Dear Sonic Reader,

What you are about to read is a testimonial of this fan author in regards to what follows.

The following story, or stories, which you are about to read are, to a very large extent and to those who do not believe, a figment of your imagination.

While many of the events, places and people whom exist in this story exist in real life, they have not been consulted in the making of this and their personalities, likenesses and locations may have been slightly fictionalized as a result. Real life events that occur in this story may have also been fictionalized for the sake of plot progression to those who do not believe.

Other characters - and once you, reader, begin, you will understand - other characters' existences are only questionable if you do not believe as well. They can, and may have very well, existed; however, few remember their importance in history in comparison to some of the names mentioned in the following which you are about to read. This may be for good reason; the existence of some characters has only come to light recently through a certain foreign company and may very well be questionable to those who do not believe.

However, to those readers who do believe that the following which I have searched for is, to the best of my knowledge, the most accurate, the most researched, and perhaps to some even the most important story that Sonic fans will ever read, then disregard the proceeding paragraphs and remember:

It is only possible if you believe the impossible can occur. To not watch for the sonic wind as it forever tries to resist the advances of one little blue hedgehog is to block what you know can happen...if you believe.