In between light and darkness


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"Hello," Hadrian said- Person speaking.

Hello. Hadrian thought- Person thinking.

§Hello.§ Hadrian hissed- Person/snake speaking in Parseltongue

#Hello.# Hadrian said- Person speaking in the goblin tongue/language

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Thinking about their death hurt. Yes, they abandoned me in their time of need, but I always wondered how I would have reacted if I saw the events that led to his imprisonment from Daphne's and Natalie's point of view.

I liked to think that I would be convinced of my innocence, but deep in my mind, there was a voice saying, 'you would have betrayed yourself just like she did. I did my best to ignore the voice, but the realization that there was a chance that I could have crossed myself were I put in Daphne's, and Natalie's situation stung.

The notable fact that Daphne did it to save her sister also changed things. I never had a loving family, so I will not even pretend I knew what Daphne was going through. If something went differently with Adrian, would I have testified against Daphne if it got me the cure against his illness?

I shook my head; no what-if scenario would get me anywhere. So instead, I needed to ask myself: Would I be willing to forgive Daphne Greengrass and Natalie Black? And more importantly, if yes, what would that do to my actions I would take shortly. And what about the rest of my friends. What should I do about them?

Chapter 6: Tournament of Magical Power

Ravenclaw Castle, Parco de Castello Miramare, Italy

Hadrian stared at the water splashing against the bay. The sound of the water relaxed Hadrian every time he heard it. After a month in Slytherin Castle, after a month of getting things in order, after he got house elves, a wand, an identity, and the blocks removed from his magic, Harry started to visit the Ravenclaw Castle and Peverell Castle.

The Ravenclaw Castle was much simpler and smaller if compared to the Slytherin Castle. The castle was located directly on the Adriatic Mediterranean Sea. It was so close to the sea that Hadrian could see the sea with a glance from his elevation.

At the moment, Harry could see the fish swimming in the Mediterranean. Serena was wrapped around him, looking at the sea as well. The Slytherin-Ravenclaw-Peverell always liked to come here with Serena wrapped around him to watch the sunset in the evening.

Harry didn't even know why he was always watching the sunset. It just felt immeasurable. It was oddly comforting too. Hadrian liked to reflect on the day, what he had done, which magic he had learned, how he could become better. He usually also ate dinner watching the sunset down. Sometimes Harry just thought about his life, the past, the Potters, Dumbledore, his friends. Friends- the words sounded foreign to him; at the moment, he didn't have friends. Nor did he for the majority of his life. Dudley would usually scare all the people Harry wanted to befriend, bully them, or sometimes hit them. Sometimes he wondered where along the line he had become so jaded, so cold. It wasn't even that the young lord wanted to behave like that; he couldn't help himself. So was it at the Dursleys, when he met the Potters again after they abandoned him, was it during his two-year Hogwarts stay, when his friends found him guilty of a horrible crime, during his 10- year-long stay at Azkaban. "It was a progression," Harry thought, "each of those events made me more and more tired, colder. In a way, I have been programmed to expect to be mistreated, looked down upon, and abandoned."

Studying psychology, Harry found out that he was programmed rather quickly. "I need positive experiences to make me less tired. So revisiting the idea of seeing a mind-healer would probably not be bad either. If negative experiences made me cold and jaded, then maybe positive experiences will make me more open and enthusiastic."

Initially, Harry had given up on the idea of seeing a mind healer; after having studied and read multiple books on psychology, he realized that that was a stupid idea. The time with the Dursleys at Hogwarts and Azkaban has been nothing short of one psychological trauma after another. Abandoned by the Potters, abused by the Dursleys, facing his family after so many years again, betrayed by his friends, thrown into Azkaban for a crime he did not commit.

After reading books on psychology, he found out pretty quickly that he didn't want to talk about his traumas, that he wanted to bottle it up and never talk about it again. However, the psychology books also all believed that you should never bottle things up; you should release all of your negative emotions, one way or another. You will eventually release them when you are finally pushed over the breaking point. The difference is that release would happen rather violently and mainly on a person who would mock you.

Just like it happened with the blonde ponce and me

It was this thought that pushed Harry over the edge and convinced him to see a mind healer.

Hadrian knew that he could no longer leave things to keep going as they were. If he did, it would prove disastrous. Harry already hurt Malfoy in the last timeline because he could not keep his emotions under control. He needed more control over his actions. At first, Hadrian tried to achieve that by studying Occlumency, but it did not reach the effect he wanted to achieve. Instead, the practice of the mind arts had only worsened his mental state.

Hadrian had become more reclusive than ever. He barely talked to Serena anymore; he just got up in the morning and threw himself into learning magic and reading books. Serena had seen the change in him after Hadrian started learning Occlumency and found it most concerning. The basilisk confided in Hadrian, who at this point began to saw the way he had changed as well. After a lot of thinking, Hadrian came to the same conclusion as Serena did. He had a problem. Hadrian had to admit that not seeing a mind healer had been a most stupid decision. There was no excuse for the decision he fell." I was so busy moving forward that I forgot one crucial thing. The past will catch up with you eventually. My past is such a huge burden that I can't simply let go of it instantly. In hindsight, such a thing should have been obvious." Hadrian shook his head. Regrets and thoughts like 'I should have known better.' would not get him anywhere. "Well, at least I had a good basic idea. I cannot be stuck in the past when I need to focus on the present. But I cannot focus on the present without being finished with the past first. I have to digest the past first. Come to terms with it and lastly accept what happened."

Hadrian had looked for a mind healer in the last two weeks. He needed a capable mind healer. After a long search, he found one mind healer, who he decided to visit. His name was Dan Ariely. An American-Isreal psychologist and wizard who took residue in Britain some time ago. He did not solely have muggle clients but also wizarding clients. He was famous for being one of the leading psychologists globally and not revealing any secrets of his clients to the public. The last part was especially essential for the Slytherin-Ravenclaw-Peverell. The future lord did not yet want people to know that he existed. In the future, he would reveal himself but not now. He would bide his time, preferable until he turned ten, by when Hadrian also should have decided if he wanted to rekindle the relationship he and his former friends, who abandoned him in his time of need. He already had a session with the therapist. Of course, Hadrian wasn't stupid enough to go to the session as his eight-year-old self. He took two aging-potion in advance and transformed into his thirty-year-old-looking self. The therapist began the session with two straightforward questions. The questions being: why have you decided to come here? And what have you have done or has happened to you to come here? Hadrian felt uncomfortable telling the psychologist about his past before he decided to tell him the whole truth. It would not do well for him to lie in their first session. He needed to digest the past to move forward, and this session was the beginning. He told him how he was abandoned, abused by the Dursleys, and eventually thrown into Azkaban for ten years for a crime he did not commit. The therapist looked at him a bit oddly after Hadrian gave him a general outline of his life. Mr. Ariely flat out admitted that he would probably be the most challenging case of a client he ever had. Dan told him that he would likely have to attend therapy for years to get over what happened to him. According to the therapist, all kinds of treatment have five stages. Stage number one: denial. You deny that you have a problem that needs attention. Stage number two: anger. You still deny that you have a problem; keep bottling the emotions until they unlock themselves at a target or person. This stage everyone has to go through is what the psychologist said. All you can influence is whether you unblock the emotion in a controlled environment or an uncontrolled environment. Stage three: Bargaining. You are coming to terms with what happened. You are asking yourself questions like 'what if I.'

Stage number 4: Depression. After you come to terms with the happenings, depression sets in, you feel helpless, overwhelmed, sad, and have a strong urge to flee. You don't want to interact, socialize, get out of bed. What you want, however, is to withdraw more and more into your psychic. Stage 5: Acceptance. The final stage of therapy. If you have reached this state, you are soon going to finish your treatment. In this stage, you feel that it is regardless of what you experienced. You feel like you are going to be okay either way. You have now made your peace with the past and are willing to move on to a brighter future. The therapist noted that these stages do not happen in a particular order, and each stage can re-occur several times. Dan remarked that he had made one crucial step, already, realizing that he had a problem. Mr. Ariely talked about what they were going to do over the next few months, which exercises, and so forth. He continued to inform Hadrian about the nature of the coming sessions for the next hour before he dismissed him and gave him an appointment for next week. As Hadrian saw the sun leaving the horizon, he went inside the castle, Serena already falling asleep while being wrapped around him, to a good night's sleep.

The following day- Hadrian's Point of View

I woke up. Like usually, I stared at the ceiling for a moment. Commonly, I just thought about what I was going to do this morning. But, truthfully, I had no idea what I wanted to do this morning. Maybe just some light physical and magical training before I visit China.

Last year, I learned all about magic from the Slytherin grimoire. While I focussed on transfiguration, charms, defense against the dark arts, herbology, astronomy, and History of Magic, I also delved into other magical subjects. It was safe to say that Harry became very knowledgeable when it came to magic. He now was a reasonably good Practioner of the mind magics, both legilimancy and occlumency, he had adequate knowledge of ritual magic, but his knowledge in that field was nothing compared to his knowledge of parselmagic. God, Hadrian loved parselmagic. Two years ago, the young lord didn't even know that such a branch of magic existed. Now it was his favorite. The usages of parselmagic were widespread. From healing to battle magic, charms, making snakes obey you, to its incredible usage in ritual and blood magic. Everything you learned to do in Hogwarts, you could do with parselmagic. Parseltongue, however, did have the advantage that it was a magical language; therefore, if a wizard or witch cast a spell in Parseltongue instead of English, the spell would be automatically more powerful than it usually would be by the caster. These were only a few possible uses, but there were at least 2000 more in reality.

Over the years, he had many teachers, none of who were alive. The Castles Hadrian owned had many. The most notable Hadrian probably used were the ghosts and portraits of the former Lord Slytherins. There, he met the spirit of Bradley Slytherin. When Bradley was alive, he fought against a dark lord named Ekrizdis. Ekridiz was the creator of the Dementors and a dark lord who wanted to lead the wizarding kind to leadership over the Muggles. In short, he was the Gellert Grindelwald of the Middle Ages. After graduating from Hogwarts, he wanted to explore magic in depth. Settling down in an island, which at the time was unchartered by either muggles or wizards, he began his work. He would often lure muggles on the island, which would later be known as Azkaban. He experimented on those Muggles, practicing and exploring all kinds of dark and black magic. Azkaban prison got its name from the Hebrew word 'Abbadon,' which could translate as place of destruction, underworld, or realm of the dead. Fitting names, nearly all once enprisoned prisoners of Azkaban would agree.

Ekrizdis tortured and killed muggles on the island. Over time, he lost his sanity at the island. Whether this is because of the dark magic he practiced or the presence of the dementors he created, or the isolation from society is unknown. When he left the island and reentered the world, the first thing he did, was to stoke the fire between Muggles and Wizards. Tensions between the two had already been higher than at any other point in history then. Manipulating events so that Muggles and Wizards would clash, he declared himself a lord. His goal: to exterminate all Muggles, half-bloods, and muggle-borns. Back then, purebloods made up 50% of the wizardkind population.

This was primarily due to the teachings of the catholic church. They believed witches and wizards to be servants of the devil, meaning they had to die. As a result, many witches and wizards burned on the stake. Another consequence was that wizards and witches began hating people more and more. With time, their retaliations become uglier and uglier, only adding fuel to the hate wizards and muggles felt towards each other. Wizards would not lie down any longer. A child with a magical and nonmagical lineage, who admitted it, was rare.

Did they want to call themselves wizards and witches, well aware that other wizards and witches would see them as potential spies and danger? Or did they want to count as Muggles, deny their magic, watch witches and wizards burn at the stake, and hope that the Muggles never found out about their magical heritage?

It was a hard, life-deciding question, yet a question all of those children had to ask themselves. Only in America lived the magical people and muggles in harmony. But that was mainly due to Isolt Sayre and her husband. In Europe, however, this did not work. Magical and nonmagical people waged war against each other after both parties realized that they could not exist peacefully. There you had to choose between your magical and muggle heritage. You could not have both.

Bradley Slytherin-Ravenclaw-Peverell, half-blood, opposed Ekrizdis, who by then had amassed an army. An army that believed that it was their birthright to rule over the muggles. An army who thought that there should be no mixture of magical and nonmagical blood. People who believed it to be an abomination. People who wanted to kill muggles for their loved ones burned at the stake.

An interesting fact about Bradley was the fact that he was arguably the blackest magician of all time. He surpassed Emeric the Evil, Egbert the Egregious, and Ekrizdis in knowledge of the dark and black arts. Moreover, his power was so great that many speculated that he had reached the power level only Morgana Lefay and Merlin himself achieved. A feat not easily accomplished.

Bradley gathered an army himself, composed of witches and wizards who most were muggle-borns or half-bloods, defeated Ekrizdis forces after two long years of war. Then, nearing the end of the war, with most Ekrizdis forces either dead or incarcerated, Bradley killed Ekrizdis himself. The battle between is said to have lasted an entire hour.

During Bradley's life, the wizardkind was deeply divided. Half of them were muggle-borns or half-bloods who had to choose between counting themselves to the witches and wizards or the muggles. The other half consisted of pureblood supremacists who wanted to murder all muggles and people related to them by one or two generations. Following Ekrizdis defeat and the end of the war, which had ensnared half of Europe, Bradley helped found the beginnings of the ICW (International Confederation of Wizards). An alliance of nations that would help each other.

Officially, Bradley never had children when in truth, he had two. One boy and girl each. His son would eventually be murdered while the girl would continue House Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Peverell's legacy.

In his dying breath, Ekrizdis cursed Bradley's lineage, gold, and any other material possessions. The curse was so strong that no Slytherin-Ravenclaw-Peverell for over five centuries ever dared to claim Lordship over their Houses and all that came along with them. Bradley theorized that should one of his descendants ever claim the Houses, that Ekrizdis curse would instantly take effect, making the person's life exceedingly difficult. Thus, the curse was the reason why no Slytherin-Ravenclaw-Peverell would ever dare to claim what was rightfully theirs for the next four and something centuries.

When the charm on Ekrizdises island faded, people were sent to investigate. They found Ekrizdis creations on the island, the dementors, together with notes on experiments that Ekrizdis performed on Muggles. Muggles, whose haunted souls were now dementors. The experiments' notes were taken in and locked in the Chamber of Secrets at Hogwarts, should the need ever arise to fight against the dementors.

After the war ended, people wanted to destroy Azkaban. However, many people did not share this opinion, suspecting that the Dementors would come after them for destroying their homes. As a result, Azkaban would one day become the most internationally terrifying prison in the world.

The war's end, however, was just another's beginning. During the two-year conflict, many muggles were killed, courtesy of Ekrizdises forces. The hate muggles felt towards wizards increased exponentially.

Muggles would eventually, more than ever, start hunting witches and wizards down. Subsequently, a century after Bradley's demise, the Statue of Secrecy would be enacted by the ICW (International Confederation of Wizards).

When Hadrian first spoke to Bradley via the portrait, he found the story very interesting.

The Slytherin-Ravenclaw-Peverell's, however, went into hiding at the end of the story. Bradley was the last descendant of House Ravenclaw, Peverell, and Slytherin. At least in the eyes of the public. Being the leading general in the war against Ekrizdis, Bradley had many enemies. Hadrian wondered if people would consider him an enemy just because of the name he carried and because of being a descendant of Bradley.

The magical world was still biased against muggle-borns, creatures, half-bloods, and the list will go on for hours upon hours. When will all the bias ever end?

Though Dumbledore and his 'light' side fraction would publically confess their love for goblins, werewolves, muggle-borns, half-bloods, they would not pass laws as they should according to how they portraited themselves in public. But they were politicians. Hadrian didn't sometimes know why he suspected that they would behave otherwise. So rarely would a law be passed that would give creatures or non-purebloods more rights.

Over the years, Bradley became Hadrian's favorite teacher. First, he taught him about the normal Hogwarts subjects. Then, Hadrian assumed that he could compete with Hogwarts fifth-years when it came to the Hogwarts subjects.

Then, a little bit of wandlore. Hearing of what his wand was composed of, Bradley's surprise was uncontainable. His wand was made of elder wood as the wand wood, and his core also had a phoenix feather. After wandlore, Hadrian was taught about the mind arts. Then, the basics of ritual magic. The last thing Hadrian was taught quickly became his favorite subject; parselmagic.

Bradley did not spare Hadrian when it came to education. Just as Hadrian wanted. Over the last two years, Hadrian's mastery over his wand had steadily grown. Of course, Hadrian would not say that he had fully mastered the wand; god forbid he was decades away from mastery. But Hadrian would proudly claim that he could control the wand now to do his bidding.

After reflecting on the last two years, Hadrian pulled the blanket away, got dressed, and walked into the kitchen. He ate something before taking an aging potion, left the castle, and jogged for 8 minutes.

Having finished his sports activities for the day, Hadrian returned to the castle. He packed a backpack, took some more aging potions with him, stepped in the fireplace, and was engulfed in green flames after he spoke the words, "Chinese Ministry of Magic.".

Chinese Ministry of Magic

Leaving the floo network, Harry walked into the underground located Ministry of Magic in Peking. But this was not why he was here today; he was here because he wanted to test how far he had gone. Today here was the underage dueling championship.

The Chinese were a lot more laxer when it came to the dark arts. They also were a nation that would make a contest out of everyone. They also loved to duel. Today Hadrian would mess himself with the fourth years of the Mahoutokoro school.

The Mahoutokoro school was one of the best schools in the world, perhaps even the best. During the last decade, Mahoutokoro quickly became one of the top three leading schools. Only Ilvermony, Durmstrang, and Beauxbeauton could compete with it. Hogwarts sadly could not. This was something that made Hadrian frown; even before death made him a Slytherin-Ravenclaw-Peverell, he considered his school home. It didn't matter if Voldemort and Dumbledore were roaming the hallways if the professors were idiots, who should have never been allowed to be anywhere near children in the first place. Just as it didn't matter if the student population of Hogwarts consisted of idiots, Dumbledore lovers, and pureblood supremacists, Hogwarts was his one sacred place that no one should ever harm on Harry's watch unless they wanted to deal with an angry Harry.

Now that he was a descendant of two founders, he realized that he had a particular responsibility to the school and its inhabitants. In the future, Harry would undoubtedly try to make Hogwarts an overall better school.

The Mohoutokoro school always offered anyone the chance to test their skills against one of their students. They did this for many reasons. One was that it was a great way of showing the world how good their school students were. But, unfortunately, only a handful of people won against a Mohoukotoro student in a duel.

But Hadrian was confident in his ability that he would win the underage dueling championship today. He had learned as much as he could under Bradley's tutelage as he could in the last two years.

At the beginning of each school year in Japan, people could test themselves against the students. The event usually took place in the temple above the underground Chinese Ministry of Magic.

Hadrian sighted the rest of the challengers and registered himself as a contest under the name Chris Meyer. After doing so, he took a parchment, signed it in a blood quill, stating that he would not sue the people who organized the tournament or one competing in it. The parchment also said that he would use no magic that could seriously harm or kill anyone.

Hadrian saw many families pass him by, making his way up to the temple above the Chinese Ministry of Magic. This was not just a dueling championship that interested most of China. Britain, France, Italy, Bulgaria, all European countries were interested in them because of the international competition. Durmstrang, Mohoutokoro, Beauxbauton, Hogwarts- that were the four primary magical schools in Europe. Here students of different schools could test themselves against Mohoutokoro students.

The founder of Mahoutokoro established the tournament to establish ties between young witches and wizards of different nationalities. But he also intended it to be a competition where students could examine their abilities against others. Matsui Valkov, the founder of Mahoutokoro, was offered the temple above the current Ministry to hold his competition by a high-ranking Chinese Ministry official and friend at the time. As a result, the Tournament of Magical Power has become a tradition throughout history, being held once a year nowadays.

Delacour, Valkov, Harry saw many famous families pass him by. Suddenly, seeing the Potters, his breathing process stopped, and his heart started beating just a bit faster. Adrian stood behind James and Lily, who shielded them from the media, which gushed over him. My brother, I thought in disdain, had an annoyed look on his face.

"Auror Potter, you have recently been appointed to Chief Auror. What changes can we expect from the Auror Department with you being the second in command?" asked a reporter.

"Nothing much will change. The DMLE's main priority at the moment is the persecution of the participants in the werewolves and vampires attacks."

"Chief Auror Potter, do you think the DMLE is capable of bringing in these creatures." another reporter fired a question at James.

"Yes, yes we are. Though the budget of my department has been cut short in previous years, we still have the forces to hunt down and catch these creatures."

The reporters started firing questions about werewolves and vampires after questions at James, who answered each patiently. While they asked questions, the Potters moved towards the spectator's sport, taking their seats.

A month ago, there had been werewolf and vampires attacks in quick succession, every week or so. These attacks had the country terrified of werewolves and vampires. The political climate also changed. The so-called 'light fraction' in the Wizengamot flat out stated that they would no longer support pushing laws favoring werewolves and vampires. Which they didn't anyway, bloody hypocrites, but that's beside the point. As a result, most of the werewolves and vampires left Britain. The situation in Britain concerning werewolves and vampires was never pleasant; to begin with. A lot of prejudice, bigotry, hard to get a job. People found all kinds of reasons and ways as to why they should discriminate against these creatures.

Seeing the unstable climate in Britain when it came to werewolves and creatures, those bitten didn't want to remain. The bigotry in the country was already bad enough; they didn't want to experience reaching it to a new level. So they left. Many people died in the attacks committed by the werewolves and vampires packs. Fenrir Greyback, number one British national enemy, member of the most wanted list by the ICW (International Confederation of Wizards), led his pack to attack Diagon Alley, a public Quidditch match, and lastly attacked Hogsmede itself.

Fenrir and his crew were long gone before the Aurors could arrive at each of these locations, only leaving a trail of corpses and bitten people behind.

The public was outraged and wanted Fenrir and his accomplices' heads on a silver platter.

Even if James thinks otherwise, the DMLE (Department of Magical Law Enforcement) simply doesn't have the funding to hunt down Fenrir and his pack. Even the ICW (International Confederation of Wizards) didn't achieve capturing Fenrir. He infected people in every country of the world and is a danger. They hunted him down for five years in a row, and they still haven't captured them. If the ICW (International Confederation of Wizards) can't arrest him, then the British Ministry of Magic certainly can't.

And that was just the plain reality; the Ministry was corrupt, many ministry officials being Death Eaters. Add many of them being Dumbledore's spies, followers, believers, supporters, call them whatever you want, the Ministry did not function properly as it should. With Fudge as Minister, Lucius bribing him, the Malfoy lord also gets what he wants more often than he should.

For example, the DMLE (Department of Magical Law Enforcement) funding was cut short in the last years, something that never should have happened in the first place. Plus, Death Eaters have bribed their way out of Azkaban. All due to Fudge being a disappointment of a Minister.

Eventually, I saw a man taking a sound enchanted horn into his hand and said into it, "Ladies and gentleman, I, Julius Yoshi, current Headmaster of Mohoukotoro, welcome you to the 905th Tournament of Magical Power." His announcement was met with cheers and clapping. Next, the Japanese Headmaster gave a speech about International Collaboration and working towards a better future. Naturally, Hadrian didn't listen to that part. It was irrelevant, not to mention boring. However, his interest was spiked when the Headmaster began with the rules and procedure of the tournament.

"Every Mohoutokoro student and foreign competitor was given a number. When your number is called, you will step into the arena. The rules of engagement are anything forbidden by the law and anything that could seriously harm your opponent. Should either of these requirements be broken, we will disqualify you and hand you over to the authorities after stopping the duel. The use of the dark arts will have the same outcome. A winner is decided if one competitor surrenders, is disarmed, or can no longer continue the duel. One hundred fifty competitors agreed to take on the students of my school. The competitors will be placed in four groups A to C. The same will happen with 150 of my students. They will be sorted into groups D to F. Only one member of each group will emerge victoriously. These six individuals will face a winner of another group. If you lose even once you are out. "

Letting everyone digest, what the Headmaster just said, he spoke after a few moments again. "Very well, we will now divide my students and competitors into' A to C groups. The letter of which group you belong to will appear on the paper you received on which stands your number.

Harry looked at the parchment he was given. It showed the letter c under his number (127).

After a minute or so, the Headmaster started speaking again. "We will begin with group A of the contestants. Number 1 and 50, please step forward."

Following the Headmaster's announcement, the two contestants stepped inside the arena. The Headmaster whispered something into both contestants' ears and then instructed them to duel. They both took stances a few feet away from each other. Suddenly, they raised their wands like swords and bowed to each other. A sign of respect to the other wizard. Both were from England, it seemed, as they had the Gryffindor logo engraved on their t-shirts.

Stupid, stupid Gryffindors. I thought. Like Salazar Slytherin once said: Bravery is by far the kindest word for stupidity. I wholeheartedly agreed with the founder of my house. I mean the stances of those two; they will bring only shame to Hogwarts.

Their stances were, for the lack of a better word... ridiculous. Their chest was puffed out, giving the attacker a larger target area. One hand was on the hip. They stood sideways, reducing the target area; at least they made that right.

Hadrian heard some Mohoutokoro students snicker at seeing their stances. Still, he just took some calming breaths, reminding himself that those students had all the reasons to snicker at the two Gryffindor Hogwarts students.

The Chinese and Japanese absolutely loved dueling. Dueling was so important in those countries that the kids of these countries were taught it as a single subject at Mohoukotoro. If Hadrian were the Headmaster of Hogwarts, he would do the same. Dueling wasn't just a fancy leisure activity. It was a hands-on Defence against the dark arts practice—something the student population of Hogwarts desperately needed.

Voldemort's curse on the DADA (Defense Against The Dark Arts) position did not help matters. On the contrary, it shooed away any capable Defence against the dark arts teacher. Nowadays, the post was occupied by squabbling, useless old goats.

Albus, of too many names, titles, and jobs, claimed that nobody applied for the position. His reasoning was that very few people applied for the job because rumors about the curse on the job started to speculate.

Hadrian always found that odd. Sure, the curse on the position would discourage people from applying, but that by no means should mean having an incompetent professor teach Hogwart's classes.

Quirellmort and Flophart were terrible teachers. Riddle possessed one. The other was a fraud.

According to the elderly students at Hogwarts, Flophart and Quirellmort were no exceptions. They followed a long line of tradition of incompetent DADA (Defence Against the Dark Arts) teachers. For example, the professor before Quirellmort only taught the theory but not how to perform a single spell.

Thinking about these things made Harry frown. A history of incompetent DADA teachers, no, teachers in general at Hogwarts was not something that could be allowed to continue on his watch. He wanted Hogwarts to prosper when he visited the school. He was a descendant of two founders and their heir; he cared for his ancestors' legacy. Hadrian just couldn't let Hogwarts continue on the path it was now.

Snape, the greasy git, was insufficient for a potion teacher. His blatant favoritism of House Slytherin didn't help him either. Plus, Snape was the biggest bully in the entire school. Trelawney was mainly a fraud. Bins, the history teacher, only taught about Goblin rebellions.

That was bad. The history teacher was a ghost and was dead for over six hundred years. He didn't teach about Grindelwald, Voldemort, or anything that happened historically after his death. As the history teacher, the muggle studies professor was utterly outdated at the 1910 level of muggle studies. The DADA (Defence Against the Dark Arts) professor was an incompetent fool, dark lord in hiding, or swindler. In most cases, it is a combination of those things. Hadrian thought darkly.

Why didn't Dumbledore just hire a retired Auror? There were plenty around who retired due to the horrors they had seen in the war against Voldemort. Many of those didn't want to work as an Auror anymore. Hadrian assumed that they would jump at the opportunity to teach the next generation how to defend themselves against the dark arts. Even if it were just for one year, for sure, it would be better to have a constant, competent, knowledgeable professor. But having such a professor would be better than having an incompetent one at Hogwarts, even it just was for a year.

Or how could it be that at Hogwarts, so many incompetent teachers taught? Didn't the Headmaster have to show the board of governors credentials if he hired a teacher?

But incompetent teachers aside, how is it that Dumbledore didn't let Unspeakables search the entire school for the cursed object during the summer holiday.

Curses on positions, families, holdings usually cemented themselves through objects or blood. Ekrizdis didn't curse the Slytherin-Ravenclaw-Peverell line through an item; he cursed Bradley's blood and, in doing so, his lineage. Bradley researched blood magic to an impressive extent to lift the curse from his line. The medieval wizard never succeeded, but at least he could claim he tried.

If you want to curse a position like Voldemort, you had to bind the curse to an object near the person who practiced the work. The cursed item Voldemort had to leave behind to curse the position would have to be at Hogwarts.

As Headmaster, Dumbles should have long since had Unspeakables search the entire castle for the cursed object. Besides hindering him from having a constant DADA (Defence Against the Dark Arts) professor, the cursed thing was a danger to every student who came across it.

Hadrian couldn't imagine a world where Voldemort hadn't ensured that his cursed object was never found. But in the unlikely scenario that it was found, Voldemort most likely had placed deadly protections on it if anyone ever tried to remove the curse. The object was most likely enchanted to warrant that the person who touched it would end up dead. Dumbledore knew a clear threat existed within the castle but let its existence continue instead of trying to destroy it.

Another one of his failings as Headmaster. Harry thought somberly. Thinking about the old goat always filled Hadrian with rage.

Trelawney was a fraud. Sometimes Harry wondered why divination was taught at Hogwarts in the first place? What justification did it have for being there? In Harry's opinion, divination shouldn't be taught at Hogwarts at all. Ancient runes, Arithmancy, Care of Magical Creatures, and Muggles studies should be the only electives you should be able to elect. Unless you were a seer, which 99,99 percent of the Magical population weren't anyway, divination was useless.

The only good professors the school did have were Professor McGonagall and Professor Flitwick. They knew how to teach the subject; they learned. Bloody Dumbledore himself educated professor McGonagall. Say what you will about the man, but there was no disputing that he was the best at transfigurations in the whole world. Likewise, Filius Flitwick was one of the best charms professors the world had to offer.

Outside of his teaching post at Hogwarts, he researched a lot. Not unlike McGonagall did. Both Head of Houses of Ravenclaw and Gryffindor were some of the numerous masters in the subjects they tutored students in. As a result, they earned the academic rank of master in their subjects. The highest academic grade you could achieve.

To achieve this rank, you had first to get your OWL (Ordinary Wizarding Level) and Newts (Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Test) in the subject. Then you had to apprentice a few years under a master in the subject. Unfortunately, there were very few masters in all branches of magic because of many reasons. First of all, getting an apprenticeship from a master in a particular section of magic was already hard. 105. That was the number of people who were recognized masters in their field of magic. Second, the majority only took one apprentice. Getting to be one was an honor, hard. Finally, most masters took an apprentice because they showed an unusually high aptitude for a branch of magic. Another way to get accepted as an apprentice was to be connected. Masters would then take an apprentice due to their connections with the apprentice or simply owed their family a favor. In other words, becoming a master's apprentice was incredibly difficult. Those who did could count themselves lucky.

Only after you apprenticed under a master for at least five years could you become a master yourself. Before that, you, of course, had to be tested and pass a test by the ICW's Transfiguration guild (International Confederation of Wizards Transfiguration guild).

Every branch of magic had its guild. There were around 20 guilds. The guilds came into existence following Bradley's defeat over Ekrizdis. Since Muggles hunted witches and wizards more drastically, wizards and witches believed that they should work more intently together across the globe.

So they established a global parliament, the ICW (International Confederation of Wizards). The head of this parliament was the Supreme Mugwump, who oversaw parliamentary affairs and court procedures. In addition, he led the sessions of the ICW (International Confederation of Wizards). The first Supreme Mugwump was Bradley Slytherin-Ravenclaw-Peverell. This was primarily because Bradley united half of the wizarding community Europe's against Ekrizdis. But even outside of the war against Ekrizdis, Bradley had connections to influential people worldwide.

His childhood friend was one of the founders of the MACUSA (Magical Congress of the United States of America). On top of that, he was friends with multiple senators of the MACUSA, the Russian Czar, and numerous monarchs in Africa. These contacts ensured that Bradley became the first Supreme Mugwump after the ICW(International Confederation of Wizards) was established.

The guilds were meant to gather all knowledge of a specific subject and to research the topic further. Today the guilds were composed of the best of the best. If you had a seat on one of the guilds, you were an expert in the subject.

Albus Dumbledore was the head of the transfiguration guild. The head was usually the most knowledgeable of the masters on the guild.

The first duel of the tournament was tiresome. First, a few stunners were thrown at each other, followed by disarming spells, a few banishing and summoning spells, a levitating charm, and nothing more. They didn't even try to dodge these spells. Instead, they wanted to block them. That was the stupidest thing they could have done. It took magical power to do so; this power should have been preserved for the offense in a duel. You should only shield in a fight if you absolutely had to if you weren't able to move out of the way before the curse impacted.

The rest of the Hogwarts students were at the same level as the two idiots from group A, Hadrian would realize as the tournament carried on. A student from Beauxbeauton won group A of the foreign contestants. Fidela Snow. It was evident that she was at least part vela. Her long silvery hair, her deep blue eyes, the way every man drooled at her was a dead giveaway. Hadrian smirked when he saw many men drooling at the vela, much to the displeasure of their girlfriends. Well, at least that was if Hadrian read their facial expression right. The only ones that had a chance at winning group A were the Beauxbauton and Durmstrang students. It was clear that they outmatched the Hogwarts students.

The Durmstrang students couldn't show their full potential because they could not use the dark arts. At the Bulgarian school, they taught Defence against the dark arts and the dark arts itself. However, the dark arts may be practical in a duel if you wanted to win, but they were not allowed here.

The dark arts were destructive and essentially used to hurt people, which led to them being banned. However, the tournament laws stated that you would be disqualified and handed over to the authorities if you used dark magic.

The uniform is pale pink at the beginning of school, but it turns golden when one gets good grades. If the uniform is white, the student has violated the international secrecy agreement, has not followed the Japanese magician code of conduct and dabbled in illegal practices called black magic in Europe. That was the case at Mohoutokoro.

Hadrian wondered why Dumbledore hadn't done something like that. He hated dark magic, called everyone evil who practiced dark magic.

Dropping the situation, Harry analyzed the matches he had seen take place in group A. Beauxbeauton and Durmstrang were miles better at dueling than Hogwarts students.

They both knew an outstanding stance meant for dueling. From Durmstrang, he could expect spells that were borderline dark. On top of that, he noticed most Durmstrang students having a knack for transfiguration. They knew how to doge, knew the disarming spell, banishing spell, the most known variants of the summoning spells, knew some shield spells, how to block charms, rune clusters, binding spells, and useful jinxes in duels. The same could be said for the Beauxbeauton students. Some of them were velas, so he had to avoid their magical fire.

Hadrian analyzed one match in particular of round one. Something just seemed off about it.

The match between Fidela Snow and Erik Cromwell. It was the last match of group A.

If Hadrian managed to win group C, it was likely that he would have to go up against Snow.

But for now, Hadrian would just contend, watching the matches in group B until his number was called.

A familiar face won group B. Nymphadora Tonks. Harry remembered her from the last timeline. She was an Auror, member of the Order of the Phoenix, and protege of Alastor 'Mad Eye' Moody.

Her mother was Andromeda Tonks nee Black. But she was no longer a Black as she was cast out of the family for marrying a muggle-born. A big no-no in a family of blood supremacists. A shame. Ted Tonks worked in the law firm of the Greengrasses, being one of the best lawyers they had. Nymphadora's mother was a potion mistress and ran an apothecary in Diagon Alley.

Harry always liked Nymphadora. She taught him all he needed to know about the wizarding world he was not a part of for the first 11 years of his life. In addition, she showed him how to duel. But most importantly, she was loyal to him and didn't think he was guilty when he was sentenced to Azkaban. Nymphadora was one of the few people he trusted. While she was not a friend, nearly an acquaintance for his years at Hogwarts, she took a much more notable role in his life during his stay at Azkaban. The women visited him, brought him books so that he did not have to loaf around in front of himself. She talked to him.

When Voldemort came into his cell one day announcing her death, Harry was heartbroken.

According to the dark wanker, Nymphadora died when she opposed the Ministry under Voldemort's banner. Harry had grown fond of Nymphadora and would even call her his best friend. Therefore it was safe to say that Harry cared a great deal about Tonks. This time around, he'd assure that the Methamorphagus would become the best well Auror she could.

She always wanted to be an Auror even before she graduated from Hogwarts. Though Harry never understood why. But he suspected that he wanted to show that women can be just as powerful as any wizards. Additionally, it was clear to Hadrian that she wanted to be seen for more than her Metamorphagus abilities.

Usually, the Methamorphagus could be seen in the library studying Defence against the dark arts books. Nevertheless, with Hogwarts having incompetent DADA (Defence Against the Dark Arts) professors and her wish to become an Auror, she had to get a good grade on her Owls and Newts exams, which she did. She scored an Outstanding on both examinations—something which again was very hard with Hogwarts incompetent DADA professors. Unfortunately, not many students passed the Owls and Newts examinations in Defence against the Dark arts. While the teacher compiled the exam at the end of the years, this was not the case for students' Owls and newt years. The owls were not composed by the teachers but instead by the British Department of Education itself.

The practical examination was performed by Griselda Marchbanks, Head of the Department, herself. Many had to take their Owls in DADA twice because they failed them the first time. The same was the case with potions. Many never took their Owls and Newts in these subjects because they loathed them for years of listening to incompetent professors or Snape. Truthfully, Hadrian did not know what was worse? Having to listen to an inept professor or Snape? The mere thought of one of these things made him shiver.

Nymphadora earned Hadrian's respect because, like the rest of Hogwarts students, she did not let herself by assholes like Quirrelmort or Snape. No, she had the goal to become an Auror, and she did everything she could to make that dream possible. She researched and taught her Defence Against the Dark Arts all by herself. Something mighty impressive. You could not learn some things like producing spells, wand movements, hands-on Defence Against the Dark Arts, etc.; you could not learn from a book. For these things, you needed a living instructor. Something Harry quickly found out when he began his training. While Bradley was an excellent teacher, for some things, you just required a living instructor.

This was the reason he decided to take part in the tournament itself. Harry needed more practice when it came to dueling. Plus, he wanted to test his power against opponents to see how far he progressed in his training.

Tonks did all of that. Sure, her mum probably helped her get a good enough grade in potions to be accepted into the Auror Academy (AA).

Hadrian smiled fondly, remembering Tonks.

"Number 127 vs. Number 138. Both contestants, please step into the arena." announced the Headmaster.

"Let the fun begin," Hadrian whispered as he made steps from the spectator area to the arena.

It is time for me to truly test how far I managed to come in my two years of training.

End of Chapter 6