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By: AnimeKrazy a.k.a. Kaoru

Chapter 1 - Saitou Comes

Kenshin hummed happily as he walked with Yahiko. Yahiko and he went to the market to buy some food and met up with Sanosuke and Megumi. Sanosuke and Yahiko were arguing about God-knows-what, and Megumi seemed deep in thought.

The sun was setting already and it was getting chilly and dark. When they entered the Kamiya Dojo, there was already someone or two in the same room, lit by a candle, talking hurriedly.

"Yes. I think I could. Are you sure he's after them?" A female voice asked. Kaoru.

"Yes I'm sure. You've asked that for the 6th time now!" A male voice returned. He couldn't quite recognize that voice.

By now, Kenshin, Yahiko, Megumi, and Sano were listening intently.

"Well, if you're perfectly sure... You have to promise me, you can't tell my friends!" Kaoru said desperately.

"Well, if you're sure, but do not get angry with me if the Battousai finds out. He has a knack for these kinds of things. As for Zanza and the rest of your so called friends, they won't catch a thing."

The flame flickered as Kenshin saw them get up and walk out the door.

When Kaoru saw them, she panicked.

"Ahh! Kenshin! Um..."

She looked like she wasn't able to construct a single sentence.

He sent Kenshin a look and walked out the door with Kaoru following behind him.

"I will send the Western geisha tomorrow. And as for the sword technique, you're better off with your own. Hand-to-hand combats will be taught by me," said Saitou.

Kaoru nodded.

"Good day," he tipped his hat in a more of a Western fashion before walking off.

Kaoru gulped as she felt the stares and looks of her friends.

"Uhh... I can explain?" Kaoru said meekly.

"Good. Now would be a good time," Sano said.

"Perhaps we should discuss this over dinner!" Megumi tried to cheer up the dampened spirit.

"Yeah! Dinner! Good idea! Kaoru, what is the thing you were going to keep secret-" Yahiko was cut off quickly by Kenshin saying, "I will go prepare the dinner!" rather loudly.

Everyone walked off in his or her own way before dinner, but not before giving Kaoru a look.

Kaoru sighed appreciatively at Kenshin, giving him a thanking look. Kenshin in turn gave her a look that clearly said, you-better-have-a-good- explanation!


"Wanna explain yet?" Sano asked abruptly in the middle of the dinner. Kaoru decided to put it off until after dinner but it was clearly no one wanted to.

"Uhh, no but I have a feeling you're going to make me anyway," Kaoru mumbled.

"Ya got that right, Jou-chan! So... You having a secret affair with Saitou or something?" Sano asked, getting irked looks from everyone but Yahiko who was snickering.

"Who would want busu?"

Kaoru smacked him on the head saying, "Apparently, someone does, or I wouldn't have been sitting there talking to Saitou about-" then if she had said some horrible thing, she shut her mouth.

"Kaoru-dono, it might be better to explain now, while we have some time. It might be better for you to explain now, before, umm, the geisha arrives," Kenshin said gently.

Kaoru looked at the disgusted sight of her friends' faces, well, except Kenshin, who trusted her.

"I can't believe you guys! You guys actually think I'm going to become a geisha!!??" Kaoru screamed. Literally.

Sano let out a relieved sigh before sucking in a sharp breath at the sight of Kaoru with a bokken in her hand, ready for combat, her eyes narrowed.

"Uhh! That's not it! I swear! Jou-chan! You love me right? You don't want to kill me right?" Sano whimpered.

Kaoru growled at him before sitting down and calming herself, sipping some tea.

"Maybe you guys can come in to my room. It might make it easier to explain."

As they entered the room, the delicious aroma of Jasmine hit their noses.

Hmmm... Kenshin thought. Kaoru...

"Japan's in danger."

Kaoru's voice snapped him back to reality.

"Excuse me?" asked Megumi.

"Yeah. You've heard right." Kaoru whispered, wiggling under everyone's open- mouthed look.

Kaoru inhaled a deep breath before heading on, "There is this guy, named Kayo Andrews. His mother was a Japanese, while his father was part of a western government. During his stay here, he got a woman pregnant. He knew he couldn't just abandon the baby. He named the little boy Kayo and took him back to his country. His mother didn't care.

"From what Saitou has told me, I think he hates Japanese all alike, part of the Ishin Shishi or against them. He's part of the Meiji government. They think that he's giving information to the Western lands. So they could take over Japan."

"And what does this have to do with you busu?"

Kaoru closed her eyes. They could see the hesitation in her eyes. She seemed to fight an inner battle with herself. Then as if a side had won, her eyes snapped open. She looked at Kenshin straight in the eyes and whispered,

"I have to kill him."