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It was Molly´s favourite time of the day. She hummed happily as she was walking through the town.

"Finn, i think i will tell him today!" Molly chimed.

Finn stared at Molly while he ate the snacks that were in her Pocket. "Uhhhh you already said that yesterday. And 2 days ago. And last week."

"But i got the feeling i will today!"

Molly knocked and opened the church door where her big time crush was working. Perry Engel. The innocent pastor who was always lost in his thoughts but also oblivious as heck.

"Hi Perry!" Molly waved at him. But he didn´t notice. "Hello! Perry! Are you lost in toughts?"

"What?" Perry looked up and flinched "Oh, Molly... I didn´t see you there"

Molly giggled. "What were you doing that you didn´t noticed that i came here?"

Perry got nervous. "It´s not like i have a crush on a girl or anything...?"

"oh..." Molly´s grin turned into a sad expression. "Who is the lucky girl?"

"I don´t have a crush on anyone. I told you!"

"Oh, okay..."

"But i was worrying about Mira, you know...Her husband´s death reminds me of when i lost my parents...It makes me so sad..."

Molly remembered that Mira´s husband died a year ago. "Yeah, right...If we could cheer her up somehow. Wait, I´ve GOT AN IDEA! I´ll be right back! See you~" Molly ran out of the church and headed to her farm.

"What are you doing, Molly?" Finn asked

"You will see!"

When she finally reached her farm plot, Molly plucked some of the flowers she grew. "I think Mira will like them! I wanna cheer her up!"

"I think you want to impress Perry, seriously!"

"Shut up Finn!"

Then, Molly ran back to the church.

"I got something! Let´s go and find Mira!"

Molly and Perry went to the church Plaza and to their surprise, Mira was there too.

"Hi Mira!" Molly greeted.

"Hello you two. What are you doing?"

"We wanted to give you something." Molly rummaged in her rucksack. "There it is!" Molly handed Mira some flowers.

"Because you´re always so sad...But actually Molly had the idea with the flowers and she also found them"

"Thank you...My husband used to love bluemist flowers..." Mira hugged the two. "You are so nice..."

"I´m always here to talk, Miranda, don´t forget that!" Perry promised. "BFF Pinky swear?"

Mira smiled and raised her little finger. "BFF Pinky swear! I need to go now, thanks you two!" Then she left.

Morry was confused. "You two are BFFs?! I thought you are in love with her?"

"What? Of course we are Best Friends! Mira is still sad about her husband. And isn´t your brother Kasey in love with her?"


"I´m going to get tea. Do you want to join me?" Perry asked

"You mean like, now? N-No i mean yes i mean...I wanted to tell you something!" Molly slapped herself internally


"No i mean...um...give you something? Here, you can have this Rose!" Molly gave Perry a blue rose that she forgot to gave Mira aswell.

"Oh, this rose is really pretty, thank you, Molly!" Perry gave her a kiss on the cheek. Molly´s face turned red and she felt like her head is going to explode. "U-Uhm- Wha-t..."

"Aah, i´m sorry! i didn´t wanted to kiss you! It was an accident..."

"It´s fine! Can we kiss forever- NO i mean´t can we- Uh is it already so late? I GOTTA GO! BYE!" and with that Molly ran back home in embarrassment.

Perry giggled and went back to the church.

"See Molly, you will never get the guts to tell him! You are a coward! A C-O-W-A-R-D!" Finn mocked

Molly didn´t respond to that.


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