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It was a good day. A bit muggish what with the weather being all fog and gloom but he couldn't complain.

Kakashi and his hounds were out on the back property, where they seldom went due to the mud, muck, and brush. The trees made it difficult to hunt this far out but his hounds had gotten him a few good birds.

Uhei had gone off farther than the others but he always was a bit of a wonderer. Pakkun alerted for more prey and Kakashi obliged with his gun. There was no wind which was a plus. Quick and easy shots, just the way he liked them. 'Sides.. It was already too cold, late November didn't play around.

Dusk was half past, and he needed to get moving if he wanted to make it back to the cabin before any big cats decided to test the food chain. A sharp whistle had all the mutts making time. Six big juicy birds lay flush against his hunters belt.

No less than fifteen minutes in did Uhei decide to start actin a fool. They had another twenty-five before they could even hope to see cabin lights and the moon was already up and at 'em while the temperature was fallin to match. "Uhei, to me!" His dogs had their faults but loyalty wasn't one of 'em.

Uhei caused more of a ruckus in those minutes then he had his entire pup-hood. It took Kakashi a good while to make his way over, his first obstacle was stepping strait into a foot and a half of swamp water, his second obstacle was stepping out of it and landing flat on his ass in a thicket bush. "I swear you better be dying when I get to you or you're gonna be."

The rest of the dogs had stayed behind thankfully or he's sure they'd be belly up in cold cracked mud and he'd be pulling them up and along. To make matters worse a sudden down poor of rain engulfs him and Uhei still doesn't wanna give up what ever the fuck it is he's up to.

Uhei was dirty, a surprisingly prissy boy he was but at the moment he'd waded his way right into the swampy mud and was causing quite the commotion.

Kakashi's first thought was that he'd gotten himself stuck but that went out the window pretty quickly. Uhei, bounded up to him with ease, kept up his commotion and bounded right away the moment Kakashi reached for his collar. "Dammit Uhei, I don't wanna play. We're both too old for this shit."

A few more veiled threats along the lines of 'imma leave you', 'keep it up and see what comes', and even the threat he's known to be the most effective over the years 'you want dinner tonight?' gave him nothin.

Uhei had always been a quiet one among the tribe, an occasional yip never much a growler though, so the moment a low rumble started vibrating into the air he knew there was a problem. Kakashi took a couple steps into the shallow side of the swamp. Man did he hate coming this far out on the property.

His light had been about to die and he hadn't found the spare batteries he knew were somewhere in the kitchen so he'd left it at the cabin. He sure regretted that now. Instead he pulled out a small tin can of clear liquor, ripped off a strip of his shirt sleeve, and had a makeshift torch on a wet stick.

When he finally ventured back to his dog, Uhei was head deep in muddy water. When his head came up he held a very small hand in his mouth.

Now he had seen his fair share of bodies in his life, made his fair share of bodies just the same, but that was years ago and he'd left that life behind. And this was a small hand.

A deep breath in. Out. Get to work soldier.

"Well done Uhei, now get back."

The hand was still malleable so either rigor mortis hadn't set in yet or this hand was alive. The body was small but not child small. A young girl. Breathing but just barely.

He had dropped everything to lighten the load, wrapped her up in his jacket and threw his ass across the property in a way he had never before. The cabin lights were bright tonight. His pack was making their presence known. The dogs that had been left behind tumbling out the door to meet them.

Genma, wearing nothing but some worn sweats and a bandana, comes out on the porch to greet him. In one hand a coffee mug in the other a lighter trying desperately to take to his cigarette. "Thought I was gonna have to call in the patrolmen to find you! You took your sweet.."

"Genma! Call the doctor and get everything we have! I found a girl."

The lighter stays flamed up while the cigarette tumbles right out of his lips. Thankfully he gathers himself back together before Kakashi has to do it for him.

Together they lay the girl across the living room sofa. Without his heavy coat around her she'd completely bare.

He swears there's a fully stocked medical kit in the spare bathroom somewhere but all he manages to find is bandaids and Orajel Double Action Toothache Relief. "Fuck, Kakashi! Get in here, man. Tsunade can't get here until the morning and this girl is definitely not gonna be alive in the morning. She's been shot!"

Sure enough, there was a through and though less than an inch from her heart that was packed full of mud.

The next few hours move entirely too fast and too slow. Once they've concluded that this is damn well outside of their capabilities is when they give the doc another call. Over the phone they take play by play instructions to best treat their 'patient' until proper help can arrive. With the situation clearly being too dire for either of them to handle Tsunade sets off with hope of making it to them through the storm.