This fic is based on a short by TB's LMC in their '100 ways to be a better father,' number 71. I have been given permission to use this, and virtually the entirety of Chapter 2 is a direct quote from the fic. If you haven't read this, I urge you to – it's a funny, poignant and sometimes sad collection of ficlets. This one is a little angsty, because it's me and it's something I've had milling around my head for a long time. OC belongs to TB's LMC too.

Business over for the day, Scott decided to take some time out. His work had finished early for a change, the dreaded conference concluding amicably at a day and a half instead of the two, possibly three his dad had prepared him for.

It gave Scott the unusual opportunity to just stroll. He couldn't remember the last time he had been somewhere as a casual bystander, just part of the background scenery, rather than either an International Operative or as Scott Tracy, billionaire's heir and business mogul.

He wandered the streets and lanes, watching people going by. A young couple, arms slung around waists. An older pair, holding hands. Multiple families of all descriptions, with children and pushchairs.

There was a quaint little coffee shop, with outside wrought iron tables and chairs, and he took one, ordering an expresso and a danish, and sat back, simply content to while away the time as an observer of human nature, the parts he never got to see.

The part he never could play.

There was a stirring inside of him. He wanted this life too. A wife and kids. A job that he left at the end of the day, returning home to his little house and his family. Maybe even a dog and a cat – they had always had pets growing up in Kansas. A dream.

Scott sighed. He couldn't see how he could ever have this as part of International Rescue. Sure, when they had first started up Dad had been pretty clear on the no commitments to partners for the security, but he'd been young enough then for that not to seem important. Now, now he wondered how he could have been so stupid.

31 years old and nothing to show for his time on Earth. Oh, sure he had his medals, but when all was said and done, the world would remember him not as a hot shot ace pilot, but as the lazy, spoilt son of a very rich man, who wanted for nothing and helped no-one. They would never know the truth.

It wasn't Kaya's fault, much as he knew his Dad would blame her. Of course, having a woman he loved so much was certainly a factor, but he'd noticed Scott and his girlfriend were getting pretty serious. It would be up to him to talk to his father, to get him to understand that things on the island had to change.

It was not a conversation he was looking forward to, and he knew that he would need fortifying before the event. Challenging his father was something he had only done once before, and that had been, well, horrific.

Mind made up, he downed the last of his coffee and made his way back to the apartment, plans whirling away in his head and his hand already dialling the one person who could give him the strength to go through with this.

'Hey, Kaya, love…'