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Severus entered his lesson with the Gryffindors with his head held high. This lesson would be very different indeed. "Welcome to potions class. You may be seated. Now today we will not be brewing any potions. I will be going through some safety protocols with you. In potions there is always a reason why we do things the way they are described. Now if you'll remember I asked everyone for their potions books yesterday and now I will be handing them back. They are all different inside now but I will elaborate on that shortly!" he said as Hermione gasped and fought hard not to scowl deeply at the thought of one of her precious books being defiled. She grabbed her book possessively close to her chest and fought to not cry about him messing with it inside. Her parents had always taught her to love books and so she had.

"As some of you may not know I am the youngest potions master of our time and for this reason it stands to reason that I would know more about potions then most. Open page twenty two of your books please. There you will see that instead of cutting the slime bean I have crossed out cut and added crush instead. If you crush the beans you get the juice out easier and it's a lot less dangerous as those beans jiggle all over the place. You will see in all recipes that marks like this have been made but I have only done this to make the brewing process easier for all of you" he said casually walking around the room to make sure everyone could see it clearly. As they read the recipe he was proud of himself. When he'd edited the book as a teenager it had been a hot mess only he could read but he'd insured he'd been neat when editing their recipes now. Thankfully as one aged he didn't have the same writing he did as a teenager. Hermione eyed her book tears finally falling from her eyes as he stopped at her desk.

"Miss Granger whatever is the matter?" he asked surprisingly kindly.

"My parents have always taught me the value of books and are the reason I love books so very much. I could never imagine writing in a book like this. I just feel like it's been tarnished now and I really don't like feeling that way. It doesn't sit right with me to see words in a book scratched out even if you were the one to do it!" she said swiping at her eyes as he rolled his to heaven. This was a bit ridiculous.

"That's a little bit silly but show me your book a moment!" he said as she passed him the book and he cast a spell on it. When she reopened the book the words he'd written in had replaced the original words and there were no ink marks at all on it.

"Oh my goodness! Thank you so much sir. Although I'll always know it was not what was in the book originally at least it doesn't look wrong now" she said with a small smile. He smiled back at her.

"You are welcome Miss Granger. I would try to steer clear of these harmful feelings in future though as it might get you into trouble!" he said as he continued to walk around the room checking everyone understood.

"Mr's Crabbe and Goyle please tell me what you understand about what I have said so far?" he asked casually whilst not walking near them.

"Nothing sir. We don't ever get anything anyone says!" they responded grumpily with such attitude it blew him away. If he'd expected anything from them this would not have been it.

"Ok you know what ten points from Slytherin for answering me in a cheeky manor. You must now drink these potions which are non- harmful for me!" he said as they drank the potions and promptly burst out laughing. It was cheery potion and they couldn't stop laughing for five minutes. There was another potion mixed in with that one though which was medical and they both jumped as there was a pop sounds and some balls of wax emerged from their ears disappearing at once as he gave them a significant look and they looked embarrassed because they'd been so full of wax they couldn't hear him.

"Now that we know you can actually hear me now please tell me what you learned?" he asked once more as they thought deeply.

"We have learned that what you did to our books will make your class easier and stuff!" they said as he smiled at them.

"Very good. Next time please come to me instead of being silly because you cannot hear over having too much wax in your head as it would be more sensible. What you all might not know is that there is a reason we put things into the cauldrons in the order we do and the manor we do it. Mr's Crabbe and Goyle in particular should note that the only thing we ever throw into our cauldrons is moon mist. Everything else is to be inside them carefully or else we'll have explosions which are not safe. Does anyone have questions for me?" he asked as Faye Dunbar raised her hand and he pointed at her to speak.

"What should we do sir if a professor gives us a potion to take but they are not you or Madam Pomfrey? I am just scared they might not understand about potions like you do as they don't teach this class. I don't want to get in trouble or something in the future if that happens!" she asked as he smiled.

"Ten points to Gryffindor for asking me a sensible question. Any staff member who gives you potions should accept when you tell them that you would like me to see it before you take it. If they are smart they will take understand this. Only staff with bad intentions would deny you this security and I should tell you if a member of staff ever tries to make you take a potion without your consent you are to stun them at once and come and find me immediately with the potion so I may analyse it and keep you all safe which is my job as a potions master. Everyone needs to understand that no one will normally ask you to take a potion unless they are myself of Madam Pomfrey and that should anyone else do this it is strange and to be cautious if they do!" he warned carefully. Hermione looked highly confused and looked to warring with herself internally.

"What if Professor Dumbledore gives us the potion sir?" she asked carefully as he sighed.

"Professor Dumbledore knows many things but about potions he is essentially clueless. If he should ask you to take anything you should tell him you will need me to tell you what the potion is or if it is safe to take and he should accept this as a responsible adult. Has he asked you to take a potion?" he asked as she shrunk back a bit looking awkwardly around her.

"Well not really but he did imply he'd like to give me one soon and as he's the best in this school I'd like to not let him down. Perhaps when I next see him you can come too so I don't have to be all weird about it. You can quickly check that the potion he said he might give me would be safe. I'd really like that!" she said as he sighed.

"Yes I will do that for you. It is after all my job. I promise from now on there will be no more shrieking from me in my classes. If you get something wrong I will explain to you why it is wrong and then we may all move on. This way everyone can learn together more cohesively. For your homework I want two parchment pieces on what you expect from yourself this year in your potions classes and what you expect to learn. Class dismissed!" he said as everyone left. It had been a good lesson and he would only be improving his lessons from here on out.