Digimon: The Rantomon Chronicles

Chapter 1

It had been four years since the defeat of MaloMyotismon. Davis and the others were getting used to the peace and the freedom of not having to worry about saving the Digital World and working schoolwork. Now all of them, except for Cody were heading to High School. TK and Kari had been going out ever since 6'Th grade. But after the summer was over, they both decided to end it. Saying that they needed more space. Ken and Yolei were dating as well. Ken said it had its ups and downs but he was happy nonetheless. Davis stopped trying so hard to win Kari's heart. He started acting like a normal person when he was around her, and not a weird goofball. Cody had been so focused with his studies that he wasn't trying to get a girlfriend, he said that he wanted save that for High School. On the last day of summer, the gang walked to their new High School.

"I never thought it could be so big!" Davis exclaimed.

"Knowing Davis he'll miss his first class by a long shot," Yolei teased.

"It is pretty big," TK agreed. "I wonder how many floors there are."

"I think seven at least," Kari guessed.

"Nah, I'd say nine," Ken said.

"I'm lucky I don't have to here for another year," Cody said.

"Well come on guys we don't wanna spend our day of summer looking at our new school let's make the best of it!" Davis suggested.

"Good idea," TK said.

"Yeah for once," Yolei teased again. The gang walked away, not noticing another group of kids.

The Tamers have had it easier these past four years. Takato and Jeri were dating, but they weren't official boyfriend and girlfriend yet. Rika wasn't with anybody, even though Ryo kept on trying and trying. To Rika it used to be funny, but now it was just annoying. Kazu and Kenta were still their goofy selves. They have received the honor of being Shinjuku (SP?) Jr. High's top pranksters. But Rika thought they should of gotten the idiots of the year award she said that they would win that one every year. Henry was also really focused on his studies. The gang met up at the school as well.

"Well this will sure be different than Middle School," Takato said, still wearing his old goggles, he said that it really reminded him of his partner Guilmon.

"This will be a new experience for us all," Henry agreed.

"Maybe Henry can finally get a date," Kazu teased.

"And when was the last time you had a date Kazu?"

"Um.. well.. uh.."

"Ha that shut you up!" Kenta laughed.

"You want me to shut you up in a card battle!"

"Bring it!"

Rika just rolled her eyes as the two started arguing about a card battle and who would win. "Let's just the boys here aren't as persistent as Ryo," Rika growled.

"You think the classes here are as hard as they say?" Jeri asked through her sock puppet.

"I doubt it teachers just say that to scare you," Kazu said.

"Well let's get outta here and head for the beach, let's not let the day of summer be in vain!" Kenta suggested.

"Yeah let's go!" Takato agreed and the group ran, but there was yet another group of kids near by.

Takuya, Koji, JP, Tommy, Kouichi (SP?), and Zoë have also had it easy ever since Chrubimon, and Lucemon were defeated. When they got back they found out that two weeks have passed ever since they got transported to the Digital World. Though Koji and Kouichi couldn't get their parents back together, they moved closer to each other, and that was good enough. Tommy told his brother that he finally understood why he was harsh on him. Tommy's brother could have sworn he had gotten older. Takuya hadn't changed one bit, but he and his brother had less fights than they used to. JP and Zoë had been dating, but Zoë said that he needed to slow down. So, they broke up. They all kept their D-Tectors for old times sake. Then they met on the last day of summer vacation

"We're finally here one step closer to being adults, and then it's off to collage!" Takuya exclaimed.

"Slow down Takuya, we still need to make it through High School in one piece," Koji said calmly.

"I'm lucky I still have one more year of Middle School left, I'm not ready to grow up," Tommy said.

Kouichi laughed and replied, "Yes, but it will happen sooner or later."

"I'm hoping for later."

"I wonder if the work is as stressful as everyone says," Zoë wondered.

"It can't be that bad, but it defiantly will be a lot harder than the Middle School work," JP answered

"Homework might be the biggest factor," Koji said.

"It sure is big," Tommy looking up.

"Let's just hope we won't get lost," Zoë said.

"That stuff happens all the time," Takuya said.

"Well I don't wanna spend the last day of summer hear, I'm heading to the beach," JP said and started walking off. "I'm with ya," Tommy said and fallowed him. After a while, the whole gang was gone. But in the bushes, there were a pair of red eyes watching the Digidestend, the Tamers and the Legendary Warriors.

"So they are the ones," it said in a soft, but creepy voice.

AN: Short I know, but they will get longer. I just needed to introduce the characters and such. Next time, it's the first day of school, will our heroes be able to get along with each other? And who was that guy in bushes what does want? This is my first Digimon fic. So if there is any errors please tell me, and I'll fix them right away. And if there is any OOC, tell me and I fix. It's that simple. Anyway R&R, and check out my other fics too if you like my writing, well see ya!