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Chapter four: the lonely Jinchuriki

It was a beautiful morning in Konohagakure. The sun was shining brightly and the birds were chirping.

Naruto and Kurama were sleeping together in their bed, enjoying each other's company and warmth very much.

As usual, they were both completely naked, their bodies wrapped together with Naruto laying on his back and Kurama on top of him, her chest on his own and her head resting on his shoulder.

Naruto was barely awake when he heard the doorbell ring. Groaning, Naruto replaced himself with a pillow and got up, making sure his love remained asleep for now.

He had the decency to put on a pair of boxers as he walked towards the door.

He opened the door as he yawned. His one unscared eye was half open with a lazy and tired look which almost looked like Kakashi's.

"How may I help you today?" he asked without even fully opening the door.

However, once he did, his eye fully opened and he smiled. He stepped out of the doorway. "Good morning, Yugao-chan, would you like to come in? I was just about to make breakfast…" he said.

The purple-haired, cat-masked ANBU looked at Naruto's closed eye, ignoring his question.

Naruto sighed as he stepped in front of her and wrapped her in his arms. "Don't even think about apologizing, Yugao-chan. You did whatever you could and without you and ero-Oniisan, I'd probably be dead right now. This scar is nothing to worry about, In fact, It's a mark for me, remembering the promise I made to Kura-chan that day. Please stop feeling bad for being away on a mission that day." he pleaded, his hands rubbing Yugao's back.

She nodded into his chest. "Alright, we can discuss how much I am to blame later. I was sent here by Hokage-sama. He told me to call you and Kurama-chan in for a mission." she said as she pulled back and looked at Naruto through her mask.

Naruto nodded, turning around.

"Naru-Koi! Come back to bed! I want to cuddle more!" Kurama whined from their bedroom, clearly disliking the loss of the warmth Naruto supplied.

Naruto smiled at Yugao. "Tell Ojii-san that we will be at his office in half an hour," he said before walking back into the house, the door closing after him.

Yugao quickly disappeared in a swirl of leaves, a message to deliver with her.

Naruto walked back into the house, going to his shared bedroom with his wife.

"Sorry, Kura-chan, but Yugao-chan just came over and said that Ojii-san has a mission for us… we need to be there in half an hour… I'll have my clone pack breakfast for us while I repay you for leaving the bed so early in the shower. How does that sound?" he asked.

Kurama sat up and grinned at Naruto. "Hmmm… I guess… though it depends what you plan to do with me in the shower…" she said, getting up and grabbing two scrolls from next to their bed.

She threw one to Naruto as she grabbed his hand and dragged him over to the shower.

Naruto quickly made a clone before he went into the shower with Kurama, expecting the next twenty minutes to be rather pleasurable for him.

*Time skip: half an hour later*

Naruto and Kurama just finished getting dressed in their shinobi uniform and putting all the things they might need in a mission inside of their container seals.

Naruto grabbed the scroll where his clone sealed off their breakfast, consisting of rice balls, orange juice, and some baked salmon.

Naruto sealed their breakfast into his wrist seal as he grabbed hold of Kurama, his arm going around her shoulders and pulling her head into his chest.

The two disappeared in a flash, appearing in an alley right next to the Hokage tower, assuming that if they were summoned for a mission, their client is probably in the Hokage's office and wants to keep Naruto's hiraishin a secret for the chunin exams.

The two walked into the Hokage tower and straight into the Hokage's office, not bothering to knock.

"Good morning. Ojii-san. How can we help you today?" Naruto asked as he walked in, Kurama still wrapped around his arm.

Hiruzen looked at Naruto with a small smile appearing on his face. The teen always brought a smile to his face, no matter how depressed he was feeling.

Hiruzen sat on his chair and on the other side of his desk sat a teen around Naruto's age.

She was a petite kunoichi with tan skin who wore an orange clip in her short, layered mint green hair that matched her eye color, which was also orange. Her ninja outfit consisted of a short sleeveless white midriff shirt with fishnet armor underneath, long white armlets, and fishnet shorts with a short white apron skirt over it. Her forehead protector was worn on her right arm and bore the symbol of Takigakure. She also carried a cylindrical object in red wrapping on her back, probably carrying a scroll inside.

Naruto and Kurama both looked at the girl for a few seconds, both sensing the same thing from her before they smiled at the two who were present in the room. "I see, so she is our client. Well… My name is Naruto Uzumaki and this is my wife, Kurama Uzumaki. What would you like us to help you with?" he asked kindly.

The girl looked Naruto and Kurama over for a few seconds before she stood up, sighing.

She looked to be very uncomfortable as she walked over to the two. "I-I'm Fuu. I-I was sent to Konoha by my v-village to acquire support. Our border patrol has b-been eliminated and so, we suspect someone is planning to attack our village I-in the near future. Since we have no information, I, A-as the strongest and fastest genin of my village, was sent T-to Konoha to request support against this unknown threat, J-just in case." she finished explaining, her body stiff and her tone as well as stuttering reflecting on how nervous she was.

Naruto and Kurama both nodded their heads. Both noticed how nervous Fuu was and understood that she probably lived her childhood like Naruto did and grew up to distrust people she didn't know. Naruto had decided to himself that he would tell her about his and Kurama's being part demon fox once they left the village where no one could hear them.

Kurama on the other hand just wanted to tell Fuu on the spot.

She opened her mouth and stepped forward only to feel a hand on her shoulder.

"Not now. Let's get going right now and we can talk on the way," he said as he shook his head, Kurama nodding in understanding, realizing what Naruto truly meant.

Fuu nodded her head stiffly. "As you have said, we should get going right now so we could support my village if a threat is to arrive." she said as she walked to the door and left the room.

"We'll see yah later, Ojii-san." Naruto said as he and Kurama followed after Fuu.

The three jumped onto the roof of the nearby building and started to jump from roof to roof all the way to the main gate.

Fuu was going around eighty percent of her speed and she could say for sure that the hokage didn't give her anyone weak as Naruto and Kurama could easily keep up with her.

As they passed through the gate, Naruto and Kurama went to Fuu's sides. "Fuu… I understand that you may not trust us too much but if you would allow us to show you something, I can assure you that you would get more comfortable around us…" Naruto started.

"I'm sure Chomei-chan has already noticed, isn't that right?" Kurama asked, seemingly to no one only for Fuu to hear a voice in her head, though she easily recognized it as her Bijuu, the seven-tailed beetle.

"It has been quite a while, Kurama-chan. I have missed you. Though I have some questions…" said the Nanabi inside of Fuu's mind in a feminine voice.

Fuu narrowed her eyes at Kurama. "What are you?" she asked suspiciously.

Kurama grinned at her as nine fox tails sprouted out of her backbone. "I'm the Kyuubi but you can call me Kurama…" she said, grinning.

Fuu stared at her with wide eyes. "W-What? H-how? W-Why? What is going on? I'm confused…" Fuu tried to form words but she couldn't get a full sentence out.

Kurama giggled. "Tell me… Do you know any clone techniques?" she asked Fuu.

Fuu hesitantly nodded her head. "Yeah… I know the water clone jutsu…" she said.

Kurama nodded. "Make a clone and let Chomei-chan take control of it. I would like to catch up with her." she asked.

Fuu did as she was ordered, making a water clone though instead of her normal orange eyes, her eyes were green.

"Kurama-chan! I haven't seen you in such a long time!" Fuu's clone said, jumping over and hugging Kurama, the fox woman not bothered by the extra weight, and hugged her step-sister while she continued to jump.

"Yeah… I missed you too, Chomei-chan. It's been around five hundred years since I last saw you…" Kurama said.

Naruto and Fuu watched in shock as Chomei and Kurama connected at the lips, kissing each other shortly.

"Kura-chan, you're so lucky she is female and that you two made it look so hot… otherwise you sleep on the couch for the next few months…" Naruto said as he jumped next to the two.

Chomei jumped out of Kurama's arms and stopped on a branch, right in front of Naruto as she glared at him. Seven bug-like wings formed behind her back as she released her chakra and killing intent.

Kurama stopped on the branch next to theirs as she chuckled nervously. "Chomei-chan… I really wouldn't do that if I were you…" she said watching her step-sister try to put her love down with her power.

"How dare you speak to her in such a manner, Human?!" she roared.

Naruto glared down at her, totally unfazed by her killing intent and power pressure. his second eye opened as both of his eyes shifted into the mangekyou Sharingan, his tails sprouted out of his backbone and he released his chakra pressure as well as his killing intent.

Chomei was forced down to her knees as she looked at Naruto with wide eyes, a look of total fear on her face as she experienced the power of the strongest beings in the world.

"don't give me that. You have no say over my life or my mate's life!" Naruto growled.

Chomei bowed down. "I apologize for my actions, Juubi-sama. you are more than worthy of Kurama-chan," she said in fear. It was the first time she ever felt such overwhelming power and she was actually scared for her life for the first time.

Before things could escalate further, Kurama appeared next to Naruto and wrapped her arms around him. "That apology is enough, Isn't it, Naru-koi? please contain yourself, you are scaring Fuu and Chomei-chan too much. I ask that you please forgive Chomei-chan, she is just not used to anyone being allowed to speak to me in such a manner…" she said, rubbing her head into Naruto's chest.

Naruto took a deep breath as he calmed himself down, his scarred eye closing as his Mangekyou disappeared, his tails going back into his body and with that, his chakra pressure and his killing intent were gone.

"I apologize for losing myself there… It is just that Kura-chan is the most important thing in the world to me so when you tried to prevent me from speaking to her I kind of saw red…" he said, scratching the back of his head nervously.

Kurama giggled as she patted his chest. "That's the Naru-koi I know… you can easily change your nature in the blink of an eye, going from an angry war god to a kind and loveable man… the man that I love…" she said as she leaned up and kissed him.

Naruto smiled as they kissed. After they broke their kiss, Naruto looked at the two identical women.

"We should probably continue towards takigakure, there is no way of knowing that the village is still safe…" he suggested and the four started jumping from tree to tree again.

"By the way… I would kindly ask you two not to tell anyone about what you saw of me. not my tails, not my second eye, and not my Sharingan… It's all kind of a secret for now…" Naruto explained to which Fuu and Chomei nodded.

"It's nor like I can really speak to anyone, Juubi-sama…" Chomei said, almost sounding depressed. "Please don't call me that… My name is Naruto…" the blond quickly said to which she nodded. "I understand, Naruto-sama." she said and Naruto face-palmed.

"that's not what I meant but whatever, that's at least better than the last one… anyways, I don't know if you guessed it already, Fuu, but I used to be Kura-chan's Jinchuriki. as she got out, I absorbed her power which is what gave me my nine tails of demonic chakra which combined with my reserves of normal chakra, making it so that I would have ten tails instead of nine. That scar on my eye, It was given to me by shinobi of my own village when I was only five years old. What I'm trying to say is that you can trust both me and Kura-chan. we both know the pain of being alone or mistreated…'' he explained.

Fuu looked at Naruto in what seemed to be shocked awe as she jumped closer to him. "Your village really abused you physically? for me it was only insults, higher prices, and loneliness… no one ever abused me physically…" she said sadly.

Naruto shook his head. "don't shrug it off like that… even though I've been stabbed, slashed, or even burned alive, I can tell you that the thing that hurt me the most was my loneliness. It is something that all Jinchuriki experience at one point in their life so there's no need to hold it in… I'm your friend now so you are not alone anymore." Naruto said happily as he ruffled her hair.

Fuu ignored her desire to pout as Naruto ruffled her hair as she looked at him with her eyes sparkling. "you went through all of that yet you are still okay? how?" she asked.

Naruto smiled. "That's because I had Kura-chan with me. She had trained me and made me the man I am today. She was the first person to show true love to me and for that, I will always be grateful to her." he said as he looked at Kurama speaking with her stepsister and apparently lover a little further away from them.

Fuu nodded. "So you were able to find love and that saved you?" she asked, doing her best not to sound depressed.

Naruto grinned at her. "Yap! you'll find your own love someday, I'm sure of it! from what I've seen of you, I can tell that you're a great person. Plus, you have the cuteness of a child so that's always a plus. It's something that Kura-chan doesn't have, being very mature in her facial features and body…" he said.

Fuu blushed as she lightly punched his shoulder.

"don't say that! I'd rather hear it from someone who really means it and not from a friend trying to cheer me up…" she pouted.

Naruto laughed. "But I really mean it, I swear!" he said.

Fuu opened her mouth to speak but her stomach growled loudly, making her blush brightly.

Naruto patted her head. "Alright, let's make a quick breakfast break, I'm glad I made extras…" he said and stopped in a clearing, Kurama jumping next to them while Chomei dispelled.

Naruto stomped his leg on the ground and a wooden table came out of it, though Fuu didn't seem to notice the material, being a dark wood, almost resembling earth.

Next to the tables came two chairs and Naruto sat down on one of them, Kurama hopping into his lap.

Fuu sat on the other chair, still a little confused about what was supposed to be happening right now.

Naruto placed a scroll on the table and unrolled it. He unsealed their breakfast from the scroll along with three plates and three cups filled with orange juice.

"I'm glad I decided to make enough for three people. I predicted correctly that our client would be hangry… It's not a good idea to fight on an empty stomach so let's eat." he said, picking a plate and handing it to Fuu before taking the other two for himself and Kurama.

Fuu looked at the food in amazement. "This looks amazing! You want to tell me you made it?" she asked towards Naruto.

"Yeah, of course. I make all the food for me and Kura-chan, seeing as last time she tried to make something she blew up the whole kitchen…" he said, only for Kurama to smack him on the head as her face was lit up with an atomic blush.

"You don't go around telling everyone stuff like that!" she shouted in embarrassment.

Naruto laughed sheepishly as he scratched the back of his head. "S-Sorry for that… I just felt like it was necessary for the situation," he said and Kurama pouted at him.

Naruto patted her head but she still didn't budge. "Alright then, I'll have to use my secret weapon then," he said and Kurama mentally raised an eyebrow in suspicion though she was still pouting.

Naruto grinned as he placed his hand on her back and the other hand in the half tiger seal. "Kai!" he said, releasing Kurama's genjutsu and revealing her tails and ears.

Naruto enjoyed the look of shock and horror on her face as she released what he was about to do.

Naruto started to stroke her tails and scratch her behind her ears.

Kurama moaned and purred as her mouth twisted unwillingly into a satisfied grin. Her eyes threatened to roll into the back of her head as she melted back into Naruto's chest.

"That's… not… fair…" she managed out.

Naruto laughed. "See, you can't resist my secret weapon!" he exclaimed happily as he stopped and grabbed her chin, bringing her face to his own in a kiss.

Fuu looked enviously at the two. She wanted what they had so badly… She wanted someone to love and someone who would love her the same way Naruto and Kurama had for each other. She told herself that it was the love she was jealous of and not anything else and she really wanted to believe that but she couldn't help but send jealous glares at Kurama. She still couldn't understand why she was so jealous of Kurama specifically but she still was.

Kurama noticed her glares as Naruto fed her the food but she shrugged them off as Fuu's loneliness made her want love like she had with Naruto.

The three continued to eat, having small talk as they did and after fifteen minutes, they were all done and continued jumping from tree branch to tree branch.

When they ate, Fuu commented on how Naruto's food was the best she had ever eaten and Kurama invited her to come to eat with them tomorrow morning when Naruto had promised to make her pancakes. At first, Fuu was hesitant to accept as she thought she was intruding on Naruto and Kurama's private time but after they reassured her that it was alright, she agreed.

The three have just made it to the waterfall which was the entrance to Takigakure only to find both guards dead in the water.

"This is not good. There is no knowing how much time has passed since the attack started! Let's go in and try to find your Takikage. He will probably know what is going on best!" Naruto ordered and dashed forwards into the waterfall, followed by Kurama and Fuu.

When they all got into the actual village of Takigakure, they immediately recognized the danger. The village wasn't too badly damaged so that was kind of good but just in front of a massive tree which was in the middle of the village were a group of Takigakure shinobi that looked to be very exhausted, a lot of them sporting wounds.

All around the group were dead bodies, also belonging to Takigakure shinobi. In front of the group, was a group of shinobi which had a musical note on their headbands. They were led by a certain man which both Naruto and Kurama easily recognized.

"Aoi Rokusho, S-rank missing nin of Konohagakure, known for his use of the sword of the thunder god or the Raijin no Ken. got the S ranking for stealing said sword from Konohagakure and has the actual skill of a well trained Jonin…" Naruto mused out loud before he grinned at his wife.

"Kura-chan, you wanna have this one? I'll go take care of the injured so you can have this guy," he asked. Kurama eagerly nodded. "Yes, finally! I get to fight a real opponent, as weak as he might be…" she said as she pecked Naruto on his lips.

"Thank you Naru-koi, I'll make sure he is not a problem anymore. You can also count on my clones to take care of his friends," she said excitedly.

Fuu cleared her throat behind the two. "Are you sure you can handle a 'trained jonin' as you put it and around twenty more chunin?" she asked.

Kurama deadpanned at her. "Did you forget what I am? I destroyed half of Konoha without even trying while defeating Jiraiya of the sannin and Hiruzen Sarutobi as well as the toad boss... and that was before I even trained a day of my life… Do you really think I can't handle them?" she asked rhetorically.

Fuu scratched the back of her head sheepishly. "Yeah… sorry. I forgot…" she said.

Naruto clapped his hands. "Anyways, it looks like I'll need to step in for a second, it looks like someone is trying to fight them off and is quite injured. After I get him out, you can take it from there," he said before he disappeared.

In the fight, there was Aoi who used his lightning sword and he was fighting someone who used a water sword.

He had ink-black eyes and long, dark brown hair. He wore a forehead protector symbolizing his status as a shinobi of Takigakure. He wore a light yellow kimono jacket and light grey pants with a red scarf around his neck and a turquoise haori. He also had his hair in a low ponytail.

The man was holding his water sword defensively, doing whatever he could to defend and find an opening to attack.

From his torn clothes and many cuts, wounds, and even what looked like a stab mark in his stomach, he wasn't winning the battle.

His stomach was bleeding and he was swaying on his feet, one eye closed and looking like he could pass out at any moment, his opponent went for the finishing blow, a stab to the heart.

Just before the sword hit, Naruto appeared in front of it and blocked it with his forearm which was covered with wind, canceling out the lightning and pushing the attacking man away.

Naruto turned around and caught the injured man just before he could fall backward, jumping back with him to where the other Takigakure shinobi were standing.

He placed the injured man on the ground and made a cross-fingered hand seal. "Shadow clone Jutsu!" he said as ten clones appeared around him, each with enough chakra to heal whoever needed it.

He placed his hands over the man's chest and his hands started to glow green, assessing the damage.

Just then, Kurama and Fuu appeared next to him. Fuu knelt next to Naruto and his patient. "Shibuki-sama…" she mumbled.

"N-Naruto-kun, please, don't let him die… I can't live in this village without him…" she begged.

Naruto smiled as he patted her head. "Don't worry… when it comes to medical ninjutsu, I'm one of if not the best. Plus, he isn't that badly injured. He simply lost a lot of blood, something which I am fixing right now." he said as the glow of his hands intensified and the hole in Shibuki's stomach was closed.

Fuu let out a sigh of relief as Naruto healed the man who took care of her as if she was his own little sister.

Meanwhile, Kurama stepped forward. "Aoi Rokusho, you are a missing-nin of Konohagakure and as such, I, as a Konohagakure shinobi, shall put you down," she spoke as she drew her sword.

The man leered at her chest as he grinned. "And what do you think you can do? You look like a fragile doll that will break at the smallest amount of force! I think I should keep you for myself after I am done." he said, his sword crackling with lightning.

"You should be more careful with your words… the last person who threatened me with what you just did ended up getting what makes him a man burned down before he was killed. My husband is right over there and he is rather sadistic…" Kurama whispered into Aoi's ear as she appeared behind him, her hand held in the half tiger seal as she spat fire onto his back.

Aoi quickly jumped back and ripped his shirt apart, getting rid of the flames.

"You are very skilled for a Konoha shinobi. How about you join Otogakure and become my little pet?" he asked, totally ignoring what she said before.

Kurama didn't bother to answer him as she appeared in front of him and thrust her sword forward towards his heart.

Aoi barely reacted in time and got the sword into his shoulder instead of his heart, Kurama pulling the sword out very roughly and slashing diagonally across his chest.

Aoi placed his sword in front of Kurama's own at the last second, blocking her from cutting his chest open as he jumped back.

Kurama smirked at the man. "You look very scared for someone who was taunting me a few seconds ago… did you finally realize how far away your skill level is from my own?" she asked arrogantly.

Aoi growled as he ran through hand seals. "You will pay for this, bitch! Lightning style: Electromagnetic murder!" he shouted as a wave of electricity went towards Kurama.

Kurama snapped her fingers and a tornado of wind appeared inside of the lightning wave, completely destroying it.

The man grabbed his hair in frustration, almost pulling it out as he tried to think of something which he could use to hit Kurama.

"Aagh! Fine! You asked for it! Men, go kill her! Whoever knocks her out gets to keep her!" he shouted.

His men roared in approval as all twenty-five chunin level shinobi charged forward.

Kurama easily dodged every single one of them, occasionally using her sword to block. However, that was exactly what Aoi wanted.

While Kurama was killing his men one by one, he was charging up his chakra.

Finally, after five whole minutes, he was enveloped by electricity, his blade crackling with even more lightning, becoming longer and mostly made out of pure lightning.

Kurama was still surrounded by five men, the only ones who were still alive after she killed the rest.

Aoi laughed maniacally as he slashed his sword in the air. "Raijin no ken true style: lightning slash!" he shouted a slash of lightning shooting off towards Kurama, ignoring the members of his group who were still there.

Kurama decided that it was best to jump out of the way and in one leap, she was a few feet to the right.

The lightning slash hit the five Otogakure shinobi and electrocuted them to death in under five seconds.

Kurama looked at the new form of the sword and the new lightning crackling around Aoi's body.

'That looks like a bastardized version of the fourth Raikage's lightning armor… I didn't see much back then but I remember once that Kushina-chan used my power to battle the hachibi and his Jinchuriki while Minato-kun fought the fourth Raikage who used something like this and was able to keep up with Minato-kun's speed… I shouldn't underestimate this form of his. I should counter his lightning with wind, as much as I dislike using wind instead of fire…' Kurama thought to herself, her sword being enveloped in a green aura of wind.

Aoi thrust his sword forward, and what seemed to be a bullet of lightning came out of it. "Raijin no ken true style: lightning bullets!" he shouted as five bullets shot towards Kurama.

The red-haired fox-women deflected all of the lightning bullets with her wind sword as she dashed forward.

Kurama clashed her blade against Aoi's own, pushing the man back.

However, the man suddenly backed away with his sword, leaving some room for movement, and took advantage of that by using speed to send his sword back into Kurama's own, Kurama actually being forced to use more strength if she didn't want to be pushed back.

Kurama quickly disengaged her sword from Aoi's own and slashed his stomach open, jumping back to avoid a counter slash.

Aoi held his stomach as he glared at Kurama. "Alright! Now you are dead!" he shouted as he held his sword with both hands, the tip pointing at Kurama as a lot of chakra gathered on the tip.

"Raijin no ken True style: Lightning beam of death!" he shouted, falling to one knee as the massive beam was launched out of his sword and leaving him without chakra.

Kurama closed her eyes in concentration as she held her sword above her head.

She took a deep breath before she grinned. Kurama slashed her sword downwards creating a vertical slash of wind that went into Aoi's attack. "Wind Style: severing slash!" she shouted.

Kurama's attack cut cleanly through Aoi's electric beam, the beam shooting off to Kurama's sides and hitting some buildings behind her while her cut hit Aoi and cut him in half, ending his life instantly.

Kurama stood back into a straight stand and resheathed her sword in its sheath, sighing in annoyance at the fight ending before she could get serious again as she walked back towards Naruto.

Naruto and his clones just finished healing up all of the injured people as Kurama walked closer. The clones puffed out of existence as Naruto clapped for Kurama.

"Good job Kura-chan, you kicked his ass good!" he said as she came into hearing range.

Kurama walked up to him before pouting up at him. "Naru-koi… I didn't even get to go serious! These weak people are so boring! Can you fight me? You are the only one who can keep up…" she whined.

Naruto laughed as he wrapped her up in his arms, her head going into his chest, his hand rubbing her ears through the genjutsu to calm her down.

Kurama purred happily as she rubbed her face into her love's chest. "Now, Now, Kura-chan… you know that if we fight here there won't be a village left after we are done… wait until we get a chance to fight. Who knows, we might be put up against each other in the final part of the chunin exams and then we could fight. Though you should know that I won't go easy on you just because I love you…" he told her teasingly.

Kurama headbutted Naruto's chest. "If you hold back then you get no sex for a whole month," she said sweetly.

Naruto grinned as he smacked her ass. "You know as well as I do that you are the pervert between us so go ahead, we'll see if you can go a whole month without sex…" Naruto said and Kurama couldn't say a thing as she knew Naruto was correct.

Kurama simply blushed as she rubbed her face into Naruto's chest. "Whatever, you meanie," she mumbled.

Naruto laughed as he placed his hands on her cheeks and picked her head up for a kiss.

After they broke the kiss, Naruto looked around to search for Shibuki, having been told that he was the Takikage.

Kurama caught sight of Fuu and Shibuki to their right and when she did, she saw Fuu glaring jealousy at her before looking away.

Kurama decided to ask the girl about it later as she told Naruto where the two were.

Kurama walked next to Naruto towards Shibuki and Fuu as she held onto his hand tightly.

"Shibuki-san, Fuu-chan, Aoi, and his men are now all dead so your village is safe. However, I would like to stay here for the next few days just in case of another attack, seeing as a lot more people could have gotten in with the border patrol being killed. What do you think?" he asked.

Shibuki nodded his head gratefully. "Yes, that would be very helpful. I would arrange a hotel for each of you and please, enjoy our village as much as you can as long as you are here, it's the least we can do for your help," he said before he ran off to get Naruto and Kurama hotel rooms.

"Wait, Shibuki! There is no need for two rooms! We share one bed so one room is good!" Naruto said to which the man nodded.

Naruto smiled as he looked at Fuu and Kurama. "Well… it looks like you can still join us for breakfast tomorrow, Fuu-chan. Kura-chan loves my pancakes so I hope you will too." Naruto said cheerfully.

Kurama narrowed her eyes at Fuu before looking at Naruto and smirking pervertedly, a plan cooking in her head.

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If you are wondering, No. I have said it in the prologue, this isn't going to be a harem. However, what is going on between Naruto, Kurama and Fuu could possibly be called a threesome… again from the prologue, I will not write out lemon scenes and so, the threesome will only be mentioned and the morning after it will also be. Kurama is only going to allow Fuu to be intimate with Naruto when she is around and is feeling like it so sometimes, they will be greeting each other with kissess but nothing more will be mentioned, they won't do anything like when Kurama sits in Naruto's lap and they eat the same bite out of each other's mouth.

By the way, if any of you noticed, in Kurama's fight with Aoi, she totally ripped Yuno off by using the wind tornado in the middle of Aoi's electromagnetic murder, I used the scene in the royal knights' entrance exam when Yuno used the 'Mana Zone: towering tornado' against the sand guy's so-called ultimate spell.

I also used Yami's dimension slash against Charla's plant drill for inspiration for Kurama's slash against Aoi's electric beam. I really hope you enjoyed those references because I sure did.