Finn and Rory went to Disney Aulani Hawaii Resort for their honeymoon, spending one week there before spending a week in Bali and then a final week in the Maldives. Finn planned on helping Rory see Asia the way she had really wanted to the summer between junior and senior year at Yale.

Over the next ten years Finn and Rory continued to travel together, and work together in harmony, after they had been married for three years, Rory got pregnant with the first of their two children, a son name Finnegan Lucas Morgan the fourth, he was followed two years later by Lorelai Lane Morgan the fourth. Once the kids came along Rory reduced her hours to one day at each office a week, meaning she worked three days a week. It was enough that she was able to still keep her brain busy but not feel as though the children were being raised by nannies.

Finn took over as CEO for his dad but he also started to delegate more, he tried to ensure he could work from home as much as possible, as he too wanted to be around their children as they grew up. Much to everyone's surprise they stayed in Manhattan with the children, they didn't move out to Hartford or any of the smaller commuter cities around the city. They like the anonymity that Manhattan provided.

To no one's surprise, Summer filed for divorce not long after Rory and Finn's wedding. Due to Rory's legal help Summer managed to get the house and a much better alimony agreement and upfront payout than what was agreed upon in the prenup. Logan had not covered his tracks very well, and neither mistress enjoyed finding out that they weren't even the sole mistress, so they agreed to help Summer. Logan learned that there really was a lot of truth in the saying 'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." Summer remarried, for love, to Brad Langford of all people. They had bumped into each other at a show in New York one evening and everything just fell into place.

As for Logan, even now ten years later, his only regular companion was his secretary. But even then he hired a new one every six months. He kept the HR and legal departments of HPG busy with his numerous indiscretions. Each secretary thought they would be the one to make him settle down, and six months appeared to be the average amount of time it took them to realize he would never change.

Olivia and Jess ended up getting married. They lived six months in Philadelphia a year, then the other six months they spend travelling around hotels and in Australia. Olivia wrote cookbooks while Jess worked in Philly, while he wrote novels while she worked in the hotels. They had managed to find the perfect balance with each other. Never having their own children, just spending their time with their niece and nephew when they ended up in the same country.

Colin and Stephanie stayed together, going on to have three children of their own, a daughter and twin boys. Colin and Tristan ended up joining together and combining the McRae and Dugray law firms together. They kept their main offices in Hartford where, both Colin and Stephanie, and Tristan and Louise, were living.

All of the couples and their respective children travelled to disneyland or disneyworld together, at least once a year, nearly always over labor day, as a back to school treat for the kids. They wanted to continue and foster the love for disney that had helped so much back then.

Rory often wondered what her life would have been like if she had not stopped to eavesdrop at the door her senior year. She probably would have said yes to Logan, and now be divorced and single, or trapped with no end in sight. She thanked her lucky stars everyday, that she had overheard all of the conversation, and that she had bumped into Finn exactly when she did. She knew that she had needed the five years after graduation to grow into her own skin.

A/N Thank you to everyone who has followed along with this story. I never intended to have this many chapters, and I am still shocked that I managed it. For now I am just glad that I completed it. I know some may be disappointed that I didn't carry on and go through Summer, Logan, Mitchum and Shira drama. But they were all always just side characters and not main story points for me, so hopefully you aren't all too disappointed.