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Chapter six: the first exam

Seeing the team of Kumo shinobi walk in on his little run-in with the Suna team, Naruto smiled at them in greeting. "Hello to you as well Matatabi and Gyuki. It seems like we really have a gathering this year… Is there anything I could do for you or are you simply passing by?" he asked, his voice calm, gentle and kind.

The group of Kumo shinobi looked at Naruto in surprise, the larger of the two men smiling back at Naruto. "So it's mister nine, isn't it?" he asked, having been told by Gyuki that Kurama was standing right next to Naruto and deciding not to expose him as a favour to his fellow jinchuriki.

Naruto glanced at him for a second before he smiled again. "Indeed I am. What do I call you? Mister eight?" he asked. The man shook his head. He got into a rapping pose. "I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee, the mighty Killer B!" he rapped, rhyming his words.

He was punched over the head by the less busty of the two blonde women. "Shut up B, your rap sucks!" she shouted at him before turning and smiling pleasantly at Naruto.

"Sorry for that… he is just always rapping and it's super annoying…" she said, scratching the back of her head.

Naruto laughed. "You have quite the spirit yourself… What do I call you? Number two? Or maybe you'd like miss kitten better?" he asked, smiling teasingly.

The woman's smile turned teasing as well. "I'm Yugito Nii. How about you? Mister nine? Or maybe even whiskers?" she asked.

Kurama giggled next to Naruto. "That's your new nickname. I'm calling you whiskers from today onwards!" she said, laughing hysterically as Naruto turned to look at her with a deadpan.

"At least it's original…" he said, sweatdropping before smiling at Yugito.

"You can if you really want to but I'm Naruto Uzumaki. It's nice to meet you." he said, smiling charmingly.

Yugito blushed lightly, appearing to have been charmed by Naruto's smile. However, what really was causing her to blush like that was what was happening in her head.

"Yugito-chan, jump him already! Look at that prime alpha male! Just jump him!" came a feminine voice deep inside Yugito's head.

Yugito blushed further. 'Matatabi-chan! I only said his whiskers are cute, he is handsome and that his smile is super attractive. That doesn't mean I want to fuck him! You perverted cat in heat!' she shouted back at her best friend inside of her head.

Matatabi scoffed. "Oh come on! It'll be fun! Look at Kurama-chan hanging off his arm! He must be a beast! Go fuck him already!" she shouted back. "I don't know about you but if you won't do it, I'll take over your body when you sleep and go fuck him!" she said in an annoying voice, making it clear to Yugito that she didn't really mean to do it but she was just trying to urge her to do it.

'Shut up! Let me clear my mind and I might think about it later! Leave me alone for now!' she said, telling Matatabi what she needed to hear and not really meaning what she told her.

Matatabi huffed. "I'm just saying, It's been twenty years since you were born and I was sealed inside of you… you didn't let me feel the pleasure of sex even once during that long time, hell you've barely even masterbated… If you won't do something soon, I might really go into heat and take over your body. Then your body would be open to whatever man wants it… I'm sure you don't want that to happen…" she said before going to sleep, leaving Yugito to her thoughts.

"Yugito-chan, how about you introduce us to your friends?" Naruto's voice snapped Yugito from her talk with Matatabi. She blushed a little more before nodding. "S-sure, this is Samui and this is Omoi." she said, gesturing at the busty blonde woman and the man respectively.

Naruto nodded his head. "Well, as you know, I'm Naruto, and this here is my wife, Kurama Uzumaki." he said, wrapping his arm around Kurama's waist and pulling her into his side.

Yugito felt her eyes widen as she watched the man her beast said to be having an affair with the kyuubi, something which she didn't believe at first, be kissed lovingly on the cheek by the Kyuubi herself which he introduced as his wife with the beast herself not denying anything and even looking at him hungrily as she rubbed onto his side.

She would never have been able to believe that any human could sexually satisfy one of the nine Bijuu but not only that, this handsome blond had not only satisfied the strongest bijuu of them all, he subdued her and made her into his wife.

She looked as Kurama's lips parted from his cheek and Naruto gestured down towards the smallish fox standing between the couple. "This is our little girl, Yukihime. Yuki-chan, say

She waved her tails at the group of four in greeting, getting her head patted by Naruto.

"Well. It's been nice meeting you all. Yugito-chan, Samui-chan, Omoi-san, B-san. And you guys too, Temari-chan, Gaara-chan. But, now I'm super hungry and we were on our way to eat. You are all welcome to join us at the ramen stand if you want." Naruto said with a pleasant smile before he started to walk.

He didn't take five steps before he was tackled a few steps back by a green blur. "Naruto-kun! I missed you so much!" Fuu whined as she hugged him tightly.

Naruto laughed as he patted her head. "It's only been a week since we last saw you Fuu-chan. Calm down." he laughed even harder as he saw Fuu pouting up at him.

"You're so mean Naruto-kun! You didn't even miss me!" she cried as she pouted at him.

Kurama laughed at her too as she took her out Naruto's chest and patted her head. "Don't worry, we did miss you. Naru-koi's not so mean." she said and gave Fuu a short hug.

"Come on, Fuu-chan, would you like to join us for Ramen? I'm super hungry!" Naruto said, very childishly, making everyone around him sweatdrop at his attitude change.

Fuu eagerly nodded her head. "You're paying!" she shouted. Naruto laughed, almost hysterically. "Sure. How could I let a lady pay for the food I'm inviting her to?" he asked, starting to walk quickly towards Ichiraku's ramen shop.

*a week later: early morning*

After eating at Ichiraku's, Naruto and Kurama dropped Fuu off at her hotel and told her where Naruto's apartment was so she could come visit any time she wanted.

Now, Naruto and Kurama were getting ready for the first exam like they were getting ready for everything. They had sex on their bed before getting up from bed and going to the shower, where they had even more sex.

They came out with minimal clothing, a boxer for Naruto and a matching pair of red panties and bra for Kurama.

They ate breakfast consisting of eggs, bacon and sausage, Kurama whining about no pancakes before an important exam only for Naruto to shut her up with a kiss.

Yukihime was just sitting next to Naruto and enjoying her food, having gotten used to the way her adoptive parents acted.

After breakfast was done with, Naruto and Kurama got dressed, stocked up on everything they might need in any kind of a test and left the house with Yukihime.

The group of three walked through the village. "So, Naru-koi, what do you think the first exam would be?" Kurama asked, sending a harsh glare towards a villager who was looking like he was about to start walking towards them.

Naruto scratched the back of his head. "Let's see… If we're going by Konoha's standards, It'll probably be a test of knowledge, like the one from the academy, a test of mentality and will power or they'd save those for later and start with an exam for something like teamwork. In total, there should be anywhere between three to five exams. One for knowledge or willpower, one for individual strength, physical or chakra, one for survival, one for teamwork and ability to work with people you're not used to and finally, the tournament they have every time for individual combat prowess. I'd say the first two are the most likely to be the first exam." Naruto explained, his brain working fast over all the possibilities.

Kurama giggled at him and gave him a quick kiss. "You're thinking way too much… whatever they give us It'll be super easy so there's no need to worry." she said carelessly.

Yukihime looked up at Naruto with stars in her eyes. "Wow! Daddy is super smart!" she exclaimed, her voice revealing how amazed she was with her idol.

Naruto patted her on the head. "It's not really that impressive Yuki-chan," he said, smiling brightly.

His head turned back sharply and he levelled a glare on a villager walking angrily in their direction, causing the man to stop, turn around and walk away, cowering in fear.

Not long later, the group of three walked into the academy building, walking up the stairs towards the third floor where room 301, the room they needed to go to was.

On the second floor, in front of room 201 there was a big gathering of teens, the sign of the room showing '301' because of an illusion placed on it.

As the group of three walked closer towards the gathering, having easily seen through the genjutsu cast on the sign.

They saw two chunins disguised as ordinary genin blocking the door of the room. The group of three fox demons simply ignored them all, walking past them and towards the stairs going to the next floor.

Just before they reached the stairs, they heard a not-so-pleasantly familiar voice. "I demand you release the genjutsu!" was haired followed by. "Yeah! Sasuke-kun is so amazing, you could never trick him with such a simple trick!"

Naruto sweatdropped. "Why am I not surprised that Sasuke and Sakura told them about the illusion?" he asked.

Kurama sweatdropped as well. "Those two are the pinnacle of idiocy…" she said, answering Naruto's rhetorical question.

They turned around to see that the disguised chunin blocking the door were not too happy to have their illusion revealed.

One of them glared at Sasuke before rushing towards him with a kick, one that Sasuke matched with his own kick.

Just before the kicks could meet, a teen with a bowl cut, massively thick eyebrows and a green jumpsuit appeared between the two and effortlessly stopped the two kicks with his hands.

"Lee! We agreed to appear weak! What the hell are you doing?!" a feminine voice from the gathering of teens shouted at him, two people coming out of the crowd.

The first one of the two was male. He had long brown hair, white pupiless eyes, a feature giving away his status as a member of the Hyuuga clan. He wore a white Kimono shirt with long loose sleeves, matching pants and a navy-grey apron tied around his waist. He wore a black forehead protector and had black shinobi sandals.

The other one was a young woman. She had dark brown hair kept in two chinese style buns on her head with matching eyes. She wore a long sleeved, high collared white blouse with maroon edges, black fingerless gloves, low heeled sandals and a black forehead protector. She wears maroon, puffy Hakama style pants with the exposed parts covered in bandages and the shuriken holster removed. She carries a large scroll on her lower back, probably to store things she needed for her techniques

The guy who stopped the kicks of Sasuke and the disguised Chunin stood up, releasing the legs from his hands before walking over to where Sakura was next to Sasuke.

He kneeled on the ground with one hand held over his heart and one hand held out towards Sakura.

"Sakura Haruno, I am Rock Lee. you are the most beautiful girl in the world, would you please be my girlfriend?" he asked, his eyes sparkling and flashing a smile with his teeth shining brightly.

Sakura was about to hit him for saying such things to her, considering herself as Sasuke's property when Naruto's booming laughter echoed throughout the whole hall, the giggling of Kurama and Yukihime enhancing it.

The group of six genin and one disguised chunin turned to see Naruto walking towards them. "You said your name was Rock Lee, right? Are you blind?" he asked, laughing all the way through.

Lee replied innocently. "I am not blind. I see perfectly fine." he answered.

Naruto sweatdropped. "You can see yet you think that flat surface is attractive? The most beautiful woman in the world? Haha! Laughable! She can't even compare to your teammate, let alone my Kura-chan. How could you possibly not be blind?" Naruto asked, his hysterical laughter still echoing through the hall.

He wasn't one to brag, let alone use his Kura-chan to brag but it was called for, seeing as she was the one holding the title of the most beautiful woman in the world.

Everyone looked at him and Kurama, and could clearly see what he was talking about. The girl in Lee's team unconsciously tried to compare herself with Kurama but came up miles away from her no matter what subject she tried comapering. Hell, even Sasuke admitted to himself, deep within his heart, that Kurama was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

The only ones who didn't acknowledge Kurama's beauty were the emotionless Sai, Sakura who was in denial, and Lee who was mentally locked on Sakura and didn't even look at Kurama.

He glared at Naruto as he stood up. "Take that back! If you won't, I'll fight you and make you take it back! I challenge you to a dual! If you lose, you have to admit that Sakura is the most beautiful woman in the world!" he shouted at Naruto, walking towards him.

Yukihime growled at him as he approached. "Those are two things I'll never ever do. I will never lose to you or to anyone else and even less likely that I'll do is for me to say that the flat woman with a forehead large enough to land a plane on it is the most beautiful person in the world. But, It's your lucky day since I don't have time to fight you, the exam is starting in a few minutes and I don't feel like being late… If we'll get the chance, come search for me during the exams, I'll be more than happy to kick your ass so you could see just how beautiful my wife is…" Naruto said to him, a sweet smile on his face as he turned around and walked away with Kurama and Yukihime, going up the stairs and into classroom number 301.

After Naruto and his family left, Lee ended up taking his frustration out on Sasuke in a duel which was offered by Sasuke, believing himself to be stronger than both Naruto and Rock Lee.

That duel ended with Sasuke beaten into the ground and Lee's sensei stopping him from injuring Sasuke too badly.

As the two were fighting, Naruto and Kurama walked into Room 301 with Yukihime in between the two.

When the doors opened, they were blasted with a wave of killing intent from most of the genin inside of the room but they were totally unphased since they were just that, Genin.

Naruto didn't even bother to shoot his own killing intent back at them, ignoring them and walking with his two fox girls towards a corner of the room where he sat down and leaned against a wall, Yukihime resting in his lap and Kurama leaning on him from the right side.

Both of them patted Yukihime as they spoke to each other until more and more teams started coming into the room.

Teams eight, ten and finally team seven and Lee's team made their way into the classroom, teams seven, eight and ten standing close to each other, by chance close to Naruto as well. They started speaking very loudly, Sakura making a fuss over Sasuke, her friend and previous love rival Ino looking at her and not believing she once used to be like her.

Kiba was talking very loudly to Shikamaru who simply had his eyes closed as he did his best to ignore Kiba, Choji who was too focused on eating his chips to listen and Shino who simply was acting like he always did.

As all of that was happening, Hinata walked over to where Naruto and Kurama were sitting.

"Hello, Naruto-kun, Kurama-san." she greeted. Both of them smiled at the nice girl. "Hello to you as well, Hinata-chan. How may we help you?" Naruto asked, Kurama nodding along.

Hinata blushed slightly, sitting down in front of Naruto. "I-I couldn't help seeing this little one when we walked into the room…" she said, gesturing with her head to Yukihime.

"I-I thought it was really cute… would you mind if I pet it?" she asked very quietly and shyly.

Naruto chuckled lightly. "Go ahead. Her name is Yukihime. Yuki-chan, this is Hinata-chan, be nice to her, alright?" he asked and the fox sniffed the hand of the shy hyuuga as the hand patted her head.

"I like her daddy. She has a sweet scent, It's almost like cinnamon rolls." she said, remembering the delicious treat Naruto gave her a few days ago.

Naruto laughed. "She likes you, Hinata-chan. She says you smell sweet, like cinnamon rolls" he said and Hinata blushed. "I didn't eat any today!" she replied on instinct, blushing further when she realised what she said and watched Naruto laugh.

Hinata patted Yukihime silently for a few seconds. "You rookies are making too much noise. Do you really want to die that badly?" a male voice came from where most of the rookies were.

Naruto didn't even bother looking at first, having no interest in what was going on over there.

"Who the hell are you?" Sasuke demanded, glaring at the white haired young adult that approached them.

"I am Kabuto Yakushi. But you are a bunch of loud rookies that are getting on the nerves of everyone around. Look around you. Everyone just wants to kill you…" the man answered calmly.

Sasuke scoffed. "So what? Let them try. There's no one here stronger than I am. How does that have anything to do with you anyways?" he asked, his nose lifted up arrogantly.

Kabuto chuckled. "I am here as a fellow Konoha shinobi to assist the rookies of our village. I have info on every single one of the genin participating in the exam so I thought the rookies of this year could use the information…" he said, pulling a deck of cards from his pocket.

"Just pick whoever you want me to give you information on and I'll tell you." he said, a proud smirk appearing on his face.

Sasuke smirked. "Give me everything you know about Naruto Uzumaki, Kurama Uzumaki and Rock lee." he ordered.

"I want everything you have about the girl from Kumo with the cloud designs on her clothes and the red haired Suna guy. They smell weird." Kiba added.

Naruto looked at him with an eyebrow raised. "Does the Kumo girl happen to smell like a cat and the Suna guy like a racoon?" he asked, curious to know if Kiba smelled what he could smell from them or just had instincts that told him to stay away from them because of their Bijuu.

Kiba looked at him. "How do you know?" he asked in surprise. Naruto just smiled mysteriously. "A hunch," he said.

Kabuto cleared his throat. "Well… let's start. Naruto Uzumaki. That's weird… it says here that he is in a team only with his wife, Kurama uzumaki with no third teammate or a sensei… they did 546 D-ranked missions, 63 C-ranked missions, 31 B-ranked missions and 14 A-ranked missions. Not much is known about Naruto Uzumaki but what is known about him is that he is a very powerful sensor, an unmatched sealing master and that he has incredible amounts of Chakra. There is No known element and here on a side note, it says… that there was an incident in Naruto's youth in which three trained Jonin of Konoha ended up dead." he said, absolutely shocked by Naruto's info.

Naruto narrowed his eyes at him for a second before smiling as he heard people all around starting to whisper to each other in fear, believing Naruto to be the one who killed the three jonin. 'That is classified information only known to Ero-oneesan and Ojii-san…' he thought to himself.

He gently placed Yukihim on Kurama's lap. "Relax. I didn't kill any shinobi from my own village. I was ten at the time, even i couldn't kill a jonin when I was ten… my teacher at the time was the one to kill them, three jonin who were hired to kill a ten years old child." he said in a bored tone, making everyone calm down.

He sent Kabuto a glare but it was unnoticed by the white haired man.

"Anyways, Kurama Uzumaki, same team, same amount of missions and even less info about her than Naruto. The only thing known about her is that she has massive chakra reserves." Kabuto explained before pulling out another card.

"Rock lee. In a team with Neji Hyuuga and TenTen under the teacher Might Guy. They did 58 D-ranked missions, 13 C-ranked missions and two B-ranked missions. Rock Lee is incapable of using any kind of Ninjutsu or Genjutsu, but is nearly incomparably good at Taijutsu." he explained but it was boring for everyone after hearing Naruto and Kurama's achievements.

He pulled out another card quickly. "Yugito Nii. On a team from Kumogakure with Omoi and Samui under the teacher Killer B. They did 465 D-ranked missions, 57 C-ranked missions, 13 B-ranked missions and 5-A ranked missions. Because it is her first time in the exams and she is not from Konoha, I have no combat info on her." Kabuto said and Naruto could be seen giving Yugito a smile and a nod of respect.

Yugito nodded back at him with a small blush present on her face, Matatabi's words from a week ago echoing in her mind.

"Finally, Gaara. He is the son of the Kazekage and is in a team with his brother Kankuro and his sister Temari under the teacher Baki. They did 184 D-ranked missions, 29 C-ranked missions, 11 B-ranked missions and three A-ranked missions. I have no combat info on him because of the same reasons as Yugito but there is a note here saying that he didn't even get a scratch in any of his missions." Kabuto finished and the people around him were in awe that there were three genin teams capable of doing A-ranked missions consistently.

A puff of smoke in the middle of the room snapped everyone out of their shock. "Alright brats! You have ten seconds to pick a seat! Whoever isn't seated ten seconds from now will be disqualified!" a voice shouted from inside the smoke.

Everyone quickly rushed to find themselves a seat, Naruto, Kurama and Hinata calmly sitting down on the last row, Naruto in between the two girls, Kurama to his right, hinata to his left and Yukihime curled up into a ball in his lap barely fitting there with her decently large size.

The proctors started handing out papers to everyone as the first man spoke. "I am Ibiki Morino and I am the proctor of the first exam. The first exam is a test with ten questions, the first nine given to you all right now and after forty five minutes the last question would be given to you. The score of the exam is for a whole team. A team to get under ten points total is disqualified and anyone who gets zero points on their personal exam has their whole team disqualified. Anyone caught cheating losses two points to their personal exam which means that if you are caught cheating five times you and your team are disqualified. Before we start, does anyone have any questions?" Ibiki explained in a booming voice, his killing intent overflowing in the room.

Naruto raised his hand. "Two questions. First. I know for a fact that this isn't everyone competing in the exams this year, so where are the others? Also I know that usually there are only three exams to the chunin exams but this year's chunin exams are the biggest in history. Does that affect the number of exams?" he asked, his voice calm as he looked directly into Ibiki's eyes, discarding his killing intent.

Ibiki nodded to himself. "Good questions. The rest of the competitors are scattered across the academy classes, taking the same exam over there. Because of the bigger amount of genin entering the exams, we will be doing five instead of three exams just to make sure only the best of the best make it to the final part." he said, answering Naruto's questions.

Naruto nodded his head and said nothing more. If there are no more questions, begin the test!" Ibiki shouted, everyone quickly flipping the paper given to them and reading the first question. Five seconds later, a collective groan could be heard from the room as everyone read the question.

Naruto took a look at the first question before he smirked at Ibiki and started quickly writing down the answers. 'These aren't questions for any normal genin. We are meant to cheat, only to make sure that our cheating isn't too obvious for the chunin observers to notice,' he thought to himself as he answered the questions, easily knowing the answers.

He was done in no more than five minutes and filed the test to one of the chunin observers, Kurama, handing over the test a few seconds after him.

The both of them patted Yukihime in Naruto's lap as they rested having nothing to do after finishing.

Naruto noticed Hinata struggling to find answers. Impressed enough that she was able to answer the first question without cheating like everyone else, he cast a genjutsu on her test revealing the answers.

Hinata snuck a look towards him and saw him smiling at her. Hinata smiled gratefully at him. She mouthed a silent thank you before she started filling the test with the answers she had.

Quickly, Hinata finished as well and handed the test over to one of the chunin observers, petting Yukihime on Naruto's lap as well.

Ibiki discreetly checked what the two girls were doing in the middle of the classroom with their hands stroking in Naruto's lap and sighed in relief to find a fox there being petted by all three of them.

Quickly, forty five minutes passed and the first nine questions of the exam were over with.

"Alright brats! Listen up! The first forty five minutes of the exam are over and now you'll get the tenth question. However, before you get the question, there are new rules for this , you can choose if you want to take it or not, if you do take it and you either get it wrong or don't answer, you won't be able to participate in the chunin exam ever again. If you choose not to take the question, you are disqualified and are able to come back next year for the exam." Ibiki said with a smirk, releasing his killing intent.

The whole room broke into an uproar. "What!? You can't do that!" came a shout. "Yeah! There are people here who have taken the exam before!" came another shout.

Ibiki just grinned sadistically. "Too bad for you. I am the proctor this year and I set the rules." he said coldly and uncaringly.

"I'll give you five minutes to decide whether or not you want to take the tenth question. Anyone who doesn't want to take it, raise your hand and I'll dismiss you along with your team." he continued.

A few minutes passed and Naruto was still not paying attention to anything. However, when he saw Hinata about to raise her hand he quickly grabbed her wrist. "Don't do that," he said simply.

She looked at him before looking over at where her two teammates sat next to each other. "Shino has a chance of getting the answers correct but Kiba has absolutely no chance of getting the question correctly. He has too much pride to admit that he is stupid so I'll tap out for him." she answered.

Naruto smiled brightly at her. "Don't worry. You won't need to." he said, not adding anything. His reassuring smile slowly made Hinata lower her hand and sit quietly until the time was over.

"Alright brats! Time's up! Last chance to leave is now!" Ibiki shouted, pushing his killing intent to the limit, trying to make the room as uncomfortable as possible.

After a few moments of no one leaving, he released his killing intent. "Everyone who stayed in this room… Passed the first exam!" he shouted, surprising everyone present.

The voices of the people quickly died down when Ibiki pointed at Naruto. "Uzumaki, you seemed to have figured out the purpose of the test with the confidence you showed, stopping the Hyuuga from leaving and all…" he said, asking Naruto indirectly what he understood of the meaning of the test.

Naruto shrugged his shoulders. "Of course I understood. It was pretty obvious… The first part of the exam had absolutely no meaning for passing the exam but the purpose of that was to test our information gathering skills. Next was the so-called tenth question which was a test for one's willpower and to see if people would give up if things got a little dangerous." he explained, picking his ear.

Ibiki was beyond shocked as he watched Naruto uncaringly flick the ear wax he pulled out of his ear. He cleared his throat to hide his surprise. "Well, everyone present in the room passed. Now wait here for the next proctor to arrive." he said, leaving the room with the chunin observes.

Naruto sighed as he picked Yukihime into his arms and walked back to the wall he was leaning on before, placing her back in his lap with Kurama sitting to his right and Hinata to his left.

"If the next proctor doesn't arrive within the next fifteen minutes, It's gonna be Ero-oniisan so we'd better get comfortable…" Naruto mumbled to himself, sighing.

"N-Naruto-kun, why did you help me back then? Both with the test answers and when I wanted to leave?" she asked, looking at him curiously.

Naruto smiled at her. "Well… you're a friend who needed help so I helped… also, you just look like the cute little sister I never had so I just couldn't see you failing because of such a simple trick…" Naruto said, grinning cheekily as he scratched the back of his head.

Hinata was slightly taken aback but she eventually smiled. "Alright. If that is what you want, I'll call you Naruto-oniichan" she said, giggling as she saw Naruto choke on his own saliva for a few seconds.

Kurama laughed hysterically. "I like her Naru-koi. She's funny!" she said, slapping her thigh in laughter.

Naruto recovered quickly and laughed as well. "I agree. From now on you are my Imouto, my little sister!" he said, patting Hinata on her head.

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