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He'd gone through the shops with military precision. Just getting into town had been a boarder-line miracle. Two trees had fallen across the only drive off the property and he'd spent the last four days clearing them. Genma spent early mornings in the dusk and dew hacking apart the trees for lumber. He wanted clean logs to keep a consistent fire going in the cabin. They'd never kept a fire for more than ten or so hours before. Once the fire was out they'd already be up for the night with fur blankets and sweats, but he'd noticed that each morning when the kitten came out she'd shiver her way to breakfast.

Once he started looking, he realized her fingers and toes had gone red along with her nose. Then he'd see how her feet had blistered from the unfinished hard wood floors, how her hair was slowly getting matted and tangled from the ends up, and her skin was cracking on her elbows and knees. They really weren't taking care of her properly, this tiny girl was not built for the hard lifestyle they'd considered luxury over the years.

Last night was when it had really came to a head. He and Kakashi had nearly risen in sync to the princess falling up the steps towards the restroom. She was sweaty and hot to the touch but kept insisting that the house was too cold.

Kakashi had settled her onto the couch in the living room after her dinner made a second appearance and Genma called the good doctor to weigh their options.

They'd all stayed up for the rest of the night. While Genma went out to clear the rest of the tree, Kakashi played doctor with cool rags and warm broths.

He wanted to make it his personal agenda to get her comfortable and bare necessities was as good a place as any to start. He'd made a list.

He made good time too. He'd driven off at 5am sharp and by 4 O'clock he'd filled the truck and been on his way. It was a good three hour drive to the nearest town and four if you wanted to make it into the city and get anything worthwhile. Typically they only made one of these trips every few months but Kitten was a bit more civilized and would be needing a bit more comfort so he'd already decided a few more trips would be in order, after which he wouldn't be spreading out routine trips so much either.

It had just started to cry with the promise of the second storm by the time he rolled up to the house and started unloading. Though the storm wouldn't be nearly as hindering as the first it was equally annoying to be out and about in.

She's still pale and blotchy when he props the door open but thankfully she's sitting up and appears to be nibbling away at some kinda bread. "When will he make it back? It's dark. Isn't it really far from here and dangerous if the weathers bad?"

Kakashi doesn't spare him a glance or acknowledge him in any way but he knows that the man is aware of his presence. "Long as he makes it back before midnight he shouldn't be flooded out. Sides, we need coffee."

"Have you considered that you need a new coffee pot? It looks like that one," Ah, there it was, she noticed him when she nodded her head towards the kitchen "was ten dollars and has been running off of prayers for the last ten years. Genma, you made it back. And you brought a lot more than coffee?"

Coffee wasn't the only thing he brought back. The whole truck was full and by the looks of it over half was for her.

He didn't want to make a fuss about it or make her feel as though she owed him anything so as quickly as possible he'd pushed one basket into her arms and tossed the rest of the bags onto her bed before doing just the same with the house's shit. Kakashi, the bastard, was looking at him over his mug with amusement and understanding. Of fucking course he'd have guessed it.

She sat quietly as he filled the fridge, then the freezer, then the pantry, and finally the counters with food and surprisingly snacks. He was a bit giddy with the silent attention she was allotting him.

When he finished bringing in the remainder of the furnishings, these ones a bit less of a necessity, Kakashi informed him that the princess had 'gone to inspect her offerings'.

Delicately she'd unwrapped her bags and pulled her things out one by one.

Shampoo and conditioner that smelt like cherries, sugar and vanilla soap, a light pink toothbrush with a light pink cup to match, a white loofa with a string through the middle, and a wooden brush that had 'extra soft bristles' written on the packaging, along with four plush pink towels all placed nicely in a light grey basket. A dozen socks and panties, a thick white and pink checkered sleeping set with matching slippers, a shorts sleeping set with pink bottoms and a white top, a white nightgown with puffy frilled edges, and three dresses in various degrees of pink, white, and frills. He had a theme.

She wanted to see Genma walking around, picking all of this up. It probably would have put her in a good mood if she got to see the clerks face when he brought it up to the counter. Did the clerk think this was for his daughter? She was probably young enough to be. How old were they? How old was she?

She pulls the last pair of shoes out and lays them neatly in her shoes pile. Looking at all of her things she can't help but have a hard time imagining herself with any of this. The feeling is fleeting when she puts on her fluffy socks and shorts though.

She's feeling much better by morning and by midday she's back to full capacity after having some honeyed croissants and snacks that Kakashi makes her.

Genma strokes the fire and she notes the leaky roof letting in the cold. That evening he drags Kakashi with him onto the roof for a quick fix. It's a wonder the two of them don't catch their death between the downpour, the sloped rooftop, and the pitch black sky. It's all made worth it when they step back through the door and are greeted by hot chocolate with mini marsh-mellows in the hands of their princess.

That night when he watches her sneak into Kakashi's room with Uhei hot on her heels, a habit that has slowed yet not diminished entirely, he notes more than the familiar sting of longing. Just like Uhei he was always at her ankles begging for scraps of attention while she sought out Kakashi.

Each day goes about the same. Whenever she'd mentions something, even in passing, he and Kakashi found themselves eager to please.

He sets up a new shelf in the shower for her to put her things on without her asking. They replace the mirror with a bigger, less cracked version at her request. Lamps are added to make up for the lack of ceiling lights. Her new voice also brings new perspective over just how run down this place had become. This old cabin was on its way to becoming The Ritz.

It was very domestic.

The next week passes in similar fashion. Genma makes a run into town for supplies. There he picks up a coffee pot. He also grabs a nicer bag of coffee on top of the usual stuff, vanilla flavored as well as gifts to keep his girl comfortable and project materials that cater to the house.

Uhei had even let her change his bandages and tie a linen around his neck so it was safe to say all the men of the house were smitten.

Though.. he did end up sending Kakashi out when she woke up needing tampons..

When she smiles at him, her excitement busting through, the doubts and feelings of being inadequate are forgotten.

"I'm gonna make some right now! Kashi! Don't touch it, go sit at the table. You can have your sludge another day, we're having the vanilla one with cream and sugar. AH, no complaining." For a moment he can imagine the tables being turned. He imagines her seeking his comfort. He imagines her calling him by a nice pet name while she berates Kakashi. He imagines playing with her hair while she naps on his lap, he takes her up to his room and tucks her in before turning the lights down and crawling into his side. She rolls into his side and kisses his jaw. He imagines...

"Do you think I'm young enough to be your daughters?"