man belongs in a cell!" Hearing that, Speed Demon got into a runner's position while Power Princess hesitantly pulled out her sword and shield. Doctor Spectrum stepped between the group and the vigilante.

"Hold on, there has to be some kind of mistake!" She tried to plead, but it went on deaf ears. She turned to look at Hyperion, who gave her an uneasy look. But what she didn't notice was that the super being's eye twitched a small bit, then he grabbed the Kamen Rider by the throat. As the vigilante tried to punch Hyperion in the face, he could see that it had no effect whatsoever. And as the oxygen was slowly cut off from his brain, one dumb idea came to him.


"Rider what?" Hyperion questioned. But he learned quickly what it was as red energy began to swirl around the Rider's right foot much like earlier and he let off a quick kick…Straight to Hyperion's groin. The entire crowd groaned in pain as they took in the sight. The alien warrior screamed out in pain and doubled over in pain as he let go of the vigilante and he tried desperately to catch his breath. The rest of the Squadron was shocked by what had happened as they had never seen the alien warrior in pain before. As they got ready to fight the masked vigilante, Nighthawk turned to look at Hyperion, who was still doubled over in pain and trying his hardest to regain his composure.

"Seriously?" Nighthawk questioned. While he had his eyes taken off his opponent, Kamen Rider suddenly rushed forward and was about ready to throw a right hook straight into Nighthawk's face. But then, Speed Demon used his speed to rush into the two of them and he caught the punch in his hand. He then effortlessly toss Kamen Rider towards Power Princess, who recognized the move from the team training and threw a punch which landed straight into Kamen Rider's chest. It sent the vigilante flying and he landed right on top of a car roof.

"Ow." Kamen Rider remarked as he tried his best to shrug off the hit. The next thing he knew, Nighthawk had jumped up in the air and fired off his grappling hook right next to the Rider's head. He then began to zip towards his opponent. Trying to think fast, Jake quickly rolled off the car, nearly avoiding Nighthawk landing on top of him. The Kamen Rider then grabbed Nighthawk by his cape and quickly threw him onto the ground. As Nighthawk aimed his grapple gun at his opponent, the Rider kicked him in his face, causing the gun to go flying in the air and landing on the ground. As soon as Nighthawk regained his senses and realized what was happening, he performed a sweep kick on his opponent and swept out the Rider's legs from underneath him and he quickly got up onto his feet. Speed Demon then rushed to his superiors aide as he grabbed the vigilante by his scarf, and he threw him across the hood of the car. Jake landed flat on his face. As the Rider tried to get up, he felt a swift kick to his ribs, then a quick punch to his face and he barely see the speedster grabbing him by the arm and proceeding to throw the vigilante through a window of a nearby building. Nighthawk got up and he was about to go into the building to pursue their opponent, but he was stopped when a glowing blue wall suddenly appeared in front of him.

"What do you think you're doing?" Nighthawk questioned as he turned around to look at Doctor Spectrum, who was making the construct.

"Just stop a moment and tell us what the hell is going?" She suddenly barked back. "Why did you even attack him? And don't use that 'Wanted in 30 Countries' excuse, because I know for a fact that's bullshit!"

"Stand down." Nighthawk calmly stated, but Doctor Spectrum kept going.

"He stopped these guys! He was helping people!"

"Stand down!" Nighthawk once again commanded.

"He was doing our job for us! Why the hell did you tell me not to-"

"STAND DOWN!" Nighthawk suddenly yelled, causing the entire team to take a step back. That's when Nighthawk noticed the crowd gathering around them. They were reacting in a frightful manner. All of them on their phones, filming what had just transpired between them and the new vigilante. This would cause some damage to their reputation, that's for sure. He took a deep breath and tried to calm himself down. "We will discuss this back at base, but just know that he is a dangerous individual who has not yet registered under the Sokovia Accords."

"We aren't even registered with them." Nenet said, but she could see that Nighthawk wouldn't budge from his stance. She reluctantly let her construct disappear. Nighthawk nodded towards Speed Demon to rush in term. Speed Demon followed his orders as he sped into the building. In a matter of seconds, he rushed back towards his team.

"He's gone. I even checked the back and he's gone." Speed Demon explained. "No sign of him anywhere." Nighthawk let out a frustrated sigh.

"Back to base everyone. No interacting with any of the public." He stated as he reached for his grapple gun…But then he became more frustrated as he realized it wasn't there anymore.


"I would say that was the worst way for a superhero to show off what they can do." Jake stated as he laid on the couch, letting his ribs slowly heal as the group watched the news.

"I would say that you did pretty well." Sarah commented, trying to make the hero feel better. But then she made a bit of an uneasy face. "…That is until the Squadron Supreme showed up." Jake let out a sigh.

"Thanks for trying to make me feel better. I could use that right now. Especially my ribs. I think all of them are broken." He remarked back as he sat up right as the news played footage of him fighting the Squadron Supreme.

"What the hell did you do to piss off Nighthawk so much?" Marcus questioned. The garage was silent for a moment, before Jake tried his best to answer.

"Because he's a part of Shocker." He said. Everyone turned to look at him, with a shocked look on their face, hoping for some kind of explanation. "I met up with the girl who is behind the Doctor Spectrum costume. She stated that the Squadron Supreme was brought together by…Nugent Technologies."

"So you have to deal with a super hero, or I guess in this case villain, group as well?" Kerry asked. Jake shook his head.

"Maybe…I-I don't know." He stated. "I mean, Doctor Spectrum stood up for me. Not too sure on the rest of them. But at least we know one enemy."

"That's totally not a terrifying thought." Wrench stated.

"Oh yeah." Jake said. He then proceeded to pull out a gun like object from behind him and showed it to the group. "And I also stole his grapple gun from him." Everyone looked at him with a sense of astonishment. Jake then proceeded to toss the grapple gun to Wrench. "Think you can take apart and rework it for us?" Wrench looked at him.

"You do know who you are talking to, right?" Wrench questioned.

"I know." Jake said. "I got to go. My mom's probably worried sick about me. See you guys tomorrow." He stated as he walked towards the exit of the garage.


"HE'S A MENANCE!" J. Jonah Jameson screamed to his viewers. "First, this so called "Kamen Rider" dared to pick a fight with multiple people in a crowed area and damaged many cars and businesses! Then, he started an argument with the law-abiding Squadron Supreme, and then proceeded to try and fight them! Luckily, the fight ended quickly, but that Masked Hooligan managed to slip away and will probably cause more mayhem, just like that menace, SPIDER-MAN!"

"I would be surprised if he doesn't have a heart attack on camera one of these days." Speed Demon remarked as he watched the ravings of J. Jonah Jameson. His mask was pulled down, showing his blonde hair and brown eyes.

"Another thing that I will never understand about you mortals." Power Princess stated as she took off her helmet, revealing her black hair and the unnatural purple color of her eyes. Doctor Spectrum also took off her mask and looked at her fellow comrade.

"We're not in public anymore, you can drop the act Zarda." Nenet remarked. Power Princess looked back at her and let out a deep sigh.

"Look, I get that you're angry right now, but that doesn't mean that you have any right to take that out on me." Zarda said, dropping her act. Nenet let out a heavy sigh.

"Sorry, I'm just…A lot of people got hurt and they told me not to help out whatsoever." Nenet began to explain. "And then we attack that guy who helped out? Explain to me how that makes any sense at all." Zarda looked down, trying to figure out something that she could say to her comrade, but she was unable to come up with anything.

"Hey, they wouldn't have done it if they didn't have a good reason." Speed Demon stated. "I think it's best we just follow what they do. Otherwise, they'll find someone to replace us."

"Of course you would say that." Nenet muttered under her breath as she got up to get something to drink. Elsewhere in the building, Nighthawk and Hyperion were watching back the footage, both of them unmasked.

"Who the hell is this guy?" Marcus Milton, better known as Hyperion, asked. He clenched his fist in anger as he rewatched the footage of Kamen Rider kicking him in the groin. He almost used his heat vision to destroy the monitor, but he quickly shut his eyes to try and stop himself. It was in that moment that Quantrell walked into the room, with a rather angry expression on his face.

"What the hell happened out?" Quantrell questioned.

"We got embarrassed, that's what happened!" Kyle stated as he kicked over a trash can. "And you were right, you want to hear that? You were right. It was him! The Rider is back!" Quantrell made a face of confusion.

"It really is him? It's the Kamen Rider?" Quantrell asked. Milton looked at them in confusion.

"What the hell is a Kamen Rider?" He questioned. The two senior members of Shocker looked at their newest recruit with a look of disbelief.

"Right, we haven't explained that to you yet." Nighthawk stated. "Kamen Rider is our greatest mistake.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Milton's asked. Quantrell let out a sigh.

"In 1971, the Japanese branch of Shocker kidnapped a man named Takeshi Hongo in the hopes of turning him into one of our." Quantrell began to explain. "They successful turned him into a cyborg, but before we could fully turn him, a traitor helped him escape. They later found and killed the traitor, but we were unsuccessful in killing Hongo. He used the powers that we gave him to seek revenge on us. We called him Kamen Rider. He was able to wipe out the Japanese branch and then…he disappeared."

"Why is this the first time I'm hearing about this guy?" Marcus questioned.

"Because we thought that he had died a long time ago and that he was no longer a threat to us anymore." Quantrell stated.

"He still isn't, this guy is new." Kyle corrected his Shocker college. "When we spoke, he sounded young, he was inexperienced in a fight, and Hongo would be in his 70's to 80's. No old man could be as nimble as this kid was."

"Still doesn't matter," Hyperion stated as he got up, "if this guy is a big of a threat as you say he is, then we need to stop him. We'll find him sooner than later, and we'll bury the name Kamen Rider." Quantrell smirked at Milton's dedication.

"Spoken like a true Shocker general." He then looked at the two 'heroes'. "We will tell the public that Kamen Rider is a threat, but the Squadron Supreme will hunt him down until he's brought to justice." Quantrell explained. "But no matter what, we must keep our public image clean."

"I'll go tell the others." Hyperion said as he began to walk away. He looked back to his two superiors. "Do we tell them about our true goals?"

"Not yet." Nighthawk stated as he put his mask back on. "But soon. Glory to Shocker."

"Glory to Shocker." Hyperion stated as he exited the room. Nighthawk was about to follow him, but then Quantrell stopped him.

"Kyle, has Milton been acting…weird, lately?" Quantrell questioned. Kyle shook his head in response.

"Not that I can tell." He stated. "Why do you ask?" Quantrell gave an uneasy look.

"The serum we gave him that gives him his powers…It may have some side effects."

"What kind of side effects?"

"Behavioral changes. The lab techs think that it could also affect his mental stability. We don't know what is going to happen to him, so keep tabs on him." Quantrell explained. Nighthawk gave him a look of disbelief.

"What happens if he does lose control? Do we have anything that can stop him?" Nighthawk asked.

"I already explained this to the overseers, they're having one of their top scientists coming over to try and not just help us with our Rider problem, but with this as well." Quantrell said. "They say he's former Hydra, so luckily he knows about us."

"Let's just hope that works, otherwise we just created the world's most dangerous psychopath." Nighthawk said as he walked off.


The night was a relatively quiet night for Mr. Ichikawa. It's been that way for the past 30 years. Ever since he lost his family, he tended to keep himself nowadays. Expect for his next-door neighbors, he rarely talks to anyone. It was nice to take care of Jake during the 5 years when people were snapped out of existence. It felt like he had his family back. As he prepared his dinner, he had his tv on in the background, barely paying attention to it.

"And our top story of tonight, terror ravaged the streets of downtown Staten Island as deranged men and animalistic creatures tore up a square block. But luckily, a new vigilante was there to stop them. And then he proceeded to get into a fight with the new super hero group, the Squadron Supreme. People on the streets are conflicted on who to thank, but what we do know is that this vigilante, who called himself 'Kamen Rider' was the first to stop these deranged men." The newscaster stated. Mr. Ichikawa stopped dead in his tracks as he looked towards the screen. As he watched the footage that the news was playing, caught by civilians on their cellphone, it was if all sound faded out as all Mr. Ichikawa saw this footage. A ringing sound played as he tried to struggle to understand what he was witnessing. But he recognized the new hero. He thought that no one would ever see the Kamen Rider again. But his stomach turned as he slowly began to realize who it was underneath the mask. There's only one person that it could be.

"What have you done, Jake?"

And with that wraps up this new venture into Jake's heroic adventure! Sorry for the long wait for this new chapter. I've been busy with starting a new job, but I've been slowly getting used to the new schedule and I've working to get this new chapter done! And for any one confused on what Jake's new suit looks like, it is the Kamen Rider Ichigo suit from his appearance in the Kamen Rider Ghost movie, better known as Kamen Rider Ichigo Power Up, but slimmed down to fit a more youthful figure. The reason why I chose this suit is because in a world filled with Gods, Aliens, and Gamma powered people, a new hero is going to need as much armor as he could possibly need. With that out of the way...

Next Time: It's time to go on the offensive! After sitting on it, Wrench believes that it is time to find out everything that there is on their new foes. And that means going breaking into a Shocker facility that holds dangerous weaponry and information. But how does Wrench know about his facility? What will our hero find in this facility? And more importantly, what kind of wheels will Jake get? Find out next time!