Love is a powerful thing. It's a force that can be totally unexpected. Love is... fierce , kind, passionate, loyal, protective and generous. Love is also that dark-haired, bluebell eyed perfection.

Love can fix the world... Or destroy it.

And Chat Blanc knew what his love did to the world as his cold, blue eyes gazed at Paris - or what was left of it. There was peace but so is that gnawing loneliness due to the absence of living people other than himself. Due to the loss of his lady.

It has barely been a day since the end of the world and yet he misses her dearly. Her smiles, her joyous laughs, her scent of croissants and cookies, and her lips that tastes like heaven... His heart continued to ache for her.

If only his father wasn't who he was.

Chat blamed him. Adrien loathes his very being. And he would feel that as much as he could against his dear father. None of this would've happened if he wasn't such a control freak. This wouldn't have happened if he loved his son more than the grant of power. If only he mourned like a normal human being.

But he did and he didn't.

Chat Blanc stood from his place on top of the foot of what was once standing Eiffle Tower. The place where he and his Bugaboo once finished most of their fights. And now... Under the deep water is where his sweet Marinette stood. And so he jumped. Down to where the world ended.

Gone is the color of her perfection. But her magnificence still remained. Just waiting... And just like the first second of realization of his mistake, he vowed to fix everything.

So he let - not sparing the other standing figure a glance - and went to the highest building to wait for Bunnix to bring his lady. His adorably, clueless lady this would all be worth it.

Once he gets his Lovebug's miraculous, he'd create a world where his mother is alive and healthy with Gabriel lesser of a prick than he is (was) now. He'd be with his Princess and finish school together, get married, have three kids and a hamster. She always wanted one and he'd do everything for her.

Chat Blanc hummed aimlessly, his legs dangling off the edge, as he stared out at the ruined world. He knew his lady is coming any minute now. His mind wandered and asked what he should do when he sees her. Hug her? Kiss her? No, no... She'd freak! Cry? Come on Chat. You're his partner, boyfriend... Ex? Future ex? Future boyfriend slash ex slash husband?

Damn it.

"Little kitty on a roof, all alone without his lady~" he sang. It'd be great if she suddenly-

"Chat Noir..." -appeared.

He ears perked turned to see his fully-suited lady. His heart thrumed in excitement just from seeing her. "M'lady?"

Chat Noir opened his eyes. His head throbbing as he cupped his hands together for the white butterfly to land on. His lady did it. His princess. His lady. A smile appeared on his face as he stared at her as she tries to find a way to fix everything.

"Marinette, what happened?" he asked, playing dumb. "What's wrong?" he asked again, still acting as if he didn't know anything. And as she replied, he knew what she'd think happened what got him akumatized. And it's probably for the better.

But his heart ached in knowing that he'd forget everything. Their first kiss as a couple, first dance as a couple, their happiness and love. His heart continued to throb painfully from sadness and love. He wanted to kiss her and tell her that he loved her no matter who she is. He wanted to tell her who he is.

But he didn't.

His eyes widened slightly as she suddenly hugged him. "I'm gonna fix everything Chat Noir!" she declared as he stood there frozen. "I promise!"

"I know..." my Princess.

So he stared in longing and love as she returns to her timeline. A place where he is blind to her perfection and love. A place where they would be without their memories together. A place where all he'd give her is pain.

"Claws in." A flash but he didn't move nor make a sound as did Plagg. They just waited there in silence. Another flash came but this time, it was to fix everything. So he welcomed it with open arms.

Because finally, love fixed his mistakes and regrets.

"I love you, Marinette." and then he was gone.

Please forgive me! I'm just obsessed with that episode. It's so raw and heartbreaking and painful but still so beautiful to think about. I'm thinking of doing two more stories connected to this one. Probably...I hope you enjoyed it! Peace out~