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It took a further two days before Scott could stay awake for any length of time.

Kaya stayed with him the entire time. Those days were of light-hearted conversations to help Scott's head. The injury left him with a near-constant headache, even on some of the strongest pain relief, and alongside that came dizzy spells and nausea.

He hadn't eaten anything for practically a week, and with his other injuries moving was difficult. Even so, the third day he was more awake the hospital sent a physio to discuss how they would help Scott move forward.

All Scott wanted to do was to go home, but with the possibility of another surgery on his left leg to help with the healing, plus they wanted to closely monitor him until the dizziness stopped, the hospital were putting their foot down. No way were they going to release him for at least a month.

Jeff thought that his son was going to attempt to walk out right there and then. He did his utmost to get that time shortened. Brains explained to them the kind of infirmary they had and his medical qualifications, and eventually the hospital agreed to release Scott into Brains' care after a minimum of a week, as long as there was substantial improvement.

The second day he was fully conscious, Scott made a point of talking to Alan. Kaya and Ruth made sure that Jeff and the three middle boys left the two alone. The youngest Tracy didn't know what to do or say, but Scott grasped his hand and pulled him into a loose hug. No words were initially exchanged, but there were some sobs and eventually some murmured apologies. Both men had wet eyes by the time they pulled apart.

The third day he was fully awake, Jeff took this time to talk with Scott and Kaya in private. Ruth had taken the boys out for dinner and she kept them away.

Jeff sat at the foot of the bed while Scott and Kaya quietly talked. He had no idea about what as he couldn't hear them, but he used the time to build up his courage. Now was the ideal time, but he found his voice was dry and his brain was blank.

It took an extra loud throat-clearing before Jeff realised he was staring at the couple and he flushed as they grinned at him. He rolled his shoulders. Maybe planning what he wanted to say was not the way forward. Maybe he just needed to talk.

'Scott. Kaya. I want to apologise to you both for my behaviour. I have no justification other than I was afraid. Afraid of change, and a big change. We'd never discussed the possibility of any of you boys wanting to get married and settle down, and I just wasn't prepared for the conversation when it occurred.

'I cannot apologise enough to you, Scott. You have given up so much for our family, for my dream, and I repaid you shoddily. And Kaya, by extension I did you much disservice by implying that you could not be trusted. Nothing I say can take those words, those feelings back, but I am so very, very sorry.'

Scott reached out with his good hand, and Jeff got up to take it. He gave it a small squeeze. 'It's ok, Dad. I understand. I really do.' Blue eyes held his own and Jeff found he was once more at a loss. Kaya reached over and held Jeff's other hand, and for several minutes they sat in a comfortable silence.

Eventually, Jeff broke it. 'Thank you both for giving this old ass another chance. Now, we have to make plans for Scott to come home. I am hopeful, Kaya, that you will return with us, as I am sure that Scott is going to need you during his rehab. Brains and I have been talking, and if the two of you are amenable, we have earmarked a suitable site behind the villa to build you your own living accommodation so that you can be on hand but also have your own lives.'

Scott and Kaya looked at each other, grinning. 'Yeah, Dad, that's great! And having Kaya on the island to help me recover would be fantastic.' Scott turned to her, eyes shining. 'What do you think, Kaya? Fancy coming to live on a tropical island with me? I can promise raucous birds and even more unruly brothers, food to die for and sunsets like you have never seen.'

Kaya smiled warmly. 'I would like nothing more.' Disentangling his hand from his father's, Scott reached over and fingered the ring on her finger while holding her eyes. She took the ring off and placed it in his hand.

Scott looked at her. He loved her so much. So very much.

'Kaya. Will you marry me and come live on a tropical island with me and my mad, mad family? We will never have a normal life, but I love you more than anything else.'

'Yes. Yes I will, Scott. I will. Love you, Scott.'

They kissed.

Jeff couldn't be happier.