Author's notes: hello everyone, I'm back, but this time with a new story. I know what you're thinking, you must be thinking 'why did you start a new story when you are barely keeping up with your two existing stories?' Let me answer you. I've been wanting to make a one pairing, mostly romance and action, sorry for a while. However, I felt like up until now, I wasn't skilled enough in order to write actual fight scenes and none-lemon romantic scenes. I wouldn't go as far as saying that my writing is excellent, but I think I can say that I'm fairly good at the very least.

Anyways, let's get onto what you can expect from this story.

First off, like I've said, It's gonna be a single pairing story, meaning no Harem. The pairing is gonna be Naruto x female Kyuubi since it's practically like making an OC without actually creating a new character for the story.

This story is gonna be mostly about the romance between Naruto and Kurama while they go through the Naruto plot, giving it some action elements.

If any of you watched One punch man, I can tell you that Naruto and Kurama's attitude when facing enemies will be like Saitama's own, since they will both be unmatched in terms of power until the end where they will find slight amusement when fighting Madara and Kaguya.

However, it's gonna be different, since in this story, Madara is gonna be Minato's father and Naruto's grandfather. Also, Hashirama is gonna be Tsunade's father instead of grandfather and she is gonna be Kushina's mother. That will leave Naruto with both the Uchiha and Senju lines from Madara and Hashirama as well as the Uzumaki's line from Mito. Other than that, being Minato's son leaves him dealing with the Namikaze family and being the son of the hokage. To sum it up, he has one impressive family tree.

Now that I'm done explaining what you should expect from this story, I would like to say that if you see any resemblance between this story and cr4zypt's legacy, it's because his story is the inspiration for this one.

However, something that will not be happening in this story unlike legacy is that there will be no pairings other than Naruto x Kurama. I really do not like it when there are pairings with anyone but the main character in a fanfiction so in my stories, any of them, there will not be extra pairings.

If I forgot anything, I'll either put them at the end or simply edit it in here.

BTW, again, since in this story there will not be Lemon scenes. However, since there will be mentions of sex and descriptions of some other sexual things like make out sessions, gropings and more such things, I'm making the graduation age 16 so that i'll be more understandable.

Now, this fanfic is rated M for slight sexuality, language and graphic violence, mostly in the first few chapters and sometimes a little in the later chapters.

First chapter is gonna be a prologue. In this chapter will be everything that happened until Naruto's birth and probably until he met Kurama.

I'm not sure how frequently I will be uploading this story but if you will like it just as much, if not more than my other current two and the other new one, I will do my best to update at least once a week.

Chapter zero: prologue

"It's over, You lost…" said a man as he looked at the form of his downed friend lying on the ground.

The man who spoke was a tall man with tanned skin and dark eyes. He had waist-length black hair typically styled in a centre-parted fringe that framed his face. He often wore the standard shinobi dress of his era, consisting of dark red armour worn over a simple black suit with sandals. This armour was constructed from numerous metal plates, formed into multiple protective guards along his body; each collar of his shoulder guards bore the Senju clan symbol. He wore a konoha headband around his forehead and held a wooden spike in a reverse grip in his hand.

The man on the ground with the spike aiming towards his stomach just chuckled. "Nothing is certain in life except for death. You should know that we both wanted the same thing only that my point of view is more realistic…" he said as he coughed up some blood.

He was a fair-skinned man with spiky, black hair that had a slight blue tint to it. He let his hair grow to waist-length with shoulder-length bangs framing the sides of his face, covering most of his right eye. He has several scars throughout his body. Although still relatively young, more prominent creases had developed under each of his eyes. He wore crimson armour with numerous metal plates, forming protective guards along his chest, waist, shoulders and thighs.

He carried on his back an orange-brown gunbai which had a long black chain running up it.

The first man shook his head. "That might very well be. However, I already have my daughter Tsunade to continue my line after I die. You on the other hand, have no one to continue your line and so, your line ends here with you. You have been a great friend to me and it greatly pains me to kill you. However, you are too dangerous to be left alive Madara. Please forgive me." he said as he stabbed the wooden spike into his best friend's stomach.

"Do not apologise to me, Hashirama. Each of us chose his path and this is just the point where our paths cross. It is just unfortunate that we met as enemies and that our beliefs didn't allow us to stay on the same side…" the man, now identified as Madara, said as his eyes rolled into the back of his head and he passed out.

The other man, Hashirama, looked at the half dead form of his friend and allowed a few tears to fall down from his eyes. He turned around and started to walk towards where his wife was lying unconscious after sealing the kyuubi into herself.

*time skip: the next morning"

At a house, not too far away from the place that overnight became known as the valley of the end, A woman just finished dragging Madara over to said house.

Once inside, she placed him on a bed and started to treat his wounds.

It was only three days later that Madara woke up. With a groan, he sat up, rubbing his head while cursing his friend Hashirama.

What he didn't notice was the blond woman staring at him in shock. "How are you already awake? You should be out for at least another week…" she asked.

Madara turned his gaze to her. "And who are you?" he asked.

The woman scowled. "I'm the woman who saved you from bleeding out on the ground. Honestly, you could at least be nice to me…" she answered his question with a huff.

Madara chuckled lightly. "I like you, you have a strong spirit. So… where are we?" he asked, looking around.

The woman shrugged. "My home. It's a few hour's walk away from where you were impaled on a wooden stick. You should be fully healed in a month if the time it took you to wake up is anything to go by.

*time skip: twenty years later*

Madara stood over the dead bodies of the same woman who saved his life, the same woman who became his wife a few years ago and the same woman who gave birth to his child about a year ago.

Next to her body were the bodies of five bandits, the ones who killed her and gained the wrath of Madara Uchiha for themselves.

In his arms was a little boy, his child. He was no older than a year old and had blond hair, something he took from his mother. Madara intentionally wanted to give the child the last name of his clan, but now, he decided to name him after his mother's family. His name was Minato... Minato Namikaze.

*time skip: five years later*

It was five years ago that Madara decided to train Minato as hard as he could so that Minato would be able to defend himself and those he cared about. Madara was still angry about his wife's death and is training Minato so that he could leave him at the leaf village where he will live while Madara will be planning and executing his plan to create world peace through fear and war.

Madara took a glance at his child and couldn't help but be proud. He was only six years old yet he already had two tomoes in his Sharingan. However, Madara made sure that Minato would be placing a genjutsu over his sharingan automatically so that no one would question him and discover that Madara was in fact alive.

"Dad," Minato said, drawing Madara's attention to him. "Yes son? What is it?" he asked. "I know that I have to leave now since you have explained to me why I can't come with you. However, before I go, I would like you to know that I will always love you as my dad." Minato said, hugging Madara's leg.

Madara allowed a rare smile to appear on his face as he placed his hand on his son's head. "That's good. Now you need to go." Madara said as he turned his head to look at the massive gates of Konoha. "Don't forget, you can not go to the Uchiha clan since they are too prideful and power hungry for their own good. Simply go to the Hokage and tell him that you are an orphan and that your parents died from a bandit attack. Never forget, your mother and I love you a lot so make us proud." Madara finished and turned around as Minato started to make his way to the huge gates of Konohagakure.

*time skip: fifteen years later*

"I swear that I'm gonna kill you after this Minato. It's your fault for knocking me up!" shouted a woman as she pushed, trying to give birth to a child.

The pale form of her husband had his hand on her stomach, desperately trying to hold the Kyuubi's seal from breaking.

The red haired woman screamed one last time with the last push and the baby was out into the waiting blanket that the nurse had prepared for him.

Minato sighed in relief as he smiled at his wife. "Kushina-chan, how are you feeling?" he asked. His wife groaned. "Better than before… though I'm still gonna hurt you once I recover." she said as a sadistic grin came onto her face. Minato paled as he was reminded yet again that his wife was going to hurt him.

The nurse came over with the child and gave him to Kushina. "Congratulations, Kushina, Minato, It's a healthy baby boy." she said.

Kushina hugged her child, caressing his cheeks. She took a few minutes to finally give him back to the nurse so she could do a checkup on him along with his first bath.

However, as the nurse walked away with the child, Minato and Kushin heard three thuds. They turned around to see that both of their ANBU guards, along with the nurse, who happened to be the wife of the third hokage, were dead on the floor.

They saw a masked man standing over them and their baby boy in the man's arms. "Fourth Hokage, step away from the jinchuriki." he said calmly.

Minato glared at him. "Who the hell are you?" he asked. "I'm Madara… Madara Uchiha." the masked man said as he threw the baby into the air.

Minato quickly threw a Kunai towards the baby and teleported to it, catching his baby. However, as he caught him, he noticed a few explosive tags stuck onto the blanket.

Minato teleported out of the cave which his wife gave birth in and out into the open where he threw the blanket away before teleporting to a safehouse outside of Konoha where he placed Naruto in a bed.

Minato quickly teleported to Kushina, just in time too as she was almost killed by the giant claw of the Kyuubi. He couldn't understand why the kyuubi would do such a thing as he and Kushina were great friends with the Kyuubi. It was then that he noticed her eyes. They were in the shape of the sharingan and he realised that she was under control.

Minato teleported to his safehouse where he placed Kushina on the bed next to his baby boy.

Minato placed his cloak on his back and took one of his Kunais out. In a flash of yellow light, Minato disappeared.

Minato reappeared outside only to dodge a hand that tried to grab him.

He jumped back, creating some distance between himself and the man who pretended to be his father. "You aren't Madara. Your chakra signature is not even similar to his own. The only thing you have in common is that you are both Uchihas." Minato said calmly.

The man tilted his head to the side. "And how would you know Madara's chakra signature?" he asked, though Minato never answered.

Minato simply appeared in front of him and shoved a blue ball of spiraling energy into the man's face. However, Minato simply passed through him.

The man laughed as Minato looked at him in shock. "Well, it was fun. however, I will end it now." he said and dashed towards Minato.

The blond in question threw one of his kunai at the man's head as he too dashed towards him. "Now you lost, fourth Hokage!" the man said as his hand almost touched Minato and Minato's kunai passed through the man's head.

Minato smirked as he suddenly disappeared in a flash and appeared above the man, shoving the same blue ball of energy into his back.

The man screamed in pain as he leveled a glare at Minato through his mask. "Next time I will kill you." he said before disappearing into a swirl of space.

Minato sighed in relief as he teleported to the top of the hokage mountain. He was just in time too as the Kyuubi had fired a Bijuu bomb at the same mounting.

Minato teleported the bomb away using his flying raijin before teleporting to the battlefield where everyone was fighting the Kyuubi. He bit his thumb and ran through a few hand seals. "Summoning jutsu!" he shouted as in a huge puff of smoke, the toad boss gamabunta appeared on top of the Kyuubi.

"Hold her off for a few seconds Bunta. I need to gather up the chakra to teleport her away from the village." Minato shouted to the toad boss.

"I will do my best. However, I think you'd better gather up your chakra quickly!" the toad boss shouted as he blocked a claw swipe with his sword.

Minato closed his eyes for a few seconds and suddenly, orange markings appeared around his eyes. He teleported to Gamabunta, though he was slightly slower. Once he was there, Gamabunta dispelled and Minato teleported away with the Kyuubi.

Minato used all of the natural energy that he gathered for his sage mode in order to teleport Kyuubi away. They appeared at some clearing where Kyuubi couldn't destroy anything.

Minato disappeared again, only to appear in front of the kyuubi with his wife, child and a baby bed for his child.

He placed his son on the bed before turning to his wife. "I need you to use your chains to hold her while I release her from the genjutsu and seal her into our little Naruto. I know the risks, however, he will need to be as strong as possible for when that masked man comes back. That will also allow Naruto to have a friend in Kurama as you will die from the extraction and I will die from the reaper death seal." Minato said sadly.

Kushina slowly nodded her head. Chains came out of her back and wrapped around the Kyuubi. Meanwhile, Minato was writing a seal on Naruto's stomach. Once he was done, Minato turned to look at the Kyuubi, his eyes blazing in his mangekyou sharingan. A trail of blood went across his cheeks as he reversed the genjutsu on Kyuubi.

The beast blinked her eyes a few times before looking at Minato and Kushina with a sad expression on her face. "I'm sorry. Please, quickly seal me again. I do not wish to cause any more destruction." she said.

Minato nodded as he started running through a very long set of hand seals. "Kurama-chan" Kushina called, drawing the attention of the beast. "I am too weak at the moment so I will not make it through this night. We will be sealing you into our baby, Naruto. Please, he has a hard life before him, be his friend. Please teach him how to be a strong shinobi and just be there for him when other people reject him…" Kushina said sadly.

The kyuubi, Known also by the name Kurama, nodded her head. "I will. I'm honored that you entrusted your child to me. I will do everything in my power to make sure he becomes a great shinobi and an even greater person." she said as the silhouette of the Shinigami appeared behind Minato.

Kushina smiled before she fell face first onto the ground, already dead. Minato sadly looked at the form of his wife. He looked back to the kyuubi and sealed the whole thing into Naruto, closing the seal but not before placing his own chakra into the seal as well. After all, he needed to tell Naruto about his heritage…

That was it for Minato as well as his soul left his body with the Shinigami. He fell face first onto the ground, leaving only the crying form of Naruto on the bed with a note next to him.

'This child is Naruto Uzumaki. Please keep his heritage as my son a secret as it would give him my enemies to deal with. He is also the new jinchuriki of the Kyuubi so try and help him as much as you can.

Thanks, Minato Namikaze.'

That was what was written on the note. That was also the way that Hiruzen sarutobi, the third hokage found them all.

*time skip: five years later*

"Here he is. Let's go capture the demon and finish what the fourth started." a villager yelled as he chased after a small blond kid. That kid was the same kid that came out of Kushina and the same kid which Minato sealed the Kyuubi into.

He had spiky blond hair and deep blue eyes. One each of his cheeks he had three whisker-like marks. His form was malnourished as he was starving and doing quite a bit of running every day. He wore a white shirt with the red swirl symbol of the Uzumaki clan on his back. He had blue short pants and torn red shoes.

The kid, Naruto as Minato introduced him, was running as fast as he could in order to get away from the mob of angry villagers that were chasing after him. As he turned his head to look behind him to check if they were still after him, he noticed a few shinobi among the crowd.

Before he could do anything, a few Kunai were tossed at him from the crowd. Suddenly, Naruto's vision became clearer and it was as if time slowed, almost coming to a halt. He grabbed one of the Kunai out of the air and used it to deflect the other Kunai. It was easy for him because they were moving in slow motion for him.

He saw a fence in front of him. He prepared to jump over it but before he could, one of the shinobi caught up to him. Naruto closed his eyes as the shinobi slashed at his face, cutting him from the middle of his forehead, down over his left eye and down to around the height of his nose in a straight cut.

Naruto cried out in pain as he jumped over the fence, subconsciously channeling chakra to his legs and making it over the fence. The mob climbed over the fence but Naruto was already gone.

As Naruto ran, holding the left side of his face where he was cut, he started remembering what happened in the last few times that he was caught by those same villagers.

A memory of being stabbed through his wrists and ankles, those same kunai went through his wrists and ankles and into a wall behind him, pinning him there while the shinobi among the crowd used him as a target for shuriken and Kunai throwing.

Another memory of being tied to a wooden log which was in the middle of a large fire. He remembered the feeling of being burned alive.

Other than that, he remembered a few more scenarios where he was brutally tortured. The two things that were in all of those memories other than pain and suffering was that the villagers started it and that his grandfather figure, his Hokage-Ojiisan saved him from death in all of them.

That was his last conscious thought as his vision turned black and white and he fainted.

Naruto woke up in a sewer, wondering where he was. He knew it wasn't Konoha's sewer as he was thrown down there a couple of times and that left him wondering just where exactly he was.

"Follow my voice." a soft male voice said from one of the tunnels of the sewer. Naruto carefully walked down that hall and once he reached the end of it, he walked into a huge sewer room with massive vertical bars.

However, what caught his attention was the man standing before the bars. He couldn't ever forget that man as he was Naruto's idol.

"F-Fourth Hokage?" Naruto hesitantly asked. The man in question smiled at him as Naruto walked closer and closer to him.

Minato frowned as he saw just how young Naruto was. That along with the fact that the left side of his face was slashed open was enough to anger Minato.

"Yes Naruto, It's me. My name is Minato Namikaze and I was the fourth Hokage. I'm going to need you to listen to me very carefully for the next few minutes, okay?" Minato asked as he realised that he had no time to waste.

Naruto slowly nodded. "Good. The first thing I would like to tell you is that I am your father." he said, and watched as Naruto stared at him with his mouth open.

"Y-you're my dad? Really?" Naruto asked as tears gathered up in his eyes.

Minato nodded his head. "Yeah, I am. However, we don't have too much time left before my chakra runs out. I unfortunately am dead at the moment and have left a little bit of my chakra in you so that I will be able to tell you about your heritage since no one but your mother and I knew just how truly special you are." he said.

He didn't expect Naruto to jump on him in a hug. However, he just hugged his son back. "You are saying that I have some awesome ancestors?" Naruto asked excitedly. "Well other than you that is…" he added.

Minato chuckled. "Yeah, I guess you could say something like that… tell me Naruto, do you know who Madara Uchiha is?" he asked.

Naruto nodded his head. "Yeah, I think he was the leader of the Uchiha clan and one of the founders of Konoha along with Hashirama senju, the first Hokage." Naruto answered in as much detail as he could, doing his best to impress his father.

That worked as Minato was actually quite impressed with his five years old son's knowledge. "Good, you actually are quite smart." Minato said with a smile, watching as his son squealed in excitement and happiness.

"Naruto, please listen to me. You should know that Madara was actually my father, meaning that he was your grandfather." he said and Naruto froze.

A second later, Naruto was jumping around the sewer in excitement. "Yay, with nasestors like you and Madara-Ojiisan there's no way I'm not becoming Hokage!" he shouted.

Minato laughed at Naruto's excitement before grabbing his shoulders. "I'm gonna need you to be focused for these last few things I have to say, alright?" he asked.

Naruto's face became serious as he nodded. Minato smiled. "Good. Now what do you know about the Uchiha clan's bloodline?" he asked.

Naruto thought for a second before he remembered. "I think I read about it once. It's a doujutsu called the Sharingan." he said, scratching his chin in thought.

Minato smiled and nodded again. "Correct. Now you should know that the sharingan has three levels. Each level increases the number of tomoes in the eyes. The more tomoes the eye has, the sharper it is and the better the sight is. If you look down at your reflection in the water, you will be able to see that you have unlocked the first stage of the Sharingan with one tomoe in each eye." he finished.

Naruto looked down at the water of the sewer and had to hold himself back from jumping around in joy again. His face twisted into a massive grin as he turned back to his father.

"Good, now let's continue. Do you know the woman who went by the title of the red death of Konoha?" Minato asked, curious to see what Naruto knew about his own mother.

Naruto nodded his head enthusiastically. "Of course I do. She was the one to hold the record for ramen eating at the Ichiraku's ramen shop. That is before I beat her record… After I saw that she was actually a Kunoichi, I did a lot of research about her since anyone who can eat that much ramen is an amazing person in my book." Naruto said, grinning.

Minato was shocked. "You wanna tell me that you beat Kushina-chan's record of eating fifty seven bowls of ramen in one sitting?" he asked in disbelief.

Naruto grinned. "Yap. it was hard and I only managed to eat fifty eight bowls but I won." he said with a massive proud grin. Minato chuckled nervously. "Well, that woman, Kushina Uzumaki, was my wife and your mother." he said, watching Naruto go from shock to amazement before settling with stars in his eyes.

"Really!? My mom is awesome!" he said. Minato laughed. "You just wait until you hear about her family…" he said.

Naruto tilted his head to the side. "Who were they?" he asked in curiosity. Minato grinned. "Well, her mother is one of the legendary sannin, Tsunade senju. If we're already speaking about sannin, you should know that your godfather is also one of them, being Jiraiya, the toad sage." Naruto was just about ready to explode right now. He just learned that not only was he not a clanless orphan, he was actually a member of all three of the strongest clans in the world. His mother was at least part Uzumaki, his grandfather was the strongest Uchiha to ever live and his grandmother was one of the legendary sannin as well as a very powerful member of the senju clan.

Minato cleared his throat. "Stay with me Naruto, we have two last things to talk about. First is your mother's grandparents. They were Hashirama Senju and Mito Uzumaki. Also, her granduncle was Tobirama senju." he said and that was it for Naruto. He started jumping around in the sewer, shouting some things about amazing old men.

Minato noticed that his hands were starting to disappear and knew he had to finish the last subject. "Naruto! I don't have a lot of time. Please listen to me. I have one last thing to say." he called.

Naruto instantly appeared in front of him. "Good. you must be wondering where we are, right?" he asked and Naruto nodded. "We are inside of your mind. This is also where something else is. Do you know about the Kyuubi attack that happened five years ago?" he asked.

Naruto nodded. "Good. Well, let's say that the Kyuubi is actually immortal, meaning that I couldn't have killed it. Because I knew that, I had to do the next best thing, I had to seal her into someone. The only one which I could trust with the Kyuubi's power was my own son and so, I have sealed her into you. Kurama, please step forward." he called out.

Naruto seemed to have reached a realisation. "So that's why they hate me? Because they think I'm Kyuubi?" he asked rhetorically.

Naruto smiled to himself. "Alright, now that I know, I can finally do something about it. I'll prove to them that Kyuubi isn't as bad as they think and if it is, I will simply show them that I'm not the Kyuubi" he said, happy. Minato smiled seeing that his son didn't hold a grudge against anyone.

Just then, the giant form of the Kyuubi stepped into the light. "Greetings Naruto, I have wanted to see you for a while now. I'm glad we could finally meet. I have grown tired of simply healing you up while you got hurt…" she commented off handedly in a soft feminin voice.

Naruto ran into the cage and hugged her paw. "Were you healing me all this time? Thank you very much!" he said. Kyuubi smiled at him. "No problem, I owe you that much for forgiving me so quickly." she commented.

Minato walked into the cage and stood next to Naruto. "Naruto, before I run out of chakra, let me tell you what happened on the day you were born." he said and went on to explain what happened when Kyuubi attacked and how she was controlled.

Once he was done, Naruto understood everything. "Thanks for telling me dad, I will be sure to clear Kyuubi's name," he said.

He looked up at the same nine tailed beast. "Kyuubi, could you leave the scar on my face? I mean, heal my face but leave the scar… I would like for it to be a reminder of the day I made the promise to clear your name. Besides, it would give me an advantage if my opponent would underestimate me because they thought I could only use one eye." he explained.

Kyuubi slowly nodded. "I can do that. However, once a few weeks will pass, It would be impossible to heal…" she said.

Naruto grinned up at her, "good, because I don't think I'll be able to clear your name in just a few weeks." he said. She was genuinely surprised by his words.

She smiled down at the form of the small child. "Alright, I'll leave the scar there. And call me Kurama" she said with a big smile.

Naruto nodded. "Alright, thanks Kurama." he said. Minato cleared his throat, drawing Naruto's attention. "Alright Naruto, my chakra will be running out any second now. Just remember that Kurama is here to teach you how to be a strong and good shinobi as well as make you a good person and be your friend. Please just promise me that you will not go to the Uchiha clan as a family. They will simply use you as a weapon." Minato said and after seeing Naruto nodding, he ran through a few hand seals before clapping his hands. "Seal release!" he said as the gates of the cage swang open.

Just as the gate opened, freeing Kurama, Minato disappeared into nothingness. Naruto clenched his fist and held it up. "I promise mom, dad, I'll make you and everyone else in the family proud." he said as he sat down with Kurama, planning his new training program.

*Time skip: the next day*

It was early evening and Naruto and Hiruzen were walking through the market part of Konoha. Naruto was just done explaining to Hiruzen about everything his father told him. From Madara and Hashirama to the Kyuubi and her controlled attack five years ago.

Now, after Naruto told Hiruzen about his new goal in life, and Naruto's new desire to get strong, they were going to buy Naruto some training gear.

Naruto walked into a shop only for the shopkeeper to start walking angrily towards him, probably going to kick him out. Just then, Hiruzen placed his hand on Naruto's shoulder. Seeing that, the shopkeeper went right past them, as if he didn't even see them.

Naruto grinned. 'With ojii-san here, they can't do anything to me' he thought. Naruto went over to the shinobi side of the store and started putting Kunai, shuriken and senbon into some bag that he had gotten to carry it all.

Once they were done, Naruto paid for all three hundred Kunai, three hundred shuriken and five hundred senbon before they went to the next store.

They went into a shinobi store where Naruto bought himself some shinobi clothing that had a fitting seal on them, meaning that they will grow along with him. In the same store, he bought fifty empty scrolls, three hundred empty tags, a hundred fifty brushes and a shit load of ink.

Their last stop was at the weapons store. There, Naruto bought himself a bokken to train with as well as a twenty eight inch Katana. It had a white hilt, a golden hand guard and a metallic black blade. Its sheath was also pure white.

Once they were done, they went to drop everything at Naruto's apartment before going together to the hokage office.

*Time skip: five years later*

It was Naruto's tenth birthday and honestly, even though he didn't know it quite yet, it was the most important day of his life.

Over the last five years, Naruto has taken to walking around with his left eye closed, giving people the illusion that he couldn't use that eye. Along with that, Naruto had gotten to around a high jonin level of skill. His taijutsu was at jonin level because of the fact that he was still growing and that his body wasn't fully mature yet.

The same couldn't be said about his ninjutsu though. In ninjutsu, he could only be classified as a monster. Naturally having affinities for all five chakra natures and having chakra levels that could rival the Ichibi himself made him into someone who defeating in a ninjutsu battle was next to impossible.

However, unlike his ninjutsu that was unmatched and his taijutsu that was rather good, his genjutsu was shit. He couldn't cast a genjutsu to save his life. Without his sharingan that is… using his sharingan he could use some genjutsu but without it, he was helpless in genjutsu since his chakra reserves were so big.

In fuinjutsu, much like in Ninjutsu, Naruto was unmatched. Being one of the last members of the uzumaki clan and having fuinjutsu literally in his blood made it rather easy for him to learn the art. He was already a level twenty seal master, making him the highest level possible. Though to anyone without uzumaki blood it was impossible to go over level fifteen.

At Kenjutsu, he Was rather good. He was slightly better with kenjutsu than in taijutsu but that was simply because of the fact that his body was still growing and his sword wasn't. While he still couldn't hope to match the level of one of the seven ninja swordsmen let alone Kushina, he was on the right path there.

Finally, his dojutsu, the sharingan, has already fully matured to a three tomoe sharingan four years ago, making him the youngest uchiha to ever mature his sharingan.

Normally, this amount of progress in only five years would be impossible but thanks to one of the jutsu that Kurama taught him, he was able to do so. That jutsu was the shadow clone jutsu. It allows the user to create solid clones that transfer their memory to the original every time they are dispelled. Meaning that Naruto could send clones to train and at the end of the day, he would receive all of their experience.

That was what was happening right now actually. Kurama just suggested that Naruto try to combine two chakra elements to create a new one. More specifically, she suggested that he try combining the earth and water elements to create his great grandfather's wood release.

Naruto slammed his leg on the ground, channeling both earth and water nature chakra into his leg. In front of him, a small flower sprouted out of the ground making Naruto gape in shock.

"It seems I was right, you do possess the wood release. Congratulations, you have unlocked another bloodline." Kurama cheerfully said in his head.

Naruto grinned. 'Thank's Kurama-chan. It seems like you were right again.' he said to her in his head, making her smile though an anime style blush was present on her huge fox face.

Just then, Naruto sensed three people approaching the training grounds. He quickly burned the small flower with a small fire style jutsu, completely burning it and leaving nothing to be seen.

Just then, two people walked into the training grounds. Those two were Kakashi Hatake and Hiruzen sarutobi. However, Naruto knew that those two weren't his Ojii-san and his Ero-oniisan since their chakra signature was different from the two original ones.

That was another thing that happened in the past five years.


After Naruto and Hiruzen were done with their shopping, they went back to Hiruzen's office.

"Dog" Hiruzen called and an ANBU with a dog mask appeared in front of the child and the aged kage.

He kneeled before the hokage, waiting for orders. "Remove your mask, Kakashi. From today until I tell you otherwise, I want you to train Naruto-kun. He already knows about his father so you should be able to talk with him about your old days, who knows, it might just get you out of your depression." he said with a smile.

Kakashi removed the mask and turned to Naruto. He stood up and smiled. "I'm glad to be the one to train you kid. After all, your dad taught me everything I know." he said with his famous eye smile while ruffling the kid's hair.

Naruto looked up at Kakashi in surprise. "Really? My dad was your sensei?" he asked in excitement. Maybe this man would be able to tell him something about his father. Naruto was sure that this man, Kakashi as the Hokage called him, had some awesome stories about his dad.

Kakashi nodded. "Yeah. he was a great sensei." he said with a smile. Naruto started jumping up and down before the hokage remembered something.

"Kakashi, there is also something I want you to help Naruto-kun with. Minato never told this to you but he was the son of Madara Uchiha, meaning he had the Sharingan and now Naruto-kun has it too. I would like for you to teach Naruto-kun how to use it properly." Hiruzen said, much to the surprise of Kakashi.

The silver haired man looked at Naruto only to see his eyes in the form of the one tomoe sharingan. Kakashi smiled and nodded to the hokage. "I'll be happy to teach him."

*end of flashback*

Naruto narrowed his one open eye at the two. He could easily see that they were using the transformation jutsu. He decided to act as if he didn't know that they were imposters.

"Hey! Ojii-san! Ero-Oniisan!" he shouted as he ran over to them. Kakashi eye smiled at him but it was totally wrong. "Naruto, how about you come with us for a second." he said. Naruto sweatdropped and grabbed the hilt of the sword that was strapped onto his left thigh.

"I can't take it anymore. You two are so bad. Ero-Oniisan always calls me nii-chan and the way you smiled with your eye, it was all wrong!" he shouted as his sharingan activated with the same eye using a genjutsu to hide herself.

Just as Naruto made to slash at the two, the third person appeared next to him and slashed at his throat with a kunai, going to decapitate him.

Naruto couldn't believe it. He was going to die because he assumed that the third one would not engage.

His sharingan could be counted as a curse right now as it showed him his death in slow motion. He knew that even Kurama couldn't heal him if his head was cut off.

He decided to make sure that at least his best friend would know what he kept hidden from her for such a long time now.

'Kurama-chan, this is the end for me. I can not block that Kunai. Before I die, I would like you to know that in the last few years, you were my best friend and I have started to love you. Even though I still don't understand the whole concept of love, I know it means that I will forever be by your side and that's something that I wish could happen. I don't really care that you are not a human, I would simply like you to know before I die that I think I love you.' he finished talking in his head.

He didn't know what love was since no one ever told him. Other than that, he never had 'the talk' as he was only ten years old. However, from the romance books that his clones read when they read the entire library of Konoha, he knew that people who love each other are always there for each other and that was what he wanted with Kurama.

Had he actually gone into the mindscape, he could have seen that there was no fox in there. There was simply a woman crying. She never expected Naruto to love her and subconsciously, she has grown to love him as well. The fact that he said that to her as he was about to die left her crying.

However, just as a tear dropped out of Naruto's eyes in the real world and the Kunai was about to make contact with his neck, both of Naruto's eyes shot wide open and his sharingan revealed with no genjutsu hiding it, spinning very fast.

The Kunai went through Naruto's neck just as the sharingan stopped spinning and it settled in the form of the uzumaki clan swirl in black along with the outside in red.

The kunai passed through Naruto's neck in a clean cut but nothing happened. It was as if Naruto's neck was not really there, as if he was a ghost.

Naruto didn't question this and slammed his leg on the ground, channeling a little bit of Kyubi's chakra into the earth and water chakra that he sent into the ground. That resulted in both of the transformed enemies being impaled on large wooden spikes, killing them instantly.

Naruto turned to the last person, the one that almost killed him. He glared at him, his newly awakened mangekyou sharingan glowing with power. Naruto slowly walked towards the man drawing his sword at the same time.

Just before Naruto could kill him as well, his hand was grabbed by the real Kakashi. Naruto looked at him and once he saw his brother figure, he calmed down. His sharingan deactivated as he fell to his knees.

Naruto placed his sword back inside of its sheath before he started to cry. "I killed them… I really killed someone… they tried to kill me first but I killed them myself…" he said.

That was all Kakashi needed to know to understand what was going on. Again, on Naruto's birthday, people tried to kill him. Usually, they never got even close to doing so but apparently, this time, they were able to get close enough for Naruto to feel threatened. He figured that as he saw Naruto's mangekyou sharingan. That would only activate in life or death situations.

Looking around, he saw the two impaled in two wooden spikes. Kakashi's eyes widened in realisation. Not only did Naruto awaken his mangekyou from this, he also awakened his great grandfather's bloodline, the wood release.

Just then, he noticed that Naruto had fainted and that the guy that tried to kill him was getting away. Kakashi appeared next to the man and knocked him out before getting back to Naruto.

Kakashi pulled both dead bodies out of the wooden spikes before burning them, leaving no evidence that Naruto had awakened his bloodline. He sealed both dead men into a scroll before picking Naruto and the unconscious man up and using the body flicker jutsu to get to the Hokage's tower where they would wait for Naruto to wake up so he could tell them what happened.

*meanwhile, inside of Naruto's mind*

When he fainted, Naruto went into his mindscape, totally forgetting what he said to his best friend and just wanting to have someone with him as he tried to deal with the fact that he had just killed someone for the first time.

As he entered his mindscape, he noticed the beautiful grassy fields that he had created for Kurama. However, what he couldn't see was the person that he was looking for.

Just then, he saw the form of a woman a little further away from him. She had knee lenght blood red hair with red eyes that has a vertical slit in the middle of them. She stood at the height of 5'8 and had fair skin. She looked to be around 17 years of age. Her face was heart shaped and it was equipped with a small button nose and full lips. Her bust size was around an E-cup. Her wide and rather busty chest became thinner at the waist and then flared out into a massive ass. Down from her rather fat ass, her legs went down to thick thighs and long legs. All in all, she was perfect and had the perfect version of an hourglass figure. She wore a red top that strained against her rather large bust and revealed her stomach. That top also had a small V cut, showing a little bit of her cleavage. She also had a skirt that reached down to just a little below her middle thighs and was bare-foot.

As Naruto ignored the woman for now and started searching for his friend, the woman caught sight of Naruto. With tears in her eyes, she ran over to him.

He didn't notice him approaching until she had her hands wrapped around him and his face pressed into her bust.

Naruto could hear her crying. He pulled his head from her breasts and looked at her face rather curiously. "Is something wrong?" he asked her, hiding his own desire to simply cuddle up on top of his friend's head and cry in her fur.

She looked at Naruto for a second before something clicked in her mind. Suddenly, her ears disappeared and instead, two fox ears appeared out of her head and at the same time, nine fox tails appeared out of her back bone.

He finally realised what she was. "K-Kurama-chan?" he asked in surprise, his voice cracking and tears gathering in his eyes.

Kurama grabbed his face and kissed him on the lips. "I love you too, Naruto-kun. I thought you were going to die… I thought that I lost you… I…" she was cut off as Naruto kissed her again. Tears began falling out of their eyes as they each let out their sorrow in each other's arms.

Naruto has created a comfortable bed where they could cuddle together and cry. They simply held each other for a few hours, just enjoying the other's presence and the fact that they have finally confessed their feelings to each other.

Finally, Naruto broke their silence. "Kurama-chan?" he asked softly as he felt her soft hands running through his hair as his head rested on her chest between her large breasts. He heard her humming softly in response.

"How do I get you out into the real world?" he asked, surprising the fox lady that was laying in bed with him.

"What? Why would you want to do that?" she asked in surprise. Naruto scratched his chin. "Well, you are my best friend and now I guess mate so I want you to be out with me. I think it's the least I can do for you after everything you've done for me." he said with a small smile.

Kurama wrapped her arms around him. She lifted his head upwards and kissed him on the lips. "Thank you, Naruto-kun but there's no way for me to be out and you to stay alive and that's something that I can't have happening…" she said sadly.

Naruto thought for a second. "If you get out, I die because my body has gotten used to you as a power source, right?" he asked. "Yes. my demonic chakra is flowing through your normal one and so, if I am extracted, your chakra will have no demonic chakra to feed on, resulting in your death." she answered.

Naruto grinned as he turned around and sat up. Kurama sat up, looking at him. "I have an Idea. how about you push all nine tails of your chakra into my coils? That will result in an overflow of the coil which will probably force my body to create another one where it'll store your chakra and start creating demonic chakra of its own. That way, you can get out and regain the chakra which you have given me while I will have your power inside of me as well. It should work because my body is already immune to your chakra as I was exposed to it since birth." Naruto finished his plan.

Kurama thought about it for a few minutes, thinking if it could work. Finally, she nodded. "That would work. However, there will be one side effect. You will be transformed into what is known as a hanyou or a hybrid between a demon and a human. Demon fox in our case. That means that you will have fox ears and tails just like me. Though, like me, you will be able to make those features disappear." she said before another thing came to her mind.

"That actually might work very well. Because you already have more chakra than Ichibi does, you will most likely have ten fox tails, making you the single most powerful being on the planet. In terms of raw chakra that is. As of now, even if you have twenty tails you won't beat me in a human form battle since your skills are only at the level of a jonin." she said teasingly, getting a pout out of Naruto much to her amusement.

"However, I will make sure that by the time you are sixteen and become a genin, you will be the strongest being to currently exist." she finished.

Naruto grinned and kissed her again. "Thank you, Kurama-chan. I love you so much." he said lovingly. She just smiled at him. "Once I wake up, I'll explain what happened to Ojii-san and Ero-Niisan and then I'll go place some chakra suppression seals in my house where we'll release you." he explained and she nodded, giggling at his disrespectful nicknames for both the hokage and his other sensei/big brother.

*outside, at the hokage's office*

Naruto's eyes slowly opened. He sat up on the couch that he was sitting next to. Looking around, he could see Hiruzen doing his paperwork and Kakashi sitting on a chair in front of Hiruzen's desk, reading his porn.

Naruto groaned, drawing their attention to him. "Ojii-san, for how much time have I been asleep?" he asked. "Around two hours." answered the old man and Naruto nodded.

The aged kage gained a more serious expression onto his face. "How are you feeling, Naruto-kun? The first kill usually is the hardest one and sometimes it ends shinobi's careers before they even started…" he explained.

Naruto just smiled. "I'm feeling good. Actually, I'm feeling great. I should actually thank those guys." he said with a grin.

Hiruzen raised his eyebrow. "What do you mean?" he asked. Kakashi smiled with his eye as he knew what was coming.

"I assume that ero-niisan didn't tell you what he saw, right?" he asked and Kakashi nodded, not the least bit bothered by his little brother's nickname for him. "I didn't tell him anything as I can't be sure. We decided to wait until you woke up." he said.

Naruto nodded and smiled at Hiruzen before activating his sharingan. He could sense that the normal ANBU were already gone so he had no problem showing his sharingan. His sharingan started to spin and a few seconds later, they stopped with his new mangekyou glowing.

Hiruzen nodded, slightly surprised by the age at which Naruto had unlocked his mangekyou but not too surprised otherwise.

"That's the mangekyou sharingan. While it could be a strong tool, it also blinds the user as you use it so do so wisely." Hirzen said much to Naruto's surprise.

"Naruto-kun. Tell him that it doesn't apply to you since you also have senju blood in you. Explain to him how it all started with the sage and that he didn't go blind because he had both Uchiha and senju blood" Kurama said in his head.

Naruto smiled. 'Thank you Kurama.' he thought to her as he refocused on the hokage.

"Kurama-chan says that it won't happen to me. She says that the sage of six paths also had the mangekyou sharingan and he didn't go blind because he had both Uchiha and senju blood in him." Naruto explained and Hiruzne was shocked. To be able to use the mangekyou without any drawback except for the normal use of chakra is incredible.

"That's not all that happened. You should know that other than activating my mangekyou and getting my first kill over with, I also unlocked another bloodline. I actually unlocked it a few seconds before my attackers came. I was able to combine water and earth chakra and create a small flower. After I unlocked my mangekyou, I subconsciously channeled Kurama-chan's chakra into my water and earth chakra and created the wooden spikes that killed those two men." he finished and hiruzen was shocked.

"You want to tell me that you are capable of combining the water and earth elements and create the wood element?" he asked in shock.

Naruto grinned and nodded his head before he pressed his hand to Hiruzen's table. They all watched as a small flower started growing out of the wooden table.

"This is incredible. I have no doubt that one day, you will become our strongest shinobi." Hiruzen said as he smiled at his surrogate grandson.

"Thanks Ojii-san. Though that wasn't all that they had caused, there is one more thing but you will only hear about it in a few days when I will be able to be certain about my ability to do so." he said cripticly before he started walking towards the door. Naruto suddenly turned around and looked at Hiruzen.

"Oh yeah, Ojii-san, I forgot to ask you. Can you give me the scrolls for my dad's Rasengan and flying raijin? I want to be able to work on those two as a side project, maybe not the Rasengan but the flying raijin will probably take me some time to master." he said.

Hiruzen smacked his forehead. "Yes, I forgot. There is a vault behind Minato's picture. The jutsu scrolls are in there. There is a blood seal that makes sure that you will be the only one capable of opening it." he explained.

Naruto walked over to Minato's picture and took it off the wall. He saw the seal on the vault and bit down on his thumb. He quickly pressed the wound on the seal as it started to heal. A few drops of blood were wiped onto the seal before Naruto's wound completely healed.

The vault opened to show two scrolls. Naruto opened each of them and saw that one was labeled Rasengan and one was labeled Flying raijin.

He sealed them into a seal that he had on his wrist before waving to the two older men in the room and leaving through the door.

Naruto ran through the village, wanting to get home as soon as possible. The outside of his house might look bad but ever since he placed security seals around his apartment, he was able to keep it nice and clean.

He made it into his apartment and locked the door, activating the security seals. He pulled out a few tags from a drawer and started drawing seals on them.

He placed them all around his house, making sure that no one was going to sense the massive burst of Kyuubi's chakra that was going to be happening right now.

'Kurama-chan, there is just one more thing that I wanna ask of you before we begin' he told his best friend and lover.

"And what would that be?" she asked in his head. Naruto grinned. 'On your way out, I want you to take half of my own chakra. Take just enough for it to make its own coil. I want you to do that because I want you to become a shinobi and go on missions with me. If you will only use your own chakra as a shinobi, you will be easily recognised as the kyuubi.' he explained.

Kurama smiled as her eyes started to tear up. "Thank you, Naruto-kun. I will happily go after you everywhere you go." she said as Naruto laid on his bed. That was the only thing he liked about his apartment. He had bought himself a queen sized bed after placing the security seals.

"I'm going to start in a few seconds so please, prepare yourself. This is going to be rather painful so please bear with me." she said and after feeling Naruto nodding, she pushed all nine tails of her chakra into Naruto's chakra coils, forcing them to expand and duplicate, leaving his normal chakra in one of the coils and every other tail of chakra that he got from Kurama had made a coil for itself.

Kurama grabbed herself half a tail's worth of Naruto's own chakra and placed it in one of her own coils, leaving her with eight empty coils for her to fill up with her demonic chakra and one half full coil with Naruto's own normal chakra.

Naruto couldn't be happier that he had placed silencing seals around his apartment since all he did for the next few hours was scream. He couldn't imagine how painful it would be to have foren chakra create nine new chakra coils inside of his body.

Thankfully, a few hours later, the chakra had settled inside of his body and Kurama felt that it was safe for her to leave his body, taking half of his normal chakra in the process.

She left his body and after seeing her outside of the seal, Naruto smiled and allowed himself to pass out. Kurama herself was feeling rather exhausted and she knew that she would feel that way for the next month or so until her body would be able to recover the chakra that she gave to Naruto.

She got in bed with Naruto after removing her top and skirt, leaving her in only her bra and panties. She laid her head on his small chest before smiling and falling asleep. She was finally free and with the person she loved.

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