Rory woke up the next morning on a couch, with a pillow and under a blanket. All that sugar and stress must have hit me at once, I crashed so hard I didn't even make the guest room, Rory thought. Rory looked around her dad's living room. She never really visited here, always preferring to meet under neutral territory instead. There were pictures of Gigi everywhere, but what shocked Rory was there were just as many pictures of her, at all different ages. Her father really had been watching her from afar for her childhood.

Taking a deep breath and laying back down, Rory began to think through her options about Logan to try and have a handle on it before her dad appeared. The way she saw it her main options appeared to be:

1) Confront him now and see what he says potential stress before finals

2) Say no at the party with no reason

3) Say no at the party and tell him exactly why and show his cheating side to all of society (some may find this acceptable though)

4) Say you need to think at the party buys time until after the full grad ceremony just make sure he isn't in too many pictures

5) Decline after the ceremony and again decide what reason to give him.

Where can I find some paper to get a proper pro/con list going, she wondered looking around the room again.

"Ah Rory your finally awake," Chris said coming into the room

"What do you mean finally, its 7am!"

"Gigi was up an hour ago, I've made sure the nanny knows to keep her busy. Come on lets get you some coffee."

Rory took a seat back at the stool in the kitchen island again, just like yesterday, Chris set the mug of coffee infront of her. Rory downed it and reached it back out for her dad to refill. This time she tried to savour her cup giving it a big sniff and letting the smell relax her.

"So honey did you do anymore thinking about the situation? Rory is there any part of you that thinks you may have misheard the guys? Just before we do anything that can't be fixed."

"No dad, if it was just the Vegas thing they mentioned I'd wonder but I heard him say he wants a mistress if I marry him. So even if I could think that I misunderstood the rest I could never get over that idea." Rory took a deep breath shakily she continued "Dad, I really loved him and now all I can think is how much of the past 2 years has been a lie, was it all just a big joke? I should never have took him back after the bridesmaids catastrophe."

Chris looked at his daughter, his heart was breaking for her while internally he was overjoyed. Rory never picked him to fix her problems. It showed how much their relationship was healing.

"Okay, so first things first, can you deal with him until graduation or does this need to happen ASAP?"

"He is gone on a business trip between my last final and grad so I should be able to hide in the library until finals are up and then potentially pack a lot of my stuff while he is in California on his trip. I'm not saying yes to him no matter what. I have too much self respect to end up in a marriage like that. He always said he wanted to be different than his dad and yet here he is doing the exact same thing."

"Do we want to burn some bridges or do we want to try and resolve it quietly? Burning bridges will have a big affect on any journalism job you try to apply for now or have applied for. Or is the truth coming out more important than career ramifications?"

"Anyway that I turn Logan down will hurt a journalism career Dad, but accepting him would aswell. "

"So really it comes down to doing it in front of all of Hartford so they know the truth, or doing it privately so you know the truth but he can spin it anyway he wants?"

"I can't do it at the party Dad, Grandma Emily will never forgive me if I cause a scandal like that."

"Ok, did you ever tell Logan the whole truth?"

"You mean did I break the NDA?"

"It's ok if you did it was a serious relationship, and he would have found out in a week or two anyway so you maybe felt he needed to know."

"No, I never told him. Oh my god, your right, I never even considered telling him, it wasn't even on my radar to tell him not even in the next few weeks. I can't have been as happy as I thought."

"Ok well we can probably use that to our advantage."

"Dad," Rory began sheepishly, she wasn't sure how he would take her next sentence. "I'm not even sure I want to go into journalism anymore. The job offers aren't exactly flying in and when I went back to Yale I added some business and pre-law courses to help build up credits faster, to make up for the semester I missed. They were actually really interesting. Thanks to Paris I actually even sat the LSATs."

"Really? How come you never mentioned this Ror?"

"I didn't want any outside pressure or influences on my decisions while I was so unsure. And Mom probably wouldn't have been very receptive to it when I was first heading back."

"Are you still unsure?"

"Yes but not as much as I was. Dad, I think I have an idea but I'm going to need some sustenance to build it into a plan."

"Come on kiddo, let's get you some french toast."