A Reunion in the Heat

Rick and Kate are just dating, nothing serios as far as Kate is concern. Rick takes off to California for a few with Lexis to check out schools. A major case explodes just after Kate is promoted to lieutenant. Will Rick come back to New York?

The heat in the city was extreme this was the fourth [4]day of ninety-degree[90º] temperature. The heat increased the irritation level of the people of the city, especially those who were without air-condition or access to some cooling spots. All these things added up to increasing the murder rate, and the increase in work of the homicide detectives of the 12th precinct.

At four fifteen[4:15am] in the morning, with the temperature still at seventy-eight degrees [78º], stood four over worked detectives, standing around two dead people in an alleyway. Kneeling down in front of the bodies was a female in a white lab coat.

"What do you have Lanie?"

"Both were shot with a large bore weapon, probably a forth five [.45]. They have been dead about six hours [6h], and died here. Oh no Kevin, these are both cops."

"Are you sure?"

"I can see their badges I'll remove them in a minute."

She rolled the bodies over and remover the badges and put them in an plastic evidence bag. Then she stood up and walked over to them.

"These badges are not NYPD, their Massachusetts State Police., what in hell were they doing in New York, and in this alleyway?"

"Ryan, you call the Lieutenant and inform her, she most likely will want to be involved with this."

"Why do I have to call her Espo?"

"Because I'm senior."

Twenty blocks away in a one bedroom, second story apartment, was a slim woman in a fitful sleep. When her cell rang, she shot up like she was dogging a bullet. Grabbing the cell without looking at the caller id, she answered in an angry voice.

"Beckett, who the hell is this?"

"Boss this is Ryan. I'm at a crime scene and it needs your input."

"Why me Kevin at this hour?"

"We have two dead cops, and they are not NYPD.

"Who are they, or are you waiting for me to come there to tell me?"

"Their Massachusetts State Police Troopers.

"What the hell Kevin, I'll be there in fifteen minutes, do not let them move the bodies till I arrive."

She ended the call and hit a speed dial on her cell.

"Captain Gates."

"Victoria ,we have a mess at an alleyway at West 47 and Lexington. I'm not on scene but this what I know. We have two dead cops, not NYPD, worst they are Massachusetts State Police Troopers."

"What in hell were they doing in our city, and in my precinct? I'm making some calls now waking up some Massachusetts ass holes. Keep me tight in the loupe lieutenant Beckett."

"Will do I'm on my way now."

Twenty-five minutes later Kate taken charge of the investigation. The bodies have been searched and removed to the morgue now. CSU is searching for the area with a fine-tooth comb.

They find six shell casings, four are forty-five [.45], two are nine millimeters [9mm], and some signs that the two Mass cops shot back and that they hit at least one of the other people.

As usual no one seems to have heard anything or saw anything.

"Ryan, Esposito I'm going back to the 12th to fill the captain in. Wrap this up then eat, and bring me coffee."

"Are you going to call Castle?"

"He in California with Lexis."

"Too bad this is going to be a 'Beckett case'."

"Espo, you know how I feel about using that phrase about our cases."

"Sorry but it is true."

Back at the 12th Captain Gates was on the phone with the Commander of the Mass State police. After she hung up, she motioned for Kate to come into her office.

"Those troopers names are Trooper Shaun Crowley, and Michael Kennedy, a Corporal. They were attached to a DEA/FBI/BPD investigation on major crime on the east coast. They were tailing two head men to a meeting. It seems that they were spotted and ambushed, and killed. They are sending two troopers to stand guard over the bodies till they are transported back to Massachusetts. It like a military honor guard."

"Do they want in on the investigations?"

"The Commander said he was going to call our commissioner, so I do not know as of now."

"My bet, for what it wroth, they will send someone soon."

The house phone on Gates desk starts to ring.

"Captain Gates."

After listening for a long five-minute Gates speaks.

"Yes, Commission Regan I'll be as co-operative as possible. I'll assign my number detective to the case. Yes, sir I will."

"Lieutenant this case is now your completely. Choose your team and close this case as fast as you can. By the way can you get Castle back here ASAP.?"

"He's in California with Lexis, checking out schools. I'll call him and ask when he is coming back."

"Do it now Kate. When are you two going to settle down and get married, you are not getting any younger, either of you."

"Ar... well sir we are just partners sir."

"Kate, you light up like a bulb when he come near you, and he has that look a man only get when he is near the one, he loves. No looking surprise, I see everything, I have grown to like Mr. Castle, he is not like what is on page six {6}. As long as you two keep the PDA out of the 12th you can be a couple, and more. Let lose Kate enjoy the sunshine, drink the coffee, smell the roses. He loves you, and you him. Call him now."

Kate took out her cell hit speed dial number one. Checking the time, she realized it was only nine in the morning in LA. The cell was answered with in thirty seconds.

"Ha Kate what up?"

"Castle how much longer are you going to be on the west coast?"

"Funny you could ask. Lexis has just gone off with her mother, the school search is over, and I was thinking of coming back early, why."

"Well, we have a special case and Captain Gates ask if you could come in."

" Wait Captain Gates wants me to come help with a case. This is a joke right."

" No, it not MR. Castle I have had a talk with Detective Beckett, and she will tell you all about it when you get your ass back here."

" Kate, you did not tell me you were on speaker phone."

"She would not let me tell, please come back as soon as you can."

"I'm on the next plane back today. I'll call so you can pick me up at the airport. Till then you owe me one, bye."

"Very good Kate now get going so your, and the remainder of your team, will be ready when MR. Castle shows up tomorrow."

"Yes, sir on my way. I'll need Ryan, Esposito, and Ann Hasting for my team. I'll have Ann work with the Trooper they send, which you will get a call telling you about soon."

"Your very confident Kate, you got you team so go get started."

Six thirty that night [6:30pm], Kates cell made the sound she tagged for Rick.

"Hi Rick, where are you?"

"Over Chicago, I think. I'll be at JFK at nine forty-five [9:45pm]. I'm on Delta 3345, can you pick me up, or do I need to use the car service?"

"I said I would pick you up I will be there. I have something to tell you."

"Does this have to due with what Gates said on the phone."

"Yes, it does, I cannot tell you more on the phone, so till we meet just I love you, Rick."

The phone went dead, Rick was us sure if it was his cell or hers, or the planes systems failure. He re dialed her number but it would not go thru, so he figured it was the cell tower in New York failure.

The plane landed at nine thirty, fifteen minutes early. Rick was nervous Kate would be late. As he exited the loading tube, he saw her standing at the edge of the rope off area, dressed in a bright red slinky dress and her famous four-inch heels. She held up a sign that said, 'Rick, I love you', with giant red heart.

His heart almost stopped; she was showing her love for him in public like never before. He dashed to her dropped his bag and grabbed her up in his arms and planted a heavy passionate kiss on her lips. It was only the flashing of the paparazzi cameras that stopped them from doing more. Quickly he picked up his bag, and hustled them both off out of the airport into her cruiser, and out of the mad house.

"So, Kate what is it that you could not tell me over the phone, that Gates said?"

"She knows about us. She said that we should stop fooling around and get together. She said that as long as we keep the PDA out of the 12th, she feel we are free to be a couple, or more. Those are her words Rick, not mine."

"What are your feeling about this. Do you want to be a couple, or more, and how much more?"

"Yes, I want to be a couple with you, as for more that up to you. What I want has to be what you will give me, remember I'm just a cop, and you are a millionaire. We live in different circles in life."

"Kate I was not a millionaire all my life, I had time that I had to live in the back seat of an old car. Times that my mother had to have stage hands watch me so she could earn enough money for us to eat and live in a fourth-rate room, with bad pluming and heat only sometimes. I was gifted with the ability to put bread on the table by writing about things that made me excited. So, my being a millionaire and your being a cop means nothing, it's our love that will get us thru, money is just something to add or subtract in life. Kate, I have loved you from the first moments after the first case and saw how you cared for the victim's family. It has only increased over the time we worked together."

"Rick, that something more, I never thought about it with anyone but one person, and he dumped me for a job. You are the only other I have ever thought that, being more than being a couple could happened. Truthfully are my sights too high, or have you decided that two time is two time too much?"

"Stop the car please."

"Did I say something wrong?"

"No, just stop the car and get out please, trust me."

"Ok, but this is almost to the station."

The car stopped and Kate and Rick got out. They were in front of 'REMI'S', so Rick took her hand and walked her into the restaurant, and they took a table. They ordered a burger and shakes and waited till they were served.

"Kate, you have given me a lot of information in a short period of time. You have to answer my question for me to answer your questions. First do you want to be a couple, as appose to this semi-excuses dating?'

"Two weeks ago, I was unsure of my deep feeling. Then I talked with DR. Burke, and he opened my eyes, and mind, that I had all along wanted to be your girlfriend, and more. Again, the more is up to you."

"Ok my idea for more is in steps.

#Number is a couple,

#Second is to be engaged,

#Three is marriage.

If I was to marry again it would be for love, and forever. Is that enough for you."

"Where are I on those steps?"

"Today you will be on step number one, if you want. Next week you could be at step number two, again if you want."

Kate reached across the small table, taking Ricks head in her hands, and kiss Rick fully on the lips.

"How that for an answer. Are we going to have you get down on one knee in public, or private?"

"That depends if you are going to say no, it will be in private. If it a yes, then a five-star restaurant at nine with the paparazzi all around."

"You better book that restaurant for next week, if you can writer boy."

"I better make the call in the morning on my way to bring you your coffee, girlfriend."

The next morning at nine [9am] Rick walked in with a tray of coffee and a bag of pastries. He also had two coffees and a small bag that he took directly to Kate's office.

"Ok everyone coffee and pastries for all so we can get this case going. I'll be in my girlfriends office having coffee and having her update me to how far the team has progress."

"You and Kate are a couple now, and you are telling everyone. Is it ok with the Captain Gates?"

"Yes, it is Detective Ryan, as long as I don't see any PDA in my precinct. Castle is not employed by the NYPD, so he is not bound by the rules of fraternization."

Walking away Ryan, with a smile on his face said.

"Thank you, Captain, I for one, am very happy for them. A happy boss makes a happy team."

Rick called a friend, of a friend to ask if they heard anything on the street. His friend told him that a syndicate from Europe was trying to muscle in on the east cost drug trade and maybe the two cops got caught in between the two forces. He also gave them a name to start with.

When Rick was hanging up his cell the elevator door open, and a man, in a custom suit, stepping off and walking to the captains office and knocked.

"Captain Gates, I'm Detective Sargent Matt Chamber, of the Massachusetts State Police. I have been ordered to join your team investigating the death of Troopers Kennedy, and Crowley, sir."

"Sargent Chamber we welcome your help. The leader of the team will be Lieutenant Kate Beckett. I'll introduce you to the whole team in the conference room we have set as command center. If you will follow me, please."

She led him down the hall and to the right to room 403.


"Back here on the floor."

"What are you doing on the floor?"

"Castle said the arrangement of the bodies was wrong. They were moved before they were found. So, He had me and Esposito lay on the floor in the position in the initial photo.

"He was right, they were inside a vehicle when they were killed then they were driven to that spot and pushed out of the vehicle. I'm going to have Lanie, the ME, check for foreign objects on their shoes. That may tell us where the really were killed."

"Excuse me Lieutenant who is Castle, and what is his rank."

"Rick Castle is a non-paid consultant to the NYPD, working out of the 12th. He is very good at looking outside of the box on investigations."

"You have a civilian working on this case, I do not think that very professional."

"Well MR. Castle has broken some very difficult cases by thinking out of the so-called box. Sometime we get blinder on and miss the true fact trying to cover our own asses."

"I'll reserve my opinion till after this case is solved."

Five days later the team, with help of the NYPD SWAT unit raided a house in Brooklyn. A gun battle ensued and two of the suspect were killed. When clearing the scene, they found two guns, that were the same caliber as those that killed the troopers.

The next day test proved that they were indeed the weapons that killed the troopers. Fingerprints on the guns matched the two dead men. The other two men cracked under Becketts pressure in under an hour. They identified who was the main supplies, and whare they were. They happened to be in Boston, MA, at the 'Four Seasons Hotel'. Rich's company own half of the Four seasons hotel chain, so getting their room numbers and the help with hotel security was in the bag.

A team of Beckett, Ryan, Castle and Chamber, were to go to Boston and meet with the State Police entry team and arrest the leaders.

The raid went smooth, not a shot was fired, and the four men were arrested. Their lawyers were fighting extradition back to New York. As Mass had no death penalty for murder, and new York did.

Sargent Chambers did not return to New York. He did file a report commending the team, and especially the civilian consultant Rick Castle, and the brilliant Lieutenant Beckett. The Police Commissioner of New York sent a letter of condemnation to each of the detectives involved with the case and awarded a service medal to each.

To Castle he sent a letter of aspiration and a letter to the mayor. Castle was thankful that no one was hurt, and that they got recognition for their effort, but he had something other on his mind.

The following Monday morning at nine [9am] Rick entered the homicide squad room, bringing his two cups of coffee and a small bag with Kate treat.

"Good morning Detective Beckett."

"The same to you MR. Castle, thank you for the coffee, and bear claw."

"What on the agenda today partner?"

"Paperwork for now till lunch."

"Ok I have a thing I need to do this morning I'll be back in two hours then we can go for lunch."

"What this thing?"

"It's personal and has nothing to do with us, as a couple."

"Ok just don't get lost."

Rick left and the team did paperwork till about eleven thirty [11:30am] when Rick returned.

"Ok partner lunch, can we make it a long one?"

"I'll check with the captain."

"It ok just not too long ok Castle."

Said Captain Gates.

They went to lunch at a place Rick knew. They talked and at the end of the meal he asked her for a date for Saturday night.

"Saturday night I think I'm clear. What type of dress will I need?"

"Something sexy, but not slutty."

"Ok, what time?"

"Eight will be fine."

"Ok eight and where are we going?"

"That my surprise for you."

"Ok Saturday at eight[8pm], sexy but not slutty."

"That what I love about you, you're so smart."

One quick murder case marred a perfectly dull week.

Saturday Kate went to the beauty parlor and had her hair done and got a manicure, and a pedicure. After she picked up
her new dress, and shoes and headed home. In her heart she knew tonight was the nigh he was going to ask the question.

The answer was always going to hell yes.

At one minuet of eight she heard a knock on her door. Dashing to the door she quickly open it to reveal her date/ lover. He was dressed in a new 'Almonte' suit in a dark shade of blue, with a lighter blue shirt and a red tie. Kate just inhaled and was struck at how handsome he was.

"OMG Kate you are so beautiful you take my breath away."

"Rick, you do the same thing to me, you do clean up well."

"So shall we go before we mess up this beautiful picture."

Later at the five-star restaurant Rick and Kate have finished their meal and are enjoying a coffee together. Rick takes out his billfold and it slips out of his hand and drops to the floor.

"Damn it I dropped my billfold, let me get it then we can go."

Rick stands up, then bent down and mover over to be in front of Kate.

"Katherine Houlton Beckett will you marry me, and made me the happiest man on this earth?"

"OMG Rick, yes, yes, yes. I'll marry you."

The entire room of the restaurant stood up and cheered the couple. Then the media started with the pictures and questions. It was then that they fled out the door into a waiting limo.

Sunday page six [6] was all about Rick Castle and his new bride to be. They told the story of Rick the playboy, and Rick the crime fighter. They told Kates story as she was the muse for Ricks latest best-selling book, and how he spent long day on crime scenes with his muse. They told how Kate was the youngest woman to make detective, and how she was the lead detective of the top detective team of homicide detectives in the NYPD. They also described Kate as extremely beautiful, and an even match to any model Rick ever dated.

The said that no wedding plans were made but to stay tuned for more to come.

Rick, and Kate were in bed Sunday reading the times page six online. They had mixed feeling but on the whole, they accepted the article, as what they expected it to be. Kate spent a long time looking at her ring, thinking that never in her wildest dream did she ever think she would be marring Richard Castle, her, and her, mom's favorite writer, and her partner at work.

Monday morning, they both walked into the 12th together holding hands, and carrying their coffee. Kate went to her office and Rick sat in his chair next to her desk. After drinking the last of her coffee, she went out into the bullpen to check on her detectives. Every desk was empty, even Captain Gates was not in her office. They decided to check the break room. The window shades were closed so they could no see what was going on inside.

Rick stepped forward and turned the knob to open the door and pulled it open. A giant flash of light and loud cheer went out from all the detectives of the unit. When their eyes cleared, they saw a sign that said, 'Congratulations Rick and Kate'. Inside the room was a cake and some soft drinks. Every one shook their hand and hugged them, after about a half hour Gates told them to take the day off and come in Thursday ready to work. They took the day and went to Kates apartment and made love for the day, and in to the night.

The next six months flew bye, them in the 'New Time' social page it appeared.

Marth Rogers and James Beckett wish to announce the marriage of their children

Richard Edgar Castle, and Kathern H. Beckett.

On the Twelfth of June,

Twenty, Twenty-One.

At their Summer home in the Hamptons.

This will be a PRIVATE Affair by invitation only.

MR. Castle is a world-famous millionaire writer, who has written 27 best-selling books. This is MR. Castle third wedding; he has one child by his first wife.

MS. Beckett is ranking, highly successful Lieutenant in the NYPD. This is MS Becketts first wedding.

No honeymoon plans are going to be announced.

The wedding went off with out a hitch and Rick, and Kate left in a USCG helicopter for the airport on Nantucket. Their they boarded a private jet and were off on their honeymoon.


Five years later Kate resigned from the NYPD after having two children, and being pregnant with twins. Five years after that Kate was asked by the new mayor to become the Police Commissioner, Rick encourage her, and she accepted. She was the Police Commissioner for ten years then she retired for good. Rick and Kate never separated and were together till their end.