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Gohan and Videl haven't seen the Z-gang in over two years after the Buu saga. They moved far away to Kyoto and were too busy to visit their family, but when Bulma hosts a party, what happens when they go? What happens when they find out about Pan?

Not acceptable for kids under 16. Sexual contact occurs, but no sex!

And it took you 2 years?

It's been two happy years since the Buu ordeal. Gohan and Videl were happily married and had a newborn baby in their lives. It was too bad that no one knew Pan actually existed. After sometime Gohan and Videl, moved to Kyoto and were too busy with the baby or working to think about family.

One day while Videl was checking the mail, she found and invite to a barbeque at Capsule Corp. She immediately rushed home and showed Gohan.

"Aw Videl, do we have to go?" Gohan whined to his wife.

"Gohan! We haven't seen any of our family or the gang in over two years! They don't even know about Pan for crying out loud!" Videl exclaimed.

"Still, they know we have work and they know we have a baby."

"Hey! I don't care what you say, were going! Get ready because were leaving early!" Videl said with a strict tone.

'Hmph, this isn't fair, I don't wanna go,' Gohan pouted and followed Videl to their room.

It took a while in the shower for Videl because face it; a girl needs to get ready. After she was done, she got out her curling iron and hair products. Before she did anything else, she went to the nursery to get Pan. When she got in the beautiful pastel colored room she went over to the crib.

Videl saw her little baby girl smiling. She picked her up and put her gently on the changing table. As she did so, she went over to the small drawers and picked out a nice snug outfit. She picked out a little black and red Japanese Kimono.

Soon Gohan came out of the shower and got himself ready. He then walked to the nursery and found Videl changing their daughter. He snuck up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. Videl jumped a bit then relaxed. She then smirked and picked up Pan.

"Here Gohan, you get to take care of her while I get ready," Videl said as she dumped Pan in Gohan's hands.



Gohan saw that Videl already left and he sighed. He decided to get all of Pan's things ready.

Meanwhile with Videl, she was picking out the perfect outfit. She picked out a sleeveless Japanese dress that went to her knees. It was blue with black designing all around it, which complemented her charming eyes. She then put up her hair, that she grew out, and curled the endings of it. Then she bunched up the curls and put it up with a few loose curly strands. She then put on a pair of sapphire earrings and her mothers silver locket.

"Gohan! Grab Pan and the stuff, were heading out!"

He took one look at Videl and gasped at her beauty. "Videl you look gorgeous."

"Thank you," she said and kissed Gohan. "Now lets go."

Gohan slumped down and mumbled. "Why do we have to leave now? Its tomorrow!"

"I know what your up to Gohan, and its not going to work mister! I know you'll have some business thing come up and cancel. Well Gohan listen and listen good! You will go to this party and have fun, you will behave, and you will like it!" Videl screamed at Gohan.

Gohan whimpered a little. 'Kuso, why did I marry a person with the same persona as mother?'

"Ok, do you have everything?" Videl asked.






"All the baby's things."





In a matter of time Gohan had little Pan in his arms. "I'll get everything loaded in the car." He sighed.

Videl stopped him though. "Oh no, were flying. By car it would take days plus a train and boat. We are flying!"

"But Videl, I cant hold you, Pan, and all her things while flying," Gohan whined.

Videl sighed in annoyance. "Really Gohan, don't you remember in high school? I made you teach me how to fight and fly. Now if you don't mind I would like to get going. Plus, I can take Panny."

Pan was confused about her parents fighting against each other and just smiled. Videl took Pan and started flying upwards.

"Now come on Gohan, or no more physical fun anymore."

"Yes ma'am," Gohan said and saluted Videl. He flew into the atmosphere and both he and Videl zoomed off into the sky.

@20 minutes later@

"Wow, we made it in record time!" Gohan exclaimed.

"Yeah I guess so. Man I sure did miss this city. I wish we could stay back here for a while." Videl heavily sighed.

"Cheer up shorty. Come on; let's go surprise everyone," Gohan said and grabbed Videl's arm.

They flew some more and reached their destination: Capsule Corp. They landed on the lawn and suppressed their Ki's so no one would recognize em'. Both stopped at the front door and knocked lightly. It took a few minutes and finally someone opened the door.

"Whatever you want go to hell," said a deep voice.

"Well nice to see you again too Vegeta," said Gohan.

Vegeta then took one look at Gohan and Videl, and then smiled…a little.

"Well if it isn't the two grown gaki's. So you actually decided to show up for once?" Vegeta responded. Gohan was about to talk, but a voice in the background interrupted.

"Dad! Mom said for me to check on you so you wont kill another…Gohan? Videl? Is that really you?! It is!" said a purple hair ten year old. He zoomed over to Gohan and Videl and hugged them.

Gohan and Videl chuckled. "Yeah Trunks, its us." Soon enough Bulma came with a little look alike in her hands.

"Gohan! Videl!" Bulma yelled and ran over to them. Videl noticed the little girl in Bulma's arms and wondered.

"So who's that Bulma?"

Bulma looked down at her little girl and smiled. "Well of course you don't know, you haven't seen us in 2 years," she said smugly. "This is Bura. Bura, this is Gohan and Videl."

"Hello Bura."

"Hewow, I am Buraw and I am two yeaows owld," she said.

Vegeta then noticed a little bundle in Videl's arms with blankets covering her, and smirked. "SO I guess you have a brat of your own now," he said and widened his smirk.

Bulma also noticed and smiled. "Damn you guys, only a year into the marriage and a child. So what's his name?"

Gohan and Videl looked at each other and laughed. "B-Bulma, w-we had a g-g-girl!"

Vegeta, Bulma, and Trunks were all shocked! It was rare to have a girl Saiyan. "Are you serious!" Vegeta said.

"Vegeta, I am pretty sure that I know the difference between a boy and girl," Videl laughed. She pulled the blankets off of Pan who was now awake. Gohan took all the blankets and stuffed them in the bag.

Bulma 'awed,' Vegeta made a 'smile,' and Trunks was still shocked. "Oh my kami, she is so lovely. What is her name?" Bulma asked.

"Pan Amber Son," Videl said with a smile. "Oh and Bulma, make sure you tell no one! We want this to be a surprise."

"My lips are sealed."

"That's a miracle Onna," Vegeta snorted.

Bulma set Bura on the ground and started yelling at Vegeta. He just smirked even more.

Gohan and Videl smiled. Oh yeah, they were home all right. "You two will never change."

"Trunks, why don't you show Gohan and Videl a room with a nursery, and take Bura with you. Your dad and I need to 'talk." Bulma said as she clutched her teeth.

Trunks immediately took Bura and ran out of the room along with the new couple. A few seconds later, they heard a huge clink. Trunks shuddered and saw Gohan and Videl confused and filled them in.

"Well for moms last birthday, Chichi got her a deluxe extra steel frying pan. It hurts even more!"

"Oh really," Videl said as she narrowed her eyes towards Gohan, "I should ask your mother if she can get me one too."

Gohan had his eyes wide as saucers. 'Oh hell no! That is not going to happen!'

Videl smiled and walked into their room. It was absolutely beautiful. It had a deep blood red, mixed with silver and black. Then Gohan spotted the crest of the Saiyan kingdom. Oh yeah, this was Vegeta's doing. She set little Pan on the bed and lay down as well. Gohan sat everything in the little room down the hall. It was the nursery. He then walked back to Videl and lay on the bed as well.

"Um hey Gohan, can we spar?" Trunks said excitedly.

Gohan looked at Videl and she nodded with a smile. "Sure, I even brought my gi."

Trunks jumped up and down and ran with Bura. Gohan went and got his gi to change. He changed into a black and red gi. Videl scooped Pan in her arms and followed Gohan. Gohan kissed Videl on the lips and put arm around her waist as the walked.

They finally made it to the kitchen and found Vegeta sitting in a chair and Bulma picking up Bura.

"Hey dad! Gohan and I are sparring!" Trunks said hyperactive.

Vegeta raised his eyebrows in amusement. "Hey! I still train!" Gohan complained.

"I thought you were blind Gaki."

"There is something called contacts Vegeta."

Vegeta then got up and walked over to Gohan. "Alright gaki, after your done with your spar with Trunks, you spar me."

"Whatever you say Vegeta."

So Gohan and Trunks walked outside for a decent spar. Gohan got in a classic position along with Trunks. All of a sudden all that was seen were two specks. Both were moving with such accuracy that the human eye would never catch without any training. The spar was over in a matter of seconds, with Gohan obviously being the victor.

Vegeta snorted at Gohan. "So you haven't changed have you gaki?"

"Afraid not Vegeta. Now get ready, I want to show you my new power," Gohan said.

"Yes of course. That mystic state, your baka father told me about it. You are suppose to be incredible in it, but I doubt it." And with that the spar began. Both fighters were fighting with such speed and agility. Punches and kicks were thrown to each other and not one drip of blood shed on the ground…yet. Playtime was over though, now both turned Super Saiyan two. Now both were in a serious combat. Gohan kicked Vegeta in the groin, but just earned a punch in the face by the prince. Vegeta was about to throw another punch, but Gohan caught it with his hand. Once again Vegeta tried the other hand, but failed once again. Gohan had Vegeta in his grasp and knew he might lose. All of a sudden, Vegeta turned it the other way around, well sort of. Now Vegeta kneed Gohan in the groin painfully, and the grabbed both his arms. Now Vegeta was in the back of Gohan with his arms tightly around his back.

Gohan struggled in his grip and seized his chance for escape. He then bent down, and arched so Vegeta was flipped over on his back. Gohan then threw his foot into Vegeta's stomach. Vegeta coughed in pain, as bloodshed penetrated his skin once more. He then rose to the air and was about to smash into Vegeta, but he found he was gone. Gohan looked both ways trying to look where the older Saiyan had gone, but was too late. Vegeta appeared right above Gohan and knocked him in the head, hard. Gohan laid there for a couple of moments, but got up slowly.

"Pretty good Vegeta, but I think I'll kick it up a notch," Gohan said while wiping blood off his face. Gohan powered down until he was in his normal state. Then, he tapped into a power so deep inside him that was only released in the sacred kai's planet. Suddenly the gravity changed. Rocks started to flow in that air and Gohan's ki was getting higher by the moment. His eyes flashed a depth of jade, and lightning hit the ground in a defying way. In a burst of light Gohan was surrounded by a white aura.

Vegeta was absolutely shocked by his transformation. With his Saiyan ability, he had become the strongest once again. "So gaki, this is it. The only difference is your eyes."

"You'll be amazed Vegeta," was all he said and charged directly at Vegeta.

Trunks, who was watching the whole thing, was amazed with the intense battle. This was by far the best fight he has seen. This tops the battle him and Goku fought after Gohan left. He watched his father punching Gohan and Gohan kicking his father…hard.

Soon the battle was over with Gohan as the victor. Both shook hands with gratitude towards each other.

"Good match Vegeta."

"Same to you to gaki."

Suddenly, Bulma came running outside. "Hey guys, tone it down a bit. Chichi just called asking if everything was all right. If you want to be kept a secret, then no more sparring."

"Fine Bulma-san, we are already done anyway," Gohan said and walked inside to take a nice long shower to soak his muscles.

He walked down the halls wondering where his lovely wife was. His question was soon answered when he saw Videl lying on the bed with Pan in her arms. Pan was sleeping heavily and Videl looked as if she was asleep. He went into the bathroom and turned on the water. He undressed and went into the now warm water. Streams of lukewarm water cascaded down his body. He grabbed some soap and shampoo and applied it on himself. After a while he stepped out of the now misty bathroom. He suddenly remembered that his clothes were in the suitcase, so he wrapped a towel around his waist and quietly went outside.

He looked at the bed and found Videl wide-awake. She smirked and got a piece of paper and a pencil. Gohan looked at her in confusion, as he saw her scribble something down. Finally she held it up, and Gohan cracked a smile. On the paper was a number 10.

"So I am that good?"

"Nope, even better," Videl said and walked over to Gohan. She reached him and touched his wet skin. Then, she reached up and kissed him lightly on the lips. Gohan wrapped his arms around Videl's waist to hold her tighter to him. Videl reached her arms over Gohan's head and looped them around his neck. The kiss deepened more and more. The fire inside both of them ignited. Gohan moved his hands slightly around her lower area. He was tracing his hand across her skin tight dress, and reaching up until…

"WAHHHHHHH." Pan had awakened at the wrong time. Both Gohan and Videl groaned.

'Cant I ever have some fun? I have to pay a visit to Dende from my past humiliations.' Gohan thought.

You can say that again Gohan. Videl said through their bond. She then picked up Pan to see what was wrong.

The wonders of a bond.

"What's wrong with her?" Gohan asked.

"Changing." She frowned, but then smiled. Videl then held Pan up to Gohan.

"Oh no!"

"Oh yes!"

"I did it last time."

"I changed her clothes!"

"I feed her!"

"Oh like I can Videl!"

Both of their attentions were caught as they saw Pan laughing. Finally the adults came to a decision…err…Videl came to a decision. Gohan had to change Pan, when he was done changing himself.

"Go put some clothes on," Videl said.

Gohan looked down at himself and laughed. "Yeah I guess your right."

So Gohan picked out kaki cargo pants with a black shirt. He then got the diaper bag and picked up Pan and went to the nursery. Videl then followed to make sure Gohan did it right. Last time Gohan forgot the powder, and Pan ended up having a rash. So Gohan took of the horrific diaper and waded it up and passed it to Videl. Then she threw it away.

Gohan then applied the wipes and powder, and finally the diaper. He sealed it up and smiled. "All done, right Panny?"

"Hai Gohan," Videl said.

Now that everyone was changed, it was time for dinner. It went by rather quickly. A few misconceptions, like when Pan threw her food at Vegeta. He got steamed, but smiled on the inside. Videl fed Pan, and Gohan once again was stuck changing her. It was getting late and the young couple decided to get ready for tomorrow.

They rocked Pan back n' forth. Videl was humming a soft melody to her, and it seemed to get almost anyone relaxed. Whenever Gohan heard it, he felt so serene. Both tucked in Panny and twisted the star and moon mobile. Both Gohan and Videl went back to the Saiyan style room. Videl got out her blue nighty and went over to the bathroom the wash up. Gohan just stripped to his penguin boxers had gone to the blood red silk bed. The silk sheets felt so good against his bare skin. Soon Videl came out in her tight nighty. Gohan actually smirked at his sight. She walked slowly to the bed and finally crawled on. She went over to Gohan and sat on his chest.

"Hi." She whispered.


"Do you want to finish the business before Pan started crying?" Videl said.

Gohan nodded and dived right in. He captured Videl's lips with his own and started to tease so early in the game. Gohan then turned Videl over so now he was on top and dominate. He kissed her and ran his hands down to her stomach, which made Videl both moan and giggle at the same time. He started tickling her by running his hands down her stomach softly. That's when Gohan had the chance and slipped his tongue in her mouth. Videl reacted and did the same while running her hands down his chest. She moaned as both their tongues tangled with each other.

He then slipped his tongue back out and kissed her lower neck. He nuzzled it and Videl started to giggle once more. He then lightly kissed up and down her neck and focused at the bite mark he made two years ago. Videl sighed in pleasure as Gohan did his work.

On the outside Bulma hurriedly rushed to the door and opened it to tell Gohan and Videl to get ready around eight. When the door opened Bulma was shocked at her sight. The little innocent boy she knew was now married and on top of a girl!

"Oh jeez! I'll be outside! Gomen, gomen, gomen!" Bulma rushed outside flushed.


Both adults looked like an animal caught by headlights. Gohan looked down at Videl and blushed. He got up from his position and let Videl slid underneath. Gohan sighed and lay back on the bed. Videl got her robe and went outside to talk to Bulma.

Bulma spotted the young girl and blushed still. "Oh kami Videl, I am so sorry."

"Its ok Bulma, really. It seems we wont be doing anything while were here. So what is it you wanted to talk about?"

Bulma laughed a little then spoke. "Well, I just needed to tell you to get up early because the party starts at around nine. So make sure you set up the alarm clock."

"Thanks Bulma, and good night."

"Night Videl, have fun," Bulma teased.

"I already tried," she said while clenching her teeth. She walked back inside and went over to the bed a laid down. She set the alarm clock and rested her head on the pillow. She crawled into the blankets and closed her eyes. Gohan wrapped his arm around her lazily and pulled her close to him.

"Night." She whispered.

"Night." He said as he kissed her neck before falling asleep.

The night was quiet and good for the couple. There were a few times where Pan cried, but Gohan went to her, cause Videl needed sleep. Otherwise the night was just peachy.

@Morning, Capsule Corp@

'Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep…be…CRASH.'

    Yes, as you guessed it, the alarm sounded off. Videl was a little too annoyed and crashed it. She felt the warmth of her husband gone and shifted. She heard the shower running, so Videl went in the bathroom to brush her teeth. She had already picked out a Japanese outfit. She picked out a long silk Japanese skirt that went to her ankles. They had two slits up her middle thighs and hugged her hips. She then wore a tight Japanese top, which was sleeveless and went above her belly button. To top it off was long black gloves that went to her elbows and knee high black stockings with black ankle high boots. The color of the clothes was blue and silver designing.

Gohan got out of the shower and kissed Videl. Videl smiled and walked to the shower. After a half an hour she was done. She put on her Japanese outfit and left the top 3 buttons unbuttoned. She then got a curling iron out and started to curl her own hair. She then put it up and clips put up the curls. She then took two chopsticks and stuck them in her hair. She then walked out of the bathroom to see Gohan holding Pan.

"Aw, how kawaii."

"I could say the same to you."

"Then why don't you?"

"Because the Z-gang is coming soon."

"NANI?!" Videl said in shock. "Are we late or something?"

"Nope, were right on time. Its actually eight-thirty."

Videl sighed in relief. "Damn Gohan, you scared the shit out of me."

"Naughty, naughty Videl. No profanity in front of Pan," Gohan said teasingly.

"Gohan, 3 words. Shut the hell up."

"That's four dear."

"Just do me a favor and shut up."

Just as Gohan was going to say something, they heard a knock. "Come in."

It was Bulma. "Hey guys, everyone is here and in the indoor garden, so come on."

Gohan and Videl looked at each other and smiled. "All right, lets go."

All three walked down the hall and followed Bulma. She told the couple to stay at the door until she gives the cue.

"Hey Bulma, where's your surprise?" Goku asked.

"Yeah, where is it?" Krillin joined in.

"Well you guys, here is your surprise," Bulma smiled and with that, Gohan and Videl stepped out of the building. Everyone was shocked, but the first person to them was Goten.

"Gohan! Gohan! Gohan! Gohan! Videl! Videl! Videl! NICHAN IS BACK!" he yelled with joy.

Then came Chichi and Goku, and the rest of the Z-gang. The two smiled at everyone.

"Gohan, Videl! How have you been? Oh my baby I missed you so much," Chichi said while squeezing the dear life out of Videl.

Videl laughed, but cleared her throat. "Hey, attention. Before you guys do anything else, we have someone to show you," Videl started, and then held out the baby with her blankets covering her, "We have a baby…"

Chichi immediately broke down in tears, "Grandchildren at last!"

Everyone looked at Gohan and Videl wide eyed. Krillin was the first one to speak up, "Damn guys! Only one year in the marriage and now you have a baby? Kami!"

"My baby girl had a baby!," shouted Hercule.

Both blushed, but Chichi hushed Krillin up. "Nonsense, they are too old if you ask me! What are you guys twenty? Ah yes, but Goku and I got married at age sixteen! And had Gohan that same year!"

Everyone's sweat dropped and changed the subject. "So what's his name?" asked Yamcha.

Now it was Gohan and Videl's turn to sigh, "It's not a he, but more like…she."

Again, everyone was shocked at the results. "Another female Saiyan? Wow, now we have two. Congratulations. So what is her name?"

"Pan Amber Son," Gohan said.

There were a lot of awes going around. Chichi immediately held the baby, then Goku, then Krillin, and everyone else. They handed Pan back to Videl until Goten came up to Videl.

"Um Videl, if you're my sister, and she is your daughter, what is she to me?" he asked curiously.

Videl laughed a little. "Goten, Pan is your niece, that means you're an uncle."

"Really! Cool! Um hey Videl."


"What's an uncle?"

SO while Videl explained to Goten, everyone else gathered in the den. Goten, Trunks, and Marron ran off somewhere, and Videl held Pan close to her. Everyone started talking about the good ol' days, and looking at photo albums. Yamcha noticed a picture and started to laugh

"What's so funny Yamcha?"

"Heh, the picture."

Bulma went and saw the picture. It was a picture of her, Yamcha, Krillin, Goku, and Launch at the island.

"Yeah so what?"

"It was tooken right before you dumped me," Yamcha laughed. Soon laughter filled the air to everyone.

Bulma then came up with a brilliant idea. "How about us Adults play a little game?"

Everyone agreed and Bulma had a wicked grin on her face. "Ok, this game involves a bottle and your mate. What you do is someone spins the bottle, and says it lands on Gohan for instance, and then he would have to tell a secret of his mate's to everyone. Get it?" Hercule laughed cause he didn't have to play so he just watched.

Everyone paled, "Bulma I don't think…"

"Too bad, the bottle is spinning."

Round and round it went, and it stopped on Bulma. She smiled wickedly and Vegeta paled. She thought for a moment and had a huge smirk on her face.

"Ok, one thing Vegeta wouldn't want anyone to know is, he actually thinks on Son-Kun as a brother."

"ONNA! You promised you wouldn't tell anyone!"

Vegeta's eyes widened immensely along with everyone else. Goku then grins and stands up while walking towards Vegeta.

"Aw Vegeta, I didn't know you felt that way about me," he said and hugged him.

"Kakarott! Let me go!" he growled.

Everyone laughed and Bulma twirled the bottle. It slowed down, and then landed on Krillin.

"Hmm, what embarrassing thing happened to 18, lets see? Oh yes, one time 18 and I decided to get away and swim, but we didn't have our swimsuits, so you get the picture. Anyways when we got to shore 18 clothes were gone and some teenage boys had just arrived to the beach, so they were checking 18 out." Krillin said.

18 blushed a little too much and smacked her husband over the head. Krillin rubbed his head and the bottle went round and round again. This time it landed on Chichi. She knew the perfect thing.

"Ok, one embarrassing thing about Goku is we were taking a trip. We stopped at a bar cause Goku needed to use the restroom, so after a while Goku came back yelling and screaming for me to start the car. So I speed up when he jumps in and I ask him what was wrong. Well, it just so happened to be that we stopped at a gay bar, and someone gave Goku his number and chased him. I laughed so hard and laughed even more when I took a picture to remember.

Goku paled and curled up in a ball repeating, 'The horra, the horra.'

Next, the bottle landed on Videl. Gohan doesn't like the way she is smiling and decides to take a sneak peek.

What are you thinking about?

Oh just a certain job that Chichi wouldn't want her little boy to have.

Videl, no! Please?

"Ok the person who will only hate this is Chichi practically. You know how you wanted Gohan to be a scholar, well he isn't. Gohan is a Marshal Arts trainer. We own our own gym and make a lot of money because we have the only one."

Chichi looked at Gohan and her blood was boiling. "Son Gohan! I thought we discussed this! Ugh my son is a some punk and can't have a decent job…"

Soon everyone's secrets were exposed out in the open, like finding out about how Yamcha got kicked out of a girls house stark naked, or Launch's encounter at a strip club with her blond side. It was time for Gohan, Videl and Pan to leave though.

"Nichan, I barley got to see you, don't go," Goten said with tears.

"Sorry squirt, but I gotta go."

Videl felt so bad an interrupted. "Yeah don't worry, cause we might…err…buy a house here!"

"What?" Everyone said happily.

Gohan was shocked, "Yeah, What?"

"Uh hehe, don't be silly Gohan, don't you remember?"

"Um I don't think so…"

"Its ok I remembered for you."


"Bye everyone! See you later!" and the couple plus a child left off to Kyoto.

"Videl! I can't believe you!"

"Don't worry Gohan, I'll make it up at home after Pan sleeps. Plus, if we live there, your mom can take care of Pan and we have our own free time."

Gohan instantly got happy. "Its settled were moving!"


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