The room around him was mostly dark. Fog stretched across the room. Lucas

quietly crept around the corner. He saw Ben motion across the room. Lucas looks

across and fired. He missed. Taking another quick shot he connected.

Yes! He thought as he moved to the bigger target. He heard footsteps close by

and knew someone was close by. He ducked behind a pillar. Crouching real low, he

waited quietly as the figure passed by him. Lucas aimed, but Ben had shot him

first. Together they made their way to the bigger target. Lucas kept watch as

Ben hit the target. A loud blaring alarm went off.

"Headquarters deactivated."

"Way to go Ben." He said as he gave his partner a high five. Their victory was

short lived, as Tim came around the corner and fired. He had shot Lucas in the

chest. Without hesitation Lucas returned fire. Lucas felt his body vibrate for a

few seconds. He knew had to get out of there. He quickly dashed around a corner

but it was too late. He had been hit again. Once again he felt the weird

vibration. He looked around in hopes that Ben would help him. He was no where to

be found. Lucas had managed to lose his attacker only to pick up another. He

stared straight into the face of Miguel Ortiz. Both men fired hitting one

another. Once again Lucas vibrated. Their attention was drawn as they heard the

alarm go off again.

"Headquarters deactivated." Miguel immediately headed to the sound. Lucas

trudges slowly behind him. He took one finally shot. It was good. The lights in

the building came on as Lucas headed for the door. He put the gun in its holster

as he waited for his friends. Several seconds later they came out.

"That was the best game of Laser Tag I ever played."

Lucas replied as they went to get their score cards.


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