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Beyblade Let It Rip Again

Chapter 1.0

Beyblade is back.

Tyson and Brooklyn had resumed their epic battle in the middle of a devastated city, surrounded by all their beloved fans, it seemed to be only a matter of minutes to know the winner of the Justice Five tournament, while everyone was shouting in support of their favorite competitor, Ray noticed that something strange was going on, he thought he saw special commando hiding behind a huge steel beam.

His doubts were confirmed when he saw Kai's surprised face, standing on a huge pile of debris he had a better view of the horizon, he could see 7 military helicopters approaching in a hurry. The noise of the huge flying machines scared everyone, trying to disperse were surprised by a considerable number of military men who to their surprise pointed their assault rifles at everyone insisting them to drop to their knees on the ground.

—Why they're aiming at us... —Hilary went into a small panic attack but quickly Ray and Max grabbed her hands to calm her down —Why are they aiming at us? —she was not aware that her whole body was shaking abruptly, but who wouldn't in that situation.

—as long as we stay still nothing will happen Hilary, trust me —Ray smiled but suddenly frowned as he saw the frightened children on their knees, others could not hold back their tears and screamed for help from their parents, but on the other hand, he knew that such an extreme measure was due to the unreal situation that destroyed streets and buildings — They're just kids, you won't gain anything by scaring them, you'll only traumatize them for life! —he shouted angrily.

—I DON'T WANNA DIE! —Tyson shouted as he and Brooklyn were surrounded by 20 big and angry soldiers, all pointing guns at them as if they were the most wanted terrorists on the planet.

—just dare to touch me, you useless bunch!, TRY ME —Daichi was furious, if it wasn't for Max he would already be in the middle of a pitched battle, the blond boy was holding him by the waist as if he was a baby — come on Max!, just let me go, I'm not going to let these fools come and threaten us!, I will teach them who am I!.

—Daichi please..., shut up —Max whispered with such a serious look on his face that Daichi stopped kicking and calmed down —I know we didn't do anything wrong but, look around us, anyone who wasn't aware of the tournament and saw all this destruction, would think this is a terrorist attack.


Mr. Dickenson extremely furious tried to struggle with the military forces but was also subdued, finally from the helicopters that landed, a group of 6 people dressed as executives approached to the old man to inform him that this was a ONU operation in conjunction with the military forces of Japan, they were already aware of the enormous power of the bit beasts, but they did not believe that they were capable of reaching the degree of having the power to destroy an entire country.

A woman with a megaphone addressed everyone, she demanded that Tyson and Brooklyn had to give their blades. The two boys agreed to avoid any kind of conflict.

—What kind of crazy people are you? —Julia extremely faced the executives without fear —we are just young people, seriously, is it necessary to point firearms at us? Raul was holding her furious sister.

Kai came down from the mountain of debris, even though soldiers ordered him to kneel down, the captain of the bladebrakers did not stop looking at the military with unfriendly eyes, he did not pay attention to their threats and tried to leave but he was pulled by the military. Kai fell to his knees due to his already critical state for having left all his energy with Dranzer in order to defeat Zeus, Tyson shouted furious when he saw the scene, he tried to help him but a wall of 10 people prevented him from doing any single move.


For his surprise it was Tala who made his way through the soldiers, followed by Brian and Spencer. When the russian heard their threats, looked at them in a sickly way and leaned his forehead on the muzzle of one off their assault rifle without any sign of fear, Tala was just smiling for no reason.

—I dare you to do it —Tala whispered as cold as snow —besides, I know these are not real weapons, you all have paint bullets, those fools can be fooled but, not me —Tala smiled, and the soldier turned away.

—I'm not going to thank you —Kai stood up.

—and who says I did it for you, the world doesn't revolve around you my dear Kai —Tala looked at Tyson who in the distance was smiling and waving his thanks —I would have loved to see the great Kai with his face in the dirty ground, but you are Tyson's friend, the person who has just sunk once and for all that bastard Boris, if you are not on the ground it is because of him, even after betraying him for BEGA he never stopped calling you his friend, if you will ever give an apology in your life, it is to Tyson —Tala didn't hide his satisfaction when he saw Kai look at the ground for a few seconds before walking away.


After a few minutes everything calmed down, the following week Mr. Dickenson was about to have his tenth heart attack of the day, the BBA lost millions of dollars paying for the damage of the buildings, restaurants, warehouses, carts and cars. The losses of BBA in paying for the damage of the destroyed buildings, restaurants, warehouses, cars and trucks wiped out 70 percent of the company's revenues. There were no charges for the BEGA members, it was concluded that they were victims of Boris, Dragoon and Zeus were returned to Tyson and Brooklyn but the BBA was forced to sign a contract banning them from world and national Beyblade tournaments for a period of 5 years.

The future demand of the ONU to prohibit the creation of world beyblade tournaments was a bucket of ice water for everyone. BEGA was disbanded and Boris was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Then two years passed.



The sun's rays began to rise in the beautiful city of Tokyo, in turn a beautiful chocolate-haired young woman got up to go jogging as she always did every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, this had become part of her daily routine since that day she felt her life was coming to an end when she witnessed the titanic and apocalyptic battle between Tyson and Brooklyn.

After half an hour she returned home, her parents left very early to avoid traffic, so Hilary Tachibana always had breakfast alone, she didn't mind, it was time for her and meditate. She toasted the bread while she cooked some bacon and scrambled eggs. After breakfast, she went to shower and get ready to attend the last day of her junior year of high school. During the day she was thinking about what career she would choose, what college... because she received acceptance letters from a few, she thought it was best to choose with a little bit of anticipation to feel the pure adrenaline in her senior year of high school.


Tyson, Tyson, Tyson, upon hearing his name, the blue hair boy came out of the huge trance he was in, he was awake, but just staring at the clouds out the window not realizing that a small drop of saliva was coming out of his mouth.

—What, what the hell is going on? —Tyson almost fell out of his seat which caused the whole class to laugh, including his teacher who had already resigned himself to the fact that he would never pay attention to the class, he slapped his face three times to come back to his senses followed by a huge yawn.

—high school is over Tyson, but you were so distracted in your fantasy world that you didn't even hear the STUPENDOUS bell —Hilary pulled his hat out of his bag to place it awkwardly on his head.

After saying goodbye to their classmates, they both headed to the mall, it was a 30 minute walk that seemed like only two because of the constant arguments they were both having, people were so used to it, so they just laughed.

—finally, I can sleep as much as I want and practice beyblade until I get tired hehehehe —Tyson was very happy, so much so that this was already the fifth jump he made in only 11 steps.

—Why are you so happy today, obviously I know you hate high school, but there's definitely one more reason that sadly I don't know —asked the curious girl who kept arching her eyebrows.

—What, it's SERIOSUSLY, haven't you seen the news? —Tyson with eyes the size of a cat's glued his forehead to hers, he couldn't believe Hilary didn't know what it was about.

—Which one? —Hilary flashed him a huge smile, she still didn't know the wonderful news and the sight of smoke coming out of Tyson's ears made her swallow dryly —I think you should tell me instead of thinking about killing me.

—about beyblade Hilary, about BEYBLADE!, ONU finally repealed the law that banned the world championships, can you believe it Hilary, finally! -Tyson kicked the air in happiness.


After the apocalyptic battle of Tyson vs. Brooklyn, in which there were tornadoes, buildings floating in the air, jets shooting and many wounded, it was obvious that the ONU would take extreme measures against the practice of beyblade and within a month the creation of new world tournaments was banned. For the big governments now the power of beyblades was no longer a symbol of fun and entertainment, now it could be a power that perhaps should not be controlled by young people, Mr. Dickenson fought as hard as he could, but finally lost.


That didn't stop the millions of fans from continuing to play, because it is a passion that is not only demonstrated in the big stadiums. The BBA had been left on the sidelines broken, they had no money to re-emerge as a big empire, but by their strange luck, Voltaire Hiwatari helped them, hiring the best lawyers in the world, they were finally able to win the case and get back in action (perhaps bribed by some money or threats from Voltaire). Kai's grandfather also promised to build a better stadium, with more security, he guaranteed that the somewhat unreal situation between Tyson and Brooklyn was just a mere coincidence, thanks to him two years after the incident the BBA was approved to return to the BBA, the BBA was approved to organize tournaments again.

Well, the truth was something that sooner or later would happen after so many pressures from the fans and the BBA and well, Kai's grandfather had more weight —answered Hilary while she removed the hair that was bothering her eyes – Voltaire was the only one who could do it.

Tyson, you are going to pay for the food, aren't you?

—You're not paying for it? —asked the boy as he laughed nervously, he remembered getting engaged yesterday and he also remembered spending what he had on a family pizza.

—You're kidding me, right? —Hilary collided face to face, now she was the one who had a face of few friends, and not only from her ears was smoke coming out, from her nose too.

Kenny was waiting for them at the mall, he could tell that the duo had arrived when they entered the mall and their thunderous voices echoed as they argued endlessly.

—finally, I started to think that you were not going to see me today —Kenny smiled as he saw them both, he was waiting in a table with 3 chairs for them.

—I will never do that my friend! —Tyson plopped down in his chair and put his feet up on the table as if he were at home.

—that neder! —Hilary mumbled as she grimaced and made a retarded face.

—What's your problem, spoiled brat? —Tyson frowned, he hadn't liked Hilary's teasing of him at all.

—and you have the nerve to ask what's wrong! —Hilary took off his cap and threw it on the table with all her might —today you were supposed to pay for the food and you forgot as usual you soulless bastard!.

—relax curmudgeon —Tyson said in a mocking tone —I told you Hilary, I thought it would be our forever soul mate, Kenny is gonna paid today because he is such an angel.

—me? —Kenny didn't see that coming, gosh Tyson, I never thought you would stoop so low as to lie and not tell us that you simply forgot.

—well..., I think you've got money in there and you're hiding it! —Hilary lunged at Tyson and shoved her hands in his pockets.

—HEY, GET AWAY! —Tyson tried to shake her off but he couldn't.

—NOT UNTIL YOU GIVE ME MONEY! —Hilary was determined to find anything in that pocket that would pay for her and Kenny's lunch.



People are watching us, Kenny said as he shrugged off the embarrassment of being at the same table as the two people who were fighting in the middle of the mall's dining rooms, the security didn't even bother to separate them, they knew that was common for both of them, so they were just betting on who would win.

—You should get a job and stop thinking only about beyblade, you're already 17 years old Tyson! —Hilary dropped on her chair, furious after checking that the only thing in Tyson's pockets was a pack of gum and a few

coins, she could'nt believe that the three time world champion of beyblade had no money at all, this time for sure, she will make him create an image payment agreement for the BBA.

—stay out of my life Hilary —Tyson stuck his tongue out at her.

—just learn from Kai —Hilary also stuck her tongue out —Kai has a job and he's also a blader like you and the others.

—He works because he is going to inherit his family's multi-million-dollar company!, he had the job secured since he was a baby!—Tyson stood up, he was mega furious.

—enough both of you!, can you be quiet as Dizzy —Kenny shouted as he typed in Dizzy —I'm already connecting the virtual call with Ray and Max, I'd like some peace here, if you want you can fight again once I'm out of here, great Ray is finally ready to answer the call.

—just looking at those two faces full of love, I know they are fighting again —Max laughed come on Hilary, Tyson, you are both in the same classroom and can't get along for just two minutes at a time.

—poor Kenny in the middle of that argument storm —Ray added, they were talking on Skype.

—You've learned to use the laptop well —said Hilary as she waved her hands.

—Yes, I'm not very good with it but I learned with constant practice, again thank your mother Max. Max's mother sponsored a huge antenna that picked up a good Internet signal and cable channels in the small town where Ray lived, she helped her small town to become more adapted to new technologies.

—are you coming for Christmas this time Ray, come on buddy say a yes to us —asked Tyson all relaxed as if nothing bad had happened.

—yeah, Lee and Mariah insisted that a year with you guys wouldn't bother them, so just make sure to don't eat all the food Tyson.

—Great! —they all shouted.

—take care of Ray and bring him back home in one piece! —Mariah appeared on Ray's shoulders on the video call and began waving to them.

—We promise! —Hilary narrowed her right eye at him.

—and what about Kai? —Max asked as he stuffed a KFC chicken leg with way, way too much mustard.

—I thought not, but he said he'd come too —Kenny answered the blonde boy question.

—Max, I'm going to be sick if you eat that —Hilary covered her mouth, it got to a point where the chicken leg couldn't be seen, it was completely covered in mustard as if it was a nacho dipped in cheese.

—Oh come on my dear Hilary, nothing better in this beautiful life than KFC's wonderful chicken mustard delight —Max stuffed most of the chicken leg in his mouth.



At the world-renowned Hiwatari company, an elegant girl made her way through a sea of sighs and open mouths from the men and admiration from the women, some of them envious as well, heading for the elevator she pressed the button for the 88th floor of the 100th floor building. As the doors opened, the two security members and secretaries panicked, tried to stop her, but she kept going until she opened the door at the end of the hallway that said Hiwatari in gold letters. She kicked her way in, there was no one in the office, she saw that the balcony windows were open, she silently walked in and found the one she was looking for, with his back turned, just enjoying the beautiful view and the strong gusts of wind.

—KAIIIIIIIIII caught you! —Suki hugged him from behind while laughing and wiggling like a little girl —the great Kai is losing his touch or am I the one who has become stealthier than an elite ninja warrior.

—jum... —Kai turned to look her in the eyes with his characteristic cold stare —neither of the two, I'm sick of trying to avoid you and that sound your golden heels make can be heard in all of Japan —gently he moved his hands away her.

—You're getting more and more romantic with me Kai, you make me feel ashamed... —the girl sighed as she brought her hands to her chest and dried him, making slow turns and little jumps —I thought that you would only be quiet until I left.

—What are you doing here Suki, do you want to kill me with boring me to death or will it be from a severe headache? —Kai lamented as he sorted through some briefcases on his desk and then opened his laptop.

—Can't a lady visit her fiancé to make sure he's, okay? —I wanted to see your reaction with the beyblade news, I see through your Bruce Wayne lie, inside you're like a little puppy jumping with excitement as Tyson — Suki smiled as she saw Kai frowning.

Asuka Miyamoto or as she liked to be called Suki, was the heiress of the second most millionaire family in Japan, so Voltaire proposed the marriage of the two to make both companies work and create a powerful empire. Suki was known throughout Japan for being a fashion icon and also for other shady dealings that the police kept investigating but could not find enough evidence to press charges or it was simply out of fear.

—no, I'm too busy with some business —Kai took off his tie and unbuttoned his silver grey coat —you would do me a big favor if you disappear right now, Aki must be at home bored, why you're not going to make his day, go with him and do shooping, he will be glad of be with you.

—You really said busy?, Kai all you do is read reports and that's it, or you just have to put your signature, besides who would dare to try to steal from companies owned by your grandfather's dictator —Suki sat down sexily on her desk, she sat down in a sexy way on the desk taking advantage of the fact that she was wearing a blue miniskirt —are you sure you just want to read reports?

-jum! —Kai slightly blushing looked away and stood up —Suki could you tell me what's the real reason of your visit —Kai couldn't resist looking at her unconsciously, he took off his coat and threw it on his legs.

—Are you going to spend Christmas at the fool's house?,

—What do you care and how do you know?

—Well, I'm going too, it's settled —Suki replied as she stood up —you know I think this is what they mean when they talk about making sacrifices for your partner -the girl folded his coat and tucked it under her left arm

—I'll take it as a gift from you, well thinking about it, this coat certainly suits me, I didn't know you were also a fashion guru, Kai.

—ja ja, so funny and what makes you think I'm going to Tyson's house for Christmas -Kai crossed his arms.

—It seems that the word fool means Tyson too, Kai you are a bad liar, I know they are your friends, and you love to spend time with them —Suki gave him a kiss on the cheek and left his office.

—this is Aki's doing —thought the boy angrily.



In Russia, a group of acquaintances were at the gym, usually every time the Blitzkrieg boys showed up to perform their workout routines, people preferred to wait for them to leave, or simply talked to the administration to know which days not to attend, with that particular group of Russian teenagers there was always a risk of dying earlier than expected, especially they avoided the girl who was accompanying them.

—two long years passed but..., it's finally over! —Brian was lifting 100-pound dumbbells for his shoulders —I miss the sweet feeling of tearing apart anyone who dares to stand in front of me in abeyblade battle.

—It's time to get back on top guys, like all good times —Spencer set up two 100-pound discs on each side for squads —I'm at my best physically version, plus my great beyblade skills, no one can stop me!

—I missed the last tournament but now I'm ready —Ian used the treadmill —it's time to shut the mouths of those fools from the Bartez battalion and Majestics, they think they dominate Europe, but that will only happen in their silly fantasies.


Tala didn't speak, he just kept jumping the rope but it was obvious that like Kai he didn't want to show his overflowing excitement at having the opportunity to compete again against Tyson.

—stop freaking wasting energy talking and keep exercising you useless pair! —I see you have a lot of energy to talk about how you'll sweep the floor with everyone, but it's just words.

—try to lift the same as me, you're just jumping on a silly wooden box while I'm lifting iron like a Spartan —whispered Brian.


Ian and Spencer stopped exercising, even Tala stopped, looked as if they knew something very bad was about to happen, Pasha..., whispered Tala as if trying to calm her down. Pasha didn't hesitate to stop jumping the box to lift a huge 100 pound disc with one hand and throw it straight at Brian's face, who barely managed to throw himself to the ground, the disc left a huge hole in the wall followed by screams of fear and horns accompanied by hurried turns from cars that were pitifully passing by just at that moment.

—YOU'RE FUCKING CRAZY! —Brian was still shaking with fright, a few moments ago he was bragging about being a Spartan but now his legs wouldn't stop shaking, there was a dubious stain on his pants.

—She threw 100 pounds at you like it was 10 and with one hand —Spencer and Ian began to applaud as they took a short bow to Pasha.

—Why didn't you let him hit you in the face —Ian grabbed a towel to dry off and motioned for Spencer to pass him a bottle of water.

—I think I overreacted, I should have thrown a 50-pound discus at you so you wouldn't have a chance to dodge it, but don't worry, in that case I would aim for your legs and arms —Pasha stretched and gave him a sadistic smile —I think it's been a good day of exercise, we'll leave in half an hour —the girl headed for the showers.

—two or three broken teeth are nothing, you are lucky that in Moscow we have excellent dentists —said Spencer calmly as he threw the bottle of water to Ian —shit, my legs hurt, I think I overdid a little bit and I'll need to stay in bed for about 3 days.

—You guys are crazy, Pasha was going to rip my face off! —Brian lay down on the floor to catch his breath and they're acting like nothing happened!

—shut your mouth and be thankful, you're still breathing —Tala retreated to the showers- by the way is it me or does it smell like a baby diaper...


Pashanka was a 19 year old girl, with the best decorations in the military service of Mother Russia, elite spy, handling any kind of weapons, military tactics, martial arts and training, Voltorie saw in her the perfect candidate to be their new trainer. Also in compensation for all that the Russians had gone through, he gave them a house.

Pasha also had her dark side, a few problems with the Interpool, the ban to enter certain countries, some attacks on public safety in Italy, Egypt, Spain and others. At the New York airport, Max had just left with his mother on a flight to Japan to spend Christmas with his father, the All starz were waiting for him to say goodbye to their captain.

—Max is always traveling from continent to continent —said Michael —maybe the mustard addiction is a disease caused by that, he couldn't keep up with that pace, getting used to different sleeping schedules. It's the worst, don't get me wrong, for the championships we do it, but only for two weeks.

—that's what happens when your parents live in different continents my dear friend —answered Eddy —but don't worry, for Max it's like a child's play, he loves to travel around the world.

—that will be over soon, Max told me that maybe his dad is already thinking about coming to live in the United States for good —added Michael.

—I don't think so, you forget Tyson and the others, Michael you shouldn't be sleeping, you have a very important game tomorrow —Emily pulled his cap.

—don't worry Emily, the more relaxed I feel, the better I perform on the field, I'm one of the revelations of the moment for a reason —Michael showed her his thumb.

—don't relax too much Michael —Eddy put his hand on her shoulder —you are very close to sign a millionaire contract with Yankees, many dream about it and can't make it, take things calmly.

—I appreciate your concern guys, now I'm going to sleep so I won't worry you —Michael and the others had gone to the airport to say goodbye to their friend, Steven couldn't because he was in the middle of his first NFL season with the Patriots and Rick did not come because that wasn't his style, he just sended a message to Max.



In Madrid, Julia and Raul had been invited by Romero to have dinner and talk about their future plans, he did not know what they would do with the return of the beyblade, especially with Julia, after the BEGA incident, the girl managed to consolidate as one of the most sought-after young models in Europe and number one in Spain.

—this is so delicious, it can't be real, please, if it's a dream, wake me up now! —Julia slowly savored her piece of chocolate candy —this is the taste of the gods, try it, Raul, Romero.

—I'm glad you liked it my girl - Romero drank from his wine glass —he really enjoyed seeing Julia and Raul's happiness, they became more attached to him at the point that they were like his children.

—I hope to hear more news about the next tournament —said Raul —I don't know if Julia wants to participate now that she has to attend to different company agendas, but I do want to be in the center of the stage.

—I do too dear brother! You know that being a famous model is cool, but my real passion is beyblade, being posing most of the time is very boring, if it wasn't for the phone calls with Hilary, Mariah and Emily during my 3 hours of make-up, I would have quit by now —Julia stretched her arms.

—I knew there had to be a good reason why you wouldn't get bored and fall asleep sitting there without moving.

—my little girl is also a poet —whispered Romero —don't worry as your agent will talk to you to give you all the time you need to practice beyblade

—Julia is right, but above all, the applause from the audience, although we are already used to your sponsors giving us trips so that we can just relax—added Raul.

—Romero, I hope you will train us for this new challenge!, We count with you! —bouth shouted.



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