After the train left Ron and Ginny in their quidditch uniforms kissed their spouses and said they had to go to their game. That left Harry and Hermione. "Are you going to be OK taking the kids for today?"

"Sure Mione, we'll be fine, especially with no Molly around."

"OK, I'm off then, Harry."

"See you later Miss Minister!"

She left for the Ministry. "OK you guys know today is your free day from pre-Hogwarts schooling, so Euro-Disney or the Zoo, Harry says with a smile. The three littlest say Mickey Mouse, the older two grin and ask if the elves were coming? "Of course, I'm Marry Potter, I have to protect you!" Everyone laughed as the six elves appear, in disguise as Muggle Adults...

Short, but a better outward looking epilogue. Unless you planned that cursed child garbage.