A/N: Before you read this story, there are a few minor details you should know. I'll try to make this as simple as possible! First off, Elizabeth moved to Port Charles after high school. Her sister Sarah came as well. Elizabeth does get raped but Lucky is not the one that saves her, Jason is. No offense to the GH writers and their wonderful Lucky/Liz storyline. Personally, I was all for L/L until they 'killed' Lucky. Secondly, I'm horrible with remembering dates, etc. So, here is a general time frame for the story: After Robin leaves and betrays Jason. Before Emily leaves. Around the time of the custody battle over Michael. This is an alternate universe kinda story so not all is as it seems. Please give it a chance. I wrote this a little while back for a contest but if you're a LIASON fan, you might be interested.


When we met I thought it was just an accident. I never knew that it was fate that brought us together. And fate is what saved me later on.

It was a warm evening; I was hanging outside of Kelly's with no particular purpose. I took out a cigarette, lit it, and inhaled. It was a horrible habit that I knew I should quit, but I never had the willpower to do so. And every previous time I had tried to quit, I was unsuccessful.

I caught his eyes first; the deep intense blue peered into my soul, as if he could see inside to everything I hide from the world: frailties, insecurities, dreams, and desires.

I dropped my newly lit cigarette and pulled out a fresh one from the pack

"Got a light?" I asked, intrigued by the mysterious stranger. My lighter was in my back pocket but I thought I'd ask anyway.

I was new in town, so everyone was a stranger. But something about him told me that there was more to him. He was wearing a leather jacket, jeans, boots, and a nicely fitted tee. I have always loved a man in a leather jacket.

He pulled out a match and lit it. Instead of holding out my cigarette I just got closer with it hanging on the tip of my lips. He lit it and blew the match out.

"Do you smoke?" I ask, taking it away from my lips and blowing out the smoke.

"No. It's not good for you."

"Then why the matches?" I ask.

"I'm always prepared."

"I bet you are." I say, whispering under my breath.

"Excuse me?" He asked, but he knew exactly what I said.

"I said, it's a nasty habit I just can't quit." I said, covering.

"Why did you start?" He asked, like it was his business. But we were making conversation so I didn't mind.

"I originally started to piss my parents off. They really didn't take notice and I was going to quit but I got hooked. I'm trying to cut back but every time I get nervous or anxious, I light up."

"So why now? You don't look nervous or anxious." He said, giving me the once over. I noticed.

I glance down at my outfit. A tank top and some shorts my parents would ground me if they saw me in. I'm glad they are far away from here.

"New to town." I say, hoping he will offer to give me the guided tour.

"Oh. Why here?" He asked, wondering why anyone would move to such a place when New York was so close.

"My grandmother lives here." I said, hoping he wanted no more details. I wasn't in the mood.

A young tall brunette came out of the diner. She looked at me and then towards the mysterious stranger.

"Jase, you ready?" She asked, wondering about me.

"Yeah, Em." He said, glancing at her and then at me.

"Nice meeting you." He said, his final words before he took off with the brunette.

My luck, I thought, the first guy I meet is with someone. I threw the cigarette down in frustration and grinded it into the cement with my shoe.