A/N: Hi everyone! Since I've had this idea of Edward's blog, I've wanted to write it as a companion piece of my fic, More pheromones. So here it is! It's short, meant to be light and fun! I don't know yet how long it'll be, but I'm having so much fun with it!

I created all the nicknames but won't explain them unless asked, because to me they're quite obvious ;) Enjoy, and please review!

Volterra, September 18th, 2021, 7.53 pm

Hi vampires! I'm Edward Cullen, son of the well-known Carlisle Cullen, doctor extraordinaire, and Esme Cullen, who are currently living in North America. I'm also the brother of the incredible Emmett and Rosalie Cullen, and Alice and Jasper Cullen. And last but not least, I'm happily married to my wonderful mate, Bella Cullen. We're all a happy and loving family.

Yes, family. We're not a simple coven. We love each other as a family with true love bonds. How? will you ask. Easy answer. We're vegetarian vampires. Meaning that we don't kill humans to feed. We never drink human blood. We drink the blood of animals, giving us golden eyes instead of red, and enough restraint and civility to retain many aspects of our humanity. We share love and belonging feelings, we blend in among humans and live a sedentary life. We 'children' go to high school and college repeatedly while our beloved father works – actually works! – in hospitals, saving humans. We love our way of life.

I've decided to start this blog to share a new and unexpected development in our life. The Volturi asked – I won't say more on the subject – that my mate, my siblings Alice and Jasper, and myself come to Volterra for ten years. So here are my thoughts on the shock it is for all of us.

As you can imagine, we have a huge problem with our respective diets. The Volturi, like the majority of vampires, drink human blood. We don't. And on the contrary, we endeavour to protect human life as much as possible. So you can imagine what happened...

After being forced to watch a gruesome meal we didn't partake in, we decided to put our foot down. My mate Bella is talented – like my siblings and me, that's why we're here – so she stopped the Volturi from attacking humans with her shield the next time they wanted to feed. The humans, delighted by their visit of 'the vampire city', walked away free and unharmed. And right now, we still don't know if we will be able to work some sort of compromise on this matter with the Volturi. Time will tell!

Ciao tutti!

From GoldenDoc, 8.01 pm: Awesome blog, Edward! Try to enjoy your stay.

From GrizzlyBear1915, 8.02 pm: Love this! I so would have liked to be there to see the Volturis' faces! XD

From BlondeVenus1915, 8.02 pm: Good work, Edward! Don't forget to update often, please. Don't spend too much time staring into your mate's eyes, or...

From HappyMumofSix, 8.03 pm: Lovely blog! I can't wait to read more!

From AlaskanWildfire, 9.17 pm: How awful of the Volturi! That's horrible! I hope they'll be more respectful really soon!

From SparkyMate, 9.22 pm: All our thoughts go to you and your family, Edward! Be brave!

From RedCoatsHater, 9.23 pm: Go Team Cullen!