Hi! This is pre-writing, frazzled KittyNoir, and I have a challenge for FallenClan! This is the sentence prompt challenge, and my prompt was "Run away with me,". Hope you enjoy! (1232 words)


She couldn't go out. Not in this weather. The ever-darkening clouds loomed even higher than the apartment buildings near the University, as they leaked big, fat raindrops, which were hitting off her bedroom window. Which was kind of her living room. And her kitchen. She hated this little apartment.

After a few seconds more of her lying like a starfish on her bed, feeling the calm breathing of her cat next to her and listening to the downpour, a little tinkling noise came from her mobile. She gasped a little, with excitement. Maybe it was someone replying to the post she had sent last night! Maybe someone had finally paid interest in her account! Maybe.. Maybe it was her parents trying to get back in touch!

As she opened up her phone, she could feel the shivers racing down her back. She began to imagine life once more with her mother, embracing her Japanese culture for the first time. What if her father was the one getting in touch? She imagined him, in a much better mood, with breath that didn't stink of alcohol. She could have stepfamily she didn't know about!

Opening up WhatsApp, which had a little dot above it, she saw who had sent her the message. No name. Just a number. Seemed for real. She opened up the chat.

Hi. It's Kai. I probably got the wrong number, so just ignore this. But if the tiny, slim chance that it really is you is true, then I'm sorry for not contacting you. I changed my SIM a while back. You don't have to forgive me, just please, acknowledge that I exist. Please, just reply, Niamh.

An audible gasp came from the girl. What, wh-, why would he just message like this out of the blue? And why was he the one apologising? She was the one who ran away to this dump. She was the one who ignored his texts for two years.

It was just so.. Kai of him! How had she not been expecting – no – waiting for the day he texted her, after she had known him all this time? Kai, her best friend since forever, Kai, the one who stood up to bullies for her, Kai, the one who she used to care so much about. Here he was.

So, as always when she was stressed, went back to a happier time. When she was proud to be Niamh Rowe, daughter of Dave Rowe, the kind businessman from across the road, and Mei Rowe, the elegant, graceful mother she looked up to so much.

Bare feet thudded on top of the grass, all muddy and dirty from the lawn. The tinkling bells of children's laughs echoed in the air, and the warm smell of fresh scones breezed across the garden from the bakery across the street. It was a hot day in the middle of July, and just by looking at the scene, you would be able to tell from the hot drinks, parasols and sun cream bottles everywhere.

A young girl, with long, flowing, dark hair in a light blue summer dress was chasing a slightly older boy - maybe 7 or 8 years old – with blond locks falling in front of his face. The giggling grew louder as the girl caught up and yelled, "Tag! You're it, Kai!" while tapping him on the shoulder.

Kai then collapsed, announcing, "I'm tired," in a flat tone.

"Not fair! You always do that because I'm faster than you, and I'm a girl who hates PE!" She stuck out her tongue at him, lying down on top of him.

Kai laughed, grabbing her and pulling her into a tight hug.

"Too bad, Niamh!"

"Ack, get off!" She squirmed, and Kai let go, "You know I hate hugs,"

She turned round to face him, "What now?"

Her gaze was set on Kai, looking at him dead in the eye. They had exhausted all of Niamh's toys, used up "screen time", and played every game they could think of.

"Ooh! I know!" She suddenly screamed, suddenly regaining a spark of excitement, "I could show you how to make daisy chains!"

The boy's nose scrunched, then his eyes did that squinty thing they did whenever he was disgusted, and his mouth turned into a frown.

"Daisy chains? That's what girls like to do!"

"Well, now boys do, too!" Came the huffy response.

Dragging him right to the back of the garden where daisies were appearing, Niamh sat down, crossed her legs and smiled cheerily as Kai plonked himself down beside her, looking like a sad puppy. Once he stopped glaring at her, she clapped her hands together like they did on Mam and Dad's "reality TV programs".

"For a start, it would be good to find some daisy, you'll need it for the chain," Niamh instructed.

Once the blond had collected ten daisies (and counted), Niamh patted the ground.

"So, first, you gotta poke a hole through the end, like this," She used her thumbnail to pierce the stem of the plant. Once she had done that, she picked up another daisy, and threaded it through, with her tongue sticking out in concentration.

Smiling, she added, "Next you push the daisy through, just like that!"

Niamh watched him pick up a daisy, and carefully try to poke a hole through it, like she did. Much to his dismay, the stem broke too much and it went floppy.

"It's ok, try again!" Grabbing his hands, she talked him through the steps again, and they positioned his thumb.

"Little up, to the left, no, the other left… perfect!" Niamh beamed at her student, as he managed to finally create a little hole in the daisy. He carefully threaded the other flower in, and gasped, holding it up to his face.

"Now try and make some things on your own!" She giggled.

A long time of chain-making later, Niamh called over to Kai, "You done?"

He called back, pride in his voice, "Yup! Come here!"

She got up onto her knees and sat down next to him, looking to see what he had made.

"I weaved two rings, one for me one for you!" He told her.

"And I made you a crown!" She dumped it on his head.

"Well, my lady, do you take me as your lawfully wedded husband?"

"Uhh.. Whassat?"

"Dunno. Saw it at Auntie Carol's wedding,"

"Then I do! And do you take me to be your lawfully wedded.. umm.. wife?"

"I do!"

They both started giggling and collapsed once more on top of each other, wearing their creations.

"One day, when we are older, I'm going to ask you to be my boyfriend, and we're going to marry each other for ever and ever, for real," She muttered, tired from the excitement.

" And you'll run away with me, and we'll have three billion kids and a farm, and we'll never get boring jobs like our Mams and Dads!" Came the reply.

"Yeah. Kai?"

"Hmm?" He responded.

"Will you? Run away? With me?" She asked.

"Yes. For ever and ever. And we'll never look back. Ever, I promise,"

Back in her apartment, 19 year old Niamh was sitting, tears rolling down her eyes.

Back then, it was so simple. He had made a promise, they were going to run away together, "So why didn't you come with me?"