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Summary: Last time, Gohan and Videl finally met the Z gang, after 2 years. Everyone finally met Pan, and Gohan and Videl now know about Bura. Since Gohan and Videl are moving to West City once again, how will things go?

Hell in west city

Chapter two: Moving experience

"I can't believe I said we were moving," Gohan moaned with regret.

It had been a week since the young couple had seen the Z-gang. Boxes, papers, and more boxes surrounded the whole house around them.

Videl laughed at her husband, "Well you have to admit dear, it does have its upsides."

"Still, I have to give up the dojo, and we have to say good-bye to the students," Gohan sighed.

Videl put down a box, "Yeah, all the girls were practically in tears when I said we were moving."

"At least Panny will get to know everyone, and will have some other Saiyan's to play with for a change," Gohan said.

"I guess so," Videl said.

Both Gohan and Videl were a little uneasy about the move. They loved Kyoto so much, and their jobs were great, but they made a deal. Plus, Pan would probably like it better to be around her family and familiar people.

"Gohan, can you warm up a bottle for Pan while I go wake her up," Videl asked.

Gohan smiled, "Sure, let me just pack up some more papers."

Videl walked off into the nursery to find Pan already wide-awake and standing in the crib while getting some support from the bars. She too knew something big was going on, but she would be too young to remember. Videl smiled and picked Pan up and walked over to the changing table.

"How about we get you in your summer clothing Pan? Were going to head to the beach today before we leave," Videl said sadly.

Pan just smiled and cooperated for her mother. Videl picked out a black buttoned one piece for Pan. (Like baby Trunks. He had that blue one, but pan has a black one.) She then changed her diaper and put on the suit.

"All clean Pan-Chan," Videl smiled.

Pan giggled and held her hands up reaching towards her mother. Videl picked her up and headed out to the kitchen. She saw Gohan at the stove heating up some milk. He shut the stove off and poured the milk in a bottle. He smiled and handed it the Videl.

Videl raised her eyebrows and handed Pan to Gohan. She then took the bottle and shook it a bit and squeezed some of the milk on her arm. She immediately took a towel and rubbed her arm along with smacking Gohan.

"You idiot! The milk is still burning, you could have hurt Pan," Videl yelled.

Gohan winced a little, "Sorry del, I am just out of it today."

Videl put the bottle down and looked into Gohan's eyes, "You really don't want to move do you?"

Gohan sighed, "Not really. Don't get me wrong Videl, but we have to put up with so much in the city. With your father, my parents, Bulma's parties, evil chibi's. And new jobs."

"I know what you mean, the hassle of dealing with our parents, new homes, and jobs irritates me too," Videl said, "Just think of the upsides."

"Well there is my parents taking care of Pan, and when the full moon comes out…"

Videl smacked Gohan playfully. "Ok Gohan, I guess Mr. Kinky Saiyan is coming out a little earlier then expected," she said and kissed his cheek.

Gohan leaned in and kissed her lightly on the lips. See, in the perfect world Gohan and Videl would have their way, but unfortunately life for those two doesn't work that well. You see as they continued, Pan was a little squished between the two, and she started crying.

"Aw damn it, no one wants us to have a good time," Gohan whined.

"Guess not lover boy, come on, get changed so we can go to the beach," Videl said kissing Gohan one last time.

Gohan complied and went to their room. He started fumbling with his swimwear. Videl snuck up behind him and laughed as she saw him concentrating.

"So many to choose from," Videl said.

"No kidding."

"Wear those," she pointed out.

"Too plain."


"Too bright."

"How about those?"

"Yeah, those will do," Gohan beamed. Gohan's swimwear consisted of only his swimming trunks that had penguins with Santa hats on top of them.

"I like those, they are cute," Videl said.

"Oh just what I need, cute."

Videl smacked Gohan again and handed Pan over to him. "I need to pick out mine now."

"Oh, oh, can I pick out yours?" Gohan said in a childish voice.

Videl laughed, but ignored him. Gohan followed anyways and looked over her shoulder.

"And you said I had a lot," Gohan said.

"Shut up."

He merely laughed, "Touchy dear? Oh, wear that one!"

"No, that one is tacky, I don't even know why I have it," complained Videl.

"Um…that one!"

"That's skimpy Gohan! I haven't worn that for quite sometime," Videl said while glaring at Gohan.

Gohan laughed nervously, "Uh, that one, I like it!"

Videl looked at the one he picked out, "Fine, I just want to get to the beach."

She picked out a blue violet colored string bikini. Videl walked inside the bathroom with Gohan following. He grinned, but Videl pushed him out.

"As much as I love you Gohan, someone needs to watch Pan, so bye!" said Videl and quickly locked the door.

Gohan pouted, and Pan laughed. She started pulling Gohan's hair, which really irritated him.

"Owie! Videl hurry up, Pan is pulling my hair!" Gohan whined.

"Oh shut up you big baby." Videl got done tying the last string on her left hip and pulled on her jean shorts and a black tank top. She walked out and held her arms out for Pan. She gradually accepted and went into her mommy's arms.

Gohan frowned, "Why does she pull my hair but not yours?"

Videl smiled, "Easy, she likes me more."

"Does not."

"Does too."

"Does not!"

"Does too!





"Does too!"

Videl smirked, "Glad you agree with my hunny."

Gohan sulked, "You tricked me!"

"I know, now go change."

"Fine," Gohan moped, then mumbled, "She doesn't like you more."

"I heard that, now hurry up!"

Gohan trudged to the bathroom and immediately stripped of his clothing and into his swimming trunks. He then put on some kaki shorts and a white tank top.


"Good lets get going," Videl said and grabbed the bags.

"Are we eating there?"

"Yeah, the cooler is in the fridge, go get it."

"Yes ma'am," Gohan said, while saluting Videl. He marched off to the kitchen, with Videl and Pan following.

"Do you have the keys Gohan?"

"Yeah, now lets go!"

All three went outside, and Gohan locked the house door. They walked over to their black land rover explorer and buckled up Pan safely.

"Do you want to drive?" Videl asked.


Gohan started the ignition, and they were off. See, they could've just walked to the beach because it was about five minutes away, but hey, it was triple digit week.

They had the windows up and the air conditioner cranked up.  Gohan looked straight forward, and stopped at the sign. He then turned left and parked in the lot.

"Were here," Gohan said.

Videl rolled her eyes, "Oh yeah, state the obvious."

Both got out, and rounded up the stuff. Videl grabbed Pan out of the back seat, and all three headed off. The beach was pretty full, but not crowded. They saw a few of their friends and waved. They finally saw the perfect spot and set up the huge umbrella and towels. Gohan set the cooler down and got out his sunglasses and lay down.

"Oh Gohan, you might want to put on some sunscreen," Videl said as she applied some on Pan and herself.

"Guess so," Gohan then saw Videl having a hard time applying it to her back area, "Need help?"


Gohan took the bottle and squirted some on his hands. He rubbed them together and started stroking Videl's back. He went up and down and in her neck area. Videl thought it felt good and leaned into Gohan's touch.

Gohan smirked, "Someone's getting a little too excited."

"Well I need a massage, it feels good."

"Later dear, later." Gohan then stopped and tapped his wife. He pointed to the bottle and then his back. Videl smiled and did the same to Gohan. She noticed he was leaning in too like she was.

"See, it does feel good."


Gohan grabbed Pan from Videl and set her in the middle of himself and Videl. Pan was bored with her parents, and tried to escape their grasp and head for the water. The problem was, both held her back. She sat back down and pouted. Videl thought it was so cute seeing her baby pout, so took a picture.

"Hey Gohan sensei," said a boy. "Hi Videl sensei!" said a young girl.

Gohan and Videl turned around to see two of there students from the dojo. Both smiled and waved.

"Hey Boku, Atashi, what brings you guys here?"

"Well, we wanted to cool off, so our mommy and daddy brought us," the girl named Atashi said.

"Do you want to sit over here and out of that hot sun?" Gohan asked. The twins nodded and walked under the umbrella.

Both twins looked sad and turned away, "I can't believe your leaving."

Gohan and Videl looked at each other with hurt expressions. Videl pulled Atashi and Boku close to her, "Trust me guys, we don't want to leave neither, but all our family lives in the northern region. But tell you what, well come visit fluently."

Atashi and Boku looked at Videl and hugged her tightly, then went to Gohan and hugged him also.

"Who's going to teach us to fight when you're gone?" Boku asked.

Gohan looked down at the boy, "I don't know, but maybe when we visit, well teach you guys a little." He then whispered to Boku, "Plus, I think well move back because of Videl's crazy father."

Boku laughed and hugged Gohan once more. Both said good-bye and ran off to their parents. "Makes you think doesn't it?" Videl asked.

"Yeah a lot." Gohan then turned to Videl with fake tears, "I don't want to leave."

Videl smacked Gohan, and decided to just go swimming. She grabbed Pan and got up with Gohan following. He stripped into his swimming trunks and Videl did with her tank top and shorts. They walked along the beach and into the cold water. Videl shivered, but walked a little deeper. Gohan grabbed Pan and put her on his shoulders. The water only reached up to his chest, but Videl couldn't go any farther with out swimming.

"This feels better," Gohan said.

"Absolutely. Bring Pan down, she has been dying to get into the water," Videl said.

Gohan grabbed Pan off his shoulders and held her in the water. "So my baby girl likes water."

Pan splashed around in agreement. "I think we should get a pool when we move. I'll call when we get home," Videl said.



"We need to discuss something."

"I'm listening."

"Well… you did think about our jobs right?"


"And we don't really have anything to do…"


"And we can't open up a dojo…"

"Does this have any specific meaning Videl?"

"Well, sort of…how about we open our own business?"

Gohan stared at her for a long while, "What do you have in mind?"

"I don't know, but you better think of something," Videl said.

Gohan frowned, "Why me?"

Videl smiled, "Because I'm not the one who will be forced a scholar."

Gohan's face faulted and he sunk in the water holding Pan in the air for Videl to catch. Videl looked at Pan and sort of smiled, "Poor daddy."

Videl walked back to shore and sat under the umbrella. Gohan soon came after obviously traumatized. "Videl, please help me think of a job, I just cant be a scholar!"

"I get what you mean, you'll become a bit of a nerd," Videl sighed. "How about we eat first?"

"Alright," Gohan said and got out the cooler.

Both began to eat peacefully, with a few interruptions by Pan. After all the food was gone, they decided to pack up and head home. While they were in the car, Gohan remembered something.

"Del, I just remembered, we have to go to the dojo today," he said.

Videl thought for a moment and hit her head, "I knew there was something I had to remember."

Within in the five minutes, the young couple and their precious baby went inside quickly and got the stench of sea and salt water out of them. They soon decided to just walk to the dojo since it was a fine day.

When they got there, they heard rustling inside. Videl held Pan tightly and Gohan got out his keys and cautiously opened the door. Videl and Pan closely followed behind him. Gohan flicked on the lights and…

"WELL MISS YOU SENSEI'S," roared throughout the room.

Gohan and Videl were shocked to see their friends and their students gathered around the room. The dojo was filled with food, balloons, presents, and much more. Everyone gathered them and started hugging them tightly.

They spotted the twins Atashi and Boku from before smiling with their parents. "So that's why you left early," Videl said.

"Of course, we all planned this, though your students thought of it," said the twin's mother.

The couple hugged and thanked everyone and enjoyed themselves. Pan was happy to see familiar people. Atashi volunteered to take care of her while they talk to everyone else.

Stories were shared, and the students even had something cooked up for them. They did a huge Marshal Arts show just for them with magnificent moves and all. Videl was nearly in tears when she saw what they did for them.

"Attention everyone, excuse me. I would just like to say, Videl, Pan, and I will miss all of you dearly. We know we have been here in the serene part of Kyoto for only two years, but we will cherish all the moments we had here," Gohan said and looked around. "It brings us all such sadness that we have to leave our students and friend behind." People had tears in their eyes when Gohan looked around again, "This has been by far the best two years we had from the day our neighbors, the Minamoto's, came to our door step and offered that if we needed anything, they would help out."

Videl then stood up along with Gohan and began to speak, "Then, just a few days after we settled down, we had more and more people welcoming us so kindly. That's when Gohan and I had an idea; we decided to open up this very dojo for all the kids around. Both of us competed in the tournaments, and the children liked the thought of learning the ancient ways. Then I had to step out because I found out I was having Pan over there. When she was born, all of you came to the hospital just to see her, and to congratulate Gohan and I. Both of us were thankful that you were there. A couple of months after she was born, I regained my strength and continued training." By now Videl was choking on tears herself. Gohan then took over.

"I also wanted to say, we will leave this dojo in the hands of the Minamoto's. They have helped a lot, and both Videl and I think it would be for the best. We will come down at least on weekends to visit the dojo and might even teach a little. We both want to say, thank you all for being here for us," Gohan said and raised his glass of wine.

"Here, here," someone said. "Here, here," everyone else said and raised their glasses.

Both walked off the stage and picked up Pan. Presents were given, and stories were shared, but finally they had to say good-bye. They were leaving tomorrow, and were both dearly sad. Lots of tears were shed, and the people from around said how much they were going to miss them. One by one they left, until finally it was the young couple.

"So this is it, were leaving tomorrow," Gohan said.

"Yeah," Videl said sadly, while touching the walls.

"I can't believe it, we have to leave our dojo and everything."

"Me neither."

Gohan walked over to Videl and wrapped his arms around her waist. Pan was sound asleep in the baby carriage and both were left to seep through memories.

Flash back

It was the first day back from Gohan and Videl's honeymoon and the first day in Kyoto. Only now had they seen their new home. It was perfect. It was a nice one-story house with a beautiful garden and neighborhood. A Koi fish been built, along with a nice cemented pathway. Inside were a nice dining room, kitchen, living room, and three bedrooms. The master bedroom contained a view of the ocean. When you looked out from the windowsill, it was the perfect sunset.

 "It's absolutely gorgeous Gohan!" Videl said happily.

"Yeah, I can't believe how nice it is."

"Should we unpack all our things?"

"Do you have the capsules?"


"Then lets get unpacking!"

Both worked for a long while. They had labeled their capsules to which room it would belong to, and finished in a couple of hours. Both lay down on the living room couch exhausted. When they were about to go to sleep, the doorbell rang. The young couple groaned, but dragged themselves up.

When they opened the door, it revealed a couple in their mid thirties. "Hello," Gohan said.

"Why hello there, we are your neighbors the Minamoto's," said the lady.

"Oh hello, we are the Son's. I am Videl, and this is Gohan," Videl said and gave out her hand.

"Nice to meet you both, I am Yuki, and this is Taichi."

"Nice to meet you to, would you like to come in?"

"Oh that's alright, we were just handing invitations to the moon block party, would you be interested?"

Gohan and Videl smiled, "Sure, when is it?"

"This Saturday, all the instructions are inside, so well see you both there."

"Thank you, bye."


The couple shut the door and read the invite. This was going to be something fun for a change.

End of flash back

"That was one great party," Videl sighed.

"Yeah…remember when we first opened the dojo? Everyone was so hyped and joined immediately, too bad it is no more."

"Come on, we need to get going," Videl said and walked out with the stroller.

Gohan walked out slowly towards the door. He looked back for a few seconds, then turned the lights off and locked the door. That was the last time that they would see the dojo and the city for a long time.

Gohan walked along side with Videl as she pushed the stroller. He sighed and looked into the sky. Videl looked at him and thought sadly of leaving.

'I am going to miss this so much,' Videl thought.

They made their way home, and put Pan to bed. Everything was packed up in capsules. Everything was left as it was. They decided to use this home as a summer house. Gohan and Videl got ready for bed and finally lay there.

Gohan grabbed Videl's waist and pulled her against him. Both just lay motionless for a while, and then slumber overcame them once again.

In the morning around six o'clock, both awoke and packed up. They got Pan and all their capsules and decided to head over to their neighbors. Yuki and Taichi were already sitting at their porch awaiting.

"Well this is it guys," Gohan said.

"We will miss you guys so much," Yuki said with tears.

"Next time Gohan, make sure you visit sometime," Taichi said and shook Gohan's hand.

"Sure thing."

Gohan hugged Yuki, and Videl hugged Taichi. "See you guys in a couple of weeks, though call anytime on our cell phones. Well tell you the home phone number as soon as possible," Videl said.

"Don't worry Videl, were coming here every summer," Gohan said.

Both pulled away and nodded. Yuki and Taichi hugged Pan and waved. "Bye everyone."

"Ja ne," Videl said shedding some tears. They hopped in the land rover and drove off. The car ride was a bit quite, though they talked about their new house. It was away from their parents, and the city, but not in the middle of anywhere. Otherwise, there wasn't that much talking, except the few gurgles from Pan.

"Gohan, did you come to the clearing yet, I just want to fly."

"Another mile, then we can go," Gohan said.

A soon as he said that, the clearing came up. Gohan pulled over and got out. Videl unbuckled Pan and held on to her. Gohan then capsulated the car and walked into the forest with his family.

"Alright, lets go. Well need to stay high ok?"

"Got it."

In a blink of an eye, they were out of sight. They soared through the air carrying only their small boxes of capsules in a backpack. It was around twelve o'clock when they reached the outer part of West city.

"Before we stop at our new home, let's stop at a food place," Videl said.

"Don't, worry, I agree," Gohan said while patting his stomach.

"Foow," Pan gurgled.

Gohan and Videl smiled at their little girl and landed at a clearing in an alleyway. They then walked out blending in with the crowd around them.

"Hey Videl, did we buy the house with the pool, or should we get one done?"

"Remember, I already called yesterday, they said it has a pool and if we want anything else, just ask them," Videl said.

"Alright, good, the first thing were doing is heading for the pool, its hot as Hell here," Gohan said.

Videl laughed. Indeed it was hot. They thought Kyoto had warm weather, and then this would be worse. They spotted an old soda fountain shop down the street where they use to go before they were married. Videl tugged on Gohan's arm and pointed. He looked and grinned.

"Ah yes, memories," Gohan laughed.

"Definitely," Videl giggled.

"Why don't we go there for some fries and a shake?"

"Sure, I bet Pan well love it!"

They opened the door to shop and were swept with a cool breeze. The air conditioning was on full blast and boy did it feel good. They walked up to the counter a waited.

"Welcome, what may I help you with?" said a girl.

"Uh yeah, well take two shakes, and two orders of fries and two burgers," Videl said.

"Seven zenni please," said the girl.

Gohan paid and smiled. The girl looked at Pan and smiled. "Oh she is so cute, is she your sister?" she asked Videl.

Videl laughed, "No, this is my daughter."

The girl looked amazed, "Really? You two look so young, I mean, you look like you're in high school."

Gohan and Videl laughed a bit more, and Videl held two fingers up, "That was two years ago."

"W-wow. Well you baby is so cute!"

They both thanked the girl and sat down at a booth. They started discussing some college plans.

"What am I going to do Gohan? I only need one more year to get my bachelors in Anthropology, but the classes are probably way different from the college in Kyoto," Videl stressed a bit.

"Don't worry del, I worked it all out. You only need six months of Anthropology, and take the exam. You'll do fine, just relax a bit. I already set up the class schedule for you. Plus, I majored in Anthropology, so I can help you study. It has been on of my hobbies, maybe we both can do that," Gohan said.

"Really Gohan? Oh kami, I love you," Videl said and kissed Gohan.

"I know."

Meanwhile, Pan was feeling a little left out. She then grabbed her rattle and started banging it against the table a little too hard. She chipped the table, and Gohan and Videl started paying more attention to her now.

The waitress came up to them and served their food. They immediately dug in. Videl finished half of her burger and started giving some fries to Pan. She gnawed on the fries, and ate them happily. After they finished, they left a tip and walked down the street once more. It was time to get home once again.

They finally made it to their new house out of the city. It was quite peaceful, and some houses were around also. It was absolutely stunning. Gohan got out his keys and unlocked the door. Inside, is what surprised Videl? When they walked in, they found every single part of it interesting. They had wooden floors throughout the halls, and kitchen. The house would go great with the colors red, black, and silver, which Videl picked out.

They took out their bag of capsules and started to decorate. Videl took out the furniture capsules and encapsulated them all. Gohan and Videl got to work immediately. They set up a playpen for Pan so they could work some more. With Gohan's strength and Videl's nagging, they finished in no time. Now they had to go shopping for food, since they had everything else.

Videl sighed, "We can order out, and shop later, I am wiped out."

Gohan laughed, "I can't say I am."

"That's because you're an alien monkey," Videl snapped.

"That's not very nice Videl."

"I'm tired."

"Say your sorry."

"No, I am tired."

"Say it Veedel."


"Say it or I'll tickle you!"

"But I'm tired…ACK. Gohan stop!" Videl started to laugh uncontrollably.

"No thanks," Gohan said still tickling Videl.

"Aw please…haha."

"Nuh uh."

"Fine! I am sorry! Please stop!"

Gohan stopped and smiled triumphantly. Videl smirked, "Just for that, I am inviting your mother over for dinner!."

Gohan's eyes became wide, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"


In the other Son house of the 439 Mt. Pouz a nine-year-old Goten was swimming in the lake with his best friend Trunks. His head immediately sprouted up out of the water along with Trunks.

"Hey Trunks, did you hear something?"

Trunks shook his head, "No nothing, why?"

"I just…oh it was nothing," Goten said and got back to swimming.

Gohan and Videl

"Kami, as if you weren't loud enough!" Videl exclaimed.

"I just wanted to add a little more drama," Gohan explained.

"Sometimes you amaze me."



"Yes," Gohan cheered.

Videl sighed, "How about I take a nap, and you do whatever." And she walked upstairs.

"Fine, Pan and I will have our own fun! Right Pan?"

But no sound was made. "Pan?" Gohan turned around to find little Pan asleep in the playpen. He frowned and sat on the couch grumbling.

"Hmph, no one likes me," he pouted. He decided to pick little Pan up and put her in the new nursery. He walked upstairs and opened it up gently. The inside of the room was plain, but not for long. Videl wanted herself and Gohan to paint the room with a nicer ambiance. He walked over to the crib and lightly set his baby girl down while twisting the mobile.

He then walked out of the room and sighed. Today was going to be very boring indeed. Gohan walked down stairs and out to the backyard. The backyard consisted of a huge area of grass in the middle, and on the right side were cherry trees and in the middle part in the way back were many pomegranate trees. On the left side there was a huge gazebo and the pool was right in the middle surrounded by an Aztec designed tiles.. On the way left side, was a lush green garden that Videl would work wonders with.  

"Wow, this house probably cost a lot!"

Obviously Gohan was extremely bored and wasn't tired in the least bit. He decided to look on the computer for the anthropology classes Videl would have to take.

One and a half hours later

Gohan was sleeping at the computer. He had nothing else to do, so hey why not sleep in front of the computer? Videl had woken up and peeked into Pan's room to find her asleep. She then walked passed the study, but then stopped and went back. She found her love asleep at the computer.

She sighed and walked in. Videl started poking at Gohan, "Hey, wake up!"

Gohan just grumbled, but didn't wake up. Videl got a little irritated and poked him harder. He smacked the hand away and was still asleep. Videl had enough and grabbed a book off the shelf and aimed for Gohan's head.

'One…two…three!' Videl thought and swung the book at Gohan's rock hard head.

Well there is an upside, and a downside. The upside is, Gohan woke up, the downside is, and he hit his head on the lap when he got up immediately.

"I wasn't the only one tired," Videl said and picked up the remaining pieces of the lamp.

"I wasn't sleeping…I was thinking!" Gohan said.

Videl laughed, "So when drool comes out of your mouth, it means you thinking?"

"Hey, the old Kai taught me it, not my fault," Gohan said.

"Of course, its never your fault."

"Glad you see it my way."

"Lets get Pan and go shopping."


"Remember, we don't have any food," Videl said.

"So, we can order out."

"But I am inviting your mother and family over."

"I thought you were kidding!"

"I was, but one of these days."

"Fine, you win let's get going."

"I always win," Videl said triumphantly. "Go get Pan and wipe the dribble off your face."

"Yes sir…er…ma'am!"

"Move out cadet."

Gohan walked down the hall and to the bathroom to clean his face. He then walked out, got Pan and met Videl downstairs.

"Ready to go?" she asked.

"Yeah, got the keys?"

"Yep and I am driving."

"Aw why?"

"Because you drove here and I never get to drive!"

"That's because you're a crazy driver," Gohan mumbled under his breath.

"What was that Gohan?"

"Nothing, I am just buckling in Pan."

"Well hurry up, and hop in."


Gohan got in the car and strapped himself in…tightly. Videl pulled out of the driveway, and started off on the main road. There wasn't any traffic, but when they reached the city, all hell broke loose.

"Learn how to drive moron!" Videl yelled out the window.

"Er Videl, maybe you should calm down."

"Oh an open lane, alright!" Videl swerved into the right lane and zoomed off fast. She came to a sharp halt when a slow white car came in view.

"Oh come on! How slow can you be?" Videl honked the horn hard.

In the back seat, Pan was waving her hands in the air waving and laughing. She was having the time of her life.

In a half an hour, they made it to the nearest grocery store. Gohan immediately got out of the car and unbuckled Pan. He snatched the keys from his wife who was a little pissed off.

"Hey! I was going to drive on the way back!" Videl complained.

"Um, er no, were going to fly! It would be much faster."

"Guess your right, now lets go shopping."

Videl grabbed a cart and put Pan in the baby seat. She started walking off with Gohan right behind her. She grabbed anything edible.

"Hmm, fish, eggs, bread, milk, fruit, cheese, crackers, diapers, baby food, powder, what else?" Videl asked.

Pan pointed to something on the right side. Videl and Gohan looked, and she was pointing to some cookies. "Why not?" Gohan shrugged and grabbed a couple of boxes.

Suddenly, they heard some familiar voices and looked further down the cookie isle.

"Woman, hurry up and do your pointless shopping!"

"Oh shut the hell up Vegeta!"

"Can we go yet mom?" Trunks complained.

"Lets go get cookies Trunks since mowma and dawdy are fighting." Bura whispered.

"No Trunks, I swear, whenever the shopping takes more than an hour, you and your father whine."

"Saiyan's don't whine!" Vegeta grunted.

Videl and Gohan strolled down the isle laughing. "I beg to differ Vegeta." Videl said.

All four turned to see Gohan, Videl, and Pan smiling. Bulma smiled, "Hey guys, what are you doing here?"

"Well we already got our house and everything, we just need to go shopping," Videl said.

In the background, Bura and Trunks were secretly sneaking cookies into the shopping cart.

"Really? Where is it, does everyone else know?" Bulma asked.

"Not really, you guys are the first to know again," Gohan smiled.

Vegeta smirked, "Well since your closer, we can spar."

"Sure Vegeta, it will be fun beating you for old times sake."

"Don't get cocky," Vegeta leered.

"As I said before, you do that enough for the both of us."

Videl interrupted, "Hey Bulma, didn't know you guys like cookies so much?"

Bulma turned around to see Bura and Trunks dropping the cookies and smiling. "Put all those away you two!"

"Why woman, its not like you can cook worth shit anyways."

"Vegeta! I had it up to here with you!"

While the two were fighting, Gohan and Videl walked passed them to Trunks and Bura.

"Hey you two," Gohan said.

"Oi, oi Gohan." Trunks said.

"Helow," Bura said.

"Tell your parents were going when they stop fighting ok?" Gohan said.

"Sure, see ya!"

"Ja ne."

Gohan and Videl got done and waited in line for a long while. They packed their groceries in capsules and left.


HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY MEL CHAN! Well anyways, this chapter took 20 pages on Microsoft word, so be happy I made this^_^ My other stories are going to be updated faster so don't worry.