Chapter 1: farewell to home, welcome to destiny

The Dragonborn pov.

The fight was going as well as it could be expected. Gormlaeth, hakon, the old man, (not his name, just what everyone calls him) the battle has been raging for hours. As I waited for the beast to return, I thought of all the crazy things that have been happening to me. First I'm about to be executed for simply crossing the border into Skyrim. Then out of nowhere a legend from my childhood swoops down from the sky to lay Siege upon the world.

Dragons have returned.

So after a series of Misadventures traveling the country, exploring ancient ruins, meaning up with the mercenary company the companions, joining a college of Mages, and become the leader of one of the most successful Thief guilds, then after the emperor Titus mede II was killed, I was crowned the new emperor of the Empire. Finally I must slay the Dragon God of apocalypse. It's been an exciting year so far. Just as my thoughts rested the battle resumed, a black dragon launched over a nearby mountain it laughed at us.

{Hahaha...Pathetic jore, you cannot slay me. I am Alduin the world eater} the large black dragon cried to the world...well in this case the afterlife. The beast was twice the size of a normal dragon, it's wingspan was at least fifty feet in length. Two horns grew out of the back of its head. It's blood red eyes containing nothing but rage and hate for the world itself.

Alduin the world eater, the dragon of the end times. Most would find his presence horrifying, and rightly so. But not me, I am the Dragonborn, Dovakiin, the Dragon of the north, and I shall kill Alduin and save my friends. Pulling out Aurels bow, I noched a sunhallowed arrow, praying that this worked I fired the missile. Alduin dodged to the left, and he gloated almost instantly {hahaha Meye Dovahkiin, you missed, did you think that would work?} I smirk at the flying iguana, I then said. " so you think Alduin."

The arrow pearced the sun. The ball of Athereal energy pulses, and soon rays of light rain down upon Sovangarde. Alduin, not realizing the danger stayed airborn, big mistake. He received ten beams of sunlight in under a second. He roared his pain and idignation to the world, not wasting time I targeted him and shout.

" Jore. Zah, frul." The dragon rend shout hits home, he crashed to the ground in a large heap. Not wasting time I pulled out my sword, a dragon bone blade color black, with crimson on the edges, with the swords name eched into the blade in the Dragons letters. A black Dimond in the center of the pommel and a red one in the middle of the crossgard.

The sword held the name of Dovazebrom. It translates to Dragon of the North in the language of the dragons.

This sword was special to me, not only was it the finest sword I ever forged, but I used a special scroll that allowed me to have three enchantments on the weapon. The first made it deadly to both dragon's and undead. The later if not strong enough they explode after a single wound. The second allowed for the blade to deal a massive amount of elemental damage, any one I chose. The third wasn't combat oriented, it made it so I can never lose the sword, if I drooped it in battle, or anything of the sort. The blade and it's sheath return to me.

All in all the blade far surpassed, Eorland gray-maine, the man said as much when I forged the blade at the sky-forge. He said the blade felt as if blessed by the gods themselves.

I charged the dragon that was slowly coming around. I lept on top of the beast grabbing a neck spike on the way up. I stabbed and slashed, but the sword couldn't pearce his hide. He finally shook the Dragon rend off. Bracing for him trying to take off into the air, I roll under him and jab Dovazebrom under his mouth. The sword pearced it's target. Alduin let out a cry of anguish as his body glowed. With a menacing growl Alduin looked at me with contempt his words. {Arkay take you Dovakiin. You may have slain me, but you shall not revel in your victory! Giuer. Melas. Foare!}




The horror of the situation crossed my mind, he is trying to banish me from this plane of existence. I had no time to run, no time to dodge, no time to do anything. The others saw my look. They tried to reach me, but I could feel myself begin to fade.

I call to hakon. " promise me, promise me you'll tell the storm cloaks and the empire to call a treaty! The only way to fight the Thalmor I'd if we are united!"

Before I could hear his answer, both me and Alduin explode. The last thing I saw was a gold dragon smiling at me.

Then I new nothing.

Atheries the palace of Akatosh.

Funny, I never expected an eternity in a void to feel like I'm lying down on a floor. I didn't feel like I was trapt in one eather. A voice speaks, one full of humor and a small amount of annoyance.

" well, do you plan on getting up, or are you going to sleep on my floor all day?"

Reacting on instinct I lept to my feet, made to grab my sword, but a look at who was talking froze my body. The being in front if me was obviously not human. The shear power he had rolling off him attested to that. He was doned in intrecit golden armor. His pouldrens showed ancient Nordic runes. His hair matched his armor gold flowed down his shoulders. His eyes were black with eight white dots around a slitted pupil. Smiling at my astonished face. He coungerd a chair out of the wall, obviously this creature is ether a god or a Daedric prince. In either case I must not anger him. After all I don't want to be a stain on the wall.

" no need to be scared dragonborn. I did save you from Alduins final curse after all." He stated calmly, as if he was trying not to startle me. Instead of answering him look around the room. The place reminds me of the blue palace in Solitude. Resting my head in my hands I took a minute to calm down. I looked at the strange man and said " thank you for saving me, but who are you?" The man just frowned at me and started crying weardly, like small rivers falling from his eyes.

It kinda creeped me out.

" really, I know we never spoke before but a child should know his own father!" He hid his face in his arms as his tears created a fountain effect. Wait...father?

The answer hit like a flying Dova, I kneeled on to my knees, and bowed, in the traditional Manor of the Nords.

" my lord Akatosh, I am not worthy." I speak with reverence in my tone. Here stood a god, a king, and the most powerful Dragon of all time. I can't believe that he is in front of me. The only thought in my head is 'by Talos, I hope I live, the last time a divine wanted to meet me...' The world will be a better place if that event never comes to light, although lady Kynereath said I wasn't to blame for it. Still, what happens in Whiterun, stays in Whiterun.

He snapped out of it in under a second, his face became serious and grim. He said

" You should know, that as a result of my eldest son's shout, you can't return to Skyrim anymore. You are effectively banished from Nurn. I'm sorry Dovakiin."

His voice showed sinsirity. But his words only brought a cold, horrible feeling over my heart. 'Vilkas, Farkas, Aela, Serana, Brinyolf, vex, everyone...dammit, DAMMMIT!' I grabbed my head as the tears flowed. I may have saved them, but I still lost them. I lost the only home I have. My family, the only good thing I have in my life, gone.

" there no way for me to return my lord?" I asked nervously.

" no my son, Alduins final curse has cut your very existence from Skyrim. However, there is something I can do." My hope went up at his words, what did he mean by that I wonder.

" lord Akatosh, what do you mean by that?" I asked hopefully.

He smiled, a smile that only a father has for his child. Unconsciously I smile back. He then said " You may not be able to return to Skyrim, but there are other worlds. As a reward for stopping Alduin, I shall send you to another world. It is one i created long ago, they currently think im dead. Only the seraphim called Michael knows my name. So just call me god over there. I can give you a chance to say goodbye to your friends before you leave. Just tell me what to say, and I shall tell them."

I had to smile at his words, I might not be able to go home, but at least I'm not stuck in an eturnal void. And as it sounded there were things beyond natural there as well. Well it won't be boring at least.

A question poped into my head. And I voiced my inquiry " mlord, is there anything about this world I should know?"

He raised an eyebrow, but then realization crossed his face. He then slapped his face. He then said " I'm an idiot, I completely forgot about that. yes there is something you should know about the new world. I can only send your soul, powers, and some of your things."

I was confused, if he couldn't send my body, then how in the name of lord Hircne was I going to actually be alive. But before I could voice my question he continued.

" If your wondering what I meant by that it's simple. I can't transport the living between realities. But I can transport your soul. You will effectively be reborn as a new person.

You will lose your memories of your current life. But only until you awekan your powers. Speaking of, when you remember them you will have your current skill level as well. You can still shout, and use your magic as well. Your skill with a sword and other weapons may need to be sharpened but they will still be useful to you.

As for your equipment, I can only transport three weapons and a suit of armor that's it."

I nodded my head, it made sense after all. If you can't send a human body, then you probably will have trouble sending any form of phisical matter. Akatosh then put his hand on my shoulder, it suprised me a little. But it was a welcome one. I placed mine on top of his. I then said

" Well, I guess this is goodbye...father. just tell them I'm sorry I couldn't come home."

He was suprised I called him father, but he nodded at my favor. He smiled again and said

" okay, I'm going to send you to the world now. Try not to die, and if you ever need me, shout my name. I will come if I can."

A pale white light engulfed me, I felt myself , fall asleep due to how safe it felt.

My new life starts now.

Kuoh Academy- Issei Hyoudou. day of his date. Issei pov.

I can't believe it, I have date! A normal unimportant guy like me. I mean, I may not be super perverted like Matsuda and Motohama but, and that isn't to say I'm not perverted at all. I just keep a lid on it like every other dude. Unlike the afore mentioned perverts.

But girls never really noticed me before. Well I can't really say that, but they only wanted to be friends.

In any case, I can't wait. I'm all dressed up in a black long sleeve dress shirt. Grey jeens, red running shoes and made sure to have my wallet on hand. I headed out the door, and made my way to the train station. The date wasn't until 11:00 am so I had ten minutes to wait. On my way to the station I passed a cute girl handing out flyers, not trying to be rude I took one when she offered one, without looking I placed it in my pocket.

I began to think about the dream I had last 's been like this since my birthday a month ago, every night I dream of a far off land, full of fantasy creatures like dragons, spriggons, a type of zombie called a Dragur and even cat and lizard people.

The dream last night was I was In some kinda afterlife, I was fighting a huge black dragon, then a guy in golden armor started crying and called me his son. I can't remember the rest but I feel like it's importent.

I see my date walk around the corner, she looks beautiful. Her raven hair went down to her waist. Her eyes shade of light red, almost pink but not quite. She was wearing a white blouse with a blue skirt that went to her knees. Her name was Yuma Amono, and she was the first girl I ever had a date with.

My head started to hurt, badly. I had flashes of my dreams, of a redheaded woman in a hunters outfit. A pale woman with fiery red eyes, and a girl with honey color skin and a smile that you just knew meant trouble for everyone involved.

Other things apeard the images came faster and faster until a voice spoke in my head.

'It is time to awaken Dovakiin, the world needs you, she needs you'

My mind clears, I...remember, I remember everything.

I am Dovakiin, Dovazebrom, and I remember it all.

" Um...issei? You okay?" Yuma asked with a small frown, I had to smile at her cute expression. Even if my memories are back, I'm not going to go and ditch a girl on a date. That is just wrong.

"I'm fine Yuma, it's just your so stunning that I lost focus for a minute there." I scratched the back of my head with a cheeky smile on my face. Rule one: always complament a girls looks.

She smiled at me, and said

" flattery will get you nowhere, but feel free to try." I had to suppress a chuckle at her remark. This girl actually had a sense of humor. that is rare.

" well princess, shall we go?" I bow at my hips In a Knightley Manor and held my hand out to her.

She qwirked a brow at me and said. " a princess am I, I thought I said flattery won't get you anywhere?"

I smile and said " it's only flattery if you don't mean your words."

Her face gained a faint rosy hue, as she grabbed my hand and we started walking. We walked for a few minutes, I had planned this date, but now that my memories are back I think a little rearrangement is in order.

five hours later-Yuma' s pov

Honestly this date was the most fun I had in my life, he was sweet, kind, compassionate and above all, he only had eyes for me. During the date the waitress tried flirting with him, he didn't even seem to care. He only paid attention to me. He did dissappear for a good five minutes when we were in a department store, but before I could even wonder where he was he suprised me from behind. He said he went to the bathroom but the twinkle in his eyes said otherwise.

After that we were attacked by a bunch of thugs, they tried to get me to go with them. Stupid humens. Before they could actually touch me Issei planted his foot into the leaders face, then began to sistematically tear them all apart.

After a good two minutes they were all knocked out, and the cops came to get them on a sexual harassment charge. Issei walked over to me, placed his hand gently on my cheek and asked me if I was okay with concern obvious in both his voice and expression.

Nobody had ever tried to protect me, I never needed it. When I said I could defend myself his response was " trust me, some of the woman I know could singlehandedly wipe out thirty Marshal arts masters in half the time it takes to check your watch, but just because you can defend yourself, doesn't mean I can't protect you, after all, a man must defend the ones he loves."

My heart went into overdrive at those words, that was the first time anybody had ever said they loved me.

In any case it was perfect, and that was the worst part. The fact I have to kill him is tearing me up inside, on one hand I have my orders, on the other he was the first one to show me any love, even if this was only the second time we met the love and care for me just rolled off him.

It was so unfair. As we entered the park the sun was setting. Well I better just get it over with, then I can cry it out.

Life is so unfair.


Issei pov.

I was wondering how Yuma was liking the date so far. I knew I haven't had a date in this world, but some of the ones I had in Skyrim where the best. So far I have taken her shopping, went to the amusement park, even the movies. And showed her that i can kick ass. Now the sun was setting, the perfect time for the grand reveal.

" Yuma, I have something for you. Close your eyes." I asked her. She seemed skeptical but complied.

I walked up to her and slid on the gift. As I pulled away she opened her eyes, I smiled and said " look down."

She did and gasped. She was now wearing the necklace I created from a chunk of iron I found in a alleyway. It was shaped like the symbol of the dragonborn. (Symbol of skyrim) it was gold, with clear dimonds for the eyes. It was connected to a scaled chain.

Thank Lady Mara for Alteration magic.

I gently placed my hands on her cheeks and placed a kiss on her forhead. I pulled back to see her eyes wide and her face a new shade of red. I then said " if you ever need me Yuma, focus on the pendent and I'll always be able to save you."

She tried to make a coherent sentence, unfortunately she just kept stamering. I had to bite my tongue to stop myself from laughing my ass off at her.

As the sun finally fell below the horizon she started to cry, and this made me confused. Did I do something wrong? I hope not. I hate to make women cry. I grab hold of her and give her a hug. I wisper to her " it's okay Yuma, I'm hear for you."

If anything her tears sped up, I could finally make sense of her words. "Why...why of all the people I have to kill, did it have to be the only good one I ever met?"

Okay wasn't expecting that.

Before I could say anything. My built in danger alarm went into turbo. I pulled Yuma and myself out of the way. A bolt of solid light was where we stood not even a second ago. A man in a black trenchcoat wearing a fedora with black feathered wings on his back came out of the sky. He spoke

" Raynare, why haven't you killed this kid yet, getting soft on me?"

His words seemed to make Yuma/Raynare mad. She put her hands on her hips and pouted. She then said " well sorry that I finally found a good man, and he's the one I'm supposed to kill Donshaneek."

Huh... even in this world, everyone wants to kill me.

The newly named Donshaneek began to laugh mockingly at her, he then said " oh that's rich, but even so you have a job. Finish him now." But before they could say or do anything I spoke

" Sorry but, I'm not dying today."

I focus my energy into my lungs, let the power flow into my words. For the first time in fifteen years, I speak in the language of Dragons.

" Fus, Ro Dah!" The familiar Shockwave that results from my words is a welcome sight. The shout slams into the Fallen angel in the sky. He is then knocked to the ground. Before he can get up I then shout

" Wuld!" I appear next to him, catching both him and Raynare off gard. I coat my hands in a sparks spell, and proceed to smash his face in. Its a trick I created to combat stronger monsters when you don't have a weapon.

He managed to dodge my followup attack. He puts some distance between us, he glares at me and said " well, well not bad for a novice kid. But unfortunately for you, you have to die." Before I could say anything my chest started to feel numb. In fact my whole lower body was.

I look down to see a green spear of light pearcing my chest. I turn around to see another person with raven wings. It was a blond hair girl, about twelve in a Gothic loli dress. She then said " You should be thankful a made it quick. But if you want to blame anyone for your death, then blame God for giving you that Sacred gear." Sacred gear? God? *sigh* it's times like this that I knew about the supernatural before today.

As my vision fades, Raynare walked to me, her face sad, tears already falling down her countanence. (Face) I tried to smile, I started to fall to the ground, as I laid there she knelt down beside me. She said

" I may have been ordered to kill you, but know that I never wanted this to happen. I will always remember you, Issei." She kissed me on the lips, it was brief, but you could still feel the love and sorrow. She and her companies left then, they all flew into the starry night.

'Hehehe... even in this world I have the worst luck, my first date, and I die. He thought but still, if I was givin one last chance, I would make it count. Unknowingly the peace of paper in my pocket started to glow.

A red summoning circle manafests on the ground. A beautiful woman rises out of it. She looked about one year older than me, her skin was pale, but not unnaturally so. She had waist length crimson hair, blueish green eyes, and a very difiend figure. All in all I thought lady Bellona had dicieded to visit me.

"Well they sirtently made a mess out of you." Her voice, was like lady Nocturnals, sweet, inviting, caressing your ear with temtation. The voice of a being of the darker part of reality.

" I can see that you want to live, so... I'll save you. From now on, live for my sake." She smiled at me, a smile that even if I could barley see it was one that I knew I would try to make her smile it as many times as possible.

A red glow covered me, as I finally passed out from the pain. I hear a deep Draconic voice,

(So, my new parter has the body of a devil, but the soul of a Dragon? This should be interesting.)

Chapter end.